Friday, 2016-07-08

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Nokiuswondering if it because of the self added config in the kernel or just me missing a step06:52
Nokiusto get hci0 up06:52
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Nokiusso silent today :o10:41
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mal-Nokius: did you see anything interesting in dmesg when you ran those bluetooth commands10:49
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Nokiusmal-: o/10:52
Nokiusmal-: no just the same as I see as output10:52
Nokius hci_cmd_timer: hci0 command tx timeout10:52
mal-Nokius: just wondering if you could try without that extra flag in defconfig, the one you took from aosp10:54
Nokiusmal-: I was think about last night I should remove it and test but wanted some sleep instead10:56
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* Nokius oh no 11:05
Nokiussometimes I just like to shrink myself11:05
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mal-Nokius: why?11:12
Nokiusmal-: coz I confuse myself and do wrong things plus the issue read [understanding] things wrong11:13
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Nokiusbut in this case I saw a older commit which made me wondering why I overlooked it but at the end it was all fine just me wrong twice11:14
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Nokiusgot new kernel five more hours at work so testing later11:15
Nokiusbut yeah may it's the config rolled it back11:15
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carepackhi nokius: mal: with which java version both of you are working? OpenJDK7 or oracle 1.6?12:04
nh1402_workcarepack: yes12:07
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carepacknh1402_work: yes?12:09
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* marxistvegan waves12:14
marxistveganI am toying with doing a fresh install on nexus 5, followed the maemo thread, but unclear on if I should wait, the battery life has been dismal lately, though i think that is from sailorgram12:16
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Nokiuscarepack: let me check12:28
Nokiusjava version "1.7.0_55"12:29
carepacknokius: open?12:29
NokiusOpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea 2.4.7) (7u55-2.4.7-1ubuntu1)12:29
NokiusOpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.51-b03, mixed mode)12:29
carepacknokius: ok. thx12:30
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Nokiuscarepack: gerne12:31
carepackliegt das problem wohl wo anders ;)12:31
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mal-Nokius: no luck with the new kernel?14:01
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Nokiusmal-: still at work :'(14:02
Nokius2 more hours14:02
Nokiustill I can go14:02
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vijaican sailfish be ported to 64bit device?14:07
vijaiI'm trying to port to nexus 6P angler14:07
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Nokiusvijai: atm as fare as I know not :'(14:14
vijaiNokius: Yes. I just found out sailfish is only 32bit as of now14:22
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Nokiusghosalmartin ^14:30
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ghosalmartinvijai: bleurgh14:38
ghosalmartinvijai: 64bit is currently bad for your health14:39
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kimmolighosalmartin: have a break, have a kitk.. ee nougat14:44
ghosalmartinkimmoli: red bulls :D14:45
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Mister_Magistermal-: you are doing a lot of work there, alone17:00
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Emperor2k3hi there, are there any plans for porting sailfish to oneplus2?17:12
Emperor2k3i would like to help, but i read somewhere that libhybris is kind of a problem on armv817:13
Emperor2k3is this information correct?17:13
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mal-Emperor2k3: 64-bit android is a problem17:18
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Emperor2k3due to ABI mismatch between the 64bit drivers of android to the hybris "hack"?17:21
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Emperor2k3can i read up the information about this issue somewhere or can anybody explain it to me? (i am also c/c++ developer. so no need of oversimplified explanation style)17:23
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mal-Emperor2k3: I think to use the 64-bit android driver you would need to have a 64-bit sailfish17:25
Emperor2k3and this is not possible? usually portable software just needed to be recompiled as 64bit build17:26
Emperor2k3in simplified form just: gcc -m64  ;)17:27
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mal-Emperor2k3: some of middleware might not be completely 64-bit compatible, there has been some work done in those parts17:32
kimmoliafaik it's not that simple, or ask ghosalmartin.. his last comment here "64bit is currently bad for your health"17:32
saidinesh5mal-: btw. what to do about the ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator getting stuck during the build?17:33
Mister_Magisterstop and try again17:33 like to freeze17:33
saidinesh5Ah.. hmm.. it usually seems to be taking a lot of tries to get right17:33
kimmolicouldn't that be put in common or something?17:34
Mister_Magistersometimes i had to run build_pachages more than 10 times17:34
saidinesh5yup. 10 was the number for me too last time17:34
kimmolior make memless driver, so you don't need that17:34
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: make your own driver :D17:35
kimmolii did17:35
kimmolihadk has good instructions17:35
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kimmoliHADK the PDF17:36
mal-kimmoli: nope, it depends on droid-hal17:36
kimmolimal-: for the common, ok17:37
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Nokiusmal-: home let see17:39
mal-why do I always forget some change, this time one log flooding service is still active17:40
saidinesh5so is it important that i build the ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator? what happens without it?17:48
mal-that package is needed by default if you have set have_vibrator in .spec, I think that is the default17:50
* saidinesh5 is compiling the image once more 17:55
Nokiusmal-: hmmm still timeing out17:57
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mal-Nokius: was the firmware path correct for your device?18:00
mal-Nokius: pastebin dmesg18:00
Nokiusmal-: mesg during up is [  +5.009949] hci_cmd_timer: hci0 command tx timeout18:01
Nokiuslet me check few thinks18:01
NokiusI changed
Nokiusto n18:02
Nokiusand enabled
Nokiusas it was under cm18:02
Nokius/system/vendor/firmware has the same files as /vendor/firmware18:04
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dr_gogeta86hi guys18:37
dr_gogeta86cm12.1 up and running18:37
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dr_gogeta86on flo but is a bugfest18:37
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Nokiuskimmoli: 0.o18:49
saidinesh5Oooooooooookay. i am at the select language page but touch doesnt seem to be working...19:05
mal-saidinesh5: edit the input device in /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf19:07
mal-saidinesh5: you have check via telnet which input device is the touchscreen19:08
saidinesh5weird.. telnet seems frozen19:08
saidinesh5okay no usbnet now..19:09
saidinesh5or wait nevermind19:09
* saidinesh5 facepalms19:09
saidinesh5the cable was loose19:09
saidinesh5# ls /dev/input/19:10
saidinesh5by-path/ event0   event1   event2   event3   event4   mice19:10
saidinesh5so event0 ?19:10
saidinesh5LIPSTICK_OPTIONS=-plugin evdevtouch:/dev/input/event0 -plugin evdevkeyboard:keymap=/usr/share/qt5/keymaps/droid.qmap19:10
saidinesh5it already says event0 right?19:10
mal-it might be something else19:11
mal-use cat /dev/input/event0 to see if you see the events when you touch the screen, remember to turn on display first19:11
saidinesh5Ah checking19:11
mal-go through all devices until you see input19:11
mal-ok, edit the file and reboot, also remember to add that to your droid-configs sparse19:12
saidinesh5it works! so far........19:15
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saidinesh5wlan is disabled19:16
Nokiuswonders how it works for the hammerhead19:16
NokiusI had to enable  CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP19:17
mal-saidinesh5: did you build wlan as module? usually it needs to be done that way and then adding a systemd service to modprobe it19:17
saidinesh5Ah i havent built anything special for wlan so far19:17
mal-saidinesh5: how did you fix the reboot issue?19:17
saidinesh5i added the symlink to the image and flashed it again19:18
saidinesh5Also i had to do an fsck on my system.img19:18
saidinesh5it wasnt mounting the /system from that for some weird reason until i did fsck19:19
mal-anyway that is a temporary way, normally the correct android base should be used19:21
saidinesh5once i get multirom working i prolly dont have to worry about that19:22
saidinesh5or sfdroid.........19:22
mal-multirom helps a lot19:23
mal-although I haven't used it yet19:23
saidinesh5vibration is working19:23
mal-saidinesh5: run test_sensors in telnet19:23
saidinesh5yup doing19:23
mal-hmm, that's bad19:24
mal-saidinesh5: could you share output of dmesg, journalctl and /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat19:25
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saidinesh5the graphics are smooth so far btw. so im guessing opengl works...19:26
mal-saidinesh5: preferably quite soon after reboot so repeated message don't flood the logs19:26
mal-saidinesh5: if UI work using hwcomposer then all is working that19:27
saidinesh5I see19:27
saidinesh5im surprised there isnt a nc in my path19:27
saidinesh5i thought busybox provides that ...19:27
Nokiusah found the patch but not looking better :(19:30
saidinesh5mal there is no logcat for me...19:31
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saidinesh5 journalctl.log19:36
mal-saidinesh5: do you have your repos in github?19:43
saidinesh5will commit the latest changes to it19:43
* saidinesh5 patiently waits as repo status is calculating its' changes19:45
mal-saidinesh5: btw, you should update the droid-configs-device submodule in droid-configs repo19:48
mal-go to that folder and run git pull, it should update it19:49
mal-saidinesh5: same for dhd submodule droid-hal repo19:49
mal-there are some useful fixes in those19:50
saidinesh5rpm/dhd is already up to date19:54
saidinesh5droid-configs-device got some change wrt adbd19:55
saidinesh5wow .. double tap to wake works .. i didnt do anything for it...19:56
mal-wow, so your kernel has it ready, usually devices don't have it19:57
Nokiussaidinesh5: \o/19:58
saidinesh5i think i was using some kernel with kexec support.. they prolly baked it in19:58
Nokiusmal-: use option -f and point to the /system/etc/firware which has  BCM43xx.hcd20:00
Nokiusodd when loading it failes20:00
saidinesh5pushing other changes20:00
saidinesh5btw do i send a pull request for fixup-mountpoints ? or do i just submit the patch here?20:01
mal-pull request is preferred, please check the usual commit message format from previous commits and use that20:01
saidinesh5Ah okay20:02
NokiusPatch not found, continue anyway20:02
dr_gogeta86Nokius, how did you set resolution on your experia tab20:02
Nokiusbut shows Local name is 'BCM4350C0'20:02
Nokiusdr_gogeta86: the value?20:03
Nokiusor how ?20:03
NokiusI followed the faq20:03
dr_gogeta86nexus 7 2013 is a bit strange20:03
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mal-saidinesh5: is this updated yet?20:06
BluesLee_hi, anyone familiar with North America smartphone and mobile network within Europe?20:06
Nokiusdr_gogeta86: in which way?20:06
saidinesh5well only 2 ccommits in there so far though. one is the modem patch you suggested and one is the symlink20:06
dr_gogeta86display ... 1200*198020:06
mal-saidinesh5: very odd, looking at your cm device repo you should have straggler_files there20:06
* saidinesh5 checks20:07
mal-saidinesh5: that is the different repo20:07
mal-in $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm20:07
saidinesh5hmm nothing in there...20:07
saidinesh5what does it do?20:08
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mal-saidinesh5: you have for example this which should load a file from root of the device, I think those files are not there20:09
mal-saidinesh5: did you have any errors when running
mal-like unpackaged files or something20:10
saidinesh5i think i added to my local_manifest20:10
saidinesh5to pull in some blobs20:10
mal-sure, that is normal20:11
saidinesh5although on a differnet kernel i had to connect my phone to my pc and had to do an or something for it to pull the files20:11
mal-saidinesh5: the submodules are not updated20:14
saidinesh5Ah 1 sec commiting that20:14
saidinesh5Ahh mal- i forgot to push the $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm20:15
dr_gogeta86Nokius, same resolution lgtm20:15
saidinesh5thats why no straggler files20:15
mal-saidinesh5: ok, that explains it, you are missing droid-hal-cancro-detritus from patterns, add it here
mal-saidinesh5: tat will probably explain some problems you have20:17
Nokiusdr_gogeta86: icons are not correct then :(20:18
dr_gogeta86are big ?20:18
Nokiusneed to small20:18
NokiusI have to much in the line20:18
Nokiusone more then normal :(20:18
saidinesh5Ahh adding it20:18
mal-saidinesh5: it seems quite many people are missing the note in hadk pdf that if straggler_files are added then you also need to add that package20:19
mal-saidinesh5: because that package contains the files listed in straggler_files20:20
saidinesh5i actually added the droid-hal-cancro-detritus but it prolly got wiped away in some repo sync20:20
saidinesh5added it now20:20
mal-you can try to install it manually on the device for testing20:21
saidinesh5rebuilding the image20:21
mal-of course rebuilding the image is also good but usually testing can be done on device first to see what effect it has20:21
saidinesh5where do i find the rpm?20:22
mal-in $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/cancro/20:22
mal-you can copy it to the device over ssh, just set the password of nemo user in telnet first20:23
saidinesh5yep. used wget actually20:24
mal-that works also :)20:25
saidinesh5zypper in <pkgname> ?20:26
saidinesh5hmm it seems stuck20:26
mal-or in this case the whole filename20:26
saidinesh5zypper seems stuck though20:26
mal-did it print anything?20:28
saidinesh5nope .. just stuck20:28
saidinesh5Ah it was trying to update teh repos20:29
saidinesh5btw. Problem: nothing provides /system/bin/sh needed by droid-hal-cancro-detritus-0.0.6-201607081736.armv7hl20:30
saidinesh5 Solution 2: break droid-hal-cancro-detritus-0.0.6-201607081736.armv7hl by ignoring some of its dependencies ?20:30
mal-saidinesh5: go ahead20:30
mal-saidinesh5: the new submodule should remove that problem because it ignores the dependencies for those packages20:31
mal-but it should be ok to install it like that20:31
dr_gogeta861.25 is the more closest20:32
mal-saidinesh5: before you build a new image I have some other fixes for you, but I need the output of ls -l /system/etc/ from your device to create those fixes20:32
saidinesh5yup 1 sec rebooting20:33
mal-some symlinks need to be added to /etc20:33
mal-saidinesh5: after reboot also try again the test_sensors and let me know if anything changed in the output20:34
saidinesh5waiting for the reboot.......20:34
mal-sure, just letting you know what to do after it's done20:35
saidinesh5mhm.. just fingers crossed if anything broke20:35
saidinesh5still booting..........20:36
saidinesh5i keep getting an ip and losing it on my usb net20:37
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saidinesh5hmm......something seems wrong20:39
saidinesh5it says 2G20:41
saidinesh5still 0 sensors though20:43
mal-saidinesh5: so you can see the mobile network status in the top of the screen?20:44
mal-saidinesh5: for next build uncomment these and also the gps (the current one should be - geoclue-provider-hybris)20:45
saidinesh5wow gps works too that means20:47
mal-saidinesh5: try test_gps20:47
saidinesh5test_gps shows some out put20:47
saidinesh5so i change geoclue-provider-hybris-community to geoclue-provider-hybris ?20:48
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mal-saidinesh5: create symlinks for these (ln -s /system/etc/file file) acdbdata, gps.conf, izat.conf, media_codecs.xml, media_codecs_ffmpeg.xml, media_codecs_google_audio.xml, media_codecs_google_telephony.xml, media_codecs_google_video.xml, media_profiles.xml, mixer_paths.xml, sec_config, xtwifi.conf20:49
mal-saidinesh5: so those symlinks go to droid-configs/sparse/etc/20:50
Mister_Magistermal-: wait gps is working so geoclue is fixed?20:51
saidinesh5symlinks for those files to?20:51
saidinesh5Ah nvm20:51
mal-saidinesh5: go to that folder and run the command for example ln -s /system/etc/acdbdata20:51
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saidinesh5in etc/ right?20:51
mal-saidinesh5: and yes adding geoclue-provider-hybris should make gps work20:52
saidinesh5testing it on device first.. the symlinks20:52
mal-saidinesh5: so the symlinks go to here
mal-yep, you can test on device20:52
mal-some of those are for future problems20:53
saidinesh5rebooting the device20:53
Mister_Magistermal-: geoclue is fixed?20:53
mal-saidinesh5: you might also need to symlink listen_platform_info.xml (not sure, it doesn't hurt)20:55
mal-Mister_Magister: was it broken at some point?20:55
saidinesh5still audio seems muted20:55
Mister_Magistermal-: on sirius?20:55
saidinesh5cant seem to turn on wlan on device yet20:56
mal-saidinesh5: did you build the driver as module?20:56
saidinesh5i dont think i did20:56
saidinesh5not sure20:56
saidinesh5what do i check?20:56
mal-saidinesh5: did you rebuild the image yet after updating the submodules? those should fix audio20:57
saidinesh5Ahh i was just checking the symlinks20:57
saidinesh5let me rebuild the image with symlinks20:57
saidinesh5and the submodules20:57
mal-saidinesh5: wait a moment20:57
Mister_Magistermal-: i mean on xperia z2 there were problems20:58
mal-saidinesh5: I'll let you know how to build wlan module20:58
mal-saidinesh5: hmm, looks like it should be a module already, try modprobe wlan on the device20:59
saidinesh5# rfkill list21:00
saidinesh50: phy0: Wireless LAN21:00
saidinesh5        Soft blocked: yes21:00
saidinesh5it works21:00
mal-can you toggle it from UI?21:01
saidinesh5adding the symlinks to my repo21:01
mal-saidinesh5: ok, also add this systemd service just change the pronto_wlan to wlan21:02
mal-saidinesh5: and create a symlink for that to
mal-that should make wlan work at boot21:03
mal-try on device first21:03
saidinesh5yup.. one sec still adding the symlinks21:03
mal-sure, no hurry21:03
Mister_Magistermal-: on xperia z2 geoclue was not working. you said it is only for tests and to do not use that21:07
saidinesh5it works too21:09
mal-Mister_Magister: hmm, not sure why I said that21:09
Mister_Magisterso we can try geoclue on next build ;)21:10
mal-saidinesh5: very good, now it's time to rebuild an image21:11
saidinesh5doing it21:12
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mal-saidinesh5: quite good progress today21:16
saidinesh5yup. after so many days of struggling21:16
saidinesh5mainly because of multirom and me not wanting to downgrade to CM12.1 lol21:17
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saidinesh5so does sfdroid need something special too?21:22
saidinesh5and how is it different from shashlik ?21:22
dr_gogeta86sfdroid leverage the android hal under sailfishos21:23
dr_gogeta86shashlik is more like wine21:23
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saidinesh5hmm build_packages failed once21:50
mal-what error?21:51
saidinesh5No provider of 'pkgconfig(qofonoext)' found. error: Failed build dependencies        pkgconfig(connman-qt5) >= 1.0.68 is needed by geoclue-provider-hybris-0.0.1-1.armv7hl21:52
saidinesh5pkgconfig(qofono-qt5) is needed by geoclue-provider-hybris-0.0.1-1.armv7hl21:52
saidinesh5and pkgconfig(qofonoext) is needed by geoclue-provider-hybris-0.0.1-1.armv7hl21:52
dr_gogeta86 line 44921:52
* saidinesh5 checks21:53
dr_gogeta86ballock, can you help me21:53
dr_gogeta86i saw nexus 7 2013 use same wifi chipset of mako21:53
dr_gogeta86but firmware loader segfaults21:54
mal-saidinesh5: also before running the final mic build do the lines 460-465 of that faq21:55
dr_gogeta86mal-, got bt before wifi :facepalm: to me22:00
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dr_gogeta86but the official way to create camera files ?22:08
mal-dr_gogeta86: usually manually22:11
mal-you can get the resolutions from dump-resolutions in gstreamer1.0-droid-tools package and then grab a sample file from some other device configs22:12
dr_gogeta86wifi is a priority22:14
mal-dr_gogeta86: where is the firmware folder? some devices want a symlink to that in /etc/firmware22:15
dr_gogeta86-rw------- 1 system wifi 30K 2016-07-08 23:51 /data/misc/wifi/WCNSS_qcom_wlan_nv.bin22:16
mal-so probably not then22:17
dr_gogeta86if I strae segfaults22:18
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dr_gogeta86night but we are on track22:42
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