Sunday, 2017-01-01

Nokiussaidinesh5: arg I have to flash devel first without telnet it's a bit tricky00:00
saidinesh5Nokius: isnt there a way for you to switch repos00:01
saidinesh5and do a zypper dup?00:01
saidinesh5Nokius: also i think we have to fix the promote_packages script to remove service hooks too00:01
Nokiussaidinesh5: the issue is the missing telnet in testing it's removed00:01
saidinesh5Nokius: yes, that's why changing device repos to devel and doing a zypper dup..00:02
Nokiussaidinesh5: hmm00:02
saidinesh5although be careful. zypper dup --from <appropriate repos> only00:03
Nokiusthe reboot is bit to quick for sshing00:03
saidinesh5not when you use static ip00:04
saidinesh5and telnet00:04
Nokiuswe could dump and gist it would be even automatic00:04
Nokiusit's a one liner00:05
saidinesh5I dont think we can00:05
saidinesh5mainly because some of the logs are coming up with junk characters00:05
saidinesh5at least on my device00:05
saidinesh5so i cant even copy/paste them00:05
saidinesh5tried uploading them to pastebin too .. didnt work00:06
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kimmolirepo sync. new year. new device. shot in the dark.00:56
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saidinesh5kimmoli: oh? which device?00:59
Nokiuskimmoli: bacon?01:00
kimmolino, bacon is in queue.01:01
kimmolimight have some issues, armv8 64bit, mali etc01:03
Nokiuskimmoli: there is a early port for the P901:16
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zhxthi, morning01:51
zhxtand Happy New Year! :)01:52
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Nokiuszhxt: happpy new year :)01:54
zhxtNokius: thanks :)01:56
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kimmoliah time to sleep. make clean success. next mountpoints. need to get unlock code from huawei, and adb
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Nokiuskimmoli: gn02:00
zhxtkimmoli: gn, :P02:00
zhxtbusy building 2.0.502:01
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zhxttest_hwc_composer does not work, trying to fix it.02:02
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zhxttest_hwcomposer[1541]: unhandled level 3 translation fault (11) at 0x00000000, esr 0x8300000702:22
zhxtstill failed :(02:22
Nokiussaidinesh5: some logs02:23
Nokiustime for nape cu later02:23
zhxtNokius: you are porting cancro?02:26
saidinesh5Nokius: looking into it. Interesting02:26
saidinesh5My boot usually takes 20-25 seconds02:26
saidinesh5But yeah even i need to get some sleep02:26
saidinesh5zhxt: yup. Nokius and i have been working on cancro02:27
zhxtsaidinesh5: does display work now?02:28
saidinesh5Sure.. we never had display issues afaik...02:28
zhxtsaidinesh5: porting gemini :P, no display :(02:29
saidinesh5Oooh.. gemini is mi5 right?02:29
saidinesh5Based on hybris13?02:29
saidinesh5Ahh.. good luck!02:30
horuxanhaaaapy new yeeaaar02:30
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zhxtsaidinesh5: thanks, :)02:32
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zhxthoruxan: happy new year! :)02:35
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taaemhappy new year to all!04:49
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saidinesh5Nokius: which of these boots completed?10:53
saidinesh5Also i dont see what's hogging your boot time .. between these jumps:10:58
saidinesh5[    6.140160] BMS: adjust_soc: s 85 i -199687 v 4180620 ocv 4142000 rbatt 166 uuc 60380 cc 1033 r 2566150 t 260 f 301900010:58
saidinesh5[   21.398953] BMS: adjust_soc: s 85 i -239930 v 4221018 ocv 4142000 rbatt 166 uuc 60380 cc 206 r 2566150 t 260 f 301900010:58
saidinesh5[ 26.125916] qpnp_chg_thermal_monitor_work: temp 260 lvl 6 010:58
saidinesh5[   26.125975] qpnp_chg_set_appropriate_battery_current: ibat setting 2000 mA10:58
saidinesh5[   41.398895] BMS: adjust_soc: s 85 i -238300 v 4226580 ocv 4142000 rbatt 166 uuc 60380 cc -1241 r 2566150 t 261 f 301900010:58
saidinesh5[ 46.126821] qpnp_chg_thermal_monitor_work: temp 261 lvl 0 010:58
saidinesh5[   46.126821] qpnp_chg_thermal_monitor_work: temp 261 lvl 0 010:58
saidinesh5[   61.398860] BMS: adjust_soc: s 85 i -266827 v 4231263 ocv 4142000 rbatt 166 uuc 60380 cc -2696 r 2566150 t 261 f 301900010:58
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kimmolipöh. huawei updated itself to mm12:38
kimmolinow downloading downgrade package takes ages12:39
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saidinesh5what about the unlick keys kimmoli?12:57
kimmolii have unlock key12:58
saidinesh5ah that was fast13:00
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kimmolibut in mm there was no allow oem unlock in devel settings, and fastboot didnt find device. adb works.13:02
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kimmolifirst there is a rollback package13:07
kimmolithat was downloaded in 20 minutes (150M), image of 1.4G takes a while still13:08
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saidinesh5wb Nokius_13:48
saidinesh5you got new tasks :p13:48
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ghosalmartinif i dont have the dailer on my port, can I receive phone calls?14:19
ghosalmartinsaidinesh5, ^^ ?14:23
* saidinesh5 shrugs14:23
saidinesh5dunno ghosalmartin14:23
* saidinesh5 looks14:23
ghosalmartinsince when someone rings me, theres a ringing tone rather than not available14:24
ghosalmartinso something is being rung14:24
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malghosalmartin: install the dialer app14:26
ghosalmartinmal: for some reason ive broken test_sensors as well :P14:27
ghosalmartinmal: i need some kind of network first :P14:27
saidinesh5not even telnet ghosalmartin?14:27
saidinesh5you can set the default route to your PC14:28
malghosalmartin: can't you setup the usb networking?14:28
ghosalmartinsaidinesh5, i have telnet, but whenever I share network with the phone its unbelievably slow14:28
saidinesh5and configure device to use that14:28
ghosalmartinso am I doing something wrong?14:28
saidinesh5i think i have had slow network when the phone was going into sleep14:29
kimmolidownload finished. duh.14:29
saidinesh5prevent device sleeping and see ?14:30
ghosalmartinill try14:31
ghosalmartinwhats the jolla dialer pckage name?14:33
saidinesh5and that14:35
saidinesh5zypper in pattern:jolla-sailfish-cellular-apps telepathy-ring ?14:36
ghosalmartinah still no calls coming through14:43
ghosalmartini guess gotta fix the rest of the android layer14:43
saidinesh5you need some configs too after that14:43
ghosalmartinbut access to the internet should make life a bit easier14:43
ghosalmartinactually I can try test music14:43
saidinesh5so what changed your access to the internet?14:44
ghosalmartini was using the wrong interface14:44
ghosalmartinmusic doesnt work either14:44
ghosalmartinam guessing I need to install the codecs14:44
saidinesh5probably even have to configure pulseaudio14:45
malghosalmartin: did you try sms?14:45
malghosalmartin: most new devices need audioflingerglue for calls14:45
ghosalmartinmal: yeah that didnt work, am guessing netmgrd is the lynch pin of it all14:46
saidinesh5you also need ofono configs right?14:47
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saidinesh5plus i needed this to fix boot loops when accessing the modem:
malsaidinesh5: that is already included in submodule :) except for the firmware symlink14:50
malsaidinesh5: and also hw_random is not included there14:50
saidinesh5oh.. so i can safely remove these configs ?14:51
saidinesh5and where does the hw_random go now?14:51
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ghosalmartinmal: do you know what creates /dev/socket/netd?15:00
saidinesh5lsof /dev/socket/netd?15:01
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ghosalmartinit doesnt exist and it needs to15:01
saidinesh5it doesnt exist for me either15:01
ghosalmartini think we disable netd dont we15:01
saidinesh5which program is asking for /dev/socket/netd?15:02
saidinesh5and yes15:02
saidinesh5it is disabled for me15:02
saidinesh5and the only thing that points to netd was zygote32 for me15:03
saidinesh5netmgr is running for me15:04
saidinesh5netd is disabled though15:04
saidinesh5radio      697  0.0  0.0  21316   920 ?        Sl   20:07   0:00 /system/bin/netmgrd15:04
ghosalmartinsaidinesh5, i cant see to get mine running, segfaults since one of its child processes fails...well several child processes15:05
saidinesh5netmgrd is apparently a binary blob for me15:07
saidinesh5so you have to see which child process is failing15:07
saidinesh5and why15:07
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*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius15:08
ghosalmartinsaidinesh5, yeah it is for everyone, qualcomm fun, iptables commands are failing for some reason15:09
ghosalmartinmostly with iptables: No chain/target/match by that name.15:09
ghosalmartini assume this stuff is defined somewhere tbh15:10
saidinesh5Ahhh... i have had those bugs with iptables when running in a chroot15:10
Nokiussaidinesh5: I would say all booted to ui :s15:10
saidinesh5i think some iptables config is missing15:10
saidinesh5Nokius: so all of those folders have the boot_finished?15:10
saidinesh5this is the point where we should swap devices :P15:11
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saidinesh5ghosalmartin: you need some iptables xt packages for that iirc..15:12
ghosalmartinsaidinesh5, xt packages?15:12
saidinesh5for the iptables crashes that is15:12
Nokiussaidinesh5: why swaping you can test it via internet vgrade and sledges did it years back with older HW15:12
saidinesh5Nokius: i was kidding. so i can have a phone without bootloops that is15:13
ghosalmartinsaidinesh5, do you have this file qmi_fw.conf15:13
saidinesh5ghosalmartin: not sure what the exact package name is but it is that of an iptables extensions15:13
ghosalmartininside /system/etc15:13
* saidinesh5 checks15:13
saidinesh5nope .15:14
saidinesh5# ls /system/etc/q15:14  quipc.conf15:14
ghosalmartinokay hmm then its not vital15:14
saidinesh5Nokius: so you havent had a single kernel panic so far?15:14
saidinesh5ghosalmartin: package iirc15:16
saidinesh5had to manually compile them for ubuntuchroot i was in15:16
saidinesh5Nokius: we also have to remove all those extra touchscreen drivers that are trying to be initialized .. like that synaptics one and that sharp one15:17
saidinesh5and see if that speeds up your boot15:17
saidinesh5Nokius: could you edit the reboot-me script to even capture bootcharts ?15:18
saidinesh5looks like every other boot to me15:19
saidinesh5although it doesnt seem to be the complete dmesg15:19
saidinesh5i was hoping to see more kernel panics ..15:20
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Nokiussaidinesh5: I added a tar with all logs from /data/.support/boot_logs/15:28
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kimmolihmm, fastboot drivers needed to be changed to something huawei specific. now oem unlocked.15:42
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saidinesh5Nokius: added where?15:48
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NokiusI will dump now systemd-analyse for 30minutes15:50
saidinesh5Nokius: you did have kernel panics!15:50
saidinesh5log 1015:50
saidinesh5no boot_done15:51
saidinesh5oddly a lot of kmsg there are 0 sized15:51
saidinesh5a lot/all15:51
saidinesh5all/a lot15:51
saidinesh5what does that even mean..15:52
saidinesh5Nokius: did you also move the touch boot_done to after the sleep 15?15:53
Nokiusodd it looks like it ends up in ui every time15:53
saidinesh5something is off15:53
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Nokiussaidinesh5: script looks like this
saidinesh5Nokius: move the systemd analyze bits to after sleep too15:56
saidinesh5sleep is to make sure the boot has finished15:56
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Nokiusarg path missing16:26
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Nokiussaidinesh5: I added a new tar16:57
Nokiuslooks like only dump worked well :s16:57
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saidinesh5Nokius: yes.. that's so very odd17:02
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Nokiussaidinesh5: what is odd?17:40
*** tmaone <tmaone!~tmaone@> has quit IRC (Quit: ☉ Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do.)17:46
saidinesh5all the files being empty Nokius17:46
saidinesh5not sure why that's happening17:46
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akhil_surabhihello, i was trying to port sailfish using the guide. make -j4 hybris-hal is failing with error unresolvable R_AARCH64_CONDBR19 relocation against symbol `__set_errno_internal'18:50
akhil_surabhiCan anyone please help me?18:51
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kimmolinot me, but aarch64 sounds unsupported19:00
Nokiussaidinesh5: missed your msg mmhh19:00
Nokiussaidinesh5: the dump.txt contains stuff :s19:01
Nokiussaidinesh5: I have to afk :(19:02
kimmoliNokius: too much afk19:02
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kimmolipöh. there are two fstab files in android_device and they have two different block-devices for /data19:39
kimmoliwell. i got same error as akhil-gone19:45
kimmoliand ghosalmartin was our aarch64 xpert? not here19:46
kimmolido i need to change target arch?19:47
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kimmoliapplying this
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kimmolioh, kernel was using prebuilt20:37
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Nokiuskimmoli: :D20:58
kimmolii'm in 5.4.1 :)21:02
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kimmoliso there was no KERNEL/.config to check21:02
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Nokiusdid build a kernel?21:13
*** dlavso <dlavso!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:16
Nokiuskimmoli: that's odd21:19
kimmoliwhats odd?21:26
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:27
Nokiusthat the config is missing21:31
kimmoliprebuilt kernel, not building it, not making it21:38
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kimmoli* Building rpm/droid-hal-hi6210sft.spec22:29
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malkimmoli: did you check if you need to set bootdevice symlink in udev rule?22:36
malkimmoli: that is needed on some new devices22:36
malkimmoli: can you point me to the device repos?22:37
kimmoliforked in my github22:37
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@2a02:c7f:9207:4200:6179:7869:7751:715a> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:37
malkimmoli: not sure if that is needed, couldn't find any *.rc files22:40
kimmoliyeah, this is ARGH64 so might take a while to tinker22:41
ghosalmartinkimmoli, what device?22:41
kimmolineed to consult ghosalmartin ... (heads up)22:41
kimmolihuawei p8lite hi6210sft22:41
ghosalmartinkimmoli, welcome to the dark side... :P22:41
ghosalmartini have the p922:41
kimmoliyeah. i got the budget device22:42
ghosalmartinseems like a handy repo22:42
ghosalmartinam not a fan of the vendor tree, the whole thing is a mess22:42
kimmolii havent took a deeper look yout22:42
kimmoliborrowed one of your bionic commit, enabled kernel building, changed defconfig22:43
kimmoliadded dhd, dcd etc repos22:43
ghosalmartinkimmoli, are you building 32bit sfos?22:43
ghosalmartinfirst problem I hit was the fact that /data will be encrypted22:44
ghosalmartinand also that the hybris script wasn't extracting the /data partition correctly, I had to hard code it22:44
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)22:44
ghosalmartinalso the init*.rc files are not in /system/core but all inside the device tree22:44
ghosalmartinor atleast they were for me22:45
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:45
ghosalmartinmal: is netmgrd starting okay on your hybris 13 tab?22:45
kimmolighosalmartin: ok. i had also issues with /data, as it existed in two fstab files22:46
kimmoliwith different block-device-name22:46
ghosalmartinkimmoli, yeah they have some weird partitioning22:46
malghosalmartin: need to check that tomorrow, currently that tab4 is not working because I did some hacking and sailfish fails, need to reflash22:46
kimmolianother was by-name, another mmcblk0p4022:46
ghosalmartinkimmoli, lemme check mine22:46
ghosalmartinmal, okays :)22:46
ghosalmartinmine was mmcblk0p4222:47
malghosalmartin: hopefully my new build system works fine, didn't test it yet, now I have all sources on a build server22:48
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
ghosalmartinmal: i managed to get a nice clean zip in the end22:49
kimmolia lot of partitions22:49
malghosalmartin: I have also a working zip for my device22:49
ghosalmartinkimmoli, mine was similar, i just thought fudge it and entered them all22:49
malghosalmartin: the issues I have are because of libhybris tests22:49
ghosalmartinmal: which ones?22:50
malghosalmartin: I mean I tested using a different version of libhybris22:50
malwhich didn't work22:50
ghosalmartinmal: ohh i see, I ended up using the ubuntu version fro krnlyng with an updated test_hwcompsoer22:50
malcan't remember if that worked for me, the other version from krnlyng worked for me at least22:51
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)22:51
ghosalmartini dont know if we can get everything merged upstream, all seems quiet atm am guessing with holidays and all22:51
ghosalmartinkimmoli, theres no nice libhybris working atm either :(22:53
ghosalmartinfor huawei22:53
kimmoliyeah. this was a shot in the dark22:53
kimmolibut wanted to try something from scratch22:54
kimmolimaybe could pick up something easier :)22:54
ghosalmartinkimmoli, also it doesnt seem to respect the path inside init.environ.rc22:54
ghosalmartinor the LD_LIBRARy22:54
kimmoliwe had that same even with pulseaudio on onyx22:55
kimmoliwhen we tried to load different audio.blaa.so22:55
kimmoliwith saidinesh522:55
ghosalmartinunsure why its ignoring it atm though22:57
ghosalmartindmesg on the P9 is so messy as well, bleurgh23:01
kimmolii had my fun trying to unlock the bootloader with this23:03
kimmoliupdated to mm "accidentally" and then downgraded23:03
ghosalmartinkimmoli, yeah it was annoying trying to get hold of the code, and the website is terrible23:03
ghosalmartinalso when I run test_hwcomposer i get lots of libEGL  : validate_display:255 error 3008 (EGL_BAD_DISPLAY)23:04
kimmolicode was actually easy23:04
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~nh1402@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)23:04
ghosalmartinkimmoli, this might be useful
ghosalmartinI had an issue where symbols are missing from certain libs23:05
kimmoliäh. mw does not build...23:06
ghosalmartinkimmoli, which bit?23:07
kimmoliJust pasted a lot, see here
ghosalmartinid just remove dhv from patterns for now23:08
kimmolii think i continue some other evening, need to zzz - working day tomorrow23:08
ghosalmartintomorrow for me will be a porting day I think23:09
kimmolii think i continue by building my own cm image and test that. still EMUI23:10
kimmoliif this does not work out, i havd 99€ ice scraper with android23:12
kimmolianyways, gn23:13
ghosalmartinnight :)23:19
ghosalmartinand should be possible, seems hard, but possible23:19
*** kimmoli <kimmoli!~kl@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)23:33
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