Thursday, 2016-09-15

yacukensledges_: for my tablet. samsung espresso3g00:12
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yacukenlbt: ping02:50
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mal-yacuken: why are you building sensorfw-qt5 in you espresso3g obs? should only sensorfw-qt5-hybris be enough07:59
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adeen-sSince I don't have the wt88047 anymore, can i still update it to 2.0.2 using the previous configs ? Anything that might not work ?08:04
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lbtyacuken: pong08:07
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smurfynetmal-: ok checked my compile from last night, this morning, i still don’t have any image.08:35
smurfynetkrnlyng: any idea how i can debug not having any output in sfdroid renderer?  After killall surfaceflinger the window appears but it does not show anything.  It seems that the system is started (am and pm commands work)08:37
mal-smurfynet: let's move this to #sfdroid08:38
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mal-adeen-s: usually most things should work, what was the previous build?08:41
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mal-adeen-s: should be ok09:05
mal-adeen-s: you might want to add fm radio app and perhaps flashlight support also09:07
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mal-adeen-s: why don't you have the device anymore?09:08
adeen-smal-: I got a new device.09:11
mal-planning on porting that also?09:11
adeen-smal-: I just checked and someone has already done it for cancro.
adeen-smal-: I was planning to continue the port on the old tab but yacuken is on it right now. yacuken: I'm here if you need me to test your builds. :D09:13
mal-maybe you can help with that port, hopefully someone will continue wt8804709:14
mal-so two ports to work on for you :)09:14
adeen-smal-: I can still try to get hold of the wt88047 for a few days.09:14
adeen-sBut i don't have much time now, if i forgot to tell you all, I'm out of school and into college now.09:15
mal-at least the repos are available and others can continue09:19
mal-adeen-s: you can look here for some hints for 2.0.2 stuff
adeen-smal-: if double tap to wake works. i will try porting on an old HTC. Its got a broken power button.09:21
mal-adeen-s: does it have some other hardware buttons?09:22
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adeen-smal-: Volume rocker09:22
mal-adeen-s: you can remap the power button to another button for testing09:22
mal-adeen-s: in mce configs09:23
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adeen-smal-: Thanks. Will 2.0.2 work on it? It's got just 512MB of RAM with a 1GHz Processor.09:24
mal-it should work but don't expect to run many apps at the same time, my xperia pro is similar09:25
mal-adeen-s: zram helps a little09:26
adeen-snh1402_work: /r/madlads09:26
adeen-smal-: This is the One(pun unintended) -->
adeen-smal-: I would just need two apps at a time at the most. I think i should begin searching for its Kernel source;09:28
mal-adeen-s: there was already a port for htc one, not sure how different that is09:30
nh1402_workah yes the phone with the chin09:31
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adeen-smal-: Completely different. except for the name.09:32
adeen-snh1402_work: One of the best designed phones i ever owned.09:33
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nh1402_workmal-: violently different, One V has single core S2 pro, the One has a Snapdragon 600 which is an optimised quad core S4 pro09:33
adeen-smal-: I think i should go with the cm-11.0 branch instead. I found it to be more stable.09:34
mal-adeen-s: ok, choose the better one09:35
adeen-smal-: Thanks. meanwhile, What is pkgconfig ?09:36
adeen-smal-: So how do i provide it here -->
mal-adeen-s: ah, you are talking about something different09:38
adeen-smal-: you lost me there.09:39
mal-adeen-s: your drod-hal package on obs is wrong, check here for build-script and .spec
mal-adeen-s: then adapt those09:41
adeen-smal-: Ok. Thanks.09:42
ballocksledges_: lbt has patternised for me, is there something I need to do to have the _pattern thing available?09:47
mal-adeen-s: notice that .spec is different from the usual09:48
ballocksledges_: I triggered droid-config-mako rebuild, but that was not enough.09:48
sledges_ballock: add cibot as maintainer:
sledges_you'll probably want lbt to patternise it ^10:04
lbtnemo:devel:hw:samsung:espresso3g is done10:06
sledges_ballock: then wipe droid-config-mako binaries, that should trigger proper rebuild/patternisation kick-in10:07
adeen-slbt: Please patternise
* lbt will be happy when we move away from patterns to meta-rpms :D10:10
adeen-slbt: Thanks.10:13
mal-lbt: is something like that going to happen?10:16
lbtyeah - they're deprecated in libzypp10:17
mal-adeen-s: you need to fix project config, check my fp2 project how to do it10:17
adeen-smal-: Where's the project config ?10:24
ghosalmartinmal: did you want me to halt the initscript before it runs the debug session?10:28
adeen-smal-: Thanks. built successfully.10:33
mal-ghosalmartin: I wanted it to halt at debug session10:38
ghosalmartinmal: so just after10:39
ghosalmartinmal: everything has mounted in usb storage mode :P10:41
mal-ghosalmartin: can you access those?10:42
ghosalmartinmal: yes10:42
ghosalmartinbut not the data partition by the looks of it10:42
adeen-ssaidinesh5: Where can i find those images for cancro ?10:43
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saidinesh5adeen-s: which device do you have?10:43
saidinesh5mine is an Mi310:43
saidinesh5Also here: it still has a bunch of issues to be fixed btw.10:44
saidinesh5Typing the install instructions atm for this. you need a CM12.1 for this btw.10:44
adeen-ssaidinesh5: I have a mi4w so it won't be an issue.10:45
saidinesh5Ahhh let me know how it goes10:45
saidinesh5adeen-s: is there a working mutlirom for your device?10:45
adeen-ssaidinesh5: Yes, both mi3 and mi4w are essentially the same device. There is MutliROM available for it.10:46
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saidinesh5the multirom for Mi3 isnt working with CM 13 rom.. trying to fix it now, so fixing sfos becomes easier10:47
adeen-ssaidinesh5: Never used multirom on this device. currently running AOSP Nougat so multirom is definitely not going to work for me.10:49
NotKitseems like they have provided full AOSP tree instead of just kernel source10:49
ghosalmartinmal: these errors appear usb 1-5: no configurations usb 1-5: can't read configurations, error -2210:50
ghosalmartinfrom a vanilla init10:50
mal-ghosalmartin: we should try to make halt with telnet active10:53
ghosalmartinmal: how can I write out to dmesg?10:54
ghosalmartinis it just the "write" command10:54
mal-ghosalmartin: not very simple, you can use the usb info10:55
ghosalmartinmal: okay thanks, am going to place debug symbols in a few places10:56
ghosalmartinmal: was missing CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT11:01
ghosalmartinbut still not fixed11:01
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ghosalmartinmal: if rootfs busybox is available, will it try to use that?11:19
ghosalmartinStskeeps: is there no other way to print from device to host from other than write?11:20
ghosalmartinStskeeps: if am in the mer boot loader, and I want to output to the hosts dmesg, is there a nice easy way?11:21
Stskeepsisn't there a /dev thing for that?11:22
Stskeepscan't recall11:22
Stskeepskmsg maybe11:22
NotKitghosalmartin, is it aarch64?11:22
ghosalmartinNotKit: yes11:22
ghosalmartinStskeeps: okay ill dig around11:22
NotKitI had broken busybox in aarch64 build11:22
NotKitfixed by replacing it by arm binary from BusyBox website11:22
ghosalmartinmal: i think the issue is when it switches to rootfs the rootfs busybox was called busybox and not busybox-static11:23
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ghosalmartinNotKit okay thanks11:29
NotKitprobably it's not your issue if you can telnet into it11:29
NotKitmine rebooted straight away11:29
ghosalmartinNotKit: mines just hating me11:33
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mal-ghosalmartin: does it now at least have some other error message?11:47
ghosalmartinmal: nope :(11:48
mal-ghosalmartin: then you need to add more debug info to figure out what is written to diagnosis.log11:50
ghosalmartinmal: hmm when I boot kernel alone, diagnosis.log is fine11:50
mal-that doesn't make any sense11:51
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ghosalmartinmal: think i need to clean out my /out folder12:10
ghosalmartinmal: and now i cant even get a dmesg connection to appear12:23
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* ballock is testing rinigus cm12.1 yog7d image with his own build.12:33
rinigusballock: nice!12:34
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ballockon the way I found how to properly share project-objects from multiple android trees12:35
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adeen-ssaidinesh5: Does not boot up for me right now. telnet disconnects after Sep 15 12:42:42 Sailfish systemd[1]: Started Mode Control Entity (MCE).12:47
adeen-scanoot telnet now and the device is mounted as several partitions which reconnect frequently.12:48
mal-adeen-s: probably kernel panic and then it going into a special debug mode12:51
adeen-smal-: maybe. Failed to write file /sys/fs/cgroup/cpu,cpuacct/cpu.shares: Operation not permitted12:51
mal-probably not, but cannot be sure12:51
mal-usually modem is causing reboots12:52
yacukenlbt: many thanks. sledges_: many thanks (:12:52
adeen-smal-: his commits show that he fixed the bootloop due to modem.12:52
mal-adeen-s: ok12:52
mal-adeen-s: you are sure you have the correct cm base?12:53
yacukenadeen-s: u have galaxy tab 2? it's cool (:12:53
mal-I should try cm13 again, I need it for galaxy tab 4 porting12:53
adeen-smal-: nevermind. it boot up. hey !! you guys added additional languages. Cool12:54
adeen-syacuken: Lets have a complete port together.12:54
adeen-sAlthough, there are some Wrong translations.12:55
horuxangood morning ..12:56
horuxanmal-, you help me in sound ?12:56
horuxansound system ok, no play music and video12:56
mal-horuxan: we need to figure out why those minimediaservice and others fail12:57
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horuxanIt is strange because when I call and put on speaker, is low, but when an alert sound is high.12:58
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mal-horuxan: I probably know the reason for low volume, some missing symlinks13:00
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horuxanyou have ideas?13:01
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mal-horuxan: pastebin output of ls -l /system/etc/13:02
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horuxan mal-
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mal-horuxan: run these command on your device and then reboot and test call volume again13:40
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horuxanmal-, sailfish reboot :S13:54
horuxanrebooting "//13:54
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horuxanmal-, perfect14:01
horuxansound fix and youtube fix14:01
horuxanhow to install chrome, firefox or opera mobile ?14:01
mal-horuxan: youtube works also? nice14:01
mal-horuxan: how about camera?14:02
horuxancamera no fix "//14:02
mal-horuxan: does mp3 playback work?14:02
horuxanyess... :))))))14:03
horuxancamea,mtp, no fix ..14:04
horuxanother day you help me ?14:04
horuxanor this day ?14:04
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mal-horuxan: mtp should work, at least kernel seems to have the needed fix, you are using the PC suite mode in USB mode selector14:06
mal-horuxan: how does camera behave, freezes or something else?14:07
adeen-sAny possibility of supporting IR Blaster in SailfishOS ?14:11
mal-what's that?14:11
adeen-smal-: an infrared  remote.14:12
horuxanmal-, cam freeze14:13
dr_gogeta86adeen-s, hybris it and glue with lirc :-D14:14
adeen-sdr_gogeta86: lirc ?14:16
mal-horuxan: you probably need to rebuild some parts after patching, let's look into that later, we need to first make sure your current changes are not lost14:16
mal-not today, I need to relax a little bit, I have been doing too much development recently and slept very badly14:16
mal-adeen-s: the linux ir remote thingy
dr_gogeta86mal-, from lg g2 source code seems a serial device14:18
horuxanmal-, ok14:19
horuxanwaiting instrutions14:19
yacukenoh. looks like I fix screen dimming on my tablet14:20
mal-adeen-s: there doesn't seem to be any Qt API for IR remotes so probably would need a complete app that uses the lower level stuff14:20
yacukenbut I'm not sure what exactly helped (:14:21
adeen-smal-: It would be better to use sfdroid for now.14:21
mal-yacuken: some sensor issue?14:22
adeen-smal-: yacuken: iirc building sensorfw fixed it for me back then. But it made battery worse.14:23
yacukensome sensors (like accel) works fine14:24
ghosalmartincan someone give me the jolla repo listed in the KS file please14:24
yacukenbut screen dimming randomly stop working14:24
yacuken10" variant of galaxy tab 2 doesn't have proximity sensor14:25
saidinesh5adeen-s: so  it bootd up? (was afk)14:26
adeen-srepo --name=jolla-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=
mal-yacuken: what's this ?14:26
adeen-sghosalmartin: ^^14:26
adeen-ssaidinesh5: Yes it did boot up. and it works fine.14:27
yacukenmal-: ofono works for me only if I prefer ril plugin.14:27
adeen-ssd-utils does not seem to work though.14:27
yacukenexclude other with "--noplugin" doesn't work. I don't know why14:28
adeen-ssaidinesh5: The script to mount Android SD-Card at boot.14:28
mal-yacuken: also you are missing the size configs from /var/lib/environment/compositor/droid-hal-device.conf14:28
mal-yacuken: strange14:28
saidinesh5Ahh .. I don't think i have installed it. no external SD card for Mi314:29
adeen-syacuken: You can use my repos for those.14:29
saidinesh5Ah link?14:29
saidinesh5also what was the reason it didnt boot up? wrong cm base?14:29
yacukenmal-: phisical screen size?14:29
mal-yacuken: yes, like this
*** Kaffeine <Kaffeine!~kaffeine@> has left #sailfishos-porters ("Konversation terminated!")14:30
adeen-ssaidinesh5: yes you did not but i installed it and it did not work for me. I was trying to mount internal SD14:30
*** toomin <toomin!~HomoSapie@unaffiliated/toomin> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:30
yacukenmal-: screen size detected correctly "Physical size: QSizeF(217, 136)"14:31
saidinesh5Ahh... could you share the link to your repos adeen-s?14:31
yacukenI found what fix dimming (L14:32
mal-yacuken: ok14:33
mal-yacuken: what was it?14:33
adeen-ssaidinesh5: I dont have repos for cancro.14:33
mal-yacuken: quite often size is not correctly detected14:33
yacukenstarting /system/bin/drmserver14:34
yacukenpiranha_sensors/nuPlayerDriver/FFMPEG comes in logcat.14:35
yacukenand screen dimming. and then off14:36
* yacuken need to check hw video decoding14:36
adeen-ssaidinesh5: Which kernel have you used as base ?14:37
saidinesh5adeen-s: CM12.1: 3.4.0 i think14:38
saidinesh5my local manifest on top of hybris-12.1 :
adeen-ssaidinesh5: Lets try double tap to wake .
ghosalmartinthanks adeen-s :)14:41
saidinesh5adeen-s: it already exists14:41
saidinesh5adeen-s: so i add sd-utils to my jolla-hw-adaptation-cancro.yaml?14:41
adeen-ssaidinesh5: then add an mce rule to enable d2w.14:42
adeen-sghosalmartin: Yw.14:42
saidinesh5i think that too already exists. i use double tap  wake up14:42
adeen-ssaidinesh5: Does not work for me.14:43
saidinesh5that's odd... double tap to wake worked out of the box since first build for me14:44
adeen-ssaidinesh5: Do you mind taking logs while you wake up your device ?14:45
saidinesh5yeah give me a sec..14:45
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adeen-ssaidinesh5: its probably because mi3 has mxt540s & mi4 the mxt641t chip for touch detection.14:58
adeen-ssaidinesh5: What do you have inside /sys/bus/i2c/drivers/ ?15:00
saidinesh5ls /sys/bus/i2c/drivers15:00
saidinesh5dummy  intel_soc_pmic_i2c15:00
saidinesh5lol sorry15:02
saidinesh5wrong terminal15:02
*** zhxt <zhxt!~zhxt@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)15:02
saidinesh5# ls /sys/bus/i2c/15:02
saidinesh5devices  drivers  drivers_autoprobe  drivers_probe  uevent15:02
saidinesh5adeen-s: ^15:02
saidinesh5logs from journalctl and dmesg btw.
adeen-ssaidinesh5: in drivers/ ?15:03
saidinesh5# ls /sys/bus/i2c/drivers15:03
saidinesh5DRV2604       atmel_mxt_ts_640t  bmp280   camera   cyttsp_streetfighter  fts_i2c  imx214  ir-kbd-i2c  ov4688          s5k3m2  stm32_fwupdate     tabla-i2c-core  tpa6130a215:03
saidinesh5atmel_mxt_ts  bcm2079x-i2c       bq28400  cm36686  dummy                 i2c_hid  imx219  msm_eeprom  qcom,led-flash  smb350  synaptics_dsx_i2c  tas2552         wcd9xxx-i2c-core15:03
adeen-ssaidinesh5: Its the same structure. What could possibly be going wrong ?15:05
saidinesh5i am not sure but i think something is up with mce. my notification LEDs used to work.., but now they arent..15:06
saidinesh5although i can still control them from /sys/15:06
adeen-sLEDs dont work for me either.15:08
saidinesh5could you add the mce ini file for double tap and see?15:11
mal-if led works manually then it's just a matter of getting mce to use it correctly15:12
saidinesh5 /etc/mce/60-doubletap-jolla.ini15:12
saidinesh5mal-: yeah but they used to work in previous build15:12
mal-hmm, maybe some changes in mce between those builds?15:13
* saidinesh5 has to check15:13
saidinesh5btw. making an announcement on XDA using a DevDB project15:14
adeen-ssaidinesh5: but touch_synaptics is not present in /drivers.15:14
saidinesh5For the project name and project title.. do i have to add all the [cancro] ?15:14
saidinesh5let me check my kernel config15:14
adeen-ssaidinesh5: Something like this -->
saidinesh5Ahh adeen-s , in the title , did you add the [beta][sfos] ?Or did it take from the project status you set?15:17
adeen-sI had to add it.15:19
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saidinesh5hmm.. this is odd.. even though i added sd-utils to my patterns.. i can t seem to find it in the list of installed packages15:22
saidinesh5in  Jolla-
saidinesh5okay bbiab ../ dinner time15:23
*** nh1402_work <nh1402_work!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)15:28
adeen-ssaidinesh5: You need something like this in the kernel -->
adeen-scd /sys15:29
*** adeen-s <adeen-s!~adeen-s@> has quit IRC (Quit: leaving)15:33
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)15:38
dr_gogeta86sledges, did you remember the site where search android symbols15:45
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:51
NotKitghosalmartin, should you have aarch64 rootfs, I have at least two devices to test it on :)15:59
*** maheart <maheart!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)15:59
ghosalmartinNotKit: i do kinda... :P15:59
NotKitgui is working on OnePlus 2 with 32-bit libs, but on Redmi Note 2 32-bit hwcomposer seems to be broken15:59
NotKityet libhybris on 6.0 seems to be working on the latter (Ubuntu's version on Ubuntu)16:01
locusfghosalmartin: so you got rootfs?16:03
ghosalmartinlocusf: yes but the rootfs breaks the mer bootloader16:03
ghosalmartinwhen I remove the rootfs the mer bootloader works fine16:03
mal-ghosalmartin: I still cannot understand how that can happen16:04
locusfghosalmartin: did you take out the rpi adaptation packages?16:04
ghosalmartinlocusf: i havent used those packages, too many missing16:04
NotKitghosalmartin, are you building it for Nexus 6?16:04
locusfah ok16:04
ghosalmartinam currently only using the Base System package16:04
ghosalmartinmal: me too16:04
ghosalmartinbase system + hwa16:04
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off16:05
mal-ghosalmartin: how much debug info have you added so we could see what is exatly happening16:05
NotKitcould you upload rootfs to try?16:05
mal-ghosalmartin: add something to each function and if/else so we can see16:05
ghosalmartinmal: none because for some reason, in the end my pc wouldnt even detect the phone16:05
ghosalmartinso am doing a complete rebuild atm16:06
ghosalmartinNotKit: building for nexus 5x16:06
ghosalmartinNotKit and if you want?16:06
*** smurfynet is now known as zz_smurfynet16:06
NotKitdevice-specific bits would need to be replaced, but I can probably do it manually for testing16:09
ghosalmartinNotKit: want the KS file instead?16:09
ghosalmartinbut youd also need this mic
ghosalmartinand need to install qemu-aarch64-static16:10
ghosalmartinthe packages required are all in obs16:10
NotKitwhat about libhybris packages?16:12
ghosalmartinNotKit: youd have to build them16:13
ghosalmartinI really need to write up how to setup aarch64 env16:13
NotKitis it Ubuntu or SFOS version though?16:16
ghosalmartinNotKit: the ubuntu version16:16
ghosalmartinbut still breaks on qualcomm devices16:16
NotKitcan you upload your local repo with built packages then?16:18
NotKitor rootfs16:18
NotKit(in Ubuntu libhybris is generic)16:18
ghosalmartinmal: AM IN REAL ROOTFS16:18
ghosalmartinand then it broke :P16:19
ghosalmartinit rebooted to twrp16:19
ghosalmartini need to disable droid-hal-init16:19
*** zz_smurfynet is now known as smurfynet16:21
*** dirkvl <dirkvl!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:21
mal-ghosalmartin: yay16:21
ghosalmartinmal: but I can't telnet into the real rootfs, may force it to stop before16:22
ghosalmartineverything about this image is odd :P16:22
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:24
NotKitghosalmartin, did you modify LD_LIBRARY_PATH?16:25
ghosalmartinNotKit: cant remember...16:25
NotKiton OnePlus 2 I changed it to  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/lib64-dev-alog:/vendor/lib64:/system/lib64:/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/lib-dev-alog:/vendor/lib:/system/lib16:26
ghosalmartinNotKit: wheres that set? ive forgotten16:27
*** Emperor2k3 <Emperor2k3!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:29
*** wickwire <wickwire!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)16:30
ghosalmartinmal: when we switch to real root, do we use real root busybox?16:30
dr_gogeta86bad news need to rebuild from scratch16:31
ghosalmartinhome time :)16:32
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:32
dr_gogeta86also for me16:32
dr_gogeta86but i hope brunch finish fast as he can16:33
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*** Keijo <Keijo!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:40
Keijo!seen mal17:41
merbotKeijo: mal was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 year, 37 weeks, 1 day, 23 hours, 33 minutes, and 27 seconds ago: <mal> Maybe Iäll just ignore the error and continue with next step17:41
Keijo!seen mal-17:41
merbotKeijo: mal- was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 hour, 18 minutes, and 54 seconds ago: <mal-> odd17:41
mal-Keijo: yes?17:41
Keijomal-: I think I broke something with gstdroid and that's why camera isn't working17:41
mal-Keijo: what did you do?17:41
KeijoWhile trying to play video in web pirate, it shows: Could not configure supporting library17:42
KeijoSo only audio codecs work.17:43
mal-Keijo: does video playback work in gallery app?17:47
mal-Keijo: anything in logcat?17:48
*** spider-mario <spider-mario!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:53
saidinesh5can someone proof read my release announcement and let me know if i should be adding anything?
mal-saidinesh5: video playback in browser doesn't work?17:57
saidinesh5nope.. i have to manually install that hls streams thing17:57
saidinesh5iirc browser was crashing17:57
mal-saidinesh5: does video playback work in gallery app?17:58
mal-saidinesh5: if yes then you'll just need some quirks for gst-droid17:58
saidinesh5have to try out.. will have to make a fresh install.17:58
saidinesh5Ah quirks like?17:58
mal-just one file to /etc/gst-droid/17:58
mal-saidinesh5: some devices need also a fix for width17:59
saidinesh5Am i allowed to include that experimental package in my image?18:00
mal-saidinesh5: which package?18:00
mal-saidinesh5: if it's some codecs then no18:01
saidinesh5the hls streams one..18:01
*** Emperor2k3 <Emperor2k3!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)18:03
KeijoPlayback in jolla-browser works for audio only18:05
mal-Keijo: do you see anything in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat ?18:12
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:12
mal-Keijo: do you have the needed symlinks in /etc?18:13
mal-Keijo: do you have your droid repos somewhere in github?18:14
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)18:16
mal-saidinesh5: please try gallery app, if that fails then get some logs18:17
saidinesh5Aye .. will try now18:17
KeijoI have them, but sparse is not up to date with my local repo18:20
Keijoacdbdata                 izat.conf                media_codecs_google_audio.xml      media_codecs_google_video.xml  media_profiles.xml  pulse       sensorfw   systemd18:21
Keijoaudio_platform_info.xml  media_codecs_ffmpeg.xml  media_codecs_google_telephony.xml  media_codecs.xml               mixer_paths.xml     sec_config18:21
Keijothese are in /etc of my sparse18:21
saidinesh5mal-: is adb supposed to work in sailfish os ?18:23
saidinesh5adb / mtp18:23
mal-mtp is possible18:23
saidinesh5mal-: videeo works in gallery.18:24
saidinesh5the same videeo fails in browser though18:24
saidinesh5okay, so i need to look into why mtp is failing too18:25
mal-saidinesh5: so try that .conf I linked18:27
mal-saidinesh5: do you have the patch in your kernel for mtp?18:27
mal-saidinesh5: looks like no18:27
Keijomal-: after device fully charges up, I'll post logs18:31
Keijoif sparse containts media_codecs_google_video.xml link18:31
Keijoi think it should be okay18:31
saidinesh5checking.. gimme a sec18:31
mal-saidinesh5: you need this patch
mal-saidinesh5: for mtp18:32
mal-Keijo: those links look ok18:32
saidinesh5Ahh... mal-, but during boot i do see init fs for mer or something like that briefly mounted.. prolly as mtp device18:33
mal-saidinesh5: trust me, that patch is needed18:33
saidinesh5Ah aye18:34
saidinesh5patching now18:34
saidinesh5is there a way to download .diffs from github?18:35
KeijoI know, maybe init.rc is fucked up18:35
horuxansorry, whit, how to add this patch on my sailfish ?18:35
KeijoBy the way, from time to time i have to forget network and enter password again, is that problem of that stupid hax?18:35
horuxanno remember have line in compilation18:35
horuxanfor mtp18:35
horuxanmtp no fix herer18:35
horuxanthanks ..18:35
*** smurfynet is now known as zz_smurfynet18:39
KeijoMaybe just turn your usb mode from developer to mtp or something? xD18:40
NotKithow to enable phone app?18:41
KeijoNotKit: What do you mean?18:41
NotKitI see 2G in top upper courner, but it seems Sailfish OS considers my device as tablet18:41
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)18:41
NotKitno telephony in settings or phone app in launcher18:41
mal-saidinesh5: add .patch to the address18:41
saidinesh5Ahh neat!18:42
*** Matusala <Matusala!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:44
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saidinesh5mal-: that patch works. mtp works now18:55
mal-saidinesh5: knew it :)18:55
mal-saidinesh5: how about the video issue?18:56
saidinesh5heh.. now need to test out that gstreamer patch18:56
saidinesh5yeah testing it out18:56
saidinesh5do i have to reboot my device?18:56
NotKithad to run jolla-settings-mask-tool for it to detect the modem18:57
mal-saidinesh5: probably, not quite sure18:57
mal-NotKit: which sailfish version?18:57
mal-NotKit: that is fixed in
mal-NotKit: which device?18:58
NotKitOnePlus 218:58
mal-NotKit: is that cm13 based port?19:02
mal-that's logical19:03
mal-NotKit: how are things working on that device?19:03
NotKitonly got it booting19:04
NotKitsound works out of box, ofono connected to Yota's network (for some reason in 2G mode)19:05
mal-that's a good start19:05
NotKitI probably need to configure APN manually for Yota (that's the case in Android), but not sure how to do it here19:06
mal-NotKit: if you want to show me output of ls -l /system/etc I can tell what symlinks you might need in the future19:06
mal-NotKit: create a symlinks to /etc/ which point to /system/etc/ for these files: acdbdata, audio_platform_info.xml, gps.conf, izat.conf, lowi.conf, media_codecs.xml, media_codecs_ffmpeg.xml, media_codecs_google_audio.xml, media_codecs_google_telephony.xml, media_codecs_google_video.xml, media_profiles.xml, mixer_paths.xml, sap.conf, sec_config, xtwifi.conf19:10
mal-so for example ln -s /system/etc/acdbdata /etc/acdbdata19:10
mal-NotKit: add those also to your droid-configs/sparse/etc/19:11
mal-there are some other files which I'm not sure of but we'll see later19:12
mal-maybe also listen_platform_info.xml not sure about if this is needed19:12
saidinesh5mal-: no change with that gst patch.. the video which wasnt working in browser still isnt working. youtube, gallery still work19:15
mal-saidinesh5: youtube works?19:16
NotKitI remember there was some script posted here to have multiple devices in one tree19:16
saidinesh5it did even before this patch19:16
saidinesh5but i already did a zypper dup --from experimental19:17
mal-saidinesh5: what video is that19:17
saidinesh5just an mp4 video i recorded with phone19:17
NotKitwould really want it now to keep repos clean so I can publish it properly later19:17
mal-saidinesh5: but youtube didn't work without that experimental?19:17
saidinesh5iirc browser was crashing in the last build without experimental19:17
saidinesh5so this build i directly installed without checking19:18
mal-saidinesh5: that fix is meant to fix the crashing19:18
mal-saidinesh5: and then you have no need for experimental19:18
NotKitSince hybris-12.1, rild does not work without  ANDROID_CONFIG_PARANOID_NETWORK. Add nemo to group inet if it is  enabled.)19:18
NotKit(from HADK FAQ)19:18
NotKitthat's all I need to do for it to work with ANDROID_CONFIG_PARANOID_NETWORK?19:18
saidinesh5Ahhh... is there anyway i can uninstall stuff from experimental and check agani?19:18
mal-saidinesh5: so you need to test gallery playback without experimental19:18
mal-saidinesh5: you can uninstall19:19
saidinesh5not sure what all zypper dup pulled in from experimental actually19:19
tortoisedocNotKit : when building realtek driver, i get loads of undefined refs related to sdio, for example sdio_release_host (Warning messages)19:19
*** zz_smurfynet is now known as smurfynet19:20
tortoisedocNotKit : seems to be kernel function :
NotKithow do you build realtek driver?19:21
NotKitis it from my repo or somewhere else?19:21
tortoisedoc(all exports btw)19:21
tortoisedoc(before make)19:21
tortoisedocand yes, from your repo19:22
NotKithm, not enough19:22
tortoisedoc(note this is from realtek dir)19:22
NotKitmake -C linux O=../KERNEL_OBJ M=../modules/wlan/realtek CONFIG_RTL8723B=m CONFIG_BT_COEXIST=y -j819:22
NotKitI did it like this19:22
mal-saidinesh5: you probably need the original gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad, so uninstall that other one remove the experimental repo and then zypper in from jolla repo19:22
saidinesh5Ahh aye19:22
NotKithm, browser doesn't display properly and crashes when I try to load a page19:28
tortoisedocNotKit : still some things missing..19:31
NotKitmight be related to things you disabled in kernel config, not sure19:32
tortoisedocNotKit: what does SDIO drive? Sd-card?19:33
NotKitsd-card and network module19:34
tortoisedocyes I recall having disabled it19:34
tortoisedocill check19:34
NotKitthat Realtek chip is kind of bult-in SD network called19:35
*** smurfynet is now known as zz_smurfynet19:38
tortoisedocNotKit : yep, SD was disabled from kernel19:39
tortoisedocNotKit : you mean the Realtek chip treats the Wifi as an sd?19:40
mal-saidinesh5: check the output of your evdev_trace -i for some input device with something like SW_HEADPHONE_INSERT and other similar events, then you can get headphone jack detection working19:40
mal-saidinesh5: that's in mce-tools package19:40
NotKittortoisedoc, no, it's connected via SDIO interface19:40
tortoisedoca wifi chip connected to an sdio bus19:40
saidinesh5mal-: i think headphone jack already works for me19:40
saidinesh5i had a problem with the FM radio though19:40
mal-I needed this
mal-saidinesh5: that FM radio issue is strange, I think kimmoli has the same19:42
saidinesh5maybe that may fix my FM radio issue? that it was using audio from mic instead of19:42
mal-saidinesh5: also check faq for flashlight, to get it working during video recording and then also the possibility for a shortcut to use it as a flashlight19:44
saidinesh5Aye .. looking19:44
mal-or my fp2 configs :)19:45
saidinesh5hehh .. i should actually do that.. look into all the changes that went into your configs!19:46
NotKitdo I need any special configuration to enable LTE on 2.0.11?19:47
NotKit2G works, but slow, and the device lacks 3G bands needed19:52
*** itbaron <itbaron!~kvirc@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)19:55
mal-saidinesh5: the 2.0.2 branch is the latest, I haven't yet added those to master19:55
saidinesh5i added sd-utils to my patterns. i dont need to add anything else for it to go into my zip right?19:57
mal-NotKit: LTE works better on 2.0.2, 2.0.1 is missing the option if using the ofono from common repo19:57
mal-that is enough19:57
NotKitall right, I'd better update to 2.0.2 before continuing then19:58
NotKitI had to use Ubuntu's version of libhybris (the same way as ghosalmartion does for aarch64) because SFOS one is crashing in EGL driver for some reason19:59
mal-NotKit: quite strange20:11
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wiktorek140somebody know how to fix: "rpmspec: --buildrequires: unknown option" after runing rpm/dhd/helpers/ ?23:11
*** brodolfo <brodolfo!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:11
wiktorek140and in addition it's showing something like this "error: Unable to open /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc for reading: No such file or directory.". i checked, file exist and i can read it23:12
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