Monday, 2016-08-29

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locusfgood morning07:09
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marmistrzSome time ago I asked about the local manifest for Samsung Jena.08:52
marmistrzI finally pulled all the needed sources and tried to build.08:52
marmistrzUnfortunately, the build fails, as described here:
marmistrzThe CyanogenMod port for this device is an unofficial but working one.08:53
marmistrzWhy does the breakfast command spit out so many errors?08:54
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Nokiusmarmistrz: u have to bake the android part not in the MerSDK ;)12:42
Nokiusu need the ubuntu chroot for that :)12:43
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marmistrzNokius: thanks, I'll look into it14:06
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NeoChapayhmmm i think i have bug with build sailfish rootfs14:39
NeoChapaywhen i set release to i have error /bin/bash not found14:40
NeoChapaybecouse rootfs remove before start post script from ks file14:41
NeoChapayi find error in ~/mer/sdks/sdk/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mic/imager/baseimager.py14:42
NeoChapayvariable s.inChroot on line 1034 not correctly set14:42
NeoChapayBUT !14:43
NeoChapaymaybe error in my ks file ?14:43
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douglasbritono change error15:02
douglasbritocreator error can't find the file /home/xxx/,merq15:02
douglasbritocreator error (" Cant't find the file: /home/xxx/mer/android/droid/tmp/Jolla-@RELEASE@-titan-@ARCH.ks ****15:04
mal-douglasbrito: that is created by the sed command in chapter 8.315:05
mal-douglasbrito: usually if you run some earlier command in HADK pdf then you need to run the commands after that15:06
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tortoisedoc_TheKit : ping17:07
tortoisedoc_TheKit: compilation with poky 1.8 on ubuntu yields this :
tortoisedoc_NeKit? :D17:07
tortoisedoc_im not sure if its something that actually points at the conf files being still wrong?17:08
NeKitcan you upload your .config you're building with to test if it builds for me?17:08
tortoisedoc_NeKit : sure one sec17:09
tortoisedoc_NeKit : to recap;17:09
tortoisedoc_I re-checked out, did a make menuconfig, saved, make17:09
tortoisedoc_and the result is the one i posted17:10
tortoisedoc_hopefully I did not miss a step17:10
tortoisedoc_NeKit : here we go
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tortoisedoc_ps : one thing I noticed, the options for baytrail are unselected in the make menuconfig (right under the 64-bit kernel)17:12
NeKitcould you please save this as .config and then run make menuconfig?17:14
NeKitthe default isn't proper one17:14
tortoisedoc_NeKit : compiling..17:29
tortoisedoc_NeKit, which config did you use out of curiosity?17:30
NeKitextracted one from Jolla Tablet kernel17:30
NeKitand some changes probably to boot it on mine17:30
tortoisedoc_Okay, could have thought the same :)17:31
tortoisedoc_sorry it appears im rusty with kernel nowadays :P17:32
tortoisedoc_compilation is still going strong17:33
NeKitwill need to put some README to avoid those issues in future :)17:35
tortoisedoc_yeah or some script :)17:36
tortoisedoc_btw first feedback about the teclast x89? the good : it can boot into the boot menu directly from windows -> security -> advanced settings; the bad : battery life is like non existant17:38
tortoisedoc_its crazy to think ms just dropped a full win8 on a tablet17:38
tortoisedoc_i hate dragging the windows around already17:38
tortoisedoc_dammit i need a faster pc :P17:40
NeKitwell, full Win is like advantage of those tablets17:43
NeKitcompared to WinRT, for example17:43
NeKitwish I could run full Linux easily :)17:43
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tortoisedoc_NeKit :
tortoisedoc_failure still :/17:47
tortoisedoc_this time some tracing enabled;17:47
tortoisedoc_perhaps im missing some -devel?17:47
NeKitdo you have ./modules/drivers/hsu/mfd_trace.h?17:50
tortoisedoc_but in modules folder next to linux folder17:51
NeKityou can edit the include path I think17:52
tortoisedoc_lets see17:54
NeKitset it to drivers/external_drivers/drivers/hsu I think17:55
NeKitit's probably working for me without changes since I'm doing out of tree build17:55
NeKit(like with make O=../KERNEL_OBJ)17:55
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tortoisedoc_NeKit : sorry what you mean by set it to, edit the #include in the file?18:49
NeKit#define TRACE_INCLUDE_PATH .18:49
NeKitchange this18:49
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tortoisedoc_NeKit : next problemo19:14
tortoisedoc_NeKit :
NeKittry to change #include <jhash_uuid.h> to #include "jhash_uuid.h"19:17
tortoisedoc_lets see19:17
tortoisedoc_lets see the next head of the hydra :)19:20
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douglasbritomal ?!19:25
douglasbritopardon the poker face , but I like to finish what I started to do , you could help me wrong ? by teamviwer or fixing the errors please .. would I work .. thanks19:26
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tortoisedoc_teamviewer? jesus christ...19:32
douglasbritoman, I did as sends the hadk gave Error Everything ! It has about 15 days to try to run the final command to exit a zip , and nothing .. to going crazy here, but do not want to give up .. after learning port to other mobile phones ..19:33
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tortoisedoc_TheKit ok got my vmlinuz, but where are the modules?19:38
tortoisedoc_make moduls? :/19:38
tortoisedoc_well, in the mean time that it builds, i can see if it boots ;)19:39
TheKitbtw, you can enable framebuffer console in kernel config so you at least have output19:42
TheKitSFOS usually has it disabled19:42
tortoisedoc_ill see if it boots first19:42
tortoisedoc_make modules was quite fast19:43
tortoisedoc_no modules folder..19:43
tortoisedoc_are they all built-in?19:43
TheKitwhat about rootfs?19:43
tortoisedoc_huh no rootfs here19:43
ruthenianboyGood evening guys.  After few days of relax, I want to move little bit forward. What is the way of fixing cameras? And another question - why I cant add jolla account to my phone? Is there some limitation that proted devices cant use store?19:44
TheKittortoisedoc, you need to make  INSTALL_MOD_PATH=prefix_folder modules_install19:45
TheKitI mean, how are you going to check if it boots when you have no rootfs or framebuffer console19:45
tortoisedoc_TheKit : eh good point19:46
douglasbritoim fix not found Jolla-@RELEASE .. not found, new error19:46
douglasbritoone people have idea to fix ?19:46
douglasbritovery thanks19:46
douglasbritofor attention19:46
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tortoisedoc_TheKit: EFI-based framebuffer support seems to be enabled already20:04
TheKitit's not this20:05
TheKitthere is framebuffer console option20:05
tortoisedoc_im in device drivers -> graphics options -> Supprt for fb devices20:05
tortoisedoc_The thing that comes the closes to something like a console is the Virtual framebuffer (but Im afraid thats not it either)20:06
tortoisedoc_no framebuffer console option :/20:07
tortoisedoc_thers nvidia fb support20:07
tortoisedoc_VESA VGA graphics support (not selected)20:08
mal-douglasbrito: but you already got up to the final command, which just failed because some packages in patterns, which had two possible ways to solve20:08
tortoisedoc_TheKit : ah!20:08
mal-douglasbrito: one of which you already fixed, so the other package goes the same way20:08
tortoisedoc_TheKit : it has moved20:10
tortoisedoc_ -> outdated20:10
mal-douglasbrito: I still find it strange why have so much problems copying the commands from the pdf20:10
tortoisedoc_Torvals :P20:10
TheKitso did you find it?20:11
tortoisedoc_TheKit : hmm no boot20:20
tortoisedoc_initrd.img needed ?20:20
ruthenianboymal-: hello. I want to move forward, can you please advice me how to fix my phone app issue? I am not able to receive calls (nothing appear on screen), once calling some numbers dialing screen go to background but dialed number receive call with no sound (possibly mic issue, sound routing?)20:21
tortoisedoc_I removed it from grub.cfg20:21
mal-ruthenianboy: audioflingerglue in faq20:21
mal-ruthenianboy: lines 98->20:22
TheKittortoisedoc_, what are you trying to boot?20:22
tortoisedoc_the rootfs (/boot/vmlinuz, /lib/*)20:23
TheKitem, what kind of rootfs?20:23
tortoisedoc_the one i patched together?20:23
TheKitSailfishOS or something else?20:23
tortoisedoc_ive got no idea ;)20:23
tortoisedoc_kernel + modules only20:24
tortoisedoc_freshly compiled20:24
TheKitbut what it should boot then?20:24
tortoisedoc_not enough?20:24
douglasbritoI think the fact of using 12.1 cm is giving these errors , but anyway , I'll update a PDF if it works, and without answer you are a Nokia engineer ? is always willing to help , thank you .. and even Jolla- @ RELEASE I copied and pasted from a folder which gave error , the error is now the repomod , knows how to fix ? thank you20:24
tortoisedoc_the kernel?20:24
TheKitwell, you can get up to kernel panic I think :)20:24
TheKitdo you have any output?20:24
tortoisedoc_no cmd line?20:24
tortoisedoc_it skips to default boot20:24
TheKitfor cmdline you need at least busybox20:24
tortoisedoc_i believe i have a mistake in my grub.cfg20:24
tortoisedoc_good point20:24
TheKitwhat do you mean?20:24
tortoisedoc_uefi boot menu -> USB key (others disabled) -> reboot goes to default boot menu (called "UEFI BIOS" screen with android  /windows choice)20:25
TheKitdo you see grub menu?20:26
TheKitwhere did you place GRUB on your USB drive?20:26
tortoisedoc_you mean bootia32.efi?20:27
tortoisedoc_or GRUB20:27
TheKitit should be EFI/boot/bootia32.efi20:27
tortoisedoc_yes its20:27
tortoisedoc_well boot is uppercase in my case, now tell me it matters? :)20:27
TheKitshould be bootia32.efi20:28
ruthenianboymal-: I see, its more steps then I thought so will check tomorrow.  I tried to include latest ofono packaged repo to my kickstart file and expected it will help, but it did not help at all20:28
tortoisedoc_TheKit : it is20:28
mal-ruthenianboy: ofono doesn't help for that, that audioflingerglue is needed on most new devices20:28
TheKituefi boot menu -> USB key (others disabled) -> reboot goes to default boot menu (called "UEFI BIOS" screen with android  /windows choice)20:28
TheKityou need to choose Android there20:29
TheKitand then UEFI boot menu20:29
tortoisedoc_kernel is vmlinuz-3.10.20....-_-20:29
tortoisedoc_(as in filename)20:29
tortoisedoc_grub points to vmlinuz.....20:29
TheKitdo you have GRUB booting at all or not?20:29
tortoisedoc_its weird, i got it to boot into grub this way yesterday20:30
TheKitI mean, if it is config problemm, GRUB will tell you20:30
tortoisedoc_but not since i tried with this kernel20:30
ruthenianboymal-: isn't audioflingerglue patch supposed to fix audio issue only?20:30
tortoisedoc_ah but I used kb20:30
tortoisedoc_to enter boot menu20:30
tortoisedoc_now i booted from windows20:30
tortoisedoc_into boot menu20:30
tortoisedoc_but it shouldnt matter...20:31
tortoisedoc_yeah no booting20:33
tortoisedoc_even from android20:33
mal-ruthenianboy: calls won't pretty much work without that, very strange issues20:33
tortoisedoc_it recognizes the usb key in the boot menu tho20:33
tortoisedoc_im in20:37
tortoisedoc_directly from bios into grub20:37
tortoisedoc_its just a pity that now I do not have a kb :D20:38
tortoisedoc_or a usb hub for that matter :P20:38
tortoisedoc_okay ill have to get a usb hub20:39
ruthenianboymal-: Ok then. Will try and report you an result. Thanks for advise20:40
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tortoisedoc_well tomorrow it is then20:42
tortoisedoc_TheKit : ill keep you posted, thanks alot for the help so far!20:42
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TheKittortoisedoc, one thing though20:43
TheKitmake sure you're in Android mode before booting Linux kernel20:43
TheKit(having selected Android before, not Windows)20:43
TheKitotherwise it will kernel panic20:43
tortoisedoc_TheKit : hm, ok, but how so?20:44
tortoisedoc_I mean, bootloader executes before windows comes up?20:44
TheKitUEFI contains some ACPI trickery and hacks to provide different tables to Windows and Android to keep them both happy20:45
TheKitthat's why Android kernel can't boot Windows only-devices20:45
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tortoisedoc_TheKit : any chances to change those?20:47
tortoisedoc_from bios?20:47
TheKitit will remember your last choice in boot menu20:50
TheKitnot sure if this can be done in UEFI settings though20:50
TheKit(that boot menu is part of UEFI, not some fancy bootloader)20:51
tortoisedoc_thanks for the info!20:57
TheKityou're welcome21:01
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