Thursday, 2016-07-28

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UmeaboyWhy isn't "our" guide containing a part that really demeonstrates the beauty of FULL multitasking?02:17
UmeaboyIs that made intentionally?02:17
UmeaboyThat you can open ceveral apps and have them open in one window at the same time.02:17
UmeaboyOr is that coming in the next SF release?02:19
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UmeaboyAny Swedes here besides me?03:00
UmeaboyOr other Europeans that understands Swedish?03:00
UmeaboyI've registered an unofficial sailfishos-porters channel for people living in Sweden that want to socialize with other people from Sweden.03:01
Umeaboy##sailfishos-porters-sv is the channel name.03:01
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raymanfx_mal-: ping09:21
raymanfx_I believe my build is failing because of this: Debug: can't get file:/home/chris/mer/android/droid/droid-local-repo/gts210ltexx/repodata/repomd.xml.key09:22
raymanfx_this is the dir content:
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mal-raymanfx_: what is the error?09:28
Nokiusraymanfx_: can please share the output09:28
mal-raymanfx_: if it's during mic build did you remove the --runtime=native?09:29
raymanfx_mal-: Nokius:
raymanfx_I ran the mic command from the hadk guide09:29
raymanfx_What does --runtime=native do?09:30
mal-raymanfx_: that doesn't work09:30
mal-raymanfx_: hadk has a bug09:30
raymanfx_hmm, seems to get a little further without --runtime=native09:31
raymanfx_oh, the middleware vibrator plugin seems to be missing09:32
raymanfx_Is it okay to build it eventhough the device does not have a vib motor?09:32
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raymanfx_mal-: ^09:35
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mal-raymanfx_: nothing provides ngfd-plugin-droid-vibrator09:39
mal-raymanfx_: are you sure you compiled that?09:39
raymanfx_mal-: I chose not to build it because my device (tablet) does not have a rotary motor09:40
mal-raymanfx_: then you need to define it in spec so it won't be used, in droid-hal-$DEVICE-version you need to remove %define have_vibrator 109:42
raymanfx_mal-: that's what I did, too09:43
mal-did you rebuild packages?09:43
raymanfx_okay, so I take it not enabling the config is enough09:43
raymanfx_I'm doing that right now09:43
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raymanfx_I really wonder why the vmware-guest tools suck so much on Linux nowadays.. going to try open-vm-tools next time09:43
mal-raymanfx_: remove - pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-hybris-droid-vibrator from droid-configs repo09:44
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mal-raymanfx_: that's in patterns/jolla-hw-adaptation-$DEVICE.yaml09:44
raymanfx_mal-: gotcha, thanks09:45
raymanfx_rebuilding the packages again now09:45
raymanfx_I probably overlooked something10:00
raymanfx_I made it aware of the patterns as described in the hadk doc10:01
mal-raymanfx_: do you have added common repo?10:01
raymanfx_iirc yes10:01
raymanfx_How can I check?10:01
mal-what device is that?10:02
mal-oops, it's in the paste10:02
mal-add this to .ks
mal-neaƕ the beginning of the file you see a list of repos, add it there10:03
mal-the .ks in tmp10:03
raymanfx_mal-: yep, I definately did not do that, thanks10:03
raymanfx_so then regenerate the ks and rebuild packages?10:03
mal-no, you add that after generating ks10:03
mal-it will disappear everytime you regenerate it10:04
raymanfx_mal-: yeah my bad10:04
raymanfx_do I need to rebuild the pkgs after that?10:04
mal-raymanfx_: that is always the last thing you do before running mic10:05
raymanfx_mal-: ok10:05
raymanfx_where exactly do you want me to add that repo?10:05
raymanfx_in the .ks I see lines with this: "repo --name="...""10:06
mal-you see the list of repos in the beginning of the file, add a new one there10:06
mal-use the existing ones as an example10:06
mal-yes, those line10:06
raymanfx_okay, do I not need a repo --name for that line too?10:07
raymanfx_this is my .ks:
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raymanfx_now that address you pasted above looks like a --baseurl arg, or am I wrong?10:08
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raymanfx_mal-: I think I got it, the build continues this time10:11
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raymanfx_Eh, now what is this:
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raymanfxmal-: in case you answered to my last paste, I lost the scrollback (bouncer crashed)13:39
mal-raymanfx: you have /etc/ofono/ril_subscription.conf in you droid-configs but you haven't defined this in your .spec
mal-raymanfx: if that is missing then it causes the default configs to be installed which causes a conflict13:46
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raymanfxmal-: thanks! I'll work on it again tonight13:56
raymanfxCan we rework the hadk guide at some point to include stuff like this and fix the .ks instructions? And the --runtime native issue13:56
mal-raymanfx: sledges is the person responsible for the hadk pdf13:58
sledgesraymanfx: but then you would've had less reasons to visit this amazing IRC channel :D only joking, will fix those bits soon(tm) ;)14:02
raymanfxsledges: ;p14:03
raymanfxI'll try to summarize the bits that need reworking somewhere14:03
sledgesraymanfx: cheers! i have these already bookmarked :)
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TheRealJohnGalt[Is about to be official?14:24
mal-it's early access now so the answer is "soon"14:27
TheRealJohnGalt[very cool, ty mal-.14:30
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sledgeslbt: may it be possible for to appear in Mer OBS pls? :)14:37
TheRealJohnGalt[sledges: would you be okay with us pushing for hammerhead despite it being an EA (assuming all testing goes well with the obs-built packages)? We need OBS for it to happen, right now with .47 I built all of it locally.14:43
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt[: yes, as long as you don't officially announce nexus5 released (as sfos isn't either)14:46
sledgesjust share dev preview images around14:46
TheRealJohnGalt[sledges: So wait for it to be official before pushing the cm11 move if testing off obs goes well?14:47
* TheRealJohnGalt[ gets more much needed coffee.14:48
sledgesTheRealJohnGalt[: yes14:48
TheRealJohnGalt[very cool, ty14:48
sledgesso not really "pushing out" as such, but getting feet wet:)14:48
TheRealJohnGalt[Yes, it's perfect :)14:49
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Nokiussledges: will 2.0.2.x work better with QFHD screens :)15:08
Nokiusor what ever this super duper screen are called15:08
TheRealJohnGalt[Nokius: A few things might be better from what I've seen. On hammerhead some of us are using 1.82 instead of 2.0 pixel_ratio (with resizing), and some elements scale better on 2.0.2 (such as the ambience switcher which didn't use the entire screen prior).15:10
NokiusTheRealJohnGalt[: :)15:11
Nokiusso \o/15:11
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lbt2.0.2.48 is uploaded and churning away15:31
* sledges hugs lbt15:35
drFaustrolllbt: cool15:36
drFaustrollsledges: shall we?15:36
sledgesdrFaustroll: it's even latest, so we got no choice;)15:37
sledgesmay the tests begin!15:37
drFaustrollyou broke all15:37
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drFaustrolllbt: ^15:38
sledgesbreak things to make things :p15:39
lbtwhen it's built the sfos qt stuff it'll resolve15:39
lbt(I hope)15:39
* Nokius let's crossfigers 15:40
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drFaustrolllbt: cool16:04
drFaustrollsledges: vanishing for a while but I will be back16:04
drFaustrollwe need to change some repos later16:05
drFaustrollbut the dhd is already 2.0.216:05
drFaustrollonce green probably we can try a cm11 ota16:05
lbtI just updated latest too16:05
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kimmolimerbot started flooding, so something is happening16:12
merbotkimmoli: Error: "started" is not a valid command.16:12
lbtchurning ...16:14
kimmolimerbot random16:15
merbotkimmoli: Error: I have no quotes in my database for #sailfishos-porters.16:15
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drFaustrollsledges: newer revision needed ?17:01
drFaustrollsledges: built fine for me with the master17:02
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drFaustrollsledges: all green18:26
drFaustrollsledges: let us see who is trying to update18:26
drFaustrollsledges: I wonder if I shall push everything to the latest master18:27
drFaustrollsledges: i had to do that for pulse18:27
drFaustrollsledges: i do not know about the rest18:27
ballockdrFaustroll: Would you be kind enough to provide rinigus and myself with a logcat from a successful play from the Gallery app on nexus5 sfos on cm12.1?18:30
ballockdrFaustroll: preferably of the video at
drFaustrollballock: yes but not now18:34
drFaustrollballock: and I will have to remember how to run that logcat18:34
drFaustrollin around 90 min or so18:34
ballockdrFaustroll: /usr/libexec/droid-*/system/bin/logcat18:35
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kimmoliyou have own logcat? i use /system/bin/logcat18:36
ballockkimmoli: yeah, that's for the /dev/log conflict18:36
kimmolioo, world is ready for onyx (ref obs)18:41
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krnlyngballock: i am not sure why but /system/bin/logcat seems to work on mako with cm12.1 base18:48
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ballockkrnlyng: interesting! is /dev/log a directory or a file?18:54
krnlyngballock: a socket18:55
ballockok, then cm12.1 knows how to fallback to other files18:55
krnlyngballock: but "strings /system/bin/logcat | grep '/dev/log'" shows nothing18:55
krnlyngiirc in cm11 or cm10.1 it was hardcoded18:55
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Nokiusballock: there logs from find7s19:07
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ballockNokius: yes; they are different from n4, I hope to get a similar logcat, but from a working device19:10
Nokiusballock: okay19:11
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drFaustrollballock: ok19:40
drFaustrollballock: available now19:40
drFaustrolllet us see what was the film?19:40
drFaustrollballock: sec19:45
drFaustrollballock: do you know any other place to paste files?19:46
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ballockdrFaustroll: Thank you. Nice and clear.19:52
drFaustrollballock: if you say so19:52
drFaustrollballock: let us hope it helps.. .and you remember when we meet19:53
ballockdrFaustroll: yeah, I'll show you the video of the Big Buck Bunny then ;)19:54
rinigusdrFaustroll: thank you for the log!20:09
drFaustrollrinigus: worked?20:10
rinigusballock: looks like we are missing OMXCodec in n4 logs. so far, n4 cm12.1, N5 has it, and Nokius logs from working as well as non-working device have it20:11
ballockrinigus: got the same conclusion20:11
rinigusdrFaustroll: your log is very consistent with what we have seen and should really narrow the search down.20:12
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rinigusballock: :) /* end there are lots of these qdhwcomposer messsages. I start to wonder if the half of the battery life in SFOS goes to process all these messages and through them away */20:13
ballockrinigus: I think the messages are there only when the screen is on ;)20:14
drFaustrollballock: rinigus I suspect you tried with GST_DEBUG?20:16
drFaustrollusually may show you hints20:16
ballockdrFaustroll: yeah, even too many ;)20:16
drFaustrollok... strace?20:16
rinigusNokius: but your problem seems to be different to ours. you get to the codec and then sony falls off the cliff with "registering GraphicBuffer with OMX IL component failed" (seems bad to me). we don't get even started20:16
drFaustrollthough that only if you know20:16
drFaustrollthought Stskeeps was the master of OMX20:17
rinigusdrFaustroll: ballock tried lots of times... I haven't, but not looking forward to it either.20:17
rinigusballock: I guess we have to search hybris code to what calls OMXCodec.20:18
drFaustrollrinigus: what problem I have no problem20:18
Nokiusrinigus: odd vgrade has the same issue with the bacon
drFaustrolli sm on 12.1 base hyst to know20:18
rinigusdrFaustroll: sorry, I was talking about Nokius sony20:19
rinigusNokius: indeed. let's see if we can get that far20:19
Nokiusrinigus: thanks, but not tonight I'm to sleepy sorry20:21
rinigusNokius: np. we have to get to that point and it may take a while20:22
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Nokiusrinigus: let me know if I can provide any think I will try my best20:26
Nokiusto provide it :)20:26
rinigusNokius: thank you!20:26
Nokiusrinigus: no no thank you20:27
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rinigusballock: I'm off. I made a new cm zip with few debug messages inserted in omxcodec, but I'll test it tomorrow20:54
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wickwireUmeaboy: saw your memo just now23:07
wickwirehow is the phone holding up?23:07
wickwireI had some stresses recently with my 3D printer, so I had to dedicate some time to it23:07
wickwirehaven't been fiddling with SailfishOS yet23:08
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wickwirehaven't even properly tried out Jolla C or the Jolla Tablet23:09
wickwirethat I got last weekk23:09
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*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!~Umeaboy@> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:14
Umeaboywickwire: My WIFI just died. I think......23:14
UmeaboyUuuuuuhm. About your question..... I still haven't tested with a SIM card.23:15
UmeaboyOther than that I 'm quite happy with it.23:15
UmeaboyI do wish that SF could get a new part added to the first run guide thou.23:16
UmeaboyI can seem to see a demonstration of what full multitasking looks like in that guide.23:16
UmeaboyAny chance of adding that?23:17
wickwireI guess, time willing ;)23:17
UmeaboyLike showing people that you really CAN run more than one app at the same time in one window.23:17
UmeaboyI'm going to a local retail store to show them what Sailfish is about and I'd be happy to show a demo of such task in the first run usage guide.23:18
UmeaboyGotta go.... I'll be back layers.23:23
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!~Umeaboy@> has quit IRC (Quit: Bye)23:23
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