Friday, 2016-07-15

UmeaboyTekk_: Can you test build a new zip and test with that until you get a reply?00:01
Tekk_Perhaps. It's not an immediate concern, though00:02
Tekk_And it turns out the question's moot anyway :)00:02
UmeaboyMost people are asleep here.00:03
Tekk_No, I mean that sfdroid doesn't expose gps. I was seeing if I could get pokemon go running00:04
Tekk_but that's a no-go if it doesn't expose gps00:04
UmeaboyTekk_: I've been starting to develop an automated version of the whole process from the HADK. :)00:04
Tekk_Nice :)00:04
UmeaboyTekk_: IF you feel you have the time and interest and skills for it I'd be happy to see you contribute to the device specific script.00:05
Tekk_Do you think that my touchscreen issue would be a script one?00:06
Tekk_Actually, there may be an issue I've noticed that's in the script. Dunno if it manifests for other phones00:06
Tekk_but android crashes when you move from wifi to 4G00:06
Tekk_Like if your wifi goes to nothing as you're moving away from home00:06
Tekk_and it brings sound down with it00:06
UmeaboyWhat the fudge? I can't login to gitlab.00:09
UmeaboyTekk_: Here's my repo:
UmeaboyI'll add the Nexus 5.00:16
UmeaboyAll PR's are to be made for the Development branch until it builds without any issu.00:17
UmeaboyIs it Google Nexus 5 Google or LG Nexus 5?00:17
UmeaboyI must be getting tired since I wrote Google twice.00:18
Tekk_Umeaboy: yes00:18
UmeaboyAny way...... you get the picture.00:18
Tekk_The Google Nexus 5 was manufactured by LG00:18
UmeaboyAnd that's the one you have?00:18
Tekk_Err, wait00:18
Tekk_Umeaboy: you're seeing a distiction where there isn't one00:19
Tekk_There is no Google Nexus 5 and LG Nexus 500:19
Tekk_there's the Nexus 5, which was co-developed by Google and LG00:19
UmeaboySo, it should have its on folder then.00:19
Tekk_There should just be a single "hammerhead" folder, I imagine00:20
* Tekk_ sees the problem00:20
Tekk_I'd make the folder Google, probably00:20
UmeaboyI like to make it detailed. :)00:20
UmeaboyApparently I've already added that folder.00:22
UmeaboyWhat country is your phone made for?00:22
Tekk_It's an unlocked phone, I'm in the US though00:22
UmeaboyMake any changes needed.00:29
UmeaboyIt's supposed to be universal when you run it.00:29
UmeaboyIt has to work in all Linux distributions and Thaodan has started to make it so.00:30
UmeaboyI know the repos are not correct, you may change those as well.00:31
UmeaboyAnd check the mountpoints and change those as well.00:31
UmeaboyAnyway....... I'm off to bed now. Take care.00:32
UmeaboySorry that I couldn't be more of help.00:32
Tekk_It's totally fine, you sleep well00:37
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sunweavermal-: good morning. I did some reading regarding sensors.06:22
sunweaverthe TYPE_ORIENTATION sensor you mentioned yesterday... What does it actually do? Rotate the screen arrangement when the phone is rotated?06:23
sunweaverThat is working on my FP2 running SFOS
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sledgesdr_gogeta86: buona sera primavera!07:49
sledgessimonvanderveldt: yep, tell me everything about hadk:)07:49
sledges!seen drFaustroll07:50
merbotsledges: drFaustroll was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 day, 23 hours, 38 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <drFaustroll> my opinion07:50
sledgesballock: regarding prima wlan as module vs built-in: android somehow manages to delay wlan init (or mount firmware/persist partition quicker), so it gets the same mac on every boot. in sfos boot timings are different, so if it's not modularised, it will get assigned a random mac on every boot07:53
sledgesdr_gogeta86: ^07:53
mal-sunweaver: in sailfish that is used only for the z-axis (compass direction) reported in for example messwerk app07:56
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lpotterit's actually the azimuth or magnetic north08:09
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wickwirehi guys!09:09
wickwiremy jolla C is on its way apparently :)09:09
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mal-lpotter: anyway it's the value used by all apps using compass, what evee you want to call :)09:20
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Nokiuswondering if I should find the change which was fixing the BCM4350 issue in 4.4 to my older kernel like back porting but 3.4 vs 4.409:36
Nokiuseven I have no idea how to do so :(09:36
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sunweavermal-: quick question before re-flashing the FP2 with Open Fairphone OS...11:05
sunweaveris it possible to to a full system backup of the Sailfish OS flashed to the FP2?11:05
sunweaverThe idea is to pull the current image from the phone, install the Fairphone OS on it and later on recover the backed up SFOS image.11:05
sunweaverIt seems adb can do that for Android devices, but my adb version in Debian jessie fails to see the phone.11:06
taaemJolla C on its way \o/11:06
Nokiustaaem: :)11:07
taaemmy first "real" sailfish device :P11:08
kimmolitaaem: \o/11:12
taaemalready in germany but it says it will probably not arrive until Tuesday :/11:13
Nokiusthis is in a few days :) so close11:16
mal-sunweaver: if you make a copy of the userdata partition or actually the .stowaways folder of it then you get a complete manual backup11:22
mal-sunweaver: but actually you don't need to make a backup if you want to boot to android, just fastboot flash the android kernel11:22
sunweavermal-: and back to SFOS flash the boot.img from your zip file?11:26
krnlyngTekk_: no there hasn't been sorry. TheRealJohnGalt is working on the nexus 5 port now. i am focused on the n4 port, but there will be another release soonish11:27
mal-sunweaver: yes11:27
mal-sunweaver: so if you grab an android fastboot image from fairphone you can easily get the android boot.img11:28
sunweaverso flashing the user.img data from your ZIP into the phone does not overwrite the Fairphone OS underneath?11:31
sunweaveruserdata.img, that is...11:31
mal-sunweaver: userdata.img will overwrite sailfish11:33
mal-sunweaver: ah, it will overwrite the android user data but the other part remain ok11:34
mal-sunweaver: I have been thinkin about trying to install sailfish the normal way which would not do that, now that the twrp is available for fp211:35
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sunweaverI will check that out later.11:53
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mal-sunweaver: installing from twrp needs a different sailfish zip12:03
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Mister_Magistersledges: ping12:36
sledgesMister_Magister: pong12:38
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sunweavermal-: do you have "that different" zip?12:54
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mal-sunweaver: yes but I haven't tested the twrp yet12:56
taaemNokius: true i'm excited :P12:56
taaemNokius: you got one?13:16
taaemsledges: any news about harbour on ported devices?13:17
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sledgestaaem: works restart in August13:22
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taaemah okay you're on holiday?13:24
taaemsledges: ^13:24
Nokiustaaem: it's summer vocation season in Finland till August13:27
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Nokiustaaem: I have min nearly a month as I found out during lunch with cybette13:28
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Nokius2 days missing that's a month13:28
Nokius:o time is flying so fast13:28
cybettelunch with Nokius was very educational xD13:30
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taaem3 days til holidays :P13:36
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Nokiusnot xmas?13:41
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dr_gogeta86cybette, at least isn't salty this time ...14:25
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Nokiushhmm this weekend is the event where I test the camera on the find515:00
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tomineokay kinda noob question, on a scale of 1-10 how difficult would it be to port sailfish?18:33
NeKitdepends on the device probably18:34
tominewell have you tried porting it?18:35
tominehow did it go?18:36
NeKithave it working on Onda V820W tablet, but failed on Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 due to MTK CPU and lack of kernel sources18:37
kimmoliif you use one afternoon digging up sources and stuff (cm12.1 base), reading hadk and faq, you can do it in few days to "yay it boots" state18:38
NeKitwhat is the device though?18:38
tominereading the docs, does it work on top of android, works together(part android/sailfish) or replaces it18:39
tomineit's LG L1 II18:39
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kimmolidisplay resolution and ram ...18:41
tomineXD i know18:41
tominebut i do like to mess around with it18:41
NeKitdo you have working CM10 or CM11 for it?18:42
NeKitI saw CM11 thread on XDA, but support for some hardware is lacking18:42
tominecm11 was working18:42
tomineexcept bluetooth18:42
tominebut i dont need it anyway18:42
tominesomeone was working on cm10, but ril wasnt working18:42
tominealso someone as if by miracle got cm12 working18:43
tominebut again without ril18:43
mal-is ril working on cm11?18:43
tominecm11 was practically perfect18:43
tomineexcept bluetooth and camera XD18:43
tominebut oh well, i can live without a camera18:44
Tekk_krnlyng: That's okay. I found out that even if touchscreen input was fixed it wouldn't help me out anyway18:47
krnlyngTekk_: whats the issue?18:49
Tekk_krnlyng: sfdroid doesn't get access to GPS. Keeps me from playing pokémon go :)18:50
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Tekk_Course GPS is sketchy on a good day when you're doing sailfish on a nexus 518:51
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Mister_Magistermal-: any new idea with sensors?19:01
*** krnlyng|mobile <krnlyng|mobile!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:06
mal-Mister_Magister: do you have this in local manifest, that is needed on some sony devices, not sure about yours
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mal-although I would assume it should complain something if it's needed but not sure19:10
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Mister_Magistermal-: i have motorola and on first gen everything works so i think that will be not useful19:38
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Nokiusgood eveing19:55
UmeaboyHi Nokius!19:55
UmeaboyHow are you?19:55
Nokiusfine thanks and you20:08
UmeaboyVery fine. :)20:13
Nokiuserror: frameworks/av/: prior sync failed; rebase still in progress20:30
Nokiusduring repo sync --fetch-submodules20:30
Nokiusmal-: any idea?20:31
UmeaboyNokius: How far have you come with making a newer zip?20:36
NokiusUmeaboy: there are no changes :(20:36
UmeaboyThen I'll wait until Thaodon has continued developing my script.20:38
UmeaboyNokius: Why does our Scorpion seem so different to each other? I mean....... you GET a IMEI and working LTE when I'm not.20:40
Nokiusthat's odd20:42
UmeaboyAnd updating ofono gives me LTE, but it won't work.20:44
UmeaboyJolla Store won't login as well because the IMEI isn't registered or found.20:44
UmeaboyEven thou I have an IMEI number in Settings -> About device.20:44
UmeaboyAnd Bluetooth disappeared in Settings as well.20:45
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wickwirehi everyone!20:56
Umeaboy'zup wickwire?20:57
wickwirehey Umeaboy!!20:57
wickwirewhen you get your samsung S4, do you think you could try out either my roms or simonvanderveldt's?20:57
wickwireI'm still trying to figure out what's up with the outgoing calls not working20:58
wickwirethat's why I was asking the other day20:58
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Umeaboywickwire: Is it possible to remove KNOX from it then yes.21:01
ExPLITHi Ladies & Gentlements!21:01
UmeaboyHello, ExPLIT!21:02
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ExPLITmal-: Hello mal- Can you please give me the link to the actual FP2-SF-alpha2 image?21:03
ExPLITI know, you don't want to share it public, because of the bugs21:04
ExPLITWe have 2 FP2s here in Berlin and would like to test ist... I would not post the image public....21:04
ExPLITmal-: I would be happy to test or 2.0.2.xx on my FP2. Its n21:08
UmeaboyExPLIT: You a novice user or a developer?21:22
UmeaboyI have a automated script for the HADK that I'm developing.21:23
ExPLITUmeaboy: I am not a developer, but an active community member since 2010. I have Jolla Phone, Jolla Tablet, FP2, N9 and N900. So i would say: I am a Tester :-)21:25
ExPLITMy Linux skills are good, and FP2 is a test driver atm. Waiting for the become official....21:26
NeKitUmeaboy, script for the HADK? should be cool for first time set-up21:26
ExPLITNeKit: +121:27
UmeaboyNeKit: It's the same as going thru the actual HADK, but more automated. Only thing you need to do is to type ./ in any terminal in any distro as it's made to be universal.21:28
NeKitso it's Shell script21:30
ExPLITUmeaboy: Thats sounds comfortable. Can we try it?21:30
UmeaboyNeKit: Yes.21:30
NeKitUmeaboy, it's just that I had the same thought going through HADK, since it has a lot of generic parts (or at least parts you don't know you need to change until it causes problems)21:31
UmeaboyExPLIT: Well, the script needs to be changed for FP2 to contain the right repos and the right mountpoints.21:31
UmeaboyNeKit: Are you voluenteering to help develop it?21:31
ExPLITUmeaboy: THX!21:32
UmeaboyPR's are to be made to the Development branch.21:32
UmeaboyAt least until we can make sure that it builds a working zip.21:33
NeKitdoubt I will be much usefull without proper devices21:33
UmeaboyAs you see it needs to be changed some more as well.21:33
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UmeaboyNeKit: Well, if you get any device from somewhere, then at least you'll know where to start.21:34
NeKitin practice separate scripts for different steps might be better, I think21:35
UmeaboyMost has been made, but minor changes has to be done.21:35
NeKitor at least some way to skip finished steps (except commenting out manually)21:35
UmeaboySure, but we already have such approach.21:35
UmeaboyThat's not my intention.21:36
NeKitso you want it fully automated from the beginning to the end?21:36
UmeaboyYes, that's the plan.21:37
UmeaboyAnd my script is Universal. sfa-mer assumes that the user runs Ubuntu.21:37
UmeaboyOr Debian.21:38
UmeaboyI understand WHY, but I don't agree.21:38
UmeaboySo therefor I made my own script.21:38
*** ExPLIT <ExPLIT!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:38
UmeaboyNo offence towards anyone.21:38
*** neolovich_ <neolovich_!d4c9545b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:50
neolovich_i want to try Sailfish OS at the Fairphone 2. Does anybody could recommend a version?21:51
Umeaboyneolovich_: Hi!22:02
UmeaboyFirst of I'd like to say Welcome. :)22:02
UmeaboyAnd.......... second....... you happen to be a novice user or developer?22:04
UmeaboyDeveloper in general I mean.22:04
neolovich_Thank you22:04
neolovich_no, only a user22:04
neolovich_but knowing how to root my phone and unbrick22:04
UmeaboyUuuuuuuuuuhm..... Is your FP2 rooted now?22:04
UmeaboyCan I please have a pastebin of the mount command as root?22:05
UmeaboyYes. Add the result of the mount command to and give me the link.22:09
UmeaboyI'm developing an automated script for phones and tablet to build a working zip file, but I need to get the mountpoints correct.22:10
*** hangman23 <hangman23!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)22:10
UmeaboyI guess I can find them somewhere else, but since you have the device and it's rooted I'm interested in getting this info.22:10
UmeaboySo that I can add it.22:10
neolovich_okay, then you have to explain me how to do it22:14
UmeaboyYou on Windows or Linux?22:16
Umeaboyneolovich_: ^^22:16
neolovich_Linux Mint 1322:16
UmeaboyOK. Have you installed ADB?22:20
UmeaboyAndroid Debug Bridge. It enables you to communicate with your device when USB Debugging is enabled.22:20
Umeaboyandroid-tools-adb is the package to install.22:21
UmeaboyThen type dmesg and copy the idVendor numbers and then type sudo /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules.22:23
Umeaboysudo nano /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules. Sorry.22:23
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)22:23
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:24
UmeaboyThen you add #Fairphone22:24
UmeaboySUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="0489", MODE="0664", GROUP="plugdev"22:24
UmeaboyChange the numbers for idVendor and paste the one from doing dmesg.22:25
UmeaboyAre you with me so far?22:25
UmeaboyYou said that I should help you so I'm helping you.22:27
UmeaboyYou save the changes to that file by pressing Ctrl X and then y and Enter.22:29
UmeaboyThat will exit nano.22:29
UmeaboyThen you need to do sudo udevadm control --reload-rules && sudo udevadm trigger --action=change22:29
UmeaboyWhen that's done you need to enable Developer Options.....Open Settings ->About device and tap Version 7 times.22:32
UmeaboyThen check the box for USB Debugging.22:32
UmeaboyAnswer Allow to any prompt.22:32
Umeaboyneolovich_: Heello?22:34
neolovich_yes, sorry22:34
neolovich_i have adb22:34
UmeaboyAdd the device to your rules file as I told you.22:35
neolovich_just made i first try to flash a alpha sailfish22:35
neolovich_give me a second to reload my backup22:35
*** wickwire <wickwire!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:37
neolovich_i think i have already done this22:39
neolovich_i'm able to flash img files via ADB from my pc22:39
UmeaboyYou used adb sideload to twrp right?22:42
neolovich_not sure, i put the fairphone in fastboot mode and then flash the files22:42
*** Nemno <Nemno!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)22:42
UmeaboyI guess that works as well.22:43
neolovich_my first try i used this manual22:43
neolovich_flashed the android 1.1.7 and afterwards the sailfish alpha os22:44
neolovich_ended with a bootloop22:44
neolovich_flashed the android 1.1.7 again, works so far22:45
Umeaboyneolovich_: You do know that you need to flash android AND saiflish together in TWRP right?22:46
neolovich_what means together exactly in this case?22:47
UmeaboyMake sure you have TWRP installed.22:48
UmeaboyIn TWRP you add two zips to flash.22:48
UmeaboyBtw....... is the bootloader unlocked as well?22:49
UmeaboyI have never used any Fairphone so I wouldn't know.22:49
neolovich_for rooting the fairphone i flash another boot.img. Is the bootloader unlocked then too?22:51
*** insgroen <insgroen!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:51
neolovich_in the fairphone forum is the same manual as i posted here22:52
UmeaboyYou bought it new from the site or you bought it network locked?22:52
neolovich_new from the site22:53
UmeaboyThen it should be unlocked as standard.22:53
neolovich_so i flash the TWRP recovery and then the android and sailfish together?22:54
UmeaboyAffirmative. :)22:56
neolovich_doesn't matter if i have the correct android already installed?22:57
TheRealJohnGaltUmeaboy: sfa-mer doesn't assume the user runs ubuntu. those apt commands are run in the ubuntu chroot.23:00
UmeaboyTheRealJohnGalt: The Mageia user isn't allowed to execute sudo commands before it gets added to the wheel group.23:03
UmeaboyBecause the user isn't added to the sudoers file.23:03
TheRealJohnGaltsounds like you're supposed to edit your sudoers configuration or groups then.23:04
TheRealJohnGaltJust like in gentoo or arch you will need to edit sudoers configuration to support using sudo like every other distro.23:04
UmeaboyTheRealJohnGalt: Yes, but the script will take care of that for any user that doesn't want to use the terminal to edit files. You know some people just want to run the script and they are fine. Give them that choice, please.23:06
UmeaboyNo offence.23:06
TheRealJohnGaltsure, but you should really configure sudo. I have no doubt the distro creators assume the users will do that.23:06
TheRealJohnGaltnothing to do with deb based distros.23:07
UmeaboyRight, but Mageia rarely uses sudo.23:07
UmeaboyWe use su instead.23:07
UmeaboyLike su Umeaboy.23:07
TheRealJohnGaltI think instead of "we use su instead," you mean "I chose not to setup sudo." I could say the same about other distros by skipping that section of the install guide (e.g. gentoo, arch, void).23:13
*** toomin <toomin!~HomoSapie@unaffiliated/toomin> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)23:14
UmeaboyTheRealJohnGalt: Ubuntu has it setup as standard so I think every dist should work the same when it comes to sudo.23:33
*** olafh <olafh!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)23:35
simonvanderveldtsledges: I'll get back to you this weekend, just read through the current (1.1.2) HADK and I have some suggestions/fixes.23:46
simonvanderveldtOr is it in a repo so I can create a PR?23:47

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