Saturday, 2016-10-22

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drFaustroll_sledges: this is the image06:23
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Nokius_mal-: pong07:33
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mal-Nokius: just wondering if you have any *rpc* process running07:49
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Nokiusmal-: on the devices let me check :) gm btw. hope it's good one for u07:50
Nokiusmedia      817  0.0  0.0  14372   436 ?        Sl   Oct16   0:00 /system/bin/adsprpcd07:51
Nokiuson find7s07:51
Nokiusbut not on the scorpion07:52
NotKithm, Ubuntu's rilmodem with mtk2 plugin detects my SIM, but I'm not sure if it fully works07:55
r0kk3rzhmm, android has no sensorservice or adsprpcd running...08:00
mal-ok, maybe it's not needed on all devices, or sony has some custom version08:01
mal-Nokius: do you see any services failing in logcat?08:01
NotKitprobably Ubuntu's team made mtk2 plugin with their midori device in mind, which is MTK Helio X20/6797 and mine is earlier X10/679508:01
Nokiusmal-: on the find7s beside time-service nothing RTC related08:02
mal-Nokius: pastebin the logcat after reboot and use /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat | grep -v time-service08:04
mal-Nokius: btw, you can disable time-service in init*.rc, it's not needed08:05
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Nokiusmal-: I did it on the scorpion coz it was to much output08:07
Nokiusarg I have to go now till afternoon I will paste it later sorry08:07
mal-ok, no hurry08:07
entilmal-: another mobiilivarmennus fail08:11
entilthink I'll take a moment to check upgrades08:11
entilfsckit, plugged it in, now all it says is "USB cable removed", like the text appears and disappears on the top of the screen08:13
entilgotta say the stable release was excellent, though this devel thing is a bit dodgy ;)08:14
entilreboot -> "Incorrect security code" (yet again)08:15
entilcharging -> developer mode on -> "usb cable removed" :(08:17
entilmal-: do I need 16.10 for any new devel updates?08:22
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mal-entil: nope08:25
entilmal-: thanks08:27
mal-a general question, does test_egl work on any device?08:28
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mal-entil: those issues don't sound like they would be caused by the devel version08:29
r0kk3rzcan i sideload those hybris tests and run them under android?08:29
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entilmal-: and version --dup is still the way to go, not zypper dup?08:29
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entilmal-: I dunno, the incorrect security code is really annoying, though it doesn't freak me out anymore08:30
entilof course jolla's had a bad release or two back in the day so it could also be one of those08:30
mal-depends on if you just try to update some package and not change a version08:30
entilse version is literally just for version and zypper dup upgrades within a version? cuz that's what I'm thinking and would like to confirm08:30
entilbut fortunately I'm already up to date08:31
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entilassuming sailfish is still the latest version08:32
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mal-well it's posible to update to
entiloh, there's such a new release :D08:34
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entilthat's the same procedure as always? /usr/share/ssu/repos.ini and all that on the wiki?08:34
mal-yes, and the devel repos08:34
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entilI didn't know I was experiencing issues of a version that old, maybe I need to subscribe a mailing list or something, because if I don't have time for irc all this passes me by :/08:36
mal-entil: just check for any new releases (also early access)08:37
entilbut I'm gonna skip the adaptation= setting with testing for this, rigth?08:38
entiland yeah, I can try to remember to check that out08:38
mal-yes, you should use the devel repos you probably used before08:38
entilI'm on the devel repos yes08:39
mal-nothing should be testing08:39
entilthis also means the extra repo should always point to I suppose, because the wiki uses $RELEASE mainly for something else08:40
r0kk3rzNokius: ah, lang bug is when you boot with usbotg plugged in08:41
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mal-entil: yes, testing repos are for actual releases08:45
NotKithow can I try to register in operator's network without using GUI?08:45
entilmal-: seems like an interesting ton of changes, it's less than a third into the upgrade ;)08:46
mal-NotKit: try ofono tests08:48
NotKit./list_modems can display modem and some SIM card information, but status stays Searching08:49
NotKitnot sure if ofono should select network automatically or wait for some command08:49
NotKitwell, maybe MTK is not so bad, at least rotation works out of box for some reason09:05
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mal-entil: btw, there is a known fix for the MMS sending issue09:21
entilmal-: zomg!09:22
entilmal-: plz tell me :)09:22
mal-just a moment, I'll test the cleaner version of it and then put it to the devel repos09:22
entilnice <309:23
sledges09:28 < drFaustroll> sledges:
sledges404 Page Not Found09:25
sledgescan't reflash, because current image has ready demo content etc09:25
sledgesand i'm out of time to re-do all that:))09:25
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mal-sledges: do you know if test_egl or other grapchics tests work on device?09:28
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sledgesmal-: which device?09:29
mal-any, those don't seem to work on fp209:29
sledgesmal-: they all segfault (egl, egl_configs, hwcomposer, glesv2) on nexus 5 (cm12, sfos 2.0.4), but that's probably because i'm running lipstick at the same time09:31
sledgeswait, prepending EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer makes test_hwcomposer work09:32
mal-ok, I did stop user@100000 just in case09:32
sledgesalso test_egl_configs works with that var09:32
sledgesdo you need me to test more, or can i run now? ;D09:33
mal-test_egl_configs works here also09:33
mal-sledges: not needed, just wanted to know if those should work, trying to figure out the graphics issue on galaxy tab 409:33
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mal-entil: seems to be working, pushing changes09:34
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entilwhich package is it btw?09:40
entilupgraded openrepos as well now09:41
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mal-entil: it will be droid-config and ofono, better to just zypper dup after I tell when the build is redy09:44
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entilmal-: sure09:45
entiljust verified it wasn't the videoplayer I got from openrepos, which would make very little sense ;P09:45
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mal-entil: now do zypper ref and then zypper dup, make sure you have the correct devel adaptation0 repo (it gets reverted after version -dup)09:52
mal-entil: please test MMS messages (enable mobile data before starting to send the MMS so we know if the issue is solved) after that and report to me09:53
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entilmal-: wtf10:03
mal-entil: run the usual sed command using the devel repo10:04
entilyeah, but why do they brake, they look like crap :D10:05
entilcan't remember this happening before10:05
mal-that happens every time after version --dup10:05
entilok, if you say so, but I'm sure when I upgraded to 2.0.2 with version --dup they did _not_ look like that, but it's no biggie10:05
entildevel-su sed -i -e 's#^adaptation=.*$#adaptation=' /usr/share/ssu/repos.ini  # in the bash history and all that :P10:06
entilmal-: I think I heard the missus' phone go beep somewhere, let's hold our breaths for success10:09
mal-entil: try also receiving10:09
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mal-entil: just making sure, you rebooted after that update and then enabled mobile data and then started sending the MMS?10:10
entilmal-: zypper dup, sync, reboot, slight panic at wifi connection error and mobile internet being greyed out, both of which fixed themselves, sent to the missus as an mms, her reaction confirmed it did arrive, and she sent me a picture as well10:13
mal-entil: good10:14
mal-entil: thanks for testing10:20
entilmal-: thanks for fixing this!10:20
Septic_Gerkingood work10:21
entilI'm just getting out of a timesink project, maybe I should kick the tyres of sfdroid again, see if it has been made to work or if there's something in it10:21
mal-entil: it was actually monich who fixed the issue in ofono after seeing logs from fp210:21
entilmonich: thanks!10:22
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Keij0Hello there12:21
Keij0mal-: No clue about that bluetooth, module is up, but bluez/lipstick don't pick it up automatically12:21
Mister_Magister_Keij0: hello boi :D12:31
*** Mister_Magister_ is now known as Mister_Magister12:32
Mister_MagisterCan somebody help me with that? I don't have any idea how to fix that. I'm trying to make hybris-hal device is p700 and cm is 11.012:33
Keij0Mister_Magister: there is some kernel over there, but I don't know if jb kernel will be any good12:34
Mister_MagisterKeij0: i have kernel....12:36
Keij0But it's prebuilt12:36
Mister_Magisterit's not12:37
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yacukenMister_Magister: libminui. it's from recovery
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Mister_Magisteryacuken: thanks but what i should do? comment out that line?12:54
yacukendo u have this repo?12:54
Mister_Magisteryou mean android_bootable_recovery?12:54
Mister_Magisterofcourse it's in default.xml and i have it12:55
yacukenhmm. try make libminui12:57
yacukenMister_Magister: ^12:57
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Mister_Magisteryacuken: there is problem but give me a second12:58
Mister_Magisteryacuken: it cannot find fille in other repository called bootable/recovery-omni and i'm going to sync it :P12:59
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yacukenahhhh... I need more sleep13:06
Mister_Magisteryacuken: hah :D13:07
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yacukenshow your repo.13:08
Mister_Magisteryacuken: this line from link is different in my sources. i have13:09
Mister_Magistersubdir_makefile_dirs := abi bionic bootable build device external hardware hybris libcore system13:09
yacukenbtw `bootable` checks in both13:10
Mister_Magisterok :P13:10
Mister_Magisterwhat do you mean by show your repo?13:10
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yacukendevice tree13:13
yacukenMister_Magister: remove
Mister_Magisteryacuken: i commented it out13:17
yacukenor comment out (:13:18
Mister_Magisterprogrammer like comments :D13:18
Mister_Magistergod bless you but there come next problem :D13:20
yacukenabout recovery
Mister_Magisteri have seen this line13:24
Mister_Magisteryacuken: and what about that?13:25
Mister_Magisterreplace that with "pathmap_INCL += recovery:bootable/recovery-cm"?13:27
Mister_MagisterI sound like noob :D13:29
yacukenMister_Magister: try set `cm` here
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Mister_Magistersame problem13:33
yacukenpastebin `make libminui showcommands`13:37
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yacukenlog is not full?13:53
Mister_Magisteri have only that13:54
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yacukenstrange. both cyanogen recoveries have `res_create_display_surface`14:02
yacukencheck in bootable/recovery/minui/minui.h14:03
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NotKit has way less code than
NotKitif it's not using mtkmodem as base, it might be easier to port14:15
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Mister_Magisteryacuken: if you mean chceck if there is function res_create_display_surface then yep it is14:23
yacukenso I have no idea what's wrong ):14:24
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yacukenMister_Magister: try rever
yacukenfor hardcoding recovery include path14:25
*** kaulian_ <kaulian_!~kaulian@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)14:26
Mister_Magisteryacuken: nope :/14:26
*** dlavso <dlavso!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:27
yacukenwitchcraft o_014:28
Mister_Magisterwhhat? :D14:29
*** kaulian <kaulian!~kaulian@> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:31
yacukenyour recovery (:14:31
Mister_MagisterI'm trying to make port for lg l7 (1GHz, 512MB ram) for fun and check if that will work good :D14:32
*** lpotter <lpotter!~quassel@2001:8003:643c:3900:76e6:e2ff:fee0:8120> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)14:35
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:36
*** lpotter <lpotter!~quassel@2001:8003:6439:d00:76e6:e2ff:fee0:8120> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:37
Mister_Magisteryacuken: i have found that
Mister_Magisterto reverse it14:40
Mister_Magisteryacuken: that is working now o_0 Can you confirm if that i good?14:42
yacukenI haven't cm-11 branch14:43
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has quit IRC (Quit: Segmentation fault)14:45
Mister_Magisterummmmm ok. So you don't know?14:45
yacukentry grep sources for __libc_format_fd14:47
yacukenoops. worng in clipboard (:14:47
yacukengrep for res_create_surface14:47
Mister_Magisteri got hybris-boot.img and everything is working14:47
Mister_Magisterbut i dunno if that is good fix14:47
Mister_Magistertake a look
Nokiusr0kk3rz: for sure if have usb pluged I get on alot of devices boot issues :(14:50
Nokiusmal-: on it now14:50
yacukenMister_Magister: patch hybris-boot?14:53
Mister_Magisteryacuken: patch?14:53
Mister_Magisteri know what to do next easy men :D I'm just showing you that with that fix everything builded. so i think that fix is good14:55
Mister_Magisterwhat do you think?14:55
yacukenoh sorry. I don't sleep for 2 days >(14:57
krnlyngfor anyone interested, i have cleaned up (at least a little) my libhybris + marshmallow linker branch, it works on mako with hybris_13 adaptation.
Mister_Magisteroh :(14:57
yacukenwhich phone next& (:14:58
Mister_Magisterugh kernel config.... i love it......14:59
yacukenhow savedefconfig work? minimal config without a half of options. but everithing ok/15:01
Nokiusmal-: here for both find7s and scorpion
Mister_Magistercani take mountpoints from device/lge/p700/recovery/twrp.fstab?15:14
Keij0Nokius: No progress with this, want to see the logs and stuff? Maybe we can work something out together15:15
NokiusKeij0: I had no time to check the BT work u did last weekend but yeah we try15:16
Keij0Nokius: let's have a look onto the logs, shall we?15:20
Keij0It should work in theory, but it doesn't, maybe I broke something15:20
*** bneo99 <bneo99!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)15:21
Mister_Magisterthis is so beautiful line15:22
Mister_MagisterInstall: /home/foidbgen/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/p700/hybris-boot.img15:22
NokiusKeij0: What did u set in the kernel config?15:24
NokiusKeij0: found it15:26
Mister_Magisterwhat a strange defconfig cyanogenmod_u0_nonfc_defconfig15:26
Keij0Nokius: these must be set CONFIG_BT_HCIUART=y15:27
NokiusMister_Magister: u0 is the device name and there is no nfc support :)15:29
Mister_Magisterbut it's p700 :v Thank i understand now :D15:29
Nokiussaw u0 on the LG webpage15:29
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)15:30
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:30
Mister_MagisterIn kernel config i can fix Warnings later right?15:30
Mister_MagisterNokius: i typed lg u0 in google and i saw fridge :D15:30
Keij0Even fridges run linux these days? xD15:32
NokiusKeij0: okay I have two differences in my kernel, iirc we found out that the hammerhead and the sony have the same BT module dunno is true15:32
Nokiusmy config15:33
NokiusKeij0: CONFIG_BT_HCISMD looks qcom related :s15:34
Keij0Nokius: IKR, but mal told me to set it, also, yes, N5 has the same bt chip. Check out hciattach.service from my gdrive folder15:35
Keij0I probably broke somethin15:35
NokiusKeij0: Okay gdrive is pita have to download the file aarg15:36
Mister_MagisterKeij0: you can watch porn on fridge on windowss these days...15:36
NokiusKeij0: what happen when u run line 12 by hand15:37
Keij0Grr, need to set up FTP when I get my VPS at some point in the future, internet@my home is too slow for anything15:37
Mister_MagisterKeij0: use sftp :P15:38
Keij0Nokius: It's already ran by a service, service tells that it exits successfully, ran it before, it also shows success, but you need to run taimport from /system/bin before15:38
Nokiuswhat is taimport doing15:40
Keij0Imports hardware adresses from TA partition to /data/15:41
Keij0You might check if that path in service contains your bt hwaddr, maybe tablets don't need this15:41
*** pashik54 <pashik54!~pasikg@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)15:48
NokiusKeij0: I added the changes u have and now i build the kernel15:48
*** pashik54 <pashik54!~AndChat16@> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:48
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)15:48
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has joined #sailfishos-porters15:49
*** pashik <pashik!~AndChat16@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)15:50
*** krnlyng|mobile <krnlyng|mobile!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:00
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)16:03
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:04
Nokius[  187.744907] hci_cmd_timer: hci0 command tx timeout16:05
Nokiusjust have dejave16:05
ghosalmartinwell the fire alarms going off at work. Solution? Louder music16:06
Keij0Hmm, interesting16:06
Nokiushciattach is for me complaing that the patch is missing but it contiues so it will return a scuccess anyway16:07
Nokiusghosalmartin: u work on satrudays ?16:07
ghosalmartinNokius: not usually but staff trial money16:07
*** electrolux <electrolux!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)16:08
mal-Keij0: lipstick-bluetooth.service entered failed state. what does that service do?16:08
Keij0Hi, mal-16:09
Keij0I'll check that16:09
mal-Keij0: also check systemctl --user (or systemctl-user)16:10
Keij0lipstick-bluetooth.service is not even found by systemd, don't know why it's recognised16:10
mal-Keij0: you know there is system and user services?16:11
Keij0mal-: uploading systemctl-user output to gdrive folder. Also, no clue about user services, but I know that the service files for system sit in /lib/systemd/system and /etc/systemd/system16:14
mal-Keij0: /usr/lib/systemd/user/16:16
Keij0mal-: want listing of that dir?16:18
mal-Keij0: not needed16:18
Keij0lipstick-bluetooth.service starts lipstick-bluetooth-agent16:18
Nokius\o/ BT is up!16:20
Nokius 50:xx:xx:xx:  Jolla C Nokius16:20
Keij0Nokius: On scorpio?16:20
NokiusKeij0: check your patch file path16:21
NokiusKeij0: yes16:21
NokiusKeij0: for me it's /system/etc/firmware16:21
Keij0Nokius: Any edits to my hciattatch or something?16:21
NokiusKeij0: all from hand atm16:22
Keij0Oh, okay. See this. trying path change and rebooting phone, brb16:22
Nokiusr0kk3rz: ^ bt is a life16:22
Nokiusthanks Keij0 for this!16:23
*** ahjolinna <ahjolinna!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)16:23
Keij0No problem :P Now let's push it to github!16:23
*** ahjolinna <ahjolinna!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:23
Nokiusnice ui got it too16:24
mal-Nokius: \o/16:24
Nokius\o/ one hour in front of the pc and the hole lazy week got good end16:25
*** eyome <eyome!> has quit IRC (Quit: eyome)16:25
Keij0My service is broken. mal-: Could you look at it?16:25
mal-Nokius: you find7 logcat looks bad16:25
mal-Keij0: ok16:25
*** kaulian <kaulian!~kaulian@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)16:26
NokiusKeij0: did u check if the path is may wrong ?16:26
Mister_MagisterPlot twist, what if pixel ratio is 0,9?16:26
Mister_Magistergive 1.0?16:26
Keij0Nokius: Just edited it, dependencies are probably bad :P16:27
NokiusMister_Magister: test 1.0 is it wrong try kimmoli script an use 0.9 icons16:27
mal-Mister_Magister: you can use whatever value is best16:27
Mister_Magisterwhoa what a feedback :D16:28
NokiusMister_Magister: mine was more about icons u should stick to 0.9 as ratio if ist correct16:29
mal-Keij0: indeed you service dependencies are strange, Wants=bluetooth.service and Before=bluetooth.service16:29
Mister_Magisterok ok :D ratio is 0,89 i will use that16:29
mal-Keij0: that seems like conflict16:29
mal-Mister_Magister: which resolution does it have?16:29
Keij0mal-: invoking hciattach by hand works16:29
mal-Mister_Magister: I mean width and height as pixels16:30
Nokiusmal-: 480 x 80016:30
Mister_Magisteroh resolution sorry 480 x 80016:30
Mister_Magisterand it's too high for that weak phone :D16:30
Keij0mal-: I should do something like WantedBy=bluetooth.service instead, don't you think?16:30
mal-maybe just Before=bluetooth.service16:31
Keij0Okay, trying out that one16:31
Nokiusafter the joy I see wlan0 is gone hehe16:32
mal-Keij0: I have this
Keij0mal-: I have to use the same approach as Nexus5 does16:34
*** khorben <khorben!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)16:34
Mister_Magisterrpm/dhd/helpers/ not found o_016:34
Mister_Magisteroh nvermind16:34
Keij0Nokius: Try droid-wlan-fix from mine/xperiasailors trees instead of your wlan fix, it should do the job.16:35
NokiusKeij0: is your kernel repo uptodate?16:35
Nokiusjust saw CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP is set to no on upstream16:35
Mister_Magistercan i check touchscreen event on cyanogenmod?16:35
NokiusMister_Magister: what do u like to achieve ?16:36
Keij0Nokius: Here it didn't want to build without this flag, maybe I need to delete that repo and sync it with current, are you using cm-13 or cm-12.1 as base?16:37
Mister_MagisterNokius: check which event* is for touchscreen16:37
NokiusKeij0: cm-12.116:37
NokiusMister_Magister: u can cat the /dev/input/event and swipe over the screen to see which one is the correct one16:39
NokiusMister_Magister: make sure the screen is on ;)16:40
Keij0Nokius: Odd, maybe something changed16:40
Mister_MagisterNokius: no shit sherlock :D16:40
Keij0mal-: service still doesn't do the trick o.o16:40
*** dlavso <dlavso!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)16:40
ghosalmartinmal: do you have the extract_headers for krnlyng libhybris handy?16:42
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~drFaustro@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:46
Nokius Keij0 may u need this too
Keij0Nokius: What does commenting out these lines do?16:49
NokiusKeij0: to be honest no idea I bet mal- mention it once16:50
Keij0Nokius: Okay, no clue how to write working service, but running command by hand works16:51
Mister_Magisterthere is no problem if device is armv7a and i use armv7hl?16:52
Nokiusarmv7a is the cpu and armv7hl stays for ArmHardFloatPort16:55
Nokiusblame me if I'm wrong16:56
Mister_Magisterthere is no even armv7a arch for sb2 so i have to go with hl anyway :D16:57
Keij0Nokius: I think you're right, I'm more used to debian's notation though, which is armhf for HardFloat port.16:58
NokiusMister_Magister: which chip venor is it16:59
Nokiusthe armv7a has no neo wich can cause issues if the software was build for neo hw17:00
NokiusI just did quick research17:00
mal-Keij0: one thing that I wonder in your systemctl output is that the service is marked running and not exited, just try to copy the service I gave (you can rename it) replace the ExecStart and then see what happens17:00
Mister_MagisterNokius: there is no sb2 armv7a target17:01
Keij0mal-: Okay17:01
*** kaulian <kaulian!~kaulian@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:01
mal-Keij0: you can add the ConditionPathExist ones17:01
mal-otherwise keep it the same17:01
Keij0Nokius: non-neon devices have only problems with touch recoveries and //some// codecs AFAIK17:01
Mister_MagisterNokius: so wat i should do?17:02
Keij0mal-: Rebuilding kernel with patch Nokius recommended me to do17:02
NokiusMister_Magister: hl will work on armv7a chips but I just did quick research17:03
Mister_Magisteroh ok :)17:03
Mister_Magisterso that's not a problem?17:04
Keij0mal-: By the way, hadk-faq lines 578->, It would be handy to change scorpion to $DEVICE, I always forget changing it :P17:04
Nokiusthere is a difference between armhf and  armel17:04
NokiusKeij0: sure do it  :)17:04
Keij0Nokius: Didn't know I can edit it ;P17:05
*** kaulian <kaulian!~kaulian@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)17:06
mal-Keij0: you don't need that anymore if you install one package, the unzip that is mentioned, at least it fixed build for me17:06
Nokiusbtw. without CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP I have no luck to get BT up17:06
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:06
Keij0mal-: in HABUILD_SDK?17:07
mal-Keij0: yes17:08
*** Mister_Magister_ <Mister_Magister_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:08
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:09
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)17:09
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:12
*** Mister_Magister_ <Mister_Magister_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)17:13
NokiusKeij0: sorry may u have to link /system/etc/firmware/BCM43xx.hcd with name hciattach show I did that in the past maybe hciattach will ignore BCM43xx.hcd17:17
Nokiusbut u sad it works my it's not needed17:17
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)17:18
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:21
Keij0Nokius: symlink what to where?17:21
Nokiusthe patch file17:24
Nokiusdunno where it is for u me /system/etc/firmware17:24
Keij0Nokius: -rw-r--r--  1 root root     40046 Jun 27 00:29 BCM43xx.hcd17:25
Keij0I have this in /system/etc/firmware17:25
Nokiusis hciattatch using that :)17:26
Nokiusmaybe the link is not needed17:27
*** brodolfo <brodolfo!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:27
Keij0hciattach uses this as it brought up my bt while running by hand17:28
Keij0Maybe when December comes I'll have time to finish my port fully, sensors might be pain in the ass, but whatever17:29
NokiusKeij0: so BT is up for u ?17:29
Keij0Only while running by hand, trying to write a service for it17:30
Nokiushcitool scan is finding others ?17:30
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)17:31
Keij0lipstick recognises my bt headphones17:33
Keij0but ad2p doesn't work :c17:33
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:35
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:36
NokiusKeij0: finetuing :)17:37
*** krnlyng|mobile <krnlyng|mobile!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:41
Nokiusso why to the heck it's not working for me now :s17:41
Keij0Nokius: hcitool doesn't see the chip, but lipstick does :s17:42
*** krnlyng|mobile <krnlyng|mobile!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:43
*** kaulian <kaulian!~kaulian@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:44
mal-Keij0: my service didn't work?17:46
*** pashik <pashik!~AndChat16@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:48
*** pashik54 <pashik54!~AndChat16@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)17:48
Keij0mal-: Nope, mine neighter17:49
mal-Keij0: but if you run the service manually it works?17:49
mal-I mean the command17:49
mal-Keij0: did you add the conditions for the files=17:50
Mister_Magisterwtf when i do "curl -O $TARBALL" output goes to stdout17:50
Keij0mal-: Yes, but it is only one-time solution as when lipstick turns off bt, the rfkill blocks the device17:51
NokiusMister_Magister: had the same issue dunno why17:52
Nokiustwice in the past17:52
Mister_MagisterNokius: how did you fixed that17:52
Mister_Magisterin $TARBALL there are two links so dunno which one i should download17:53
*** krnlyng|mobile_ <krnlyng|mobile_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:54
Mister_Magisteroh second one is wrong so i'll download it manually through browser17:54
*** Salsa <Salsa!~Salsa@2603:3024:160b:f500:f4ea:d3e4:ae21:5c76> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:54
NokiusMister_Magister: there should be only one17:54
Keij0Looks promising17:55
*** krnlyng|mobile <krnlyng|mobile!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)17:56
* Nokius jealous17:58
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)17:58
Nokiusall I get now is Can't init device hci0: Connection timed out (110)18:02
Nokius:'( it worked once18:03
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:03
Nokius it should work with that18:04
Keij0did you do rfkill unblock bluetooth before hciattach?18:04
Nokiusas mention few minutes ago18:04
mal-Nokius: timing issue?18:05
Nokiusmal-: ?18:06
mal-Nokius: you said bluetooth worked for you but not anymore, maybe it's some timing issue causing it to fail sometimes?18:07
NokiusKeij0: is hciconfig hci0 shwoing the correct mac addrese?18:08
Keij0Nokius: Yes18:08
Nokiusmal-: I tried it now few times maybe it is timing issue18:09
NokiusKeij0: :)18:09
NokiusKeij0: I don't18:10
*** krnlyng|mobile_ <krnlyng|mobile_!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:12
Keij0mal-: Will ping you tomorrow or next weekend, getting tired now. At least we know proper hciattach formula for shinano as of today :P18:12
*** krnlyng|mobile_ <krnlyng|mobile_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:13
NokiusKeij0: cu18:13
Keij0irssi on raspberry pi is a nice thing, I can see what happened in past on irc without having to look at online logs. Well, that's if I don't have a power outage... power grid is not as stable as it was before here18:14
Keij0See ya18:15
*** Keij0 is now known as Keij0_away18:15
*** kaulian_ <kaulian_!~kaulian@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:15
*** kaulian <kaulian!~kaulian@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)18:16
*** I-was-it <I-was-it!3e2f3b13@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:16
Nokiusodd  hci_cmd_timer: hci0 command tx timeout when unlocking with rfkill18:17
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:19
*** I-was-it <I-was-it!3e2f3b13@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)18:21
*** Zucca <Zucca!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)18:22
*** Zucca <Zucca!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:23
*** I-was-it <I-was-it!3e2f3b13@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:24
Nokiusmal-: maybe it is because I tested the kernel with out the option CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP and now it's enabled again but it somehow ignoring it :s18:31
Nokiuswithout it it was not working18:31
*** kaulian_ <kaulian_!~kaulian@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)18:31
Nokiusthe config in out has CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP :s18:32
*** pashik <pashik!~AndChat16@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:32
*** kaulian_ <kaulian_!~kaulian@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:32
*** pashik <pashik!~AndChat16@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:33
*** I-was-it <I-was-it!3e2f3b13@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)18:38
mal-Nokius: you are sure you have the correct kernel flashed?18:38
Nokiusmal-: I run make hybris-boot for fewtimes now and I flashed  the new one I checked the md5 after the scp18:42
Nokiusjust to be sure I run make clean now I have to wait for hybris-hal to end :(18:43
NokiusI didn't backup the working hybis-boot arg18:45
*** brodolfo <brodolfo!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)18:46
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~drFaustro@opensuse/member/ealin> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:51
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~drFaustro@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:51
Nokiusanyway I'm confused why wifi is gone now18:52
Mister_Magisterawwww mic is running :318:52
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)18:57
drFaustrollNokius: went on holiday19:02
drFaustrollNokius: who knows where the wifis go19:02
drFaustrollsome kind of electomagnetic meadow19:02
mal-Nokius: why not flash the kernel manually?19:03
NokiusdrFaustroll: :D19:05
Nokiusmal-: I fastbooted it19:06
Nokiusmodprobe -v is so helpful with 0 output haha19:09
*** Salsa <Salsa!~Salsa@2603:3024:160b:f500:f4ea:d3e4:ae21:5c76> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)19:10
Nokiuswhat to the hell I did19:10
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:14
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:14
Nokiuswhy I wanted to test if the CONFIG is needed or not19:18
mal-Nokius: the wifi might be broken because the module layout changed?19:19
mal-Nokius: unless you updated droid-hal19:20
Nokiusmal-: I'm a bit lost I modprod in the past bcmdhd but after the BT change it fails :s19:22
mal-Nokius: any error in dmesg when you modprobe it now19:23
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)19:24
Nokiuswithout CONFIG_BT_MSM_SLEEP I have no BT at all okay19:24
Nokiusmal-: nothing in dmesg19:24
Nokiusmaybe we been always close to working BT just today I got working at  correct time19:26
* Nokius away and search for chocolate19:29
*** I-was-it <I-was-it!3e2f3b13@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:29
I-was-ithi! i've a problem with updating from 2.0.2 to the latest_armv7hl on fairphone. There's a problem with the apps, hotfixes and jolla repositories. adaption0 and extra repositories are okay19:31
*** kaulian_ <kaulian_!~kaulian@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)19:32
*** dlavso <dlavso!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
drFaustrollI-was-it: mal- is your man ssu lr may be helpful to post19:34
drFaustrolluse a paste service19:34
*** krnlyng|mobile_ <krnlyng|mobile_!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:39
*** Keij0_away is now known as Keij019:42
Keij0Anyone ported to Nexus6?19:42
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I-was-itto my problem: nemo@localhost ~]$ ssu lr Enabled repositories (global): - adaptation0 ... - apps        ... - hotfixes    ... - jolla       ...
I-was-itptation0... - extra... - store... https://store-repositor2-sibon/armv7hl/?version=latest_armv7hl  Disabled repositories (global, might be overridden by user config):  Disabled repositories (user): - home ...
horuxanmal-, help me to fix video playback on paste, and camera whit application camera ?19:59
drFaustrollI-was-it: i do not know how the repos for dairphone are but i would expect ot be the same as for other ports19:59
drFaustrolldid you do ssu re <version desired>?19:59
drFaustrollI-was-it: that explains it then20:00
drFaustrollI-was-it: you modified a lot of things by hand20:00
drFaustrollwhat version do you want to update?20:00
I-was-itto the latest, i think it is 2.0.420:00
drFaustrollI-was-it: ssu re
drFaustrollthen ssu lr and show the repos20:01
drFaustrollbut please use some paste service20:02
drFaustrollor whatever you like20:02
I-was-itit is still the same20:04
mal-I-was-it: that is just wrong20:07
drFaustrollI-was-it: so how did you modify the repos to have that latest things?20:07
drFaustrollmal-: the repos or my ssu re?20:07
mal-I-was-it: what instructions did you follow?20:07
I-was-itlike the wiki on wiki.merproject20:08
mal-I-was-it: that doesn't work diretly with latest20:08
I-was-itoh, then it's that the problem20:08
drFaustrollI-was-it: a lot of your repos do not exist20:09
I-was-itdo you know the problem?20:09
mal-I-was-it: you can hopefully fix that by setting release to something correct like
drFaustrollI-was-it: yes... between the chair and the screen20:10
drFaustrollmal-: is .13 for ea20:10
mal-drFaustroll: .14 now20:10
I-was-itand then?20:11
mal-I-was-it: then run ssu release $RELEASE20:12
mal-I-was-it: then check ssu lr if the repos look logial20:12
I-was-itnot really a change20:13
mal-it should work20:15
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I-was-itthe difference is that now is instead of 'latest_armv7hl' '' at the urls of the repos20:17
mal-horuxan: we already told you where to get the camres app and I gave a link to the instructions for it to create the correct configurations for camera, did try it?20:18
mal-I-was-it: as it should be20:18
mal-I-was-it: except for the adaptation0 and common20:19
I-was-itbut these directories don't exist, aren't they?20:21
mal-I-was-it: if you want to use the latest devel repos you need to modify the urls for adaptation0 and common in those instructions so the url is completely set and won't use RELEASE20:21
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I-was-itokay, thanks, i'll try20:22
mal-I-was-it: you already had those in the old ssu lr output, nwo you just need to change those so that other repos won't change20:22
horuxanmal-, yes ..20:23
mal-horuxan: so what was the problem?20:24
horuxanthe camera is in the correct resolution in the file, and time to open only opens the front camera, and also I'm having trouble opening recorded video, open the file manager, it does not open the video. and also dual sim, I would like to fix, to make available, so the staff will have two options, one sailfish based on 11 cm, and 12.120:28
horuxanFinally, the error is that the file resolution is ok, however only opens at camera plus or sailorgram20:28
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mal-horuxan: please pastebin the current camera config file and the one you got from camres20:30
*** kaulian_ <kaulian_!~kaulian@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:31
mal-horuxan: also get the json version from camres20:32
Nokius:( I reverted the BT changes but bcmdhd is still failing20:32
mal-Nokius: did you try with the old kernel20:33
Nokiusthat my next step20:35
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horuxansorry mal- what way of camera config ?20:36
horuxani not remembe20:36
*** kaulian_ <kaulian_!~kaulian@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:37
I-was-itmal-: thanks, your work is really great!20:37
mal-horuxan: the camera config is at /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/jolla-camera-hw.txt20:40
*** horuxan2 <horuxan2!~douglasbr@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:40
Keij0mal-: Hello again, problem with mk-cam-conf. CameraBase is like W/CameraBase( 7696): CameraService not published, waiting...20:40
Keij0I/ServiceManager( 7696): Waiting for service
mal-Keij0: is minimediaservice and minisfservice running?20:40
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Keij0It tries to set some GPIOs high, but doesn't have any success20:40
Keij0mal-: minisfservice is running, but minimedia service isn't surprisingly20:41
mal-horuxan2: you didn't understand what I meant20:41
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horuxan2in which line?20:42
mal-horuxan2: everything20:44
mal-horuxan2: now run cat /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/jolla-camera-hw.txt on your device and pastebin only the output of that20:44
*** Tassadar <Tassadar!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:45
mal-horuxan2: after getting that go through this and pastebin the jolla-camera-hw.txt and camera-resolutions.json created by those last two commands20:46
Nokiusmal-: with old kernel it crashed after modprbe :s20:48
Nokiusand after the reboot it works again20:49
Keij0Nokius: Still fighting with hciattach/uart?20:52
horuxan2mal-, zypper in camres20:54
horuxan2o provider of 'camres' found.20:54
horuxan2Resolving package dependencies...20:54
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:55
mal-horuxan2: anything from the earlier commands?20:55
horuxan2no, zypper ref , run ok20:56
mal-horuxan2: how about adding the repo? do you see that in ssu lr output?20:56
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mal-horuxan2: as you can see the repo is not there, try adding again20:58
NokiusKeij0: yes I had just one time luck to get BT up20:58
*** SfietKonstantin <SfietKonstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:58
NokiusKeij0: then I reverted my changes but wifi was not working again :s20:59
horuxan2what repo mal-20:59
horuxan2camres whit what repo ?20:59
horuxan2for my habilitate20:59
mal-horuxan2: the one in the pastebin I gave the FIRST line20:59
mal-horuxan2: change the url to
mal-horuxan2: you should noticed that error earlier21:06
Nokius:s odd21:09
NokiusI did one change but the revert has different effect21:13
horuxan2mal-, camres installed sucess21:15
horuxan2and error
mal-horuxan2: run that in ssh21:17
mal-horuxan2: meaning you connect to the device via ssh as nemo user21:17
horuxan2telnet 2323 :21:19
horuxan2im conected mal-21:19
Nokiushoruxan2: ssh nemo@
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Nokiusokay BT was up working once but then to odd times started time for nap21:22
* Nokius gn821:22
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mal-horuxan2: that says what you need to do, you need to remove the correct line from /home/douglasbrito/.ssh/known_hosts on your pc21:24
*** ahjolinna <ahjolinna!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:24
horuxan2nemo password default is ?21:25
mal-horuxan2: you need to set the password via telnet or UI21:26
mal-password nemo and then set the password you want21:26
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Keij0Nokius: Did you sideload any systemd services?21:28
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horuxan2after run this 2 commands camres, reboot mal-  ?21:29
NokiusKeij0: nope all I did was/is flashing other hybris-boot.img21:31
mal-horuxan2: no need to reboot21:33
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horuxan2and now mal- ?21:35
Keij0Oh, strange21:37
mal-horuxan2: like I said, I want to see the content of the files the last two command created21:37
mal-probably the files are in the same folder you ran the commands in21:37
horuxan2and jolla-camera
mal-horuxan2: now copy that new jolla-camera-hw.txt to /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/jolla-camera-hw.txt21:42
mal-horuxan2: if you compare the files you can clearly see the difference21:42
mal-horuxan2: like I said quite time ago the problem seems to be the resolutions21:53
horuxan2I copied, moved, and restarted, there appeared the main camera, and the values ​​were so different, evil did not work "///21:54
mal-what didn't work?21:55
horuxan2the camera principal22:00
horuxan2on application "camera"22:01
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mal-horuxan2: so did copying the new file change anything?22:11
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)22:12
horuxan2mal-, im copy jolla-camera-hw.txt to 22:12
horuxan2   /etc/dconf ..22:12
mal-so what is the problem now?22:13
mal-I don't understand what you are trying to say22:13
horuxan2not open in the default application ...22:14
mal-horuxan2: are you saying the new file didn't help?22:17
horuxan2eysis what it seems22:20
mal-I find it highly unlikely that the new file wouldn't change anything22:21
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drFaustrollmal-: if you stream from inet... how much of cpu you have taken my mediaplayer and pulse?22:35
drFaustrollhere i have 18% + 34% which is insane22:35
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