Saturday, 2017-01-14

malghosalmartin: or just restart it via systemctl, it should work after removing the wrong config00:00
malsaidinesh5: I have used the app sdk from external disk00:01
saidinesh5Cool. was just curious because when i tried to run the installer as sudo, it refused to start00:01
saidinesh5installing it to a partition on external hdd mounted on my home00:02
ghosalmartinmal: well its working in messwork00:02
malghosalmartin: thought so :)00:02
ghosalmartinmal: the rotation won't change value though00:03
malnot sure why other people haven't had issues00:03
malghosalmartin: all rotation or just the last one?00:04
ghosalmartinmal: akk00:04
ghosalmartinstuck on -43, -178 and 000:04
ghosalmartinaccelerameter has frozen too as well00:04
ghosalmartingyro is fine jumping around in values :P00:05
ghosalmartinlight and proximity work fine too00:05
ghosalmartinfor now for my daily use itll do00:05
ghosalmartini hate rotation anyways00:06
ghosalmartinmal: am off to bed, thanks for your help tonight :D00:06
malwe got quite good progress00:06
ghosalmartintoday was a big one00:06
malghosalmartin: add the device to wiki00:06
malghosalmartin: check rpm -qf /etc/sensorfw/sensord.conf.d/90-sensord-default.conf00:07
malghosalmartin: what is providing that00:07
ghosalmartinmal sensorfw-qt5-configs-0.8.30-1.29.1.noarch00:07
malnot installed on fp200:08
malghosalmartin: try adding that provides to spec00:08
ghosalmartinmal ill do it tomorrow :) should be not so busy day at work00:08
maltime for some sleep00:09
ghosalmartinmal: hotspot works too00:10
ghosalmartinnight :)00:12
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saidinesh5sletta: btw. who creates the window for eventsview and sets it's category and passes it to lipstick-home ?05:06
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akhil_surabhimal: can you please look at this, L39408:51
malstrange, but at least you got the image08:55
malakhil_surabhi: did you have issues with droidmedia/gst-droid in hybris-13?08:56
malmeaning, videos or camera08:56
akhil_surabhimal: ya, after flashing zip, media service seems to be quitting continuously, droid-hal-init is restarting it08:57
malakhil_surabhi: are you using rebased or the old hybris-13 repos?08:58
akhil_surabhimal: Old hybris-13 repos08:59
malakhil_surabhi: have you tried to strace the services? or does logcat show something08:59
akhil_surabhimal: I've seen dmesg, also, I'm facing a wired problem09:00
akhil_surabhiI've set the environ.rc to use 64bit libraries, but it won't be there after flashing09:02
akhil_surabhimal: why does qemu give such error? What mistake am I making??09:04
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malakhil_surabhi: no idea about that build error09:24
malbut since that is only from the tracker it's not that serious09:24
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akhil_surabhimal: once, if I run that mic command, I can't make any other modifications, I should clean and rebuild which is time taking. So asked09:26
malwhat do you mean?09:28
akhil_surabhiIf at all I want to add any package by running, it won't run any more09:28
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malmic won't run?09:30
maltry reinstalling the mer/platform sdk09:30
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akhil_surabhiBoth, mic won't run.09:31
malwhat is the error from
akhil_surabhiSame, qemu segmentation fault09:32
mallike I said reinstall sdk09:33
akhil_surabhiI already did that, and finally, cleaned everything, started from scratch09:33
malthen I have no idea09:34
malsledges: any ideas ^09:35
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akhil_surabhimal: you told about rebased hybris, what's changed??09:36
malakhil_surabhi: rebased hybris-13 to use ZNH5Y release of cm13 instead of the old ZNH0E09:38
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akhil_surabhimal: okay, I'll try using that09:39
miau_mal: Does rebasing can lead to problems when the cm source is too old?09:39
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malmiau_: possible09:43
guhlmal, on a hybris-12.1 based rom should selinux be enabled?09:43
maldisabled from kernel commandline as instructed09:44
guhlOK i did that just wondering09:44
guhldid you ever see this:09:45
guhlcheck_dsi_ctrl_status: Splash not complete, reschedule check status09:45
guhlin kernel log09:45
maldoesn't look like an error09:45
guhlwell the device is still on splash screen09:46
guhlwhile logcat thinks it started basic setup09:46
akhil_surabhimal: media, healthd services exit with signal 9, why??09:47
guhland that first message is continuing in kmsg09:47
akhil_surabhiAs far as I know, signal 9 in Linux indicates un handleable process right?09:48
malhealthd is not needed afaik09:49
akhil_surabhiWhat about media??09:49
malmedia what? just media or what exactly?09:49
miau_mal: Can some system services get a permission denied when trying to access a device due to SELinux even if SELinux is disabled?09:50
akhil_surabhiJust media from droid-hal-init09:50
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malmiau_: I doubt it09:50
ghosalmartinmal: i woke up to the sensors magically working  :P09:50
malghosalmartin: :) did you reboot?09:50
ghosalmartinmal: dont think so :P09:50
ghosalmartinill reboot and test now jic09:51
malghosalmartin: next up, build droidmedia and gst-droid09:51
ghosalmartinmal: indeed09:51
maland add related fixes, check the hadk pdf I gave09:51
miau_mal: What else could be the cause for the permission denied error?09:51
malmiau_: what is exactly giving that?09:52
miau_mal: I'm still trying to fix the camera. First error is solved by not starting the camera daemon in init.hammerhead.rc. You have to start it manually, else it does not work. This bug also occurs on FirefoxOS, there it is fixed by setting SELinux from disabled to permissive. But now when i start the camera app, i get the error: mm-camera-intf: mm_camera_open: cannot open domain socket fd of '/dev/video2'(Permission denied)09:54
malmiau_: what are the permissions of /dev/video2 ?09:55
miau_mal: lsof | grep /dev/video2 shows nothing.09:55
miau_mal: I changed the permissions to 666, did not help.09:55
malmiau_: ls -l /dev/video209:55
miau_mal: crwxrwxrwx 1 system camera 81, 18 Jan  6  1970 /dev/video209:56
miau_Gotta get back to work. Have a nice weekend!10:11
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ghosalmartinmal: were you able to successfully build droid-media?10:59
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akhil_surabhighosalmartin: how to disable CONFIG_AUDIT in cmdline? I seems to have no effect when value set to n in defconfig11:09
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, shouldnt need to disable it11:11
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: okay, asked because of warning11:12
malghosalmartin: yes11:14
malghosalmartin: you mean for which base?11:14
ghosalmartinmal: cm1311:14
malyes, that builds fine11:15
malghosalmartin: what error do you get11:15
malghosalmartin: maybe it doesn't work with 64-bit11:15
malghosalmartin: I assume you use the correct branch?11:15
ghosalmartinmaybe not11:15
ghosalmartinmal: master?11:15
ghosalmartinit was just from the hybris-13.0 manifest11:16
malthat has not been upstreamed because nobody has tested if camera eorks11:17
maltab4 doesn't have a working camera so I haven't been able to test11:17
malmaybe I need to build hybris-13 image for my old xperia pro so I can test that11:18
ghosalmartinmal: ill do it :P11:19
malI have been waiting for more than a month for testing :D11:20
ghosalmartinmal: hopefully on an hour or two to go :P11:22
ghosalmartinmal: was this a problem frameworks/av/media/libmediaplayerservice/MediaPlayerService.cpp:240:13: error: no matching function for call to 'utf16_to_utf8'11:28
malghosalmartin: have you updated all repos?11:29
ghosalmartinmal: not all no11:29
ghosalmartini need a complete resync I think11:29
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guhlmal, first light (for me on thea) with
guhlafter starting surfaceflinger just to see if it does something11:58
malguhl: ok, but graphics still fails otherwise?11:59
malguhl: which cm base?11:59
*** srohmen <srohmen!> has joined #sailfishos-porters11:59
guhland killing it again the basic setup appeared11:59
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malguhl: so you need to suffaceflinger hack?12:00
guhlif i would have known that there is a "surfeflinger hack" i probably would have needed it12:00
malfor some unknown reason some devices need surfaceflinger to be run for a second or two before starting the UI12:01
guhlso that is a known thing - well i just reinvented it :-)12:02
malguhl: and related files12:03
guhlwell you told me to start from scratch - probably Mister_Magister knew that12:03
malguhl: I said also to check the old repos for any hints12:04
guhlthats what you say now :-)12:04
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guhlbtw: i got phone an mobile data up and running out of the box12:05
guhlnot all perfect as it shows 2g while this is an lte phone12:06
malguhl: yes, that can be possible12:06
guhlbut i am good with ril12:06
malguhl: now copy the files related to that and check for other useful stuff like fm radio and bluetooth etc12:06
maland wlan service12:06
guhlyes wlan does not work yet12:07
malguhl: did you build wlan a module in kernel?12:07
guhlin kernel12:07
guhli would like to make it work that way, i don't like the possibility to load kernel modules12:08
malwell usually to get fm radio and wifi properly working you need modules12:09
guhlyes that i right but i'll see about that12:11
guhlmostly it's because of firmeware loading12:11
guhlbut we managed to change that on the vision, so maybe ...12:12
malI don't really see what is the problem with modules12:13
malguhl: you can of course hack the kernel init to mount the firmware partitions, that might work12:13
malguhl: interesting thea and titan use the same kernel configs12:14
guhlmal my problem with kernel modules is that as soon you can load a kernel module you can run things in kernel space12:15
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akhil_surabhiCan anyone tell me the use of tracker??13:27
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akhil_surabhighosalmartin: can you have a look at this:
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, what happened to the android services?14:02
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: one minute14:02
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: droid-battery-monitor.service failed to load14:04
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, no i mean the rest of them that are loaded by init.rc14:04
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: most of the thing is mdss_check_dsi_ctrl_status: unblank not complete, reschedule check status14:06
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, but what about logd and other services like that?>14:06
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: how to find out??14:07
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, look inside init.rc14:07
ghosalmartinare they commented out?14:07
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: none of them are commented out14:09
ghosalmartinfor whatever reason there not starting14:09
akhil_surabhighosalmartin:, this is my init.rc file14:11
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, is your device still rebooting?14:12
ghosalmartinwhat did you change for it to start doing that14:12
ghosalmartinalso remove line 23714:12
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: i've added path for 64bit lib in initenviron.rc14:13
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, so thatll stop services crashing i guess14:13
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: so, is everything fine with services?14:13
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, it is but they should be showing as starting in logcat14:14
ghosalmartincan you logcat?14:14
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: yes, i can logcat, i'll give pastebin in a minute14:15
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, ah so it is working14:15
ghosalmartincan you run EGL_PLATFORM=test_hwcomposer14:15
ghosalmartinand does magic appear on the screen14:15
akhil_surabhione minute, i'll try it14:15
ghosalmartinactually akhil_surabhi so go run /system/bin/surfaceflinger14:15
ghosalmartinCan you see boot anim?14:16
akhil_surabhione min14:16
akhil_surabhiafter removing line 127, i can't telnet, no logcat, nothing14:20
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: sorry, line 23714:21
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, the critical tag14:21
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: yaa, i removed that tag14:21
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, hmmm I wonder why14:22
ghosalmartinand on host pc14:22
ghosalmartinwhen you run dmesg14:22
ghosalmartintheres no trace?14:22
akhil_surabhii can't telnet, it says telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection timed out14:22
akhil_surabhitelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: No route to host14:23
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: these two errors14:23
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ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, might have to reflash14:23
akhil_surabhibut, what's going wrong?14:24
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: reflashed, EGL_PLATFORM=test_hwcomposer doesn't give magic, don't exactly know why but logcat doesn't appear, but did manage to telnet14:34
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bneo99getting distorted audio on my device and pulseaudio cpu usage is quite high (40~ %)15:23
bneo99anyone seen this problem before?15:23
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jusa_bneo99: which device?16:03
bneo99samsung galaxy s216:03
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jusa_bneo99: could you take pulseaudio logs and paste somewhere?
bneo99going to sleep first16:14
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*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius16:29
Nokiusakhil_surabhi: is driod-hal-init blowing up the target?16:33
Nokiusakhil_surabhi: what does logcat say?16:33
Nokiusakhil_surabhi: I get this logcat read failure :(16:35
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Nokius\o/ installd looks like guilty part is found16:44
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jusa_bneo99: edit pa config and change the "load-module module-droid-card" line to include sink_buffer=57600 , or something like that.. by default on that device the buffer is less than 1ms :)16:52
ghosalmartinNokius, whoop whoop :)16:54
Nokius:( nope it rebooted so may I enable to much again :s16:55
ghosalmartinNokius, ah dears :?16:55
*** akhil_surabhi <akhil_surabhi!7362f025@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:56
Nokiusso close but not close enough16:58
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Nokiusghosalmartin: is akhil_surabhi able to enter 2323 without reboot?17:01
ghosalmartinNokius, think so17:01
akhil_surabhiNokius: i'm able to telnet without any reboots17:01
ghosalmartindo you two have the same device?17:01
Nokiusghosalmartin: nope17:02
Nokiusakhil_surabhi: port 2323?17:02
akhil_surabhiNokius: yes17:02
Nokiusis somehow related to 6xx series that I have blow 8xx series looks better :-\17:04
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malhmm, strange issues packaging droid-hal for hybris-14.117:55
Nokiusso back to servicemanager it's the last serivce droid-hal-init is stating and device get's rebooted18:11
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Nokiusmay I look at wrong part18:24
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r0kk3rzshould you even need servicemanager?18:38
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Nokiusr0kk3rz: on the scoprion it's used for minimedia miniaf minisf so it#s may usefull18:42
Nokiusghosalmartin: does your init.rc has the notify for mer's systemd18:46
ghosalmartinNokius, dunno?18:47
ghosalmartinam about to re build a completely clean base18:47
ghosalmartincompleted clean image18:47
ghosalmartinetc etc18:47
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Nokiusghosalmartin: it is just a different possion as it has on socrpion and canrco18:49
Nokiusghosalmartin: don't break it ;)18:53
ghosalmartinNokius, Ill back it up first :P18:54
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Nokiusinit.rc looks like as found on the working ports :s19:22
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Nokiusmay this is the breaker
malNokius: no19:31
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malNokius: mount all fails always19:31
Nokiusmal: thanks19:32
malNokius: are all mounts ok?19:33
Nokiusmal: yes that looks good19:35
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Nokiusmh logd crashes when starting manually19:38
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Nokiusha /dev/socket is not present19:45
malNokius: well that could cause al sorts of issues19:52
Nokiusmal: yeap19:53
Nokiuschecking how they get created19:54
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Nokiuswho sad google is helpful source :s20:20
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sledgesPSA: please update your $ANDROID_ROOTA/rpm/dh submodule to get annoying build fixes in:)20:50
kimmolido i need to change to ROOTA ?20:52
sledgesthat's a Lithuanian girl's name20:54
sledgesalso rename to dh ;D20:55
sledgesPSA: please update your $ANDROID_ROOT/rpm/dhd submodule to get annoying build fixes in:)20:55
saidinesh5hmm... trying to hack on lipstick homescreen. cant seem to find who creates the EventsWindow, that it gets attached to the EventsLayer20:56
saidinesh5okay found my answer: #strings /usr/bin/lipstick | grep -i events21:23
saidinesh5EventsWindow: Errors while loading EventsWindow.qml21:23
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ghosalmartinanyone any idea why my sfos browser cant compile a shader21:55
NeKithave the same problem on OnePlus 2 and with MESA/x8621:57
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ghosalmartinNeKit, its be handy so solve it since webpirate is odd on the devie22:29
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guhlhmm is this just me or is there a problem with22:52
ghosalmartinmal: what was the fix for the no rule to make healthd?22:53
malghosalmartin: in hybris-13?22:53
malghosalmartin: I didn't notice any issue, or at least can't remember22:54
malghosalmartin: did you sync the tree?22:55
ghosalmartinmal: yes22:55
ghosalmartinill look through the logs, it was a few days ago22:55
ghosalmartinmal: this was fix
malghosalmartin: adding vendor there?22:57
ghosalmartinmal: yes22:57
malso I forgot it?22:57
malI thought that issue was only with hybris-14.123:00
malguhl: you haven't defined RELEASE?23:01
guhlmal, thanks - no it was not - why ever this is the third build in a row that i did in the same terminal23:02
guhlmal, for now i made wlan a module -> wifi works23:03
guhltoday some cleanup, tomorrow sound and camera23:04
guhland make ofono work with 4G23:04
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guhlgood night!23:22
ghosalmartinmal,  yes23:36
ghosalmartinits odd the issue didnt happen on the older version I had, am guessing it was just an issue with the rebase23:37
ghosalmartinmal: am also guessing all my submodules need an update23:39
ghosalmartinmal: also droidmedia built perfectly after the base update23:56

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