Thursday, 2016-06-16

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locusfgood morning04:10
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junnuvifinally succesfully grabbed dmesg error when device reboots after login as nemo04:11
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junnuviwhat about kernel config settings which cannot be found from defconfig? If I add those to defconfig it still complain about those and also cannot find those settings from .config06:34
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kimmoliyou sure you edit correct defconfig?06:48
junnuvi95% sure :P06:51
kimmolidid you make clean?06:53
junnuvinope, should I ?06:53
kimmoliis it a msm (qualcomm?)06:53
kimmolii had my fun when not making clean after changing defconfig/dtb06:53
kimmolionyx has similar CONFIG_MSM_BLAA configs which are enabled instead of CONFIG_BLAA06:54
junnuvikimmoli: no it's nvidia06:54
junnuviok, didn't know that. I will try make clean06:54
junnuvimaybe that should be added to hadk manual.. :)06:59
kimmoliif it helps?06:59
kimmolias hybris-hal build is 5 mins, i usually always make clean06:59
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junnuviyes it's pretty fast07:05
junnuvibut still complaining about configs which I already added :(07:06
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mal-junnuvi: you should see somewhere in the output the defconfig it's using07:07
junnuviVARIANT_DEFCONFIG= SELINUX_DEFCONFIG= cyanogenmod_grouper_defconfig07:09
junnuviand that's what I have been edited07:09
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kimmolijunnuvi: make a typo there and see does it complain? stupid way to check does files get included..08:09
junnuvigood idea :)08:13
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junnuvikimmoli: strange, if I change for example CONFIG_AUDIT it starts to complain about that. But configs which I added does not make any difference08:48
kimmoliis your configs really correct? does they match with source? do they have dependencies?08:50
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junnuviyes i think so :)08:55
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junnuviif I remeber correctly this happened earlier with cm-10.1 as well. But as those are just warnings i didn't care08:56
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junnuvibut this time i lke to get rid of those to make sure it will not be reason for boot loop08:57
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NeKitare the patterns for building Sailfish emulator image published anywhere?10:42
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entilyay, I can has osos and sfos12:43
NeKitwhat do you mean under osos?12:44
entilI mean I installed osos and then sfos on the fp212:45
mal-NeKit: fairphone open source os, i.e. android without googlea apps and services12:46
entilnow the phone's like pure-driven snow12:46
entilmal-: nice you got rid of the empty qml slide there :)12:46
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entilbundling in msldb and poormaps (or is poormaps there, didn't have time to check yet) would be absolutely priceless12:47
entilbut my emplyer has something planned to start in 13 minutes, so on to the next one - and thanks for the image, mal-! - ->12:47
mal-entil: mlsdb will probably come with the next release after this one12:47
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NeKitwhat is the state of Qt 5.6 so far?14:05
piggzNeKit: i built base14:12
nh1402_workNeKit: not sure how that translates to being incorporated into Sailfish though.14:13
nh1402_workspeaking of QT did you see this they're changing the license from 5.7 onwards, no more LGPL 2.1 license.14:14
NeKithope this won't make Sailfish OS stuck on 5.614:17
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sledgesPSA: new HADK yo!
sledgesmainly bugfixes15:35
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sledgesand the bits in 8.2 about what's not allowed in an image15:36
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sheepdogany nice music player for sailfish?15:40
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:40
sledgessheepdog: quasarmx15:40
sheepdogable to play flac?15:40
UmeaboyHi sledges!15:41
UmeaboyI've come as far as to using mic to make the zip file, but it can't find the ks file in tmp even thou I saw it previously.15:42
UmeaboyDoes it get deleted when I run again?15:42
sledgessheepdog: yes15:43
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sledgesUmeaboy: possibly15:43
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UmeaboyOK, but I was told to run it once again after making changes.15:44
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sheepdogany app can play fm radio? sledges15:44
sledgesmal-: piggz: tbr: new hadk pdf includes 8.2 of what must not be in the image, thanks for pointing that out in the past15:44
UmeaboyOr is that instruction in the hadk also outdated?15:45
sledgessheepdog: you need hardware for that, if you hw supports, install piratefm15:45
piggzsledges: np15:45
tbrsledges: thanks! :)15:45
piggzsledges: you about tomorrow?15:45
sledgespiggz: nope15:45
sledgestoo many travels;)15:45
sledgesi wish though, next time defo15:45
sledgesyou'll be fine on your ownz :D15:45
piggzyes it is, but i'll still be there!15:46
sheepdogoh thanks15:46
* Umeaboy starts to cry because sledges said that.15:46
sheepdogany others app for music player? sledges15:46
Umeaboysheepdog: Try VLC. :)15:46
sheepdogvlc for sailfish?15:46
sledgessheepdog: loads on jolla store, never tried any of those, not even quasarmx, but quasarmx has been the best since meego times so :P15:47
sledgeseveryone keeps on mentioning it15:47
sheepdogsorry i m using redmi 1s, sledges15:47
sledgessheepdog: then you need to see what's in openrepos15:47
Umeaboysheepdog: VLC can be installed on multiple archs.15:47
sledgesthrough warehouse15:47
UmeaboyYou don't need Google Play to install it.15:47
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sledgespiggz: have a porters pint for me willya;)15:48
sledgestoo late x)15:48
UmeaboyYou can always install the F-droid store app and install VLC thru that.15:48
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sledgesUmeaboy: everytime you go back to run, you need to go through all other steps until mic15:49
sledges(which is mainly .ks)15:49
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Umeaboysledges: OK.15:50
* sledges sleighs out15:50
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wickwiresledges: new HADK...! I was just finishing compiling my personal notes between HADK, piratepad faq and mal- support15:57
wickwirenext, I will finally go to the libhibris table and add my port15:58
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wickwireafter that, record some nice videos running the port as it currently stands15:58
wickwireand finally, publish links, notes, acknowledgements and whatever else I'm missing to the blog15:59
wickwiremal-: for the remaining issues with my port, I've decided to focus on the camera first16:00
wickwirethe back camera, snapping a photo - which freezes the jolla camera app16:01
*** krnlyng|mobile <krnlyng|mobile!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:01
wickwireand so far I've managed to figure out that whatever is happening, crashes the minimediaservice16:01
wickwirebut I'll get back to that once I finish all this first16:02
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mal-sledges: you forgot to fix chapter 9.2.3, the second part of that16:11
sledgesmal-: styling? oh well:) i wish i missed to fix some logic errors, so more people come here to ask :DD16:13
UmeaboyAre we getting a new HADK soon? :)16:13
sledgeswickwire: piratepad faq will be embraced by hadk (as it did in the past), but i need to refresh my brain on that as time will show16:14
mal-sledges: it's not very clear that those are two commands because they are on the same line16:14
sledgesmal-: perfect then! so it stays :D16:14
mal-sledges: ?16:14
wickwiresledges: I figured as much, and my notes are of course very stuck to what was written when I started, still I think I'll publish the device specific notes for now16:16
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wickwireand then correct as your work also upgrades, sounds good?16:16
mal-wickwire: oh, minimediaservice crashes, that's bad16:16
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mal-wickwire: maybe some mismatch between android base and hybris repos?16:17
wickwiremal-: yeah it crashes and burns, but works fine if it's the front camera16:18
UmeaboyCan someone please accept my PR in the mer-hybris github repo?16:18
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mal-wickwire: try running minimediaservice manually with strace or gdb and see if it tells anything16:18
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UmeaboyAnd I'm still waiting for the other two PR's to get accepted as well.16:19
wickwirefrom logcat, the only noticeable difference at least to me was after "I/QCameraHWI( 3605): takePicture: X"16:19
wickwireon the back camera, the processing goes along to encode the photo data16:19
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~Thunderbi@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:19
wickwireand then just before the crash, I have isYuv TRUE16:19
wickwirein the encodeData16:20
wickwireas opposed to the front camera16:20
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wickwiremal- will do that then - let me just finish writing up stuff for the mer wiki table16:21
mal-wickwire: sure16:22
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mal-Umeaboy: those branches used here don't all exist
mal-Umeaboy: at least those from oleid16:24
mal-Umeaboy: afaik android_hardware_qcom_display-caf only needs fixing in cm1116:25
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mal-Umeaboy: make sure everything exists and is needed before making such changes16:28
wickwireAlecsandru already added an entry to the table!16:29
wickwirehmmmmm got most of it right,16:30
wickwireI'll just check the kernel version16:30
wickwire... and adaptations table entry isn't following the template:device styling16:30
wickwirebut other than that, great! :)16:31
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mal-wickwire: have you done much testing with bluetooth? any logs for that?16:32
Umeaboymal-: OK.16:32
wickwiremal-: I haven't no, so I think we still have to look into that16:33
wickwireor ask him if he did any testing16:33
wickwiremy last build has logcat enabled by default, so maybe he's using it16:34
mal-wickwire: at least your repos don't have the usual bluetooth systemd service16:35
wickwirewell that would make it harder then ^^;16:35
wickwireI was considering flashing cm-12.1 again on the phone and then collect all logcat data from using calls, cameras, etc16:36
wickwireand get back to sailfish and compare16:36
mal-wickwire: on most qcom devices this works and
wickwirehoping that would help perhaps16:36
UmeaboyWhen are we going to add connman to the Mer SDK?16:36
mal-+ the usual symlink for that service
UmeaboyI mean......what's used instead?16:37
UmeaboyThe common repo IS added so that's not the issue.16:37
wickwiremal-: ok I'll give it a go on my next build, also try it out on cm-12.1 and make sure it works there as well16:37
wickwirethe same for hotspot16:37
wickwireif something doesn't work on cm, no point trying to get it to work on sfos, correct'16:38
wickwirejust confirming if the reasoning is correct16:38
mal-depends on how it's broken in cm16:39
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:49
sledgesmal-: 19:13 < sledges> mal-: styling? oh well:) i wish i missed to fix some logic errors, so more people come here to ask :DD16:50
sledgesuntil next hadk ;)16:50
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sledgesbtw, it would be awesome if you could help me to tell which parts in piratepad are polished enough (and still relevant in next updates) to bring them over to hadk16:51
mal-sure, I'll take a look, at least FM support could have a section but maybe not very urgent yet16:52
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:55
mal-sledges: things to add, info about symlinks for gps (probably no anywhere yet), droidmedia/gst-droid (needs cleanup), bluetooth info, also audioflingerglue might be useful16:56
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mal-sledges: also the udev rules for /dev/block/ as that can break everything16:57
sledgesyep, the glue bit might bring the next release quicke:)16:57
sledgestrue, maybe we should make them default (and make nexus5 do its own)16:57
sheepdoghow to install jolla media player in sailfish os?16:58
sledgessheepdog: pkcon install jolla-mediaplayer16:58
sledges(devel-su -p beforehand)16:58
mal-sledges: make what default? the udev rules? those won't cause any harm, we could have several at once16:59
sheepdogcould not find any available16:59
sledgessheepdog: pkcon refresh16:59
sledgesmal-: i'm talking about fixing droid-hal-device instead of per-device17:00
sledgesbecause only minority breaks17:00
sledgeswith fixed rules17:00
mal-sledges: yes, I meant we could add many by default and not break anything, a little ugly but would work17:00
sledgesmal-: hammerhead would still work? hm17:01
mal-sure, just one rule for that and then other rules for others, all at the same time17:01
mal-nothing prevents that17:01
sledgeswhat differentiates them?17:02
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)17:02
* sledges sozs gtg17:02
mal-well quite many newer devices need a different script, I can check if it could be fixed in a way that works for all17:02
*** saidinesh5 <saidinesh5!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:03
sheepdogthanks for help, the next problem is keyboard dictionary, sledges17:06
sheepdogand media player unable to play mp3 file, sledges17:07
*** sheepdog <sheepdog!~chatzilla@> has quit IRC (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92 [Firefox 47.0/20160604131506])17:09
*** sheepdog <sheepdog!~chatzilla@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:09
sheepdogthanks for help, sledges17:10
*** sheepdog <sheepdog!~chatzilla@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)17:13
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*** maikoool_away is now known as maikoool17:34
Umeaboymal-: Is it possible to use the packages that I built for scorpion in future builds so we won't have to rebuild them so many times?17:36
UmeaboyThat would make it easier to complete the HADK as well.17:36
UmeaboyThe standard working packages you build with build_packages.sh17:37
mal-you should always rebuild the packages if you rebuild the android side i.e. hybris-hal, otherwise you can rebuild individual packages17:37
Umeaboymal-: I ended up with this now:
UmeaboyAnd I didn't change anything from the last time.17:40
UmeaboyI guess the KS line should be KS="/tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-$DEVICE-@ARCH@.ks"17:41
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kimmoli$ANDROID_ROOT/tmp/.. ?17:49
mal-Umeaboy: are you sure that multiline command on line 4 is correctly done17:50
mal-Umeaboy: why not try to make that command into a single line like this17:51
UmeaboyNot entirely sure.17:51
mal-Umeaboy: sed -e "s|^$HA_REPO.*$|$HA_REPO --baseurl=file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE|" $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/droid-configs/installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/$KS > tmp/$KS17:51
UmeaboyOK. I'll try.17:52
*** sivir_ is now known as sesevi17:52
mal-Umeaboy: most likely you are missing that > from near the end17:52
UmeaboyDo I have to run once agin or just continue from there?17:52
mal-you can continue17:52
*** piggz_ <piggz_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)17:53
UmeaboySo......Running sed -e \"s|^$HA_REPO.*$|$HA_REPO --baseurl=file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE|" \17:54
Umeaboy$ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/droid-configs/installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/$KS \ > tmp/$KS now then.17:54
mal-Umeaboy: why do you add those \s there17:55
*** spider-mario <spider-mario!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:55
mal-Umeaboy: just copy-paste the command I wrote17:55
*** vakkov <vakkov!~vakkov@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:57
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Umeaboymal-: That worked, but now I ran into this:
*** piggz_ <piggz_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:07
mal-you local-repo has some problem18:08
UmeaboyHow do I fix that?18:09
mal-Umeaboy: you seem to have run the latter part of chapter 8.3 even when it says that only run that if you know what you are doing18:10
UmeaboyWell, the device isn't officially supported so I thought I should run it.18:11
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!~Mister_Ma@2a01:11af:4b8:7900:1d0f:df5d:21fb:a1de> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:11
mal-Umeaboy: so you didn't read the warning box18:11 deleting thoose lines from my HAD18:13
UmeaboyK then.18:13
Umeaboy8.4.1 is also needed to run?18:14
UmeaboyOr do I skip that?18:14
mal-that should be done if you have rerun build_packages.sh18:15
*** piggz <piggz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:15
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:16
mal-Umeaboy: I really don't see why you want to spend so much to making that because after a device reaches certain point most of the things are usually done on OBS and you only need to run small part of it18:18
*** maikoool is now known as maikoool_away18:19
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UmeaboyI'll adapt to the current HADK when that is updated as well.18:19
UmeaboySo................Starting over now then .:)18:26
UmeaboyBye for now.18:26
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)18:26
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Nokius_HELwave from HEL19:56
* Nokius_HEL o/19:56
Nokius_HELI coulf try to fix the cm build19:56
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AlanEHello porters, are there any instructions on how to build sailfishos for fairphone2. I want to use the available USB port to connect an ethernet adapter.20:33
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wickwireAlanE: have you checked at ?21:38
*** tux|dude <tux|dude!~tuxdude14@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:38
wickwireAlanE: and for building sailfishos, check the hadk - hardware adaptation development kit21:39
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AlanEI've read through  On page11, In the .hadk.env what should I set VENDOR and DEVICE to?22:26
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wickwireAlanE: perhaps mal-, vakkov or phdeswer can help - they're the ones listed as the active porters for Fairphone 222:42
wickwireguys, I updated the adaptations/libhybris phone table, for I9505 (last entry) - using the device template approach22:43
wickwirebut before going at it I noticed that the tablet table is off22:44
wickwirespecifically the Nexus 722:44
wickwirehmmm between May 31st and June 2nd - Umeaboy22:47
wickwireI'll try to fix it22:47
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:57
Umeaboymal-: I did what you told me to to. To leave out the code snippet from under the box and as I ran the last line I ended up with this error:
UmeaboyWhat to do next?22:58
wickwireUmeaboy: the tablet table in mer wiki got misaligned since your update June 2nd22:59
UmeaboyI wanted to ad a column for LTE as well.23:00
wickwireI noticed you had some additions to distinguish between LTE and 3G, as opposed as just GSM...?23:00
*** lbt_ <lbt_!~david@Maemo/community/contributor/lbt> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)23:00
UmeaboyI would be easier to know if you should bother to build a zip file for that particular device if it supports LTE or not.23:01
wickwireok, I'm not sure exactly which way would be best to add fields to the table,23:01
wickwirebecause on top of things, the ideal way to add rows to it23:01
wickwireis to create device templates separately23:01
wickwirebut I'd say that by going with device templates,23:02
UmeaboyOr even make a seperate table for LTE devices.23:02
wickwirethen perhaps the templates would also have to have optional fields for that23:02
wickwireand let the wiki manage the information23:02
wickwirebut perhaps it would be best to check with the wiki maintainer here23:02
wickwiremeanwhile, perhaps revert the changes on the wiki to keep the table formatted, but plan the next steps to include your additional info?23:03
*** spider-mario <spider-mario!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:05
UmeaboyHow can we solve my latest error now?23:07
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)23:14
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AlanERE: porting sailfishos to fp2 : can anyone share a local_manifest/fp2.xml that is known to work? TIA23:31
*** olafh__ <olafh__!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)23:35
UmeaboyAlanE: Don't think there is one atm.23:53
UmeaboyDo you know some of its specs? Like cpu and what kernel it uses?23:54

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