Sunday, 2016-08-07

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kimmolimal-: saidinesh5: just "reboot", it uses correct way through dsme. (you should see the "goodbye" message)05:09
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rinigusballock: I debugged a bit further. I made a new cm&sfos images with logging in omx and qcom components. for comparison, I have new CM and SFOS logs06:06
rinigusballock: to keep logs 'reasonable', I pasted only grep -i -E "QC_CORE|omx|ffm"06:06
rinigusballock: CM log:
rinigusballock: SFOS log:
rinigusballock: there are several differences and lots of similarities. the main similarity is that, at the beginning, all components get registered in sfos as in cm06:08
rinigusballock: as for differences, we have already earlier noticed that cm makes all these registration of components much earlier, right during a boot. I haven't looked very much for what is initializing it, but I couldn't find anything in mediaservers codes (sfos vs cm) that could be responsible for early registration06:10
rinigusballock: so, with late registration, maybe gstreamer has some kind of timeout? against that theory is that it seems that the registration ends at the same place. with timeout I'd expect some differences06:12
rinigusballock: the highlighted lines are the difference in registration. it seems that while QC_CORE is returning 1 (sfos highlighted line), its missing one component (highlighted line in CM)06:13
rinigusballock: things seem to break on . maybe we are missing some 'security-related' driver or component?06:14
rinigusballock: ... as a side note, cm11 base looks more and more attractive to me. we have put a lot of effort into it, but maybe there is a time to call it a day and leave n4 on cm11? /end of the rant/06:15
rinigus-mballock: 'it' = cm12.106:18
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w700Regarding the HADK section 10.2. Does anyone have experience using an Android stock image 4.1.2 and CM 10.1 (4.2.2)? Is there a reasonable probability of success with this?07:13
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mal-saidinesh5: I think the issue might be somewhere lower level, please get dmesg08:48
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mal-w700: which device?09:35
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mal-PSA: the latest commits in should fix hostname handling in cm12.1 (and in future cm13.0) based ports, previously it was always localhost09:38
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lbtmal-: cert fixed - did it yesterday and forgot to install it - d'oh    (you have to wait X hours for their revocation servers to update)10:08
lbtsaidinesh5: I can sort out an account for you - what's your email and preferred nick ?10:09
mal-lbt: thanks10:11
drFaustrollmal-: with sf210:18
drFaustrollmal-: did you have any success? I mean sf2 crowd converted to sanity?10:18
mal-drFaustroll: what?10:23
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w700mal: Motorola Droid 410:25
drFaustrollmal-: you did the port for the fairphone10:27
mal-w700: why would you use cm10 base? that device seems to have also cm11 and cm12.1 (but for some reason no cm12.1 images to download)10:27
drFaustrollmal-: did it get a good crowd adopting?10:28
mal-drFaustroll: difficult to say10:28
mal-also what is considered a good adopting10:29
drFaustrollmal-: so their ethical thing stopped at the metal10:29
drFaustrollmore than you and few people10:29
drFaustrolland large crowds complaining about the non working thing10:29
mal-I don't follow the forums that much to know10:30
w700mal: hadk - "It is important that you start with a fresh stock image that matches the Android version of the Cyanogen-10:34
w700Mod release you are going to flash"10:34
w700section 10.210:35
mal-w700: not usually needed, if you can get the cyanogenmod to work then it's ok10:37
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w700Ok, thanks mal. thought i'd wasted alot of time after getting to section 10.2 and reading that.10:42
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rinigusballock: I've got the missing line (one) in QC_CORE message by recompiling the kernel with more options from CM taken over. However, the rest is the same, no go with video and it stops in the same place.11:10
drFaustrollmal-: a pitty I would have thought is the best match... in spirit11:15
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saidinesh5lbt: check dm11:22
saidinesh5wow this build is full of kernel panics11:28
saidinesh5mal-: dmesg logs11:32
saidinesh5init: cannot find '/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minimediaservice', disabling 'minimedia' , [   44.377370] init: cannot find '/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minisfservice', disabling 'minisf'11:36
saidinesh5 ?11:36
saidinesh5[   44.379591] init: cannot find '/system/bin/qcom-system-daemon', disabling 'qcomsysd' too...11:36
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drFaustrollsaidinesh5: did you build the minimedia?11:44
mal-saidinesh5: that minimedia error says that you haven't built minimedia stuff probably11:44
saidinesh5i havent drFaustroll11:44
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: then that explains it11:44
drFaustrollafter hybris-hal there are few more things you need to build11:44
saidinesh5which part of the hadk faq drFaustroll?11:45
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: I do not remember that11:45
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: I do nto think is in hadq11:45
drFaustrollmay be in faw11:45
saidinesh5it isnt.. in hadk11:45
saidinesh5in faq.. not sure though11:45
mal-saidinesh5: line 160->11:46
saidinesh5mal-: but that's needed for basic pulseaudio + audiocalls too?11:46
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: next 3 lines
mal-saidinesh5: no11:47
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: mal- pushed you already11:47
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: which base?11:47
saidinesh5cm12.1 / hybris12.111:47
mal-saidinesh5: did you have audio working before?11:47
drFaustrollheard a rumour anout nexus 7 and and mainline kernel11:47
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: then you need line 142 and 14311:47
saidinesh5mal-: the first build i had audio iirc. but it didnt have phone calls working11:47
saidinesh5and after this fix phone calls patch audio + sensors stopped working11:48
mal-saidinesh5: that cannot break sensors11:48
saidinesh5but the sensors were working in the build before this...11:48
mal-saidinesh5: I thought the fix yesterday worked?11:49
saidinesh5but after that i built this build with the fix for phone calls + pulseaudio, which broke the sensors too now11:49
saidinesh5[    5.210733] systemd[1]: sensorfwd.service has a D-Bus service name specified, but is not of type dbus. Ignoring.11:49
saidinesh5[   46.280976] MSM-SENSOR-INIT msm_sensor_driver_cmd:85 failed: msm_sensor_driver_probe rc -2211:49
saidinesh5that's what # dmesg | grep -i sensor returns11:49
mal-saidinesh5: like I said yesterday, the sensors are very timing sensitive without that one fix11:49
saidinesh5but that fix is already there right? the sensorfwd11:50
mal-assuming you rebuilt properly then yes11:50
saidinesh5i did a git pull in the droid-configs and received those patches11:50
mal-the latter error is not from normal sensors, it's from camera11:51
saidinesh5the msm-sensor-init?11:52
saidinesh5so what can break the sensors?11:52
mal-saidinesh5: you tried that those don't work at all?11:52
mal-is sensorfwd running?11:52
saidinesh5it worked before this build11:53
saidinesh5and nope sensorfwd isnt running11:53
mal-saidinesh5: what's in journal log about sensors11:53
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: out of curiousity which device ar you doing?11:53
saidinesh5drFaustroll: Xiaomi Mi3 (cancro)11:53
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: cool... xiaomi is run by the guy who did the nexus range for google11:54
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: so you have cm for it11:54
saidinesh5drFaustroll: yup i do have cm for this one and from wikipedia the board is very close to nexus 511:54
mal-saidinesh5: that means you have some issues in lower level, same as audio, some initialization is failing11:55
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: i will not be surprised... the guy jumped boat when his gf decided to fuck sergey brin...11:55
saidinesh5lol whut11:55
saidinesh5mal-: so i gdb sensorfwd?11:56
mal-saidinesh5: that won't help11:56
mal-saidinesh5: the log clearly says that it cannot get the sensors from android side11:56
saidinesh5Ah.. hmm...11:58
saidinesh5looking into what changed this build11:59
saidinesh51 swc12:03
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saidinesh5hmm.. havent found anything12:15
saidinesh5mal-: any idea where i should be looking?12:15
saidinesh5the changes i see so far only seem like audio related changes12:15
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saidinesh5rm out/target/product/$DEVICE/system/bin/miniafservice && rm out/target/product/$DEVICE/system/lib/ ; so is audioflingerglue not needed?12:20
saidinesh5but there is a /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/ ... so not sure12:21
mal-saidinesh5: that is to remove a conflict between the packaged audioflingerglue and droid-hal-$DEVICE12:22
mal-saidinesh5: without those rm commands we would have the lib in both12:22
saidinesh5Ah the packaged audioflingerglue is the file i found?12:22
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saidinesh5so mal- what android components do i have to be looking at for this sensors thing?12:23
mal-saidinesh5: what changes do you see12:23
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saidinesh5only these ones..  the module-droid-glue ones12:24
mal-saidinesh5: show the whole journal log12:25
mal-after reboot preferrably so it will show everything12:25
mal-saidinesh5: what does test_sensors return?12:28
saidinesh5it is taking a while so im guessing 0 sensors found12:29
mal-what sensor related processes are running? there is usually some android sensor service12:30
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saidinesh5# ps aux | grep -i sensor12:31
saidinesh5root     12330  0.3  0.0  22020  1240 ?        Sl   18:01   0:00 /system/bin/sensors.qcom12:31
saidinesh5root     12363  0.0  0.0   1916   524 pts/0    S+   18:01   0:00 grep -i sensor12:31
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: i remember you need to be root to get the seonsors12:32
saidinesh5drFaustroll: i ran the test_sensors in the root shell itself12:32
mal-I think that shouldn't be a root process, on fp2 I have sensors as the user12:33
saidinesh5but test_sensors is also run as root so should it matter?12:34
mal-in init.qcom.rc I have user root12:34
saidinesh5service sensors /system/bin/sensors.qcom12:35
saidinesh5    class main12:35
saidinesh5    user root12:35
saidinesh5    group root12:35
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mal-saidinesh5: very difficult what you have done to make things break12:40
saidinesh5just applied the phonecalls patch ..12:40
mal-that just cannot break it12:40
saidinesh5that's the only change between builds12:40
saidinesh5i even disabled bluetooth so taht that could be the only change12:41
mal-if you want you can easily disable that, just comment out the service in init.rc12:41
saidinesh5the bluetooth one?12:41
saidinesh5hmm... afaik the bluetooth patch was some systemd services12:41
mal-saidinesh5: no the miniafservice12:41
mal-saidinesh5: i.e. the call fix12:42
saidinesh5let me try that12:42
saidinesh5one sec12:42
saidinesh5okay rebooting12:43
mal-if that really breaks something then I wonder what you have done because that has always worked12:43
saidinesh5the reboot command takes like 30+ seconds12:44
saidinesh5bah kernel panic12:45
saidinesh5mal-: nope...12:48
saidinesh5nothing after disabling miniafservice12:48
mal-I suggest you do a clean rebuild, just remove (or rename) the $ANDROID_ROOT/out and then rebuild everything12:51
mal-saidinesh5: hmm, which common repo did you use?12:52
saidinesh5but what about the packages already built for the pulseaudio-module-glue ?12:52
mal-or did you?12:52
saidinesh5mal-: where do i look?12:52
saidinesh5common repo i mean12:52
mal-saidinesh5: did you add something in .ks12:52
saidinesh5i think i did, for that gps one12:53
mal-I assume you build
saidinesh5mal-: repo --name=common --baseurl=
mal-that is based on 2.0.2, change that to
mal-or build 2.0.212:54
saidinesh5Ah how do i build 2.0.2?12:54
saidinesh5i need new scratchbox for that?12:54
mal-you need to manually update the scratchbox target12:55
mal-saidinesh5: the other thing you need to fix in build is common repo added to the build target12:56
saidinesh5okay.. so adding the common repo change first12:57
saidinesh5mal-: can i test the common repo change directly on device first?12:57
saidinesh5without building the whole image that is12:57
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: and you need 70-72 in there12:58
saidinesh5Ah aye12:59
mal-saidinesh5: no, because that used as dependency fo building your device specific middleware13:00
saidinesh5Ahh so doing a full 2.0.2 build then13:00
saidinesh5mal-: File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''13:02
saidinesh5Abort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i/?] (a):13:02
saidinesh5for sb2 zypperref13:03
saidinesh5for sb2 zypper ref13:03
drFaustrollsaidinesh5: is
mal-saidinesh5: of course, I just used short version number because I thought it was obvious that the newest version13:03
saidinesh5Ah my bad13:03
saidinesh5okay this doesnt look good:
saidinesh5mal-: ^13:05
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mal-saidinesh5: select 213:12
mal-also for other similar problems you might have13:12
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saidinesh5bah the ngfw package building is getting stuck again14:40
*** marxistvegan_ is now known as marxistvegan14:41
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saidinesh5okay fingers crossed15:08
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saidinesh5Audio working!15:17
mal-how about sensors?15:17
saidinesh5still booting15:17
saidinesh5i think sensors work too15:18
saidinesh5test_sensors found things15:18
saidinesh5checking with messwerk15:18
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saidinesh5compass working15:20
saidinesh5rotation is still a little messy15:20
saidinesh5actually idk about rotation .. cant say15:21
saidinesh5accelerometer working15:21
saidinesh5gyroscope works15:21
saidinesh5magnetometer works15:21
saidinesh5proximity sensor works15:21
mal-no need to tell every one individually15:22
saidinesh5heh actually in the previous build gyro wasnt working15:22
saidinesh5and rotation was messy15:22
saidinesh5need to test voice calls now15:22
mal-saidinesh5: just remember that you cannot release 2.0.2 images yet15:23
mal-until 2.0.2 is officially released by jolla15:23
saidinesh5Ahhh sure15:23
mal-it's now in early access so hopefully it won't take very long15:23
saidinesh5if phone calls work, i will work on sfdroid support next15:24
saidinesh5mal-: how much of work is it to get sfdroid running?15:24
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mal-saidinesh5: I would suggest building gst-droid and droidmedia stuff first, i.e. camera and video codecs15:24
saidinesh5oh right.. forgot15:24
saidinesh5does pirate fm need them too?15:25
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mal-2.0.2 has integrated fm radio, you just need to install the package described in faq15:25
mal-also the other changes there15:26
mal-saidinesh5: nowadays sfdroid is somewhat simpler than it used to be, but difficult to say15:27
saidinesh5where are those spam callers when you need them.. damn15:28
saidinesh5called customer care lol15:28
mal-saidinesh5: you can fix fm radio and gst-droid at the same time, fm radio is quite simple usually15:29
mal-saidinesh5: fm radio is also easy to test without building anything nee15:30
saidinesh5gst-droid is for camera too right?15:30
saidinesh5yeah testing fm radio now15:30
mal-just some configs and packages to install15:30
mal-saidinesh5: you are missing some of the call fix related stuff from your droid-configs github15:32
saidinesh5yup. i havent pushed the changes yet15:32
mal-saidinesh5: ok, just reminding15:33
saidinesh5it started working only with 2.0.2 build15:33
saidinesh5yup of course15:33
saidinesh5puhing the changes now15:33
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saidinesh5mal-: how/where do i add the changes to git?  the building the pulseaudio modules glue part15:34
saidinesh5right now my change: only 1 line: +- pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue15:34
saidinesh5okay pushed those changes15:36
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mal-saidinesh5: did you use that way to build your current image?15:39
saidinesh5i useed the instructions in the faq15:39
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mal-saidinesh5: I mean you used that exact file when building?15:39
mal-ok, then overwriting works fine15:40
saidinesh5the arm_droid one?15:40
mal-I just checked the build script and should be ok15:41
saidinesh5build script for?15:41
saidinesh5rebooting the phone with changes for fm radio15:43
saidinesh5i should probably add fm radio and bluetooth to the next commit. bluetooth was easy fix15:43
mal-I assume the usual systemd service15:43
saidinesh5bah kernel panic15:44
mal-which version did you use of the systemd service for bluetooth?15:46
saidinesh5not sure..  just adding this file and systemd serrvices calling for that15:47
mal-ok, I have slightly different on fp2
rinigusfolks, I have a problem with ofono on 2.0.1 image (n4/cm12.1 base). as statefs complains, its constantly switching between searching->registered->unregistered. is that fixed in 2.0.2? or somehow I can fix for 2.0.1?15:48
saidinesh5Ah no setprop needed?15:49
mal-saidinesh5: it seems to be needed on some devices, not all15:49
mal-saidinesh5: you can try my simpler version and if it works then use it, if not then use that other one15:49
saidinesh5fm radio still not opening15:50
saidinesh5i guess it needs a whole build15:50
saidinesh5the piratefm crashes15:50
mal-saidinesh5: no it doesn't15:50
saidinesh5so how do i debug the piratefm app?15:50
mal-saidinesh5: did you add everything needed?15:50
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:50
saidinesh5the kernel already has the flags, so i added the pulseaudio config, the udev rools and installed the qt5 plugin15:51
mal-saidinesh5: why do you use that and not the integrated fm radio?15:51
saidinesh5i dont see any integrated fm radio15:51
mal-saidinesh5: read the faq15:51
mal-it's a plugin for media player app15:51
saidinesh5i dont have a media-player app .. so thought that might be the easier way15:52
saidinesh5trying zypper in jolla-mediaplayer-radio  now15:52
*** itbaron <itbaron!~kvirc@> has quit IRC (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
mal-saidinesh5: you can install the app with zypper15:53
saidinesh5btw. weird. this reboot sound stopped workuing15:53
saidinesh5checking logs15:53
saidinesh5Failed to load module "module-droid-card" (argument: "rate=48000 mute_routing_before=24576 mute_routing_after=4096"): initialization failed.15:54
saidinesh5 Failed to open device (errno -22).15:55
mal-what did you change since last reboot?15:55
saidinesh5the same fm radio related changes15:56
saidinesh5udev rules part15:56
saidinesh5pulseaudio xconfig for fmradio15:56
mal-check if that worked15:56
saidinesh5rebooting to see15:56
mal-the udev rule, does the /dev/radio0 have correct permissions15:56
saidinesh5still booting15:58
saidinesh5 crw-r----- 1 audio audio 81, 28 Aug  7 21:28 /dev/radio016:01
*** eekkelund <eekkelund!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)16:02
mal-saidinesh5: still audio fails?16:02
mal-saidinesh5: remove the /etc/pulse/xpolicy.conf.d/fmradio.conf and try if that helps16:03
saidinesh5yup doing that16:03
saidinesh5mal-: doesnt systemctl restart pulseaudio work?16:04
saidinesh5Failed to issue method call: Unit pulseaudio.service failed to load: No such file or directory.16:04
mal-pulseaudio is a user service so systemctl --user restart pulseaudio16:05
mal-or systemctl-user restart pulseaudio16:05
mal-depending on which user you are16:05
saidinesh5also i still dont see jolla media player btw16:08
saidinesh5it says it is installed16:08
mal-jolla-mediaplayer is installed and still doesn't show the media app?16:09
saidinesh5i installed jolla-mediaplayer-radio.. that pulls in jolla-mediaplayer right?16:10
mal-not sure16:10
mal-I assume it should but cannot be sure16:10
saidinesh5Ah nope...16:10
saidinesh5The following NEW packages are going to be installed:16:10
saidinesh5  jolla-mediaplayer-radio jolla-mediaplayer-radio-all-translations jolla-mediaplayer-radio-all-translations-pack libjollamediaplayer16:10
mal-saidinesh5: but what breaks your audio, revert every change related to fm radio, no need to remove packages, just the configs16:11
*** eekkelund <eekkelund!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:12
saidinesh5there is pulseaudio running16:12
saidinesh5so checking16:12
saidinesh5Aug 07 21:42:18 localhost pulseaudio[1784]: Failed to load module "module-droid-card" (argument: "rate=48000 mute_routing_before=24576 mute_routing_after=4096"): initialization failed.16:12
mal-PID file '/run/user/100000/pulse/pid' not mine! is strange16:12
saidinesh5just did16:13
saidinesh5rebooting takes a lot of time on this device16:15
saidinesh5weird though.. i remember it used to be faster16:15
saidinesh5another kernel panic16:16
mal-how fast is the normal boot?16:17
mal-from powered off state16:17
saidinesh5at least 2 minutes16:17
mal-that's slow16:17
mal-install systemd-analyze and reboot, that should tell what is taking so long16:18
saidinesh5Ah aye16:18
mal-fp2 boots in 20-30 seconds16:18
saidinesh5still no audio16:19
mal-saidinesh5: you removed the udev rule and all?16:19
saidinesh5do i remove the udev rules part too?16:19
saidinesh5just the pulseaudio config16:19
saidinesh5oh wow16:20
saidinesh5even sensors arent working16:20
saidinesh5it is weiiird how sensors and audio seem to be linked16:21
mal-sounds like something in lower level was broken again16:21
mal-maybe udev16:21
mal-we want to know what is breaking it16:21
mal-same happened before16:22
saidinesh5could you check my ks file if there are any old repos in there?16:22
saidinesh51 sec posting it16:22
*** Emperor2k3 <Emperor2k3!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)16:22
mal-unless you added something else than commmon it should be fine16:22
saidinesh5nah only common repo --name=common --baseurl=
saidinesh5but i installed the piratefm package.. so did it pull in some older packages?16:24
mal-shouldn't do that16:25
kimmolionly localstorageplugin16:26
mal-saidinesh5: did removing udev rule change anything? did you also remove the fm radio systemd service?16:28
saidinesh5i didnt touch the systemd service actually16:28
saidinesh5it is only when the fm radio is built as a module right?16:28
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:28
*** corvinux <corvinux!~hashcore@unaffiliated/corvinux> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)16:30
saidinesh5okay this reboot things work again16:32
mal-saidinesh5: yes16:32
saidinesh5including sensors and audio16:32
mal-saidinesh5: so what did you change from previous reboot16:32
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!~sk@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)16:32
saidinesh5nothing actually :/16:32
saidinesh5only installed systemd analyze16:32
mal-do you have the bluetooth service on the device now?16:33
saidinesh5i didnt add bluetooth to this build16:33
saidinesh5Ahh.. so fm radio needs bluetooth?16:34
mal-yes, those are on the same chip16:34
saidinesh5also after removing the udev rule16:34
saidinesh5crw-r----- 1 system system 81, 28 Aug  7 22:01 /dev/radio016:34
mal-that might be ok16:35
saidinesh5Ah so okay adding bluetooth + fm radio again16:35
saidinesh5without the udev rule16:35
mal-saidinesh5: did you check systemd-analyze yet?16:35
saidinesh5oh right16:36
saidinesh5this time it was actually faster: btw16:36
saidinesh5Startup finished in 4.865s (kernel) + 46.309s (userspace) = 51.175s16:36
mal-saidinesh5: there are some systemd-analyze commands that might be useful, blame and plot16:37
saidinesh5yup cghecking blame16:37
mal-plot will make a svg image of the boot process16:37
mal-at least the first two are strangely slow16:38
saidinesh5checking plot16:38
mal-disabling console from kernel commandline might help with one of those16:39
*** rinigus_ <rinigus_!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)16:40
saidinesh5 svg btw16:40
saidinesh5there were some issues trying to mount in my dmesg logs16:43
mal-what issues?16:44
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~drFaustro@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:45
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~drFaustro@> has quit IRC (Changing host)16:45
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~drFaustro@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:45
mal-saidinesh5: what is partition 25?16:46
* saidinesh5 checks16:46
saidinesh5probably data16:46
mal-also partition 2116:46
saidinesh5yup userdata is 2516:46
saidinesh521 is persist16:47
mal-sounds like your userdata might have some filesystem issues, I suggest you reformat it from recovery and install sailfish again16:48
saidinesh5will try fsck first. it has a lot of data atm16:49
mal-just wondering why remounting takes so long16:49
saidinesh5also just the reboot command hangs for like 30 seconds16:49
saidinesh5before even rebooting16:49
mal-also udev takes quite long16:50
saidinesh51 minute .. still reboot is stuck16:50
saidinesh5i think it takes 1 minute 30 seconds..16:51
saidinesh5prolly systemd is waiting for something16:51
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:53
saidinesh5and this reboot sensors arent working again!16:54
mal-sounds like some timing issue16:55
saidinesh5oh weird. i thought fsck exists in twrp's busybox16:55
saidinesh5weird.. no fsck.ext4 in my /system either16:57
saidinesh5does hybris-recovery provide that one?16:57
mal-not sure16:58
saidinesh5meh the fsck.ext4 in sailfish os isnt running from twrp's busybox.. i assume it is glibc vs. bionic?17:06
saidinesh5cant fsck from wthin sailfish because /data is where the sailfish is17:07
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has quit IRC (Quit: krnlyng)17:09
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:10
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*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:13
*** marmistrz <marmistrz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:21
marmistrzHi, I'd like to play out with porting SailfishOS to Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 (S-GT6500D). I found the following sources for the CyanogenMod for the device:
*** kido` <kido`!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:26
marmistrzIs this ok to simply reuse the existing local manifest?17:26
*** kido <kido!uid142953@gateway/web/> has quit IRC ()17:29
*** kido` is now known as kido17:30
*** kido <kido!> has quit IRC (Changing host)17:30
*** kido <kido!~kido@unaffiliated/kido> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:30
*** rinigus-m <rinigus-m!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:30
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saidinesh5marmistrz: it looks like it is pulling in unneeded stuff with local manifest you linked17:44
saidinesh5liek frameworks native...17:45
saidinesh5 <project path="vendor/samsung" name="TheWhisp/proprietary_vendor_samsung_msm7x27a" revision="cm-10.2-old-adreno" /> also why is this 10.2 and the others 11.0 ?17:45
*** marmistrz <marmistrz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)17:46
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:47
*** marmistrz <marmistrz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:59
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mal-also frameworks/native is patched for sailfish18:01
saidinesh5cant seem to find fsck.ext4 anywhere compiled for bionic18:03
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:03
marmistrzsaidinesh5: I have no idea why the both versions are here.18:07
marmistrzI guess that one developer continued the work of another who based on someone else's work too.18:07
saidinesh5marmistrz: so you can remove frameworks bit and the webkit bit from there and it should work?18:08
marmistrzAnd the ROM is to support 3 revisions of the hardware: jena, jenad, trebon18:08
marmistrzWhat are the frameworks?18:08
saidinesh5lines 9-12 in there18:10
marmistrzyep, but what are they for?18:11
marmistrzand why are they useless for us?18:11
saidinesh5<mal-> also frameworks/native is patched for sailfish18:13
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:14
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*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has quit IRC (Quit: krnlyng)18:17
marmistrzI was offline that very moment ;) So we have our own frameworks/native in hybris, don't we?18:18
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:19
saidinesh5yup marmistrz18:25
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!~sk@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)18:27
marmistrzsaidinesh5: and why is webkit useless to us? We have our own distribution too?18:32
mal-marmistrz: sailfish only uses certain parts of android lower level stuff18:32
marmistrzthank you both!18:33
mal-saidinesh5: any progress?18:48
*** rinigus-m <rinigus-m!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)18:55
saidinesh5mal-: recompilling the image. i was looking for a bionic fsck.ext4 but no luck there18:59
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:12
*** corvinux <corvinux!~hashcore@unaffiliated/corvinux> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:14
saidinesh5mal-: any hints on how to debug udev?19:20
saidinesh5wrt sensors/audio and random kernel panics19:20
*** cmazieri <cmazieri!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:21
mal-one way is to get logs from a broken and working boot and compare those19:22
mal-but the mounting issue needs to be solved19:25
saidinesh5i did an e2fsck on the data partition. it didnt find any issues19:25
saidinesh5bluetooth is up and running19:27
mal-try fm radio again, hopefully that was just because of the random issue19:28
saidinesh5oh btw. the bluetooth works with your fp2 one.. without the setprop stuff19:29
saidinesh5btw when creating the files in the sparse directory, do i have to worry about the user, group and permissions?19:31
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)19:32
mal-normal user should be ok, only for executable permissions are important afaik19:32
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
saidinesh5set it as a+x19:34
saidinesh5i dont need to add if i didnt compile it as a module right?19:35
mal-saidinesh5: but you have CONFIG_RADIO_IRIS_TRANSPORT=m19:36
* saidinesh5 checks19:36
*** marmistrz <marmistrz!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)19:37
* saidinesh5 facepalms19:37
mal-at least your github repo has it as a module19:37
saidinesh5yeah i did a repo sync after that19:38
saidinesh5so prolly got changed19:38
mal-saidinesh5: you didn't change that yourself19:38
saidinesh5hmm? i tinkered a bit with the kernel config locally19:39
saidinesh5changed a lot of m to y19:39
saidinesh5back when display wasnt coming up actually19:39
mal-by default that is module in cm19:40
saidinesh5do i add the udev rule too?19:41
saidinesh5to change the /dev/radio0 to audio audio19:41
mal-depends if it work without that or not19:41
mal-I would add it, shouldn't cause any problems19:42
saidinesh5can sailfish live with /data in f2fs btw?19:44
saidinesh5kernel panic...19:46
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)19:47
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:48
saidinesh5no audio/sensors.. and boot took like 3-4 minutes19:51
*** marmistrz <marmistrz!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:53
saidinesh5okay neither piratefm nor jolla music player are opening19:53
saidinesh5bluetooth is on..19:53
marmistrzWill something bad happen if I pass -c to repo sync or --depth 1 to repo init, as suggested here:
saidinesh5[   33.326825] wlan: WCNSS hardware version WCN v2.0 RadioPhy vIris_TSMC_3.0 with 48MHz XO19:54
marmistrzWith git I wouldn't worry and simply pass --depth 119:54
marmistrzBut this is repo I have no experience with19:54
saidinesh5marmistrz: i tried it with --depth 1 before.. iirc it didnt change much19:54
marmistrzand does it matter if I pass --depth to repo init or repo sync?19:55
mal-saidinesh5: anything in logs19:55
saidinesh5the dmesg log for radio is that one line19:55
saidinesh5Aug 08 01:22:48 localhost -fullscreen[1677]: [W] QPluginServiceProvider::requestService:437 - defaultServiceProvider::requestService(): no service found for - ""19:56
saidinesh5that looks suspicious in journalctl19:56
mal-did you install the middleware?19:57
saidinesh5iirc i did19:57
marmistrzok, repo sync doesn't support depth. Thanks for the replies19:57
saidinesh5marmistrz: iirc it was repo init19:58
saidinesh5mal-: qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-irisradio is already installed20:00
mal-anything in dmesg?20:02
saidinesh5just this one line for radio [   33.326825] wlan: WCNSS hardware version WCN v2.0 RadioPhy vIris_TSMC_3.0 with 48MHz XO20:03
marmistrzsaidinesh5: thanks. Is there any way to resume an interrupted repo sync? (with ctrl c)20:03
mal-not related20:03
mal-anything related to fm or iris20:03
mal-other than that20:03
saidinesh5marmistrz: just do repo sync again?20:04
marmistrzremote: Total 0 (delta 0), reused 0 (delta 0), pack-reused 020:04
marmistrzerror: in `sync --fetch-submodules`: revision refs/tags/android-4.4.2_r2 in platform/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.6 not found20:04
saidinesh5marmistrz: i think you have to adjust the rrevision for that entry in .repo/manifest.xml ?20:05
*** marmistrz_ <marmistrz_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:06
saidinesh5marmistrz_: i think you have to adjust the rrevision for that entry in .repo/manifest.xml ?20:06
mal-saidinesh5: if you paste logs please always paste the whole log, otherwise I cannot know anything from the surroundings of possibly relevant errors20:06
saidinesh5Ahh aye20:06
marmistrz_Sounds similar to this: error: Cannot fetch ... (GitError: –force-sync not enabled; cannot overwrite a local work tree.,20:06
marmistrz_usually happens if repo sync --fetch-submodules gets interrupted. It is a bug of the20:06
marmistrz_repo tool. Ensure all your changes have been safely stowed (check with repo status), and20:06
marmistrz_then workaround by:20:06
marmistrz_damn, the order mixed up. Anyway, seems to continue with repo sync --force-sync, not redownloading the downloaded.20:07
*** marmistrz <marmistrz!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)20:09
mal-saidinesh5: is the module loaded? check lsmod20:10
saidinesh5# lsmod | grep iris20:10
saidinesh5radio_iris_transport     3598  020:10
saidinesh5and my journalctl btw20:11
mal-I still don't understand why you get that no service found for - ""20:11
saidinesh5maybe i need the gstreamer plugins?20:12
saidinesh5# ls /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/mediaservice/ gives me    libgstmediaplayer.so20:13
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)20:13
saidinesh5would gstmediaplayer work without gstreamer installed?20:13
mal-shouldn't be related20:14
mal-saidinesh5: you say you have qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-irisradio but you don't have in that folder20:15
saidinesh5is there another path for qt plugins?20:15
mal-that is where it's installed, I know because I made the plugin20:16
mal-remove that package and install again20:16
saidinesh5why is zypper so slow?20:19
saidinesh5it takes a while to even show up the updatign repos thing20:19
mal-what does top say?20:19
mal-anything using a lot of processor?20:19
saidinesh5mal-: weird.. 'qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-irisradio' not found in package names. Trying capabilities. No provider of 'qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-irisradio' found.20:22
saidinesh5i guess i misread the "nothing to do" and assumed the plugin was installed20:23
mal-ah, that should be both in common repo20:28
saidinesh5but common repo is already added right?20:29
mal-not to the device unless you added some magic to .ks20:30
mal-ssu lr will tell what repos you have20:31
saidinesh5the common repo isnt there20:32
saidinesh5so ssu ar that repo?20:32
mal-yes, ssu ar common url20:32
mal-too lazy to get the url20:32
*** marmistrz_ <marmistrz_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)20:32
saidinesh5this one right?20:32
saidinesh5btw. # zypper install qt5-qtmultimedia-plugin-mediaservice-irisradio gives Error building the cache: [|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)  Warning: Disabling repository 'adaptation0' because of the above error. after it is done with the long wait20:35
mal-did you zypper ref20:36
saidinesh5doing now20:37
mal-also disable adaptaion0 repo if you haven't done it, that maked zypper slow20:37
mal-forgot that earlier20:39
saidinesh5did ssu dr adaptation020:39
mal-then zypper ref and then try to install that package20:39
saidinesh5i disable store repo too?20:40
mal-no need I think20:40
mal-usually only adaptation0 is the problem20:40
saidinesh5Ah .. zypper ref says Repository 'store' is invalid. [|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)20:41
mal-then try to disable that also20:41
saidinesh5Ah now zypper is fast20:42
saidinesh5mal-: fm radio is just outputting the mic input20:46
mal-saidinesh5: did you add the pulseaudio configs20:47
mal-anything in journal log20:48
saidinesh5doesnt look like it20:49
saidinesh5actually nvm20:52
saidinesh5even when the fm radio is closed20:52
saidinesh5i hear input frrom my mic through earphones20:52
mal-some audio routing issue20:55
saidinesh5fm radio still not working though20:56
mal-saidinesh5: at all?20:56
saidinesh5cant hear anything20:56
mal-can you tune to channels, does it show RDS info?20:56
saidinesh50.0Mhz is the channel i am in20:56
saidinesh5trying pirate fm20:57
mal-what does dmesg say?20:57
mal-have you tried fm radio in android?20:57
saidinesh5iris_vidioc_s_ctrl: fm is not in proper state20:58
saidinesh5yup. in android it works20:58
saidinesh5i didnt reboot after installing middleware20:58
saidinesh5so maybe that?20:58
mal-try to see if that makes any difference20:58
saidinesh5yeah rebooting20:59
saidinesh5bah no audio + sensors this reboot21:03
saidinesh5mal-: nope21:13
saidinesh5no fm radio. it is just playing back what's on the mic21:13
mal-and still no frequencies?21:14
saidinesh5nope.. well i am able to set frequencies but  cant hear anything21:15
saidinesh5oh wait21:15
saidinesh5something showed up on RDS21:15
saidinesh5just cant hear anything though21:15
saidinesh5except the mic sound21:15
mal-kimmoli: did you have some issues like that on onyx? ^21:16
rinigusballock: it shouldn't be a surprise, but with droidmedia, we are stuck at . protecting that function entry with mutex does not help either. so, we have to dig deeper into android and understand why it gets locked in omxcodec::create21:19
*** rinigus <rinigus!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)21:20
ghosalmartinwhen doing a zypper ref i get this error: Can't create cache at /var/cache/zypp/solv/mer-tools-rolling - no writing permissions.21:22
ghosalmartini have updated zypper and libzypp to the latest versions21:22
saidinesh5dmesg says Listen 6 Audio Service: asoc: Listen 6 Audio Service no valid capture route from source to sink21:23
mal-saidinesh5: do you see the fm_rx or something in pactl info (or something like that) output21:25
saidinesh5mal-: nope21:26
ghosalmartinah it doesnt matter, the updating didnt fix the issues I had with aarch64 and libzypp21:26
mal-saidinesh5: how about in pactl list21:30
saidinesh5there i do mal-.. looks like the entries from that .conf file21:31
mal-saidinesh5: try pactl set-source-port source.primary input-fm_rx21:33
mal-no need to paste everything, it was enough to know it was there21:33
saidinesh5no change mal21:33
mal-did you restart the app21:34
mal-did the pactl info change?21:34
saidinesh5it works!21:34
saidinesh5mal-: so what do i change?21:36
saidinesh5to make the fix permanent21:36
saidinesh5Although im not sure if the audio balance is correct.. need to test it where i get decent radio signal21:38
mal-some routing issue, needs some further investigation, maybe by jusa_21:38
mal-saidinesh5: double check the pulse configs21:38
saidinesh5looks okay to me..21:41
mal-saidinesh5: also check that you have ohm-plugins-misc 1.2.0 installed21:41
saidinesh5already installed21:42
mal-saidinesh5: so the fmradio.conf xpolicy is there?21:43
saidinesh5the owner,group are root though21:44
saidinesh5-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 800 Aug  8 01:06 /etc/pulse/xpolicy.conf.d/fmradio.conf21:44
saidinesh5is that an issue?21:44
mal-that's normal21:44
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@2a02:c7f:9227:eb00:ad8c:7f0e:3ebe:7fbc> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:47
mal-kimmoli has the same problem on onyx I think21:49
saidinesh5weird though.. i need to set the source everytime i want to start the radio21:50
mal-that's the bug, on fp2 it just works21:50
mal-not sure what could cause that21:50
mal-both should have same packages21:51
saidinesh5i will add the fm packages to the image nonetheless21:52
saidinesh5that'd leave me with the gstreamer camera/video stuff21:53
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* saidinesh5 is building one more image before trying out the camera stuff22:04
*** Thaodan_ <Thaodan_!~Thaodan@2a02:908:1d40:160:76d4:35ff:feeb:7e69> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:04
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saidinesh5the ram usage seems to have come down nicely. previously it was 1GBish .. now around 500MB22:16
saidinesh5okay testing out the build with bluetooth + what's working of the radio...22:17
saidinesh5okay the build with bluetooth works22:26
saidinesh5time for the bigger build now22:32
*** taaem is now known as taaem_22:52
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