Monday, 2016-07-18

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wickwirehello everyone!08:36
nh1402_workahoy hoy08:45
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sledgesgood weekend y'all?;)08:54
nh1402_workI got thrashed in what I call half-tennis but it was good fun08:55
sledgesnh1402_work: the one up against the wall?:)08:56
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nh1402_worksledges: using half a court (serve boxes by the net), but with full rules, since I'm too out of shape to use the full one ;)09:05
sledgesbabysteps hehe09:06
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Nokiussledges: yes09:08
Nokiussledges: hope u too09:08
sledgesindeed thanks:)09:15
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TheKitany way to test if ofono is working from CLI?10:51
mal-install ofono-tests package (or something like that)10:51
TheKit[nemo@localhost ~]$ /usr/lib/ofono/test/list-modems10:53
TheKit[ /ril_0 ]    Powered = 010:53
TheKitmeans it's not working, right?10:53
mal-which ofono do you have installed? which device?10:53
TheKitofono-1.16+git14-1.30.1.armv7hl, Xiaomi Redmi Note 2, systemd isn't not running due to lacking kernel sources10:55
mal-how can you even expect to get it working without kernel sources?10:57
TheKitGUI is running with hacks, ofono shouldn't require kernel changes in theory10:59
mal-try installing newer ofono from here
mal-also those other packages might be good, so just zypper dup from that repo11:00
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drFaustrollsledges: ok... so what do you think?11:18
sledgesdrFaustroll (or anyone with jolla c): is 2.0.2 available via simple jolla account or does it need a domain set?11:22
drFaustrollsledges: no jolla c yet.. I can try this evening on my resurected n511:24
sledgeswell, yes the question is can we bake a 2.0.2 sfos images already for ported devices11:28
mal-I assume we would either need a new target or some temporary dependency repo for building11:32
sledgeszypper dup for target11:33
sledgeshaving said that, is sailfish sdk jolla c ready yet?11:33
mal-sledges: ah, never thought about that zypper dup for target way11:49
sledgesit's doable11:56
sledgesdrFaustroll: we should have one nexus5 ota of 2.0.2 for cm11 peeps so they can cloud backup their stuffs before 12.1 transition12:06
TheKit -it tries to connect to ril, I think, and then I get a lot of "blocking IMEI request" messages12:23
monichTheKit: that's because ofono never gets RIL_UNSOL_RIL_CONNECTED from rild12:30
monichTheKit: it could be that your rild is expecting 'SUB1' or something from ofono12:33
monichtry adding sub=SUB1 to [ril_0] section of /etc/ofono/ril_subscription.conf12:33
monichi.e. uncomment it (it's probably already there, just commented out)12:34
TheKithm, it says subscribed, but is still blocking the requests:
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monichTheKit: you should see RIL> RIL_CONNECTED in the log when ofono gets RIL_UNSOL_RIL_CONNECTED12:45
monichfollowed by [grilio] Connected, RIL version XXX12:45
monichsomething is still wrong12:46
monichi.e. nothing is coming our way from rild12:46
monichTheKit: better take out sub=SUB1, that wasn't it12:48
monichwhen rild requires this "subscription string" it typically drops the connection if it doesn't receive it12:48
monichTheKit: try /system/bin/logcat -b radio12:50
monichthere could be some hints there12:50
monichalso `setprop 1` might be useful, if it works (writes rild debug log to /data/misc/radio/ril_log or to logcat, or both)12:52
TheKitby the way, does Sailfish's ofono include Ubuntu Touch changes? I see that CyanogenMod telephony frameworks are heavily patched for MTK12:57
monichour implementation is quite different, we started roughly from the same point but then significantly diverged12:59
monichwe do keep an eye on their implementation though12:59
monichand we don't have anything MTK specific (yet)13:00
taaemthere aren't any Sailfish devices on MTK no?13:10
Nokiustaaem: iirc there is one MTK port13:15
Nokiustaaem: so did the courier stopped by?13:15
TheKitNokius, do you remember which device?13:16
NokiusTheKit: no13:16
NokiusI will check when back from lunch13:16
taaemNokius: not yet it just got through customs in Köln13:21
taaemSo i do not expect the courier to come today13:22
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TheKitI see two Xiaomis at, but they are Qualcomm-based13:28
TheKitif I understand right, MTK's RIL UNSOL codes are different13:34
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nh1402_workstill tempted to get a ZTE axon 7 now that a solution to the locked bootloader is coming at some point, as they've mentioned it's a matter of when and not if.13:53
nh1402_workbut providing it's not a solution akin to Xiaomi...13:53
dr_gogeta86nh1402_work, sharp clones14:00
nh1402_workdr_gogeta86: well providing the ZTE open up for developers then the axon series might be a good host for Sailfish14:05
mal-simonvanderveldt: are you making the patch for droid-hal-device arch issue?14:08
NokiusTheKit: let me check now14:12
NokiusTheKit: :(14:17
NokiusTheKit: don't find it in the logs :(14:18
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TheKitmeans that it was probably unfinished or something14:29
TheKitcan this be used with Sailfish somehow?14:44
TheKitthey have MTK plugin14:44
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ballockTheKit: ofono is one of the SailfishOS components. Not sure what you're referring to.14:50
TheKitUbuntu's ofono version14:51
TheKit<monich> our implementation is quite different, we started roughly from the same point but then significantly diverged14:51
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monichTheKit: no way, our ofono implements additional d-bus interfaces that the rest of the system depends on14:53
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TheKitis rilmodem code significally different to adapt their MTK changes?14:57
ballockWhat's the easiest way to debug video decoder?15:00
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ballockI am trying cm12.1 on mako, I believe none of the video (like: movie) rendering works,15:01
ballockapps freeze during attempt: Gallery app, YTPlayer, camera app too15:02
ballockOn strace they produce sigsegv or sigill instead of freezing,15:02
ballockso does on gdb15:03
ballockSince there's a SIGILL, and gdb claimed to have a corrupt stack, I guess something bad is happening15:03
Nokiusballock: u have all the media links?15:05
ballockNokius: yes15:06
Nokiuslibav was the trick for me15:06
ballocktell me more15:06
Nokiusballock: sec have to take care about jenkins first15:07
ballockI'm looking to check if there's no inconsistency between the cm12.1 version I've got and the build tree...15:08
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ballockrinigus: hi there :) I got a hacking afternoon, how are things?15:18
Nokiusballock: hmm it's not in the faq :S15:20
ballockNokius: ok, so what was it?15:21
Nokiusdr_gogeta86: it was libav to get videos palying on nexus7 or?15:22
rinigusballock: cheers! mainly working collectd and its gui - so, porting software, not hardware. [and apart from RPM troubles, doing fine]. haven't done anything on port, waiting for a chance to test :)15:22
ballockrinigus: I'm currently trying to make video decoding work (on cm12.1), without success for now :(15:23
rinigusballock: yep, I'm just looking into irc logs to catch up... hmm, I have to go - will be back later (in few hours probably).15:25
ballockNokius: this one ?15:26
Nokiusballock: this is to get cam working15:26
ballockNokius: this one ?15:27
Nokiusballock: it was rpm you needed to install15:28
ballockNokius: nah. Too easy.15:28
Nokiusballock: dunno if it's the fix for  u :)15:28
Nokiusah smokku removed the oneplus stuff :(15:29
Nokiusthen I can't find the repo on github15:30
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ballockinstalling gstreamer1.0-libav... but that won't help on decoder freezes15:31
mal-ballock: anything interesting in logcat?15:31
ballockE/qdhwcomposer(  893): isValidDimension: layer handle is NULL15:32
ballocklooping constantly, mostly15:32
mal-ballock: use grep -v hwcomp to ignore those15:33
mal-Nokius: are you saying you use software decoding on some device with libav?15:33
Nokiusmal-: I was not able to find the pkg in droid-local-repo but if I'm correct I did that I have to rush home to check15:34
NokiusI bit wondering atm15:34
NokiusI would not bet my finger for it I would say I did .....15:35
mal-ballock: have you checked if your device needs any symlinks for video codec devices? what /dev/video* devices do you have?15:35
ballockmal-: I've got 0..3 and 10015:36
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ballockmal-: logcat doesn't display anything promising... sdcard says  missing packages.list; retrying, once in a while I've got init of libGLES15:37
mal-ok, so how about the logcat, preferrably after reboot and when you try to play some video, ignoring those repeating messages15:37
ballocktrying an after-reboot logcat, hang on15:38
* Nokius wodering what he did 15:41
Nokiusdr_gogeta86: are on cm11 or on cm12.1 base for the nexus715:41
mal-ballock: is that all?15:43
mal-the earlier messages might be more useful15:43
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ballockone above15:43
ballockI/OMXClient( 1363): Using client-side OMX mux.15:43
ballockand a whole dump from bootup15:44
Nokiusdr_gogeta86: u are using libav or?15:45
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rinigusballock: do you have an image I can test and get up to speed while running around?15:46
ballockrinigus: sure15:47
mal-ballock: where is the latest droid-config repo for your device?15:47
rinigusballock: is it the one in piratepad (epsilon0)15:48
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ballockrinigus: Either that, and update packages from devel: repo or...15:48
mal-ballock: pastebin ls -l /system/etc/15:49
mal-ballock: cm-11.0 or cm-12.1 base?15:50
ballockmal-: cm12.115:50
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mateydoes anyone have an idea who's working on the Xperia L (taoshan)?15:52
mateyoh well..15:54
mateysee ya15:54
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mal-ballock: show also dmesg15:55
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mal-ballock: why does it try to open video encoder in that dmesg?15:57
ballockmal-: dunno. It should not? Maybe there's some android leftover?15:58
ballockThis boot I did not try to run camera, though there's a separate issue with that, I guess also codec-related.15:58
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mal-ballock: talking about this getExtensionIndex(12:qcom.decoder.avc, ERROR: NotImplemented(0x80001006) ?15:59
mal-I have code which does not use that for camera15:59
ballockmal, where does that come from.16:00
mal-ballock: what do you mean, that error?16:00
ballockoh, logcat last piece16:01
mal-was that also just the playback and not camera?16:01
mal-do you get that when you try camera?16:01
ballockmal-: yes, playback from the Gallery app.16:02
ballockmal-: camera's story is: it shows the image, I can make pictures, switch to video, click record, counter ticks, stop -> freeze16:02
ballockI can try getting a logcat out of that too if it helps16:03
mal-so camera works but just freezes after video recording?16:05
ballockmal-: correct16:05
* Nokius this was cm11 issue or?16:06
ballockNokius: this is cm12.1, worked in cm11 like a charm16:07
ballockmal-: logcat from video recording:
mal-ballock: you are using a different base version YOG4P instead of YOG7D?16:07
ballockmal-: base16:08
ballockwhere did you find YOG7D?16:08
mal-could you try my gst-droid?
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mal-ballock: you get that same metadata error which is fixed in that branch of mine16:10
ballockin there's no YOG7D, I used latest snapshot, thinking it's the one behind cm12.1 branches16:11
ballockIt glimpsed my mind to build the whole android, but... I've just got one life.16:12
mal-ballock: and you still used the hybris-12.1 branch and didn't rebase?16:12
ballockmal-: Sounds like a grave error on my side?16:13
ballockI went with the assumption those should be binarily-compatible. Seems not.16:14
mal-difficult to say, sometimes base difference doesn't cause much problems but sometimes causes strange problems16:14
Nokiusballock: building cm is not fun16:14
ballockSo, I'd need to either go to every android dir, check its nearest tag and rebase hybris-12.1 changes on top of that tag?16:15
ballockOr build android16:15
mal-ballock: there are only a few patched repos, others you can get by changing the default tag in manifest16:16
ballockoh. Indeed.16:16
mal-ballock: but first try that gst-droid to see if it fixes your camera16:17
ballockmal-: checking16:20
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ballockok, rebooting16:26
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ballockmal-: no, didn't seem to help the camera16:30
mal-still the same error message?16:30
ballockI'll go about rebasing. I had a hunch feeling this could be related, but nobody answered me when I asked about that.16:31
mal-when did you ask? I could have said it right away :)16:32
ballock17:08 < ballock> I'm looking to check if there's no inconsistency between the cm12.1 version I've got and the build tree...16:32
mal-missed that part16:33
ballockit might have not been obvious it's about the tag version16:33
ballockI was lucky with cm11 version that I did not bump into that :)16:34
mal-I had a lot of issues on fp2 if I used wrong base, and it was just between two fp2 releases and not even upstream versions16:34
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mal-ballock: about rebasing, frameworks_base is easier to just fetch the new tag and apply one patch, also frameworks_native is only 3 patches16:38
ballockI found, still different base, but it's gonna take less time to reflash and check, while doing the YOG4D rebase16:40
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ballockmal-: thanks for help finding this :)16:42
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ballockmal-: do you happen to know how the YOG... numbers map to aosp _rXX tags?16:58
mal-ballock: cm-12.1-YOG4P is android-5.1.1_r316:59
ballockmal-: Thank you :)16:59
mal-ballock: you can see it here
mal-ballock: there are only 6 hybris patched repos, libhardware also has only a simple patch16:59
mal-bionic, system_core have many patches and build only 217:00
ballockis that branch tag kept in mer-hybris anywhere?17:01
mal-ballock: ?17:01
mal-ballock: you mean here
ballockI mean, I'll rebase that and apply the patches required for YOG4D,17:02
ballockand those repos could be used by anyone who needs YOG4D17:02
ballockbut I'll need to keep them on my github home repos instead17:03
mal-yes, we can add new branches to mer-hybris17:03
mal-if it works17:03
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ballockyeah, fair point17:03
ballockwhat was your tag for fp2?17:03
mal-we add for example hybris-12.1-YOG4D branch17:03
mal-it uses aosp17:03
ballockah, ok17:04
mal-from fairphone's own repos17:04
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drFaustrollsledges: ping18:33
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drFaustrollsledges: TheRealJohnGalt[ there are some minimedia and audiopolicy patches that seem not to apply anymore19:50
drFaustrollis any of you aware if they need ported or simply they are not needed?19:50
drFaustrollsledges: T[ there are some minimedia and audiopolicy patches that seem not to apply anymore19:51
drFaustrolland this
kimmolihow "not apply"? and
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drFaustrollkimmoli: they fail to apply20:15
rinigusballock: how easy its to rebase compared to compiling CM? I wonder, what N5 porters use in 12.1-based port? There seem to be no YOG7D for hammerhead either20:17
drFaustrolli see droidmedia bits seem to be built in another20:17
drFaustrollrinigus: sledges and TheRealJohnGalt[ may know20:18
drFaustrollrinigus: i still use cm1120:18
TheRealJohnGalt[drFaustroll: not sure about applying those to cm11, sorry.20:19
TheRealJohnGalt[rinigus: using YOG4D.20:19
rinigusdrFaustroll: thnx. I think TheRealJohnGalt has set up some description in TMO.20:19
rinigusTheRealJohnGalt[: thanks!20:19
drFaustrolltempted to push some new dhd20:23
drFaustrollin testing... let us hope will not break more than needed20:23
drFaustrollsledges:  TheRealJohnGalt[ so hold your horses... and do not update20:25
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TheRealJohnGalt[drFaustroll: cm11? For switching back to the nemo common repo (qofono), you need the following two commits: and
drFaustrollfor the moment I have your repo in common20:32
drFaustrollthat I understand it has them20:33
drFaustrollok anyhow I see they are only settings so in principle they shall not affect the booting20:33
TheRealJohnGalt[that common repo from the wiki only has qofono-dependent packages to allow using the qofono packages.20:34
TheRealJohnGalt[so those changes aren't needed.20:34
drFaustrollTheRealJohnGalt[: so that changes are needed for 2.0.2?20:35
drFaustrollor I miss something20:36
TheRealJohnGalt[drFaustroll: that nemo common repo with qofono was updated, breaking cm11 otas (radio). To use the current ofono, you need those commits. Hammerhead also didn't have mobile data even with those changes until . Because ofono works on hammerhead, I just updated the wiki to use those for cm11 otas.20:38
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drFaustrollsomething funny with pulseaudio20:44
drFaustrollProblem: pulseaudio-modules-droid-6.0.39-10.2.1.jolla.armv7hl requires, but this requirement cannot be provided20:45
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TheRealJohnGalt[you updated your sb2? What are you trying to do?20:50
drFaustrollit may be that obs does not have the right target20:50
drFaustrollTheRealJohnGalt[: of course I updated my sb2 to
drFaustrollI suspect the obs is not updated20:50
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Nokiusmal-: mh youtube plays but no video just the sound20:51
TheRealJohnGalt[Yes, 2.0.2 isn't even EA. You'll need to run build-packages again to build against pulseaudio 8.20:51
TheRealJohnGalt[But official or EA 2.0.2 should be using a more recent ofono, otherwise you'll have other radio issues on hammerhead.20:52
TheRealJohnGalt[I don't recommend 2.0.2 for daily yet.20:52
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TheRealJohnGalt[what I'm getting at: the 2.0.2 ofono is before the ofono commit I linked.20:55
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Nokiusmal-: nothing in logcat20:57
drFaustrollTheRealJohnGalt[: got all the vaccins20:58
drFaustrollso I will not worry too much20:58
TheRealJohnGalt[drFaustroll: If you really want, you can follow the ota instructions for cm12.1 base and ota to you'll have those aforementioned issues.21:03
Nokiusarg wrong device21:03
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TheRealJohnGalt[drFaustroll: I mean ota with zypper*. And keep the outdated pa packages. But then camcorder won't work, and you'll still have those aforementioned issues*.21:04
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Nokiusmal-: luckly we talked about it here this is what I see any idea?21:10
NokiusI added the linked media files21:11
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drFaustrollso I will not wWarning: repo problem: nothing provides geoclue-provider-hybris-community needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hammerhead-1-1.noarch, orry too much21:20
drFaustrolldebugging time but enough for today21:20
NokiusdrFaustroll: check hadk-faq21:21
drFaustrollNokius: of course I know how to debug the crap... I suspect mal added new deps to it21:22
NokiusdrFaustroll: ah I assume your pattern is poining to the old cimmunity geoclue :)21:25
NokiusdrFaustroll: it's now geoclue-provider-hybris21:25
Nokiusu have may need to adjust the pattern21:26
drFaustrollNokius: strange I built that package21:26
NokiusdrFaustroll: which one geoclue-provider-hybris geoclue-provider-hybris-community21:26
drFaustrollNokius: geoclue-provider-hybris-community21:27
Nokiusmal-: this is may also the reason why camera freez21:27
NokiusdrFaustroll: dhd builds geoclue-provider-hybris now days ;)21:27
drFaustrollnot mine seems...21:28
drFaustrolltomorrow will be another day we will see21:28
drFaustrolltrain early in the morning21:28
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