Wednesday, 2016-10-19

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klopsi-u3"The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." - George Orwell´╗┐00:54
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NotKitsledges, lbt: is it possible to get OBS access for me? I'd like to have mesa x86 packages for pure port there05:24
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drFaustrollNotKit: pure port you mean no hybris?06:48
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dr_gogeta86good morning all07:19
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lbtNotKit: sure - just let me know your email and the username you'd like07:58
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nh1402NotKit: don't forget to give us the password to the email, and the accompanying password to the username you'd like08:04
r0kk3rzrubdos: so you got a newer sfos working on N9?08:13
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nh1402is this because of the mainline kernel support stuff?08:19
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rubdosr0kk3rz, yes, I did. Although "working" is kind of a big word.08:27
rubdosI'd rather call it booting and showing up :p08:27
r0kk3rzah, very well then08:29
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sledgeslbt: since you're nearby, could you plop 2.0.4 unto OBS please? :) (and if you could, don't point _latest to it just yet, as it's still EA)08:32
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* lbt is lazy08:33
* sledges just woke up too:))08:35
ghosalmartinis there anyway to force dropbox backup to backup imageS?08:37
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rubdosr0kk3rz, but I'd like to continue the development of filippz and get more of it working. Probably will have to do my first kernel coding :D08:42
r0kk3rzrubdos: good luck! i just saw that its the second highest voted port request on TJC08:44
rubdoshehe, don't expect me to succeed please. I don't have much time, and it's the first time I'll try out these sort of things.08:44
rubdosgonna do a blood donation now. See you later08:44
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lbtOK all done - not yet latest ... sledges let me know when you'd like it to be08:47
r0kk3rzrubdos: no expectation, just encouragement08:47
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sledgeswoohoo! thanks lbt08:54
sledgesdrFaustroll: ^^08:54
sledgesand PSA^ :))08:55
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drFaustrollsledges: ok i need to check the log09:01
sledgesdrFaustroll: 2.0.4 is in OBS09:02
drFaustrollsledges: brilliant09:02
drFaustrollsledges: that will sort out the issue of the slow update09:02
drFaustrollI will try to bake something09:02
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sledgesdrFaustroll: it's still not _latest09:05
nh1402ghosalmartin: that's one of the 2 options isn't it?09:13
nh1402onedrive and dropbox09:13
dr_gogeta86 good morning all09:19
dr_gogeta86sledges, who is the master of ofono and pulse audio two in one ?09:19
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dr_gogeta86killed also audioflingerglue09:31
dr_gogeta86the only thing is this09:33
dr_gogeta86Oct 19 11:33:03 localhost pulseaudio[31906]: invalid (<null>) target sink for mute-by-route09:33
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drFaustrollsledges: the plan is to be in latest or we do a 2.0.4 branch?10:00
drFaustrollsledges: anyhow I would bother only with a cm12.110:00
sledgesdrFaustroll: plan is always to get on latest when it's out of EA10:01
drFaustrollsledges: ok... just wanted to know I will play in devel then but let me pass the desks revolution10:03
drFaustrollwe move buildings at the lab and everyone is mad trying to get the ass of the others10:03
jusa_drFaustroll: that error/warning log is probably not serious.. what's the issue? no audio in phonecall? which device etc10:03
drFaustrolljusa_: was not me... dr_gogeta8610:04
jusa_ah sorry, dr<tab> brought you first..10:04
jusa_dr_gogeta86: ^10:04
dr_gogeta86jusa_, yep no audio on phone calls10:04
sledgesdrFaustroll: 2.0.14 repo will be added to :testing: and then can be, well, tested10:05
dr_gogeta86is a bit random10:05
dr_gogeta86i've also killed all audio related stuff but nothing10:06
dr_gogeta86miniaf , pulseaudio dialer lipstick10:06
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jusa_ofono as well?10:07
jusa_anyways, best clue would be to enable verbose pulseaudio logging and when you run to the issue again take logcat output + journal and I'll take a look10:07
drFaustrollsledges: ok... so I will move all to testing then10:08
dr_gogeta86i've killed ofono ...and nothing happened10:08
sledgesdr_gogeta86: all?10:12
sledgesdrFaustroll: all, you mean SR?10:12
dr_gogeta86jusa_, i'll keep the device in this state ... catch later10:15
drFaustrollsledges: yes... the proper way10:18
horuxangood morning for all, my software camera no display principal camera, alone frontal, and no play movies on folders, help me ?!10:19
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dr_gogeta86gstreamer ...10:32
dr_gogeta86reinstall it10:33
horuxanim reinstall, no fix10:35
* klopsi-u3 fnords10:52
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klopsi-u3   empty page for instructions how to install image12:05
klopsi-u3oh nvm i found something12:05
klopsi-u3"flash it over cyanogenmod"12:06
r0kk3rzklopsi-u3: through recovery12:06
r0kk3rzalthough you'll need a different once than the CM recovery12:07
klopsi-u3  i'm reading this12:08
klopsi-u3my device says AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S) 0A.7712:08
klopsi-u3"OK to Program"12:08
klopsi-u3"Transfer Mode: USB Connected12:09
* klopsi-u3 relearns 12:13
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r0kk3rzklopsi-u3: looks like you can do it through fastboot too if you have the android platform tools installed12:14
r0kk3rzfastboot update [name of zip]12:14
klopsi-u3ah instructions says i need to install cm11 first12:17
klopsi-u3i have 10.something on it now12:17
r0kk3rzyeah you need the specific cm image they give12:17
klopsi-u3ok ty12:17
r0kk3rzklopsi-u3: are you flashing it on the newer version of that device?12:23
klopsi-u3i'm trying the xt897 image on the xt89412:24
klopsi-u3well i'm going to12:24
r0kk3rzyeah ok, good luck :)12:26
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BluesLee_sledges hi, i am already on 2.0.4 on Nexus5 since two weeks by OTA from What does it mean for me that 215:50
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BluesLee_sledges .. that 2.0.4 is on OBS now?15:50
BluesLee_sledges can i do a zypper update, safe?15:51
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drFaustrollballock: nothing16:33
drFaustrollblueslee: nothing16:33
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drFaustrolllbt: I added here a new repo 2.0.4 based but I expect you need to do some magic on it to appear
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bluesleedrFaustroll but i need probably an upgraded version of dbus for the next OTA, right?17:20
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drFaustrolllbt: ignore it is ok now18:16
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drFaustrollmal-: hi18:31
drFaustrollmal-: did you move anything to 2.0.4?18:31
mal-drFaustroll: what do you mean?18:32
drFaustrollsledges: started the move... created next versionms of the packages in testing18:32
drFaustrollmal-: now since is in the obs18:32
drFaustrollmal-: i created repos for it... since is not in latest18:33
drFaustrollmal-: I will add for common too18:33
drFaustrollmal-: why is there a repo is still needed?18:34
drFaustrollthought latest has that in it already18:34
sledgesdrFaustroll: i only meant repo to build against18:35
sledgesthe brave ea souls should be able to dup from devel, not testing, sorry i wasn't clear in thewording18:36
krnlynghi, there is a small mistake in libhybris which prevents hybris_13 adaptation to work on mako, namely memcpy should always return dest. with this test_hwcomposer, minimer and the language picker (haven't tested more) of sailfishos work on mako18:36
sledges-next packages are a mess18:36
krnlynghere is the patch for anyone interested: i have to note that with ubuntus libhybris only test_hwcomposer works with this patch. minimer and the language picker fail to start up, i used a version of libhybris where i ported the mm linker to manually and there all that i mentioned work18:36
krnlyngin particular if src == null, still dest seems to be the expected return value18:36
krnlyng excerpt from memcpy.S18:36
sledgesPSA: ^18:36
sledgeswoop woop! krnlyng for president!18:37
sledgescommunity, you are relentlessly unstoppable enablers!18:37
drFaustrollsledges: blimey...18:39
drFaustrollsledges: and like a crazy... i already set up a common repo in testing...18:40
drFaustrollsledges: I will do one in devel now18:40
drFaustrollsledges: so you want me to modify the building repo in the normal devel behind the scenes...18:40
drFaustrollsledges: or not... i set up the next properly18:42
drFaustrollsledges: so there is not too much need to worry... but I will make it clean18:42
sledgesdrFaustroll: nothing changes, when release in ea, braves dup from devel, and we bake an image for reflsshy types18:43
sledges*reflashyon xda and so18:44
sledges**reflashy, dam frozen fingers on fingerterm :D18:45
drFaustrollsledges: i see what you say... but they need to set the proper repos18:45
drFaustrollsledges: use a proper computer18:45
sledgesdrFaustroll: we only add on devel, and so do they when following wiki, perhaps we're low on explicit instuctions side18:46
drFaustrollsledges: ok18:47
drFaustrollsledges: have an extra check i think is right18:47
drFaustrollsledges: i will setup the common18:47
drFaustrolland update a new dhd18:47
drFaustrollthen bake the image18:47
NotKitkrnlyng, wow, that was all for mako?18:48
sledgesdrFaustroll: looking good!18:48
* sledges runs off18:49
drFaustrollsledges: do not run... in dark can be dangerous18:49
kimmoliruins fof18:49
drFaustrollkimmoli: great one... but you missed an f... foff18:50
krnlyngNotKit: yep :D18:51
sledgesanyone for coffee?18:51
krnlyng:D coffee!18:53
locusfso has ghosalmartin made bullhead mer/nemo?18:54
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kimmolisledges: i buy you one18:56
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drFaustrollNokius: so 4.9rc1 is out19:08
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drFaustrolldid anyone build sailfish os on mainline kernel?19:10
NotKitonly for tablet/QEMU19:13
drFaustrollNotKit: that is baytrail sounds good19:14
drFaustrollNotKit: i was thinking if i shall get one of these tablets... cherrytrail on m19:14
NotKitCherry Trail is a newer beast19:14
drFaustrollNotKit: yap... but if hybris is not involved... and mainline kernel likes it shall be fine19:15
NotKitlikes Cherry Trail?19:15
drFaustrollNotKit: read about people complaining about arch slowness... so my expectation is that sailfish will be great19:15
NotKitwell, you could try, but it doesn't like it much usually19:15
NotKiton mine (Cube iWork8 Ultimate) I can get it running, but many things are missing (sound, power management, cameras)19:16
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NotKitwhat is the device you read about?19:16
west-windNotKit: I just read your post on about sailfish on V820W V3. Is this distributive supposed to hang on V1. I have tried but blank screen is all Ive seen.19:17
NotKitthey used different hardware in different revisions19:18
west-windAnd how can I get drivers for V1 from existing android firmware?19:18
drFaustrollwest-wind: that i suspect will be via libhybris19:19
NotKitthe main problem is kernel19:19
NotKitthey didn't publish kernel sources19:19
drFaustrollNotKit: yes... i know via android is a zero chance19:20
NotKit(was saying that to west-wind)19:20
NotKitwest-wind, could you elaborate on the black screen?19:20
NotKitdoes it happen after installation?19:20
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NotKit<NotKit> west-wind, could you elaborate on the black screen?19:23
NotKit<NotKit> does it happen after installation?19:23
drFaustrollNotKit: yap.. but is a start... sounds more or less like a laptop 10y ago19:24
drFaustrollNotKit: true then I was younger... and had more understanding19:24
drFaustrollNotKit: with non working things19:26
drFaustrollNotKit: but then we use to steal drivers from windows via ndiswrapper19:26
NotKitsome people still tried to use ndiswrapper for Wi-Fi drivers on those tablets19:27
west-windNotKit: first of all you suppllied grub.cfg with missing locale file. on grub loading it says /boot/grub/ru.gum is missng. so I created bare new config with only "linux /bzImage.." string. Triyng to boot and disk read something for a second and then hunging with blank screen.19:27
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NotKit!8FZRiBwB!FBBD8CUMaBMkKcyiUDlw_sKfCjNZOQp713VqT-FoAhM - from here, right?19:28
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west-windNotKit: I've downloaded from for sure.19:32
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west-windIs the some algorithm grubia.efi searches for grub.cfg. Ive lot of them everywhere?19:33
NotKitprobably in the same folder with grubia32.efi19:34
NotKitso what you have is likely to be kernel issue19:34
NotKitdid you try Sailfish OS (init-debug) option in GRUB?19:35
west-windjust options supplied in original grub.cfg. I used only one line 'linux /bzImage .. etc..'19:38
NotKitI mean, there should be two entries: Sailfish OS and Sailfish OS (init-debug)19:39
drFaustrollNotKit: this is what i had in mind19:40
west-windno, just firs entry. so init-debug is suposed to write some debug messages to console&19:40
NotKitno, but if kernel works, it should allow tablet to act as network device and allow connections via telnet19:41
NotKit - check chapter 9.2 here19:42
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west-windso it says: See any error messages of any kind during bootup. But I have no bootup. I ran it from external hd. It blinks for 2 seconds, and then nothing happenning just blank screen. Is init-debug going to help in this situation?19:47
NotKitexternal HDD blinks for 2 seconds?19:50
NotKitit can help to debug what's wrong if device boots, but you have no output on screen19:51
west-windyes it is. so i think no files was loading except bzImage19:51
NotKithm... then probably it isn't19:51
west-windand how do you adopted kernel for V3?19:52
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NotKitJolla Tablet kernel sources with some fixes based on disassembling V3 kernel19:53
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west-winddid you ask chinese friends on onda to open sources of kernel?19:54
NotKitit's no use19:54
west-windi've just wrote them19:54
NotKitdid they reply?19:54
NotKitah, misunderstood that, sorry19:55
NotKitdid you have any success booting regular Linux on V1?19:55
west-windno. just waiting for answer on
west-windyes. I booted 3.13 with i915 support. Other kernels dont support graphics normaly just framebuffer.19:56
west-windbut 3.13 have no wifi, bt, camera drivers.19:57
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NotKiton V3, > 4.7 boots, I think, if I use i915.fastboot=119:57
west-wind4.7 with intel patches?19:58
NotKitwithout special patches19:59
drFaustrollsledges: the repos are fine... update was successful from devel repos20:00
drFaustrollsledges: inage done too takes forever to copy it on my machine.. I will update it after a quick test tomorrow morning probably20:01
west-windI think there are several bugs of intel graphics because many users of baytrail reporting different behavior of the driver. Now, for example I boot 3.13 with video=VGA-1 and there's not one on the tablet.20:02
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drFaustrollwest-wind: try to speak with the people in intel-gfx but i doubt they will pay too much attention with a 3.13 kernel20:03
NotKitwest-wind, btw, can you boot bzImage with i915.modeset=0 or still empty screen?20:04
sledgesdrFaustroll: good jab!20:06
drFaustrollsledges: of course what did you expect... we set the things so well even nupties like me can do it20:07
west-windI will try this. BUt I think it dont help because the I915 driver is loading normally after kernel written some debug messages (I can see it because screen is clearing after I915 loading)20:09
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west-winddrFaustroll: On intel developer zone?20:14
drFaustrollwest-wind: no... on #intel-gfx20:14
NotKitwest-wind, could you post your grub.cfg line just in case?20:16
NokiusdrFaustroll: ?20:20
NotKitAll hail krnlyng -
west-windhere you re:20:20
west-windlinux /bzImage root=/dev/sda4 rw rootdelay=15 console=ttyS0,115200 console=logk0 earlyprintk=nologger ptrace.ptrace_can_access=1 nmi_watchdog=panic softlockup_panic=1 loglevel=4 androidboot.bootmedia=sdcard androidboot.hardware=inet_w_32 androidboot.spid=xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx:xxxx androidboot.serialno=01234567890123456789 oops=panic panic=4 vmalloc=172M slub_max_order=2 vga=current i915.modeset=1 drm.vblankoffdelay=1 acpi_backlight=vendor20:21
NotKitremove "console=ttyS0,115200 console=logk0 earlyprintk=nologger" to ease debugging20:21
mal-wohoo, I already got initial startup wizard running on galaxy tab 420:22
NotKitthat's cool20:23
west-windand what the androidboot.bootmedia value for external hd?20:23
Nokiusmal-: nice \o/20:23
drFaustrollmal-: uau... thought this had issues20:23
NotKitthat's probably can be removed altogether, but shouldn't matter20:23
west-windok. (gone trying)20:24
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mal-drFaustroll: it does have issues, it's using a very hacky libhybris20:26
mal-also I needed to patch qt5-qpa-hwcomposer to support hwcomposer 1.520:26
drFaustrollmal-: i see...20:27
Herriemal-: But that does mean we're close to getting CM13 based stuff working?20:27
NotKitwhat is hacky in Ubuntu's libhybris version?20:27
drFaustrollmal-: on n5 camera seems to have some issues.. i do not know if is droidmedia or gst-droid20:27
drFaustrollmal-: practically frozen image20:27
mal-Herrie: yes20:27
drFaustrollsledges: &20:27
Herriemal-: Nice :D20:28
drFaustrollmal-: ok droidmedia unchanged for one year must be gst-droid20:29
mal-NotKit: I'm not using ubuntus libhybris20:31
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ghosalmartinNotKit: :O20:48
ghosalmartintested it?20:48
NotKiton Xiaomi it fixed jolla-startupwizard crash20:48
NotKitdidn't test on OnePlus 2 yet20:48
NotKitfor krnlyng, graphics work on mako20:49
ghosalmartinhow can something so small20:49
ghosalmartincause so many problems20:49
ghosalmartinNotKit: so does Xiaomi work well? or atleast UI?20:52
NotKitfar-far away from being usable, since MediaTek20:52
NotKitbut UI at least20:53
ghosalmartinill get the 5x booted20:53
mal-NotKit: that works for you? I can't get graphics working with that20:53
ghosalmartinmal: whats your chipset?20:54
mal-msm8226 I think20:54
ghosalmartinmal: qualcomm has quirks20:55
ghosalmartinthey break in glShader20:55
mal-yep, I have another libhybris that works20:55
NotKitis it with krnlyng fix included or something else?20:56
ghosalmartinmal: which one?20:56
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ghosalmartini left my usb c cable at work :(20:58
mal-ghosalmartin: from krnlyng20:58
NotKitchecked with OnePlus 2, our linker issue is not fixed by this, unfortunately20:59
ghosalmartinNotKit: ah :(20:59
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NotKitat least it's one step closer :)21:00
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ghosalmartinwhat issue does it fix then?21:02
mal-that fixed test_hwcomposer21:03
ghosalmartinbut the linker issue broke test_hwcomposer?21:05
NotKitour linker is different from Nexus 4 issue21:05
NotKitthat fixed issue with glShader on Nexus21:06
ghosalmartinoh i see, hmmm maybe will fix our glShader issue when we get to it then21:06
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vgradekrnlyng: nice work21:25
mal-for some reason lipstick crashes on my device, the first startupwizard and minimer work fine21:30
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ghosalmartinthe one on the left is the MM linker morphis imports with no changes, the one on the right is the one with "shim" work added in by CM am guessing22:06
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ghosalmartinwe could test this theory out by building aosp rather than cm13, since aosp doesnt seem to ahve shims involved22:15
ghosalmartinid assume this is why Stskeeps didnt have that linker issue when he was attempting his own libhybris cm1322:15
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