Sunday, 2016-09-11

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sledgesbacoon for breakfast? hell yea! typng from it :D06:00
sledgesgreat job yacuken! even if it's sw decoding, this is running smoooth:
sledgeswill prod a SIM card in, let's see how it gets on with the day ^-^06:02
sledgesi'll help you with OTA and let's ship it!06:02
sledgesPSA: vgrade, rcg, and all other baconeers: pls test latest 12.1 YOG7D based oneplus one image:
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mal-horuxan: you need to add <project path="hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8226" name="CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_audio" groups="qcom,qcom_audio" revision="cm-12.1-caf-8226" /> to your local manifest and then run repo sync hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm822607:28
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horuxanmal-, fatal: Could't find remote ref refs/heads/cm12.1-caf-822608:09
horuxanerror: Cannot fetch Cyanogenmod/android_hardware_qcom_audio08:10
horuxanerror: Exited sync due to fetch errors08:11
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horuxangood morning for all08:17
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sledgeswlan hotspot also works on bacon \o/ you're amazing porters!!! saved my day actually :D08:42
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mal-horuxan: are you sure you copied that correctly, your error has cm12.1-caf-8226 not cm-12.1-caf-822609:19
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KeijoHello~ Anyone here?11:25
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ghosalmartinTheRealJohnGalt: do you know what the safest version of sfos I can upgrade to using your cm12.1 base?11:41
ghosalmartinam currently on
KeijoSensors on my phone are handled by sensors.qcom binary and camera is probably by mm-qcamera-daemon, don't know how to hack these. Also no clue about bluetooth either11:56
mal-Keijo: what device and what is the problem?12:05
KeijoXperia Z2, want to get features working12:05
mal-Keijo: you have it otherwise working already?12:06
mal-have you followed the gst-droid stuff in faq to get camera working?12:06
ghosalmartinhmm version --dup is stucking on waiting12:07
KeijoYeah, I have it booting. Didn't follow stuff in faq, will try it in a moment12:08
mal-Keijo: sensors have a bit of an issue on some sonys12:09
KeijoDon't have them working at all yet, so I can't tell of any bug existence12:10
mal-Keijo: but we'll invesiigate the sensors after you have done the camera stuff from faq, I'll be afk for a while12:11
mal-Keijo: so lines 155-> from
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horuxanon final command12:24
horuxaninstall all rpms etc...12:24
horuxanon moment repeat, Unsupported aciillary data: 1/2 down line Tracker miners busy,waiting .... Unsuupported ancillary data:1/212:25
horuxanhave idea ?12:25
horuxanits normal ?12:25
horuxanmal-, sucess13:22
horuxanwhit on boot13:22
horuxanfreeze in list of languages13:22
kimmoliyacuken: did you crlf on camera-settings-plugin??13:30
mal-horuxan: that message can occur many times13:30
mal-horuxan: is it frozen really? or just that touchscreen doesn't work13:31
horuxanmal-, not understand13:31
mal-horuxan: I meant the tracker messages13:31
horuxanI think it's the touch13:31
horuxanhow to fix, have idea ?13:32
yacukenkimmoli: oops. yeah. it's my term use dos2unix13:35
mal-horuxan: connect to the device via usb (telnet 2323) and then make sure display is on and then run cat /dev/input/event0 (for all event0 event1 etc) until you see a device that shows some output when you touch the screen and once you have found the correct device then change /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf file to use that device13:35
kimmolijust looking your fork last commit, and everything has changed :) so hard to diff13:35
yacukenkimmoli: here clean diff
kimmoliyacuken: thanks for reminder :)13:37
horuxanmal-, what similar for telnet for linux w13:39
yacukenI'm not a pro with js/qml. just try to solve with this horrible piece of...13:39
yacukencode (:13:39
yacukenkimmoli: if diff will look ok for u, I'll send a PR13:40
kimmoliit looks ok at first glance13:40
horuxanmal-, and how to run telnef13:41
horuxansailfish not conected on wifi13:41
kimmoliyacuken: i was wondering could it use other viewfinder aspect ratios too? now it forces 4:3 or 16:9, but if stream supports e.g. 1:1, why not use it in camera also13:42
mal-horuxan: you need to connect the phone to your computer with an usb cable13:43
mal-horuxan: I gave you the telnet command which you should use13:44
yacukenkimmoli: aspect ratio returnet with camres tool? am not look in code now.13:44
horuxanoon virtual machine13:45
horuxanno login13:45
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horuxaninstalling telnet in funtoo13:45
horuxanone moment please13:45
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kimmoliyacuken: yes, it chooses largest 4:3 and 16:9 that fit in screen13:54
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RandomNoobHello guys. I am going to learn and port Saiflish to my device. I want use for port Linuxmint installed in Virtualbox. My question is will i face problems cuz of this?13:58
horuxanmal-, no run cat14:00
horuxanlong time14:00
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mal-horuxan: ?14:09
mal-RandomNoob: I think there should not be issues building in virtual machine14:11
RandomNoobmal-: thanks.14:12
horuxanim rrun cat/dev/input/event014:15
horuxanno results14:15
mal-horuxan: if no output when touching the screen then ctrl+c and try the next event device14:19
horuxanwhat next event device?14:21
mal-horuxan: /dev/input/event114:22
horuxanno change14:23
mal-horuxan: and so on, just increase number at the end until you find the correct device14:23
horuxanand touch no run14:23
horuxanhow to w14:23
horuxanok ..14:23
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horuxanmal touch ok14:30
horuxanwifi no ative14:30
horuxanno on14:31
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horuxanand no sound14:56
horuxanno camera14:57
horuxanhow to fix ?14:57
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horuxanhave idea mal- ?14:57
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KeijoBTW, has there been any progress on harbour recently?15:12
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mal-horuxan: for audio and camera it's possible you failed at properly creating the packages for droidmedia and audioflingerglue15:21
mal-horuxan: check the content of the rpm files in droid-local-repo/titan to see if those actually contain the needed library files15:22
horuxanand wireless ?15:25
mal-horuxan: not sure why that fails, it should have the needed service already15:26
horuxanno have idea ?15:27
horuxanrun telnet, or other idea to fix wifi ?15:27
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horuxanhave droidmedia and audioflingerglue .rpms's15:30
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mal-horuxan: yes, but what is inside those, you can open them with some compression tool15:43
horuxanhow to ?15:43
horuxanopen what file ?15:43
horuxanfor wifi ?15:43
horuxanor audio and camera ?15:44
mal-on ubuntu I just open the rpm with Archive Manager software15:44
horuxanwhat archive ?15:45
mal-horuxan: that's the name of application on ubuntu, most linux systems should have some similar app15:46
horuxani know15:46
horuxanopen what archive ?15:46
horuxanim run debian virtualbox15:47
mal-the droidmedia rpm for example15:47
horuxanon funtoo15:47
horuxanok, open and ?15:47
horuxanplease ...15:47
mal-check that it contains some .so files in some subfolder inside it15:47
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mal-ok, then that should not be the problem, check ps aux if you have pulseaudio running on the device15:49
kimmoliyacuken: free viewfinder resolution seems to work, need to make more checks15:50
mal-horuxan: also check the audioflingerglue rpm for some .so files15:50
horuxanpulseaudio no running in sailfish15:51
horuxancheck whit telnet15:51
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horuxanhave libaudioflingerglue.so15:51
horuxanon audioflingerglue-0.0.1...rpm15:51
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mal-horuxan: ok, then the problem is something else15:52
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horuxanhmm.. one idea ?15:53
horuxanmal-, "//15:56
mal-horuxan: pastebin output of dmesg and journalctl and systemctl from the device15:59
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horuxanmore or less complete journalctl
mal-please reboot the device and get the output after it has started, now it's not showing the early log messages16:09
mal-horuxan: also get output of systemctl-user status pulseaudio16:10
horuxanpast 1 of journalctl
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mal-horuxan: to fix audio edit /etc/sysconfig/pulseaudio on the device to contain the next line16:16
mal-CONFIG="-n --file=/etc/pulse/"16:16
horuxansystemctl-user status pulseaudio
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mal-horuxan: and only that line which I gave16:18
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horuxanmal-, sound ok ..16:22
horuxanwifi ?16:22
horuxanhave idea ?16:22
horuxanwifi have idea to fix ?16:22
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mal-horuxan: probably something wrong with the wifi module16:33
horuxanrpm ?16:33
horuxanwhat name of file ?16:34
horuxanthe wifi ?16:34
horuxansensorfw ?16:34
horuxanbuild_packages run not error16:34
mal-horuxan: check the subfolder in /lib/modules/ to see what wlan related files you have there16:34
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mal-is that a symlink or a file16:38
horuxanscsci_wait_scan.ko modules.symbols modules.softdep modules.devname modules.order modules.dep modules.dep.bin modules.dep modules.builtin modules.builtin.bin modules.alias modules.alias.bin16:38
mal-try modprobe wlan16:40
horuxanfix ..16:41
horuxanhow to fix on reboot ?16:41
horuxaninicialize to reboot16:41
mal-horuxan: edit last line of /usr/bin/droid/load-wlan16:42
horuxanmodprobe pronto_wlan16:44
horuxanto modprobe wlan ?16:44
mal-it's quite obvious16:45
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tortoisedocNeKit : Windows shows RTL8723BS for wifi16:48
tortoisedocwe happen to have only ae version16:49
tortoisedocin ./drivers folder16:49
tortoisedocdid you say you got those from Stskeeps?16:49
horuxanfix ..16:51
horuxanand camera ?16:51
horuxanhave idea ?16:51
tortoisedocprobably this one
tortoisedocgod knows how many backdoors are there :D:D16:51
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horuxanand fix login to jolla, error on imei17:06
mal-horuxan: can you watch any videos, on youtube in browser for example?17:06
NeKittortoisedoc, forgot to upload 8723bs, it's out of tree17:07
mal-horuxan: you cannot login for now17:07
mal-horuxan: it's not enabled, you need to wait until jolla people finish their changes, no information when that will happen17:07
tortoisedocNeKit : thanks, I wonder how it comes my fork is not synching on github..17:11
horuxanok ..17:14
horuxanno open videos on youtube17:14
horuxanvideo can't be played because the file is corrupt17:14
mal-horuxan: is minimediaservice running?17:15
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horuxanand warehouse error Transaction/55_abdcceda Status: no-distro-upgrade-data extra details: Could not configure normal mode17:16
horuxanno know about minimediaservice running ..17:17
*** smurfynet is now known as zz_smurfynet17:17
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mal-horuxan: check ps aux for that process17:24
mal-horuxan: for warehouse problem do this
horuxannot runing minimediaservice17:26
mal-horuxan: how about minisfservice or miniafservice17:28
horuxanno 2 running17:29
horuxanneither are running17:30
horuxanand warehouse not install rpms status:dep-resolution-failed extra details: nothing providers harbour-themepacksupport>=0.0.8-4 needed by harbour-themepack-sailbuntu-0.3.-1.noarch17:34
horuxansorry, fix it17:37
* piggz build for falcon, with sfdroid enablement17:37
horuxanon refresh17:37
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*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:38
mal-piggz: nice17:39
piggzmal-: enablement means 1 line, import /init.sfdroid.rc  .... doesnt mean it will work! :17:40
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mal-piggz: yes, figured that much, my comment was mainly for the new image in general17:42
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kimmolihad plans to do same for onyx today, but it is too much brainwork. just struggled with simple C++ code and had to make ~10 builds with just stupid errors17:45
mal-I haven't built 2.0.2 for fp2 yet either, maybe sometime soon, mostly it's waiting for some bug fixing, not sure if/when I'll manage to fix those17:46
tortoisedocNeKit : bad news17:48
tortoisedoc8273bs driver works only with kernel >= 3.19 :/17:48
tortoisedochmhm but i havent applied the patches yet..17:49
tortoisedocdarn, i guess that relinquishes my chances to get a jolla tablet17:51
tortoisedocunless i can backport the bloody driver17:51
NeKittortoisedoc, em, use
NeKitit's for 8723b17:52
tortoisedochuh :)17:54
horuxanmal-, for finish, have idea to fix camera, and run apk, or android virtualized, for run whatssapp ?17:55
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mal-horuxan: of course I have ideas for camera but not today, it's getting late, sfdroid should be possible but it won't be very trivial and it's still a work in progress17:56
mal-sfdroid is the android in a window17:57
horuxanand to run youtube videos and play music in the sd card ?17:57
horuxanand veeery thanks17:58
horuxanim up after fix, on xda17:58
horuxanwhit you nick17:58
horuxanok ?17:58
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:58
horuxanthanks ....17:58
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horuxansfdroid no find on google and warehouse18:03
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kimmolimaking sfdroid to work is effort of like the porting itself18:09
horuxanhave mode more easy to run whatssapp ?18:10
mal-no easier way for ported devices18:11
mal-we have made sfdroid building somewhat easier but still not very simple yet18:12
tortoisedocNeKit : KSRC=../../../linux ARCH=x86_64 CROSS_COMPILE=... make -> compilation errors (missing fill_h2c_cmd)18:12
tortoisedoc(compiling locally)18:12
horuxanok tomorrow im start sfdroid18:14
horuxanhow to run music on the sailfish18:14
horuxanno out sound on music18:15
horuxanim instaled new player18:15
horuxanand not run music18:15
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NeKittortoisedoc, make -C linux O=../KERNEL_OBJ M=../modules/wlan/realtek CONFIG_RTL8723B=m CONFIG_BT_COEXIST=y18:16
NeKitdid something like this18:17
tortoisedocok ill make  new clean18:18
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mal-horuxan: the music playback issue is related to camera issue18:33
horuxanno ..18:33
horuxanno know ..18:33
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tortoisedocsoudns like either someone is on a really bad joke trip18:49
tortoisedocor something is moving18:49
tortoisedocsince I want to believe, ill choose the second choice18:50
tortoisedocwhat's your call :P18:50
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taaemtortoisedoc: interesting19:01
taaembut kinda strange way to promote such things19:01
tortoisedoctaaem : agreed19:02
ggabrielreminds me of the way google used to steal code from eager students back in the early '0019:02
tortoisedocggabriel : google summer of code? :P19:02
ggabrielthe old version,  yeah19:02
tortoisedocthis is open source, however19:02
ggabrielit was some sort of competition19:02
tortoisedocso thereĀ“s no liability per se (apart of the reputation)19:02
tortoisedoc(and the job)19:03
tortoisedocgsoc was not necessarily open source19:03
ggabriel100 usd to port sfos to a device is too low anyway19:04
ggabrieland what is bug free?19:04
ggabrielis it similar to secure?19:04
tortoisedocggabriel : i think its more a poc19:05
NeKiteven if it's legit, do they really think it's that easy?19:06
tortoisedocNeKit : that's to be seen19:06
tortoisedoc(not that id like to try tho)19:06
NeKitor where we're supposed to get redmi 219:06
ggabrielyou have to buy your own device of course19:06
NeKit(since it'll probably cost more than their reward even in the case of success)19:06
ggabrielmaybe the guy forgot a couple of zeros19:07
ggabriellike 10000 usd19:07
tortoisedocmaybe he keeps the difference for himself ;)19:07
ggabrielthat'd be ok-ish before taxes19:07
ggabrieland I think I've just made a good point so let's tell him19:08
tortoisedocggabriel : definitely19:08
tortoisedoctesting is the best thing to do19:09
ggabrielbut in general, I don't think this is a scan, just a clueless person bs'ing his way to retirement19:10
ggabrielas many others do, a lot of whom are successful anyway so why not try eh19:10
tortoisedocggabriel his way to retirement+19:10
ggabriel(sorry tired fingers from climbing :P )19:10
tortoisedocto me it sounds like a cheap way to get a poc19:11
tortoisedocsomething to show19:11
ggabrielI mean his objective in life is to say/do random things until he gets to retire19:11
tortoisedocto whoever will decide if its worth or not going forward19:11
tortoisedocbut thats all hypothesis19:11
ggabrielok, admittedly in india 100 usd is a lot of money19:11
tortoisedocah yes good point19:12
ggabrielbut if you have the skills to port sfos, then you are already earning more19:12
tortoisedoc the change rate needs to be considered :)19:12
ggabrielso he should know better19:12
ggabrielI'll stick to bs'ing his way to retirement :P19:12
NeKitand then, there is working Redmi 2 port already19:12
NeKitXiaomi Redmi 2 |wt8804719:12
tortoisedocso why ask for another one?19:13
mal-maybe they don't know about that, which would be quite odd19:13
taaemadeen-s would be the lucky guy19:13
ggabrielfree money :P19:13
ggabrieloh, but is it bug free? with all sensors?19:14
tortoisedoccould be its not good enough19:14
tortoisedocstill, why start from scratch?19:14
taaemaccording to the wiki its all fine19:14
taaemon par with fp2 onyx and so on19:15
mal-btw, I added instructions for flashlight shortcut and video camera torch in sailfish 2.0.2 to faq19:15
taaemmal-: what is flash torch mode?19:16
taaemand does it work on fp2?19:16
taaemthen it probably also works on onyx19:16
mal-taaem: it's the mode where flash is always on during video recording19:16
taaemahh okay19:17
taaemkimmoli: can you test?19:17
mal-taaem: for taking video in low light19:17
taaemyeah saw that in changelog19:17
kimmolitaaem: not today19:17
NeKitwell, yet, if it's legit, we'd better explain where they are wrong in a polite way19:18
NeKitI'd really like to see more SFOS devices19:18
mal-taaem: for camera is's just one tiny change to jolla-camera-hw.txt and for the flashlight shortcut it's installation of a single new package19:18
taaemmal-: i'll take a look19:18
tortoisedocNeKit : mmc_emergency_init -> undefined ref19:19
tortoisedoc(when building modules)19:19
tortoisedocthis did not use to happen before..19:19
taaemmal-: is 32 a fixed value?19:20
mal-taaem: yes19:20
mal-it's defined in qt sources19:20
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taaemah okay19:24
taaemcan't test today but lets see19:24
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piggzmal-: sledges: im obviously rusty at image building...what would cause this? Warning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-configuration-falcon-1-1.noarch requires pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-falcon, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-falcon-1-1.noarch[adaptation0-falcon-]19:33
KeijoSic, will apply patch later during the week, don't have enough time19:35
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yacukenkimmoli: ping19:48
kimmoliyacuken: pong19:50
yacukenkimmoli: I'm rework my pr. and send new one. with ru translate19:51
yacukencheck (:19:51
kimmolitnx, will check19:51
yacukenalso I prevent dos2unix conversion in my termite :D19:53
kimmoliill test it tomorrow19:53
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horuxanmal-, how to run minimediaservice20:35
horuxanto sound music ?20:35
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sledgespiggz: replace @Jolla Configuration falcon with @jolla-hw-adaptation-falcon in your .ks and see what happens next (then delve more if needs be)21:28
piggzsledges: yeah, i figured that out myself :)21:29
piggzmissing pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue ??21:29
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sledgespiggz: line 98
piggzsledges: ta ... clearly ive dont this before! :)21:34
sledgespiggz: it's all coming back to you now;)21:48
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*** stiky <stiky!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:53
stikyI am currently porting this to my G321:53
stikywhats the fastest way to list block device and the mounted partition?21:54
sledgesstiky: `ls -l /dev/block` (but try looking for mmc. in recovery and in fully booted cm to compare as per manual), mounted partitions are shown with `mount` command22:03
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stikytheyre in /dev/block/platform/msm_s...122:08
*** eyome <eyome!> has quit IRC (Quit: eyome)22:08
stikyill try that22:09
stikybeauty i simple did ls -l because i am already in the msm...whatever folder22:09
stikyeer by-name22:09
stikythat worked. now what partitions do I even need? and how exactly do I make a patch.22:10
stikyI was just going to alter the fix moutn points and add my model in22:10
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stikycross your fingers. Im building22:49
stikywell it failed. ill come back to this22:56
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