Thursday, 2016-08-18

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saidinesh5mal-: i think i fixed that adsprpc initialization bug08:27
saidinesh5 just used the driver file from there08:27
saidinesh5now my adsprpcd isnt crashing anymore08:27
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saidinesh5now trying to look into this error:08:38
saidinesh5E/charger_monitor(  882): netlink socket read failed -108:38
saidinesh5E/quickcharge(  686): netlink socket read failed -108:38
saidinesh5Also my camera's focus and flash don't currently work. need to look into them too08:38
saidinesh5weird.. wifi wasnt working that reboot08:49
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saidinesh5okay false alarm08:52
saidinesh5that adsprpc error is back this reboot08:52
saidinesh5[   85.465068] wcnss: Get nv file from wlan/prima/WCNSS_qcom_wlan_nv.bin08:57
saidinesh5[   85.475888] wcnss: NV bin size: 29812, total_fragments: 1008:57
saidinesh5[   85.476454] wcnss: no space available for smd frame08:57
Litew> wcnss: no space available for smd frame09:03
Litewi have this error too but wi-fi works09:03
Litewi think it's not critical09:03
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saidinesh5Litew: my bluetooth , wifi both arent working09:09
saidinesh5seems related to that smd driver09:09
saidinesh5let me get the dmesg09:09
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saidinesh5a bunch of stack traces in there from kernel..09:12
monichsaidinesh5: this might explain why your wifi isn't working "wlan: disagrees about version of symbol module_layout"09:19
saidinesh5monich: weird though.. because the previous reboot things worked...09:20
* saidinesh5 googles for a fix09:20
mal-saidinesh5: you have updated kernel or modules and not the other09:21
mal-saidinesh5: probably you flashed a new kernel with some changes in the defconfig09:22
saidinesh5mal-: weird.. i havent recompiled those bits.. after the adsprpc fix..09:22
saidinesh5doing a make hybris-hal again just in case09:22
mal-saidinesh5: I have had that problem many times when doing some kernel testing09:23
mal-when I have been too lazy to rebuild everything09:23
saidinesh5everything = new root image too?09:24
mal-droid-hal packages are enough if you manually install the new versions on the device09:24
saidinesh5I see09:24
saidinesh5have been just rebuilding hybris-hal and fastboot booting it so far09:25
mal-but the issue should only happen if you have some defconfig changes in kernel09:25
saidinesh5i did remove that kobject debug thing from defconfig before testing out that adsprpc... build09:26
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saidinesh5but no clue how/why everything worked fine the first reboot after that09:26
saidinesh5mal-: btw. what do i do with the patches to system/core/init.rc and     services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraService.cpp ?09:28
saidinesh5fork those repos too and commit them to my fork?09:28
mal-what patches?09:30
saidinesh5the ones needed for getting camera up and running09:30
saidinesh5one is adding an LD_PRELOAD to init.rc09:30
saidinesh5and the other is just commenting out some test function09:31
mal-not sure how those are usually handled, I think the latter could be added to mer-hybris also, maybe also the first one09:32
saidinesh5Ahh .. i am actually not sure why the latter isnt in mer-hybris so far...09:34
saidinesh5should i send a pull request?09:38
saidinesh5hmm.. the frameworks/av seems to come from CyanogenMod  <project path="frameworks/av" name="CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av" groups="pdk" />09:45
mal-yep, it hasn't been patched for hybris-11.0 or 12.109:46
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mal-saidinesh5: if you add the code to your github then I can push a new branch to mer-hybris09:55
saidinesh5the frameworks_av repo?09:56
saidinesh5sure will add that too09:56
saidinesh5sent a pull request for LD_PRELOAD mal-09:56
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saidinesh5uh oh.. not sure what broke this build...10:19
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Mister_MagisterCan i have usb in host mode on ported sfos?12:16
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TheKitMister_Magister, should be possible, if kernel supports it12:30
Mister_Magisterhow to check or make kernel support it? :)12:32
TheKitcheck what happens when you plug USB device in dmesg, maybe it's already there12:36
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ruthenianboyHello guys. Any ideas how to fix issue with SSL certificate errors while refreshing repositories in sb2 setup? Looks like certificates are confused  by url redirect> Here is log:
yacukengood evening (:13:26
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yacukenhow to apply usb mode from ui?13:41
drFaustrollruthenianboy: curl fix?13:54
drFaustrollruthenianboy: check in logs for it...13:54
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HazWardIs there a tool to automate the porting from a CM supported phone to Sailfish14:09
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HazWardI'd like to quickly port Sailfish and see what doesn't work14:10
UmeaboyHazWard: For what phone and the answer is yes.14:11
HazWardSamsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket (CM11 is the latest)14:12
UmeaboyI'd say it'd be tough to accomplish that, but not entirely impossible.14:13
UmeaboyI have a script that works very similar to running thru the HADK.14:13
HazWardI also have an LG G2 (very close to a nexus 5 I think)14:13
UmeaboyFor now it's safer to run thru the HADK then to use my script.14:13
UmeaboyIs the LG G2 bootloader unlocked and flashed with CyanogenMod?14:14
HazWardBootloader is not unlocked but I've flashed CM13 on it14:14
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UmeaboyHazWard: Follow this HADK:
ruthenianboydrFaustroll: Hmm. I thought I followed documentation and installed curl fix but it looks I did'nt. Thanks for hint14:18
UmeaboyAnd when you've done that and have a working zip feel free to contribute to my script:
UmeaboyI can add the device to whatever region it comes from.14:19
HazWardOk nice I'll try this14:20
UmeaboyHazWard: It's very important that the mountpoints are the same as in CM.14:20
UmeaboyResult of the mount command in Terminla Emulator.14:21
UmeaboyWhat's the modelname of the LG G2?14:21
UmeaboyOK. And it's the same modelname in the US as well?14:22
UmeaboyYou're from Canada, right?14:22 give me a clue.14:22
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UmeaboyOr is it .ca as in California?14:22
HazWardit's the canadian version I'm from canada14:23
UmeaboyAdding the directory for North America then. :)14:30
UmeaboyHazWard: I uploaded the template of my script to:
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UmeaboyNow it's up to you to run thru the HADK first and then make the changes to my script.14:42
UmeaboyCan you do that?14:42
UmeaboySeems like the troubleshooting thread at piratepad is gone.14:46
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HazWardI'll do my best Umeaboy I've never built a ROM before14:49
TheKitHazWard, make sure to unlock bootloader first and flash CM1214:51
TheKit(isn't it already unlocked since you flashed CM13 though?)14:52
HazWardTheKit: on my LG G2 it seems like you don't need to unlock the bootloader to install CM13, you need to use loki to spoof the phone and make it think the bootloader is unlocked14:54
UmeaboyBut that's a true unlocking of it.14:58
UmeaboyIt's always better to do it properly than to cheat. :)14:58
UmeaboyOr do you eat your grilled meat half raw? :)14:59
UmeaboyJust saying.14:59
Umeaboy"Yes, the D803 has a locked BL, all versions of the G2, G, and G pro do. FreeGee unlocks it, but we don't have it yet."15:01
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TheKitUmeaboy, I think there is no other way after quick Googling15:08
TheKitbut as long as loki allows to boot custom kernel, it should be ok actully15:09
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yacuken"yacuken how to apply usb mode from ui?"15:13
ruthenianboylooks like I will never accomplis this port... :(15:18
ruthenianboyI am building droid-hal-device packages and I am getting following error:
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yacukenu can try diable it15:26
ruthenianboyyacuken: where to disable?15:30
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yacukeniirc here15:31
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Umeaboyruthenianboy: Those parts are known to stop sometimes.16:11
UmeaboyJust press Ctrl C and do the process again.16:12
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ruthenianboynow i need to figure out how to deal with pulseaudio-modules-droid compile errors...To be exact, more then ~200 errors :D16:53
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ruthenianboyIt is caused by missing variable mentioned by "No valid ANDROID_VERSION found.". Which path I need to use as header path parameter for script?17:02
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ruthenianboydisregard. Its not an missing variable but "incorrect" android version. Android 6 is not reflected in ~/mer/devel/mer-hybris/pulseaudio-modules-droid/src/common/droid-util.h. Is there any patch for this?17:17
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saidinesh5ruthenianboy: afaik hybris-13 isn't ready yet17:24
saidinesh5you can try using a Cyanogenmod 12.1/AOSP 5.1 base  with hybris 12.117:25
ruthenianboysaidinesh5: i've checked CM site and found only active links for CM13 for my device, thats why I am trying hybris v13. I do not want to compile CM for my device next to hadk.17:29
mal-hybris-13.0 won't work yet17:29
taaemruthenianboy: which device?17:33
mal-taaem: afaik
ruthenianboyyes, w7. I know there was official CM12 release there but cant find it now.17:35
mal-ruthenianboy: this should be some image
saidinesh5hmm.. this is weird..17:40
saidinesh5GLIB CRITICAL ** dconf - unable to open file '/etc/dconf/db/vendor': Failed to map /etc/dconf/db/vendor' /etc/dconf/db/vendor': mmap() failed: No such device; expect deg17:40
saidinesh5raded performance17:40
saidinesh5except i already see a file there...17:41
saidinesh5# ls /etc/dconf/db/vendor/                     : jolla-camera-hw.txt17:41
mal-saidinesh5: it should be /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/17:43
saidinesh5mal-: Ohhhh17:43
mal-saidinesh5: that could explain your camera problmes17:43
saidinesh5mal-: how do i add setprop logd.auditd false to my build?17:44
mal-saidinesh5: do you have that property anywhere in device repos? that could work17:44
* saidinesh5 checks17:44
saidinesh5can't seem to find it mal-17:47
mal-ok, try to add it to PRODUCT_DEFAULT_PROPERTY_OVERRIDE17:47
mal-saidinesh5: let me know what correcting that dconf path does17:47
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saidinesh5Aye.. this build was completely broken without it. Ui stops after selecting the language.. and even there the text size is totally wrong17:48
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mal-saidinesh5: I also suggest adding this
saidinesh5Ah aye17:55
ruthenianboymal-:Ok, thanks.Will download source over night  and will try branch 12 tomorrow.17:59
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saidinesh5mal-: the focus works in camera18:30
saidinesh5auditd still crashing though18:31
mal-saidinesh5: was it you that had problems that camera is slow to start?18:32
saidinesh5that bit was already resolved by enabling sensorservice18:33
mal-ah, ok18:33
saidinesh5i think even hammerhead and some other device needed  that sensorservice18:33
mal-not sure which devices but some18:33
saidinesh5E/Sensors ( 4179): sns_sam.c(4703):SMGR not ready!18:34
mal-how about boot time?18:34
saidinesh5still sketchy.. i have had 1 kernel panic during boot.. and the next time it still took very long18:34
saidinesh5let me get the bootchart18:35
saidinesh5this is the common repo right mal-?
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saidinesh5mal-: was the /proc/last_kmsg btw. . the one with the kernel panic18:40
saidinesh5i think18:40
mal-saidinesh5: yes, if you build 2.0.218:42
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mal-saidinesh5: I think those smd issues are quite normal18:43
mal-but usually maybe not that many18:43
saidinesh5okay getting you the bootplot...18:43
mal-those mean that the smd is not yet ready, caused by the loop in bluetooth hacky service18:44
saidinesh5 bootchart18:46
saidinesh5corresponding dmesg and journalctl mal-18:47
mal-something in early boot is very slow18:53
saidinesh5yup. i tried executing those same commands that are taking time manually .. they work fast18:55
saidinesh5so i assume they are waiting for some service18:55
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mal-saidinesh5: I assume after that boot you have some problems? hwo does a working boot look like in boot chart?19:12
saidinesh5last bootchart from the previous build where sensors and audio were working
*** zhxt_ <zhxt_!~zhxt@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)19:15
saidinesh5rebooting to get a fresh one..19:15
saidinesh5kernel panic...19:16
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saidinesh5working bootchart now:
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saidinesh5dmesg and journalctl
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mal-saidinesh5: you can see a dramatic difference in those boot charts in the early boot, but what is causing that19:25
saidinesh5really not sure.. when i try executing the commands that are taking up time manually .. i see no messages and they execute fast19:26
saidinesh5here is the last_kmsg due to kernel panic mal-
saidinesh5all my dmesg logs have init: /init.qcom.rc: 841: invalid command 'rmmod' . doesn't make sense though19:27
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mal-saidinesh5: that's not a problem19:31
saidinesh5mmc0: Timeout waiting for hardware interrupt. is what's in the kernel panic btw.19:31
TheKithow can I build Android library with symbols?19:34
mal-saidinesh5: could you try one thing, I haven't enabled those cgroup things warned by kernel config checker, try to remove those and see if anything changes19:36
* saidinesh5 checks19:36
mal-saidinesh5: only the ones you have enabled and which do not cause error in kernel checked19:38
saidinesh5Sure...  you mean the ones which only cause warnings right?19:39
mal-saidinesh5: so the ones enabled here
saidinesh5yup looking at it right now19:40
saidinesh5neat. i actually saved that logfile19:41
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)19:41
mal-saidinesh5: you can see that none of the cgroup changes are absolutely required19:42
saidinesh5hmm... unsetting them19:43
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mal-spiiroin: I have noticed an interesting behavior when the touchscreen sometimes stops working after call ends, I can get the UI showing with power button double-click, if I do a side swipe (which should show events view) nothing happens but if I then turn off the display and use double-click to turn it on again the events view is visible20:03
mal-spiiroin: any ideas what to check?20:04
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saidinesh5okay testing out the new image20:27
saidinesh5mal-: no luck :/20:43
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