Friday, 2016-09-23

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taaemkimmoli: so everypackage we want to remove has to be obsoleted by our droid-config-onyx?05:22
taaemthis commmit is borked
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modulebaankimmoli: I have a question about updating my Oneplus to the new beta-2, Do I have to follow the instructions on the mer wiki page or the one that you guys provided from alpha-3 -> beta-1 (in the dir where the files are stored)06:10
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taaemmodulebaan: you can follow instructions from the wiki with RELEASE=
modulebaantaaem: I don't need to reflash the kernel then :) thanks!06:25
taaemnope we fixed that so now it will update the kernel itself06:25
taaemmodulebaan: ^06:26
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modulebaanGreat! And thanks again for such a nice port!06:27
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juicemeI have now had Nexus5/ as my daily driver for five weeks and it has served well in that capacity, there are not many things that do come on the way a lot. It is surprisingly goode device in many regards and the SFOS port works well.07:41
juicemeThere are few issues, fortunately not roadblocks, that I'd like to do some work on.07:42
juicemeI'd like to know if someone is looking at these things actively, so I might help or take on working on them myself.07:43
juicemeHere's my glitch-list, in no particular list of importance;07:43
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juiceme(1.) There's some problem with pulseaudio which prevents using Call recorder. (see
juiceme(2.) Audio quality on BT headset is very poor in voicecalls, however audio quality is excellent when listening to spotify or internet radio.07:46
juiceme(3.) AGPS does not work correctly, or does not work quickly (not sure which). It takes few minutes to lock to GPS signbal07:47
juiceme(4.) No possibility to use device as WLAN hotspot. Why is that, since the funnctionality supposedly works on Android with the same device; the WLAN driver should support it, right?07:49
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juiceme(5.) the UI has infrequently/rarely "lipstick freeze" which prevents getting out-of-lockscreen. (somehow related to events when ending/rejecting voicecall) However a workaround exists to get out of it (see
juicemeSo, unless I missed something that's my top-5-list.07:53
r0kk3rzjuiceme: 2) sounds normal, the call BT profile is different to the music BT profile07:53
nh1402_workjuiceme: which base, CM11 or 12.1?07:54
juicemer0kk3rz, do you think it is fixable by tweaking BT profile/pulseaudio/something?07:54
jusa_I could try to check 1) at some point07:54
juicemeI based mine on CM12.107:54
r0kk3rzjuiceme: No. its a limitation of bluetooth07:54
nh1402_work3) is because it's not currently assisted, is it?07:55
juicemejusa_, that would be excellent. It definitely is something to do with pa.07:55
juicemer0kk3rz, huh? again, supposedly BT voicecalls work OK on android side, so why not SFOS?07:55
jusa_it's something to do with audio hal adaptation for nexus 5 most probably.. maybe need some extra handling or so07:55
nh1402_workTheRealJohnGalt[: and maybe drFaustroll could give a better idea of how you can help.07:56
jusa_I should have access to nexus5 soonish, so then debugging issues is easier07:56
juicemenh1402_work, according to the config files it should use AGPS but I suspect it doesn't07:56
r0kk3rzjuiceme: try it yourself. the high quality audio profile doesnt expose microphone.07:57
juicemejusa_, anything you need to debug, please ask me07:57
juicemer0kk3rz, so it is something to do with 2-way audio transfer then?07:58
jusa_juiceme: how the audio is poor, is the audio still understandable or just nothing or what?07:59
jusa_juiceme: during bt07:59
drFaustrolljuiceme: 3-4-5 all known... mal- solved 4 but I tried and i did not manage for n507:59
drFaustrollagps you need the mldb package and you will get some kind of satisfaction07:59
juicemeit is very garbled, can just about understand some words here and there07:59
nh1402_workmldb being Mozilla Location database?08:00
drFaustrollnh1402_work: yap08:00
r0kk3rzjuiceme: oh its garbled. you didnt say that. it should be usable but not at the same quality as A2DP08:00
drFaustrollis somewhere in testing08:00
juicemeI have understood thet for AGPS to work should only require to get connection to any ephemeral database provider?08:01
juicemer0kk3rz, garbled, yes. mostly noise-isdh hissing. I tried with 2 different headsets08:01
kimmolitaaem: yes, it is dirty still.. just tested as didnt get sleep last night due that pita08:05
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modulebaantaaem: When I try to refresh the repos on the Oneplus I get the following error: [|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s) Please check if the URIs defined for this repository are pointing to a valid repository. Skipping repository 'store' because of the above error. Some of the repositories have not been refreshed because of an error.08:12
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modulebaantaaem: I guess I don't need to worry about it since the store is disabled on the Oneplus X08:12
kimmoliyou need to disable repos08:20
kimmolibut there is one fix coming, so just hold your pants for a wihel08:20
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kimmolii moved the to-be-removed usb-moded packages from patterns to .spec08:29
modulebaankimmoli: I will wait for beta-2b version then :)08:32
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kimmoliwell, ota will be available earlier, as soon as we have tested and merged08:43
kimmolibut now f00d08:43
nh1402_workkimmoli: fzerozerod?, is that the sequel to the F-zero racing game?08:46
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drFaustrolljuiceme: mlsdb that shall make the agps better09:10
drFaustrollall that repo shall be on a 12.1 last m base09:10
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drFaustrollnh1402_work: you missed09:12
drFaustrollthe mlsdb shall in in there is for 2.0.2 with cm 12.1 base09:12
drFaustrollnext week I will produce a new image based on the latest and09:12
drFaustrollgood time to test the update in12.109:13
jmondiHello channel. While configuring a freshly checked out AOSP (breakfast full-eng) I got back build/core/ *** Error: could not find jdk tools.jar, please install JDK6, which you can download from  Stop.09:13
jmondino jdk at all in chroot /usr/lib/09:13
drFaustrollmal-: do we still need connman to be built by ourselves09:14
jmondino way to install it through zypper (none that I've been able to use, at least)09:14
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mal-drFaustroll: on most devices common repo should not be needed (except there are some small bug fixes in two packages)09:18
drFaustrollmal-: yap I know... i just try to keep on up to date09:19
drFaustrollmal-: in devel we have the most up to date list09:19
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nh1402_workdrFaustroll: missed what?09:28
drFaustrollnh1402_work: when i said about mlsdb... earlier you were offline09:31
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kimmolitaaem: looks that pull 15 works, at least after version --dup, there is no usb-moded-mass-storage, usb-moded-diag-mode-android or ofono-configs-mer09:43
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kimmoliso the patterns fail to obsolete package, droid-config-$DEVICE does it properly09:44
juicemedrFaustroll, thx, I'll have a look at that09:44
kimmolitaaem: and ril_sub is up-to-date09:45
kimmolimal-: ^ fyi09:46
juicemehey, one thing of relevance to upgrading from one build to the next;09:46
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juicemeI backup my device nightly by rsyncing my /home/nemo to my own server;09:47
juicemenow, when I build and flash a new SFOS image, I'd like to get all my studd to my home just as it was.09:48
entiljuiceme: I pretty much rsynced my stuff09:48
entilfrom one phone to the other09:48
juicemeWhat's the easiest way to stop the newly installed device to such a point in the boot sequeence that I can copy back the previous home?09:48
entilI did it live ;P09:48
juicemeno problems doing it live??09:49
entildon't take my word for it, but I didn't encounter any09:49
juicemeI'd imagine there's dozens of processes accessing the DB's and everything all da time...09:49
entilsomething like having backups taken on the new phone may royally fsck up your .vault etc09:49
juicemethat's why I thought of booting it up just to get home mounted and then sync the content back to it09:50
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juicemeentil, yes09:50
entilbut I had a clean fp2 with no apps installed (iirc) at the time09:51
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juicemeyes, apps need to be istalled after that but I'd like to sync back all my messaging etc. stuff before that.09:51
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juicemebut anyways, is there an easy way to accomplish that, maybe set up some configuration which stops the startup process in first boot?10:46
taaem[m]kimmoli: you can merge #1410:47
taaem[m]Or 2.1?10:48
kimmolias we agreed earlier11:09
kimmoliusers can skip beta-211:09
kimmolimerged and tagged11:10
taaem[m]Ah yeah forgot11:18
taaem[m]I can quickly build and upload11:20
taaemmmh testing got updated again...11:25
taaemthere are a bunch of webhooks pointing to nemo:testing:hw:oneplus:onyx on
kimmoliyeah... those bastards are kinda sticky once you make them11:29
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taaemkimmoli: so I rerbuild the image12:00
taaemupload and release or wait til we find more bugs12:01
kimmoliif the .urls file looks ok, then upload12:01
taaemkimmoli: looks fine anything i have to keep an eye on?12:07
taaemdidn't I deleted ofono packages and stuff because they are already in common?12:09
taaemwe only pull in 4 packages from common currently12:10
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kimmolithat sounds reasonable amount :)12:10
taaembut why are we still having our own ofono build12:10
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taaemI mean that is also in common12:10
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kimmolidoes it recreate it due webspook?12:10
taaemsame version and stuff12:10
taaemkimmoli: mmh that could be12:11
taaemi will ignore it for now12:11
kimmolii closed bugs12:12
kimmoliwhat we shall do with that lenny potter thing?12:13
kimmolier, systemd12:13
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taaemkimmoli: ?12:14
kimmolithat #1412:14
taaemthat time spam thing12:15
kimmolior the possible issue that is behind it12:15
taaemLOG_DEBUG sounds reasonable12:18
taaemBut I'm no expert there12:18
taaemthat would again introduce another fork from Mer upstream for us :P12:19
kimmolithat is there, but then we need to maintain our own fork of systemd12:19
kimmoliyeah. what we said12:19
taaemDoes it harm us to just leave it as it is?12:20
kimmoliit just spoils my day12:21
kimmoliofc i can use my won fork of systemd12:21
taaemokay so it actually effects you?12:21
taaemnot official yet12:21
taaemso I can remove/change it anytime12:22
kimmoliyou can shoot down beta-2 due the bugginess of it ?12:22
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kimmoliadd README.html telling to use beta-312:22
taaemwhat about Nieldks twitter driver thing?12:23
kimmolithat needs some inspecting, i can take a look on that prolly on weekend12:23
kimmoliif my buildenv boots12:23
taaemokay so I can make a XDA post about it?12:24
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taaemand twitter propably12:24
kimmolibeta-3 ? by all means. twitter needs a splshy picture12:24
taaemThats true12:25
kimmolimention sledges :) for profit12:25
taaemand yes about beta-212:25
kimmolieerr what XDA post you referenced?12:25
taaemI asked if i can make beta-3 public with announcements and stuff12:26
taaemI'll make a readme for beta-212:26
kimmoliyes, please12:26
kimmoliyes please12:26
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taaem not very creative tho12:30
kimmoliworth of deleting those files?12:30
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taaemfor documentary you could leave them there12:34
taaemkimmoli: do you have a nice screenshot?12:39
taaemsledges: is jolla-settings-networking-multisim translation included in jolla-settings-networking?12:42
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taaemkimmoli: on the wiki you wrote that compass is broken?12:57
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Mister_Magisterhow to fix call echo?13:06
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kimmoliyou need to add some files to the device.13:10
kimmolitaaem: ( mal- ) compass looks much better now..13:12
kimmoliwhat happened?13:12
kimmoliforget. still gets stuck13:12
mal-kimmoli: I still haven't figured out why that happens13:13
kimmoliit was temporary stuck, it restored operation, and it is not wild as it used to be13:13
kimmolicompass app i use has pause/resume coveraction, and if i toggle it, it resumes13:14
mal-Mister_Magister: btw, I have a fix for mobile data on second sim slot, might work for you also
mal-Mister_Magister: you need to add some symlinks to /etc13:15
mal-Mister_Magister: for call echo I mean13:15
mal-Mister_Magister: check this for some symlinks that might be useful for you also check is you have something like platform_info.xml if yes then symlink that also13:26
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Mister_Magistermal-: thaks but that don't work. (without fix) when i switch to second sim for mobile data i can't see 2G/3G on the bar while on first slot i see that. When i use your fix i can't see that on any slot and i can't enable mobile data13:36
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mal-Mister_Magister: can you see in any logs what RIL version your device has?13:37
mal-Mister_Magister: should be either in logcat -b radio or ofono log13:37
mal-Mister_Magister: I didn't see 2g/3g on second sim without that in ril_subsriptions.conf, try the reverse i.e. allowDataReq=off13:39
mal-Mister_Magister: just to be sure, are you sure the fix was properly applied?13:40
Mister_Magisteron off nothing changed. i mean the same as before (1st slot work second not)13:40
Mister_Magistermal-: yes :)13:41
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Mister_Magistermal-: how can i get ril version if logcat shows nothing?13:43
*** tanty is now known as tanty_off13:53
mal-Mister_Magister: did you use the correct logcat?13:54
Mister_Magister /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat -b radio13:54
Mister_Magisteri have to symlink every .conf and .xml file in /system/etc?13:54
mal-Mister_Magister: not all but most13:56
Mister_Magisterwhich one?13:57
Mister_Magisterapns-conf.xml audio_effects.conf?13:57
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mal-those might not be needed, at least I haven't linked those yet13:59
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Mister_Magistermal-: by now i added the same as in fp2 repo that you gave me14:01
mal-Mister_Magister: do you something like platform_info.xml14:03
mal-in /system/etc?14:03
kimmolimal-: btw, about the mms issue, i think i was not able to receive any sms while mms was pending sending. after it got sent, i received a bunch of sms's...14:04
Mister_Magistermal-: no14:04
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mal-kimmoli: probably the same issue14:08
mal-kimmoli: did you test second sim slot yet?14:08
kimmolino, not tested data on that yet...14:14
kimmolii have 2 sims in14:14
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mal-kimmoli: no need for two sims, one is enough14:22
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mal-Mister_Magister: RIL version can be seen in ofono debug log if you cannot get that from logcat14:28
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Foidbgenmal-: i have problem with usb also. When i plug my phone into pc and unplug it still says it's plugged and i can't change plug mode14:30
Foidbgenmy nickname is used by me 0_014:30
*** Foidbgen is now known as Mister_Magister_14:30
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*** Mister_Magister_ is now known as Mister_Magister14:31
mal-Mister_Magister: did those symlinks help with call echo? on some devices the acdbdata is individual files and not a folder14:45
Mister_Magistermal-: didn't tested yet and i don't have acdbdata14:52
mal-Mister_Magister: at all? any files wirh acdb in them?14:54
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Mister_Magistermal-: no, every file/folder starts with "b" only audio starts with "a"15:23
Mister_Magisteri have some files with .acdb15:24
mal-Mister_Magister: those .acdb files are what I meant, symlink those15:24
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modulebaantaaem: I upgraded my device to beta-3 but now my security code has been changed? My old code doesn't work anymore after the reboot16:16
modulebaantaaem: Weird, after a second reboot the code is now accepted, I suggest you make a note on the wiki?16:17
mal-modulebaan: that has happened on many devices, for some reason the first boot after upgrade is somehow different16:21
mal-modulebaan: even on different ports16:21
modulebaanmal: I didn't know that :p thanks :)16:24
kimmolithat has never happened to me... iirc16:24
mal-I remember someone having that same issue on fp2, or maybe even several people16:25
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kimmolior then they are sooo excited about update and just type it wrong?16:32
kimmolii can type my code several times wrong, and then i need to focus and slow down a bit, then it works16:32
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modulebaanI tried it really slow several times, I had to stop when I was almost out of tries :p16:37
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ruthenianboyGE guys. I am thinking about new phone with LTE. Xiaomi redmi 3(didnt selected version yet) looks good for me. Just want to know if somone isnt porting SFOS to redmi 3 (any version) already.17:39
mal-ruthenianboy: does it have aosp or cm code available?17:40
mal-also is it 64 bit or aosp6 or cm13 only?17:40
ruthenianboyI think i've seen some sources but dont know more about that at moment. I do not have lot of options if i want something with EU LTE freqs, less then 5.2" screen, OTG and source code available at all.17:49
ruthenianboyJust looking on available phones with potential to get sfos running on them. I am not going to buy anything until my port attempt willnnot reach apha stage. :D17:53
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Mister_Magistermal-: call echo fixed!18:18
mal-Mister_Magister: I knew those symlinks would fix it :)18:20
*** yaseen <yaseen!673dd86e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:25
Mister_Magistermal-: :)18:27
Mister_Magistermal-: i'm trying to make image with that fix but buildpackages (i need it for package sparse) says18:27
Mister_Magistererror: line 113: Unknown tag: %{_oneshot_requires_post}18:27
mal-Mister_Magister: line 113 of what file?18:31
Mister_Magistererror: query of specfile /home/foidbgen/mer/android/droid/rpm/droid-hal-titan.spec failed, can't parse18:32
Mister_Magistermal-: do you have twitter? o_018:33
mal-Mister_Magister: no?18:33
Mister_Magisterok :P Do you have idea about that  error?18:34
Mister_Magistermaybe update dhd or something18:34
mal-show the spec18:34
Mister_Magisterthat is not in spec. That spec file refers to rpm/dhd/droid-hal-device.inc18:35
Mister_Magisterand there must be error18:35
mal-hmm, I'll investigate in a moment18:35
Mister_Magistermal-: dhd is on commit aff613a9b21a0a95b90c2e82dd3f17e6a4ba431e18:37
Mister_Magisterso lastest18:37
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mal-Mister_Magister: try sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper in oneshot18:49
Mister_Magisteri have problem with permissions in /var18:50
Mister_Magistermkdir: cannot create directory `/var/log/apt': Permission denied18:50
mal-Mister_Magister: in target?18:50
Mister_MagisterCant open /var/run/zypp.pid18:50
Mister_Magisterafter running that command18:51
mal-Mister_Magister: exit sdk and try again18:51
Mister_Magistermal-: i was moving whole mer folder from other disk so there can be problem but i'll try18:51
mal-Mister_Magister: maybe permission broke or something18:51
Mister_Magisternope still that error18:52
mal-how did you move it? where is the mer root now18:52
Mister_Magisterin my home folder18:53
Mister_Magisteri moved it with all permissions persist18:53
Mister_Magisteri was able to create image with mic18:53
mal-reinstall the target and try again18:54
Mister_Magistereverything within var is owned by root18:54
Mister_Magisterreainstall? how?18:54
Mister_Magisteralso i see in mer sdk my username is username from old disk/system18:55
mal-remove the target folder from $MER_ROOT/targets and then run the installation of target as described in hadk18:55
Mister_Magistermal-: i know where is problem18:57
Mister_Magistervar in target is owned by my actual user but mer sdk is using old username so mer don't have permissions18:58
Mister_Magisteri need to change username in mer sdk :P18:58
Mister_Magistermal-: i think i should reinstall mer sdk19:02
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Mister_Magistermal-: dunno why sdk log in with old username :/19:07
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