Sunday, 2016-05-08

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gigitux_i have this message [ofonoext] ERROR! Timeout was reached07:27
gigitux_How can i fix this?07:27
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Nokiusgigitux_: can u share the link to your repo?07:55
Nokiusis it update ?07:55
gigitux_Nokius: yes07:55
gigitux_for me the proble is this modem: Failed to locate modem.mdt07:56
gigitux_So ofono crash07:56
gigitux_and i can't connect to wifi :/07:56
Nokiusgigitux_: which version of ofono do u user [rpm -qa | grep ofono]07:59
gigitux_Nokius: i'm update for try07:59
Nokiusgigitux_: try to add this
Nokiusand reboot08:02
kimmoligigitux_: what says mount | grep firmware08:02
gigitux_kimmoli: /dev/mmcblk0p1 on /firmware type ext4 (ro,nosuid,nodev,relatime,nobarrier,data=ordered)08:03
gigitux_kimmoli: is right path08:03
kimmoliand /system/etc/firmware/modem.mdt is a symlink to /firmware/image/modem.mdt ?08:04
kimmoli[root@localhost /]# ll /system/etc/firmware/modem.mdt08:04
kimmolilrw-r--r-- 1 root root 25 Feb  1 12:56 /system/etc/firmware/modem.mdt -> /firmware/image/modem.mdt08:04
gigitux_Nokius: i alredy have this file08:05
Nokiusgigitux_: can u share your kernel repo pls08:05
Nokiusgigitux_: it's then not upstream ;908:05
gigitux_kimmoli: modem.mdt.gz i have this in firmware08:05
gigitux_Nokius: for now can i share onlky defconfig?08:05
Nokiusgigitux_: this is ok08:06
gigitux_kimmoli: lrw-r--r-- 1 root root 28 Nov 17 04:56 /system/etc/firmware/modem.mdt.gz -> /firmware/image/modem.mdt.gz08:06
gigitux_if i do ll /system/etc/firmware/modem.mdt08:06
gigitux_i have ls: cannot access /system/etc/firmware/modem.mdt: No such file or directory08:06
kimmoligz is an archive...08:07
gigitux_i have all file modem08:07
gigitux_in a gz archive08:07
kimmoli.b00 ... .b27 and .mdt ?08:08
gigitux_yes .b00 to b28 in .gz08:08
kimmolido you have other .gz files there in firmware/image/ ?08:09
gigitux_Nokius: defconfig
gigitux_kimmoli: yes
kimmoliaa like that08:11
kimmolixxd /firmware/image/modem.mdt.gz | head -n 108:12
gigitux_kimmoli: 0000000: 1f8b 0808 3e9d b055 0003 6d6f 6465 6d2e  ....>..U..modem.08:13
kimmoliyeah gzip08:13
Nokiusgigitux_: what is happening if do echo 1 > /sys/module/hci_smd/parameters/hcismd_set08:13
gigitux_Nokius: /sys/module/hci_smd/parameters/hcismd_set: No such file or directory08:14
gigitux_kimmoli: we would extract this stuff?08:14
gigitux_The problem that /firmware is only read08:14
kimmolitake a copy to home or tmp and extract one08:15
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gigitux_now i have modem.mdt08:17
gigitux_How put this stuff in /firmware08:17
kimmolixxd modem.mdt | head -n 108:17
kimmoliELF ?08:17
Nokiusgigitux_: modprob wlan fails did u bild a new image or copied the modules over after u upadted the defconfig and build the hybris-hal?08:17
gigitux_kimmoli: yes08:17
gigitux_Nokius: nope modprobe wlan works08:18
gigitux_Nokius: it is stuck on connection....08:18
gigitux_But the module start without problem08:18
Nokius09:56 < gigitux_> and i can't connect to wifi :/08:18
gigitux_Nokius: yes, device find wifi, but he stuck on connection08:18
gigitux_and if i see log of connectml08:19
gigitux_i have ofono08:19
gigitux_[ofonoext] ERROR! Timeout was reached08:19
kimmoligigitux_: extract all those .gz files in a tmp place. /mount -n -o remount,rw /firmware08:19
Nokiusofono should be not connected to the wifi issue08:20
kimmolithen copy new files to /firmware/image (Do not delete .gz from there)08:20
kimmoliand then create symlinks to these new files08:20
kimmoliyou need also: mount -n -o remount,rw /system08:20
kimmolias the symlinks are under /system/etc/firmware08:21
kimmolithen reboot08:21
Nokiusgigitux_: is the mac adress correct?08:22
kimmolikeep all .gz stuff in place, also the symlinks08:22
gigitux_kimmoli: cp: writing `/firmware/image/modem.mdt': No space left on device08:22
gigitux_kimmoli: i remove .gz archive?08:22
gigitux_Nokius: yes08:23
kimmolinow i understand why they are gzipped08:23
kimmoliit is just a 64M mount08:24
gigitux_kimmoli: mmm... is a problem for sailfish os?08:25
kimmolino, your device08:25
kimmoliwhat says that modem.mdt missing? dmesg? logcat?08:26
gigitux_pil-q6v5-mss 4080000.qcom,mss: modem: Failed to locate modem.mdt08:26
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gigitux_kimmoli: possibile that modem.mdt and wifi problems are connection?08:29
kimmolidunno, can be08:35
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kimmoliand those .gz files you got from your device? you didnt download them from somewhere?08:35
gigitux_kimmoli: from repo08:36
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kimmolifrom which repo?08:36
kimmolibut you put everything in /firmware/image/ by yourself?08:37
gigitux_kimmoli: nono08:38
gigitux_i don't touch /firmware/image08:38
kimmoliyou could extract those files somewhere else, and just make /system/etc/firm08:44
kimmoliware symnlinks point there?08:44
gigitux_kimmoli: i create a directory in /system/etc/firm08:45
gigitux_and put this stuff08:45
gigitux_kimmoli: I don't understan syslink08:45
kimmolimkdir /system/firmware08:46
kimmoliextract all modem.*.gz there08:46
kimmolithen ln -s /system/firmware/modem.mdt /system/etc/firmware/modem.mdt08:47
kimmoliand all the rest .bXX too08:47
gigitux_kimmoli: it is reboot automatically08:49
gigitux_when i do ln -s08:49
kimmoliurf. so something was polling that modem.mdt08:49
gigitux_in /system/etc/firmware now i don't have any syslink of modem.mdt rightly08:51
gigitux_kimmoli: i try to recovery?08:51
gigitux_with adb shell08:51
kimmolinot booting?08:51
gigitux_yes booting08:52
gigitux_i mean ln -s08:52
kimmoliyou have all extracted?08:52
kimmolitry to symlink modem.b0008:52
mal-kimmoli: I think investigation of init*.rc and init*.sh might be useful, maybe something is not run correctly08:52
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kimmoliyeah. something might need to extract .gz to ram08:53
gigitux_kimmoli: in dmseg i don't have any error of init*.rc08:55
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gigitux_possible that problem is that i don't have fstat in /09:02
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kimmolidid you fix the mmi-sh thing?09:08
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piggzgigitux_: any progress?09:14
gigitux_piggz: no man09:14
piggzand youve checked the /dev/block on both android an sfos?09:14
gigitux_Problem with modem.mdt stuck wifi connection becouse ofono crash09:14
gigitux_piggz: yes09:14
gigitux_it's good09:15
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gigitux_ the problem is in /firmware/image i have .gz09:16
gigitux_and not a full elf09:16
gigitux_piggz: on moto g 2013, in /firmware/image you have za .gz or a elf?09:16
gigitux_piggz: When you can, check this09:16
kimmolithis was pretty much only ref to modem.mdt.gz in internet:
kimmoliaround line 121409:17
kimmoliso something mentions .gz, and then loading modem from something that looks like ram address09:18
piggzsh-3.2# file /firmware/image/modem.mdt09:18
piggz/firmware/image/modem.mdt: ELF 32-bit LSB  executable, version 1 (SYSV), statically linked, stripped09:18
gigitux_piggz: ok09:18
gigitux_fuck motorola09:18
kimmoliand that smells like moto X09:18
nh1402moto g 4 is coming soon09:19
gigitux_nh1402: i know mediatek processor -.-09:19
piggzarnt they the worst? :D09:19
gigitux_kimmoli: where is post that pastebin if i search that link i don't find anything09:20
kimmolican you retry the symlinks? make the .b00...b28 first ?09:20
kimmolito the extracted ones09:21
kimmolithen maybe add the modem.mdt as you suggested09:21
nh1402piggz: or intel09:22
nh1402so much so that they pulled out entirely09:22
gigitux_kimmoli: i add modem.b*09:24
gigitux_from sailfishps09:24
kimmoliyeah from sailhips09:24
gigitux_kimmoli: Lol09:25
gigitux_now from adb i add modem09:25
gigitux_This is a dirty solution, but i hope that works09:25
gigitux_kimmoli: Reboot09:27
kimmoliit rebooted also when adding symlink from adb?09:28
gigitux_kimmoli: nono09:28
gigitux_i reboot09:28
kimmoliaa, ok.09:28
gigitux_but i have sampe problem09:28
kimmoliyou have now /system/etc/firmware/modem.mdt --> /system/firmware/modem.mdt ?09:29
kimmolill /system/firmware/modem.mdt09:29
gigitux_wait for error i copy filed09:30
gigitux_not linkd09:30
gigitux_ll /system/firmware/modem.mdt09:33
gigitux_-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 May  8 11:34 /system/firmware/modem.mdt09:33
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gigitux_I have link in /system/etc/firmware/modem09:35
gigitux_only solution is load in ram09:35
gigitux_like that guy09:35
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kimmolibut your modem.mdt size is 009:35
kimmoliso something went wrong in extract ?09:35
piggzi _really_ need to find a fix whoch stops my laptop rebooting when it goes to sleep! :/09:36
nh1402piggz: is that a CPU fault?09:37
piggznh1402: possibly ... i have multiple problems with this skylake laptop09:38
piggzi have to disable powersave modes to stop the scren flickering when on battery09:38
gigitux_kimmoli: i copi modem.mdt to /system/firmware and reboot09:39
piggztypipcal, nothing in journal except *reboot*09:40
gigitux_i do this operation in adb09:40
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nh1402piggz: running linux?, because skylake doesn't work well on anything lower than 4.2 I think, I tried installing mint a while back and it refused to get past the mint logo after installation, due to the kernel version it came with being 3.14 I think.09:44
nh1402even the very latest linux kernel doesn't fully support skylake yet09:44
gigitux_kimmoli: reboot09:45
gigitux_this is not a correct solution bro09:45
kimmoliagree with that, but worth trying imho...09:46
gigitux_kimmoli: yep09:47
gigitux_kimmoli: Any idea how procede now?09:47
kimmoliis the modem.mdt still size 0 ?09:48
mal-is there anything related to the hci smd path anywhere, I remember that I had to run that to get things working09:48
gigitux_kimmoli: no, i do all in adb shell09:48
gigitux_i reboot09:48
gigitux_but he reboot alwats09:48
gigitux_system don't boot09:48
gigitux_So we procedure is "correct"09:49
kimmolithen i have no ideas for now09:49
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gigitux_Mmm ok, now i go out09:49
mal-gigitux_: check my fp2 repo, it has a touch command before modprobing wlan module09:50
gigitux_kimmoli: if you have an idea send me a message09:50
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mal-gigitux_: have you used that in your tests?09:51
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piggznh1402: 4.5.2 ... 4.3 was better10:26
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piggznh1402:  tumbleweed10:26
piggzgigitux_: i also mentioned tough before modprobe10:27
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nh1402piggz: tumbleweed?10:28
piggznh1402: opensuse10:29
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gigitux_mal-: can you link me repo?10:56
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gigitux_mal-: same problem :/11:06
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piggzgigitux_: do you get any messages when you modprobe wlan.ko?11:29
gigitux_becouse in UI it loads and search router11:29
piggzgigitux_: well, you could prevent ui loading with11:30
piggzsystemctl mask user@10000011:30
piggzand reboot11:30
piggzthen use telnet to debug11:30
gigitux_piggz: sorry11:30
gigitux_When i run modprobe wlan11:30
gigitux_wifi work11:30
gigitux_i search and i found11:30
gigitux_my router11:30
gigitux_but after i insert connection11:31
gigitux_and start connection it stucks on connection...11:31
piggzah right11:31
gigitux_The problem is modem11:31
piggzright, and you have a correct modem.mdt yet?11:32
gigitux_yes but in /firmware/image i have an archive11:32
piggzbtw, i am making lunch and doing outside jobs in the nice weather, so i may dissapear11:32
gigitux_piggz: enjoy :)11:32
piggzwhat happens when you gunzip it?11:32
gigitux_i have modem.mdt11:33
gigitux_but if i copy in /firmware/image reboot11:33
gigitux_kimmoli link a pastebin where the guy load the archive in ram11:33
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piggzgigitux_: what about a script which extracts it early in the boot, like as a pre-start command to loading the wlan.ko?11:40
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gigitux_but in ram12:00
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gigitux_possibile that only motorola do this shit?12:29
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*** gigitux_ is now known as gigitux12:52
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gigituxguys the patch is this14:15
gigituxbut i have alredy in my device tree14:15
gigituxAny ideas?14:20
kimmolihmm. that error there is Failed to load. dmesg was Failed to locate14:27
NeKitkimmoli, btw, have you tried booting regular Linux on your Onda V820W CH?14:29
kimmolinope. i havent tried anything with it14:29
NeKitfor some reason I get white screen corruption on mainline (not Android) kernel14:29
gigituxkimmoli: so the problem is different?14:32
kimmoliit is not _that_ init code which reports the error..14:32
gigituxkimmoli: it's true14:33
gigituxkimmoli: any suggest?14:33
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piggzgigitux: can you post the output from logcat -b radio14:50
kimmolig'damn OPPO CONFIG_VENDOR_EDIT14:56
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gigituxpiggz: reboot a moment becouse the log is much big14:58
kimmolithe charge% has somekind of "catch-up" logic if it divergens too much from last14:59
piggzgigitux: not much there ... where are the modem.mdt errors?15:00
gigituxpiggz: dmesg15:00
piggzah, post them then15:00
gigituxpiggz: i don't know what try... :/15:02
piggzgigitux: do you know where that message comes from in the kernel source?15:09
gigituxpiggz: ni15:10
piggzgigitux: you could grep "Failed to locate"15:10
gigituxpiggz: how?15:11
piggzgigitux: cd into the kernel source folder15:12
piggzgrep -R "Failed to locate" *15:12
piggzgrep recurive string everything15:12
gigituxpiggz: it is search15:12
piggzmaybe you could edit the code to print out the full path it is looking15:13
kimmoligit grep...15:14
piggzgigitux: that code doest look like it loads modem.mdt ... either mba.b00 or mba.mbn15:21
piggzwhat branch are you using?15:21
gigituxpiggz: precisaly i use this kernel15:23
gigituxfrom cm dependence15:23
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piggzgigitux: what about grepping your source for modem.mdt15:40
gigituxpiggz: search on github15:41
piggzgigitux: ah, have you linket to /etc/firmware?15:43
piggzgigitux: on my device15:43
piggzsh-3.2# file /etc/firmware15:43
piggz/etc/firmware: symbolic link to `/system/etc/firmware'15:43
gigituxi have not this directory15:44
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piggzgigitux: away for an hour or so...15:46
gigituxpiggz: enjoy! bye!15:46
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piggzgigitux: do you have /system/etc/firmware?15:48
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gigituxpiggz: yes15:48
piggzcreate the link then15:48
gigituxpiggz: i'm doing15:48
piggzln -s /system/etc/firmware /etc/firmware15:48
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gigituxpiggz: same problem bro15:51
*** toomin <toomin!~HomoSapie@unaffiliated/toomin> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:55
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gigituxpossibile that i add fstab.qcom?16:22
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cmazierihello, I am trying to install SFOS on a nexus 417:00
cmazieridoes anyone can help?17:01
kimmolidunno. whats the problem?17:02
cmazieriI was trying to enter in recovery mode and Could not17:03
cmazieriit worked now by pressing power + vol UP17:03
cmazieriin the recovery mode, after wiping it does not have the install option, should I reboot and install cm next?17:05
kimmoliyou follow the steps here?
cmazieriI did wipe in recovery mode, now I do not see the install option to install cm17:11
piggzsome users suggest that the phone doesnt reach suspend state and battery would improve if it did .... anyone experience of this?17:14
piggzsuspend seems a bit of a low state to reach tho17:14
kimmolicmazieri: step 8 here ??17:16
kimmoliso you dont have "Install" nor "Apply update" ?17:17
cmazierikimmoli: yes step 8, the problem is I do not see install option in the menu to install CM17:18
kimmoliwhich recovery you use? twrp?17:19
cmazierikimmoli: I do not know what is means, I flashed the factory image
cmazierikimmoli: and I am trying to install SFOS17:22
cmazierikimmoli: it is android 4.2.217:23
kimmolithen you install recovery, e.g. twrp.17:24
kimmolifrom that you make wipe/factory reset17:24
kimmolithen install and
kimmoliand then reboot.17:25
cmazierikimmoli: I have wrp-3.0.2-0-mako.img, any way of installing it using "fastboot" ?17:28
kimmoli << this?17:28
cmazierikimmoli: yes I think so17:29
*** phdeswer <phdeswer!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)17:55
kimmolihmm... calculate_state_of_charge: chip->last_soc = -EINVAL17:59
cmazierikimmoli: Thanks, it is installing, I was missing twrp18:02
gigituxkimmoli: you have another idea for modem problem?18:05
kimmolicmazieri: great18:06
kimmoligigitux: no, been investigating my own problems :P18:06
gigituxkimmoli: ok :P18:06
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)18:07
piggzgigitux: when running android, see what is in /etc/firmware18:07
gigituxpiggz: but we create this, not?18:09
piggzgigitux: right, and with your new symlink you also have /etc/firmware/modem.mdt?18:12
piggzin sailfish18:12
gigituxpiggz: i reboot in sailfish and check18:12
gigituxpiggz: the dmesg says that missing fstab.qcom18:12
gigituxperhaps we creat a fstab.qcom ad-hoc?18:13
gigituxpiggz: in /etc/firmware there is not modem.mdt18:13
piggzgigitux: ok, create it :)18:14
gigituxln -s /system/firmware/modem.mdt /system/etc/firmware/modem.mdt, right?18:15
*** Skooz <Skooz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:15
gigituxpiggz: ?18:15
mal-gigitux: systemd should handle all mounts18:15
*** Skooz <Skooz!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:15
piggzgigitux: no18:15
piggzgigitux: for now, you could test without symlink18:16
*** Skooz <Skooz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:16
piggzjust copy modem.mdt to /etc/firmware18:16
piggzif ti works, then a better solution could be found18:16
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:17
piggzi wonder, on android, is there a difference between /system/etc/firmware and /etc/firmware18:17
gigituxpiggz: device reboot18:18
gigituxi try before with kimmoli18:18
gigituxdon't work18:18
gigituxmal-: you have another idea?18:19
mal-not at the moment18:21
gigituxwe are trying all :/18:22
mal-I still wonder is some part of init scripts fails18:23
piggzgigitux: looking at your board config, seems like everything in /firmware/image should be linked to /etc/firmware  .. i certainly have all of them18:27
gigituxpiggz: it's all linked18:27
gigituxmal-: how i debug init scripts?18:29
piggzgigitux: what do you have in /lib/class/firmware ? i think request_firmware calls into userspace to get the actual firmware ... but im certainly no kernel expert18:32
gigituxpiggz: i have not this directory18:33
piggzgigitux: sorry, /sys/class/firmware18:34
gigituxi have timeout18:34
*** vakkov <vakkov!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)18:38
piggzsorry, im lost then18:38
*** mkosola <mkosola!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:43
*** jakibaki <jakibaki!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:44
gigituxmal-: if i reverse this commit?18:44
piggzshould the CPU enter states C1 / C2 ever ?18:49
mal-gigitux: which commit?18:50
mal-ah, that one18:51
mal-that should not be the reason for problems18:51
gigituxmal-: yep same error18:51
gigitux # Create firmware mount point18:52
gigitux    mkdir /firmware 0771 system system18:52
gigituxwait there is18:52
gigituxmal-: # Create modem FSG mount point18:53
gigitux    mkdir /fsg 755 root root18:53
gigituxbut i don't have /fsg directory18:53
gigituxi have but is emptu18:58
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)19:02
kimmolibattery charger debug is booring... waiting it to reach end-of-charge at 150mA, still 133mA to go19:29
piggzkimmoli: play galaxy attack19:30
*** spider-mario <spider-mario!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:31
kimmoliwatching diehard4.019:31
kimmoli[20160509.000000] 20160509_03:31:15.596728]@0 BMS: get_battery_current: -260300 uA err compensated ibat=-267525uA19:31
kimmoli[20160509.000000] 20160509_03:31:15.606014]@0 CHG: qpnp_eoc_work: Not at EOC, battery current too high19:31
kimmoliit has been on 100% for a 10 mins now..19:33
kimmoli[20160509.000000] 20160509_03:32:32.117483]@0 BMS: calculate_pc: pc = 99 % for ocv = 4290038 uv batt_temp = 30819:33
kimmolithere is some internan "pc"19:33
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:35
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:35
kimmolierr. 30mins at 100%19:36
kimmolioo EOC.19:47
gigituxthat sailfish os delete something19:48
gigituxbecouse i reflesh cm 12.119:48
gigituxand give me same error19:48
gigituxlocate modem.mdt19:49
gigituxso i reflash radio19:49
gigituxand i fix the problem19:49
gigituxso i try same solution on sailfish os19:49
gigituxbut first boot i have a reboot19:49
gigituxmal-: kimmoli understand?19:50
piggzis there a changelog for 2.0.2 ? ... what are the highlights?19:51
kimmoliBMS: report_cc_based_soc: last_soc = 99, calculated_soc = 95, soc = 99, time since last change = 7020:01
kimmolihöh. now it didnt get stuck20:01
*** mkosola <mkosola!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)20:03
gigituxnow wifi works20:03
piggzgigitux: flashed radio?20:04
gigituxpiggz: yes20:04
gigituxbecouse i reflash cm 12.120:04
gigituxbut i have failed to locate modem.mdt20:05
gigituxand there is not signal20:05
gigituxi flash20:05
gigituxand work20:05
gigituxnow on sailfishos20:05
gigituxi do same20:05
gigituxbut wifi20:05
gigituxbut not signal20:05
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gigituxpiggz: i'm connected20:14
gigituxbut not navigate20:14
gigituxit is connect to modem20:15
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:16
piggzgigitux: dmesg errors gone?20:25
piggzcan ping anythin?20:25
gigitux[root@localhost system]# ping
gigituxsocket: Permission denied20:25
gigituxfrom pc from panel of modem the device is connect20:25
kimmolill /dev/wcnss_*20:27
gigituxafter i flash radio20:27
gigituxi have a reboot20:28
gigituxand after i boot correctly20:28
gigituxcrw-rw---- 1 system system 10, 70 Jan  1  1970 /dev/wcnss_ctrl20:28
gigituxcrw-rw---- 1 system system 10, 69 Jan  1  1970 /dev/wcnss_wlan20:28
*** jakibaki <jakibaki!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)20:28
gigituxthe solution is near :D20:31
gigituxkimmoli: possibile sailfish os delete modem file?20:31
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!~Mister_Ma@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:31
kimmolino idea20:32
gigituxadd nemo to inet group20:32
gigituxi can not download app from sailfish store?20:36
gigituxkimmoli: any fix20:36
gigituxHow can i use openrepos?20:37
kimmolifor simple stuff, i copy link from webpage and curl -O link then pkcon install-local filename.rpm20:37
kimmoliand then check deps20:37
kimmoliyou can also add repos with ssu, use zypper, whatever.20:38
piggzwho is interested in compiling/porting Qt 5.6 ?20:38
gigituxkimmoli: for wheater and app stock of sailfishos?20:40
*** jakibaki <jakibaki!~jakibaki@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:40
kimmolifor weather, pkcon refresh, pkcon install what-was-it-named-again-weather20:41
kimmolipkcon search name weather20:41
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gigituxpiggz: hey, what do i try to fix modem.mdt21:41
gigituxI do ln -s but the same don't work21:41
gigituxyou suggest me any alternative earlier?21:41
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