Tuesday, 2016-09-13

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juicememal-, ping07:46
juicemeI am wondering what things affect whether a ported device has acess to Harbour...?07:47
juicemeI can only see 16 application in the store and first I thought that is because developers of these apps have tested them on Nexus5/SFOS and "okayed" that the apps work correctly in that device but now I am not so sure... I have heard that other people see the full range of applications...?07:48
sledgesjuiceme: which device, PM me ssu s07:49
juicemecoderus advised me that it could help if I refreshed my Jolla account, so I deleted and recreated it but no help there...07:52
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juicemeThe thing is, of course that I can install from console any of the applications that I have ever installed with Jolla sbj-1 from the store but that means I have to keep my sbj-1 forever in reserve if I want to install anything new or give comments to developers and so on...07:58
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sledgesjuiceme: try store again;)08:08
juicemesledges, OMG whaddidya do??08:09
juicemenow it works perfectly! :)08:09
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sledgesmagic by pketo ;)08:20
juicemegood magic that :)08:20
tortoisedocout of curiosity, what was broken? :P08:20
juicemeI suppose it's just that devices other than official JOlla devices need to be activated one-by-one08:21
pketono magic there, just the normal configuration missing... at somepoint we need to make the store client report the device architecture to the backend so that we don't need to configure it for each device sepparately08:22
juicemeahh, OK08:24
juicemeso basically you switched on access for Nexus5 devices, right?08:24
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rinigusballock: just tried OTA/cm11 [cannot really name it as a test]. data connection is not stable indeed. also, I had to unlock SIM card the same way as in cm12.1 - the first unlock was not sufficient. maybe its because of jumping between testing and devel, maybe for some other reason09:37
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ballockrinigus: well. Then it's the two of us. And then, my device used a fresh image.09:39
rinigusballock: I wonder why xda is quiet...09:39
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ballockrinigus: yeah...09:39
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rinigusballock: did you also had to unlock sim twice?09:39
ballockrinigus: no, but after I put it in the first time, the PIN enter screen was still there, and I was able to input the PIN another time, but it went away before I pressed submit, and managed to register at the operator09:42
rinigusok, I'll try again. maybe I didn't wait long enough.09:45
rinigusballock: its 4G that bugs us again [https://github.com/rinigus/android/issues/2 ]. haven't had time to fix it as suggested earlier by mal- (see issue for link)09:50
rinigusballock: but I still have to confirm pin twice. that's something else.09:50
ballockrinigus: how come? I thought 4G on mako started to happen with cm12.1, not with sfos2.0.2?09:51
rinigusballock: its new ofono, I think.09:51
rinigusballock: ... and we never tried 2.0.2 on cm11 before :)09:52
ballockrinigus: so it's not just the 4g ranges are limited, but it's trying to connect even though it doesn't support the frequencies?09:53
ballockrinigus: true, that09:53
rinigusballock: I think it expects everyone to have 4g. n4 doesn't [unless you use some modem magic] and the connection resets09:54
ballockrinigus: did you try the modem magic? Somebody did that on android, right?09:55
locusfghosalmartin: need any help?09:55
rinigusballock: no, I didn't. the frequencies are very limited and I thought that I don't want to get into that. but there are some android users, I guess.09:56
mal-rinigus: ballock maybe it's time to add that configuration for ofono to disable 4g09:57
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ghosalmartinlocusf: on this https://build.merproject.org/package/live_build_log/mer-core:aarch64:devel:fixup/libzypp-bindings/Core_aarch64/i58609:58
ballockmal-: rinigus: well, I wouldn't mind 4g on the device. And I guess people will ask for it anyway.09:58
ghosalmartinno idea why its breaking09:58
ballockMeanwhile, I'd need to check what stanzas aside Provides: I need to put in to have it overwrite default ofono-configs for OTA.09:59
rinigusmal-: agree. we have to disable it in the config.09:59
ballockI'd know that for debs, for rpms I'd need to read.09:59
rinigusballock: haven't tested it, but here was commit for that: https://github.com/rinigus/droid-config-mako/commit/0f522eb49ee9d724378140f1210a7e85a790d50209:59
rinigusballock: forget commit, its not full. there is no ofono config there.10:00
mal-ballock: so does mako have 4g or not?10:01
rinigusmal-: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nexus_4 see Hardware10:02
mal-rinigus: so no?10:03
mal-rinigus: looks like there is some very limited disabled support10:05
rinigusmal-: very limited and unofficial. so, officially no10:09
wiktorek140Hi mal- ^-^ i fixed temporary bug with surfaceflinger. it's just linking hwcomposer to itself with other name10:09
mal-wiktorek140: ok10:09
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nickg333I have a really annoying problem with Sailfish ( on my Fairphone 2. The screen doesn't turn on when I get an incoming phone call, so I cannot answer the phone. Does anyone know if this has been fixed in a later version?10:27
wiktorek140someone have something like this on sailfish on boost-qt5 (http://pastebin.com/c2BNJWaD)?10:32
mal-nickg333: I haven't noticed that in a long time, I think that happened a long time ago, try updating to
nickg333the strange thing is I didn't have this problem before, it's just started happening10:35
mal-nickg333: does it happen all the time?10:35
nickg333seems to10:36
mal-nickg333: try cleaning the upper part of the display, maybe proximity sensor thinks it's covered10:36
nickg333for a long time I've had problems with the screen turning off when I started calling someone10:36
nickg333yeah I thought it might be the proximity sensor10:38
nickg333is there any way to disable it? would that work?10:38
mal-that would cause issues during calls, the display would be on during a call so you could easily touch it with your ear and toggle mute or even accidentially end the call10:41
mal-but it's possible to disable it, I just cannot recommend it10:41
nickg333ah, maybe that's not such a good idea then10:43
nickg333I've found that if I rapidly press the power button, sometimes the screen will turn on10:45
nickg333and the phone is then on the "shall I ignore" screen10:45
ballockrinigus: I can confirm the 4g removal fixes the issue. I'll go through a couple of attempts to see how to overwrite the package.10:46
nickg333what's the easiest way for me to install the latest version? I'd quite like to start from scratch rather than upgrade10:47
rinigusballock: good luck!10:47
mal-nickg333: I think triple press of power button resets the proximity sensor state, but might not always help10:47
nickg333mal: I guess that's what I was doing10:47
mal-nickg333: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris/Install_SailfishOS_for_fp2 has instructions for both updating and reinstalling10:48
nickg333mal: can I just repeat what I did last time if I want a completely new install?10:48
mal-no estimate yet when I will build for fp2, I was hoping to fix some bugs before that10:48
mal-nickg333: yes, notice that you need to update the android version also10:49
mal-nickg333: the 16.06 android is not linked in their website but the link to it is http://storage.googleapis.com/fairphone-updates/fp2-sibon-16.06.0-ota-userdebug.zip so you can install that from recovery and then reboot to recovery and flash sailfish zip10:51
mal-nickg333: rebooting is needed because 16.06 changes the recovery10:51
mal-but you can also use fastboot to flash the images10:51
mal-this is the fastboot image of 16.06 http://storage.googleapis.com/fairphone-updates/fp2-sibon-16.06.0-image-userdebug.zip10:52
mal-nickg333: remember that if you decide to do a complete reinstall then all your data will be lost10:53
nickg333hmm, maybe it's easier to do the upgrade then10:55
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nickg333mal: everything worked, and I'm using the latest version now - thanks :)12:24
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nickg333mal: (I used fastboot to install new Android 16.06, booted into it and it wanted to update to 16.07 so I let it, then used fastboot to install latest Sailfish)12:33
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elros34sledges, hi I read http://talk.maemo.org/showpost.php?p=1514986&postcount=10. Can I expect now harbour support for Motorola Photon Q or it's too unpopular?13:03
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sledgeselros34: hope for the best prepare for the worst;)13:15
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sledgesif porter ticks all hw readiness for store, it will be ena led no matter its popularity13:16
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elros34Vevgeniev is porter but he is unavailable since long time13:25
locusfghosalmartin: you build it for i586, why? also I wonder if thats needed since armv7hl repo doesnt have it13:26
ghosalmartinlocusf: I need it for mic13:27
ghosalmartini need to build it with the same version of libzypp am using, so thats why am building it in that project13:27
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elros34sledges: ssu s shows Device UID: some number13:33
elros34can I show it here or its "dangerous"13:33
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taaemsledges: store support improving?13:38
elros34and I can confirm that UID is the same after reboot13:39
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sledgeselros34: teen store can e enabled, but it's on hold for all fevices at the moment amyway13:46
elros34So should I ask you once gain after few days or ?13:48
sledgeselros34: it's on hold for/since months13:49
sledgesonly manually enabled devices work (nexus 4/5/fp2)13:49
sledgesyou'll hear on official channels about store available for ports; for now pls use warehouse13:49
sledgesalso if porter is passive/absent, someone else will have to maintain future updates from sfos13:50
sledgesand keep improving the port itself13:50
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elros34Evgeniev didn't announce end of support so time will tell13:52
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sledgeskeep pinging him, he has always been showing up only occasionally, with porting Nexus 7 too14:04
ballockI've got the LTE disable amendment for mako. Packages are available, update is tested.14:04
ballocksledges: Should I post an update? gamma7.1? Advertise people to OTA again? Tweet?14:05
ballocksledges: I wouldn't boast myself with zero-day bug that's kind-of obvious to notice.14:05
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nh1402_workballock: isn't that kind of, you know. dodgy?14:06
nh1402_workthe phone isn't certified to use LTE14:06
sledgeselros34: many porters came and went, there weren't ever official announcements from any of them about support EOL:) life kicks in, or "tommorrow for sure" things settle in; a proper porter will always obey hit by a bus theory, this is crucial in such communities like ours:)14:06
ballocknh1402_work: Yes. And the update disables sfos from attempting it, even if somebody uploaded a hacked radio firmware that allows it.14:07
mal-if somebody want to try it they can enable it manually themselves14:07
nh1402_workoh, to me it sounded like you were enabling it.14:08
*** yaseen_ <yaseen_!75c6fd23@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)14:08
ballockAnd, I can't detect which radio fw the device uses and if it's ok to enable or it'll render the data transfer useless.14:08
sledgesballock: don't go hard on yourself, your device isn't pristine as i remember; we should get in practice to tackle such bugs during EA phase (giving out dev images/dev OTAs to brave users here or on xda)14:09
sledgesbut for now sure, announcing is a good idea -> you might want some adventureous people to actually discover such "dodgy" thing instead, and not update! :D14:09
ballocksledges: It's not "dodgy", people that have original radio and their SIM card allowd LTE get connection drops every 5s for another 5s.14:11
sledgesthen it's critical:) but dodgy in the sense of non-certification as nh1402_work said14:11
sledgesyou'll need to take the hit and "boast" ;)14:12
TheKitballock, why attept to fix it in firmware then?14:16
TheKitif someone wants to enable it, why not14:16
TheKitI didn't know it can be enabled though14:16
sledgeshe fixed it in configs iiuc14:17
ballockTheKit: I'll rephrase this. There's a regression introduced in 2.0.2. Devices that don't support LTE attempt to use it and on switching between 3G and LTE their connection drops and reconnects from 0.14:18
TheKitgot it now14:18
*** yaseen <yaseen!75de694c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:19
ballockTheKit: so you can "fix" it two ways on mako - by making the modem use the limited and uncertified LTE or by making sure sfos doesn't attempt LTE with a config setting.14:19
TheKitI think the latter is preferable then, as long as that config setting is documented :)14:20
mal-TheKit: https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-config-mako/commit/9ad6e88091dc0219bbab032c4f4f976e4c64c70f14:22
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TheKitso provides can be used to replace any package with custom one for device?14:22
ballockTheKit: No, it's not enough. Provides will satisfy a number of package dependencies, but to replace a package you also need Obsoletes: entry.14:27
mal-for new images provides is enough but when updating it might be a problem14:29
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dr_gogeta86hi ballock14:55
dr_gogeta86keep calm and port it14:55
horuxangood afterning for all15:01
horuxanmal-, you have idea to run music and video in sailfishos15:01
horuxanand sfdroid, & conection mtp in pc15:01
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wiktorek140is possible to run system without service boost-qt5?15:56
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ghosalmartini want to say no16:09
ghosalmartini think boost is tied into quite a few things16:09
ghosalmartinor do you mean booster?16:10
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wiktorek140i mean booster16:18
wiktorek140my fault16:18
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horuxanits module ?17:38
*** Keijo <Keijo!~keijo@axx64.internetdsl.tpnet.pl> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:38
horuxanhi ..17:39
horuxankeijo, libdroidmedia.so its module w17:39
KeijoI can't understand you, do 155-> in hadk to get media playback working.17:40
Keijomal-: Is sailfish image for Xperia 2011 series unified?17:40
mal-Keijo: image is not unified but the repos are17:41
KeijoI have haida lying around somewhere, should i build for it or what? :P17:41
mal-Keijo: http://images.devaamo.fi/sfe/haida/17:42
mal-might be untested image but should work :)17:42
KeijoWhen I get sirius working, it would be good idea to set up OBS for OTAs17:43
mal-Keijo: instructions here https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris/Install_SailfishOS_for_2011_Xperias17:43
mal-Keijo: I think 5 or 6 of the 2011 xperia images have been tested17:44
saidinesh5mal-: how do i see if my device is using qcom/display or qcom/display-caf ?17:44
saidinesh5(updating the wiki)17:44
mal-saidinesh5: in boardconfig.mk in some device repo, it should show display variant or something17:44
saidinesh5hmm.. my boardconfig doesnt have any word called display17:45
saidinesh5no mention of the word caf either17:45
Keijosaidinesh5: what is the vendor?17:47
saidinesh5BOARD_VENDOR := xiaomi17:47
mal-horuxan: install gdb and strace and then try to run gdb /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minimediaservice17:47
saidinesh5BOARD_USES_QCOM_HARDWARE := true17:48
mal-saidinesh5: I think quite many of the recent devices use caf17:49
saidinesh5yup. but it is weird that grepping for caf returned almost nothing in my device/xiaomi/cancro17:50
saidinesh5that's how i am not sure what to put in there17:51
KeijoOh crap, I had cancro in 2014, there were no sources so i literally sold it 2 weeks before they uploaded them17:51
KeijoIs there any cm.depends file in android_device_xiaomi_cancro?17:51
mal-which platform is that?17:51
* saidinesh5 checks17:52
saidinesh5cm.dependencies:    "repository": "android_device_qcom_common",   "target_path": "device/qcom/common"17:52
mal-looks like msm897417:53
KeijoI think qcom_common depends on qcom/display17:53
KeijoBecause shinano depends on it as well17:53
saidinesh5but there is also qcom/display-caf too17:53
saidinesh5/mer/android/droid/hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8974/libhwcomposer/hwc.cpp: and mer/android/droid/hardware/qcom/display/msm8974/libhwcomposer/hwc.cpp:17:54
saidinesh5that's how i am not sure where it is getting the display from..17:54
mal-maybe put just empty value there17:54
saidinesh5hmm.. i was also hoping if i wasnt using caf, maybe changing to caf could make those heisenbugs disappear17:55
mal-which bugs?17:55
KeijoIf you aren't sure when updating wiki, just put N/A17:56
mal-horuxan: the try run17:56
mal-horuxan: then type run17:56
*** misprint <misprint!misprint@gateway/shell/openshells.net/x-vccqpyndqxiaszxs> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:57
saidinesh5the same sensors/audio randomly working / not working across reboots and a few kernel panics..17:57
saidinesh5also my camera wasn't working in my latest build .. building now17:57
mal-ah, those very odd issues17:57
KeijoIsn't qcom-display-(caf) actually responsible for touchscreen/lcd only?17:58
saidinesh5yup. this weekend i tried to get multirom working, but somehow got stuck with weird issues. will try after making this new build17:58
mal-only graphics17:58
KeijoFirst get adaptation working, then the goodies. It is a better way, because somentimes when you patch something in hal etc. the goodies can't work anymore and you have to hunt down even more bugs18:01
Keijomal-: Is there a way to build android kernel with verbose boot instead of splash?18:02
mal-not sure, I think it's not easy if it's even possible18:02
horuxanmal-, www.pastebin.com/gKkeK4Zi18:02
mal-horuxan: try strace /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/minimediaservice18:03
Keijoshit, I have two ospreys(motorola moto g3) and if parents let me mess around with them I could try to develop better hax than running surfaceflinger and then killing it18:04
horuxanmal-, www.pastebin.com/PbdkwMxf18:04
KeijoI think that the splash module waits for surfaceflinger to start and then frees up the framebuffer for it18:05
KeijoThis should be kernel or firmware issue, AFAIK18:09
mal-horuxan: hmm, not quite sure what causes the crash18:10
horuxani dont know18:10
mal-horuxan: maybe you should try to figure it out with Mister_Magister18:13
horuxanMister_Magister, ??18:13
horuxannever online18:14
*** tortoisedoc_ <tortoisedoc_!5872b4a9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:15
tortoisedoc_TheKit : http://pastebin.com/zaDvMBbu <- dmesg output18:15
tortoisedoc_missing touch device, this is reason for lipstick not starting18:16
tortoisedoc_(/dev/touchscreen or something like this missing)18:16
TheKitare you it's the reason?18:17
TheKitit will start without touchscreen link18:17
TheKit*are you sure18:18
TheKitsee line 2618:18
Keijotortoisedoc_: Asking from curiosity, what are you porting to?18:18
tortoisedoc_TheKit : /dev/touchscreen or whatever is not there18:19
tortoisedoc_and happens to be required by lipstick18:19
TheKitthat's fine for now18:19
tortoisedoc_im not sure if this is THE reason for lipstick not starting tho :)18:19
tortoisedoc_so my previous sentence is bs :P18:19
tortoisedoc_Keijo : Teclast x8918:20
TheKitTeclast x89 Kindow18:20
TheKitlast part matters :)18:20
tortoisedoc_yeah :D18:20
KeijoBaytrails are weird, especially when trying to run kernel on windows tablets18:22
tortoisedoc_Keijo : it seems so :)18:23
tortoisedoc_also the hw is newer than the onda which TheKit porte18:23
tortoisedoc_or at least seems so18:23
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:24
TheKitwish there was a way to use Android kernel as is18:26
KeijoI once tried to run linux kernel on asus transformer book, I didn't get any success with it, because grub needed patching and building it as an efi executable. It is weird that their CPUs are 64-bit, but EFI is 32-bit.18:26
TheKitbecause it doesn't even work properly on V5 as opposed to mine V3 (no sound)18:26
TheKitKeijo, stopped too early18:26
TheKitgetting 32-bit GRUB is easy when you know how to do it and have recent enough distro18:26
tortoisedoc_Keijo, this Teclast is 64 bit on android and 32 bit on windows18:26
TheKitthe problem is hardware support by kernel18:27
tortoisedoc_TheKit : compiling 64 bit uefi from 32 was pretty much nobrainer18:27
KeijoTheKit: only had debian netinstall around for this and no PC to patch on18:28
TheKitwell, ok, but I mean that getting 32-bit bootloader is the easiest part for those devices compared to others18:30
KeijoI know, installed windoze 8.1 enterprise on it just to debloat it, I don't think my friend can handle linux that well to work on device that has shitty support18:31
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wiktorek140_i have probably stupid trouble, my system partition doesn't mount at boot. is added in fstab but still it isn't mounted18:42
mal-wiktorek140_: fstab is not used in sailfish, mounting is done by systemd18:43
wiktorek140_so, how fix that?18:44
mal-wiktorek140_: what do you have in /lib/systemd/system/system.mount?18:44
*** nailfrompg <nailfrompg!5f6e2500@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:44
wiktorek140_in theory is is correct18:47
wiktorek140_mal-: http://pastebin.com/ZeQQTbAe it is correct?18:50
*** wiktorek140_ is now known as wiktorek14018:50
mal-wiktorek140: it shouldn't have block in it18:51
mal-wiktorek140: show fixup-mountpoints of your device18:51
Keijomal-: depends on the device18:52
mal-Keijo: we want to get rid of that18:52
KeijoOn shinano kernel also spawns mmc* in /dev/block18:53
Keijoand human-readable names are spawned in /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name18:53
mal-wiktorek140: try changing the system.mount to /dev/mmcblk0p4218:54
piggzcan I get some some android build-system help pls :)18:56
piggztarget thumb C++: libicui18n <= external/icu/icu4c/source/i18n/udatpg.cpp18:56
piggzframeworks/native/libs/gui/Surface.cpp:42:26: fatal error: gralloc_priv.h: No such file or directory18:56
piggz #include <gralloc_priv.h>18:56
piggz                          ^18:56
piggzcompilation terminated.18:56
piggz ./hardware/qcom/display/msm8226/libgralloc/gralloc_priv.h18:56
mal-piggz: which device?18:57
piggzwhy is it not picked up18:57
mal-piggz: is your device using caf?18:57
piggzmal-: falcon ... i dunno what has gone wrong with my build sys18:57
mal-piggz: I know the problem, just a moment18:57
*** nailfrompg <nailfrompg!5f6e2500@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Quit: Page closed)18:58
KeijoBy the way, which distros have java7 now? AFAIK it is required to build android versions prior to nougat18:58
saidinesh5hmm.. this is weird: Error building the cache: Can't create cache at /var/cache/zypp/solv/local-cancro-hal - no writing permissions.18:59
mal-piggz: add this to local manifest <project path="hardware/qcom/display-caf/msm8226" name="CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_display" groups="qcom,qcom_display" revision="cm-12.1-caf-8226" />19:01
mal-piggz: you might need similar for media and audio also19:01
mal-piggz: you can see that those are disabled in mer-hybris manifest https://github.com/mer-hybris/android/blob/hybris-12.1/default.xml#L47219:01
piggzmal-: ah ...19:02
mal-piggz: the stable revision doesn't exist so you need to use the cm-12.1-caf-8226 instead19:02
piggzmal-: i wonder how i previoulsy built miniafservice then?????????19:02
mal-no idea19:02
saidinesh5mal-: btw. frameworks/av needs this patch: https://paste.kde.org/p6v5wcjmo19:04
saidinesh5the utf16_to_utf8 function seems to have changed the signature19:05
mal-saidinesh5: hmm19:05
saidinesh5we have to actually update the frameworks/av to 12.1 right?19:05
mal-saidinesh5: what does that cause?19:06
saidinesh5compile time error about too many params for that function19:06
saidinesh5i remember you also mentioning that there is no hybris-12.1 branch in https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_frameworks_av19:07
mal-wondering why nobody else has complained about that19:07
saidinesh5well i did a repo sync today.. maybe that pulled in new changes19:07
saidinesh5it happens while building gstdroid now19:07
mal-saidinesh5: the issue is some other repo than that19:11
saidinesh5i kind of got that patch from the recent versions of that file though19:12
mal-saidinesh5: where is that function defined?19:14
saidinesh5umm.. Unicode.h somewhere19:14
saidinesh5let me find19:14
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saidinesh5okay there was a netsplit apparently19:26
mal-saidinesh5: so we need to update system/core probably we should update the other ones also19:29
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KeijoI wanted to do gstreamer-droid thing, will that bug affect me or not?19:30
saidinesh5so far i only got a compile time error19:31
saidinesh5need to test out what atrocities go into the image with this19:31
*** draynium <draynium!~d@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:34
piggzmal-: thx, all sorted ... i wonder if i built that package before cleaning up the manifest files for submission to met-hybris github19:35
horuxanmal-, how tho rebuild "sailfish image"19:37
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Keijohoruxan: hadk, section building image with mic or something like that19:39
mal-horuxan: why do you want to rebuild it?19:40
horuxanin line 143 of hadk-faq-v219:40
mal-horuxan: but why? you already have those packages19:41
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horuxana sound file was not compiled, there was no such instruction in the ancient hadk as redo this buil sailfish them?19:42
mal-what file?19:42
horuxanin 143 hadk-faq-v219:43
mal-horuxan: but what file was not compiled?19:43
mal-horuxan: you got audio working? if yes then that package was built19:44
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mal-horuxan: you can check on device: zypper if pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue19:44
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horuxanno have19:46
horuxaninstall ?19:46
horuxanyes .. installed ..19:46
horuxanvendor: empty19:46
horuxanwhit libcamera no compiled19:48
horuxanno have this in hadk old19:48
mal-where is that mentioned?19:50
horuxan162 at 16519:51
horuxanpiratepad hadk-faq-v219:51
mal-that is not the main reason for your problem19:52
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horuxanbut will it work?19:56
horuxanor not ?19:56
horuxanand how to add sfdroid w19:57
horuxanhave idea ?19:57
horuxanor aliendalvik ?19:57
horuxanto run apk19:57
horuxanwhatssapp ?19:57
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piggzmal-: time for one more problem?20:00
mal-piggz: what problem?20:00
piggzmal-: pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue is built,ran exists in droid-local-repo/falcon ... createrepo and process_patterns.sh20:01
piggz Warning: repo problem: pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-falcon-1-1.noarch requires pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue, but this requirement cannot be provided, uninstallable providers: pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue-6.0.1-1.armv7hl[adaptation0-falcon-]in droid-local-repo/falcon ... createrepo and process_patterns.sh20:01
*** stephg_ is now known as stephg20:01
piggzsorry, mixed up some pasteing there!20:01
mal-piggz: try the usual debug method20:01
piggzmal-: by renaming jolla configuration falcon ?20:02
mal-piggz: are you using latest build target?20:02
mal-piggz: yes to pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue20:02
piggzah, i did only step 1, rename it to jolla-hw-adaptation-falcon20:03
mal-horuxan: we'll get it working but it might take a while, sfdroid is not very simple yet20:03
mal-piggz: that error says that pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue fails to install for some reason20:03
piggzyeah, i wasnt aware of the further debug step... on it20:04
mal-piggz: so we want to try to install only that20:04
mal-and see what is the missing dependency20:04
piggzError <creator>: Unable to find package: gstreamer1.0-libav20:04
piggzthats one ive added... removed20:05
piggzmal-: ok, this is the error...20:05
piggzWarning: repo problem: nothing provides libpulsecommon-6.0.so needed by pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue-6.0.1-1.armv7hl,20:06
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mal-piggz: hmm, why is it trying to build against pulse 6.0 if you are using target20:06
horuxanits dependencie for compile sailfish.zip ?20:06
piggzmal-: what is the pulse version?20:07
mal-piggz: 2.0.2 should have 8.020:07
horuxanwhere to start to use sfdroid?20:07
piggzmal-: ah, i knwo20:07
piggzmal-: i guess my build target is not up to date?20:07
mal-horuxan: sfdroid is a quite complicated thing to do and still work in progress20:07
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piggzhoruxan: mal under-plays it when he says 'quite complicated'20:08
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horuxanidea, hardly enough to know the sailfish20:09
piggzmal-: can sb2 ..... ssu be used to update the target? mine is still on 2.0.020:09
mal-piggz: yes20:09
mal-piggz: there was some way to update it20:10
piggzmal-: zypper is updating it now20:11
piggzaw, im gonna have to run build_packages _again_20:11
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horuxanmal-, sailfish-utilities run apk ?20:35
horuxanhow to install ?20:35
Keijohoruxan: First get the port running, then the goodies. Anyway, what do you need android compatibility for?20:35
horuxanmal-, whatssapp20:39
horuxanfix whatssapp no problems whit sailfish20:39
horuxanits ok20:39
horuxanwhit no run whatssapp20:39
saidinesh5afaik whatsapp only works with sfdroid horuxan20:39
horuxanhow to install sfdroid ?20:39
saidinesh5you have to compile it manually...20:40
horuxanhow to link ?20:40
horuxanits git hub ?20:40
saidinesh5i think #sfdroid has more info on the links20:40
horuxanmal-, in repo-local20:50
horuxanhave subfolders20:50
horuxanand subfolders20:50
horuxancopy rpm's of subfolder for titan20:50
horuxanor, the build ready the subfolders ?20:51
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KeijoWhat is this magical netsplit crap? I see it second day today~21:30
saidinesh5they seem to be under DDoS21:30
saidinesh5at least that's what teir message said...21:30
piggzmal-: image building has commenced, ta!21:33
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Keijofking hackers, they can fck every day up21:54
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saidinesh5fingers crossed22:05
saidinesh5bah..  minimedia crashing again22:10
*** Keijo <Keijo!~keijo@axx64.internetdsl.tpnet.pl> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)22:11
saidinesh5should have saved the last build image in which camera was actually working. damn.22:19
saidinesh5okay firstly.. my  minimedia service was crashing at boot time but when i run strace and manually start it, it is not crashing22:26
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saidinesh5mal-: so what is the path to updating all the repos to 12.1 base?22:34
saidinesh5path/way... should i just wait for hybris  upstream to do it first ? or do i do it manually?22:34
horuxanhi all22:34
horuxanhow to install sailfish utilities22:34
horuxanfor run apk ?22:34
horuxanplease ...22:34
saidinesh5there is no running apks without sfdroid horuxan22:36
saidinesh5you need to compile sfdroid and install it for that22:36
horuxanoh ..22:38
horuxanyou help me ?22:38
horuxansaidinesh5, ?22:38
saidinesh5you need to compile sfdroid.22:39
saidinesh5for that first try to build cyanogenmod for your device22:39
horuxanno download cm.zip ?22:39
horuxanohhh ..22:40
horuxancompile normal ?22:40
horuxanor add instructions ?22:40
saidinesh5instructions can be usually found on the cyanogenmod wiki for your device22:40
horuxannot uderstand, im compile new old version, compiled in zip22:41
horuxanno understand diference22:41
horuxanabout you say to no add configurations22:41
saidinesh5you need to compile cyanogenmod manually. from source.22:41
horuxanok ..22:42
horuxanjolla utilities no run apk ?22:42
horuxansailfish utilities*22:42
horuxanor alien-dalvik22:42
saidinesh5nope. alien-dalvik is not available for ported devices22:43
saidinesh5actually this is weird.   <project path="frameworks/av" name="CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av" groups="pdk" /> ..  which means that is coming directly from Cyanogenmod right?22:47
horuxanmore or less know22:49
horuxanno have other mode ?22:49
saidinesh5nope. not that i know of.22:49
horuxanyou think how long it would take to port it to my device?22:50
saidinesh5dunno. i havent done it myself. so i really dont know.22:50
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saidinesh5weird.. even though i have a common repo in my kickstart , i got updates when i added common repo to the device and did a zypper up common23:18
saidinesh5(to update RILD)23:18
*** olafh <olafh!~olafh@p5DEDFE2F.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:31
saidinesh5and after installing that update sensors and audio works. minimedia still crashing at startup though23:32
horuxanmal-, camera no run "/23:41
horuxanin hadk-faq-v223:45
horuxansay about xulrunner23:45
horuxanto run video and music via browser23:45
horuxanno install where23:45
*** bugzy_ is now known as bugzy23:59

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