Wednesday, 2016-05-11

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ruthenianboyHi guys. what is the current state of android runtine on ported sailfish? I was not watching progress for longer time09:40
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ruthenianboyBTW, could someone advise/suggest which CPU I should buy to get best performance for compiling sources? I would like to build new workstation and  my budget is approx. 400eur for CPU09:46
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vevgenievsledges: I would like to use OBS, how can I create an account?10:14
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nh1402_workruthenianboy:It currently works on CM10 and CM11 based devices, but it would still have to be compiled for the device in question.10:15
nh1402_workCM12.1 and an AOSP base is also being worked on for sfdroid but not currently working. I've had no success with CM12.1 yet10:16
nh1402_workruthenianboy: It only works on the Nexus 4 and 5, technically it also works on a Moto G not sure which version but due to the limited RAM it's not really usable.10:18
nh1402_workthis is for the time being, once I can get it working with a CM12.1 base then that should open it up to more devices such as the Oneplus One, Oneplus X and others.,10:19
monichvevgeniev: you need to create bugzilla account I believe, https://bugs.merproject.org10:19
monichOBS is using the same credentials10:19
vevgenievmonich: thanks10:21
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vevgenievsledges: Can you please create OBS project for vendor motorola, device moto_msm8960_jbbl?10:28
ruthenianboy@nh1402_work: and what approach was used to make it work on ports? How it work?10:29
nh1402_workruthenianboy: The Android services that are disabled by default on Sailfish are re-enabled, and modifications are injected into the underlying Android base, to get it drawing inside Sailfish, getting touch input, accelerometer,camera, WiFi and Mobile Data working through Sailfish instead of it fighting with Sailfish for direct hardware access.10:32
nh1402_workeverything else is disabled (in Android) as some if not all of the remaining sensors, Bluetooth and stuff is going to be difficult to get working through Sailfish.10:33
nh1402_workthe vibration motor is fighting with Sailfish so sometimes it doesn't work, but at least you'll feel a notification from Android when it does work10:35
nh1402_workruthenianboy: the modifications are android base specific, so you can't just slap in CM11 modifications into CM12.1 as there are differences.10:38
CrKitnh1402_work, what are the problems with CM12.1?10:43
nh1402_workCrKit: well I'm starting off as I did with CM11 which was before any modifications to the base, I re-enabled the android services and tried booting into the base from Sailfish, but I need to use SSH to do it, which stops working as soon as I re-enable the android services. This is so I know it actually boot's and works before getting it drawn into a window in Sailfish.10:46
nh1402_workand all the other modifications10:47
nh1402_workand I don't yet know how to get around that.10:47
CrKitI could get it booting and displaying on Android-x86 5.1/IAndroid-IA Lollipop base, but it messes with network for me too10:48
nh1402_workthe reason why I need to use SSH is that I need to stop lipstick (Sailfish's display compositor) and start Surfaceflinger (Android's display compositor) in that order, if I do try that on the device itself touch input will stop working as soon as I disable it preventing me from starting the other one.10:49
nh1402_workCrKit: what did you get booting?10:50
CrKitAndroid desktop as window10:51
sledgesvevgeniev: what's your username there?10:51
nh1402_workCrKit: how did you know it was booted?10:54
CrKitbut I was running Android in chroot instead of proper Sailfish adaptation10:56
nh1402_workCrKit: did you get touch input working?11:03
CrKitnot through sfdroid, Android and Sailfish just read the same device11:04
nh1402_workCrKit: The simplest way to get WiFi working is to turn off WiFi in Android, root it, install the Xposed Framework and the fake wifi module. enable it and give access to the android apps you want to have internet access, and then restart the device.11:06
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nh1402_workCrKit: The way we got WiFi working is similar to how that xposed module works, that and we disabled all references in Android of it scanning for a WiFi connection.11:08
nh1402_workCrKit: so if you press in the middle at the bottom of the screen in Sailfish then in the Android window it will show the App drawer (both OS's getting touch input at the same time)11:08
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nh1402_workCrKit: if the device has a cellular radio then you can put that in aeroplane mode in Android, and then just turn on mobile data in Sailfish and it should just work.11:13
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* ballock just found a long thread on sailfish on mako on, quite a long one, perhaps somebody is actually using it ;)11:25
CrKitnh1402_work, yes, both OS are getting same input at the same time11:31
CrKitno cellular though11:32
nh1402_workCrKit: I remember those days, had that during December and January time11:32
CrKitwhen Android is started it messes with internet connectivity though, even if it's Ethernet or ADB debug bridge11:34
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CrKitpackets stop flowing, but IP/routing settings stay correct11:34
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nh1402_workCrKit: You will have to disable all references in Android of it scanning for a WiFi connection.11:41
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vevgenievsledges: my user name is SamVimes11:49
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nh1402_workvevgeniev: and password?12:02
sledgesvevgeniev: you're in for a treat then
sledgeshave fun!12:06
* sledges gtgs12:06
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vevgenievsledges: thank you!12:13
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andybransonhello, does anyone here know about the nexus 4 port, specifically the bluetooth?12:44
andybransonmy daemon uses bluetooth on startup. the service has declared as a dependency. this is fine on the jolla phone, but i have a user with a nexus 4 who finds the daemon doesn't find any bt adapters on boot. it's fine if he restarts it.12:48
andybransonis this a known problem? should there be adaptors available before is ready? would this be a bug that i could report somewhere?12:49
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tbrballock: see andybranson's question about bt on mako13:23
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CrKitnh1402_work, by the way, it's interesting that MESA and Intel UFO driver for Android can share DRM device (Sailfish OS on screenshot is using MESA and Android is using UFO driver)13:59
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ballockandybranson: thanks for the report, I gather that with this comment #478
ballockand I would guess there's a race condition during the boot14:24
ballockI'm yet to investigate that14:25
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andybransonballock: ah yes that's the one. he said he'd posted it somewhere. i'll see how my daemon behaves when the Jolla is booted with Bluetooth switched off.15:00
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andybransonaha it's my bad. it can cope if it's switched off while it's running, but not if its down on boot. it just seems to be that on the mako port it's always down on boot. i'm not sure what is supposed to indicate...15:07
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andybransonthanks for the input! i'll look into how to be told when an adapter appears.15:15
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Xray2000Any updated on a new SFOS build for the Nexus 5 ?15:44
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nh1402TheRealJohnGalt: does SSH via USB work on the CM12.1 base?17:08
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TheRealJohnGaltnh1402: yes, it works for me.17:41
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ballocksledges: yt?17:51
ballockI need some help with adjusting the pixel ratio, I can't get it to any value that would work.17:52
ballockWhatever I set, the pull-app app menu has a different amount of apps than that from Settings->Apps17:52
ballock(in like different amount of columns)17:53
ballockand I can't make the Settings app display the settings in a single column.17:53
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ballockok, never mind. Got it.18:17
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dirkvlif there are any embedded sw guys here looking for a job in holland18:33
dirkvlor know someone18:33
dirkvllet me know18:33
dirkvlwe iz hiring18:34
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kimmolishould there be bootanimation in ports? or just bootloader splash, and then sailfish ?18:51
kimmolidirkvl: o/18:53
kimmoliwe are alzo hiring, but a senior hw designer18:53
dirkvlit has been so long since i said i love you18:54
dirkvli love you18:54
kimmoliin Finland18:54
dirkvlhw design?18:54
dirkvldoes having a pcb mill and pick&place help?18:54
kimmolinot actually18:54
dirkvlam i qualified in any way? :p18:56
kimmoliyou're a good company when having a beer?18:57
dirkvli have been told i am18:59
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kimmolidirkvl: did you got that thing working? led fp2?19:06
dirkvlnow making arduino+breadboard cover19:07
dirkvland usb hub19:07
dirkvl4 full size ports on the side19:07
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Litewis there any configs/hacks to increase touchscreen sensivity in sfos? cm11 has good sensivity compared to sfos, i want to make the same in sfos19:15
kimmolidirkvl: ok,19:17
nh1402dirkvl: did you hear about the Moto X rumours?19:22
piggzspiiroin: i built a new mce .... do I need liptick-jolla-home-qt5 or liptick ?19:29
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spiiroinpiggz: I never remember what it was. I'll check19:54
piggzspiiroin: in the device, /usr/bin/lipstick is in package lipstick-jolla-home-qt519:55
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spiiroinpiggz: lipstick-qt519:59
spiiroinpiggz: ongoing related stuff here
piggzspiiroin: ok ... i have the right clone ... just having trouble meeting the build deps20:01
spiiroinpiggz: yeah, there are more interdependencies in ui side20:02
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piggzspiiroin: hmpf, i atm, i cant find usb-moded-qt5, mlite5 and qt5-qtwayland-wayland_egl-devel >= 5.4.0+git2620:06
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kimmolibuildin lipstick in obs?20:06
piggzkimmoli: sb20:07
piggzkimmoli: but obs would do20:07
piggzwtf is mlite520:07
Nokiustime for some new builds :D20:09
spiiroinmlite-qt5                 | Useful classes originating from MeeGo Touch20:09
dirkvlnh1402: que?20:11
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spiiroinpiggz: lipstick >= 0.28.0 should already have the logic for event ignoring20:11
piggzspiiroin: so lipstick-jolla-home-qt5- is ok20:12
spiiroinnot the jolla home, but lipstick-qt520:13
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spiiroinbasically more recent than this commit
piggzspiiroin: lipstick-qt5-0.27.82-1.65.3.armv7hl20:14
dirkvlmy god.20:14
dirkvlanother company redefining what modular means20:14
dirkvlan attachment or smartcover does not make it modular20:15
dirkvlthe J1 is not modular.20:15
dirkvlmy laptop is not modular because it has two usb ports20:15
dirkvlit is a frikkin lie.20:15
Nokiusr0kk3rz: ping20:17
spiiroinpiggz: just in case cherry picking would be easier than taking latest lipstick, the original pr is here:
nh1402dikvl: if it proves to be an accurate article are you going to give it a stab?, I hate the disgusting plaacement of the fingerprint sensor and for almost that alone I'm not interested in it. But slightly interested in the Droid Turbo 3.20:26
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r0kk3rzNokius: pong20:29
Nokiusr0kk3rz: how are the things going for the windy?20:30
r0kk3rzbeen busy having to find somewhere to live unforunately, but i will get back to it soon20:30
Nokiusr0kk3rz: same for me atm just building .11 release20:32
r0kk3rzah cool20:32
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Nokiuspixel ratio formula makes me believing I#m to dump to calculate20:49
piggzspiiroin: finger crossed, will it boot with mce 1.80.1 and liptick-qt5 0.28.120:51
piggzit did!20:52
piggznow for the rule, and thats it?20:52
spiiroin... maybe ;-)20:52
Nokiuskimmoli: sorry for bothering but how u cam up with 1.25 old formal is 1920/540=3.55 for the scorpion20:55
piggzspiiroin: rebooting with rule as you said20:55
Nokiuskimmoli: new is 6.3220:55
Nokiuskimmoli: I'm asking 1.25 is not correct app covers are not fitting correct in app grid20:56
piggzspiiroin: ok, that is done .. how do i know if power usage is better?20:56
spiiroinpiggz: well, one easy thin to track would be: how close time-in-suspend is to time-in-display-off20:59
spiiroinmcetool --get-suspend-stats --get-display-stats20:59
spiiroinpiggz: when I have time for it, this might be useful too
merbotMer bug 1577 in mce "Allow querying source of MCE wakelocks" [Enhancement,New]21:01
piggzspiiroin: suspend_time: 0.00021:03
spiiroinpiggz: usb cable attached?21:03
piggzspiiroin: yes21:03
spiiroinkernel side charging logic probably blocks suspend ...21:04
piggzspiiroin: well, surely i cant use fingerterm?21:04
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piggzspiiroin: ok, i unplug ... leave 10 seconds, plug back in21:05
piggzsuspend_time: 1.77921:05
spiiroinyou can't track it constantly anyway, so something like: detach usb, offline mode, blank screen, wait a while ... check the stats -> should have the suspend time increase21:05
spiirointhen compare to more normal use21:05
spiiroini.e. using fingerterm should be ok too21:06
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spiiroin"a while" needs to be >5 secs. there is some delay after display on -> off transition before suspend is allowed21:08
piggzspiiroin: thx, i'll see how it goes ... i wasnt complaining about power usage anyway, was a user ... i regulalry have it plugged in!21:09
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piggzthe suspend time is increasing21:10
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piggzspiiroin: the lipstick-qt5 build asked for a specifiv git version of qtwayland, but i downgraded it 3 versions to match what I had and it built anyway21:11
piggzspiiroin: the sysmon package shows an increase in 'suspend success' too21:17
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Nokiuslocusf r0kk3rz
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Nokiusnext in the line find5 with new SFOS but not to night sorry21:58
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