Friday, 2016-04-29

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NeKitso Jolla Camera doesn't support fixed focus?03:31
NeKitcouldn't find anything in QML to make it use "fixed" instead of "auto", which fails for camera without autofocus support03:32
NeKitah, just needed to remove other modes in gstdroidcamsrc-0.conf04:28
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kimmoliNeKit: so did mk-cam-conf fail to detect focus mode(s) correctly??05:12
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NeKitI didn't use it yet, will build later if I can get kernel to detect front camera05:13
kimmoliok then..05:15
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piggzsledges: ok, i can see that pov ... but its slightly less clear i think as the packages are in the repos on the users phone, and its just a case of 'pkcon install jolla-xt9*' ?05:31
piggzgm btw :)05:31
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piggzbtw, the reason i now know about the xt9 packages is the instructions are on a sailfish uers blog on how to improve the keyboard on the one-plus05:36
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TheRealJohnGaltYeah, they're also in the "Sailfish OS 2.0 on Nexus 5" OP.05:46
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TheRealJohnGaltkimmoli: since you have sensors working on hybris-12.1 onyx, could you nudge me in the right direction for troubleshooting hybris-12.1 hammerhead sensors? I've done your sensorservice ramdisk change and have ensured symlinks are set. However sensorfwd still segfaults on run when trying to load any of the first 3 sensors.06:03
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kimmoliTheRealJohnGalt: my "sensorservice ramdisk change"? what test_sensors returns? can you disable plugins one-by-one from conf?06:28
kimmoliand it was taaem who put sensors up on onyx06:29
TheRealJohnGaltkimmoli: the ramdisk change is adding a "sensorservice" service. I can disable three plugins and get sensorfwd to run, but when trying to use any sensor (through test_sensors or other), it segfaults.06:30
TheRealJohnGaltI can never get test_sensors to return anything because sensorfwd won't run long enough.06:31
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rinigusit turns out that the problem I have with wireless charging of nexus 4 is present in Android 6.0 ROM as well [should have checked it earlier!]. as reported by BBS in Android, most prominent kernel wakelocks are suspend_backoff and power-supply (this one occurred ~7000 times/h). So, I will just treat it at this moment as a hardware feature06:59
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TheRealJohnGaltAny idea why on builds I have opaque cards on the launcher (or "home screen"), but on I get the (correct) transparent cards?07:56
r0kk3rzdid anyone have any success with 64bit arm yet?07:56
sledgesr0kk3rz: ping ghosalmartin07:57
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: fixes in compositor07:58
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz: so nah :P08:00
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: :(08:01
ghosalmartinthe issue isnt just 64bit arm, android 6 32 bit arm needs fixing as well08:01
ghosalmartinlibhybris is breaking, and Stskeeps has been working on it but there a crash somewhere08:01
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ghosalmartinr0kk3rz: what android version do you want to port to?08:03
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: nothing as yet, just wondering where you'd got to08:03
ghosalmartinrokk3rz: well a lot of the aarch64 package now build08:03
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: Okay. Do you know of a workaround? The mobile data issue has been holding a lot of users off early access, so seems like the best release to target.08:03
ghosalmartinactually all but 308:04
ghosalmartinscratch that, only 2 dont build, a policy package, and xulrunner, but for now we can use qtwebkit08:04
nh1402_workqtwebkit you say, nice!08:06
ghosalmartinwell xulrunner = gecko-dev = sailfish browser08:07
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: is that on obs?08:08
ghosalmartinTheRealJohnGalt: you said you tested bluetooth with cm12 base, did you try a two way headset by any chance?08:10
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: which device?08:12
TheRealJohnGaltghosalmartin: no, I just tested connecting/disconnecting repeatedly, and music playback (both would fail quickly on cm11). a two way headset needs to be tested still.08:13
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: hybris-12.1 hammerhead.08:13
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: mobile data issue? on which version? and what benefits did you discover of cm12 vs cm11?08:15
locusfgood morning08:16
nh1402_worksledges: sfdroid would look nicer, and would use ART, once I get round to porting sfdroid to CM12.108:16
nh1402_worklocusf: morning08:16
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: the mobile data issue: and also discussed a bit here:
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: improvements: 1) camcorder now works and some video playback is fixed. 2) bluetooth can stay connected, disconnect without crashing, and play music continuously. regressions: no sensors at all, no gps. This might not be a big issue to some users, since many were disabling sensors completely on the cm-11.0 base due to a different bug.08:21
ghosalmartinTheRealJohnGalt: ill give it a shot soon08:23
TheRealJohnGaltawesome :)08:25
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ghosalmartininstalling hmm i wonder if 2.5gigs is enough space08:38
Nokius_locusf: Morning, did cover some where your work how u made the image for rp2?08:43
ghosalmartinTheRealJohnGalt: weres the phone app?08:57
nh1402_work*where's FTFY09:07
TheRealJohnGaltghosalmartin: oh wow, it's missing :/09:19
ghosalmartinyep :P texting works though09:25
TheRealJohnGaltI'm not sure how to get it included in builds, but I had it when I was messing around with patches a bit ago.09:27
TheRealJohnGaltby patches, I mean patchmanager09:28
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: thanks, mobile data sounds serious, and for cm12 - great for improvements! it looks like we'll be maintaining two flavours for some time:) nh1402_work thanks for sfdroid improves09:29
nh1402_workwell I haven't actually started the cm12.1 sfdroid port yet, but yh you're welcome09:30
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: I think if phone is included in the builds, and the opaque cards are fixed (in <, the 12.1 builds would be superior. Then the only issue would be sensorfwd segfaulting.09:39
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: depends on user, fixing sensor segfault can be tackled by trying to reproduce exact minimum environment of sets of other android services and properties from /*.{rc,sh} working, by looking at how things differ in booting the underlying cm09:41
sledgesfixing gps should also not be hard, are the related symlinks in place in /etc ?09:41
sledges15:54 < mal-> ln -s /system/etc/gps.conf /etc/gps.conf09:42
ghosalmartinalso bluetooth seemed much smoother09:43
sledgesalso sap.conf09:43
sledgesizat.conf if exists09:43
sledgeslowi.conf (if exists)09:43
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sledgesi don't use bt, and gps is crucial to me, also sensors make possible to make phonecalls without hanging them up with your ear etc:)09:45
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: I'll get into gps symlinks in a bit. the hybris-11.0 branch of droid-configs didn't have any symlinks, just file copies. I had to replace those. The media_* symlinks fixed camcorder for instance (which didn't work in 11.0). I *think* I symlinked all the sensor stuff, give me a minute.09:45
sledgesso like is said, depends on user:)09:45
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: oh, how can I include the phone app in builds? :)09:45
sledgesphone app?09:45
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: 12.1 requires different symlinks, also depending on their existence under /system, and it  can be either copied or symlinked, no difference09:46
sledgesi can't remember there being any symlinks for sensors though, all those above are for gps that i could find in this channel logs09:46
TheRealJohnGaltThe phone app question was actually serious too lol09:47
sledgesthe answer too ^ ;) but you should have those09:48
TheRealJohnGaltYeah I do09:48
sledgesthen check the existence of that pattern, zypper se -t pattern jolla-sailfish-cellular-apps09:48
sledgesalso zypper se -s voicecall09:48
sledgesdid it disappear in 2.0.1 ?09:48
TheRealJohnGaltyeah, jolla-sailfish-cellular-apps isn't installed09:50
sledgesand voicecall?09:51
sledgesso doublecheck your configs/patterns then09:51
TheRealJohnGaltvoicecall-qt5 and voicecall-qt5-plugin-telepathy are installed. voicecall-ui-jolla and voicecall-ui-jolla-settings are not installed.09:52
sledgesthere's the trouble then09:52
sledgesvoicecall-ui-jolla is part of jolla-sailfish-cellular-apps09:52
mal-sledges: atleast sec_config can affect many things09:52
TheRealJohnGaltunless something changed, the config looks good.09:52
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: are you sure you processed_patterns agains the same config?09:54
sledgesmal-: cheers09:54
TheRealJohnGaltI take it back09:55
TheRealJohnGaltthe patterns aren't okay09:55
sledgesthe kids aren't alright:)09:56
sledgesthe world is sane again09:56
mal-TheRealJohnGalt: seems like gps middleware is also missing09:57
TheRealJohnGaltyes, and test_gps does get a fix09:58
TheRealJohnGaltI can't believe I missed that, ty09:58
sledgesthanks to missing phone app, otherwise we wouldn't have known:))09:58
TheRealJohnGaltI thought I based the pattern off the previous patterns...I must have blocked out whatever I actually did :D09:59
ghosalmartinafter we get a phone app i can test phone calls to bluetooth headset10:01
TheRealJohnGaltghosalmartin: you should be able to install voicecall-ui-jolla voicecall-ui-jolla-settings with zypper (maybe ssu dr adaptation0 and zypper ref first).10:05
sledgesand telepathy-ring10:06
sledgesin addition to zypper in -t pattern jolla-sailfish-cellular-apps10:06
TheRealJohnGaltah, ty10:07
ghosalmartinah chilling10:10
ghosalmartintesting actually found something wrong :P10:10
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: regarding the opaque cards, do you have any ideas for where I should look? It's fine in the early access releases, but it would be better to do non-EA builds due to that mobile data bug. Maybe I should be backporting a package, or building with a patch from the EA release?10:11
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: or maybe you were missing a package in pattern? ;)10:12
sledgesbut hm, if swapping out 2.0.1 to 2.0.0 works then... hm10:13
TheRealJohnGaltPossibly. What could I be missing that doesn't matter in the EA versions?10:13
sledgesit's usually qt related (qpa hwc, and some hw-related parts if qt base)10:13
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: changelog:
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: mind boggles as to how cm11 based all ok in 2.0.0...10:14
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: anyhow porters should not release anything that's in EA ;)10:15
sledgesas it is still not stable10:15
sledgesit's also not offered in our (porting) OTA10:15
sledges!seen piggz10:16
merbotsledges: piggz was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 4 hours, 39 minutes, and 34 seconds ago: <piggz> btw, the reason i now know about the xt9 packages is the instructions are on a sailfish uers blog on how to improve the keyboard on the one-plus10:16
TheRealJohnGaltwell, the cm11 based was far from "all ok," considering there were sensor issues, no camcorder, and *very* limited bluetooth functionality :).10:16
sledgespiggz: it's left to bloggers discretion, because it's common sense that those packages are non-redist, otherwise they would be included in an image. it's the same as publishing google play installation instructions on non-gms android roms10:16
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: i wasn't questioning that;)10:16
sledgesall ok = transparent covers10:17
sledgesprobably our internal device with newer android base than aosp4 had opaque probs, that got fixed in 2.0.1 ? hm, tablet possibly10:18
sledgesjolla phone is aosp4 so all good there (just like in cm11 hammerhead)10:18
TheRealJohnGaltWhat I did to build instead of early access: scratchbox ssu release to, and zypper ref; zypper dup. Then rebuilt all packages. Then when I built using mic, I set RELEASE to Doing the same for or gives transparent covers.10:19
TheRealJohnGaltI don't think I need to change scratchbox release, I only did that when I ran the first build and had transparent covers lol.10:20
TheRealJohnGaltAh, interesting re: tablet.10:20
TheRealJohnGaltIt's actually not a huge issue, and probably not something I should be dwelling on though.10:21
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt: zypper dup is not the way to upgrade system, no wonder you got opaque stuff because some qt packages strayed versions10:22
TheRealJohnGaltEventually the 2.0.1 branch will go out of EA with no mobile data bug, then there will be transparent covers again lol.10:22
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: that's how I downgraded10:23
sledgeseither way,10:23
sledgesdowngrades aren't even supported:)10:23
TheRealJohnGaltthat was the scratchbox though, does it even matter?10:23
sledgesif you get opaque covers from get-go fresh mic build - then it's a problem10:23
sledgesah sb210:23
sledgesyes, compiling against one set of qt libs10:23
sledgesyet running on another, causes api/abi breakages10:24
sledges-> opaque covers10:24
sledgesall needs to be pure to be sure, unless you know what you're doing10:24
sledgesjust take 2.0.0 target from and you should be good to go10:24
TheRealJohnGaltyeah, that's what I assumed when I left sb2 alone. Then I "downgraded" sb2 to be sure (but apparently not actually sure) :)10:24
TheRealJohnGaltwill do. If it's still opaque I'll let you know.10:24
sledgesbril! ta:)10:24
TheRealJohnGaltty again10:25
sledgesi wish sfos was that flexible, but hey hum :)10:25
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locusfNokius: :)11:08
Nokiuslocusf: I checked the page but I missed the part of building the image from scratch11:12
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Nokius:s did i over looked it11:34
Nokiusthx :)11:38
dr_gogeta86cxl000, hi11:44
dr_gogeta86fixed my flo ... but can't boot sailfish kernel11:44
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Mister_MagisterHello everybody!13:01
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Mister_Magisteri Have problem "Warning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-titan-1-1.noarch requires geoclue-provider-hybris, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: geoclue-provider-hybris-0.0.1-1.armv7hl[adaptation0-titan-]"13:21
mal-Mister_Magister: you need to add the testing2 repo to .ks13:23
Mister_Magistermal-: Thanks!13:25
Mister_MagisterFinally i have all packages :P13:25
mal-build is a little messy currently because of those dependencies13:26
Mister_Magistermal-: but that dependencies can be moved to the obs?13:26
mal-we are planning to add some of needed stuff to the common repo13:27
Mister_Magisterso i'll do it when i get my build back :P I'll move building packages to the obs and make ota :P13:27
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Mister_Magister"Warning: file /var/lib/environment/usb-moded/usb-moded-args.conf conflicts between attempted installs of jolla-rnd-device-0.3-10.3.5.jolla.armv7hl and droid-config-titan-1-1.armv7hl" Wait whaaat?13:33
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Mister_Magisterany idea?13:41
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mal-Mister_Magister: that means usb-moded-args.conf is already installed and you are trying to overwrite it from another package13:41
mal-Mister_Magister: so you should not have that file in your droid-config-titan package13:42
Mister_Magistermal-: hmmm ok :P13:42
mal-Mister_Magister: you can add a new file with filename that is alphabetically later13:43
mal-Mister_Magister: those are handled in alphabetical order13:43
Mister_Magistermal-: where is droid-config-titan?13:45
mal-Mister_Magister: hybris/droid-configs13:46
Mister_Magisterfound hybris/droid-configs. So i should change name of usb-moded-args.conf to ?13:46
Mister_Magistermal-: in this file i have "# Start in rescue mode USB_MODED_ARGS=-ria" don't know if i even need that13:47
mal-for example usb-moded-titan-args.conf13:51
Mister_Magistermal-: Thanks again, you helped me many times :D13:52
Mister_Magisternow i have to rebuild packages13:52
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Mister_Magistermeh i'll spend all day trying to build packages -___- never freezed for me before but now it's freezing all time15:37
Mister_Magisteralways on * Building rpm/ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator.spec15:38
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NeKitONDA V820W tablet has a small LED near front camera, also used as charging indicator16:23
NeKitfun thing is that it turns on when back camera is powered, but does not when front camera is used (in Android, not Saifish problem)16:24
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Mister_MagisterFINALLY! After 2 hours!16:32
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Mister_Magistermal-: What if i want to put custom ril_subscriptions file?16:53
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kimmoligah. on first boot after flashing mac address is fallback 00:0a:f5... but logcat shows wcnss did read mac from nv. on 2nd boot it used it from nv < taaem17:52
*** Herrie <Herrie!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:57
NokiusHerrie: Hi17:57
Mister_Magisterwhy build_packages is freezing :C17:57
Nokiuslocusf: mh so u builed it all I need would be a rootfs :s17:57
HerrieI'm trying something just for educational purposes and not sure this is an issue or not. I'm trying to build hammerhead CM11 and getting: make: *** No rule to make target '/home/herrie/LuneOS/newtarget/out/host/linux-x86/framework/dumpkey.jar'17:58
NokiusHerrie: can pastebin a bit more please17:59
Nokiuswondering if it's the update key17:59
HerrieNokius: It's not really a SFOS port, but trying LuneOS which doesn't have a N5 port yet, only N418:00
HerrieNever tried this before, so am a bit lost :P18:00
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HerrieRelevant paste:
NokiusHerrie: I saw it in the paste that u are bulding LunaOS :) and u use/used a Veer iirc18:02
Nokiusso it's related to the OTA update18:05
HerrieNokius: Yeah ;)18:05
HerrieAndroid build steps should be similar though ;)18:05
HerrieSInce you guys have N5 experience, I thought to ask here18:05
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:06
NokiusHerrie: I had the issue and mal- gave me a hint it was just a few weeks back around Europe daylight saving iirc may chech the logs18:06
HerrieNokius: Will have a look in the logs: Thnx18:10
Nokiusno promise that the trick but most like18:14
locusfNokius: just cr fs18:14
locusfNokius: instead of create raw18:17
Nokiusah ok18:17
Nokiuslocusf: now I got it :) Thanks18:18
locusfNokius: what are you doing if you don't mind me asking :=) ?18:19
*** jakibaki <jakibaki!~jakibaki@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:19
Nokiuslocusf: I like to see if I can boot SFOS on the AC100 native it's Tegra2 ~smartbook~ netbook18:20
Nokiussure it's wrong HW SFOS is for tablet's and Phones more just a try to see iff I can make it live18:21
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*** dirkvl <dirkvl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:29
taaemkimmoli: mmh probably due to the other startup method on first boot, which maybe initialize everything before wcnss can do its work, i would say its fine that way. also did you added that to /system/lib or to /usr/libexec?18:36
kimmoliits now in /usr...18:37
taaemokay so we can ship it in hybris-hal?18:37
kimmoliits in  droid-hal-onyx....rpm18:38
kimmolii could test OTA with that from devel?18:38
taaemyep do that18:38
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)18:43
Nokiuslocusf: Thank u let's see18:48
*** jakibaki <jakibaki!~jakibaki@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:58
* Nokius wonders if mic was alive in the Meego days and we had the change to get netbook ui rootfs 18:58
Nokiusshould not think to much about the past ...18:58
TheRealJohnGaltsledges: on a pure sb2 and build, I still get the opaque cards -- the problem didn't stem from a dirty sb2 downgrade.19:01
*** BluesLee_ <BluesLee_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:03
TheRealJohnGaltHello BluesLee_19:04
BluesLee_let me check this john galt thing first:-)19:05
BluesLee_you are forcing things, thats good19:09
BluesLee_TheRealJohnGalt: biggest issue is sensors crashing, right?19:10
BluesLee_TheRealJohnGalt is calls are working i might give it a try using multirom19:12
TheRealJohnGaltBluesLee_: wait, I forgot to include a pattern for phone calls in those builds.19:14
*** dirkvl_ <dirkvl_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:15
BluesLee_and gps19:16
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*** jakibaki <jakibaki!~jakibaki@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:17
TheRealJohnGaltBluesLee_: current status on latest test: Phone is back and gps is now working. Issues: sensorfwd segfaults, so no sensors at all. On the build, cards are opaque instead of transparent on the launcher. This is fixed on (not sure about if OTA'ing fixes it as well though). Unfortunately some users want because of mobile data bugs on19:17
TheRealJohnGaltearly access.19:17
BluesLee_2.0.0.10 is the right, official way to go:-) opaque cards, hmm .. wtf19:20
*** ced117 <ced117!~ced117@opensuse/member/ced117> has quit IRC (Quit: Quitte)19:20
BluesLee_TheRealJohnGalt it's not case with cm11 base, sounds weird19:21
TheRealJohnGaltApparently the jolla tablet (another aosp5 device) also had opacity issues that were fixed on early access.19:21
TheRealJohnGaltYeah. We might be able to workaround it by backporting whatever fixes the issue. Or it could wait since we know it *will* get fixed when 2.0.1.y comes out of EA.19:25
BluesLee_backport of what exactly, nothing mentioned in the changelogs between 2.0.0.x and 2.0.1.y or?19:28
TheRealJohnGaltI'm not sure yet.19:29
BluesLee_i guess i would be okay with it, the advantages are apparently with video recording working and bluetooth more stable19:31
TheRealJohnGaltBluesLee_: it could be [qtdeclarative] Fix missing images when alpha and shader effects are involved. Fixes .19:31
TheRealJohnGaltOnly one way to find out :)19:31
BluesLee_so we have two bases cm11 currently and aosp5 (tablet) and the fix is for devices with the other base19:34
TheRealJohnGaltsorry, I don't understand what you mean.19:35
BluesLee_TheRealJohnGalt regarding the sensors, did you tried to switch the underlying sensors firmware file19:35
BluesLee_TheRealJohnGalt i mean that i don't see the issue on n5 with cm11 + sfos
BluesLee_TheRealJohnGalt but all of us did an ota from 1.9.x19:37
TheRealJohnGaltOh yeah, fair enough. Re: sensors, what file are you referring to?19:37
TheRealJohnGaltSo far on the sfos end, it's just setup with symlinks from the cm12.1 files.19:38
BluesLee_TheRealJohnGalt sensors.msm8974.so19:38
TheRealJohnGaltI haven't. That's built from source during the hybris-hal build though.19:39
BluesLee_TheRealJohnGalt to be found here /vendor/lib/hw19:40
BluesLee_there was a deep discussion on the tmo nexus5 thread19:40
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:40
TheRealJohnGaltYeah, I can test. I'm not sure if the cm11.0 sensors hal will work on cm12.1 at all.19:41
BluesLee_TheRealJohnGalt i am not sure which one i am using now but it's more or less stable and cpu usage is fine again19:43
* Nokius kernel panic :( more testing tomorrow 19:44
*** harha <harha!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)19:44
Nokiuskimmoli: hard day tomorrow so I need a rest it's not about the kernel issue I like to solve it now but I need a rest19:48
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TheRealJohnGaltDo any ported devices have selinux enforcement?20:12
TheRealJohnGaltyeah, I was just curious if anyone got policies in place to support enforcement.20:19
kimmoliafaik no one even tried (?) as it is not yet in sailfish. there has been some plans for it though20:27
TheRealJohnGaltOkay, ty kimmoli.20:29
TheRealJohnGaltI got sensors working using the from a cm11.0 build. I can edit the device repo to treat it as a prebuilt.20:30
TheRealJohnGaltI think onyx is doing a source built cm12.1 sensors hal though. At least I know where to look for a real solution, and have a temp solution for now :D.20:35
kimmoliafaiu it comes there20:36
kimmolihybris-libsensorfw-qt5 is local20:37
TheRealJohnGaltoh wait, you're using a prebuilt.20:40
TheRealJohnGaltty kimmoli20:40
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*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!~androirc@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:41
kimmolinp. i think i have caused enough damage for today. gn.20:41
TheRealJohnGaltHammerhead also uses prebuilt, I was wrong that it's source built. I was thinking that it's like the other hal libs.20:42
TheRealJohnGaltgn kimmoli20:42
TheRealJohnGaltOnyx (which is far more recent than the 4.4 blob) has all sensors working *except* for proximity sensor.20:50
kimmolibut one from cm11, all works?20:58
TheRealJohnGaltkimmoli: however, on the cm11.0 based build that sensors blob had other problems (high cpu usage/battery drain eventually, and crashing).21:00
TheRealJohnGaltI tried the onyx sensor configs and still no change to proximity using it.21:00
TheRealJohnGaltI'll stick with the cm11.0 for now and see if those bugs really were blob related :).21:01
kimmoliok. on onyx all works, and not noticed battery drain nor crashing21:02
TheRealJohnGaltYeah. I'd love to use the onyx blob except for proximity21:02
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BluesLee_TheRealJohnGalt your puzzle is nearly completed:-)21:41
BluesLee_TheRealJohnGalt good work, gn821:42
TheRealJohnGaltBluesLee_: Yeah, getting there. I was just able to get transparent cards on as well with 12 package upgrades on :).21:42
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Mister_MagisterFinally got builded image! The glory of heaven!21:48
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TheRealJohnGaltsledges: because that opacity issue was present on pure, I added 12 packages to the repo in droid-local-repo/$DEVICE for that opacity fix. The packages: . It also hasn't been properly bisected, but I believe the fix is "[qtdeclarative] Fix missing images when alpha and shader effects are involved. Fixes ."22:26
cxl000dr_gogeta86, Are you using multirom? What is the boot behaviour? Do you get anything on lsusb -v? Can you point me to you kernel config?22:32
cxl000dr_gogeta86, There kernel used in the different cm versions is the same so you can check my defconfig.22:37
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