Monday, 2016-07-04

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* TheRealJohnGalt was using YOG4PAO237 for hammerhead since it was the closest snapshot to mer-hybris tagging, but the stable/cm-12.1-YOG4P cm tag isn't entirely compatible...04:18
TheRealJohnGaltisn't entirely compatible with YOG4PAO237*04:22
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neochapaywho can help me? test_gles2 work fine but test_hwcomposer segfail06:15
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ghosalmartinI have led turning on, on the nexus 5x :P if that isn't progress I don't know what is :P06:52
kimmoliled is good06:52
ghosalmartini have no control over it though, it just turns on :P06:53
kimmoliin boot?06:53
ghosalmartinthere is no post boot atm because nothing can start, because libhybris breaks :P06:54
kimmolithen host usb dmesg should show stuff06:54
ghosalmartinkimmoli: oh it does, just a mess right now06:54
ghosalmartinfirst priority is getting hybris to work06:54
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ghosalmartinNeKit: can't seem to just get ubuntus libhybris and make it work, I think their deployment architecture is a bit too different06:57
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neochapaymorning, who can help me? test_gles2 work fine but test_hwcomposer segfail07:06
ghosalmartinneochapay: in the porters faq theres some debugging stuff07:07
ghosalmartinits in the topic above07:07
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mal-TheRealJohnGalt: maybe you need to add another hybris branch for hammerheas since it doesn't have the cm-12.1-YOG7D based cm available07:10
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TheRealJohnGaltmal-: There are no incompatibilities with hybris AFAICT. The issues were other android services when I replaced some files for sfdroid.07:14
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mal-TheRealJohnGalt: ok, is the sensor issue still present in cm12.1 based build?07:15
TheRealJohnGaltfixed when the base cm zip matched07:15
TheRealJohnGaltmal-: oh, sensor issue was still present when I rebased.07:16
TheRealJohnGaltI just have a zip I flash afterward that replaces those blobs.07:16
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mal-TheRealJohnGalt: you are using some custom hybris base? or YOG7D and YOG4PA are close enough?07:17
TheRealJohnGaltI've been using the YOG7D hybris base without issues. I mentioned the tagging because I ran into symbol mismatches when I dropped in some libs from a stable/cm-12.1-YOG4P build into the YOG4PAO237 snapshot.07:19
ghosalmartinif a .am file declares something like if WANTS_EXPERIMENTAL07:20
ghosalmartinis that a env variable? or a flag i have to set somewhere?07:21
ghosalmartinah its in configure.ac07:23
Stskeepsany of you built full AOSP recently?07:30
Stskeepsw/o google services07:31
* Nokius_ :( someone called me but it's out the history 07:32
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ghosalmartinStskeeps: NougaT?07:32
nh1402_workghosalmartin: the sources for that aren't out yet, as far as I know07:32
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: but but but i thought android was open source :P07:33
* Nokius ah found it07:33
Stskeepsghosalmartin: nah; just idly wondering if standard AOSP has a startup wizard07:33
ghosalmartinStskeeps: I swear it did07:34
ghosalmartinfor language nad wifi07:34
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ghosalmartinthink ive killed my 5x :P or its just in a very deep sleep07:35
nh1402_workghosalmartin: maybe it got fed up booting to Android07:36
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: Frankenstein isnt making it through07:37
ghosalmartinmaybe it doesnt like the 32bit sfos ontop of 64bit android :P07:37
ghosalmartinit had 90% battery as well07:37
nh1402_workghosalmartin: did you get that booting?, what are you trying this time?07:39
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: using ubuntu libhybris, it starts systemd and everything else, but I forgot to turn on the marshmellow linker07:39
nh1402_workghosalmartin: you'll probably need that, although I don't know what it does07:41
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ghosalmartinnh1402_work: i do need it, but i think its using some gcc 4.8 stuff bleurghh07:42
ghosalmartinah it boots07:42
ghosalmartinits very odd that the hardware just sometimes won't turn on, used ot happen with nexus 5 as well, and the n90007:42
ghosalmartinits why I miss battery pulls07:42
ghosalmartindamn at this point we might actually need gcc 4.8 :(07:44
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nh1402_workghosalmartin: I thought that we had that, I remember the quicksilver browser needed that, and it started working on Sailfish 207:51
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ghosalmartinnh1402_work: the mer sdk only has 4.608:05
ghosalmartinI think charging is work :D08:08
ghosalmartinis there any reason we don't use gcc 4.8 in the mer sdk?08:16
mal-probably nobody has wanted to update it08:19
ghosalmartinmal: well heres to a risky upgrade :P08:20
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ghosalmartinc++11 has become annoying recently08:21
nh1402_workghosalmartin: what about c++14?08:25
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: never used it, its just on sfos since it uses gcc 4.8, quite a few things become na issue08:26
ghosalmartinlike the cpp slack lib for example08:26
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ghosalmartinwhen building middleware, is that being built by the scratchbox instancE?08:32
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ghosalmartinhow can I update the cross compiler inside the scratchbox targe09:38
rinigusofftopic: maybe its of interest to porters - I have released my port of collectd together with GUI for Sailfish (openrepos). collectd is a system stats collection daemon, developed for linux. the port is probably not bug-free and there are some important stats missing, but I just wanted to let you know about this project, so you would keep an eye on future releases.09:41
kimmolilink ?09:45
Nokiuskimmoli: openrepos :P09:45
kimmoliäh, on mobile...09:45
Nokiuskimmoli: yes collectd plus frontend for the mobile09:46
rinigus / gui at
ghosalmartinahhh the chat logs solve yet another issue09:49
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ghosalmartinFatal: Rule file interface version check failed: got 105sb2, expected 105sb2: Error: startup of sb2d failed.10:00
ghosalmartinthat makes no sense at all :P10:00
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ghosalmartinStskeeps: i got a bit too brave and updated the Mer SDK to match devel, but now the above is happening, I editted the sdk-install and sdk-build to update the version number, but no luck10:07
adeen-s!seen gigitux10:07
merbotadeen-s: gigitux was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 7 weeks, 5 days, 17 hours, 16 minutes, and 39 seconds ago: <gigitux> sledges: now i'm using a full working cm 13 and in /firmware/image is ugual at my last pastebin10:07
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ghosalmartinah it wanted 105 not 105sb210:22
ghosalmartinand were finally building10:33
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ghosalmartingrammar is hard work :P10:44
Stskeepsghosalmartin: if you want gcc4.8 for arm just install cross-armv7hl-gcc and -bintuils10:45
ghosalmartinStskeeps: i ended up doing that, hopefully with now a fresh sdk and that install, libhybris will just run, and ill get a magical ui on the 5x, although thats crashing anyway due to 32/64bitness10:46
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ghosalmartinhmmm if i enter the sdk, then go and delete the actual sdk folder. it shouldnt remove any files from the host should it?11:16
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Stskeepsit might11:18
Stskeepsyou need to unmount it and do it from outside11:18
ghosalmartinStskeeps:...i think it has since now libacl is supposedly missing11:19
ghosalmartinwoops :P11:19
Stskeepsthere's a warning for a reason11:19
ghosalmartinwell thats me learning my lesson11:19
ghosalmartinthe libraries still exist, and ldconfig still picks up the library, but somethings not quite there11:20
ghosalmartinand now root owns my home dir :P11:21
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ghosalmartinwell a new user was required11:45
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nh1402_workghosalmartin: edging ever closer to tranquillity then?14:56
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: nah i wrecked my fileysstem :P14:57
ghosalmartini have to reinstall it, then resync tree, i was so close :(15:00
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Keij0ls: cannot access /etc/acdbdata: Too many levels of symbolic links Anyone had this error? Trying to do echoing fix15:03
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kimmolitry ls -la15:08
kimmolii bet your link is to itself15:09
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Keij0I did ln -s /system/acdbdata /etc/acdbdata and this broke it >~>15:10
kimmoliprefer linking file by file for "clarity"15:11
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* kimmoli *prefers15:11
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kimmolibut the error msg you got, comes typically from a loop15:13
mal-Keij0: is that really what you did, shouldn't it be ln -s /system/etc/acdbdata /etc/acdbdata15:16
Keij0shit, wrong path, yes, i did what you wrote15:16
Keij0Maybe I should copy this15:16
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mal-Keij0: try with ls -la to see that the target is correct, and even use cd to change to that folder so you see the link works15:17
Keij0-bash: cd: /etc/acdbdata: Too many levels of symbolic links No luck there15:19
Keij0ls -la returned this: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 Jul  4 11:37 /etc/acdbdata -> acdbdata/15:19
Keij0Is this linking to itself or what15:20
Keij0Relinked this, now it works15:22
kimmolithat links to itself15:23
Keij0deleted it with rm -rvf and relinked, now it works. Need someone to call me to check if echo is still here. Wait, gonna check it15:24
mal-Keij0: did you symlink the other files we told you about?15:25
Keij0symlinked mixer_paths.xml15:25
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Keij0I don't have mixer_paths_auxpcm.xml in /system/etc15:26
mal-Keij0: did you have audio_platform_info.xml or media_profiles.xml ?15:27
Keij0Wait, need to check15:27
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Keij0shall I link it as well?15:28
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mal-I would suggest that, at least we have symlinked that on fp2 and onyx15:29
Keij0Okay, doing it. Need to check if mixer_paths is well linked15:29
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Keij0Need to go now, will be back later15:29
mal-let us know if that worked15:30
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Mister_Magisteron jolla sometime i have "low space" message but i have mote than 5GB free space. What is happening there?15:50
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kimmoli3 letters. btrfs15:57
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Keij0My links magically got crapped out earlier. After deleting them and linking back again, it worked.16:50
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Nokiusvgrade sledges is wlan working on the oneplus?19:11
Nokiussome likes to test SFOS on his o+19:11
*** mkosola <mkosola!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:15
Keij0Which OnePlus? There are some of them, wiki says it all
Keij0Nokius: Did you get tmpfs to mount properly without dirty hacks?19:16
nh1402Keij0: using cm12.1 base for the z2?19:18
Keij0Of course19:18
Keij011's kernel somentimes has bugs with FOTAKernel recovery, so I didn't want to get stuck with no flashing possibility19:19
mal-Keij0: about the dmesg you sent, please disable the newly added bluetooth service and get a new log preferably right after reboot19:19
nh1402Keij0: any plans for sfdroid porting19:19
nh1402the Z2 was the last flagship from Sony with 2GB RAM iirc, the Z3 onwards has been 3, right?19:20
Keij0mal-: Okay, you can bookmark that folder link I sent you, because I will probably be putting all the stuff here as I don't have premium pastebin and these logs are somentimes too long for the normal one.19:20
nh1402it seems I was wrong again, it does come with 319:20
mal-Keij0: ok19:20
Keij0nh1402: after I get port working reliably, I will probably be using this as my daily driver, so I'm kinda planning on porting sfdroid19:21
Keij03GB of RAM is more than enough for Sailfish19:21
Keij0And Android could even freeze on this beast >~>19:21
nh1402and is plenty for Sailfish + sfdroid19:22
Keij0How's porting hybris to aarch64 going, by the way?19:22
nh1402as of very recently not nearly as bad as it was 2 weeks ago, if I'm right, ghosalmartin?19:24
ghosalmartinnh1402: ive no idea of exact status of aarch64 port, i want to say its fine, commits look good19:25
ghosalmartinhavent had a chance to build it in aarch6419:25
*** M4rtinK <M4rtinK!> has quit IRC (Quit: Odcházím)19:26
Keij0It would be nice to see some snapdragon810 phones with sailfish19:27
Keij0They would finally be cool >~>19:27
nh1402I've always liked the Z2, it has a proper battery size for the phone, the same size as the Note 3 which is much bigger, a real shame they went downhill from there, the X performance has a tiny battery in comparison.19:27
Keij0And only X Performance is waterproof, that's ridiculous19:28
nh1402water resistant they backpeddled on calling their phones waterproof19:28
ghosalmartini wonder how effective the switching between the two cores on the 810s would be19:30
ghosalmartinis it something that the kernel deals with? or does it need userland owrk19:30
Keij0I think that most of the CPU things are managed by kernel19:32
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Keij0nh1402: I don't think there is such things as waterproof eletronics, some chloride and seals are out19:33
nh1402you were the one who said the phone was waterproof, not me19:34
nh1402Keij0: ^19:35
Keij0Well, sorry19:35
NokiusKeij0: no scorpion has still the issue19:36
Keij0I wonder how hard would porting to Exynos devices be right now, in past Exynoses were a hassle most of the time if I remember well, don't know how it plays out now, because I'm not really interested in Samsung phones right now19:37
NokiusKeij0: the scorpion has still the issue19:37
Keij0Nokius: Oh, that's shinano as well, maybe systemd doesn't like our kernel19:39
Keij0Nokius: You might use this as a temporary workaround, I will probably get into polishing code and getting rid of dirty hax after I carry out an usable build.19:40
mal-Keij0: you had nothing related to /tmp permissions in /init*19:43
Keij0But tmp.mount is supposed to create path with mode=177719:44
Keij0Don't know why it doesn't19:44
mal-yes but something could change it19:45
Keij0Something would have to interrupt during mounting19:46
mal-you should be able to change it after also19:47
*** Thaodan_ <Thaodan_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:48
mal-Keij0: run grep tmp /init* on your device19:49
Keij0That's why I did that hack called tmpw.service. After bootup I can change perms, but UI behaves like nothing happened19:49
mal-yes, but we are now trying to find the reason why permissions are wrong in the first place19:50
Keij0Seems I should completely remove some lines from init.rc and init.qcom.rc19:51
mal-Keij0: those are already commented out19:53
mal-Keij0: no problem there19:53
Keij0So there is a problem with kernel, probably19:53
Keij0Can I grep recusively?19:55
kimmoliwhat permissions /tmp should have? drwxrwxrwt   8 root   root       420 Jul  4 13:00 tmp19:55
kimmoligrep -r19:55
Keij0kimmoli: these are correct permissions19:56
mal-Keij0: other place to look /system/etc/init*19:56
mal-Keij0: did you get the dmesg already?19:56
Keij0grep tmp /system/etc/init* returns nothing19:56
Keij0Rebooting phone now, wait a moment19:56
Keij0Well, going to grep tmp in kernel repo, maybe it returns something handy19:57
Keij0Nope, too long19:58
mal-that's not going to work :)20:00
Keij0I thought that's not going to be that simple as well20:00
kimmolionly interesting i have in /etc/mtab is this "tmpfs /tmp tmpfs rw,size=1457136k,nr_inodes=175608 0 0"20:01
kimmoliand no mkdir /tmp in /init*20:01
*** rinigus_ <rinigus_!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)20:02
ghosalmartinahhh finally everythings synced again20:02
ghosalmartintime to attempt another build :D20:02
Keij0mal-: Uploaded20:04
Keij0>Memory policy: ECC disabled20:05
Keij0Are we going to build phones that are working in space or what?20:05
kimmolii would happily have ECC20:06
Keij0Why not, you could use phone everywhere20:08
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mal-Keij0: do you have CONFIG_TMPFS_XATTR=y in your current defconfig?20:23
*** _vesper_ <_vesper_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:23
mal-Keij0: also check the .config in out/20:24
Keij0I don't have it in repo20:24
mal-mer config check strongly suggests that20:26
*** _vesper_ <_vesper_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)20:27
Keij0But in .config it is set20:28
mal-then that is ok20:29
Keij0Hmm, what else could fail20:29
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*** ranter <ranter!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:48
ghosalmartinwhen flashing stuff in recovery, how does the overwriting strategy work? does it just replace?20:49
*** cxl000 <cxl000!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:52
mal-ghosalmartin: if you man flashing sailfish then it just runs rm -Rf and then writes the new stuff20:52
ghosalmartinmal: ah awesome, means I dont have to constantly reflash cm1320:52
ghosalmartinmal: also if i add a new sub package to libhybris ie libhybris-stragglers, and add it to the patterns20:54
ghosalmartinwill i need to do anything else for it to be included20:54
*** dvogel <dvogel!~dorianvog@2a01:e35:1386:6020:c685:8ff:feb1:b1f6> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:55
mal-ghosalmartin: just rebuild the packages20:56
ghosalmartinmal: ah doing that now :)20:57
mal-I still don't quite understand why you need that new package20:58
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ghosalmartinmal: the files need to go somewhere21:09
ghosalmartini guess i can add them to an existing package21:09
ghosalmartinbut for now ive dumped them into one package and later i'll sort them properly21:09
vgradeNokius: wlan is working yes21:11
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ghosalmartinStskeeps: you around?21:28
*** Thaodan_ <Thaodan_!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:31
ghosalmartineither way I think libhybris is now working. i should try it with a working device like nexus 521:33
ghosalmartinmal: is there any easy way I could add an droid-hal-init rather than repacking everything?21:35
*** eyome <eyome!> has quit IRC (Quit: eyome)21:45
Nokiusvgrade: \o great hope the guy will give SFOS a try on the o+21:47
Nokiustold him how may to fix the cam21:47
NokiusKeij0: which device are working on?21:47
NokiusKeij0: ah the older bro of Z3ct21:49
Keij0They have unified kernel anyway, so >~>21:49
Nokiuswondering if the z3c had also the issue with /tmp21:50
Nokiuslocusf maikoool_away ^21:50
Keij0Z2/Z3/Z3c/Z2 Tablet/Z3 Tablet Compact have all the same kernel, so it may be a lottery21:54
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NokiusKeij0: looks like22:17
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