Thursday, 2016-12-29

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kimmolipöh "error: range-based 'for' loops are not allowed in C++98 mode"00:18
saidinesh5Nokius: lircd actually compiled for me in scratchbox00:32
saidinesh5sigh.. this probably means no fancy libhybris port00:32
saidinesh5lets see how it works for you tomorrow00:33
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kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
kimmolinow if i just remember what i needed to do to get pass "Requested sensor id ' "stepcountersensor" ' interface not granted"00:50
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kimmolihow i override file that is already in dcd?
kimmolif*k 4AM .. gn02:20
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Aoyagi_mehtopSo what are the odds of BB Priv ever getting Sailfish?08:29
guhlAoyagi_mehtop, give me a way to unlock the bootloader and i'll start working on that immediately08:31
Aoyagi_mehtopoh :(08:31
guhlI am totally focused on hardware keyboard devices but unfortunately BBs do have no standard mechanism to unlock them08:37
guhlAnd no one is really working on jailbreaking them.08:39
guhlSo I don't see any light here - unfortunately08:39
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mariogripmal: Do you use the pre-built audio hal from fairphone or do you build yours?09:45
mariogripmal: if you build yours, is it default audio-caf you're using?09:45
malmariogrip: pre-built audio hal? I have no idea, I use what ever is the default09:46
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mariogripmal: ah ok, are you building android like we do with Ubuntu touch? looking at the install instructions it seems like you need to install the android provided by fairphone, why is that?09:49
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malmariogrip: because we do not want to include the whole android, we just build the patched parts09:54
mariogripmal: ok makes sense. We have some problems with voice call, thats why i asked about the audio-hal. I have added audioflingerglue to out builds, but no success so far.09:58
malmariogrip: are you sure you added it correctly?09:59
malmariogrip: did you configure pulseaudio correctly for that?09:59
mariogripshould be, as far as i understand there is an miniaudioflingerservice that runs on the android side that sends params to pulse (android->pulse). and on ubuntu side i just loaded the module10:01
mariogripthe droid-glue module10:01
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mariogripand as i understand it, its just from android to pulse params will be sendt, pulse will not send anything to android other then quarry response10:03
malyes, that should be ok10:03
mariogripalso get this output when i start an call: D/PrivateAfGlue(   19): Register handler10:03
maljust wondering does the the container cause any issues?10:03
malok, if you see that kind of message in log then it probably should work10:04
mariogripno output in pulseaudio verbose output, thats a bit weird10:04
mariogrip(about the glue)10:05
mariogripalso, it seems to not send any parameters, just registers the handler10:05
malI have never looked at the logs related to that because has just worked10:05
mariogriphumm, i think ill have to hook up gdb and look a bit deeper what gets sendt/received10:07
malI'll take a look at logs in sailfish tonight, is that package included in latest ut image? just thinking if I should try it10:08
mariogripalso the module-droid-card gets set to "state: SUSPENDED" under call, is that normal?10:08
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mariogripsame for droid-sink/source10:08
malnot sure10:09
mariogripmal: no, the glue is not on the images yet, i can try to get them out on the system-image server today10:09
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saidinesh5Nokius: you here?11:26
Nokiussaidinesh5: \o11:28
saidinesh5Nokius: so up for testing infrared?11:28
saidinesh5first we test lirc..11:28
ghosalmartinif i wanted to upload a sfos zip, what would be place be?11:28
saidinesh5ghosalmartin: $PWD , where you started mic11:28
ghosalmartinyes :P11:28
saidinesh5ghosalmartin: you got a devaamo account?11:29
saidinesh5that or androidfilehost..11:29
saidinesh5i use both11:29
Nokiussaidinesh5: I can test at some Samsung TV11:29
saidinesh5Nokius: cool. so first lirc11:29
ghosalmartindevaamo acc eh11:29
ghosalmartinisnt that for more stable ports?11:29
Nokiuschecked the remote but it sad nothing about ID/Version11:30
saidinesh5well i put in my build with waay too many kernel panics there11:30
saidinesh5Nokius: first, you got lirc to compile?11:30
Nokiusghosalmartin: there are alphas too11:30
Nokiussaidinesh5: aarrgg gray hair for free11:30
saidinesh5./configure --prefix=/usr --with-driver=none11:30
saidinesh5make install11:31
saidinesh5worked for me in scratchbox11:31
saidinesh5basically lirc still is the largest collection of IR code database, when i was searching for something yesterday11:31
saidinesh5so might as well try to get it working once before we implement an IR Code parser11:32
saidinesh5ghosalmartin: do apply for an androidfilehost account.. it is quite convenient11:32
ghosalmartinsaidinesh5, will do :)11:33
kimmolighosalmartin: when ready, ask devaamo details from tbr11:33
ghosalmartini think ill get it on devaamo when a few more features work like any connectivity :P so it can actually be classed as a phone rather than a very fancy calculator :P11:34
* tbr wakes up11:34
kimmoligood morning11:34
tbrghosalmartin: out of curiosity which device?11:35
ghosalmartinnexus 5x11:35
ghosalmartinthe original plan was to be the first device with sfos fingerprint support :P but turing beat me to it11:36
tbrah :)11:36
ghosalmartindo I have to purchase a plan to upload on anroidfilehost?11:36
saidinesh5ghosalmartin: free account is good enough. but you have to tell them why you need a developer account11:38
ghosalmartinah ill just dump it on dropbox for my one and only customer :P11:38
tbrghosalmartin: or you could upload it here:
ghosalmartintbr: that would be pretty handy :P11:39
saidinesh5Nokius: you may want to do a ./configure --prefix=/tmp or something .. else so you can easily copy over the files11:39
Nokiussaidinesh5: 0.o I'm to dump to get it work11:42
saidinesh5Nokius: what's the error?11:42
ghosalmartintbr: how would i do that?11:43
Nokiusno wait it's there \o/ I miss interpret the output11:44
Nokiussaidinesh5: which lircd /usr/sbin/lircd11:44
saidinesh5you need the demon running.. which is /usr/bin/lircd11:45
saidinesh5then you can use irsend to send commands to it, which it can act on11:45
saidinesh5so try starting the /usr/bin/lircd11:45
saidinesh5and see what it pastes11:47
saidinesh5*and see what it wriets to console11:47
Nokiussaidinesh5: can't open or create /var/run/lirc/ No such file or directory11:49
* saidinesh5 checks11:49
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saidinesh5lircd isnt starting for me11:54
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* Nokius so it's not just me 11:57
saidinesh5okay so we do it the hard way11:58
saidinesh5i need a little more time though11:58
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Nokiussaidinesh5: I will afk, have to remove some mailboxes for new year's eve12:03
saidinesh5sure Nokius.. i am looking into parsing lirc remotes12:03
Nokiussaidinesh5: good luck12:04
kimmoliNokius: ?12:07
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ghosalmartinanyone managed to build CONFIG_CFG80211 as a module13:21
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kimmolii have it builtin13:28
ghosalmartinkimmoli, how do you handle the wifi?13:28
ghosalmartinor should I be looking for a different module13:28
kimmoliit was CONFIG_MAC8021113:29
kimmolifor usb wifi13:30
kimmoliinternal wlan is module13:30
ghosalmartinwhats the diff between usb wifi and internal wifi?13:33
miauHi :)13:33
miauDoes anyone of you have a clue why the nvram file of the wifi does not get loaded on my cm13 port?13:36
ghosalmartinmiau, any errors?13:38
miauOne moment.13:39
kimmolighosalmartin: a wifi adapter connected to usb otg port.13:39
ghosalmartinkimmoli, ahh okay, am still searching for the magic config to build as module :P13:40
miau_dhdsdio_download_firmware: dongle nvram file download failed13:40
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miauStupid me...had the wrong nvram path in kernel config.13:49
ghosalmartinoops :P13:58
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miauSo, next step is stopping rild from crashing.14:14
Nokiuskimmoli: yes to prevent that14:15
ghosalmartinmiau, am at that :P14:17
miauAny progress?14:19
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kskarthikHello ! I am unable to ssh into my phone after finishing the rootfs procedure14:20
kskarthikplease help me with this :) This is my first port :)14:23
ghosalmartinkskarthik, can you telnet?14:23
kskarthikjust done that. It was also refused14:24
ghosalmartinwhich port?14:24
ghosalmartinwhen you reboot14:24
ghosalmartincan you try and get in quickly before it goes down?14:24
ghosalmartindid you also change the password? is the device even being detected?14:24
kskarthikthis is  first time my attempt to enter the device14:25
kskarthiknow i could get into telnet :)14:27
ballocksledges: Regarding is it ok to say all the OTA versions are available? iiuc, the adaptation packages only have the 'latest' repository, so probably OTA to an older version may no longer work.14:27
kskarthik:ghosalmartin ^14:28
malballock: OTA updates shouldn't be made using latest target14:29
malthat template will be rewritten anyway soon as the new repos have been added14:29
ballockmal: you mean RELEASE=X.X.X instead of 'latest'?14:29
ballockmal: still the adaptation repository has just one version, 'testing'.14:30
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ballockor no, "sailfish_latest_armv7hl"14:30
malballock: I mean in the url, it should use target like in here
malso sailfishos_A.B.C.D14:31
malhere is an example of the sed
ballockmal: Now, this looks more like it makes sense.14:33
ballockmal: Still, I see you are still building all testing for past releases?14:33
ballockmal: unless you disable build for past releases?14:34
malballock: all repos have been disabled14:34
malI will soon drop the old repos14:34
ballockmal: I can see that, but I am only guessing it's how the workflow goes.14:34
malballock: so when you have made the release the build should be disabled for that target so it won't break after packages are updated14:35
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malballock: also latest target should be used only in devel repos14:36
malballock: I think we should write some OBS release instructions for porters14:38
ballockmal: +1 for the workflow. Thanks.14:38
malsledges: ^^14:39
ghosalmartinwho needs modems :P14:55
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ghosalmartinis there any reason why connection would time out to port /dev/smdcntl0,15:11
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ghosalmartindoes anyone know how rild and everything else interacts15:59
ghosalmartinie who depends on what to be running15:59
ghosalmartinis the chain15:59
ghosalmartinrild -> qmuxd -> rmt_storage15:59
ghosalmartinsledges: did you ever get rild working on the n5 port?16:01
ghosalmartinI HAVE MODEM :d16:07
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ghosalmartinnetmgrd keeps crashing though16:07
malghosalmartin: do you have paranoid enabled?16:10
ghosalmartinmal:...maybe :P16:11
ghosalmartinbut i have network atm16:11
malghosalmartin: grab some logs, dmesg, logcat at least after a reboot16:12
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ghosalmartinhmmm no sms coming through16:13
ghosalmartinalso if anyones curious how I fixed it, i stopped being an idiot and re-enabled pm-proxy and pm-service16:14
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malghosalmartin: what other services have you disabled?16:17
ghosalmartinmal: now nothing :P16:17
ghosalmartinso now am rebuilding kernel without paranoid network16:18
ghosalmartindmesg is just full of netmgrd crashing16:19
malghosalmartin: I think paranoid is needed on some new devices16:19
malghosalmartin: if you have paranoid enabled, did you add nemo to inet group?16:20
ghosalmartinmal: ahh well we'll see what it does here16:20
ghosalmartinand no i didnt16:20
malghosalmartin: how new is the build, meaning when did you update the submodules the last time?16:20
ghosalmartinhopefully recent16:21
sledgesghosalmartin: \o/16:21
ghosalmartinmal: i assume i can run that manually?16:22
sledgesmal: ok, will add to obs in faq16:22
ghosalmartinam stracing netmgrd16:24
ghosalmartinand it seems to be looking for ip6tables16:24
ghosalmartinand cant find the command iptables -w16:24
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ghosalmartinmal: ah I see how paranoid network can be troublesome16:34
malyes it can, some devices fail with it and others need it16:35
ghosalmartinwe'll find out which the 5x is i guess16:36
ghosalmartinmal: it seems 5x needs it, otherwise pm-service freaks out :P16:37
ghosalmartinmal: is it possible iptables needs an update?16:51
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Nokiussaidinesh5: it happen when chaning to 9:4 bug found18:15
saidinesh5Nokius: it worked for a while, but not sure when it changed back to 4:318:16
saidinesh5the config file still says 1920x1080 though18:16
Nokiussaidinesh5: same on  JollaC so it's in 4:3 ;) also i  the viewer18:22
saidinesh5report mer bug!18:23
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tmaoneGreetings friends :) I had been around for some days, both here and in related interwebs wrt the latest developments on sfos, as I'm planning to attempt a sfos port for my gemini. I'm here mostly looking for a very brief opinion on if it is actually, at this point in time, feasible more than ever, to work on such build, especially due to the seemingly unexplored (at least openly) configurations that are eventually needed and/or are available19:03
tmaone at the moment. Frankly, its and msm8996 SOC board, which started from a prebuilt-kernel cm-13.0 early on port and gradually evolved into a fairly elaborate, complete and up-to-date (fw-wise), official cm-14.1 build. We are very lucky actually to have two great main porter/maintainers I think. I had been studying and gathering the materials around it, i.e. env/dev configs and scripts except for cm (which I had been building for me) but most19:03
tmaone importantly sf part too. From what I understand, it would be probably better to use (in the ideal case) the new armv8el aarm64 trees, if they are in usable state of course, together with hybris-13, their sibling (cross) tools, libs and friends. Essentially, kind of the experimental aarm64 SDK that was pre-announced recently i guess. Would that be a reasonable but also feasible path to follow, ok I'm just inviting all sorts of troubles to19:03
tmaone consume my sleep (and sanity :P)? I am aware that most of what is required, is not thoroughly (if at all) documented, but I have the impression that the gemini would make it for a nice candidate to use as a test subject, using the codes I see becoming available here and there. I started off preparing my build environment, as I'm on a darwin laptop and clueless as to if it is supported at all by the current tool, sdks and build env (even19:03
tmaone though I was building the cm tree fairly trouble free so far), and my SYNO lnx server has the capacity to build natively: 0 -- nothing really ( do have lnx-3.x entware, but the libs and special linking needed for that make it no go for native building). So instead I'm preparing up a reproducible docker xenial-based combo-image, that essentially inits and satisfies the necesary reqs for my build-env. Then I'm syncing/updating the trees from19:03
tmaone upstream (cm/aosp) into the env, while finally settings up the tools e cm/mersdk/hybris/sfos/toolchain/manifest and device adaptatation components, in order to ease the rest of the developent and compilation processes until the successful delivery of the images. Just looking at my msd, the size of it fells a bit wrong for a IIRC msg, home it can get through.19:03
kimmoliXiaomi Mi5 ?19:08
tmaoneYes, this one..19:08
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Nokiussaidinesh5: no rewriting ?19:14
saidinesh5Nokius: Done:
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saidinesh5Nokius: could you review that script by adding echo infront of the osc commands19:15
saidinesh5and comparing that with the shell script generated by your python script19:16
saidinesh5seems to work for me, but just to be sure19:16
Nokiustaaem[m] / kimmoli script ;)19:16
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Nokiussaidinesh5: yes I will check19:16
* Nokius no excuse to stay home on new years eve now :(19:17
saidinesh5then we can update the hadk FAQ's to point to our single script :D19:17
sledgestmaone: welcome aboard!19:24
tmaoneNice to actually interact with y'all had been following previous discussions silently19:25
saidinesh5btw. is there any way to detect a kernel panic? say in this boot or the last boot?19:25
sledgessaidinesh5: cat /proc/last_kmsg19:25
saidinesh5sledges: while it is happening...19:25
sledgessaidinesh5: in the last boot? ;)19:26
saidinesh5basically i am writing a script to collect last kmsg from all the kernel panics and continuously restart the phone19:26
tmaoneattaching a remote debugger ?19:26
saidinesh5and my phone gets kernel panics multipletimes during startup19:26
saidinesh5that too for more than one reason apparently. at least from last_kmsg19:27
sledgessaidinesh5: are they panics or just cut warnings/badnesses19:27
saidinesh5so want to collect logs from before the kernel panic.. or even after the panic19:27
saidinesh5panics for sure. system reboots19:27
tmaoneperhaps the last / kmsg /recovery logs (if here are) are the most to inspect initiall19:28
saidinesh5yeah lastkmsg and logcat hopefully19:28
kimmoli/proc/sys/kernel/ has something to alter what happens on panic19:29
kimmolior does oops panic19:29
tmaoneis there any sort of dual kernel booting on sos?19:29
tmaoneor dual -stage19:29
saidinesh5it used to goto qualcomm mode, but we disabled that and made it just reboot normally19:30
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tmaonein which case, how can the firmware support packages be interacted upon?19:31
saidinesh5kimmoli: interesting.. looking into it19:32
saidinesh5in qualcomm mode the system mounts the memory card as usb storage devices on PC19:32
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tmaonein normal booting, I speculate, slightly the same, but instead the fw blocbs are mounted via their path as devices or disk devices? something like that we see too I think19:35
TheKittmaone, not exactly sure what do you mean of dual kernel booting, but first it starts initramfs, which mounts data partition and SailfishOS rootfs in it as /19:38
TheKitthen systemd is started, at some point it launches droid-hal-init (stripped down Android init system)19:39
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tmaonewelll to overly simplify what I meant, my other embedded  has one,, fairly old, simple always guaranteed to boot linux kernel,which is used in scenarios where  the main kernel fails to boot, upgrade went a bit not as expected19:41
tmaoneduring recovery mode switching, and fw uptatings19:42
TheKitah, no, but Android already has recovery mode and fastboot mode for this19:42
saidinesh5and qualcomm mode..19:42
tmaoneyea, the latter 'thing' I meand19:42
tmaoneok, but thats good too.19:43
Nokiussaidinesh5: whx not $OBS_ROOT ?
tmaonestraight forward.. one kernel  std configs and rootfs19:44
tmaoneI actually like this configuration tbh. feels more intuitive19:45
saidinesh5Nokius: because i probably copy pasted from the old source19:45
saidinesh5feel free to fix it19:45
tmaoneone question: the kernel that is actually to be used for the sdos image, is the kernel of the devices (our device for example) , or the sailfish kernel ? Ive seen guides using either one19:47
TheKitkernel of device with modified config19:48
saidinesh5patched kernel of the device19:48
tmaonethis seems also fairly str8 fwd19:50
tmaonecool. so far I  sense easy first steps ahead19:50
tmaonethe, SDKS and adaptation topics tre the ones I'm afraid mostly19:51
saidinesh5which device do you have tmaone/19:52
kimmoliso its just +1 :)19:55
saidinesh5Ohh.. touche19:55
saidinesh5tmaone: you probably have to write some weird application to xiaomi to let them unlock your device first :P19:55
tmaonemi 519:56
tmaonebut the device and bl is unlocked? or I'm missing smthing19:56
saidinesh5you have to go through some xiaomi thing to receive the bootloader unlock keys afaik. for all new devices from xiaomi that's the case19:57
Ville_He already did that afaik ;)19:57
saidinesh5kimmoli: panic , panic_on_oops .. the former tells how long to wait before reboot.. the latter.. is well.. any way i can configure some command to execute on oops?19:58
tmaonebut, I can has like any access I command19:58
tmaonefrom edl to recovery to whateverr19:59
saidinesh5but can you flash anything other than their signed firmware images?19:59
tmaoneif I really really want/ wave to/ I can just wipe the securebott altegether,  I had kept the partitions and keys fo CM  full dis encryption20:00
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saidinesh5didnt know one could do that20:01
tmaonebut yea for sure you are on point. prior to os modification proper autorization from the OEM will have to be in place etc...20:05
tmaoneCM is aftermarket for the xiaomi, I thenk they only come with  MIUI20:06
tmaoneunlike the One plus devices20:06
Nokiussaidinesh5: PR opened20:09
saidinesh5Nokius: minor commits dont need PR :p20:10
Nokius :O20:11
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saidinesh5you have write acccess to the repo20:13
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TheKit - any reason why it's not exploited for SailfishOS/Android multiboot as opposed to MultiROM?20:15
TheKitit has similar approach for changing mountpoints, but instead of complicated kexec-hard patch simply reflashes /boot to switch between firmwares20:18
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tmaonewell there are numbers of reasons to argue in favour or against of using such a framework20:52
tmaonear anything similar in that respect20:52
tmaoneAnd I would dare to simpify it by saying it boils to down to the policy the OEM wants to enforce one hist fevices20:54
tmaoneevery poem kind of boot protects the exkectronics equipments he might coop etc20:55
tmaonee bot more then just  avizeid20:55
tmaoneOEM* ,son Im a but  way override past weeks20:56
tmaoneso, apple does it in one way for axclusblybootini them, and with other dikopti for wya20:57
tmaonefog ya girls20:57
tmaoneeverythinkgwsswas cool int the beginningls -al20:58
tmaonea ca a card reader would be cool20:59
tmaonean internal21:00
tmaoneapple prepares one before the next launch21:00
tmaonerumours mention21:00
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tmaoneMy impression for gemini is the same I started with, that step by step, and a bit of logic here and there, all the required bits showld for DT, kernel and HDadaptation seem to be allmost  there. It remains only two sry it a bit  thebitsa the using  as I had started .. I pretty much seem to be having wha tis needsd,,agrees with21:11
tmaoneboth the adaptation book and all the related examples/ scripts/ excepts I saw other eople doing it as ewell some almost everta21:16
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tmaonethe funny part is that is that I should be feeling like .eg going to drive for the first time21:31
kimmolidifferent dog though21:32
tmaonei like the expression of this vogue more :)21:33
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tmaoneInstead I guess,  I will start directly with  all I have, and wish I it goes well :)21:34
kimmoligood luck21:34
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