Tuesday, 2016-10-04

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kimmolidev? r0kk3rz /sys/bus/i2c has busses 0 1 2 6, with 4 devices. 3 in bus 2, one in bus 606:14
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r0kk3rzkimmoli: interesting, thanks06:40
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r0kk3rzi realised last night that i2c 12 is on the dsp06:41
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nh1402sledges: The first phone that comes with Android 7 is the LG V20, I don't believe it's coming to Europe, but today Google will be announcing the HTC Marlin, and HTC Sailfish I believe the announcement is at 6pm GMT+107:29
r0kk3rzthe pixel whatever looks a bit boring07:32
r0kk3rzthe only interesting thing is that goog are selling it through carriers07:32
nh1402r0kk3rz: it does look hideous, I'm only mentioning them to get libhybris working with AOSP7, ready for the new batch of phones next year, and later this year.07:34
nh1402r0kk3rz: the V20 has all this audio stuff they are advertising but it doesn't come with dual front facing stereo speakers which makes it pointless imo, that and the battery size for the phone size is tiny.07:37
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r0kk3rzwe havent got aarch64 working yet :P07:43
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nh1402r0kk3rz: well we're certainly closer than we were this time last year for getting aarch64 working.07:46
r0kk3rzyeah progress looks good07:47
nh1402r0kk3rz: and sledges is working on 32bit libyhybris AOSP6 via the Nexus 5, the same can be done for AOSP707:54
nh1402r0kk3rz: as for the new "Pixel" phones being sold through carriers, that's what Huawei were told would happen with the 6P last year, which was going to be their "in" to the US market, but it didn't happen, which it sounds to me like they got all sour about it and pulled the plug on their contract.07:57
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nh1402Sony should really agree to make a Pixel phone, bundle it with their mainline kernel project and that would be one heck of a development phone.07:58
nh1402ghosalmartin: morning07:58
ghosalmartinnh1402: morning07:59
ghosalmartindoesnt the pixel phone look exactly like the iphone :P07:59
nh1402in either case, it's Hideous08:00
ghosalmartindoes their mainline kernel project have gpu support?08:00
nh1402ghosalmartin: I have no idea, I'm assuming it does as the announcement post mentioned Freedreno08:01
r0kk3rzsony should just bring out a sailfish phone08:07
r0kk3rzits clear they dont really care about making money from their smartphone division08:08
ghosalmartinwhat do they want from their smartphone division then?08:08
nh1402ghosalmartin: losses, of course08:08
r0kk3rzthey believe that as part of being a modern consumer electronics company, that you should have a smartphone division08:08
r0kk3rzthat not to have one, is simply unthinhkable08:09
ghosalmartini see...sailfish it is then :P i havew a friend that will only buy sony phones08:09
nh1402they're basically showcasing the different stuff they make in one package, cameras, screens, speakers, batteries, so others can buy parts from them for their phones.08:09
ghosalmartinrefuses everything else08:09
ghosalmartinbut hes just stubborn08:09
ghosalmartinor comfortalbe08:09
nh1402ghosalmartin: at least he's not hell bent on getting iPhones08:10
ghosalmartinnh1402: indeed08:11
nh1402I have a friend who's stuck with Sony, not for any reason in particular, he doesn't change his phone all that often, first the live with walkman and currently the Xperia M, he is looking for a new one, but no phone in his price range of interest yet.08:12
ghosalmartinyeah same with this one :P08:12
r0kk3rzsince getting the scorpion_windy, i have to say im impressed, its a rather nice device08:13
nh1402I moved from Xperia Ray to the Nexus 5 due to the spec to price ratio, something Sony don't really understand.08:14
ghosalmartini got a nexus 5 cause of sfos :P08:14
r0kk3rzwell if all you care about is specs, then sure there are cheaper options08:14
nh1402specs, kernel source, unlockable bootloader, price, developer support.08:15
ghosalmartinthe Jolla is unfortunately slowing down too much for my liking08:15
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: i dont think they have a choice unfortunately08:16
r0kk3rzfinland isnt very big, and when you nearly go bust and not pay your developers, word gets out.08:17
r0kk3rzand then nobody wants to work for you08:17
nh1402currently I would like dual front facing stereo speakers, pressure sensitive touchscreen, (preferably self capacitive, as I would like to do some experimenting to see if I can replicate M$ pre-touch prediction), and a good battery to phone size ratio08:17
nh1402they're getting back on their feet now though, Intex, Mi-fone, Turing (if that's a thing), on going talks with Fairphone, Puzzlephone (which has now been delayed till next year)08:19
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz: i guess :P hopefully things pick up08:20
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nh1402a fingerprint sensor, NFC, and maybe an IR camera if that becomes a thing although iris recognition can be done with a normal camera anyway, during the day of course.08:21
ghosalmartini just want a nexus 5x with sailfish and working fingerprint sensor :P:08:22
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: yeah, the finance situation is looking ok, and maybe next year some of the bad air will clear08:22
nh1402well I would like to do some development experimentation with said specifications, some/all of which can then be done for Sailfish also.08:23
nh1402I wonder what Jolla are going to announce at MWC next year08:24
ghosalmartinmaybe partnerships with a few more phone providers08:25
ghosalmartinsupposedly intex sold over 20k phones08:25
ghosalmartinneed to pick up some critical mass08:26
nh1402ghosalmartin: well India is a very densely populated country08:26
nh1402which is why Samsung, Google and Apple are trying to make a name for themselves there too08:27
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: over? where did you see that?08:28
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz: i cant remember now :P ill take a quick look08:29
r0kk3rzeither way, partnerships is all well and good. but until they fully refund tablet backers theres still the smell of death around them08:29
ghosalmartini really wanted a tablet as well :(08:32
NeKitghosalmartin, test_egl_configs worked on MTK-AOSP 6.008:34
NeKitdidn't patch libs for testing Qt yet08:34
ghosalmartinNeKit: does normal test_egl work?08:35
ghosalmartinand test_hwcomposer?08:35
NeKitlet's see, but I doubt they will08:38
r0kk3rzghosalmartin: same, thats why im glad i got sailfish working on the sony, best of both worlds08:41
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nh1402r0kk3rz: is that part of the mainlining project?08:48
ghosalmartinNeKit: am on edge now :P08:49
nh1402ghosalmartin: the browser?08:50
r0kk3rznh1402: yeah it is08:50
ghosalmartinnh1402: no i mean am waiting excitedly on the result of test_hwcomposer on mtk :P08:50
nh1402ghosalmartin: what's this for aarch64 AOSP 6 on MTK device, to get screen working?08:51
ghosalmartinnh1402: yep08:51
ghosalmartinwell unsure about aarch6408:51
nh1402which device is that?08:51
ghosalmartinNeKit: ^^08:51
NeKitaarch64, since 32-bit hwcomposer lib is broken08:52
NeKitxiaomi hermes - Redmi Note 208:52
ghosalmartinNeKit: did it work?08:52
NeKitcan't test yet, since missing non-charging USB cable08:52
ghosalmartinnon-charging usb?08:52
NeKitI mean, the cable currently with me works just for charging (probably missing data pins)08:53
ghosalmartinNeKit: ahh :( where are you, ill ride over :P08:53
ghosalmartinit may take a while08:53
NeKitRussia, Saransk08:53
ghosalmartinhmmm, i may need to get a ferry08:53
NeKitno large river here :)08:54
ghosalmartinthere is in the uk08:54
ghosalmartinInfinix Zero 308:56
ghosalmartinwhatd you guys think of that08:56
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NeKitHelio X10?08:58
NeKitI think you'd better get X20 now08:58
ghosalmartinare these octocore phones any good08:59
NeKitdid they release kernel source though?08:59
ghosalmartinI think the infinix has an aosp port08:59
nh1402ghosalmartin: they spelt Colour wrong, so I don't think the phone would be any good, although it looks alright09:00
NeKitAOSP port doesn't mean it has kernel sources09:01
ghosalmartinI think its a community effort09:02
NeKitI mean, you can port AOSP and even CM with stock kernel binary09:03
NeKitbut SFOS has systemd09:03
ghosalmartinno kernel sources posted :(09:04
r0kk3rzyou can still cuteboot it09:04
r0kk3rza thing that Stskeeps came up with, which is kinda similar to what fxos was in a way09:08
NeKitghosalmartin, http://ulefone.com/products/metal/features.html09:09
NeKitthis has kernel source and MTK tree released09:09
NeKitand there are some other select phones with this09:09
NeKitElephone P900009:12
ghosalmartinwith a cool name like that i cant resist :P09:12
nh1402r0kk3rz: how is cuteboot different to developing an Android QT app?09:13
NeKitnh1402, works on lower level, I think09:13
NeKitdoesn't involve Android Java runtime09:13
NeKitOukitel K10000 if you want something heavy with large battery09:21
NeKitbut specs are far from great09:22
ghosalmartinNeKit: am interested by that phone :P09:26
ghosalmartinthats dirt cheap as well09:27
ghosalmartinah 720p screen09:28
nh1402ghosalmartin: what about the Vernee Mars09:33
ghosalmartintoo expensive09:34
nh1402ghosalmartin: Xperia XA?09:34
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ghosalmartinmore expensive and even less ram09:35
ghosalmartinand pink...I think :P09:35
ghosalmartinunless gsm arena is being odd09:35
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nh1402ghosalmartin: Gionee S6 Pro?09:39
ghosalmartinnah am going to hold out and make the bullhead work09:40
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nh1402ghosalmartin: you could always start your own phone company and then be a licensee.10:10
ghosalmartinnh1402: seems like wayy too much effort :P10:15
ghosalmartinand plus who would buy it10:15
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r0kk3rznh1402: great idea, do you have a spare billion dollars?10:16
nh1402r0kk3rz: well I work in pounds, and almost, and by almost I mean not even close10:17
ghosalmartinif i had a spare billion dollars id just bank roll jolla for a few years10:19
ghosalmartinhire someone to fix libhybris :P10:19
r0kk3rzsure canonical has someone on the case10:19
ghosalmartinr0kk3rz: think they use mtk chipsets so not too fussed about it10:20
r0kk3rzyeah i guess10:20
r0kk3rzyou can always tweet spam shuttleworth about it though :P10:21
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ghosalmartinr0kk3rz: i can but he might have no idea what libhybris is :P10:22
r0kk3rzim sure he does10:22
ghosalmartintime to setup a spam bot then haha10:23
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TheKitghosalmartin, test_hwcomposer doesn't crash, but displays nothing10:27
ghosalmartinTheKit: i had this issue at one point, did you boot in charger mode?10:27
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TheKitno, Android chroot10:27
ghosalmartinTheKit: hmm fair enough10:28
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ghosalmartinmy pretty valgrind https://dpaste.de/O6Xb10:38
TheKitfile:///root/minimer/main.qml:1 module "QtQuick" is not installed10:39
TheKithm, weird10:39
TheKitI have qt5-qtdeclarative-qtquick installed10:39
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ghosalmartinthat is very odd10:49
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r0kk3rzNokius: i think this has newer blobs than TheMuppets repo on github http://developer.sonymobile.com/downloads/tool/software-binaries-for-aosp-lollipop-android-5-1/11:18
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nh1402how's it going foidbgen?, less commonly known as Mister_Magister14:55
Mister_Magisternh1402: i dind't changed nick14:55
Mister_Magisternh1402: but fine thanks :D and you?14:57
nh1402Mister_Magister: you did, then you changed it back after realising Mister_Magister are latin words and easier to say/type14:57
Mister_Magisteri changed but i changed it back because i decided to not change :D14:57
*** Mister_Magister is now known as Foidbgen14:57
*** Foidbgen is now known as Mister_Magister14:57
Mister_Magisterso that nick is outdated :D14:58
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saidinesh5loll https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rykmwn0SMWU . i like the ad.17:02
saidinesh5especially the part about 3.5mm jack17:02
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yacukenhmm... google event is end. and nothing about andromeda. hog-wash17:29
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saidinesh5what are the highliights of the event yacuken?17:35
r0kk3rzthey made a dig at apple for the headphone jack thing17:36
r0kk3rzaside from that, nothing17:36
taaemthe new pixel phones but nah17:37
yacukensaidinesh5: google home. pixel phone. google assistant17:37
saidinesh5Ahh... well...17:37
saidinesh5google home?17:37
yacukendevice for control your home. and then your mind :D17:38
yacukenand jack joke of course :)17:38
saidinesh5lol.. yeah i liked that dig at apple tbh. can't go back to the days of no charging while listening to music17:39
r0kk3rzi also think the colour names for the pixel phones are a subtle dig at apple17:40
r0kk3rz'quite black', 'really blue' and 'very silver'17:40
kimmoli'almost some colour'17:41
yacuken'a little bit red'17:41
yacuken'gold, but no'17:41
r0kk3rz'possibly green', 'maybe purple', 'definitely red'17:41
taaemyou guys should be hired by google for naming then :P17:42
kimmolibut it is not 'baboon red' as jolla C17:42
taaemhaha :P17:43
r0kk3rztaaem: its ok, they can have those rippers for free17:44
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r0kk3rzthe init scripts under the root directory, when are they run?20:58
r0kk3rzbefore systemd?20:58
TheKitr0kk3rz, droid-hal-init service21:19
TheKitby systemd21:19
r0kk3rzah i see21:21
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