Tuesday, 2016-04-26

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stephghey guys08:37
sledgeshoy guy!08:38
dirkvlhola hola!08:38
dirkvlanother day of making sfdroid and multiboot for fp2? (fingers crossed)08:39
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loic_mmaikoool_away> oh, looks like you try to port sfos on Z3 Compact? Interested in the phone while wishing to keep sailing ;)08:48
sledges18:54 < kimmoli> sledges: https://pastebin.com/mBa054HN08:54
sledgeskimmoli: this is awesomely crafty :D but i guess many other folders (not only jolla-ambient in that dir need shrinking :)08:55
sledgesjolla can't really provide all icon packs of all sizes (too much overhead), so if we stuck to grid size increments (0.25), would that work for you all?08:56
sledgesr0kk3rz: looks like Litew is porting armani (Xiamo Redmi 1S), not z3c08:56
sledgesloic_m: welcome aboard:) maikoool_away is really away:)) the last other person to have touched z3c is rss35108:57
sledges!seen rss35108:57
merbotsledges: rss351 was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 6 weeks, 5 days, 12 hours, 33 minutes, and 40 seconds ago: <rss351> mal-: is there anything else that I should check regarding video?08:57
sledgeslol here's a clue then:)) all repos are here to start: https://github.com/xperiasailors/08:57
kimmolisledges: afaik that is where theme icons live08:57
loic_msledges> I don't a single bit of how things work… :)08:59
r0kk3rzsledges: correct, i believe maikool was doing the z3c, at least there was a recent update on that row08:59
sledgeskimmoli: there's also sailfish-default08:59
sledgesr0kk3rz: yep08:59
sledgesloic_m: the questions is, do you want to know ;)09:00
loic_mthe real question is : can I find the time to know? ;)09:00
kimmolisledges: the packages in hadk L273 contents go only to z$ICON_RES09:01
kimmoliwhy is L275 needed?09:02
kimmolinot needed, if $ICON_RES == $PIXEL_RATIO09:03
loic_msledges> but my Jolla phone is quite tired and I'm looking for alternatives while still not using iOS and Android. Went through years of Palm/HP webOS, FirefoxOS, now SailfishOS ;)09:04
sledgesloic_m: that's one great journey! i can't find xda thread for sfos on z3c, maybe you could create one asking around for porters? the interest was massive: https://plus.google.com/113221121232287197533/posts/YnHaujUaA8k09:11
Mister_Magister_morning from school lesson xD09:11
loic_msledges> the fact is also I really don't know the amount of work for porting09:13
sledgesloic_m: many phones used to hit the wall in the past (no GSM, or not even graphics), but has come a long way since09:15
sledgesgoing through relevant bits of hadk .pdf and this faq should give you an idea of effort: http://piratepad.net/hadk-faq09:15
loic_mindeed, think it's a lot of work…09:17
loic_mhard to find a nice hardware phone that is not big (4.7 inches at max) with an alternative OS :/09:20
sledgesoneplusx all the way ;)09:21
sledgesreminds me of N9 <309:21
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loic_mhum, didn't know the oneplusX, let me check!09:23
sledgessuper amoled (vs N9 amoled)09:24
sledgesrounded screen edges09:24
sledgessimilar size09:24
sledgestouchscreen gestures while display is off - doubletap, skip to next track in playlist, etc (supported by sfos thanks to kimmoli )09:24
loic_m5 inches is big09:25
kimmoliit is similar size as jolla phone, but little longer. larger screen.09:25
loic_moh, I have to check dimensions, not only screen size so09:26
kimmolibut yes, it is a bit big for thumb-only use09:26
loic_mthat's was I said: hard to find something with 4.6 inches at max and holding well in one hand09:30
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loic_mbut good to know sfos work quite well on it09:30
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sledgesit's thinner, and just under 8mm wider than N909:35
sledgesit really felt like blast from the past when i tried it at FOSDEM09:35
sledgesis much taller, but frequent thumb-stretching is a thing of the past in sfos:)09:36
stephgyeah it is a pretty 'little' phone09:36
loic_mstephg> yes, it's crazy we consider this phone as "little" nowadays ;)09:43
loic_mbut I agree, it's not that big, I just wish it'd had been a bit smaller09:43
loic_mbecause hardware looks great and it's not that expensive09:43
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loic_mkimmoli> everything of sfos works on oneplusx?10:04
kimmolinot _everything_10:04
loic_mis there some docs online listing features missing?10:06
kimmoliwe keen to list working ones: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=65510059&postcount=310:10
kimmolicamera images not rotated (missing exif tag) workaround, take landscape photos only10:11
kimmolivoicecall volume stuck at max10:11
kimmolibluetooth is enabled on reboot10:12
kimmolicharge to full, indicator stuck at 100% until next reboot10:12
kimmolicamera resolution in settings > apps > camera shows wrong MPixels10:14
kimmolino multiboot, no sfdroid (i.e. no android apps)10:15
kimmoliloic_m: ^ that is the list that i know of10:15
kimmolilast row is considered as feature (i don't need those)10:16
sledgeskimmoli: check InitiallyPowered and RememberPowered in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf10:19
sledges(should both be false)10:20
kimmoliRememberPowered = true10:20
sledgesbut that alone might not suffice, so let's see10:20
kimmoliboth true10:20
sledges*this whole fix alone10:22
kimmolididnt help10:23
kimmolii think this enabled it anyways https://github.com/kimmoli/droid-config-onyx/commit/7e1b10cb0d6caf1767e6becb9129b0b02b6fd89910:24
sledgeshook that on bt-on event somehowish?10:37
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sledges12:11 < kimmoli> camera images not rotated (missing exif tag) workaround, take landscape photos only -> weekly MSameer ping? ;)10:40
kimmolisledges: this is also on motog210:40
kimmolii.e. titan10:40
kimmoliaccording to mrmagnificient10:41
sledgeskimmoli: that le file too?10:43
kimmoli"hmm" was for "somehowish"10:44
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sledgesah yep10:49
r0kk3rzportrait photos are evil anyway10:52
NeKithow much fun is it... camera sensors GPIO seem to be actually hardcoded in kernel platform data for Intel MID, not even in module's11:08
NeKitthat's usually how stuff is done on ARM, right?11:08
Litewrinigus: initcall_debug shouts a lot of messages to log buffer and shifts oldest data: to prevent overwriting messages in dmesg i increased CONFIG_LOG_BUF_SHIFT up to 21 in kernel defconfig.11:12
Litewrinigus: can't say anything useful now about your interrupts log, sorry. In my case, when i'm facing high kworkers load, i repeatedly cat /proc/interrupts in sleep mode and see that IRQs start increasing fast (250-400 IRQs per ~3-5 sec) for smd_dev and kgsl-3d0 devices.11:13
Litewrinigus: I have much more info in wakeup_sources, just to compare: http://pastebin.com/NyaHRzDR11:13
Litewrinigus: wakeup_sources helped me when i was debugging high cpu load caused by sensors.qcom process - i noticed that one of sensors.qcom source device has big count in the last "prevent_suspend_time" column.11:14
LitewSo i decided that it can be one of the sensors who's been asked for data too fast (or in a wrong way, btw there is no problem with sensors.qcom in CM11). I will write more about sensors later with logs provided.11:14
Litewr0kk3rz: thank you11:15
LitewI've set up debug level for mce with mcetool --set-verbosity=debug and saw following messages in journalctl: http://pastebin.com/xyjUVXUy11:15
LitewBut that's strange - atm display is blanked, device is not in charge mode or use USB and i'm not even using touchscreen/headset/whatever - why SYN_REPORTs continue to come from input devices?11:16
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Litewevdev_trace -t: http://pastebin.com/5QUvCLRX11:16
Litewevdev_trace -i: http://pastebin.com/DWeQCN6a11:16
LitewGuys, do you see any reports from input evdev when device is sleeping?11:16
kimmolimce blocks them11:17
maikooolloic_m: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris is up to date for the xperia z3c11:18
maikooolloic_m: but the port needs some additional love to get it finished11:18
*** maikoool is now known as maikoool_away11:20
*** maikoool_away is now known as maikoool11:20
spiiroinLitew: many input devices send "empty events" i.e. just syn event when resuming11:20
Litewspiiroin: so i guess its just aftermath of resuming, not the reason11:24
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ggabrielsledges: so you have to go through a wizard and review privacy rules before watching youtube? :S11:51
sledgesggabriel: o_O11:52
ggabrielyeah, I know11:52
ggabrieljust proxied it and works :P11:52
sledgesggabriel: i don't11:52
sledgesi don't, as in, don't know what you are referring to:)11:53
ggabrielI guess it's a new "feature"11:53
sledgesnothing new on youtube11:53
sledgesshould i try from a fresh browser?11:53
ggabrieloh, a little pop up appeared asking me to go through privacy rules11:53
sledgesi have adblock ;D11:53
ggabrielI tried from an anonymous browser11:53
ggabrielmaybe doesn't happen if you're logged in11:53
sledgesstill, no notifications about popups11:53
ggabrielanyway doesn't matter11:54
sledgesjust got a header on top:  A privacy reminder from YouTube, a Google company11:54
sledgesbut no popups, from anonymous mode11:54
ggabrielmaybe it has a bug11:55
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loic_mmaikoool> thanks for all the informations12:24
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HaDAkhey guys13:23
HaDAkjust installed sailfish on my nexus 513:23
HaDAkso far, very cool13:23
HaDAkhowever, the tutorial is a bit messed up. the UI was changed, but the tutorial didn't keep up.13:23
HaDAkit'll highlight an app, but the app is a different size and in a different location.13:24
Mister_Magisteri have problems with repo. After aborted repo download i can't resume it: error: in `sync --fetch-submodules -j8`: revision refs/tags/android-4.4.2_r2 in platform/prebuilts/ndk not found13:24
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sledgesHaDAk: thanks! the porters here are awesome indeed, and tutorial app probably was hardcoded to jolla resolution :( that should change;)13:35
sledgesin next update(s)13:35
HaDAki'm going to play around with it for a while. at least until my LuneOS build works.13:36
HaDAkso far, it's pretty neat.13:36
HaDAki'm sad that literally nothing in the universe supports using google voice to call out.13:36
sledgesMister_Magister: repo sync; repo sync --fetch-submodules; if that doesn't help, repo sync --force-sync (unsure if this won't make you lose uncommitted changes that you have, recheck with repo status)13:37
sledgesHaDAk: maybe https://openrepos.net/content/taixzo/saera ? :)13:37
Mister_Magistersledges: i'm downloading repo from the beginning13:37
Mister_Magisterso no changes13:37
HaDAksledges: no, not like that.13:38
HaDAkbasically what this guy complains about: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/hangouts/FLkM4xWkzF813:38
sledgesMister_Magister: then you're good with that first magic combo13:39
sledgesHaDAk: or maybe https://openrepos.net/content/birdzhang/espeak-sailfish13:39
HaDAkit's not about talking to my phone13:39
HaDAkit's about calling out using my google voice number13:39
Mister_Magistersledges: repo sync is working so :)13:40
HaDAkinstead of my carrier number13:40
sledgesHaDAk: or maybe hacking in sfdroid ;)13:40
sledgesMister_Magister: yep, afterwards re-run with fetch-submodules13:40
Mister_Magisterwhy i'm ending with "so" xD13:40
sledgesso at the end of sentence shows disapproval to what has been said before:))13:41
sledgesto my best knowledge (which isn't best:P)13:41
sledgesHaDAk: you are talking about VoIP, that has been a long and bleeding road for this one (and SIP)13:43
Mister_Magisteri'm using so like in polish that means "1 - you have to buy blabla. 2 - I don't have money so..." not ended but you know end xD13:43
HaDAkactually, not voip13:44
sledgesMister_Magister: yes, you disapprove the 1. :)13:44
HaDAkgoogle assigns a unique phone number to each of your contacts. you call that number, and their system calls your contact, making it appear as though your calls come from your google phone number.13:44
HaDAkthe trick is getting that number in the first place, and doing it automatically/transparently13:45
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sledgesHaDAk: oh dear, just shows how i'm not into those things x))13:46
sledgesHaDAk: problem is still on android itself, so13:48
sledgesor is it? :D13:48
HaDAkit's not13:49
HaDAkit's not bound to android in any way, except android being the only OS that has built-in integration13:49
sledgesfrom that post it sounds like hangouts dialer makes some magic13:50
HaDAkignore hangouts dialer13:50
sledgesfor outgoing calls to be shown as your GV number at 3rd party13:50
HaDAkhangouts did something awful to google voice.13:50
HaDAki hate hangouts. :(13:51
sledgesjust reading what that guy said13:51
sledgesseems an involved case:)13:52
HaDAki didn't read all the way through. just saw him talking about how the integration worked at one point13:52
sledgesah ok13:52
sledgesso in sfos it shows carrier number? (just like droid's phone dialer back then in 2014?)13:53
HaDAkanyway. the idea is, you'd have to figure out how to get the "google" numbers for your contacts. then, when you call somebody, intercept the outgoing call, replace the number with the google one, and bam.13:53
HaDAkin android, it shows the contact you're calling with their number, but then a small bar that says "via google voice"13:54
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HaDAkand it's that small distinction that would differentiate a "normal" call, if you follow.13:54
sledgesjust have extra phone number for each contact, mark it "Other" as label or "Fax" :D13:55
NeKithttp://pastebin.ws/ava9hc - that's what you get when missing device-specific kernel source. Cameras initialization still fail, but at least it doesn't break display driver13:55
HaDAkwell, then you have to figure out what that number is, and that defeats the purpose.13:55
HaDAkalso, doesn't resolve the issue for calling new contacts13:56
sledgesHaDAk: so google contact sync needs to be patched?13:56
sledgesnone of my contacts have that number fwiw :)13:56
HaDAki'm not 100% sure13:56
HaDAkyeah, they wouldn't. it's not stored with your contact. it's a server-side thing.13:56
HaDAkwhich is why it's a bit more tricky, i think.13:57
sledgesdo those contacts have to be associated with google voice? or does google have their phone number for every existing phone number in the world? :)13:57
HaDAki don't have that answer, unfortunately.13:58
HaDAkmaybe more information there13:59
sledgesdo you have an answer to: can i call my mum via google voice?13:59
HaDAkyou can13:59
sledgesor does she have to register first13:59
HaDAkyou can call anyone13:59
sledgesprobably it's done via extensions14:00
HaDAkyou can call tollfree. you can call any number you wish.14:00
HaDAkthat needs to be updated for OAUTH214:01
HaDAkoh, there's also that pesky sms/mms portion of google voice14:03
HaDAkbut this voice.js seems to do a lot of the heavy lifting14:03
HaDAkthat helps explain how some of the tech works14:04
HaDAki think direct call is the option you're looking for14:04
HaDAka couple other things i've noticed that are a bit of an annoyance: no way to archive my gmail conversation, or apply multiple labels. if i'm chatting with somebody on hangouts via my computer, then switch to my phone, it doesn't sync my side of the conversation from the server, so i have no context to look back through on my phone.14:16
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sledgesHaDAk: true, all that has been reported on TJC i think14:25
sledgesjust upvote:)14:25
HaDAkwith some work, this could be very usable for me.14:25
HaDAkthe obvious shortcoming is in the apps i'm used to using.14:25
HaDAkand stuff like...no smartwatch companion support14:26
sledgesget sfdroid ;)14:26
HaDAkmaybe a great replacement os for my nexus 714:26
HaDAkhuh. no way to change the weather to fake temperatures? (°F)14:30
HaDAkoh, i found it.14:31
HaDAki'll stop talking now.14:32
sledgeswhere are you from?14:38
kimmolialmost got this bluetooth thing working. but not on first time14:48
kimmolibt switch remains busy14:48
kimmolineed to run my script couple of times from shell14:51
kimmolirunning it from udev rule not helping14:51
HaDAksledges: michigan14:56
HaDAkso, another suggestion... quick toggles for things like wifi, bluetooth, etc when you drag down from the top.14:57
kimmolitry from events-view14:59
HaDAkno difference15:02
HaDAkstill just gives me the same options of silent, work, party, etc15:02
kimmolipulldown menu, not swipe-over15:05
NeKithooray, got back camera working in Android with Sailfish kernel on ONDA15:07
HaDAkkimmoli: unless i'm running an old version, or something?15:07
HaDAk'cause the option just isn't there15:07
NeKitI wonder what else could be wrong with front and is it really needed at all15:07
HaDAkand if it is, that's a pretty glaring UX failure :)15:07
kimmoliHaDAk: what version you're on?15:08
kimmolihmm. maybe it comes in then15:09
NeKitwhat should I check to configure camera in Sailfish now?15:11
HaDAkis 2.0 available for the nexus 5?15:11
HaDAki clicked the link here: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris/Install_SailfishOS_for_hammerhead15:11
kimmoliNeKit: look for mk-cam-conf15:14
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NeKithow can I set focus mode to fixed?15:35
HaDAkhmm. i logged in to telegram with the wrong phone number... any suggestions on logging out? i can't find an option anywhere.15:38
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NeKitE/Camera_ValidateParameters(  424): bad focus mode: auto; supported: fixed15:50
kimmoliNeKit: dconf15:51
kimmolidconf dump /apps/jolla-camera/15:51
NeKitI see focusDistanceValues and focusDistance there15:52
HaDAkjust ran the upgrade steps. let's see if this thing boots. :)15:52
HaDAkhuh. it didn't actually upgrade.15:54
kimmoliNeKit: dconf write /apps/jolla-camera/primary/image/focusDistance 116:04
kimmoliand start camera16:04
kimmolior what ever you were doing16:04
kimmoliref http://osxr.org:8080/qt/source/qtmultimedia/src/multimedia/camera/qcamerafocus.h#011016:04
NeKitthank you16:14
NeKitstill tries to auto-focus for some reason16:14
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NeKitit should be done as nemo, right?16:16
kimmolias manual is not supported by jolla-camera, maybe tweaking dconf does not really work16:16
kimmoliso you might need to tweak qml16:17
NeKitheh, pretty fun quest to spend few days hacking kernel to find out it's not supported by userspace afterall :)16:18
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rinigusLitew: thanks! I'm trying to get some info using perf . Let's see what we can get out of it17:05
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Litewrinigus: btw how do you perform periodic checks of the device in sleep mode, for example running scripts? i tried with timedclient-qt5 -a'whenDue;runCommand=/bin/sh /home/nemo/timer.sh' -e'APPLICATION=bash;TITLE=SuspendChecker;ticker=60' with no luck17:53
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rinigusLitew: for checking what's going on during 'sleep', I just have a bash script with forever while loop and sleep 10m in it. That's periodic when device does not sleep; otherwise delays can be much longer18:32
rinigusLitew: alternative is used in SysMon - a lib called keepalive . I haven't checked whether it can give you more precise periodicity, but I would guess so. Details of its use I don't know, I am mainly adding some parameters that I would like to follow or fixing it for N418:37
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Mister_MagisterCan i get fix-mountpoints from running system?19:02
Mister_Magisteri mean running sailfish19:02
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BluesLee_Nokius hi, can you provide an image for the z3 tablet?19:57
BluesLee_Nokius: and some installation instructions, do you use multirom?19:58
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