Wednesday, 2016-08-03

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ballockrinigus: interesting, indeed! What's ExtendedCodec? As I'd be looking for a boot-time initialization instruction/service, this sounds like a possible candidate.06:56
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rinigusballock: I wonder, is android service "media.player" working?07:30
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ballockrinigus: where's it started? init.rc?07:30
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rinigusballock: no clue. its just the one which is probably pulled for codecs in sp<IMediaCodecList> getCodecList()07:31
rinigusballock: ... and the notion of android service & communication with them via binder is too new for me.07:33
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rinigusballock: service is received by defaultServiceManager()->getService(String16("media.player")) in MediaCodecList::getInstance, but maybe communication fails in IMediaPlayerService via transact07:34
ballockrinigus: /system/bin/minimediaservice is there, no other "media.player" service07:34
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rinigusballock: I have only /system/bin/mediaservice, no minimediaservice over there07:48
ballockrinigus: ok, seems it's part of droidmedia07:49
ballockrinigus: so, looks like we've got a candidate - minimediaservice initializes codecs in a different way than the android's 'mediaservice' or 'media.player'07:50
ballockwell, minimedia.cpp is really pretty basic.07:53
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rinigusballock: it surely does. in CM, all is played via ACodec, as far as I could see.07:54
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rinigusballock: but, on N5, it seems to work.07:54
ballockrinigus: some magic ;)07:55
ballockrinigus: might be a glitch, more probably07:56
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ballockrinigus: some race condition that just doesn't happen in android, and is not happening in sfos on n5, either07:56
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ballockrinigus: I lost the part of your sentence from 9:34 after "fails in IMediaPlayerService via transact"07:57
rinigusballock: maybe, but its very deterministic => so we should be able to get to it :)07:57
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rinigusballock: we seem to have calls to MediaCodecList::getInstance() that never get finished. The second call is stuck on mutex, as we discussed earlier. The first one, is stuck in calling sRemoteList = service->getCodecList()07:59
rinigusballock: I presume (nb its a source of all errors), that  sRemoteList = service->getCodecList() gets stuck in sp<IMediaCodecList> getCodecList() while calling remote()->transact08:00
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ballockok, then - looking at what 'remote' is08:04
ballocksome sp<IBinder>& remote in IInterface.h08:07
ballockgetting low-level08:07
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rinigusballock: yep, that some RPC in Android.08:09
ballockrinigus: do you know what's on the other end of the RPC? the media.player service?08:10
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rinigusballock: I expect so, since that was called in
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Guest16673I'm wondering why it still compiles selinux stuff after it was removed from the kernel config file08:58
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ballockrinigus: I can see media.player is registered in av/media/libmediaplayerservice/MediaPlayerService.cpp, I wonder if this should be done in minimediaservice too...09:28
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rinigusballock: interesting.... I think we have this lib installed. so maybe it should just called somehow (or maybe its already called). I put some debug messages into IMediaPlayerService and trying to get some info from there09:32
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rinigusballock: ... again, got caught with droid-hybris libs. there are lots of them duplicating system/lib09:41
ballockrinigus: which one this time?09:41
ballockrinigus: I ripped out the binder and the query to media.player. Doesn't help. Freezes in getLocalInstance().09:46
rinigusballock: ripping didn't help indeed, tried to comment that part as well :)09:46
rinigusballock: libs: libmediaplayerservice, for example. going through the list09:47
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ballockrinigus: and the freeze in getLocalInstance() is at         gCodecList = new MediaCodecList;09:54
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ballockwhat's the android binary equivalents of: gdb, ldd, strace?09:57
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Guest16673Ok, finally rebuild kernel with complete fixup-mountpoints. still a lot of systemd jobs failed. also Failed to start droid-hal-init.10:03
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rinigusballock: mainly libmediaservice and libstagefr...10:12
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rinigusballock: I've made a little logger class and inserted the objects in IMediaPlayerService. code at ; log at
rinigusballock: highlighted line corresponds to the entry into transact that never finishes.10:21
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rinigusballock: so, just a tiny-tiny problem to figure out why there is noone replying? I'll populate onTransact with debug messages and see where it breaks10:26
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rinigus... hangs10:26
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ballockrinigus: it's getting too deep for my skill set10:59
rinigusballock: one step in a time :)11:00
ballockrinigus: I'd use a device with this thing working... I've got a Jolla C here, I think it's aosp 5.1 based11:01
rinigusballock: but I do start to wonder whether CM11 is absolutely fine.11:01
ballockrinigus: well, krnlyng wants to do some fancy things with sfdroid on cm12.111:01
nh1402_workballock: krnlyng has already started to do fancy things with sfdroid on cm12.111:02
rinigusballock: ... we already invested lots of time into it, let's try to make it count :)11:02
ballocknh1402_work: yeah, but it's kind of a busted idea to release a non-functional sfos port with functional sfdroid components11:03
ballockpeople might as well switch to android11:03
rinigusballock: onTransit stops at
nh1402_workballock: you take that back11:03
ballockkrnlyng getCodecList again11:04
ballocknh1402_work: what'ya mean?11:04
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ballockI'd repeat my question: how does one do debugging compared to that with the use of gdb, ldd, and strace on android binaries?11:05
ballockkrnlyng: nh1402_work: ^^^11:05
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nh1402_workballock: an English saying, and I'm afraid I don't know11:06
ballocknh1402_work: I only heard this saying when someone was about to get hit in the face11:07
mhous33mal-: just a follow up from yesterday; i reflashed and tried to telnet in, but pc loads adb interface, not rndis11:10
nh1402_workballock: I can't really explain it in other words, when someone refuses to believe with what the other person has said and wants them to change their mind, kind of.11:10
mhous33can't even try to install telnet driver11:11
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mhous33also, adb devices doesn't recognize any devices11:11
rinigusballock: while getCodecList is called, its probably called somewhere remotely. at least, I don't see reentry message that I put into "virtual sp<IMediaCodecList> getCodecList()"11:12
rinigusballock: I have a feeling we are probably missing something simple, problem is that we don't know what.11:15
rinigusballock: as far as I understood, N5 has a CM12.1 port with the latest version in private repo, right? that was based on YOG7D, if I remember correctly.11:17
drFaustrollrinigus: yes11:18
rinigusballock: N5 porters, I think, compiled their own CM12.1 to be able to do that. So, maybe we could take N5 sources and use them for CM12.1 YOG7D base11:18
drFaustrollrinigus: works properly with official cm12.111:18
drFaustrollrinigus: the recompile is for sfdroid11:19
drFaustrollTheRealJohnGalt[:  did it so he knows the details11:19
rinigusdrFaustroll: I see. and the repo is TheRealJohnGalt['s one11:19
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drFaustrollrinigus: which repo? all the 12.1 were submitted in mer-hybris ones11:22
drFaustrollrinigus: the dhd and everything is in the devel11:22
drFaustrollrinigus: do you want to try?11:22
ballockWhere's the JollaC source code?11:23
Guest16673found one mount unit with wrong name with dash11:23
ballockI know mal- was requesting it, or was it kimmoli?11:23
drFaustrollGuest16673: if dhd init fails... can be something serious or pretty silly11:24
drFaustrollGuest16673: knowing the hw is close to n5 i expect to be something silly11:24
drFaustrollthat you may be in shame to tell us when found11:24
Guest16673system doesn't mount11:24
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ballockWould it make sense to port cm11 stagefright to cm12.1? Might not...11:25
rinigusdrFaustroll: let me take a look. what do you mean by devel?11:26
rinigusballock: stagefright: no, I don't think it makes sense. its probably even worse than what we are facing now.11:27
rinigusdrFaustroll: if we are just missing some new service - would you mind to make a list of all processes running on N5 while playing video?11:28
ballockdrFaustroll: hammerhead is missing here:
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ballockrinigus: this is from an l500d (jolla c): ps -ef: logcat:
Guest16673Please tell me, is anything from needs to be fixed?11:38
ghosalmartinGuest16673: something is causing your time out issues for failing to authenticate, i had the issue a while back and couldnt remember for the life of me why its doing it11:41
Guest16673watchdog maybe?11:43
ghosalmartinhonestly cant remember11:44
rinigusballock: when was it done - while playing or just after boot, for example? to make it deterministic, let's compare just after the boot and (if its possible) without this aliendalvik system. right now (don't know the state of N4), but I am missing /system/bin/mediaserver and android.process.media11:46
ballockrinigus: I intentionally rebooted l500d, and started logcat just before opening Gallery and playing a video11:47
rinigusballock: ok, and when was ps -ef done?11:47
ballockrinigus: the logs are too long, possibly because of a working 3g/4g11:47
ballockrinigus: video came to an end, I stopped logcat, re-started the video and fired off ps -ef while it was playing11:48
rinigusballock: can you do ps -ef just after the boot as well? that's a bit easier to compare :)11:49
ballockrinigus: will do11:49
ballockrinigus: I'll make another ps -ef with both situation on a shut-down alien dalvik. wait a sec11:51
rinigusballock: thanks. I'll look into it a touch later. have to go now11:52
ballockrinigus: here's a post-boot ps:
ballockrinigus: and here's during-playback ps:
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ballockrinigus: vimdiffing process list, here's the daemons that we are missing on mako:
ballockdrFaustroll: Can you tell which of the services in are active on hammerhead?12:11
rinigusballock: nice list!12:13
ballockrinigus: but I can't find any of the services listed in the cm12.1 /init* files12:17
ballockrinigus: in mako, that is.12:17
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rinigusballock: is there any trick to start daemons? just running /system/bin/audiod didn't really do the trick.12:25
ballockrinigus: audiod is started by the 'system' user in /
ballockrinigus: I've no trace in mako of such service, and there seems to be no special options required to have it started12:28
ballockrinigus: thus, I'd guess it's device specific12:28
rinigusballock: I'll make a list of processes in Android.12:32
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rinigusballock: list from android after boot: . note that it has mediaserver running12:41
drFaustrollballock: not now I do not have the device handy12:41
ballockrinigus: the diff is awful12:44
ballockrinigus: android's ps does not differentiate between kernel processes and normal ones, among other issues12:44
rinigusballock: yep, but I think mediaserver does stick out.12:46
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ballockrinigus: I guess it's there, but it's a total mess to make out. Will try, though.12:47
ballockrinigus: done: here's the total list of all android processes running on cm12, not on sfos:
ballockrinigus: most totally unrelated.12:59
rinigusballock: list is nice, but are we any wiser?13:02
ballockrinigus: Likely not. However, there's some trails we could check -, for one13:04
ballockrinigus: could it be sending some initialization query to the hardware?13:05
rinigusballock: I'll try to start mediaservice since its easier :). was on jollaC, but only with dalvik13:06
ballockrinigus: Hey, but where's the "hardware" actually? What is the userspace that we're investigating talking to?13:06
ballockrinigus: Could we investigate what "RPC" or other commands are sent in there?13:07
rinigusballock: I found this regarding RPC, don't know if its still applies
Guest16673How to disable watchdog? msm_watchdog.enable=0 in cmdline didn't help13:20
rinigusballock: strange, init.rc contains "service media /system/bin/mediaserver", but its not running. do you know why?13:26
rinigusballock: ^ in sfos13:27
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rinigusballock: starting mediaservice as media from command prompt did not help13:35
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rinigusballock: mediaservice is dead end - according to gg its for indexing files :(13:41
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ghosalmartinsledges: has there been a new release of the sdk? i seem to of downloaded the latest one and now am having trouble with build_packages13:46
ghosalmartinmal: ^^13:48
sledgesghosalmartin: that's the latest public as usual:
ghosalmartinsledges: not the target, but the actual MerSDK13:49
sledgesghosalmartin: nah never :D13:49
sledgesghosalmartin: what is the trouble? may it be ARCH -> PORT_ARCH related?13:50
ghosalmartinsledges: i did a clean install and now this error appears13:50
ghosalmartinbut when i run the check kernel scripts manually it works fine13:50
drFaustrollghosalmartin: wrong shell?13:53
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: maybe? am using terminator rather than standard xterms13:54
ghosalmartinbut it used to work fine13:54
sledgesghosalmartin: it wants perl13:54
sledgeshave you got it in target?13:54
ghosalmartinsledges: i do indeed13:55
sledgescan you run it manually?13:56
ghosalmartinsledges: am going to try that now13:56
ghosalmartindoes anyone know how i can get binfmt_misc to register arches on boot?13:56
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ghosalmartinsledges: building again, i forgot to update scratchbox2 so it had aarch64 support14:35
ghosalmartincheers :)14:35
nh1402_workghosalmartin: so what's next for you?14:40
drFaustrollghosalmartin: so you built all the hal-hybris?14:40
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: libhybris atm and another one14:41
drFaustrollghosalmartin: another one which?14:44
drFaustrollI mean if you are at sb2 you are quite ahead...14:45
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: oh wait yeah I built hybris-hal14:45
drFaustrollyou were at kernel checking14:45
ghosalmartinsorry I thought you mean middleware, at the moment am trying to build the middleware, libhybris etc etc14:45
drFaustrollthat is just before dhd14:45
drFaustrollghosalmartin: they shall be easy peasy14:45
ghosalmartinthe issue is zypper seems to be broken14:45
ghosalmartinwhich makes dependencies really annoying14:46
Guest16673Error from prop qcom,mdss-clk-levels : spec error in device tree  <== it's ok or not?14:54
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drFaustrollghosalmartin: I do not understand what you mean by broken? in sb2?15:11
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: it refuses to install aarch64 packages15:11
drFaustrollghosalmartin: you may need to use the curl fix15:11
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: already done that, and ensured that it has aarch64 support, its libzypp that just seems to not like aarch64 packages15:11
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ghosalmartinif i manually install the packages with rpm -i they work fine15:12
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drFaustrollghosalmartin: something  is funny... still you got no help in the zypper channel?15:12
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: i asked with no luck15:13
ghosalmartinam currently trying to build the latest libzypp with no luck15:13
drFaustrollghosalmartin: in wonder if that zypp is so old that does not even know that aarch64 existsed15:14
ghosalmartindrFaustroll: i checked the source code, its had aarch64 added15:14
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nh1402_workghosalmartin: but is it lying?15:25
ghosalmartinnh1402_work: ...i hope not :P15:26
nh1402_workwell time for me to head home ttyl15:29
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Nokiustaaem[m]: dunno if this would work for porting but may u like to hacker other stuff
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taaem[m]Nokius: that looks cool I'll take a look15:52
Nokiustaaem[m]: I should tweeted with hashtag SailfishOS15:53
taaem[m]Oh I'm actually too young...15:53
Nokiusarrg right15:54
Nokiusmissed that15:54
krnlyngballock: getCodecList?15:54
taaem[m]1 month so maybe then15:56
ballockkrnlyng: I was asking if you can point me to some gdb equivalent in android binaries16:06
ballockgdb, ldd from sfos don't really bite on the android bins/libs16:07
krnlyngballock: i patched gdb + libhybris to be able to get a backtrace from android libs16:08
ballockkrnlyng: no shit! got a package?16:09
ballockor at least the patch?16:09
krnlyngballock: i can give you the patches, let me just apply them to jb linker16:10
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off16:10
krnlyngballock: this is for gdb (the first part is actually just to make it build without makeinfo which i grabbed from somewhere... but it didn't work 100%, i had to compile with: MAKEINFO=true make -j8)16:11
krnlyngballock: let me know if it works :)16:14
krnlyngballock: but the hybris patch breaks normal gdb16:15
krnlyngballock: but you should be able to use the patched gdb for almost everything16:15
ballockkrnlyng: so if I'm able to use it for everything, why do you say it breaks normal gdb?16:15
krnlyngballock: /usr/bin/gdb will break but the patched gdb will work16:16
krnlyngsfos /usr/bin/gdb*16:16
ballockkrnlyng: I'll just apply the patch to the normal sfos gdb and overwrite that one16:17
krnlyngballock: btw what do you want to debug?16:17
ballockkrnlyng: mutexes in the getCodecList() call16:18
krnlyngballock: these patches are for linux binaries which load android libs16:18
ballockkrnlyng: yeah, you said you patch gdb, but the patch is for libhybris?16:18
krnlyngi pasted it but didn't paste here16:19
krnlyngyou need both16:19
ballockkrnlyng: ok, fair, thanks16:19
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krnlyngsledges: didn't help :|16:20
*** Gabs5807 <Gabs5807!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:22
krnlyngsledges: i am going to double check because yesterday it was late :)16:32
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Mister_Magistersledges: ping i need to change gpu govenor17:21
drFaustrollballock: ping17:29
drFaustrollballock: so you want that systems still17:29
ballockdrFaustroll: yes, that would help, at least rule out the possibility we're just missing some service17:30
krnlyngballock: corrected patch:
ballockkrnlyng: is that a patch to that patch, or should I unapply the previous one first?17:31
krnlyngballock: unapply17:32
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drFaustrollballock: any special way toget them?17:35
drFaustrollballock: systemctl status will sufice?17:35
ballockdrFaustroll: ps -ef preferrably17:35
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ballockdrFaustroll: Is that a fresh boot and during a video playback?17:45
ballockdrFaustroll: Sorry, I didn't mention that when you asked.17:45
drFaustrollballock: fresh boot no video17:45
drFaustrollballock: but since is your lucky day
ballockdrFaustroll: Thank you :)17:47
ballockdrFaustroll: Having both of them helps too.17:47
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krnlyngballock: this builds for me,.. but i didn't test if it works. or if it works the same way as for the mm linker18:09
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ballockrinigus: I compiled the components required for gdb to work with hybris/android binaries:18:40
ballockssu ar debugger
ballockssu er debugger18:41
ballockpkcon refresh18:41
ballockpkcon install gdb libhybris18:41
ballocklibhybris is only mako-cm12.1 compatible18:41
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rinigusballock: thanks! I'll be able to look into it late tonight or tomorrow18:49
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rinigusballock: it looks that N5 has /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/miniafservice running while N4 is missing it (thanks drFaustroll!)19:04
ballockrinigus: yeah, this one I already checked19:04
drFaustrollrinigus: ballock thought you instaleld that one19:05
*** koffeinfriedhof <koffeinfriedhof!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:05
drFaustrolli remember when you were building it19:05
ballockrinigus: I've got the rpm around, but the symptoms are the same even with miniafservice19:06
ballockrinigus: what is interesting for me now is if this thing is expected to see with gdb:19:07
ballockwarning: .dynamic section for "" is not at the expected address (wrong library or version mismatch?)19:07
ballockwarning: .dynamic section for "" is not at the expected address (wrong library or version mismatch?)19:07
rinigusballock: now which of them do you use? the ones in droid-hybris or in /system? [have to go now, sorry]19:13
ballockrinigus: this was with both being the original in /system from cm12.119:14
ballockrinigus: and when I provide my custom, the warning is not there!19:16
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kimmoliif someone is smarter than me, what is the onyx splash format? 16megs partition dump
kimmoliit has 512 bytes of header, which has SPLASH!! then i found 1080, 1920 values there20:10
kimmolilength 0xfcc020:10
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Guest16673When should dbus-daemon start?21:41
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