Thursday, 2016-08-25

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IngvixIf one can get jolla account working, can the ported os be updated from settings or does it always require a new port for new version?05:25
saidinesh5douglasbrito: do you have enough diskk space?05:42
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ruthenianboymal-: Hello. I've disabled prima wlan option and left only pronto module an it finally compiled wlan driver. But i am not able to load it. Possibly firmware initialization timing issue. Please take a look
ruthenianboyI tried to load it maube 20 times and it loaded module in one of attempts.08:25
mal-ruthenianboy: where did that prima option come from? was it enabled by default?08:29
mal-ruthenianboy: did you try the module loading manually or with the script at boot?08:29
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ruthenianboyThat prima option is line above pronto line. Both of them enabled by default. So i disabled prima end enabled pronto module. I have systemd service for wlan.ko loading but tried also manual loading. Same results08:38
ruthenianboy*and. Looks like i have "typos" day today08:39
mal-ruthenianboy: could you point me to the defconfig on github08:39
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ruthenianboyi've changed option on line 370 to "n" and left line 371 as "m"09:02
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mal-ruthenianboy: I said on github, the original, I want to see the commit history09:28
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mal-ruthenianboy: you are using the cm13 defconfig on cm12?09:53
ruthenianboyWhole kernel source is from cm13 as not able to compile source for branch 1209:56
ruthenianboyI was able to load module one time and connected to wifi at home so i guess its some timing issue09:59
mal-what happens if you just in case build both prima and pronto as modules?09:59
ruthenianboyIf pronto and prima is enabled, no module is compiled. Possibly by race condition between them.10:00
ruthenianboyThere is an if condition in source which is checking platform and choosing prima or pronto. I'm on phone now so cant check which source file it is10:02
mal-ok, so you can disable prima without problems10:04
mal-ruthenianboy: what do you see in dmesg if the modprobe fails?10:06
mal-ruthenianboy: dmesg not journal log10:09
ruthenianboythere are also dmesg(kernel messages) in that journal log. See wlan messages10:14
mal-yes, noticed that but next time gicve dmesg10:14
mal-ruthenianboy: did you run the touch command which is in the systemd service before trying to modprobe?10:15
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mal-when you tried it manually10:15
mal-show the whole dmesg after a reboot10:16
ruthenianboyOk, sec10:18
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mal-ruthenianboy: do you see wlan0 interface after that boot?10:34
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mal-ruthenianboy: wondering about this wcnss_wlan probed in built-in mode10:36
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ruthenianboyDisregard my dmesg output as wifi service was masked out10:39
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douglasbritogood morning for all10:40
douglasbritomal yesd 5 gb10:40
mal-ruthenianboy: do you see the module in /lib/modules now?10:43
mal-douglasbrito: your last pastebins showed that you have some permission issue, are you sure every command was run successfully, especially the sudo chown -R $USER $SFE_SB2_TARGET10:45
mal-ruthenianboy: but your dmesg shows that it does something related to wlan10:46
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ruthenianboymal-: wlan.ko is now in lib modules10:52
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mal-ruthenianboy: and modprobe fails?11:04
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ruthenianboyYes :(11:06
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sledgeskimmoli: pöört11:17
sledgesyacuken: can i interest you in becoming a maintainer of bacon on OBS? :)11:19
mal-ruthenianboy: if you run the touch command after a fresh reboot (with wlan service disabled) do you see anything in dmesg?11:20
mal-before modprobing11:20
mal-ruthenianboy: also wait a moment after the touch command, it can sometimes take a while11:24
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ruthenianboysledges: Hi. I'm facing issue with loading wlan module and I've read you mentioned some initialization delay required by firmware to initialize with proper MAC. It was some time ago here on channel. It is about pronto wlan module11:46
ruthenianboymal-: didnt noticed any event in dmesg after touching wcnss_wlan11:47
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mal-ruthenianboy: for some reason your kernel is reporting the wlan as built-in12:07
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ruthenianboythis will be tricky. Maybe I will try to include prima driver sources from official lg source. They are latest available12:48
mal-I doubt the driver itself is the issue12:49
douglasbritomal error , connaam not AVAILABLE DBus call failed, falling back to libssu13:00
douglasbritohave idea ?13:00
mal-normal, not an error13:02
douglasbritohow to make ?13:08
douglasbritothis lines %...13:08
mal-douglasbrito: you already have those, go to 7.213:09
mal-douglasbrito: because you are building image for an existing port those are already in your local manifest13:10
douglasbritomal 7.2
douglasbritoplease look ..13:13
douglasbritoerror "/13:13
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mal-douglasbrito: I thought you had the repos already there, at least if you used the repos I said those should be there, but now it cannot find /home/xxx/mer/android/droid/rpm/droid-hal-titan.spec13:21
mal-douglasbrito: do you have that file13:21
douglasbritohave this file13:33
douglasbritothis file exist13:33
mal-then why it fails to parse it, could you pastebin the file13:34
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mal-douglasbrito: that is wrong13:43
mal-that is the patch not the file with the patch applied to it13:44
mal-douglasbrito: replace the file with this
mp107I have got a question about Sailfish OS port form Xperia Mini Pro (Xperia 2011).13:46
mp107There are some minor scaling issues in the port.13:46
mp107But I also came across some scaling issues (even more significant ones) in some 3-rd party apps.13:46
mp107The main question is: Should I report them to their developers or hold off until the port will be more stable/those issues fixed?13:46
mp107What do you recommend?13:46
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mal-not sure if changing the port can fix 3rd party apps, probably the problem is the app code, maybe those have not been designed for such a small resolution display13:48
mp107That is what I was wondering.13:49
mp107Thank you for the answer13:50
mal-difficult to say without seeing what kind of problems the apps have13:50
mal-wondering how you managed to have the wrong deconfig13:53
mp107Most of these issues are that some elements are beyond the right edge of the screen.13:54
mp107I suppose they are related with low resolution13:54
mp107Not with some port issues13:54
mal-douglasbrito: looks like the local manifest was wrong13:55
mp107Beside that, I would like to report that the main camera works on the Alpha 4 without replacing files.13:56
mal-sledges: could you merge this
douglasbritomy manifest_local
douglasbritoplease and sorry13:57
douglasbritoits complicad13:57
douglasbritofor my13:57
mp107I had to only change in Settings->Applications->Camera the "Photo resolution" to 4:3 (5MPix) instead of the default 16:913:57
mal-mp107: 16:9 doesn't work?13:58
mal-douglasbrito: the problem is not that, it's that one of the repos was not updated yet13:58
mp107No, it doesn't13:58
mal-mp107: then we need to fix it, I thought I fixed the camera resolutions already13:59
mp107Although, I didn't try with mentioned in the XDA thread file.13:59
mp107I will try it out in the few minutes14:00
douglasbritohow to update ?14:02
douglasbritorepo sync --fetch-submodules ?14:02
mal-douglasbrito: no, there are two ways, either wait for that pull request to be merged or change manifest line 9 to this <project name="MisterMagisterDev/android_kernel_motorola_msm8226" path="kernel/motorola/msm8226" revision="hybris-12.1" /> and then repo sync kernel/motorola/msm822614:04
mal-the last command might need --force is it doesn't work14:05
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douglasbritoerror : project kernel/motorola/msm822 not found14:11
douglasbritohave other comand back to this14:11
douglasbritorepo init ..... ?14:11
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mp107mal-: Unoftunately, 16:9 doesn't work14:18
sledgesmal-: merged (tested new cool squash+merge feature on github)14:19
sledgesruthenianboy: mal-: i assume you checked defconfig to have =m and picked up during rebuild?14:20
ruthenianboysledges: yes. But it is still somehow built into kernel too14:21
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divis1969Hi. I've tried to port Sailfish onto Meizu M2 some time ago and did not finish the task. Now I've get back to it, and my current status is almost the same - the phone boots, but does not show any UI. Initially, just after boot, it is recognized by host as a adb device (I did not try to adb shell), but after detaching and attaching USB it can be accessed via telnet. I've collected journalctl but it has too many messages that I can treat as err14:51
mal-douglasbrito: you missed the last letter14:54
mal-douglasbrito: it's kernel/motorola/msm822614:55
divis1969First question: there are many error from binder: 'transaction failed' (from the original stock components). Should I try to fix these?14:56
TheKitMeizu M2 mini?14:59
divis1969Or for example this error: localhost systemd[1]: droid-hal-init.service operation timed out. Terminating.15:01
divis1969What operation was timed out?15:01
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divis1969I can also see couple crashes: Aug 25 16:48:38 localhost kernel:  (2)[942:droid-hal-init]droid-hal-init[942]: unhandled level 3 permission fault (11) at 0xf71b4d3c, esr 0x9200004f15:12
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douglasbritomal new sorry, error
douglasbritolook please ?15:43
divis1969Couple questions: I would suspect that I did not include some binaries from stock/cm and this could cause linker to fail to resolve dependencies. How can I be sure I will see these errors in the logs?15:44
IngvixCan I build on cm13 or do I need 11 or 12?15:45
Ingvixor does hydris-13.0 in imply that 13 is also supported now?15:46
divis1969Another question: Am I right droid-hal-init is starting all the native android services (from init.rc scripts)? Is it possible to make it be more verbose, for example, log what 'service' is about to be started?15:47
mal-douglasbrito: you didn't sync the kernel correctly15:50
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Ingvixand I probably need to set up a virtual machine with linux in it for I don't have any 64-bit linux machines?15:51
Ingvixany suggestion what distro would do good?15:52
mal-Ingvix: hybris-13.0 doesn't work yet15:52
Ingvixokay, so I better use 12 for sailfish then15:52
douglasbritoin repo add and repo sync, the message "use repo sync --force-sync kernel/motorola/msm822515:53
IngvixHave anyone else done the porting in a vm?15:55
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douglasbritomal, please look ? soooorryyy "//// no fix error
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douglasbritoxmal, please look ? soooorryyy "//// no fix error
douglasbritoxdown my irc, sorry repost16:07
mal-not sure if that is an error or not16:08
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IngvixDo I need anything else from the 64-bit linux but the terminal?16:10
douglasbritoxrun rpm/..../build_packages.sh16:11
mal-douglasbritox: pastebin your manifest16:12
mal-douglasbritox: remove the kernel/motorola/msm8226 folder and then again run repo sync kernel/motorola/msm822616:16
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douglasbritoxnew error mal,
mal-that's the same error16:42
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mal-douglasbritox: did you rerun make hybris-hal in HABUILD_SDK as instructed in chapter 5.4?16:43
douglasbritoxno ..16:44
mal-douglasbritox: if not then do that and after that continue with chapter 7.2 again16:44
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douglasbritoxmal error
douglasbritoxsorry and thank you for you patience16:57
saidinesh5douglasbritox: paste your local manifest?17:04
mal-douglasbritox: you are not in HABUILD_SDK17:06
mal-douglasbritox: check chapter 4.4.217:07
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douglasbritoxmal bash: build/ : No such file or directory17:14
*** Gabs5807_ <Gabs5807_!> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)17:20
douglasbritoxlook please17:22
douglasbritoxits hard17:22
douglasbritoxsorry and thanks patience17:23
*** tortoisedoc <tortoisedoc!5872b4a9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:24
tortoisedocgot my teklast x89!17:25
mal-douglasbritox: what are you doing, you are running commands that should be run only once17:26
tortoisedocwhere can i get the tablet image?17:26
TheKittortoisedoc: make sure to make full NAND backup first17:27
TheKitand see
TheKitdon't try flashing Jolla Tablet image directly, since it uses 64-bit UEFI, and your Teclast x89 is likely 32-bit (if it runs 32-bit Windows)17:28
TheKittortoisedoc, how is it so fast though?17:28
tortoisedocTheKit : got it from Europe storage17:32
tortoisedocTheKit : 32 bit windows on a 64 bit arch? weird17:33
tortoisedocthen again, it only has 2 gb of ram17:33
TheKitthat's why17:33
tortoisedocnoob question, how to make a NAND backup?17:33
tortoisedocI have Intel Platform flash tool installed17:34
TheKituse regular PC tools to backup partitions, like dd or partclone17:34
douglasbritoxim exit sdk and terminal and re run 4.2 error , sorry "///
douglasbritoxthank you patience17:34
tortoisedocTheKit: can I get a live image booted on it?17:35
tortoisedocvia usb key?17:35
mal-douglasbritox: remove .repo/local_manifests/roomservice.xml17:35
TheKityou might need to create 32-bit bootloader though17:36
tortoisedocTheKit : thanks17:36
TheKitcheck if your UEFI is 32-bit or 64-bit, since device is pretty new17:36
mal-douglasbritox: was there that file I told to remove, I'm not sure if it is that exact file17:41
douglasbritoxromservice deleted17:42
TheKittortoisedoc, should you have problems with graphics, try i915.fastboot=1 (works on kernel >= 4.6 for me on Onda) or nomodeset as last resort17:42
mal-even more strange are those other errors, I have no idea what you have done earlier17:43
mal-Unable to determine HOST_ARCH from uname looks bad17:43
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douglasbritoxmal, login ubu chroot17:47
douglasbritoxnew ,img17:47
mal-but you seem to run all sorts of command in wrong places so no idea what those might cause17:48
tortoisedocTheKit : I cant see from UEFI BIOS the bitness17:49
mal-run repo sync again17:49
tortoisedocit has osk tho, thats pretty cool17:49
douglasbritoxI'm still learning, good to go wrong is that I learn from mistakes, to get to the point of getting porting to other devices alone, thank you even for your help, if it works I'll post on xda this size with your nickname, of course be good for something for you, this compiling after compiling leap which step?17:52
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kimmolitortoisedoc: really 500MP rear camera?18:11
tortoisedockimmoli : huh?18:11
kimmoli this?18:11
TheKittortoisedoc, osk?18:11
TheKityou can simply check Windows bitness18:12
tortoisedocTheKit : on screen kb18:12
tortoisedocyeah realized that18:12
tortoisedoc500 MP :F18:12
tortoisedocjackpot :D18:12
tortoisedoc20 GB of windows used on fresh install18:13
tortoisedoc20/29.1 xD18:13
TheKit20 GB used or 20 GB free?18:14
TheKitweird, does it have dualboot?18:14
TheKitI mean, usually about 10 GB is for Android18:15
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~drFaustro@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:16
*** drFaustroll_ <drFaustroll_!~drFaustro@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)18:16
tortoisedocTheKit : 32 bit as you suspected18:16
tortoisedocyes it does have dualboot18:16
tortoisedocjust realized I do not have a usb hub ;_;18:17
tortoisedocwonder if some live cd has osk18:17
TheKittouch won't work out of box18:17
TheKitdo you have USB keyboard?18:17
TheKitload LiveUSB into RAM and then connect the keyboard18:18
tortoisedocyes I do have usb kb18:18
tortoisedocill need to make the 32bit usb key first tho18:18
tortoisedocTheKit : this is some info on the HW from the BIOS18:19
tortoisedocits weird to have a command prompt on a tablet18:19
tortoisedocI like it :D18:20
TheKitok, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth is same as mine18:20
TheKitaudio is rt564218:21
TheKitas for other things, better check Android dmesg18:21
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)18:22
tortoisedocok found kb18:25
tortoisedocnow need usb key18:25
TheKitis it or <kimmoli> this?18:27
tortoisedocTheKit the first one18:28
tortoisedocTheKit, Kimmoli :
tortoisedoccheap as crap18:29
tortoisedocfound usb, proceeding to prepare it for UEFI booting18:29
TheKit$70? not bad for that hardware and 1440 x 1080 screen18:31
tortoisedocyes, thats what i thought too18:31
tortoisedocthe case seems ok18:31
tortoisedochave not dropped it yet, so im sure it will break tho18:31
tortoisedocsame size than ipadmini18:32
tortoisedocalmost as thin18:32
TheKit - that's the Android firmware from 4PDA18:32
tortoisedocTheKit: correct, here's everything!jR9RSLKL!Y3IxXYOBXkk70aG-ugdbiA18:35
TheKitwait, different device18:36
TheKitit's for just Teclast X89, yours is Teclast X89 Kindow18:36
tortoisedocAh correct18:36
tortoisedocbut config is the same18:36
tortoisedoc(SW config that is)18:36
tortoisedocIm not sure abot hw tho18:37
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:50
douglasbritoxmal ?18:52
douglasbritoxyou here ?18:52
sledgesporting on a whole new (low) level
mal-what now? you know there are other people also here who are able to help18:52
*** Nemno <Nemno!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:54
tortoisedocwhy oh why does debian not provde grub-mkstandalone18:57
*** pykape_ <pykape_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:57
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douglasbritoxsorry, is now building, it asks a few questions at compile time I put y, after this step saira the rom zip? last question I promise ..19:00
TheKittortoisedoc, maybe it's grub2-mkstandalone,19:00
tortoisedocTheKit: dunno, its a pretty old debian...19:01
mal-douglasbritox: if it builds ok then you can continue building the zip, you in the final build step should build version
TheKitgrub-common in sid should have it, not sure about older verisons19:03
TheKithere is mine, it's set up to read grub.cfg from the same folder19:06
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)19:13
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:13
tortoisedoccrappy archlinux does not get vbox guest additions to compile...19:14
tortoisedoctrying ubuntu next :D19:14
tortoisedocthis is getting better by the minute :D19:14
TheKitwhy do you need vbox guest additions on tablet?19:15
tortoisedocTheKit not on tablet :)19:15
tortoisedocthanks for your uefi img19:15
tortoisedocholy crp19:33
tortoisedocnot even ubuntu has the grub-mkstandalone19:33
tortoisedocdidnt remember my vm's were THAT old :D19:36
tortoisedocTheKit : once I have arch running, do I just DD SFOS on the partition?19:48
tortoisedoc(maybe do a repart first)19:49
*** spiiroin <spiiroin!~spiiroin@2001:998:2a:dead:bd5d:6df7:9e59:5e27> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)19:57
*** itbaron <itbaron!~kvirc@> has quit IRC (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
douglasbritoxone people help me ?20:03
douglasbritoxin final20:03
mal-remove the --runtime=native20:04
douglasbritoxsed -e \ "s|^$HA_REPO.* ... = sed: -e expression #1, char 43:unterminated 's' command20:04
douglasbritoxhave idea to fix ?20:04
douglasbritoxmal or other people20:05
douglasbritoxits finali20:05
mal-is that the chapter 8.3?20:05
mal-you need to copy the whole multiline command20:05
douglasbritoxno change error20:07
douglasbritoxim copy all lines20:07
mal-copy this: sed -e "s|^$HA_REPO.*$|$HA_REPO --baseurl=file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE|" $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/droid-configs/installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/$KS > tmp/$KS20:08
mal-douglasbritox: please note that do not run the commands below the warning box in 8.320:10
TheKittortoisedoc, it depends20:10
tortoisedocTheKit : as in?20:10
TheKitimage for Jolla Tablet uses LVM, which I didn't try to get running20:10
tortoisedocTheKit : ok, how did you build it? out of the kernel?20:10
TheKitbut you should be able to dd it after doing simg2img20:10
TheKiton ONDA I extracted rootfs and used custom kernel with GRUB2 bootloader20:11
tortoisedocwhere did you find rootfs?20:11
TheKitin Jolla Tablet firmware package20:12
TheKitit's Android sparse image20:12
TheKitwhich contains LVM volume20:12
*** ruthenianboy <ruthenianboy!55d882fa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:12
ruthenianboygood evening20:12
ruthenianboyis there list of available packages which I can add to my adaptation pattern?20:13
TheKityou can also try!8FZRiBwB!FBBD8CUMaBMkKcyiUDlw_sKfCjNZOQp713VqT-FoAhM20:13
TheKitwhich is archiso + SFOS tar.gz (autoboot erases everything on your device and extracts SFOS)20:14
TheKitbut that's why you'd want to make backups first20:14
tortoisedocokay now I understand20:14
tortoisedocTheKit, mind sharing the config for your custom kernel?20:16
mal-ruthenianboy: chapter 8.2 lists some package you are not allowed to add into images20:17
douglasbritoxmal im copy20:18
douglasbritoxno change error20:18
*** eyome <eyome!> has quit IRC (Quit: eyome)20:18
douglasbritoxplease look ..20:19
*** eyome <eyome!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:19
mal-do you have the $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/droid-configs/installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/ folder with something in it?20:19
mal-douglasbritox: is that command on one line or not?20:21
TheKittortoisedoc, and
tortoisedocTheKit: ah its android?20:22
tortoisedocor native?20:22
TheKitAndroid, from Jolla Tablet20:23
TheKitit's possible to get SFOS working with mainline kernel, but there are no drivers for Atom ISP (cameras) and some other hardware20:24
tortoisedocTheKit yeah I recall we had this discussion before20:25
tortoisedocSo if i'd drop in a mainline kernel20:27
tortoisedocand then unzip SFOS on top of it20:27
tortoisedocit *should* work20:27
TheKitit won't work20:27
TheKitSFOS from Jolla Tablet uses libhybris adaptation20:27
tortoisedocaah right20:27
tortoisedocso i need a version without libhybris20:28
TheKitfor mainline kernel you want latest MESA at least20:28
douglasbritoxmal yes im have the Jolla-@RELEASE@-titan-@ARCH@.ks20:28
douglasbritoxin kickstart20:28
douglasbritoxand command20:28
douglasbritoxrun one line20:28
mal-your paste looks like it could be in several lines20:29
tortoisedocTheKit latest MESA of SFOS you mean?20:29
TheKittortoisedoc, if you're lucky enough, Android kernel should boot on your device, I think20:29
TheKitno, upstream one20:30
tortoisedocbut SFOS will need to be configured not to expect libhybris too I guess?20:31
TheKitbetter to build a custom image with mic, if you want to try mainline Linux way20:32
ruthenianboymal-: I mean available packages, like that for sd-card automount20:33
ruthenianboymal-: I am aware of restricted packages20:33
mal-there was the sd-utils for that, you can use zypper se to see what is already built20:34
douglasbritoxmal, im copy and paste sed -e ...20:36
douglasbritoxno change error20:36
douglasbritoxoh my lord, on final error20:36
*** toomin <toomin!~HomoSapie@unaffiliated/toomin> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)20:37
mal-I have no idea what you do wrong, that command works20:39
tortoisedocTheKit : mic?20:39
*** insgroen <insgroen!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:39
tortoisedochuh Tizen?20:40
TheKitI mean, the way SFOS images are built for regular ports20:40
tortoisedocwhats that to do with sfos20:40
tortoisedochm ok, but then ill loose all the jolla parts20:40
TheKitmic is used in HADK to build rootfs image (and from packages20:40
tortoisedocunless i can manage to run them on top of non-android kernerl20:40
TheKitwell, Alien Dalvik would require Android kernel anyway20:40
tortoisedocluckily there's sfdroid ;)20:41
TheKityeah, it's possible to use Android-x86 kernel :)20:41
tortoisedocokay so i need to check the hadk guide on how to use mic20:41
TheKitany particular reason you want to go with mainline kernel? getting it running with Android kernel might be easier for now20:42
tortoisedocTheKit : for fun?20:42
tortoisedocbut if the result is crippled (ie no jolla store, no jolla-lipstick, etc)20:43
tortoisedocthen its pointless20:43
tortoisedoc(and no android)20:43
tortoisedocand its better to go with android kernel20:43
tortoisedochm so alien dalvik does not rely on libhybris?20:45
TheKitI suggest to see if you can get it running with Android kernel and then try mainline for fun20:45
tortoisedocthats interesting20:45
tortoisedocyeah thats maybe easier way20:45
tortoisedocand keeps spirits high :)20:45
TheKitmainline is interesting to get SFOS on x86 devices that don't have Android from start and have it more generic as opposed to device-specific adaptations, but that's like stepping on the minefield20:47
tortoisedocTheKit you mean cause of hw bricking?20:48
TheKitno, not hw bricking, I mean that the only device that runs on mainline kernel is SFOS emulator20:49
TheKitalso Raspberry Pi (2), I think20:49
tortoisedocah corret20:50
TheKitI tried it on another tablet, but some things need to be fixed, such as blanking off the screen and browser shaders20:50
tortoisedoccool you got it that far20:51
tortoisedocwhich other tablet was it?20:51
tortoisedocgrub-mkstandalone spits "output file must be specified" back20:53
douglasbritoxplease one help20:56
douglasbritoxhave idea to fix this error ?20:56
douglasbritoxthanks ..20:56
TheKittortoisedoc, Cube iWork8 Ultimate20:59
TheKitwhat is the command?20:59
tortoisedoci ended up compiling grub2 on ubuntu21:01
tortoisedocfrom soruce21:01
tortoisedocbut its missing half the arguments that arch has21:01
tortoisedocmost importantly21:01
tortoisedocits missing i386-efi21:01
tortoisedocand has only i386-pc21:01
tortoisedocmy 2 cents is they are *not* the same21:02
tortoisedocTheKit : this one?
TheKiti386-pc is for BIOS21:06
tortoisedocconfigure has --enable-efiemu21:07
tortoisedocwonder if that helps21:07
tortoisedocbut seeing it has emu, probably not21:07
*** toomin <toomin!~HomoSapie@unaffiliated/toomin> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:10
tortoisedocfound omething21:10
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ruthenianboydouglasbritox: you have new line behind * on third line. compare with documentation21:12
ruthenianboydouglasbritox: you can remove all \ and write it in one line21:13
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douglasbritoxsorry ruthenianboy21:21
douglasbritoxnot understand21:21
douglasbritoxnew error
douglasbritoxlook pleaase21:25
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yacukensledges: hi. may be later. when we have more stable build (:22:33
*** saidinesh5 <saidinesh5!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:34
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