Monday, 2016-11-21

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locusfghosalmartin: nope but good job man!05:50
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locusf"we don't know why they work" <- working software is more like a nightmare than a buggy software07:05
locusfthere is very little to determine why something works when it shouldn't :D07:05
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kimmoliis the method here "enbug", not "debug" ?07:48
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ghosalmartingoooood morning09:50
ghosalmartinlocusf: fancy trying the fix? see if glacier ui will start?09:52
ghosalmartinlocusf: and thanks to krnlyng we've been debugging it nicely09:52
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TheKit<ghosalmartin> it feels a bit smoother...probably just placebo coming from Joola10:05
TheKitcompared to Jolla 1?10:06
ghosalmartinTheKit: yes10:06
ghosalmartini havent used a Nexus 5 in a while10:06
ghosalmartinI don't know why, but for some reason, community ports aren't as smooth as the Jolla 1. Something about it feels just right10:06
TheKitwell, I never had Jolla 1, but octa-core MediaTek feels smoother than Jolla C10:07
TheKit(in terms of raw perfomance I mean)10:07
nh1402ghosalmartin: waazzzaaaaaap10:13
ghosalmartinTheKit: indeed it does, maybe someone with the first Jolla can confirm, it just seems *better*10:13
ghosalmartinnh1402: :D :D :D10:13
nh1402speaking of mediatek, did you hear that vernee released their ROM's source code which contains proprietary Mediatek blobs and stuff?10:14
TheKitbut it's not new10:15
ghosalmartinnh1402: i have a video for you10:15
TheKitother vendors did it before, and a lot of trees like that can be leaked10:15
TheKitor were there some drama about that?10:15
nh1402sounded like drama to me on xda10:16
nh1402for a specific chipset10:16
nh1402ghosalmartin: link me10:17
TheKitwell, unfortunately, GPU drivers are still blobs in MediaTek source tree10:19
TheKitRIL can be built from source though10:19
nh1402ghosalmartin: IT'S ALIVE!!!, but one question though, well 210:21
ghosalmartingo on10:22
monichTheKit: just the rild iself or its vendor shared library too, the one that does most of the job?10:22
nh1402Frankenstein build or aarch64?10:22
ghosalmartinnh1402: frankenstein10:22
nh1402ghosalmartin: and the other, why is it categorised as a sport video10:22
ghosalmartinnh1402: because porting is an endurance sport, its taken my 12 months :P10:23
nh1402your bullhead has finally been liberated10:23
ghosalmartinbut theres no reason for aarch64 cant work10:23
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ghosalmartinnh1402: battery life seems good for a phone that cant do anything :P10:31
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kimmoliyou can change ambience, thats one key feature of sailfish...10:44
ghosalmartinkimmoli: i dont understand :P10:45
Nokiussaidinesh5: for some reason the mi4 is now booting without hanging/crashing flashing 4.14 now10:45
mal-ghosalmartin: my first port took also quite a long time, 3 months to get graphics working and another 4-5 months to get most of the other things working10:45
TheKitmonich,  custom rild and library10:46
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ghosalmartinmal: hopefully next up to fix is rild and what not, but i want to quickly try prue aarch64 and see if i can get glacier ui working10:47
monichTheKit: could you point me in the direction of the sources? I'm curious.10:48
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TheKitthis should be in Vernee source too, which is for different SoC, but I can't find it on GitHub10:55
monichTheKit: wonderful, thanks!10:55
TheKitthere is also involved10:57
nh1402anyone interested in smartwatches?, maybe an asteroid os port or something?, is quite a tempting price.10:58
nh1402or a full on sailfish port :D10:59
ghosalmartinnh1402: am not a fan of smartwatches atm, too much hassle :P11:03
nh1402I don't really see the point in one, I don't need one but, but I do want one :p. There is only one app that I was thinking of making for one but that would only be of use during the summer (an app to keep the tennis score while you play), could apply to other sports. Was never going to get one over £100 if I ever was going to, and this is under that.11:03
ghosalmartinwhen they make smart contact lenses then i might care11:03
nh1402if i was ever going to get one I would probably get the tizen one with the rotating bezel as that is the best way to navigate the OS on a watch imo.11:05
nh1402since this one comes with a GPS, we could make an app to locate the closest Sailfish phone11:06
ghosalmartinnh1402: wonder if am the only one in leeds11:07
ghosalmartinSFOS isn't just an OS, its a passion :P11:07
ghosalmartinI'd give a talk at my work trying to promote it, but I don't think I can convert the iOS and Android horde :P11:07
TheKitmonich, when you have time, could you please check, any suggestions how to implement those hacks in a better way so it can be merged? It allows for data and SMS, but I didn't get to voice yet11:10
nh1402ghosalmartin: I managed to swing a friend round after constantly talking about it for years, he was looking at getting a new phone, so I gave him a Jolla C. I showed my line manager, but he was only mildly intrigued.11:11
ghosalmartinnh1402: most the guys around here are too deep into an ecosystem11:12
monichTheKit: nice, will try not to forget.11:13
monichfeel free to ping me again about it11:14
TheKitok, thank you11:19
Nokiushhmm ServiceManager show this in logcat " Waiting for service" never had that what could be wrong?11:21
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nh1402ghosalmartin: what's the next step for you then?11:27
ghosalmartinnh1402:try and get the P9 to the same stage11:29
saidinesh5ahoy Nokius , also check out the committs from :
saidinesh5they have fixed a lot of things apparently11:36
saidinesh5i am merging them back. will prolly finish it today11:36
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Nokiussaidinesh5: I will take a look14:09
Nokiusstill wondering why cam is not available14:10
mal-Nokius: is camera service running?14:12
Nokiusmal-: looks like it's not  " Waiting for service" but I haven't looekd into why it's like this14:13
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mal-Nokius: I mean do you see any camera related process running on the device14:16
Nokiuscamera     823  0.0  0.6  64324 13276 ?        Sl   12:15   0:00 /system/bin/mm-qcamera-daemon14:16
mal-Nokius: what do you see in logcat?14:18
mal-Nokius: are mini* services running?14:18
Nokiusmal-: I will check later, all I checked in the first palce was if i miss droidmedia maybe I miss some thing :s14:24
Nokiusthanks for the hints14:24
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NeoChapayWhen i try config camera i get error whan wrong ?14:43
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saidinesh5Nokius: the camera service issue. use kimmoli's droidmedia14:50
saidinesh5Nokius: that one14:50
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kimmolioo, first time i see mkcamconf says something14:56
kimmoliit usually just hangs14:56
NeoChapaykimmoli: i have may days before it says something :)14:56
Nokiusmal-: miniafservice minisfservice are running14:57
Nokiusso minimdeia is missing14:59
NeoChapaysledges: can you help me ?15:00
NokiusMSameer: ^ maybe can help15:10
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mal-Nokius: you need to get the logcat15:32
NeoChapaymal-: camera demon is runing but when i try run mk-cam-conf i have error
sledgesNeoChapay: mk-cam-conf 1 worked here when you pasted last week:
NeoChapaysledges: yes i know but i not understand why all is broken :(15:42
NeoChapaysledges: LOL...if i move /dev/log to /dev/llog and ln -s /dev/alog /dev/log mk-cam-conf work!15:44
horuxanhi all15:45
horuxangood morning15:45
horuxanhelp me please15:45
horuxankilled change the run video playback w15:45
horuxanim add on boot killall minisfservice for the camera fix15:46
horuxanno run video15:46
horuxanthis minisfservice is used for play video on sailfish ?15:46
horuxanthanks ..15:46
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lbtPSA: Mer gitlab update in a few minutes. Git will be offline for a little while.17:20
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Nokiusmal-: found the issue, but it's odd17:31
Nokiusminimedia is not starting :s17:31
mal-Nokius: does it start manually?17:32
Nokiusyes and then the camera works I saw no worrying ouput17:34
ggabrielany news on the london meet up in december? in particular which day? :P sorry I keep missing out the chat here17:41
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Nokiusmal-: just doubled check it's in the init.rc :s17:50
lbtPSA: Mer gitlab is back17:52
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Nokiusmal-: till minimedia start I see waiting for batterystats the rest looks normal17:56
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TheKitFailed at step OOM_ADJUST spawning19:26
TheKitwhat I'm missing in kernel config that could cause it?19:26
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ggabrielsledges: ta :D19:31
ggabrielsaturday seems to be the winner19:34
sledgeswhere organiser himself can't make it;)19:39
ghosalmartinah dears :P19:40
ggabrieloh darn19:41
sledgesi'd favour if the guest of honour from abroad could participate after all he was the one masterminding the meet:)19:41
sledgesjust like cxl000 last year from .au ;)19:42
ggabrielwell, i'm happy with friday fwiw19:42
ggabrieloh, actually, I said yes too early for friday. I -ahem- work19:42
sledgesggabriel: and Friday is the early departure too19:43
sledgesWednesday looking most reasonable so far19:43
TheKitas hack, I had to do cd usr/lib/systemd/user; sed -i "s/OOMScoreAdjust/\#OOMScoreAdjust/g" *.service19:43
TheKitsledges, thank you19:43
sledgeshave fun TheKit!19:44
TheKitghosalmartin, UI and modem working19:47
sledgesphoto or never happened ;p19:48
ghosalmartinTheKit: :O how did you get modem to work?19:51
drFaustroll_TheKit: which beast?19:51
TheKit(sorry for fake Nexus 5 :)19:54
TheKitghosalmartin, not sure if that's the case for you, but back with hybris-12.1 I had to do this hack:19:55
TheKitmkdir -p /dev/block/bootdevice19:55
TheKitln -s /dev/disk/by-partlabel /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name19:55
TheKitin /usr/libexec/droid/android-permission-fixup.sh19:56
ghosalmartinTheKit: i need to check how cm does it19:56
TheKitcheck if ril/qualcomm services get started first19:57
mal-ghosalmartin: check init*rc for dev/block19:58
ghosalmartinmal: will do19:59
ghosalmartinand ril is running19:59
mal-ghosalmartin: how does logcat -b radio look like?19:59
TheKitalso logcat | grep rmt_storage20:00
ghosalmartinlots of 11-21 21:34:58.936  1076  1215 I RILQ    : (0/1076):RIL[0][main] qcril_qmi_init_core_client_handles: Client init failed, details: QMI Voice20:00
ghosalmartinTheKit: no hits by that, but I think I disabled the service20:01
mal-ok, so the messaging service has issues still, I think that bootdevice is needed on many cm13 devices20:01
ghosalmartinah i see20:03
mal-ghosalmartin: pastebin grep block /init*.rc20:03
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TheKitalso, not so lucky with audio as last time20:12
mal-ghosalmartin: you can see that a bootdevice symlink is created, add that to udev rule in /lib/udev/rules.d/998-droid-system.rules20:12
ghosalmartinTheKit: my audio works, unsure to what degree, whats easiest way to test I wonder20:13
ghosalmartinmal: indeed, will do20:13
mal-ghosalmartin: make sure it creates both symlinks, the one it does now and then the one with bootdevice20:14
ghosalmartinmal: what do you mean the one it does now?20:15
ghosalmartinTheKit: did you use pulseaudio i sent you?20:19
mal-ghosalmartin: it should create both block/platform/$env{ANDROID_BLOCK_DEVICE}/by-name/$env{ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME} and block/bootdevice/by-name/$env{ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME}20:19
ghosalmartinmal: ahh i see20:21
*** itbaron <itbaron!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:21
mal-ghosalmartin: so just add the second one after the first one ENV{ID_PART_ENTRY_SCHEME}=="gpt", ENV{ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME}=="?*", IMPORT{program}="/bin/sh /lib/udev/platform-device $env{DEVPATH}", SYMLINK+="block/platform/$env{ANDROID_BLOCK_DEVICE}/by-name/$env{ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME} block/bootdevice/by-name/$env{ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME}"20:22
TheKitghosalmartin, from that repo? yes20:22
TheKitas workaround, audio_policy.conf from cm12 helped20:23
ghosalmartinTheKit: hmm odd20:23
mal-ghosalmartin: do you have the usual symlinks in /etc?20:25
ghosalmartinmal: the one you sent me?20:25
mal-ghosalmartin: ?20:25
ghosalmartinmal: the updated list20:25
mal-maybe, no idea what I sent :D20:26
ghosalmartinmal: no more errors in logcat :P20:26
mal-then you might be getting ofono working20:26
ghosalmartinmal: ill enable it and see what happens20:27
ghosalmartinwell ill give it back its old config20:27
mal-ghosalmartin: is the device dual-sim?20:28
ghosalmartinmal: nah20:28
*** guhl <guhl!~guhl@gateway/tor-sasl/guhl> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:32
ghosalmartinmal: still borked *sigh*20:32
ghosalmartinmaybe journal can shed some light20:32
mal-or logcat20:33
TheKitmal-, what magic is usually required for Wi-Fi on Qualcomm?20:33
ghosalmartinmal: i think first I should all the mountpoints20:35
ghosalmartinand go from there20:35
mal-TheKit: build driver as kernel module and add something like this + symlink for that to
mal-ghosalmartin: you didn't do that yet?20:35
ghosalmartinmal: havent had time :P20:35
mal-ghosalmartin: you can add those manually20:35
mal-for testing if that is faster20:35
ghosalmartinthe modem ones seem like the ones that matter20:36
mal-or just copy the droid-hal packages to the device20:36
mal-ghosalmartin: better check fstab20:36
mal-ghosalmartin: add everything to fixup and rebuild make hybris-hal and rebuild droid-hal packages, that doesn't take long20:37
ghosalmartinmal: that seems safest option20:38
mal-ghosalmartin: is that bullhead, the fstab looks interesting
ghosalmartinmal: yes20:39
mal-ghosalmartin: could you pastebin journalctl output20:40
mal-that will show failing mounts20:40
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ghosalmartinill fix up the mountups and go from there20:57
*** Maximilian1st <Maximilian1st!~chatzilla@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:58
mal-ghosalmartin: do you have the proper symlink, did you check that /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/ exists21:01
ghosalmartinhmm bootdevice isnt a dir21:02
ghosalmartinbut a file am guessing21:02
ghosalmartin /dev/block/bootdevice: broken symbolic link to `/dev/block/platform/soc.0/f9824900.sdhci'21:02
mal-then something is wrong21:02
mal-what have you done21:03
mal-that's just wrong21:03
ghosalmartinmal: i think i was missing 2nd part21:06
ghosalmartinmal: fixed now21:08
mal-did that fix anything?21:09
mal-but the missing firmware will probably cause issues21:09
mal-ghosalmartin: remember to add the changes to your repos21:09
ghosalmartinmal: yes will need mountpoints21:10
* Nokius still wondering why init.rc is not starting minimedia 21:22
Nokiusgood luck and gn821:22
mal-Nokius: anything in dmesg?21:22
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Nokius:( device is not booting into ui now may it will tell me go and sleep hehe21:37
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kimmoliMSameer: sobukus (in #jollamobile) hit video 4GB boundary, and file got corrupted after that. does our gstreamer have this ?22:05
merbotGnome bug 741279 in gst-plugins-good "qtmux: generating corrupted file when over 4GB" [Critical,Resolved: fixed]22:05
MSameerkimmoli: we should have it (depending on the -plugins-bad version he has installed)22:07
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ghosalmartin[  +0.036643] IPC_RTR: msm_ipc_router_bind: rmt_storage Do not have permissions22:18
ghosalmartinits found the modem partitions now22:19
ghosalmartinmal ^^22:19
mal-ghosalmartin: do you have /etc/sec_config?22:20
ghosalmartinmal: nah22:20
mal-ghosalmartin: that should point to /system/etc/sec_config22:20
ghosalmartinmal: just a symlink?22:21
mal-ghosalmartin: check here for some common symlinks
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~drFaustro@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:21
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ghosalmartinmal: cheers ill take a look22:23
*** lpotter <lpotter!~quassel@2001:8003:647d:1800:76e6:e2ff:fee0:8120> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:24
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ghosalmartinprogress of somekind i guess22:26
mal-something is still wrong22:28
ghosalmartinwhat about the missing /dev22:28
mal-ghosalmartin: what missing dev?22:31
ghosalmartin11-22 00:12:02.977  1262  1262 E QC-QMI  : linux_qmi_qmux_io.c: Unable to open port id /dev/smdcntl0, error [19:No such device]22:31
mal-ghosalmartin: that mean something is missing from something that should create that22:32
*** srohmen <srohmen!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)22:32
ghosalmartinthats a lotta somethings :P22:32
mal-ghosalmartin: is any mount failing according to journalctl or systemctl22:33
mal-ghosalmartin: well I got rid of those when everything was properly mounted22:33
mal-ghosalmartin: try adding symlink /etc/firmware pointing to /system/etc/firmware (if that exists)22:33
ghosalmartinJan 15 02:49:47 Sailfish systemd[1]: Cannot create mount unit for API file system /sys/fs/cgroup/bfqio. Refusing22:34
guhlfunny i fixed ofono so now I have a cell connection just to realize that I do not even have a phone app in the build22:34
ghosalmartinJan 15 02:49:47 Sailfish systemd[1]: Cannot add dependency job for unit sys-fs-cgroup-bfqio.mount, ignoring: Unit sys-fs-cgroup-bfqio.mount failed to load: Invalid argument. See system logs and 'systemctl status sys-fs-cgroup-bfqio22:34
ghosalmartin.mount' for details.22:34
ghosalmartinofonod starts and excludes a load of drivers22:35
ghosalmartinis that normal?22:35
mal-guhl: install it manually22:35
guhl:-) you do you know the name of the package22:37
mal-ghosalmartin: do you have /system/etc/firmware ?22:38
ghosalmartinjust lots of this Nov 22 00:16:36 Sailfish kernel: IPC_RTR: msm_ipc_router_bind: rmt_storage Do not have permissions22:38
ghosalmartinand ill check22:38
ghosalmartini do indeed22:39
mal-ghosalmartin: yes22:39
ghosalmartinbut that only has wlan firmware22:39
mal-ghosalmartin: show dmesg and logact right after reboot22:40
*** eyome_ <eyome_!> has quit IRC (Quit: eyome_)22:41
ghosalmartinmal: dmesg
sledgesthat's when they've hit the wall with z3c modem :[23:00
ghosalmartinsledges: that sounds depressing :P23:02
ghosalmartini saw some xda posts about it23:02
ghosalmartinill dig more23:02
mal-ghosalmartin: the errors you have look the same I had on tab423:03
ghosalmartinmal: am probably missing something in my tired state23:03
ghosalmartinam trying to quickly test this libhybris clean up23:03
ghosalmartinso i can add to pr23:03
sledgesghosalmartin: but nowadays z3c has modem green so ;)23:04
mal-ghosalmartin: those were fixed when all needed firmware partitions and related symlinks were correct23:04
mal-ghosalmartin: did you add the symlinks to /etc?23:05
ghosalmartinmal: not all, just firmware and sec_config23:05
*** frozengeek___ <frozengeek___!> has quit IRC (Quit: frozengeek___)23:09
mal-ghosalmartin: did you need to build straggler files package with droid-hal? did you install it?23:15
ghosalmartinmal: all straggler files are verity_key23:15
ghosalmartinmal: also i think sensorsfwd needs work?23:17
ghosalmartinor is that just me23:17
mal-ghosalmartin: what is the error?23:21
ghosalmartinhmm its gone23:22
ghosalmartinmust of been in journalctl23:23
mal-ghosalmartin: probably the same issue of general failure23:27
ghosalmartinmal: fair enough, am going to get some sleep23:31
ghosalmartinill let you know more tomorrow23:31
ghosalmartinadeen-s had same issue23:32
ghosalmartinso ill ask him tomorrow23:32
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@2a02:c7f:9207:4200:3cab:fad1:6e48:3cd3> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)23:32

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