Sunday, 2016-05-01

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TheRealJohnGaltsledges: the new pixel ratio calculation gives me ~2.22 for hammerhead...or a mix of very big and very small. For instance, only 2 full size cards fit on homescreen now, yet I have small and uneven status bar and event view icons. Only 3 rows of apps in the launcher view, etc.01:26
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TheRealJohnGaltI've also been unable to get various icons (such as status bar and event view ) back to "normal" size after changing both back to 2.0 :/.02:17
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kimmoli?? 1.8206:34
kimmoliTheRealJohnGalt: hammerhead 445 PPI, Jolla 245, ratio 445/245 ~ 1.8206:35
TheRealJohnGaltkimmoli: 1.82 looks interesting, ty. Now I just need to fix the status bar icon sizes (and various others like in the browser).06:45
kimmolipurge icon_path if you set it?06:48
kimmoliand maybe
TheRealJohnGaltgot it, ty06:53
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rinigusgm. I'm looking into why N4 get's a CPU sleep disturbed sometimes. So, I'd like to check whether my understanding of processes is right. To keep phone from sleeping one has to acquire wakelock. Is the process the same in Jolla Phone? The wakelock stats in N4 is reported via /proc/wakelocks. Do other ports and Jolla Phone have the same facility? If you have the same file please check [cat] whether there is a data in it.07:24
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kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmolirinigus: ^ on onyx08:08
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riniguskimmoli: I see. an example of mine is at
rinigus^ in /proc/wakelocks08:22
riniguskimmoli: there was some info online regarding /proc/wakelocks being deprecated. what is your kernel version uname -a08:23
rinigusstrange, mine is also 3.4.008:24
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kimmolii see similar in /sys/kernel/debug/wakeup_sources08:25
rinigusmine /sys/kernel/debug/wakeup_sources is full of zeros. can you paste yours?08:26
rinigusbtw, do you have WAKELOCK_STAT defined in your kernel config ( )? is it actually available?08:27
Mister_Magisterping: sledges08:27
kimmolirinigus: only WAKELOCKS here
riniguskimmoli: that paste looks good! mine looks very sad compared to yours
kimmolithat more clear i woiuld say08:30
riniguswell, mine debug one is useless :) . OK, then I'll write the script to follow mine /proc/wakelocks and I can later adapt it for others as well. it seems that you have very similar info in your debug/wakeup_sources.08:32
rinigusfolks, do you know how can I ask in a script who caused mce_cpu_keepalive? for example, in my case it was good old msyncd that asked for this wakelock from mce, as reported in journalctl. Does mce have any way to report wakelock causes? Stats?08:34
rinigus... and, in my case, msyncd got stuck in something & kept the phone from sleep.08:35
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corvinuxAloha, Ihave09:01
gigituxHello guys09:04
gigituxi'm porting jolla os09:04
gigituxmotorola moto g09:05
gigituxI have this problem Unable to determine HOST_ARCH from uname -sm: Linux i68609:05
adeen-sgigitux: We already have a port for the moto g iirc09:05
gigituxmoto g 201509:07
Mister_Magistersledges: ping xD09:08
adeen-sgigitux: Are you sure that you are in the HABUILD chroot ?09:09
gigituxadeen-s: yes09:10
gigituxMerSDK [gigitux@wander droid]$09:10
adeen-sgigitux: it needs to be HABUILD_SDK $ and not MerSDk09:12
adeen-sfrom mer sdk, try "ubu-chroot -r $MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu"09:12
gigituxi'm using zsh09:13
gigituxthis is output09:13
gigituxsudo: unable to resolve host wander09:14
gigituxsudo: /bin/zsh: command not found09:14
corvinuxI have a question, since Sony opened Open Device program, will we still need Hybris?09:14
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adeen-scorvinux: I think it'll be needed until an independent mer kernel is compiled.09:15
adeen-sgigitux: I think you should try with the trusty chroot .09:16
adeen-sgigitux: If in zsh, run the commands in a bash shell.09:17
corvinuxadeen-s: Do you know, is there already someone doing it?09:18
gigituxadeen-s: same error09:18
adeen-scorvinux: i don't know if someone is doing it. I'd like to do it myself but the only sony device i own is an old Xperia from the days of Sony Ericsson09:19
adeen-sgigitux: run this " exec bash09:20
adeen-swithout the quotes.09:21
adeen-sgigitux: exit everything, start zsh, run "exec bash" then run "sdk", enter password for root, then run "ubu-chroot -r $MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu"09:30
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adeen-sWhats the output on that ?09:33
gigituxIm in09:35
gigituxi disable09:35
gigituxand i use bash09:35
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gigituxi'm redownload sources09:37
adeen-sgigitux: You dont need to redownload the source.09:39
adeen-ssledges: hadk-faq line 351, Ui in tablet mode. i have the same symptoms but my screen size is already recognised correctly09:45
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gigituxUse the ROOMSERVICE_BRANCHES environment variable to specify a list of fallback branches.10:35
gigituxbuild/core/ *** Can not locate config makefile for product "cm_osprey".  Stop.10:35
gigituxI'm stuck here10:35
adeen-sgigitux:did you do the "breakfast $DEVICE" ?10:36
adeen-sand "source build/"10:36
gigituxThe problem is this? Default revision stable/cm-13.0-ZNH0E not found in android_device_motorola_osprey. Bailing.10:37
gigituxbecouse don't exist branch ZNHOE10:37
gigituxbut only cm-13.010:37
adeen-syou are building using hybris-13.0 ?10:37
adeen-syou'll then need compatible device and kernel sources. You'll also need proprietary blobs for the cm-13.0 version10:38
gigituxZNH0E is a stable version of cm 1310:38
gigituxbut my device have got only nightlies10:39
adeen-spastebin your local manifest10:39
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gigituxadeen-s: i have only manifest.xml10:42
gigituxdirectory local_manifests is empty10:42
adeen-sgigitux: then pastebin the manifest. And please avoid changing the manifest directly. it is recommended to use local manifest for device specific files.10:43
gigituxadeen-s: It is default cyanogenmod manifest10:44
adeen-sgigitux: what was your repo init command ?10:45
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adeen-syou should have the default hybris manifest instead of the cyanogenmod manifest.10:46
gigituxrepo init -u git:// -b hybris-13.010:47
gigituxit's hybrids repo10:47
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adeen-sgigitux: create a local manifest by the name of osprey.xml, add the device specific repositories in that. and you can also mention the available branch there.10:49
gigitux<default revision="refs/heads/stable/cm-13.0-ZNH0E10:49
gigituxfor me10:49
gigituxthe problem is it10:49
gigituxif i change this10:50
gigituxbreakfast will work10:50
adeen-sgigitux: Dont change that.10:51
adeen-sThat is for all the other cyanogenmod source. For your device specific sources, create the local manifest.10:52
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gigituxin .repo/local_manifests/$DEVICE.xml10:54
adeen-syes, create that file.( where $DEVICE is the name of your device unless you are using the MerSDK )10:56
gigituxI have this source10:56
gigituxadeen-s: this is manifest10:59
gigitux<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>10:59
gigitux<project path="device/motorola/osprey"11:00
gigituxrevision="cm-13.0" />11:00
gigitux<project path="kernel/motorola/msm8916"11:00
gigituxrevision="cm-13.0" />11:00
gigituxRepo sync?11:00
adeen-sgigitux: use pastebin or something else for this, never post more than 3 lines of code over here directly That is to prevent clutter and make reading the logs easy. As for the source, you'll also need the vendor blobs.11:01
gigituxadeen-s: what is the path for blobs?11:02
adeen-sgigitux: have a look at this --> since you already have the device and kernel, you only need vendor and external files for your device from there.11:04
adeen-sMake sure to change cm-12.1 to cm-13.011:04
gigituxthe muppets repo11:05
gigituxhave go cm 1311:05
gigituxadeen-s: this is my manifest11:07
gigituxIs it good?11:07
gigituxi will launch repo sync?11:08
adeen-sgigitux: looks good for now.11:09
gigituxnot well-formed (invalid token): line 10, column 0 :/11:12
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adeen-syou did not close the last project. add /> at the end of line 911:15
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gigituxadeen-s: i have a duplicate error11:36
gigituxfatal: duplicate path device/motorola/osprey in /home/gigitux/.repo/manifest.xml11:37
adeen-sgigitux: pastebin your manifest file11:45
gigituxSo after i will compile, alright?11:46
gigituxadeen-s: After i will have a working sailfish os rom?11:56
adeen-sgigitux: Yeah, sure. But it will take some time and work to get working.11:57
gigituxadeen-s: thanks for your support :)12:00
adeen-sNo problem12:01
gigituxWill i do launch12:02
gigituxbreakfast $device?12:02
adeen-syeah. first source build/ and then breakfast $DEVICE. Do this from the HABUILD SDK12:04
kimmolisledges: ^12:06
gigituxadeen-s: same problem bro12:14
adeen-sgigitux: did you do "ubu-chroot -r $MER_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu" ?12:14
gigituxi'm in12:15
gigituxHABUILD_SDK [osprey]12:16
gigituxfor me the problem is revision12:16
gigituxDefault revision stable/cm-13.0-ZNH0E not found in android_device_motorola_osprey. Bailing.12:16
adeen-spastebin your manifest.xml file12:16
gigituxadeen-s: it is12:21
corvinuxmy cm-12.1 based zip won't install, complains that footer is wrong and signature verification failed12:22
gigituxadeen-s: i would try this
adeen-sgigitux: and did you compare this to your manifest.xml in $ANDROID_ROOT/.repo/manifets/ ?12:24
gigituxit is the same12:24
gigituxFor me12:24
gigituxthe problem is that main manifest use stable12:24
gigituxof cm 1312:25
gigituxbut my device osprey don't have it12:25
gigituxso breakfast not found a corret repo12:25
adeen-sThat should not at all be an issue if you have correctly mentioned that in the local manifest12:25
adeen-spastebin the output after source and breakfact.12:25
adeen-sgigitux: cd $ANDROID_ROOT12:30
gigituxadeen-s: ?12:30
adeen-sgigitux: Where did you do the repo init ?12:31
gigituxin home12:32
gigituxadeen-s: this is the ls of cd ANDROID_ROOT12:33
adeen-sthat looks fine. but how is it there if you initialised the repo in home ?12:35
gigituxadeen-s: wait, perhaps my fault12:37
gigituxadeen-s: no, i don't fix it12:38
gigituxthe problem is $ANDROID_ROOT12:39
gigituxHow fix that12:39
adeen-sgigitux: cd into $ANDROID_ROOT12:39
gigituxcd /device12:39
gigituxthere is not motorola12:39
gigituxMost probably i have two same sources12:40
gigituxexport $ANDROID_ROOT in home12:40
adeen-scd That is not recommended due to some issues.12:41
adeen-sI suggest you clear your home directory of all the sources and begin again in $ANDROID_ROOT12:41
adeen-smake sure to create the local manifest in the .repo folder inside $ANDROID_ROOT12:42
gigituxmmm ok12:42
adeen-scorvinux: Which recovery ?12:43
corvinuxadeen-s: CyanogenMod Recovery12:45
kimmoliHADK pdf 1.2.2 and 4.1 .. first time i forgot to change export MER_ROOT="/path/to/mer"12:45
adeen-scorvinux: That's never going to work. You need a custom one like PhilZ, TWRP or CWM.12:52
corvinuxadeen-s: I see,tnx12:53
adeen-scorvinux: no problem.  kimmoli: any major change from 1.1.1 to 1.2.2 ?12:53
kimmoliboth were chapter numbers12:56
kimmolihadk version still 1.1.1 afaik12:56
adeen-skimmoli: i see. You had me confused there by saying Hadk pdf 1.2.2 which was oddly similar to the current version.12:59
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adeen-skimmoli: no problem. Sorry too for misinterpreting.13:05
kimmolibut, well, got really strange stuff with /path/to/mer/..13:11
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adeen-sOn a similar note, I once misspelled my device name while setting up the sdks. different names for both the sdks which led to some confusion indeed.13:17
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marxistveganhey folks looking to upgrade my nexus5 hammerhead from is there a status update on the upgrade some where?14:57
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Thaodanoh shit^^16:07
Thaodanwrong window16:07
Thaodananyone tried one of the recent nexus devices with sailfish?16:08
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NokiusThaodan: u mean 6P or equel?16:15
Thaodanyes for example16:15
NokiusThaodan: atm we miss mer for arm64 if this is done it's possible to get SFOS there \o/16:16
Thaodanhm ok I'd really would like to sailfish/mer on a highend device16:17
Thaodanlike a N9 on steroids16:17
Thaodanno joke I miss the old Nokia :D16:18
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NokiusThaodan: i would miss my Jolla more but yes the device was superb16:19
minimecTheRealJohnGalt: You made my day today. The new CM12 base is a clear 'winner'. Bluetooth audio is rock stable in my Mini CarAudio. On the other sound quality with calls over bluetooth in that same car is subpar.16:19
minimecTheRealJohnGalt: I am just writing down my thoughts for talk.maemo...16:19
ThaodanNokius:  yes its better but Sailfish is incomplete in many terms for a example their telepathy client is big building site. The from Nokia was more complete. allthrough not full16:21
NokiusThaodan: sure Nokia vs Jolla is bit like BMW vs Yugo Nokia was big company Jolla is small and what get is working may miss features but you can use it16:23
Thaodanyes  you're right. I think Jolla and Samsung would be a relly cool team  for Mer based devices as samsung has  a similar goal with tizen. I think Jollas Ideas are better but the need more manpower16:25
* Nokius not sure about Tizen and Samsung 16:28
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marxistveganTheRealJohnGalt: where are the instructions for the CM12?16:44
marxistveganminimec: is that in talk somewhere?16:44
marxistveganminimec: thanks :)16:46
marxistveganminimec: oh this is exciting16:46
TheRealJohnGaltminimec: awesome :). marxistvegan please still treat this as a test build. Not much feedback or use has been generated for it yet.16:49
minimecmarxistvegan: There are some pros+ and cons-... But I consider it to be an improvement. As you I was(am) quiet excited. ;)16:49
marxistveganTheRealJohnGalt: I am not quite sure about testing it out yet, but psyched to see the advances16:50
TheRealJohnGaltminimec: what are some cons?16:50
TheRealJohnGaltmarxistvegan: you can always wait for a build that goes on , builds on the OBS (for OTA), and has the sensor fix integrated :).16:52
minimecTheRealJohnGalt: 'Mille grazie' the italiens would say. There are some pros+ and cons-. We still have these two sensors processes that stay active from time to time in idle mode, but 'shaking' the phone once in idle mode makes them go away.16:52
TheRealJohnGaltAh damn. I was hoping with (mostly) newer sensor blobs, we wouldn't have that issue.16:52
TheRealJohnGaltI like your mce tricks too16:54
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kimmolibtw, if you want to patch android files from sfos (with rpm), it is possible16:56
minimecTheRealJohnGalt: As I played around with multiple files, let me check one of these that gave me best results with cm11. I think it also came from a cm12 base.16:56
TheRealJohnGaltkimmoli: do you have an example anywhere?16:57
kimmolithis is qt-creator project
kimmoliwithout the blobs16:57
marxistveganTheRealJohnGalt: i might wait for the build16:58
kimmolirpm %pre checks device model, and rw mounts /system. reboot recommended after installing ofc16:58
TheRealJohnGaltminimec: going with a blob from 5.0+ would probably be best since all our other blobs are from LMY48B. I just didn't find one that worked for all sensors.16:59
TheRealJohnGaltkimmoli: that's neat, ty16:59
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NemnoHello, Nice work on the sf for fp2. But i'm having some issues i want to look in to. What is the root password? Or how can i set one.. I'm logged in via ssh18:13
r0kk3rzNemno: developer mode password, in settings app18:19
r0kk3rzNemno: also devel-su, not su18:19
Nemnonice... thank you.18:21
mal-Nemno: which issues? quite many are probably already known18:23
mal-(I'm the main porter of sailfish for fp2)18:24
Nemnogps did work before... but stopped working. Also i'm figuring out why my simcard is not always detected... Got my phone last Thursday. So i still have to get to know it.18:26
NemnoThe simcard stop working after a reboot. Rebooting did not help. After a OS reflash it worked again.18:27
mal-Nemno: didn't work at all? that's new, it's known that mobile networking is missing after boot sometimes18:28
mal-and by missing I mean no way to enable it18:28
Nemnoyes missing, the is no icon in the settings...18:30
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NemnoI'll log my findings. Still new to Sailfish and FP2.18:32
mal-Nemno: but do you have the signal indicator in main view?18:33
mal-and can you make calls or send sms?18:33
NemnoNow i can, but i couldn't the first time... I'll have to spend more time to collect data, to know for sure if it's a structural problem with my phone18:35
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Mister_Magistersledges: ping18:47
mal-Nemno: so did the signal indicator show always or not? if not then there is some different problem, the missing settings is something I cannot fix right now, it needs newer sailfish version18:55
*** gigitux <gigitux!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:56
gigituxI'm stuck18:58
gigituxon  Mountpoint Information18:58
gigituxany help?18:58
r0kk3rzgigitux: stuck how?19:00
gigituxWhen i compile19:00
gigituxi have this problem19:00
gigituxr0kk3rz: hybris/hybris-boot/ ********************* /boot appears to live on ERROR: *fstab* not found19:01
gigituxSo i'm connecting on adb shell19:01
mal-gigitux: does your device only have cm13 and not cm12.1?19:01
gigituxand i'm in /dev19:01
gigituxmal-: my device have got cm12.119:01
gigituxbut he doesn't not19:01
*** Herrie|2 is now known as Herrie19:02
mal-gigitux: asking that because cm13 is not yet working with sailfish, it's waiting for some fixes19:02
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Nemnomal: I don't remember. After the reflash I could/can call and send sms. I didn't reboot after that. I'll try to reboot now.19:03
gigituxmal-: are your sure?19:07
mal-gigitux: afaik libhybris does not yet work with cm13 or aosp6, Stskeeps is the one fixing that19:08
Nemnomal: reboot worked... got a connection and signal indicator. I did cut my simcard to make it fit... (so maybe the fit was not good enough or something).19:08
mal-Nemno: I'm also using a simcard I cut myself19:09
mal-gigitux: that is just one part19:10
gigituxmal-: ok19:10
gigituxif i would19:10
gigituxhave on system19:10
gigituxtwo version of repo19:10
gigituxcm 12.119:10
gigituxand cm 13.119:10
gigituxhow i do?19:10
mal-just have a different ANDROID_ROOT for both19:11
gigituxOk with cm 12.1 i have not problem for fstab19:11
mal-gigitux: the build system tries to find the fstab from several location, it can fail, if you are sure you ran all the needed commands in HABUILD_SDK before make hybris-hal then you might need to copy it to a location it can found from19:13
Nemnomal: Gps is also getting a fix now after rebooting. \o/19:17
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gigituxmal-: cm 12.1 is good?19:20
mal-Nemno: GPS is very slow19:21
Nemnomal: It stopped (or did not work) before my reboot... I did turn it on and went for a walk of an hour or so and didn't get a fix.. After a reboot i put in my windowsill and got a fix after 15s or so (faster than i expected)19:25
mal-it takes usually something like 10-15 to get a lock on my device19:26
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TheRealJohnGaltHm, even without PaX memory protect, hammerhead gets unbearably slow after ~5 minutes of being left on :/.20:44
TheRealJohnGaltnvm, it's not after just 5 minutes lol.20:46
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gigituxI have this problem now21:40
gigituxfatal: duplicate path device/motorola/osprey in /home/gigitux/mer/android/cm12.1/.repo/manifest.xml21:40
gigituxBut in manifest.xml there is not device/motorola/osprey21:40
*** Siltaar <Siltaar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:44
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TheRealJohnGaltgigitux: check in local_manifest.xml21:58
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gigituxERROR: osprey does not have mountpoint fixup data - see22:02
gigitux       SailfishOS HADK for details on how to fix this22:02
gigitux       Check: device/motorola/osprey/recovery.fstab22:03
gigituxBut there is not recovery.fstab in path22:04
gigituxI copy fstab.qcom  from my device22:10
gigituxIs is correct?22:11
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