Saturday, 2017-01-28

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stek29Hey, I'm trying to set up SDKs08:20
stek29And I can't make repo work in habuild sdk08:20
stek29It can't verify itself I guess08:20
stek29gpg asks for DSA key 920F5C65 which I can't find08:21
stek29And repo works on host system (without chrooting I mean)08:21
stek29I tried to export all gpg keys from host to habuild, it didn't help08:22
stek29Any suggestions?08:22
stek29Oh, and good morning08:22
stek29sledges: oh, thanks, forgot about FAQ...08:33
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stek29sledges: didn't work...08:42
stek29I'm trying to checkout branch hybris-13.0 btw08:43
Tofemmh it's not very clean, are the latest mako builds ( ) based on CM12.1 ? If not, where can I find such build ?08:49
sledgesstek29: resort to host for now..08:51
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Tofeok it's still based on cm11. And I begin to wonder if there is actually a mako cm12.1 build out there :)08:59
T4<stek29> sledges: so you suggest me to use repo on host system?  … That's what I did :)09:04
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ruthenianboysledges: Hi. I need some of your knowledge beause I am stuck. I've tried all ways of debug and nothing worked. I am assuming that kernel is stuck during boot, not panicking but kind of lockup. And 120 seconds after power on (1:52 after booting kernel), WDT reset device.09:37
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guhldoes anybody know what in cm-11 is supposed to provide /system/bin/hci_qcomm_init10:02
sledgesstek29: I suggested you keep doing what you were doing :))10:04
sledgesruthenianboy: then you need to figure out why your kernel gets stuck, and yet CM boots fine. the only changes you've done were hybris kernel flags, so I'd start reverting those back10:05
sledgesguhl: try http://androidxref.com10:05
ruthenianboysledges: Ok.I will also try to setup some kernel config to panic at lockups/oops first. Maybe it will catch something. It is very annoying to dont have an way to see what's going on at kernel level10:09
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guhlsledges, how about a testing for hw:motorola:thea ?10:14
guhli did simulate OTA successfully on :devel:10:15
sledgesguhl: have fun!
guhlsledges, thanks i will10:17
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malNeKit: which cm base did you use?10:38
neeradexperimental base10:38
malsledges: NeKit got camera at least partially working on hybris-13 base10:40
malNeKit: does video recording work?10:43
NeKitI have /home/nemo/Videos/Camera/.recording/20170128_014226.mp410:44
NeKitnot sure why it's in hidden folder10:44
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NeKitdoesn't play, so probably no or recording wasn't finished10:46
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malNeKit: did you try to play that on computer?10:47
NeKit[mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2 @ 0x5653aa9519a0] moov atom not found10:47
NeKit20170128_014226.mp4: Invalid data found when processing input10:47
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malNeKit: ok, did you define any udev rules for codecs? qcom devices need those not sure about mtk10:48
malNeKit: pastebin ls -l /dev/video*10:48
sledgesawesome NeKit \o/10:49
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NeKitI yet have to deal with udev rules, since currently I have Android bits starting in chroot as opposed to droid-hal-init10:49
NeKitmal, ls: cannot access /dev/video*: No such file or directory10:51
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NeKit(they don't use V4L2 interface?)10:52
malanything in logcat when you tried recording the video?10:52
NeKitin MTK case it's more like "everything in logcat"10:53
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NeKit here is if I limit verbosity to warnings10:59
NeKitrecording video starts, but camera application freezes when I stop11:00
sledgesmal: your droidmedia PR time? ;)11:00
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malsledges: probably, need to rebase it11:04
sledgesNeKit: maybe some insight here:
merbot`Nemo bug 835 in Hybris-ing "[hammerhead][alpha12][cameraplus] crash upon stopping video recording" [Critical,New]11:04
NeKitI probably need to fix ServiceManager: Waiting for service first, since it takes quite a few seconds for camera to start11:06
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sledgesthat's the virtue of community contributors: scratching the itch ^-^11:10
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NeKitit seems Google now has some hacks to avoid this for Brillo11:13
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malNeKit: what is providing the proxy service?11:14
NeKitso not really usable/needed for us11:14
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malindeed, try to disable that and see what happens11:15
sledgesNeKit: heads up: starting SensorService will most likely break sensors sfos-side, so we might be looking at necessity of minisensorservice :)11:15
NeKitI wonder how Bluetooth can be enabled, by the way11:21
NeKitfor Ubuntu Tablet they backported 4.2 Bluetooth stack and MTK driver from somewhere11:21
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NeKitlibbt-vendor-mtk in device tree basically uses proprietary lib to open HCI TTY (
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neerad__repo problem: nothing provides pulseaudio-modules-droid-glue needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-wt88047-1-1.noarch11:26
malneerad__: did you build that according to the instructions?11:30
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neerad__that instruction tells me to build it in habuild_sdk?11:31
neerad__I am confused by the instruction :o11:33
neerad__should I skip to the part where it starts from MER_SDK ?11:36
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ruthenianboykernel recompiled with stock defconfig packed with source code. Same symptomps....still restarted by watchdog. its like tilting at windmills. Ah :(12:01
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sledgesruthenianboy: $ PLATFORM_SDK split_bootimg hybris-boot.img12:05
sledgesdo the same with cm's boot.img12:05
sledgesit must be initramfs that your kernel cannot mount12:06
sledgesmake sure that you can boot cm itself with your rebuilt kernel12:06
sledgesruthenianboy: you can assemble the image using mkbootimg and params that split_bootimg shows12:06
sledgesyou can swap initrd at will12:06
* sledges sleighs off for now12:07
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elros34hi, anybody could help me with with crashing jolla browser or not working jolla camera?12:17
malelros34: which device and cm base?12:19
elros34Photon q and cm1112:19
malneerad_: did you check the instructions I sent in private12:25
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stek29heh, so that's how it works...13:17
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ruthenianboyOk, little step forward, kernel is now loaded and executed but it is panicing. I have panic logs available but do not understand them for now :D13:33
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rinigusTofe: we had few images for mako based on CM12.1 in summer 2016. since it required separate CM builds, these were not released. ballock is working on CM13 based images right now13:47
Toferinigus: ok thanks13:48
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stek29Can I use block/bootdevice in fixup-mountpoints?14:05
stek29Because platform contents are a bit different in recovery and in normal state14:06
stek29block/platform/blahblah in recovery and block/platform/soc.0/blahblah14:06
malstek29: fixup has the paths you have in fstab14:07
stek29I have no fstab :)14:11
stek2913.0 btw14:11
stek29oh wait, haven't checked fstab in TWRP14:12
malstek29: the fstab in your device repos14:13
malstek29: used during the build14:13
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stek29mal: oh, it was named fstab.qcom...14:22
stek29Should I now remove paths not used in fstab, or it's better to leave everything?14:25
stek29nvm, I've got it14:26
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neerad_Problem: nothing provides droidmedia >= 0.20170120.0 needed by gstreamer1.0-droid-1.0.0-1.armv7hl17:01
neerad_Problem: nothing provides droidmedia >= 0.20170120.0 needed by gstreamer1.0-droid-1.0.0-1.armv7hl17:01
neerad_Problem: nothing provides droidmedia >= 0.20170120.0 needed by gstreamer1.0-droid-1.0.0-1.armv7hl17:01
guhl"experimental gstreamer-1.0 support"17:04
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NokiusNeKit: men, lucky you still wondering how to enter mine17:05
NeKitenter what?17:05
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neerad__i have done that already still showing error17:09
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neerad__i have the file btw17:10
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guhlneerad__, including the part from "Get needed scripts for packaging droidmedia"17:10
neerad__yeah of course my package is build under hybris/mw17:11
neerad__do i need to remove out directory under droidmedia-localbuild/out17:11
neerad__I am trying again by removing the out dir17:12
neerad__still no luck17:14
malneerad__: do you have the rpm in droid-local-repo? also did the repo update properly17:15
neerad__gst-droid or droidmedia?17:15
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neerad_yeah it is there I don't understand it17:17
neerad_both of them17:17
neerad_mysterious ??17:18
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neerad_the error is it can't gstreamer-1.0.0-*.rpm but has been added to local repo17:20
neerad_what does it mean?17:20
neerad_can the error be ignored?17:20
malhmm, it fails to install that?17:21
neerad_on MER_SDK i haven't tested it on my mobile device17:21
NokiusNeKit: the target I get lease to the host but telnet / ping get's dropped17:22
malit might be that the new droidmedia ja gst-droid need something else, sledges mentioned something17:23
neerad_what ? mal17:23
NeKitcan you try to create /init_enter_debug2?17:23
neerad_#BuildRequires: ubu-trusty17:24
neerad_#BuildRequires: sudo-for-abuild17:24
neerad_#BuildRequires: droid-bin-src-full17:24
neerad_this is spec requirement for droidmedia17:24
malneerad_: try using the revision which doesn't have changes from last week or two17:24
neerad_older ones?17:24
malfor both17:25
malI remember that the new changes might require new gstreamer, check gst-droid dependencies17:26
ruthenianboymal: what is required options for SELINUX related config options for android 6 branch? Just curious as there was discussion during week. Here is my defconfig
neerad_yeah >=0.20170120.017:26
malneerad_: how about gstreamer dependency?17:27
NeKitNokius, and I'm not if it was divis1969, but someone couldn't connect to telnet with PARANOID_NETWORK enabled17:28
malruthenianboy: the usual, bootparam17:28
ruthenianboymal: so CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX=n is not needed? Bootparam is enough, right? As I see I need to try to change CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM_VALUE as it could be overriding actual cmdline bootparam17:32
guhlruthenianboy, just as described in 9.2.1 Bootloops of the hadk17:34
NokiusNeKit: I had the same idea that may PARANOID_NETWORK but after disabeling it I had not more luck :(17:36
Nokiusmaybe it wasn't picked17:36
NeKitwhat version is your kernel?17:37
NeKitfor me it works fine with it enabled though17:38
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ruthenianboyguhl: I already have *_BOOTPARAM=y set and selinux=0 at cmdline, but still bootlooping.17:43
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NokiusNeKit: 3.18.1917:47
* Nokius have to afk for dinner17:47
NeKitnever one then17:47
NeKitis it cm14?17:48
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malhow fast is the bootloop?17:56
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malruthenianboy: ^17:57
stek29Quick question -- what do you use to split boot img?17:57
ruthenianboymal: ~3 seconds after kernel is loaded17:57
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malruthenianboy: does disabling droid-hal-init fix it?17:59
ruthenianboystek: mkboot for unpacking/repacking. Hybris-recovery image is built with different offsets, so kernel was previously not booting at all. Now it is booting and I am getting kernel messages at least. I see it kernel is panicking and rebooting17:59
ruthenianboymal: I am not so far, I am trying to get kernel+initrd working to get usb networking.18:00
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malruthenianboy: selinux affects only droid-hal-init18:01
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ruthenianboymal: ok, at least one factor eliminated. Now need to check initrd itself. Sledges mentioned today it is possible it is not loaded by kernel. What could I do to troubleshoot that?18:05
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malnot quite sure, also I'm on mobile so cannot check easily from online18:07
*** neerad__ <neerad__!~neerad@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:10
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NeKitruthenianboy, is it AArch64?18:40
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*** neerad__ <neerad__!~neerad@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:55
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:56
ruthenianboyNeKit: yes18:57
NeKittry repacking initramfs with different busybox binary18:58
NeKiteven if it's armv718:59
ruthenianboyNeKit: where I can obtain binary?19:00
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)19:01
NeKit - check if it runs on device first though19:02
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:04
*** arch <arch!~arch@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:15
*** arch is now known as hpagseddy19:16
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hpagseddyim trying to port sailfish os on i9100g19:20
hpagseddycan i get help on this channel?19:20
*** neerad__ <neerad__!~neerad@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)19:21
*** dlavso_ <dlavso_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:29
ruthenianboyNeKit: replaced binary did not help :(19:29
*** neerad__ <neerad__!~neerad@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:33
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malhpagseddy: there seems to be an existing port for that, last updates in repos are 20 days ago so it's probably active19:39
*** sydney_untangle <sydney_untangle!~sydney@supertux/sydney> has quit IRC (Quit: bbl)19:39
neerad__mal i fixed it just commented the line out19:39
hpagseddyoh thanks:)19:39
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hpagseddyone more question19:39
neerad__mal are you on xda, if so please tell mo your user_id19:40
hpagseddycan i port with arch linux?19:40
malhpagseddy: porting works on any linux19:40
neerad__even windows too19:41
malhpagseddy: everything is done in chroots19:41
hpagseddyok thanks :)19:41
malin windows it might work if you use intall linux to for example virtualbox19:41
neerad__exaclty my point19:42
malneerad__: commented out which line?19:42
neerad__in gst_droid.spec file : droidmedia >= 0.something to droidmedia only19:42
malneerad__: that won't work19:42
neerad__why is that ?19:43
malthen you have api mismatch19:43
malneerad__: why didn't you downgrade the versions as I told you?19:43
neerad__I checked it on github/sailfishos/droidmedia the version is same as mine19:43
neerad__so how did it get droidmedia 0.20something version?19:44
*** sydney_untangle <sydney_untangle!~sydney@supertux/sydney> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:44
neerad__it was commited 8 days ago for fixing the builds, my spec was build perfectly and it was copied to droid-local-repo too19:45
malneerad__: ok, well you can try to see if it works19:45
neerad__even if I don't edit it out , I guess it shouldn't matter. I will test it on my mobile and give back the result19:45
malneerad__: I think the dependency issue might actually again be that the gst-droid depends on the tag, not the version, so the droidmedia package has the correct version only is built on OBS19:47
neerad__I checked it on OBS too it's
neerad__same as mentioned in rpm/dhd/helper package for droidmedia19:50
hpagseddyin the porting document it says 4GB or RAM is required, can i make ports with 3GB RAM?19:50
neerad__the process will be slowed down hpagyseddy19:51
neerad__your computer might hang19:51
hpagseddyis it make a big diffeance?19:51
neerad__mine uses 2-3GB normally on such projects19:51
neerad__and if I run parallel processes it shoots to 5-6GB19:52
neerad__the thing is it wouldn't make a difference untill it doesn't hang up your computer19:52
saidinesh5hpagseddy: it does slow down considerably.. i have 6GB ram and i can notice the difference when the ram is full vs. when the ram is empty19:53
saidinesh5hpagseddy: having an SSD helps quite a bit though19:53
neerad__yeah true that but SSD is costly19:53
neerad__1 TB HDD vs 1TB SSD huge cost difference19:53
saidinesh5does anyone even buy the 1TB SSD?19:54
hpagseddyi have an old computer and it had 500GB HDD19:54
neerad__I usually do it using RAM disks19:54
saidinesh5i use a 256GB SSD for the root partition and 1TB dying hard disk for all other data19:54
malneerad__: I meant if you build the droidmedia package on OBS, which is currently not possible on Mer OBS19:55
neerad__please see the commit and tell me
saidinesh5hpagseddy: make sure the hard disk is in a good condition then. i remember losing a few commits when my hard disk failed in the middle of port19:55
neerad__Hard disk fails never heard of it ...:o19:56
*** Jackneill_ <Jackneill_!~Jackneill@unaffiliated/jackneill> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)19:56
hpagseddyand i had 2GB Linux swap next to 3GB RAM19:56
neerad__swap won't help19:57
saidinesh5it does19:57
hpagseddyOh.. :(19:57
saidinesh5it helps from the processes getting killed19:57
neerad__it's a temporary space on HDD19:57
saidinesh5without swap linux kills off the make processes when the ram is filled19:57
malneerad__: I was talking about version of droidmedia19:57
saidinesh5hpagseddy: there's also zram.. that might help a little19:58
neerad__whenever swap space is filled the computer will naturally be hanging for few secs19:59
neerad__so mal i guess that is for future builds right20:00
neerad__hpagseddy you could use external RAM devices and20:00
malneerad__: that version is for local build, on OBS the version comes from git tags20:00
neerad__I checked OBS too20:01
malneerad__: try to understand, the droidmedia rpms in Mer OBS are not built there, those are locally built rpms uploaded there20:02
neerad__Please explain the whole thing at once,I guess what you are saying is local version is and release version is whatever the commit was done20:03
*** stek29 <stek29!~stek@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)20:03
neerad__and if it was commited to that version, why was it done so?. Knowing that local version is still as given in rpm/dhd/helpers/droidmedia pckg builder20:06
neerad__and local spec file20:07
neerad__I am confused or I am missing some critical info here.20:08
malneerad__: if you build the rpm locally the version comes from spec, when building on OBS version is taken from git tag20:08
malthere is no other way to explain that, it's quite simple20:08
neerad__okay got it20:08
neerad__so why is the git repo commited to according to OBS repo?20:09
malsomeone made a stupid decision to make that depend on git tag20:10
neerad__got it bro sorry for annoying you20:11
malI'll let the developers know about the issue20:11
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:12
neerad__mal: Jolla store seems to be missing many packages. I want to install android apps and I need Aptoide App from Jolla Store>Marketplace20:15
neerad__but Market place is empty?20:15
neerad__Any workaround for this?20:15
neerad__Under Jolla Store20:15
malandroid apps do not work on ported phones20:16
malunless you port the work in progress community android support called sfdroid20:17
neerad__yeah that is seperate20:17
malneerad__: is store really enable for your device already?20:18
neerad__it's working20:19
neerad__actually it was enabled after adeens-s ported it for the very first time20:19
hpagseddyis armv7 and armv7hl same?20:24
neerad__yes hardware wise20:24
neerad__software wise no20:24
malsailfish ports are armv7hl20:24
neerad__your query can be satisfied here20:25
hpagseddycan i port sailfish os on armv7 hardware?20:25
neerad__you have to name it armv7hl or amrv7l or armv7tnhl20:26
malhpagseddy: which device?20:26
*** Jackneill_ <Jackneill_!~Jackneill@unaffiliated/jackneill> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:26
malhpagseddy: just use armv7hl20:26
hpagseddyok thanks :)20:26
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malhpagseddy: if you port that you might want to reuse existing repos in here
malhpagseddy: better would be collaborate with that20:38
hpagseddyhow can i use it?20:40
neerad__as base20:40
*** itbaron <itbaron!~kvirc@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:40
hpagseddyi follow the HADK guide20:41
malhpagseddy: you can use the repos there instead creating new repos in chapter 7.1, also you can use the kernel in there, it is already patched20:43
hpagseddysamsung phones havent fastboot20:44
hpagseddyis the make problem?20:44
neerad__that's a boot image flashing prob20:44
malthen use odin, heimdahl or what it was called20:45
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hpagseddyWhich links am i change in chapter 7.1?20:47
hpagseddy(sorry this is my first port)20:47
neerad__why does samsung use ODIN ? Why not fastboot ?20:48
neerad__proprietary issue?20:48
malneerad__: no idea20:48
neerad__I guess they want their phone to remain locked by bootloader.... Just a thought20:49
*** hpagseddy <hpagseddy!~arch@> has quit IRC (Quit: hpagseddy)20:50
malhpagseddy: just clone the relevant repos from that place, droid-*-i9100g repos20:50
malhoruxan: you need to look at HADK pdf to see there each should go20:50
neerad__mal give me your XDA user_id20:51
neerad__sending you join request by "nrdnandan", pls do accept it20:52
malI have no idea what that means :)20:53
neerad__sneding you frnd req20:53
neerad__I have gotta quote you in case I upload my work20:53
ruthenianboyNeKit: tried to replace binary, tried to run modified init script and no progress.20:54
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ruthenianboyOk guys, I am giving up for today. Spent almost whole day with this :(. Need to find out whats going on after kernel is executed. If someone here is interested or willing to help me, here is console-ramoops and here is dmesg-ramoops-0 . I appreciate any ideas or hint how to proceed. Looks like kernel is not able to load/execute initramfs content. I am porting for aarch6421:06
neerad__mal: soundcard problem persists21:12
neerad__alsa device list : 0 soundcard found21:14
malyes, we heen to look into what is causing that, not now, I need to get some sleep21:14
NeKitruthenianboy, can it be that initramfs is at wrong address?21:18
malneerad__: one thing you could do to help debug the issue is to mask droid-hal-init, then reboot and strace droid-hal-init and see if the output will give any hints, then unmask droid-hal-init so it will run again21:20
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:24
ruthenianboyNeKit: i've rebuilt hybris-recovery image using values from stock boot image, so it should be at proper address now.21:27
ruthenianboymal: no problem. Take your time and have some rest. I am going off now.21:28
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neerad__mal: error can't be located21:54
neerad__mal: also camera is better than before but still not working21:58
neerad__shows black screen21:58
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neerad__can anybody help me with camera and sound error ?22:53
neerad__mal, sledges ?22:53
neerad__audio is still a critical problem since calling won't receive audio22:54
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