Sunday, 2016-07-24

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Umeaboytaaem: I have added it now, but it needs to be adjusted/corrected to contain all the proper Cyanogenmod repos and hybris repos and such.00:04
UmeaboyI'm waiting for your contribution. :)00:04
UmeaboyAnd YES it contains instructions made for scorpion which is another device, but as you might be aware of what needs to be changed please go ahead and do it.00:05
UmeaboyBut please stick to the template as much as possible as this is going to the an automated script in the end when all the instructions are in order.00:06
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sledgestaaem: kimmoli: awesome newsome!!!07:18
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Mister_Magistersledges: i'm not in thread what happend?08:12
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entilmal-: are mms issues a known issue? can't send any, even though I have the configuration ok with what tells me08:19
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Wils55Error message: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate08:25
mal-entil: hmm seems that I have forgotten to add the fix for that08:25
mal-I almost never use mms myself so didn't check it08:26
Wils55Currently getting an ssl error during the sb procedure.08:26
entilmal-: now with no whatsapp and whisperfish not supporting sending files, mms is actually quite useful :D08:28
mal-entil: does receiving work ok?08:30
entilmal-: not 100% sure08:30
entilmaybe no one sent me an mms08:30
mal-it should, at least one bug related to that was fixed08:32
entilno sound, no notification, but the cover of the messaging app showed that an MMS has arrived08:32
entildoesn't seem to open it, though08:32
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entilmal-: now it timed out08:42
mal-entil: hmm, receiving should work in that release08:42
entil"Problem with downloading message"08:42
mal-maybe something else is wrong08:42
entilI even have wlan off, in case it's the n900 bug where it doesn't realize to use 3G08:42
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mal-I need to test08:44
entiloh shit, suddenly I'm in a hurry to go elsewhere08:44
entilgood luck, I'll try to get as much computer time today as possible08:44
entilttyl thx ->08:44
mal-I just trusted it works as one other person reported that updated ofono etc made it work08:44
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mal-Wils55: not sure if related to that but did you install the curlfix?08:51
Wils55Hi, i've only followed the sailfish guide, i dont believe this contains curlfix?08:53
Wils55mal: ahh ok, i see section 4.2. will this fix the error?08:55
drFaustrollto see how gets integrated in the big picture08:55
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mal-Wils55: not sure but since the error is curl related it might be the solution08:58
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Wils55curlfix solved the issues. thanks.09:10
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monichentil: this app ^ is useful for troubleshooting mms issues09:41
monichit's in the jolla store too (MMS Logger)09:42
mal-monich: I'm testing mms right now, could be some mismatch between some packages09:47
mal-monich: I get this in journal log ofonod[894]: Unexpected data call status 65535 and after that mms-engine[2524]: [mms-ofono] ERROR! GDBus.Error:org.ofono.Error.Failed: Operation failed09:51
mal-I'm now updating some packages and testing09:54
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monichmal-: ofono 1.17+git28 or later should retry (no more than once) data calls failed with status 6553510:04
monichit's PDP_FAIL_ERROR_UNSPECIFIED = 0xffff,  /* retry silently */ from ril.h10:05
mal-I have git2910:09
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taaemDoes the kernel needs to be patched for MultiRom to work?10:21
taaemsledges: ^10:21
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nh1402taaem: you can't install Sailfish as a primary rom, so the patch for multirom isn't needed10:25
taaemnh1402: and secondary should work out of the box?10:26
nh1402it should do10:26
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saidinesh5mal-: any idea what to do with the Error message: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate error for Download (curl) error for '':10:44
saidinesh5 ?10:44
saidinesh5i tried but no luck10:44
saidinesh5i tried that in both MerSDK chroot and the target10:44
mal-saidinesh5: in which part of hadk did that happen?10:46
saidinesh5build packages10:46
saidinesh5and even sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper ref --force10:47
mal-saidinesh5: are you sure you have curlfix installed, check hadk chapter 4.210:47
saidinesh5mal-:  i had a totally working set up didnt i? then sudo stopped working in MerSDK.. because of weird permissions in the sudoers file. .no clue how that changed10:49
saidinesh5and now this10:49
mal-saidinesh5: recreate the target10:53
mal-or even reinstall mersdk10:53
saidinesh5doing that first then10:54
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drFaustrolldoes anyone know what happened with the gesture for volume?10:56
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kimmolitaaem: my jollaC wifi and bt macs are different. 4th byte is +1 on wifi mac11:15
taaemkimmoli: oh true for my jolla c also11:17
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kimmoliand iirc it is like that on jolla too11:18
kimmolibut in OOS they are the same, double checked11:19
kimmolimy lenovo k3 note has complete different.  wifi mac InPro Comm taiwan, bt mac Lenovo Mobile Communication (Wuhan) Company Limited11:22
kimmoliInPro was acquired by mediatek 2005, and this has mediatek soc11:23
kimmolishall we try oneplus support? i bet first answers is "have you tried to make factory reset?"11:24
kimmoliwhat happens on obs, all patterns triggered?11:26
taaemi have nothing to do with obs :P11:29
taaemoneplus support is sh*t11:29
taaemmaybe we should just just keep it as it is now11:29
taaemit seems MR33 and sailfish currently don't play nicely on onyx11:30
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kimmoliok, we keep it for now. is it kexec or something else?11:35
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mal-monich: I get this in mmslog app "[mms-task-http] ERROR: Failed to query IP address of rmnet1: Cannot assign requested address"12:07
monichmal-: that's interesting12:09
monichmal-: is the interface name correct?12:09
monichand does it actually have the address?12:09
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mal-rmnet1 is not up12:10
monichdbus-send --system --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.ofono /ril_0/context2 org.ofono.ConnectionContext.SetProperty string:Active variant:boolean:true12:11
monichmal-: try to activate mms context ^, it's probably inactive atm12:11
monichthat should bring the interface up12:11
monichdbus-send --system --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.ofono /ril_0/context2 org.ofono.ConnectionContext.GetProperties12:12
ghosalmartinmal: ive figured out issue from earlier, with the missings deps, turns out the local-repo isnt being added12:12
UmeaboyHi guys and gals!12:12
UmeaboyYou feel OK today/tonight?12:12
monichmal-: once it's up, check ifconfig12:13
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mal-monich: active: false12:16
mal-no change in ifconfig12:19
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mal-monich: interestingly this was reported working some time in the past, nt sure what package update broke it12:25
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ghosalmartinmal: the issue was because i didnt have the ssu package installed12:27
ghosalmartinwhen i add the repo with zypper ar it works fine12:27
UmeaboyHi ghosalmartin!12:27
monichdbus-send --system --print-reply --type=method_call --dest=org.ofono /ril_0/context2 org.ofono.ConnectionContext.GetProperties12:28
monichmal-: check this ^, Settings.Interface property says which interface rild told us to use12:28
ghosalmartinUmeaboy: hello, not much, i forgot to install ssu package for my aarch64 target12:28
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ghosalmartinand i cant do a nice zypper in because zypper currently doesnt like the aarch64 packages12:28
UmeaboyI'd like to find a complete local_manifest.xml for the first Galaxy Tab, but the repos I've checked doesn't seem to be up to date.12:28
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UmeaboyAt least not to my knowledge.12:29
UmeaboyI may be wrong thou.12:29
ghosalmartinUmeaboy: an android one or sfos one?12:29
Umeaboyghosalmartin: Well, don't you need repos for both if you want to build sfos?12:29
ghosalmartinUmeaboy: i mean do you want a local_manifest that already has the sfos changes, or just vanilla android12:30
UmeaboyWith sfos changes.12:30
mal-monich: no Settings.Interface12:31
monichmal-: the context is inactive (Active is false), interface is there only when context is active12:31
ghosalmartinUmeaboy: might have to make your own12:31
mal-monich: I cannot activate it12:32
monichmal-: are you sure that your subscription hasn't expired or something?12:33
mal-I can use mobile networking without problems12:34
mal-monich: only MMS is the problem12:35
Umeaboyghosalmartin: What do I do with the droid-hal-repo? There isn't one for this model AFAIK.12:35
mal-monich: I'll try with jolla c to verify that MMS works in that12:36
monichmal-: good idea12:37
UmeaboyI could make it myself, but that won't cause any problems right?12:37
ghosalmartinshouldnt do12:38
UmeaboyI'll use as a template, but does it matter how I name the dhd directory?12:38
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UmeaboyI mean..... Why does it contain the @ 7b767e8?12:39
UmeaboyI just want to make sure I'm doing it right.12:39
mal-monich: jolla c sent a file without problems12:39
monichmal-: please take ofono traces with when mms context is being activated12:43
monichenable all the logs, and while the app is running, the log is being written to ofono.log file somewhere under /tmp (find /tmp -name ofono.log)12:43
monichit would probably be easier for you to scp or cat/copy/paste that file, than to transfer it via ui12:43
UmeaboyMore people that have a problem with ofono?12:43
* monich hides12:43
* Umeaboy pulls monich from the hiding place12:44
UmeaboyFound ya!12:44
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ghosalmartinUmeaboy: that @ 7b767e8 is fine, you dont need to worry about it12:53
ghosalmartinits just git stating that the version its going to use is that specific commit12:53
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mal-monich: very odd behavior, I can send MMS if WLAN is enabled, probably because then the normal mobile connection is not enabled and MMS sending can be done using rmnet0?12:59
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monichmal-: so rmnet0 and rmnet1 doesn't13:01
mal-yes, no idea why13:01
monichmal-: does rmnet1 exist at all? try /sbin/ifconfig rmnet113:02
mal-monich: it's there, just not up13:02
ghosalmartinmal: my local repo states that it has no packages inside it according to zypper se -r local-bullhead-hal13:02
monichmal-: yeah, that's how it's supposed to be13:03
mal-monich: ifconfig -a lists up to rmnet713:03
mal-monich: rmnet1 does show RX bytes:14596 (14.2 KiB)  TX bytes:3529213:04
mal-monich: and no errors13:04
monichmal-: what if you a) disable mobile data b) activate mms context (that takes rmnet0) and c) enable mobile data13:05
monichmobile data would have to use rmnet1 since rmnet0 is not available13:06
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monichand I'm curious what rild is telling us when it fails to setup the data call (that would be in the ofono trace)13:08
monichprobably nothing interesting but you never know13:08
mal-monich: connection problem after enabling mobile data13:08
mal-monich: MMS context was up correctly13:09
monichmal-: so it appears that rmnet1 is broken somehow13:09
UmeaboyWhy does TWRP fail to mount /userdata everytime you flash CM and Sailfish together?13:10
UmeaboyIs that an error in TWRP?13:10
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ghosalmartinbecause userdata is already mounted13:18
ghosalmartini thin13:18
mal-it can give some error but still work13:22
monichmal-: it's possible that for whatever reason we can't have more than one data call at a time (never seen that in practice though)13:23
monichwe currently assume that we can have at least two, mobile data and mms13:23
monichone of the parameters returned by DATA_REGISTRATION_STATE req is the number of simultaneous data call contexts, we currently ignore it13:23
monichso if you take ofono trace, make sure that there's at least one DATA_REGISTRATION_STATE there13:23
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monichmal-: you can force DATA_REGISTRATION_STATE requests by switching preferred technology (2G, 3G, 4G)13:25
monichotherwise they are fairly rare13:26
mal-monich: something like RIL< [00000756] DATA_REGISTRATION_STATE ?13:27
mal-monich: what should I look for after that?13:28
monichmal-: the response is dumped after RIL> [00000756] OK13:30
monichand then you need to decipher it :)13:30
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monichmal-: actually13:30
monichmal-: apparently we decode it, it's the last number in the line that looks like this:13:31
monichdrivers/ril/ril_network.c: ril_network_parse_response() registered,2afa,0000fc01,14,lte,(null),2013:31
mal-drivers/ril/ril_network.c: ril_network_parse_response() registered,71c1,0051300a,3,umts,(null),2013:31
mal-monich: looks similar13:32
Umeaboyghosalmartin: If I'm not completely stupid I don't think CM mounts it.13:32
monichmal-: yes, the same 2013:33
mal-monich: maybe my low level hw adaptation has some bug13:33
ghosalmartinUmeaboy: i dont think it needs to since userdata is mounted anyway because thats where the zip files are located13:34
ghosalmartincould be wrong though13:34
UmeaboyAnd also......why would Jolla Store need IMEI for me to be able to login?13:36
UmeaboyIt should be enough to just have a connection.13:36
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UmeaboyLike WiFi.13:36
UmeaboyI get this issue on both Scorpion and the S4.13:42
kimmoliuserdata fails on onyx too. i have been ignoring that smoothly13:42
ghosalmartinfails on bullhead as well, not an issue really imo13:44
UmeaboyI'd like to see how it affects the system thou.13:49
UmeaboyI mean if it hold the zip files, what does that error do to the installation?13:49
ghosalmartinnothing, it just states it cant mount userdata because its already mounted13:49
Umeaboyghosalmartin: Kind of stupid to have that instruction then. :)13:55
UmeaboyWhy would it need to be mounted twice? :)13:55
UmeaboyAt the same time.13:55
ghosalmartinUmeaboy: i guess if your mounting from an external sd card instead? am unsure tbh, not very familiar with the install process13:55
UmeaboyThat's like using two keys for the door to the house when one has already unlocked/locked it.13:56
ghosalmartinfind the code and fix it? :P13:56
Umeaboyghosalmartin: I would if I was an expert. :)13:56
nh1402Umeaboy: fix it better, fix it faster13:58
Umeaboynh1402: AS I said..... I would if I was an expert in that field. My expertise is translating things.14:02
nh1402Umeaboy: I was only messing around, like right now I'm trying to make an example notification program in C++ using dbus and I'm very close to not knowing what I'm doing.14:10
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ghosalmartinnh1402: am always like that when i code :P never know what am doing, just pleasently surprised when it works :P14:33
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taaemkimmoli: i think the problem is that MR now uses a no-kexec workaround, because we don't have a functional kexec kernel patch but i think booting sailfish requires full kexec kernel support i'm not entirely sure15:38
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Mister_Magisterwondering when jolla will have update16:47
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ghosalmartinlets break into there secret hq to find out17:00
kimmolido you think the information is there?17:03
ghosalmartinyes, secret hqs always have the information, if mission impossible is to be believed17:04
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rinigustaaem-m: re kexec: you talk about primary rom kernel, right? btw, i just upgraded MR to the latest version on N4, and it works without any problems (tested on flushing sfos and cm as secondary )17:15
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shmerlHi. Is updating Sailfish on Nexus 5 using OTA method also update kernel installation (that comes from CM), or it requires manual reflashing if it changes?17:22
shmerlI get this nasty echo during phone calls, and I think when I installed it it was cm-11-20140805-SNAPSHOT-M917:23
shmerlNow instructions list a newer one:  cm-11-20141008-SNAPSHOT-M1117:23
ghosalmartinshmerl: have you tried the cm12 base?17:26
shmerlghosalmartin: No. Is it even available? I'm using instructions from here:
shmerlMay be they are outdated.17:28
ghosalmartinshmerl: yeahhhh, its more stable than cm11,
taaemrinigus: our MR is alpha/beta stuff and we don't have kexec kernel support for primary but there is a workaround in MR settings which apparently doesn't work for sfos as secondary but i'm not even completly sure that thats the issue17:31
taaemit may be some kernel defconfig for the recovery kernel17:31
shmerlghosalmartin: Why isn't it on the wiki then?17:34
rinigustaaem: I see. but maybe its easier to compile a kernel with kexec support for primary. i presume primary is android. no idea how hard is it to add kexec, i thought its just an option in kernel config17:35
ghosalmartinshmerl: TheRealJohnGalt?17:36
shmerlI mean using CM1217:36
rinigus... didn't know about that option in MR17:36
shmerlIf it's more stable. Or overall it's not as ready?17:36
ghosalmartinshmerl: dont know the answer, but TheRealJohnGalt will17:36
ghosalmartinit is more stable17:36
ghosalmartinbut i assume there working on stuff like ota17:36
shmerlI see17:37
ghosalmartinbut bluetooth and wifi is much better on cm1217:37
shmerlI see he mentions: Until cm12.1 sfdroid becomes less buggy, more reliable, and more stable, this project will stay separate from the wiki and the cm11.0 base.17:38
shmerlI'm not using sfdroid.17:39
ghosalmartinshmerl: then away you go17:39
ghosalmartincm12 ftw17:39
ghosalmartinam using sfdroid as well and its not too bad17:39
shmerlsensors fix is for preventing excessive CPU usage?17:41
neochapayall android binary crash like that what i do wrong ?17:41
ghosalmartinshmerl: indeed17:41
shmerlSo initial installation should use ?17:43
shmerlAnd then use OTA to update?17:43
ghosalmartinuse the links from the post17:43
shmerlAh, found it:
shmerlIs sensors fix always required? In my case I don't get this bug it seems with older CM.17:46
ghosalmartinshmerl: no diea tbh, but better safe than sorry17:48
shmerlAnd what they are writing "DO NOT attempt an OTA to 2.0.2.X yet. " that's because of fsdroid or in general?17:49
ghosalmartinthats if your using an older base i think17:49
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piggzwhat is the latest release ppl are building images with?
kimmoli2.0.1.11 aka latest19:11
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piggzkimmoli: seems some are using
kimmoliyeah, seems. it is in turing19:29
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drFaustroll_what do you think of a litlte bit of purple /home/nemo/Pictures/20160724205617.png19:57
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TheRealJohnGalt[shmerl: because 2.0.2 isn't available on OBS, we can't provide 2.0.2. if you somehow manage to do it, you'll end up with a lot of broken stuff (camcorder if you held pulseaudio back, mobile data due to needing newer ofono). Once it's released, you'll be able to ota no problem.20:02
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TheRealJohnGalt[The is always needed for the first flash, but will eventually be unnecessary (integrated into cm base soon).20:04
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