Sunday, 2016-10-02

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r0kk3rzmal-: that adding /tmp to ignored list, do you want that as a PR?09:15
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mal-r0kk3rz: sure, also add the ignoring of mkdir /tmo I gave yesterday09:18
r0kk3rzmal-: ah yes that wonderful sed command you came up with09:22
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mal-r0kk3rz: you might modify it to allow multiple spaces between the mkdir and /tmp, although it's unlikely scenario09:48
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ghosalmartini think i have test_hwcomposer owrking?11:03
ghosalmartinwhen running test_hwcomposer, whats supposed to happen?11:05
Stskeepsnot crsh as a start11:06
Stskeepsshow stuff on screen11:06
ghosalmartinit doesnt crash, it just black screens and nanosleeps11:07
ghosalmartinbut i cant recreate it atm, i think i have to wait till graphical target is active11:08
ghosalmartinStskeeps: on the plus side, other stuff is working like gps, wifi, vibrator, lights and what not, latest master stopped the segfaulting11:09
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ghosalmartinand back to segfaulting for hwcomposer11:12
ghosalmartinhmm so it only happens when i power on from charger11:16
ghosalmartinand when its in charger mode11:16
Stskeepsmake sure not to do that11:16
Stskeepsinit.rc may boot wrong proesses11:16
ghosalmartinbut why would charger mode allow hwcomposer to do stuff11:18
Stskeepsmaybe more preventing11:19
ghosalmartinhmmm well ive disabled the charger class, we'll see what that does11:19
ghosalmartinbtw, morphis said something about the shaders breaking due to something with string handling and said to add traces in the string.h functions, did he mean libhybrises own strings functions?11:20
ghosalmartinwell that didnt work, same behaviour11:24
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ghosalmartinwell heres to hopefully printfs helping11:31
ghosalmartin*sigh* i should of rememberd to add a new line after output, morphis was right, it doesnt complain11:34
ghosalmartinit does complain even when printing out the strings11:36
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ghosalmartinStskeeps: if its complaining about an undefined symbol, is that something we'd need to map?11:48
ghosalmartinlike eglCreateStreamKHR11:49
r0kk3rznice, /tmp works11:52
Stskeepsghosalmartin: hmm12:05
Stskeepsghosalmartin: naybe yes12:05
ghosalmartinStskeeps: does it need one of these
ghosalmartinwell ive already pulled the trigger on that guess :P hopefully something happens12:06
ghosalmartinno luck12:08
r0kk3rzmal-: how do i go about figuring out why the sensors dont work, or why the sdcard isnt mounted properly12:14
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r0kk3rzsensorfwd crashes on start with QLocalServer::listen: Address in use14:04
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ErikasHey sledges, you afk? Go in pm please14:25
ErikasWhy in Lithuania Jolla C won't work with Omnitel mobile data?14:26
ErikasApn is n14:26
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ErikasWhy in Lithuania Jolla C won't work with Omnitel mobile data?14:38
dr_gogeta86omintel ... i hope wasn't founded by olivetti since then ...14:39
Erikasoh funny :DD14:40
ErikasAny ideas?14:41
dr_gogeta86i dunno14:41
dr_gogeta86watch ofono logs14:41
Erikasam. ok nesuprasi lietuva gera salis tik neveikia internetas14:42
ErikasYou only can use a translator tu understand what i writed14:43
Erikasok goodbye14:44
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r0kk3rzah, this is some better sensorfwd output
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mal-r0kk3rz: do you have sd-utils installed?15:51
mal-r0kk3rz: is test_sensors returning anything?15:51
r0kk3rzah test sensors is a thing, it doesnt give me much though15:57
r0kk3rzmal-: down the bottom
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Keij0mal-: I found where taimport puts bluetooth hwaddress, but no luck with manual hciattach16:09
mal-r0kk3rz: there is something odd with sony sensors, afaik none of the ports for newer sony devices have working sensors16:15
r0kk3rzoh ok16:16
r0kk3rzinstalling sd-utils made the sdcard work though!16:16
r0kk3rzi assume that needs to go in a pattern somewhere16:16
mal-r0kk3rz: yes, add it to patterns16:17
mal-r0kk3rz: like this
r0kk3rzcool thanks16:18
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mal-r0kk3rz: you might want the flashlight a few row down also if the device has flash16:21
Keij0mal-: I could use some help with that bluetooth, hciattach returns something like Device doesn't support UART16:24
mal-Keij0: hmm, do you have all needed kernel modules16:24
Keij0I have hcismd16:29
Keij0Don't have these flags turned on though16:30
mal-Keij0: enable the ones listed there16:30
mal-Keij0: and disable is suggested16:30
Keij0should I disable hcismd?16:36
Keij0mal-: There is already some hciuart thing here
mal-Keij0: so add CONFIG_BT_HCIUART_H4 and disable CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP (not sure if latter is needed)16:47
Keij0It may be thanks to CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP that it shows up in rfkill as bluesleep16:51
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Nokiusr0kk3rz: u tied the sensors \o/17:39
Nokiusr0kk3rz: how things are going with windy?17:40
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tortoisedoc_mal- : do you know if mic's --local-pkgs-path works the way its supposed to?17:43
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Keij0Nokius: I'll tell you how to do bluetooth on xperia shinano series after I work it out17:46
tortoisedoc_read : mal- or anyone, that is :P17:46
Keij0Nokius: Do you have sensors working on your Z3 tablet compact?17:46
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r0kk3rzNokius: good, i think im up to date with what you have.17:47
Nokiusr0kk3rz: great time to build a new image for me and spread the words17:49
NokiusKeij0: I tried few things withoout luck do u see the light at the end of the tunnel?17:50
r0kk3rzi'll reach out to the sony devs about the sensors, maybe they know something17:50
NokiusKeij0: which device dp u have17:50
Nokiusr0kk3rz: :)17:51
r0kk3rzah the z217:51
mal-tortoisedoc_: why not just add the local repo to the .ks as usual17:51
tortoisedoc_mal- : that sounds like more trouble :P17:51
mal-tortoisedoc_: no, it's trivial17:52
Nokiusr0kk3rz: one issue we have is the icon's17:52
Keij0Nokius: Xperia Z217:52
tortoisedoc_mal- : ok ill give it a go17:52
tortoisedoc_mal- : section 7.1 in the hadk I guess?17:53
r0kk3rzNokius: Keij0 maybe we need a kernel repo under mer-hybris, since we're all working on the same one17:53
Keij0Basically, taimport pulls out all the hardware adresses from the TA(that's why Lagan Xperias can be fragile somentimes)17:53
Keij0r0kk3rz: Which device are you working on?17:54
tortoisedoc_mal- : ah or then 5.217:54
r0kk3rzKeij0: z3c tablet17:54
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mal-tortoisedoc_: no, these two commands
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Keij0mal-: drivers/built-in.o: In function `msm_hs_dt_to_pdata':17:55
Keij0/home/keijo/mer/android/droid/kernel/sony/msm8974/drivers/tty/serial/msm_serial_hs.c:2592: undefined reference to `bcm_bt_lpm_exit_lpm_locked'17:55
Keij0what's this?17:55
tortoisedoc_mal- : createrepo and which is the second one?17:55
mal-tortoisedoc_: local repo is LOCAL_REPO=$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE17:55
tortoisedoc_mal- : does that path need to be exactly that?17:55
mal-tortoisedoc_: it can be anything17:55
tortoisedoc_ok great17:56
mal-Keij0: maybe it needs the CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP, or you need to fix the driver17:56
Keij0Trying BT_MSM_SLEEP17:56
mal-tortoisedoc_: also you need to do this
tortoisedoc_mal- hmm mic relaying on SB2?17:58
tortoisedoc_(internally i mean)17:58
mal-tortoisedoc_: also you need to add the repo to .ks17:58
mal-tortoisedoc_: not sure17:58
Nokiusmal- r0kk3rz be side the mkdir /tmp was there another change in dhd?17:58
mal-Nokius: yes, adding tmp to ignore list for mount creation17:59
Nokiusah okay17:59
* Nokius have to afk again :(18:00
Keij0mal-: Since shinano has all the hardware adresses pulled out from TA by taimport, how to do invoking it properly?18:02
Keij0You said using a service is bad approach, I can see that now, because hotspot didn't want to start up18:02
mal-hmm, can't remember saying it would be bad18:03
Keij0mal-: you said this approach is bad, if I remember well18:06
tortoisedoc_mal- : there's more than two commands :P18:07
tortoisedoc_I also need to make yum aware of it :)18:08
tortoisedoc_or do i?18:08
tortoisedoc_repo cmd from ks seems to take  a baseurl; perhaps a file url can do too..18:08
tortoisedoc_hmm no need to :)18:10
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tortoisedoc_uninstallable providers from mic18:14
Keij0Can I have ExecStartPre like 2 times in one service?18:17
mal-tortoisedoc_: no18:17
mal-tortoisedoc_: yes, file url is ok18:17
mal-tortoisedoc_: all of the local repo handling is in those scripts, and build_packages.sh18:20
Keij0mal-: Failed to issue method call: Bad message18:21
Keij0what's wrong with systemd18:21
tortoisedoc_how do i make mic NOT install certain packages (for instance the meas llvmpipe ones)18:29
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tortoisedoc_btw mic issue : curl: (23) Failed writing body (0 != 166) Failed to download a file:<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN">18:33
mal-tortoisedoc_: not an issue18:33
tortoisedoc_mal- : it has "Failed" in it tho :P18:33
mal-tortoisedoc_: probably something is depending on some graphics stuff and llvmpipe is the only one providing it18:33
tortoisedoc_mal- : btw, how can i tell mic NOT to install llvmpipe`?18:34
mal-tortoisedoc_: you are saying mic run stops after that issue?18:36
tortoisedoc_mal-  : no, completed18:37
tortoisedoc_false question!18:37
tortoisedoc_now moving rootfs to usb...18:38
Keij0mal-: device hangs on bootlogo, could it be fault of HCIUART_H4?18:38
mal-Keij0: can you telnet in?18:38
tortoisedoc_hmm im really considering something in the way of netbooting18:41
tortoisedoc_as in just keep the kernel on usb and netboot the rootfs18:43
Keij0mal-: My PC doesn't even recognize it now, USB HCI isn't brought up on the phone18:43
tortoisedoc_this whole pushing back and forth of files is quite time consuming :/18:43
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mal-Keij0: nothing in dmesg on pc?18:45
Keij0mal-: Nothing, at all18:46
mal-very odd18:49
Keij0Is there any way to display dmesg instead of splash?18:51
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mal-none that I know of18:54
Keij0It would be really nice of google if they introduced something like this18:55
mal-I have understood that it wouldn't be very simple on phones18:58
Keij0mal-: What does HCIUART_H4 exactly do?19:01
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Keij0mal-: Well, after commenting out HCIUART_H4 from defconfig and rebuilding hybris-hal still nothing really wants to cooperate19:08
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mal-Keij0: wondering what happened19:12
Keij0did make clean, HCIUART_H4 still commented out19:13
Keij0will see if it boots19:13
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r0kk3rzah, sensors are provided by a blob, nice19:20
Keij0r0kk3rz: what blob?19:21
mal-r0kk3rz: quite usual19:24
mal-r0kk3rz: I assume you have some sensor process running? what user is it running as?19:25
r0kk3rzi assume sec_config is an SELINUX thing19:25
mal-not sure what it actually does but I think that symlink was needed19:26
r0kk3rzmal-: theres a sensors.qcom as user sensors, and a sensorservice as user root19:29
Keij0mal-: If it doesn't build now, I'll try to build with defconfig from before, and if not, it probably means I have my local tree badly broken19:29
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mal-r0kk3rz: I only have sensors.qcom19:31
tortoisedoc_aaah no nfs in mersdk? ;_;19:31
Keij0mal-: could it be that it doesn't boot because I have my build environment somehow broken?19:31
mal-Keij0: did you use your previous defconfig and build tree and just changed that one value?19:33
r0kk3rzmal-: yeah i turned the sensor service on, after looking throught the onyx repo changes19:33
tortoisedoc_lbt : how can i get nfs into mersdk? i belive that would be  a good addition?19:43
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Nokiusr0kk3rz: I tryed taaem[m] approach to get sennsors but had no luck19:51
Keij0tortoisedoc_: you mean network file system?19:53
mal-Nokius: what was that approach?19:53
r0kk3rzNokius: hopefully jerpela gives me an answer here
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Keij0mal-: success, turns out I've been flashing wrong file all the time19:55
mal-Keij0: :D19:55
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Keij0mal-: hciattach worked just about right, but bluetooth.service says it can't connect to device at hci019:55
Nokiusmal-: this one
mal-Nokius: ah, ok19:56
NokiusKeij0: what did u do :)19:56
Keij0mal-: though my mobile data switch disappeared misteriously19:56
Nokiusthis the sony sensor magic
Keij0Nokius: Didn't commit changes yet19:57
Keij0I can pastebin you the modified hciattach.service19:57
mal-r0kk3rz: is sysfs really needed, there are several ways which sensorfw can use, input devices, sysfs and hybris19:58
r0kk3rzmal-: my knowledge of sensorfw is somewhat limited19:59
Keij0mal-: mobile data switch and section in settings disappeared, what to do to debug it?19:59
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mal-r0kk3rz: for example here you can see als adaptors for ascii, evdev, sysfs and hybris20:00
*** ahjolinna <ahjolinna!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:01
mal-r0kk3rz: so I would modify that post a little to specify which methods would be suitable i.e.  evdev, sysfs and hybris20:02
NokiusKeij0: tried without luck20:03
Keij0Nokius: I'll be doing this the Nexus 5 way as taimport loads firmware for us20:04
NokiusKeij0: ah okay20:05
NokiusKeij0: good luck20:05
Keij0Nokius: Could you show me your github with droid-config-scorpio?20:11
Keij0Okay, your hack for wifi shouldn't need rewriting for bluetooth to work20:14
Keij0Mine needs, kinda20:14
Keij0because now that bluetooth hal fully works, UI got wrecked20:15
Keij0That awesome feeling when you have to rollback kernel20:17
NokiusKeij0: what happened with the ui?20:17
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Keij0Hack that enables bluetooth conflicts wifi/mobile data hack20:18
Keij0Because wifi/mobile hack was written earlier and doesn't get on well with other ones
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mal-Keij0: mobile data hack is not needed anymore in 2.0.220:22
mal-Keij0: if you mean the service that is used so that the settings appear again20:23
Keij0mal-: Look at the script I posted20:23
Keij0It basically brings up all the connectivity up20:23
mal-Keij0: that just wrong :)20:24
Keij0Misformed sentences, someone's hacking while asleep20:24
mal-Keij0: first of all the first part should be a udev rule like this
Keij0mal-: It basically is a problem of that taimport binary, it just HAS to be invoked, because it is a blob just like whole TA system20:25
mal-Keij0: the second part should be a symlink in droid-configs sparse20:25
tortoisedoc_ffs cant export vboxsf via nfs20:25
tortoisedoc_i have rsync tho20:26
Keij0mal-: Well, I'll try to import these patches into my device, but I'm sceptic about it20:26
mal-Keij0: the other things in that script can stay20:27
mal-Keij0: how does that conflict with something else? are the service dependencies wrong?20:28
mal-Keij0: this is what I use
Keij0Didn't debug it yet, rolled back to previous kernel, I'm too asleep to be hacking, probably20:29
mal-Keij0: you of course need the script but the other parts of that script20:29
mal-Keij0: it's easy to make mistakes in service dependencies20:29
Keij0I think I could just invoke taimport after local-fs.target20:30
Keij0Because that binary has to be invoked20:30
Nokiusr0kk3rz: the answer is somehow in here most likely20:30
r0kk3rzNokius: yes im reading through that now20:31
Keij0Did you check if it is required by shinano?20:31
Nokiusit is20:32
Keij0Oh, okay20:32
Keij0In past FXP had some problems with it, not sure what were these now20:32
Keij0mal-: We'll think about fixing these dirty hacks later, I'm going to get some sleep.20:32
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NeKitI have lipstick booting in QEMU with VirGL (hardware OpenGL), but can't get input working20:53
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tortoisedoc_NeKit : wow!20:53
tortoisedoc_NeKit : on vanilla kernel? :)20:53
tortoisedoc_which evdev are you relaying on?20:54
NeKitRemixOS kernel20:54
NeKitbut vanilla shouldn't be different probably20:54
tortoisedoc_NeKit : did you try configuring evdevtouch?20:54
tortoisedoc_on lipstick command line?20:55
NeKityes, but QEMU doesn't emulate touch screen20:55
NeKitit emulates tablet20:55
tortoisedoc_which means it pushes events to evdevtablet?20:55
tortoisedoc_as long as the format is the same as evdevtouch, I do not see a problem if you change the device?20:56
NeKithm, not sure how to debug this20:56
NeKitbut setting proper evdev device didn't change it20:56
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tortoisedoc_NeKit : cat proper evdev ?20:56
tortoisedoc_make sure things get throught kernel first?20:57
NeKitthe kickstart I used20:57
NeKityes, I did cat on it20:57
NeKitin local-repo I have mesa packages, qt with kms and libdrm20:58
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tortoisedoc_yeah i just got a similar thing done, but got sidetracked investigating chances to netboot rootfs :)21:00
r0kk3rzNokius: im thinking, we probably want our own set of sensorfw adapters that wrap this DASH interface21:15
Nokiusr0kk3rz: justed check why I added this repo saw no dependence or I'm just to tired  after this long day21:18
NokiusI will get sleep now but yeah if have an idea we can try it :)21:18
* Nokius gn8 and happy hacking 21:18
r0kk3rzimo i dont think it would be that difficult really, the interfaces line up nicely21:20
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