Wednesday, 2016-05-04

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gigitux_is correct this? CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM=y06:55
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mal-gigitux_: looks ok07:05
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gigitux_mal-: I don't why becouse my device not boot...07:05
mal-gigitux_: depending on how fast the reboot occurs it will tell where the problem is07:05
mal-gigitux_: do you see anything interesting in host pc dmesg?07:06
gigitux_mal-: 53 seconds07:06
gigitux_it reboot07:06
gigitux_and go in recovery07:07
gigitux_mal-: dmesg don't says anything07:07
gigitux_mal-: networkmanager connect with lan when device try to boot07:08
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mal-gigitux_: ok then it's not selinux anymore but some service failing, did you disable the services I told07:10
gigitux_mal-: yes07:10
gigitux_only service07:10
gigitux_mal-: ofono07:10
mal-do the same for the other services I listed: droid-hal-init, user@100000 and lipstick07:11
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gigitux_mal-: the path is this? /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/etc/systemd/system07:14
gigitux_i don't found any .service file07:14
mal-there is not supposed to be anything yet07:17
mal-you need to the symlinks there07:17
mal-gigitux_: so you go to that folder and run for example: ln -s /dev/null droid-hal-init.service07:19
gigitux_mal-: Ok perfetc, wait07:19
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gigitux_mal-: it don't have a boot logo?07:25
gigitux_Becouse the sensor of light is active07:26
gigitux_but it is stuck on bootloader logo07:26
gigitux_screen go off and i use power botton for active, like standby07:28
gigitux_but i don't know if loading the system07:28
mal-it's not because we disabled many things, now you need to try to connect yo tour device with telnet as instructed in HADK07:30
gigitux_mal-: but i don't have lan connection07:32
gigitux_in network manager07:32
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gigitux_mal-: telnet don't find connection07:35
gigitux_mal-: lsusb -v | grep iSerial says Couldn't open device, some information will be missing07:37
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gigitux_mal-: i have ip of my device07:40
gigitux_but it refused connection07:40
gigitux_great bro07:41
gigitux_I'm in :DDDDDDDDDDDD07:41
gigitux_mal-: What i do now?07:42
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mal-now grab output of dmesg, journalctl and systemctl and pastebin those07:42
mal-on the device naturally07:42
gigitux_mal-: ok07:43
gigitux_mal-: dmesg is very long07:44
gigitux_mal-: dmesg07:44
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gigitux_mal-: i have more, how can delete it for a fast copy?07:47
gigitux_systemctl --all is same07:47
mal-systemctl output is important to know07:53
gigitux_mal-: ok07:59
gigitux_mal-: wait07:59
gigitux_mal-: journalctl
gigitux_mal-: systemctl
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gigitux_mal-: the problem this is? Failed to verify GPT partition /dev/mmcblk0rpmb: No such device08:20
mal-probably not08:20
gigitux_mal-: For you what is the problem?08:22
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mal-gigitux_: there are some possibilities, please check that /system is has content08:25
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mal-ok, good, then go to /etc folder and create some symlinks, ln -s /system/etc/sec_config sec_config08:26
gigitux_mal-: ln: creating symbolic link `sec_config': File exists08:27
mal-hmm, please pastebin output of ls -l /etc/08:28
mal-gigitux_: ls -l /etc (not ls /etc)08:29
gigitux_mal-: sorry08:30
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mal-gigitux_: how did you get that error with symlink creation, that list does not show a file /etc/sec_config08:31
gigitux_Now it is work08:32
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gigitux_mal-: the command08:32
mal-ok, good, then remove the file /etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service and reboot08:34
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gigitux_mal-: nothing08:36
mal-gigitux_: but it's not rebooting?08:37
gigitux_mal-: reboot in recovery08:37
gigitux_yes in recovery08:37
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mal-gigitux_: so you still have the other symlinks in /etc/systemd/system/?08:38
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gigitux_There is a user@10000 before i wrong to write but it don't be a problem08:40
mal-ok, so add again the symlink for droid-hal-init.service and reboot so we can manually debug why it's failing08:41
gigitux_mal-: i'm in08:43
mal-gigitux_: do you have /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/ and device nodes in it?08:48
mal-or /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/08:49
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gigitux_mal-: no :/08:49
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lake11of which groups should user nemo be a member?08:50
gigitux_the path of this stuff is dev/block08:50
mal-gigitux_: ok, that might explain some problems08:51
gigitux_mal-: we wrong mountpoints?08:51
mal-no, we need custom udev rules, I'm lookin at those now08:53
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mal-gigitux_: you need this but with some modifications so the last line of the /lib/udev/rules.d/998-droid-system.rules needs to be08:59
mal-ENV{ID_PART_ENTRY_SCHEME}=="gpt", ENV{ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME}=="?*", IMPORT{program}="/bin/sh /lib/udev/platform-device $env{DEVPATH}", SYMLINK+="block/bootdevice/by-name/$env{ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME}"08:59
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gigitux_I have this09:01
gigitux_ENV{ID_PART_ENTRY_SCHEME}=="gpt", ENV{ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME}=="?*", IMPORT{program}="/bin/sh /lib/udev/platform-dev09:01
gigitux_ice $env{DEVPATH}", SYMLINK+="block/$env{ANDROID_BLOCK_DEVICE}/by-name/$env{ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME}"09:01
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gigitux_so i change in
mal-yes, you should only need to change that last line09:06
gigitux_you check my last pastebin ? mal-09:06
mal-yes, looks correct09:07
gigitux_I delete service?09:07
mal-let's not delete it yet, let's first check that the device paths are ok09:07
gigitux_mal-: ok, i'm in09:09
mal-do you have /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/ now?09:10
mal-and it contains many nodes? like boot userdata etc09:10
gigitux_mal-: seems good09:11
mal-very good, now remove /etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service and reboot09:12
gigitux_mal-: stuck on bootloader09:13
mal-but it's not rebooting?09:13
gigitux_mal-: yes in recovery09:13
mal-hmm, why is it still rebooting09:14
gigitux_there user@10000.service and lipstick.service09:14
gigitux_mal-: don't forget09:15
mal-yes, those we'll remove only after it stops rebooting09:16
mal-gigitux_: so add the droid-hal-init.service symlink again and reboot, then follow 9.2.3 to get network running then run zypper in strace09:18
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gigitux_what's wrong?09:25
gigitux_sh-3.2# route add default gw echo 'nameserver' > /etc/resolv.conf09:25
gigitux_mal-: ah ok are they two separate command09:26
gigitux_zypper in strace09:27
gigitux_Error building the cache:09:27
gigitux_[|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)09:27
gigitux_Warning: Disabling repository 'adaptation0' because of the above error.09:28
mal-did it install, that warning is ok09:28
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gigitux_mal-: Error message: Couldn't resolve host ''09:31
gigitux_if i ping google09:31
gigitux_sh-3.2# ping
gigitux_socket: Permission denied09:31
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gigitux_mal-: nemo to inetgroup?09:36
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gigitux_mal-: nothing09:48
gigitux_mal-: it's installed09:55
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mal-gigitux_: now run these commands and pastebin the output of that last command10:04
mal-gigitux_: oops, actually maybe skip the line 410:05
gigitux_sh: /usr/libexec/droid/ No such file or directory10:05
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mal-ignore that10:06
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gigitux_mal-: device reboot in recovery10:08
mal-how much output did you get from the last command10:08
gigitux_mal-: the problem is SeLinux?10:09
gigitux_mal-: before i create a new kernel with some new defconfig10:11
gigitux_with hybris-boot10:11
gigitux_i try flash ?10:11
gigitux_mal-: i try to boot?10:14
gigitux_i use strace?10:16
gigitux_mal-: i have a long output10:16
mal-does it reboot now?10:17
mal-even when you ran /sbin/droid-hal-init?10:17
mal-good, then remove /etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service and also user@100000 and lipstick and reboot10:18
gigitux_mal-: I hope :D10:19
gigitux_mal-: stuck on bootloader but without reboot10:20
mal-ok, then telnet in and run /system/bin/surfaceflinger10:21
gigitux_if use strace10:22
gigitux_i have a segmentation fault10:22
gigitux_mal-: CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE DEPENDENCIES: cannot locate symbol "__cxa_finalize" referenced by ""...10:23
mal-gigitux_: which cm12.1 image did you use as base android?10:23
gigitux_last nighlty10:23
mal-that could be caused by non-matching cm base and mer-hybris sources10:24
gigitux_mal-: cm-12.1-20160324-NIGHTLY-osprey.zip10:24
mal-gigitux_: try  cm-12.1-20151117-SNAPSHOT-YOG7DAO1K2-osprey.zip10:25
gigitux_so wipe all10:27
mal-gigitux_: just install that, no need to reinstall sailfish10:27
gigitux_mal-: i have bootlogo of cyanogenmod10:30
gigitux_i just installed it10:30
mal-now reflash hybris-boot.img kernel10:31
mal-sorry, forgot the tell that10:31
gigitux_mal-: don't worry :)10:32
gigitux_mal-: so what?10:34
mal-now try to reboot after you flashed that10:34
mal-then try to run /system/bin/surfaceflinger again10:35
gigitux_start cyanogenmod10:35
gigitux_mal-: stuck on logo of cyanogenmod10:37
mal-gigitux_: after running /system/bin/surfaceflinger?10:37
mal-good, that's supposed to happen10:37
gigitux_mal-: great :D10:38
gigitux_mal-: i must wait?10:38
mal-now kill that process and run     EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer10:38
gigitux_linkerlinker.c:2010| ERROR: failed to link libmm-qdcm.so10:39
gigitux_linkerlinker.c:1109| ERROR: Library '' not found10:39
gigitux_linkerlinker.c:1933| ERROR:     0 could not load needed library '' for '' (load_library[1109]: Library '' not found)10:39
gigitux_linkerlinker.c:2010| ERROR: failed to link libmm-qdcm.so10:39
gigitux_it is in vendor file10:39
mal-do you see that file anywhere on the device?10:45
gigitux_mal-: in repo are here
gigitux_mal-: but there is not a cm 12.1 version of repo?10:45
gigitux_If i add this to manifest build a new .zip10:46
gigitux_it work10:46
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mal-probably not, because those would depend on cm13 APIs10:47
gigitux_mal-: where is would be in my device?10:48
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mal-gigitux_: probably either in /system/lib or under /vendor if such folder exists10:49
gigitux_in system there is not a path /lib10:52
gigitux_in vendor there is not a librery10:53
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mal-gigitux_: you have no /system/lib/?10:59
gigitux_i'm in recovery10:59
gigitux_so the path10:59
gigitux_directory /lib don't exist11:00
mal-boot to sailfish11:00
gigitux_mal-: i'm in11:01
mal-now look for those files11:02
gigitux_mal-: i download stock zip for vendor. Perhaps the scene don't up android 5.0 version11:02
gigitux_mal-: in sailfish11:04
gigitux_there isn't11:04
gigitux_in vendor11:05
gigitux_there is11:05
gigitux_there isn't11:06
mal-what is the size of
gigitux_60K libmm-qdcm.so11:07
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mal-could you show your local manifest?11:09
mal-gigitux_: ok, try to install cm12.1 again but this time format /system before installing11:17
mal-did you get any errors when installing cm12.1?11:18
gigitux_mal-: no11:33
gigitux_mal-: i'm rebootin11:35
gigitux_mal-: i reflash kernel too11:37
gigitux_mal-: same error11:39
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mal-hmm, need to thing a little11:41
gigitux_mal-: ok :/11:41
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gigitux_mal-: for me nobody upload this for my device11:47
mal-gigitux_: the file should be there
gigitux_mal-: if download11:49
gigitux_and up11:49
gigitux_in my device?11:49
gigitux_mal-: if i edit
gigitux_and add libmm-abl.so11:55
mal-gigitux_: you can first try to copy the file from my last to to /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/11:55
mal-*my last link11:55
gigitux_in /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib11:59
gigitux_if i run ls12:00
gigitux_i have CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE DEPENDENCIES: cannot locate symbol "__cxa_finalize" referenced by ""...12:00
mal-are you now in sailfish?12:00
gigitux_mal-: i'm boot12:00
gigitux_mal-: i'm in12:01
gigitux_gigitux_: i have black screen12:02
gigitux_mal-: i have black screen12:02
mal-does surfaceflinger still work?12:03
gigitux_mal-: yes12:03
mal-try EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer test_hwcomposer again12:04
gigitux_Library '' not found12:04
gigitux_mal-: same procedure?12:04
mal-yes, you can add those from sailfish also12:05
gigitux_mal-: how?12:05
mal-just setup usb networking and when copy the files to the device with curl -O someurl12:05
mal-gigitux_: the way you enabled networking before, chapter 9.2.312:06
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gigitux_mal-: is not a valid ELF object12:11
mal-how did you copy that?12:12
gigitux_curl -O
gigitux_mal-: is wrong?12:13
mal-gigitux_: try that url12:13
gigitux_mal-: it is download correct file12:15
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mal-gigitux_: curl -L -O url12:15
gigitux_mal-: great :) not found12:17
mal-hmm, something is wrong with your build12:19
mal-gigitux_: I found it interesting that you didn't have your device repo in local manifest12:21
mal-maybe it was found automaticalle12:21
gigitux_mal-: send me :D12:22
gigitux_mal-: sorry12:23
gigitux_mal-: see this link12:23
gigitux_in linker12:26
gigitux_linkerlinker.c:1343| ERROR:     0 cannot locate 'display_pp_get_mem_native_range'...12:26
gigitux_linkerlinker.c:2010| ERROR: failed to link libmm-qdcm.so12:26
gigitux_mal-: android_device_qcom_common is necessary?12:30
gigitux_(in manifest i mean)12:30
mal-gigitux_: these should be the needed ones
gigitux_mal-: so i add to my manifest?12:33
mal-gigitux_: and the vendor blobs of course, you should add those and also android_device_motorola_osprey12:34
gigitux_so to my manifest add this12:35
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mal-and of course keep the mer-hybris repos there12:35
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gigitux_mal-: fatal: duplicate path kernel/motorola/msm8916 in /home/gigitux/mer/android/cm12.1/.repo/manifest.xml12:49
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mal-remove .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml12:52
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Litewrinigus: thanks for this:
Litewwill try to build it later today14:57
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rinigusLitew: you're welcome! the pull got a bit messy, since I made it from the master branch of and later started adding more features. but in the end, its quite helpful for debugging CPU sleep. I plan to add few more stats to keep an eye on wakelocks, but that's gonna be a touch later15:29
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TheRealJohnGaltMy device supports ssh over usb even before device unlock, if the phone's plugged in before it's turned on. Any ideas on how to disable this?15:50
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minimecTheRealJohnGalt: I read the #hannel log this morning. Did you get your sensors back on you Nexus 5?16:05
*** Nemno <Nemno!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:06
TheRealJohnGaltminimec: yeah. I ended up full wiping, when the solution was far simpler: deleting /data/system/sensors /data/misc/sensors /persist/sensors/sns.reg and rebooting :/.16:07
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minimecTheRealJohnGalt: Oh boy that is good news! ;)16:08
TheRealJohnGaltYeah, it is :). Brb.16:09
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kimmoliLitew: the hybris-boot dts-build did look nice on build, but after installing that on phone, not so good anymore16:29
kimmolitaaem: ^ fyi16:29
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)16:35
kimmoliwe have custom dtbToolONYX, and then it does not allow -2 arg16:46
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friesehei sailfish-porters, i'm trying the fairphone 2 sailfish port right now, so far works really well. just wondering if any of you found a solution to the android apps issue? heard about apkenv or sth. like that, but haven't found any binaries or even sources for that... other option would be dualbooting android & sailfish os, anyone ever did sth. like that?16:58
frieseback on my nexus 7 i had that nifty multibooting recovery, but that doesn't seem to bea vailable to fp216:58
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mal-friese: it could probably be possible to at least get dual-boot working, also there are people looking into unofficial android app support but it doesn't work yet17:01
*** harha <harha!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:02
mal-friese: multirom could probably work on fp2 also with some work, I haven't looked into that17:02
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Litewrinigus: nice, so i've installed version from your github repo, will check after some data collectioning19:03
Litewlittle fix for building against obs:
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piggzwas anything ever fixed with camera image exif/orientation data?19:23
kimmoliping MSameer ^ querying when you have time to look at missing exif tag ?19:28
MSameercould you get me a jpeg from android?19:29
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:40
kimmoliMSameer: one moment19:46
rinigusLitew: cool, thank you! I merged your fix.19:54
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kimmolitaaem: o\21:14
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taaemkimmoli: great work on the new stuff!21:18
gigitux_how can i use evcap for touchscreen?21:20
kimmoliyeah. but the address is in persist.service.bdroid.bdaddr21:24
kimmoliatleast it looks promising21:24
kimmolibut that broadcom code could be tweaked to set hci address from that property21:25
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)21:26
taaemdo we have broadcom bt?21:26
kimmolino but who cares, that uses hci api afaiu21:26
taaemyeah we could just use that code to write a btaddr_reader21:29
*** jcbjoe <jcbjoe!~jcbjoe@2601:204:cc00:3abd:a1cf:91a4:5e62:47f1> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:30
kimmolisomething like that wcnss wlan mac address reader21:30
*** jcbjoe <jcbjoe!~jcbjoe@2601:204:cc00:3abd:a1cf:91a4:5e62:47f1> has quit IRC (Client Quit)21:30
kimmolihmm.. that just writes it to bt uart21:32
taaemmaybe just change the code to use hci directly?21:34
kimmolior patch bluez, hciattach21:36
kimmoliinit.qcom-common.rc:service hciattach /system/bin/sh /system/etc/
kimmoliok, it does not use bluez hciattach21:41
kimmolithat script calls /system/bin/hciattach which is no htere21:41
taaemmaybe that's also the problem for my hacky script21:42
kimmolibluez hciattach has argument bdaddr21:42
taaemadjust the path the bluez hciattach?21:42
taaem /system/bin/btnvtool -O21:43
taaemwhat about that^21:43
taaemthat should set the bd addr21:43
kimmolithat just tries to put something in somewhere21:43
kimmoliand says it is there21:44
taaemis that a script?21:44
kimmoliI/qcom-bluetooth(    0): /system/etc/ config = onboot21:44
kimmoliI/qcom-bluetooth(  990): /system/etc/ Bluetooth stack is Bluedroid21:44
kimmoliafaiu no, it comes from /proprieary..21:45
taaembt stack is not bluedroid? or is it?21:45
kimmoliseems to be according to that script. and in case of bluedroid, it does not call hciattach21:46
kimmolistack=`cat /system/etc/bluetooth/stack.conf`21:47
kimmolino such file21:47
taaembtvntool is oneplus properitary and -O sets on boot no script21:48
taaemSTACK=`getprop ro.qc.bluetooth.stack`21:49
kimmolii have this file; /system/etc/bluetooth/bt_stack.conf21:49
taaemwhat does it say?21:50
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
taaemtry to create  /system/etc/bluetooth/stack.conf and set it to bluez?21:51
kimmolii did set the property first21:52
taaemif stack is empty it defaults to bluedroid
kimmolihappyhacking with /bin/mount -n -o remount,rw /system21:55
kimmoliI/qcom-bluetooth(  889): /system/etc/ Bluetooth stack is bluez21:55
taaemcan you disable my bt hack21:56
kimmoliit didnt run hciattach though21:56
kimmolii changed script to point /usr/sbin/hciattach first21:58
kimmoliscan works22:00
kimmolistill, with your hack22:01
kimmolibut the script does not go to start_hciattach22:01
kimmoliaa,transport is smd22:03
kimmolithen it does not call it22:03
taaemit should be started here
taaemi see22:03
kimmoli              echo 1 > /sys/module/hci_smd/parameters/hcismd_set22:03
kimmoliit does that22:03
taaemcan you try with my disbabled hack?22:04
kimmolido i disable service? or comment out the lescan part?22:04
kimmolihaa, the script does that same22:05
*** loic_m <loic_m!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)22:05
taaemcompletly disable since echo 1 is done in the other script22:06
kimmolihmm. that script has lots of logging, but i see only one row22:07
taaemyou mean
taaemyou're grepping loge and logi?22:08
taaemcheck beggining of the script22:08
taaembut does it work or not22:09
kimmoliit does not print this logi " config = $config"22:10
kimmolior log22:10
kimmoliit did that before changing o bluez22:10
kimmolibut that should be before what i see now22:12
taaemit should prinz onboot afaik22:13
kimmoliyeah it dii that22:13
taaemthat's the very first thing the script runs that's strange22:15
kimmolixxd /persist/.bt_nv.bin22:16
kimmoli0000000: 0100 06de 376a 0000 0022:16
kimmolithat is there, btnvtool -O makes that afaiu22:16
kimmolianother random link
taaemyou can try that22:29
taaemi'm going sleeping now gn22:29
kimmolimee.too gn22:29
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