Tuesday, 2017-01-31

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dstmHi, I'm wondering how is devel-su different from usual su ?07:47
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sledgesdstm: devel-su acts like sudo when passed a command to it, and as su, when no cmdline arguments08:41
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dstmsledges: thx, so there is no problem if I use sudo(if I want sudo not su) instead?08:45
sledgesdstm: there is no sudo command, neither sudoers file:)08:46
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sledgesunless you add them yourself, and doublecheck that setting password still works via UI08:46
dstm:) hahaha -> "so there is no problem if I use sudo instead", thx08:49
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T4Icyphox was added by: kskarthik09:16
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Entropicis there any news regarding Alien-Dalvik on ported builds?09:29
Entropicor is it plain not going to happen?09:31
TofeEntropic: I'm not sure if that hack has a big future ahead09:34
TheKitpeople at 4PDA managed to launch it at Nexus 4 though09:35
EntropicTofe: But there's no other way for Android apps, then, is there?09:35
TofeEntropic: sfdroid is promosing, though a difficult road09:35
EntropicTheKit: Really, how? It's commercial isn't it?09:35
TheKitby pirating RPM from another device09:36
EntropicSfdroid is a battery burner09:36
TofeTheKit: yes, but I doubt it's even legal, and if it is not then it's not really possible to promote it publicly09:36
EntropicYeah, true.09:36
Entropicbut just between us, we could try ;P09:36
EntropicI've got a hammerhead.09:37
Entropicbut SFOS burns through my battery as is. Any reason why it should do that?09:38
TofeEntropic: something must be waking up the cpu much too often, but I won't be able to tell more09:40
Entropicyeah, I figured that much.09:40
T4<kskarthik> Entropic: use top command & see what's messing with your cpu09:41
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TofeDoes someone here know what was needed to make SFOS work within MultiROM ? Or who did it, eventually ?09:56
Tofe(for mako or hammerhead, for instance)09:56
T4<Icyphox> Didn't that happen LONG back?09:56
T4<Icyphox> This is Entropic, FYI.09:57
TofeNearly one year ago yes09:58
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Entropiccrap, i can't install apkenv.10:11
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stek29monich: in what part of ril_subscription.conf do I add "EmptyConfig=true" ?10:23
monichstek29: once the system boots up to ui, it's easier to debug ofono issues10:24
stek29saidinesh5: yup, android 6 moved to pstore indeed, and looks like it needs CONFIG_PSTORE_FTRACE=y10:26
nh1402Entropic: sfdroid isn't commercial, it's completely open source10:26
saidinesh5stek29: out of curiosity,the PSTORE stores the whole dmesg or just the panicky parts?10:27
nh1402Entropic: alien dalvik is commercial and closed source10:27
nh1402Entropic: feel free to make sfdroid not a battery burner10:27
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nh1402oh I see how it is, as soon as I talk you leave10:28
stek29saidinesh5: idk, it's empty for me, maybe that config option will fix it10:28
stek29huh, I defined EmptyConfig=true, created an ofono.service symlink10:29
stek29and still get endless wheel10:29
stek29maybe something else is causing it10:29
stek29where does SFOS store screenshots btw?10:29
stephgstek29: depends how you take them, usually under /home/nemo/Pictures/ somewhere10:30
monichstek29: btw, which version of ofono are you running?10:30
stek29monich: how do I check it? :D10:31
monichstek29: from the package name?10:31
monichofono-1.19+git4-1.19.1.armv7hl => ofono version 1.19+git410:32
stek29wew, screenshots are working10:32
stek29monich: sure, but how do I get list of packages?10:33
monichthat I don't know :)10:33
stek29I'm very new to it, sorry, started 3 or 4 days ago10:33
monichfrom the build log perhaps10:33
monichif you can't ssh into it10:34
T4<Icyphox> Sorry, nh1042. My phone hung10:35
T4<Icyphox> Had to reboot10:36
T4<Icyphox> And yeah, I know sfdroid is open10:36
T4<Icyphox> nh1042: And the SFOS IRC client sucks.10:37
stek29hm, I actually can run some command and redirect it's output somewhere10:38
stek29So how do I check if ofono is running and what version it is?10:39
stek29and where the hell are logs...10:39
monichstek29: `rpm -q ofono` tells you the version10:39
monichsystemctl status ofono - the status10:40
monichjournalctl -u ofono - messages10:40
monichsystemctl status ofono10:41
monichjournalctl -u ofono10:41
stek29oh, I could just redirect 'journalctl -k' to file!10:43
stek29and no need to mess with pstore10:43
nh1402T4 Icyphox: I am experimenting with something sfdroid related, not sure if it's going to work yet.10:48
stek29monich: ofono-1.17+git36.1-1.48.1.armv7hl10:56
stek29Sailfish ofonod[940]: [grilio] ERROR! Can't connect to RILD: No such file or directory10:57
stek29ok, now I can see logs at least10:57
monichstek29: support for EmptyConfig appeared in ofono-1.17+git37, no wonder that it has no effect10:58
stek29What if I just "systemctl stop ofono" ?11:00
monichstek29: the error means that /dev/socket/rild doesn't exist11:00
monichstek29: try stopping ofono, that may get the ui running11:01
stek29oh wait, I guess the script won't have permissions to do it...11:01
stek29I just deleted ofono.service link from network.target.wants. And still no luck...11:08
stek29It didn't start, but I still have endless spinning wheel11:08
stek29Here's my journalctl log https://paste.fedoraproject.org/541432/61080148/11:11
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monichstek29: what's up with /dev/socket/rild, why it isn't there? that's the socket used by ofono to talk to rild11:12
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stek29"couldn't write 0 to /dev/cpuset/foreground/tasks: No space left on device" -- what's that, huh?11:14
stek29btw, some CGROUPS related configs didn't change when I changed them in defconfig11:30
stek29memory related...11:31
stek29also, looks like droid-hal-init tries to interact with /dev/cpuset/*/mems and cpus, while should interact with cpuset.mems and cpuset.cpus11:33
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stek29this gives me idea that on some devices it's cpus and mems, and on some it's cpuset.cpus and cpuset.memshttps://stackoverflow.com/questions/28348627#comment45457050_2835551611:37
stek29sorry, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/28348627#comment45457050_2835551611:37
stek29> on my setup, I had cpus and mems file instead of cpuset.cpus and cpuset.mems11:38
stek29where are droid-hal-init file sources?11:41
stek29It comes from droid-hal-$DEVICE-date.$PORT_ARCH package according to rpm11:42
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dstmaccording to hadk.pdf droid-configs needs a file COMPOSITOR_CFGS/droid-hal-device.conf. I wondering what is parsing this file? There is no template for it and the docs (hadk.pdf) can get outdated.11:47
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abransonghosalmartin: just been grepping the logs about the android6 camera problem and saw last week's discussion. did you manage to get cameraservice to allow the camera app user in the end?11:49
ghosalmartinabranson, nahh11:49
sledgesdstm: new doc will have references to templates for droid-hal and droid-configs .spec files, but compositor config has been untouched for months if not years :) older devices used to use fbdev, but now hwcomposer is the industry standard. it is parsed by compositor (lipstick), as systemd .service file points to it as Environment file11:50
miau_ghosalmartin: Maybe this could help with our camera problems: https://github.com/LineageOS/android_frameworks_av/commit/3ee08625ac865f5670ce1173f84c058f18e59e5911:50
ghosalmartinmiau_, hmm maybe11:51
abransoni'll see if I can find out where these allowedUsers come from. it sounds like a reasonable security feature...11:54
abransonlooks like android 7 checks the PID too11:54
nh1402miau_: someone was asking yesterday if you've cleaned the cow on the hammerhead11:55
ghosalmartinmiau_, that seems reasonable11:56
sledgeshow did TheKit made his camera work?11:56
TheKitit's MTK11:56
TheKitbut I patched libcameraservice to get rid of user permission check11:57
ghosalmartinTheKit, ah, so that is "feasible"11:57
abransonthere's a CameraService doUserSwitch that sets the currently allowed user: http://androidxref.com/6.0.0_r1/xref/frameworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraService.cpp#159611:57
miau_nh1402: What does clean the cow mean?11:58
miau_abransn: Thanks, i'll take a look at it.11:59
nh1402miau_: does the kernel have the dirty cow vulnerability?12:00
miau_But the first error that returns and is not the same as on pure CM13 is : mct_pipeline_get_stream: no children12:00
miau_nh1402: I don't know, is the bug even usable with SFOS installations?12:01
miau_nh1402: And has google released a patch to fix it?12:02
nh1402miau_: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯12:03
dstmsledges: ty12:03
miau_abranson: What error did you get before fixing CameraService.cpp?12:04
abransonmiau_: this, and I'm still getting it: CameraService: CameraService::connect X (PID 11940) rejected (cannot connect from device user 0, currently allowed device users: )12:04
abransoni wonder if we should be calling that doUserSwitch from droidmedia init.12:05
miau_abranson: Ah, ok, that's the same error i and ghosalmartin get. I just removed the return value in http://androidxref.com/6.0.0_r1/xref/frameworks/av/services/camera/libcameraservice/CameraService.cpp#889 and it continued.12:05
ghosalmartinmiau_, indeed, after that it has buffer issues, so maybe enabling legacy will fix it12:06
miau_ghosalmartin: Could be or it is the buffer thing that the cm14.1 commit mentioned.12:06
miau_And using do UserSwitch would be a nicer way to fix it :-)12:07
dstmmiau_: I was asking about the security stuff yesterday12:07
ghosalmartinmiau_, it could indeed12:07
dstmactually we use 12.1 kernel now12:07
ghosalmartini assume we can enable the legacy encoder?12:07
abransonmiau_: yeah I think i'll have a go at that anyway.12:07
miau_dstm: Wht did you ask? Haven't read channel logs...12:07
dstmand also the userspace blobs are outdated, google fixed like 100 security bugs last year12:08
miau_abranson: Cool!12:08
dstmfor hammerhead12:08
ghosalmartinmiau_, what os is that for? cm13 or cm14?12:08
dstmI was asking if we should try to use a newer kernel for hammerhead because of security12:09
dstmbut there are also a lot of security issues with the old userspace blobs in 12.112:09
miau_dstm:Which kernel version would you use?12:10
dstmmiau_: latest, if u want security :)12:11
miau_That would be 3.4.12:11
dstmbut u have to update userpace for it12:11
dstmI mean lineageos 14.1 with all patches12:12
dstmbut as I see now u're trying to rebase on cm1312:12
dstmthat's much better than the old 12.112:13
dstmcm13 has been updated (kernel and userspace) not to long ago12:13
miau_dstm: mal started working on cm14.1 hybris, but i think this will take some time.12:15
ghosalmartinmiau_, think that commit would be a nice easy cherry-pick?12:15
miau_ghosalmartin: Tried it, didn't work. Maybe i'll do it by hand tonight.12:16
miau_dstm: CM13 is nearly done, only the camera isn't working. And sfdroid.12:16
dstmcm13 is fine, since it's has like 100 security fixes compared to 12.1 in it12:16
ghosalmartinmiau_, well we don't care about stuff like camera server atm12:17
miau_ghosalmartin: ?12:17
ghosalmartinmiau_, we just need the changes to the libcameraservice12:17
dstmmiau_: are u this? https://github.com/mautz-kernel/12:17
miau_ghosalmartin: Yes, but it mentioned another patch which is related to buffers.12:18
miau_dstm: Yes.12:18
miau_ghosalmartin: This is the error im getting once with the fixed device user libcameraservice: mct_pipeline_get_stream: no children12:19
dstmmiau_: is it up to date?12:19
miau_dstm: No it's a fork of RealJohnGalts kernel he used for his port.12:20
ghosalmartinmiau_, let me get my phone out12:20
stek29huh, I have /dev/cpuset/*/cpus in CM and /dev/cpuset/*/cpuset.cpus in SFOS12:21
malmiau_: hybris-14.1 is partially working, graphics work in test_hwcomposer but no UI yet12:21
ghosalmartinmal: whats the issue?12:21
malghosalmartin: lipstick crashes12:22
malghosalmartin: not sure if some linker issue or what, need to debug12:22
ghosalmartinmal: ahhh :/12:22
dstmmiau_: if you have some time, can u upload your cm13 hammerhead-[config/hal/version] pls, so I can build and look into camera12:22
ghosalmartinmal: I might have to move to cm14 anyway since cm13 is being a pain to boot12:23
miau_I see, if we have the camera issue fixed, we can directly start with a cm14.1 port :-D12:23
malghosalmartin: need to cleanup the changes to android repos12:24
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dstmor is there nothing special about cm13 branch? So that I can simply setup hammerhead-[config/hal/version] like it is described in hadk.pdf12:27
miau_dstm: I don't think there something special. I'm trying to update my repos on github.12:28
dstmmiau_: ty12:29
ghosalmartinmal: does the above commit providing legacy support for codecs ease some of the issues?12:36
ghosalmartinor is it better to use the new codecs to stay inline12:36
ghosalmartinhmm odd, in developer options I cant see wlan ip address12:38
*** toomin <toomin!~HoopyFroo@unaffiliated/toomin> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:39
malghosalmartin: what commit?12:41
ghosalmartinmal: https://github.com/LineageOS/android_frameworks_av/commit/3ee08625ac865f5670ce1173f84c058f18e59e5912:42
*** neerad <neerad!~neerad@> has joined #sailfishos-porters12:42
malghosalmartin: the issue in droidmedia for 14.1 is that they completely dropped the codecs we have been using12:44
ghosalmartinmal: ah, fudge12:44
malso I need to figure out how to implement new ones, will look into that after graphics are working12:45
miau_dstm: Ok, i updated my repos on github.12:46
ghosalmartinmiau_, am getting this atm https://dpaste.de/uFLt12:47
ghosalmartinbut ive moved to the latest upstream libhybris12:47
dstmmiau_: ty12:47
miau_ghosalmartin: I don't even get to the v4l2 part, but since we don't use the same phones, maybe its handled different by the driver.12:48
ghosalmartinmiau_, maybe12:48
miau_ghosalmartin: Ah it's sailfishlog...do you have a logcat?12:48
ghosalmartinmiau_, logcat seems sane now12:49
miau_dstm: I haven't cleaaned up the mess i made the last days, so i don't know if everything works right now, but you'll will see :-P12:49
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ghosalmartinmiau_, https://dpaste.de/VFD012:49
miau_ghosalmartin: That's not about camera.12:50
ghosalmartinmiau_, it occurs when I open camera12:50
ghosalmartinnothing else is shown12:50
miau_What is the output of logcat | grep camera ?12:51
miau_dstm: Maybe you'll find a fix for our bt sleep problem. It still occurs on cm13.12:52
miau_dstm: And if you want to build gst-droid revert the last three commits or use my fork.12:53
dstmI'll look into it, I read about the wakelock problem yesterday12:54
miau_dstm: Seems to be a common problem on the Nexus devices.12:56
miau_dstm: There is a patch on francos kernel, i'm not sure atm if i tried it already.12:57
miau_dstm: If nothing helps the qml files in sailfisos settings should be changed to use my scripts to turn bt on and off, but i have no knowledge about qml.12:57
ghosalmartinmiau_, nothing at all :/12:58
ghosalmartinill install old libhybris and see12:58
miau_ghosalmartin: Sounds like camera-daemon isn't running at all.12:59
ghosalmartinhmm its started fine13:01
miau_ghosalmartin: Is there an output if you restart ist?13:02
ghosalmartinmiau_, am checking that now13:03
ghosalmartinmiau_, http://pastebin.com/k40XPyH013:04
miau_ghosalmartin: I'll take a look later, gotta go back to work.13:08
miau_Bye everyone.13:08
ghosalmartinmiau_, sames, todays release day :P13:09
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Nokiusghosalmartin: release day of the ios app15:04
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ghosalmartinNokius, android and ios here15:04
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Nokiuswoop good luck15:04
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ghosalmartincheers, to you too15:05
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Nokiusghosalmartin: just fixing stuff ...15:06
ghosalmartinNokius, same :P15:06
Nokiusghosalmartin: I hope not a mess as I do ...15:07
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hpagseddycan anybody tell how am i solve this problem https://paste.fedoraproject.org/541727/86189148/18:10
ghosalmartinhpagseddy, dont use generic18:11
ghosalmartinbreakfast $DEVICE18:11
ghosalmartinand is your device added in fix mountpoints18:11
*** drFaustroll <drFaustroll!~drFaustro@opensuse/member/ealin> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:12
hpagseddybreakfast: command not found? what?18:13
malhpagseddy: did you run source "build/envsetup.sh"18:14
hpagseddywait a minute18:15
malhpagseddy: oops, is should be "source build/envsetup.sh"18:17
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)18:17
hpagseddymal: ok now error is changed :)18:18
malhpagseddy: so first that, then breakfast $DEVICE and then make hybris-hal18:18
hpagseddyok i made this things18:19
hpagseddymal: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/541731/14858867/18:19
malhpagseddy: you are missing libscrypt, you need to enable that in manifest18:21
hpagseddymal: how am i do this18:21
malhpagseddy: add this to local manifest  <project path="external/scrypt" name="platform/external/scrypt" groups="pdk" remote="aosp" revision="refs/tags/android-4.4.4_r2" />18:23
malhpagseddy: then repo sync external/scrypt and make hybris-hal18:24
hpagseddymal: i got this https://paste.fedoraproject.org/541735/88723414/18:27
malhpagseddy: edit system/vold/vold.c and remove argc and argv from line 19, only that, nothing else18:30
hpagseddymal: then repo sync?18:30
maljust make hybris-hal again18:32
hpagseddyshould i delete the ** from line 19?18:32
malhpagseddy: repo sync is run only if you modifry manifests18:32
mallike I said, only the strings I mentioned, nothing else18:32
hpagseddyok i got it :)18:33
hpagseddymal: oh god.. https://paste.fedoraproject.org/541738/88766014/18:34
malhpagseddy: change the line 19 to have only this: int main() {18:37
hpagseddymal: http://chopapp.com/#4ftbzhsl18:40
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malhpagseddy: copy this to system/vold https://paste.fedoraproject.org/541743/14858882/ with filename vold.patch and then "patch -p1 < vold.patch"18:44
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hpagseddymal: is this ok http://chopapp.com/#hdzh1u6118:48
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hpagseddyafter make hybris-hal i got his mal: http://chopapp.com/#om663ks19:03
neeraddon't ask me I am not even going to reply.19:04
*** neerad <neerad!~neerad@> has left #sailfishos-porters ("Leaving")19:06
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malhpagseddy: run sudo apt-get install unzip19:13
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:14
hpagseddymal: then make?19:15
hpagseddymal: http://chopapp.com/#qcnj6zs119:18
malhmm, the previous command should have fixed that19:20
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)19:20
hpagseddyi install the unzip19:20
malhpagseddy: show more of the output before that, you should see some command19:21
*** ruthenianboy <ruthenianboy!55d882fa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:21
malhpagseddy: the command that fails19:22
ruthenianboygood evening guys19:22
hpagseddyit's night dude :)19:24
hpagseddymal: this is my first port19:24
malhpagseddy: I asked for more output19:25
ruthenianboyhpagseddy: it is hard to to greet people at night :)19:25
hpagseddymal: oooh.. sorry, my english is not good :)19:25
*** wdehoog <wdehoog!a39ed8fe@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:26
hpagseddyruthenianboy :)19:26
wdehooghi, I want to add a define for building the android files but where shoul I add it?19:27
hpagseddymal: http://chopapp.com/#iexd5rfu19:27
wdehoogI added QCOM_BSP_LEGACY := 1 to device/oneplus/bacon/BoardConfig.mk but it does not seem to work19:28
ruthenianboyI was able to solve my issue with ramdisk finally. I had to debug kernel operation myself and it was not so easy due to lack of knowledge. It was caused by one built-in kernel function which was looking for file in ramdisk which was missing. And it was causing crash however it should warn only. I assume it a bug19:30
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malhpagseddy: run java -jar /home/arch/mer/android/droid/out/host/linux-x86/framework/dumpkey.jar build/target/product/security/testkey.x509.pem build/target/product/security/cm.x509.pem build/target/product/security/cm-devkey.x509.pem build/target/product/security/bacon.x509.pem > /home/arch/mer/android/droid/out/target/product/i9100g/obj/PACKAGING/ota_keys_intermediates/keys19:40
hpagseddymal: is this a one line command?19:40
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:43
hpagseddymal: https://paste.fedoraproject.org/541756/91802148/19:43
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:43
malhpagseddy: did you try to run make again?19:49
hpagseddymal: no19:49
malhpagseddy: that command is expected to fail but hopefully it created an empty target file19:49
hpagseddymal: wow its making something :)19:53
*** miau__ <miau__!~miau@55d4030e.access.ecotel.net> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:34
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TofeFor hammerhead with cm12.1, there is no more recent build than the alpha1 released some time ago ?20:50
Tofeanyway, I just wanna play with sensors, I don't need a recent version.20:51
miau_Tofe: There is a newer version, the link is anywhere in the 12.1 thread on tmo.20:52
miau_Tofe: What do you wanna try with the sensors?20:52
TofeI want to debug my crash with sensors on luneos ;)20:52
miau_Whats luneos?20:53
Tofewebos, ported to "newer" devices20:53
miau_Tofe: Nice!20:53
hpagseddymal: it worked! Thanks21:00
hpagseddyafter hours of making :)21:00
hpagseddymal: Should i make kernel config?21:01
hpagseddyon chapter 5.4.121:01
Nokiushpagseddy: yes this is need to boot into SFOS21:02
malhpagseddy: if you used the manifest I gave then you don't need it, I think I made you use this kernel https://github.com/bneo99/android_kernel_samsung_t121:02
hpagseddymal: what should i do now?21:02
malhpagseddy: please check local manifest for kernel repo21:03
hpagseddyyes i used this kernel21:03
Tofeok it's the same status for SFOS and for me: test_sensors crashes.21:03
miau_Tofe: Flash the sensors zipfile from tmo thread and try again.21:04
miau_Tofe: Sensors are working.21:04
hpagseddymal: this is my local manifest http://chopapp.com/#1bo252nw21:04
wdehooghow can I build droimedia locally? there is a file called rpm/dhd/helpers/droidmedia-localbuild.spec but how to use it?21:05
Tofemiau_: I'd like it to work without that hack...21:05
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:05
miau_Tofe: I wouldn't call it a hack. But sensors also work without sensors zip, if i remember correctly.21:06
malhpagseddy: is the revision on line <project path="kernel/samsung/t1" name .. hybris-11.0?=21:06
Tofemiau_: yes that's what I heard too here, that's why I wanted to compare logs with SFOS on hammerhead with LuneOS... I'll try to find the newest build and flash it21:07
malhpagseddy: ok, then kernel config changes should not be needed21:07
miau_Tofe, the newest build has the same base, means it has the same sensors files.21:07
hpagseddymal: should am i make contribute mods back21:09
*** pseudodev <pseudodev!uid205973@gateway/web/irccloud.com/x-paixsajhvugcnzeg> has quit IRC (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)21:09
Tofemiau_: ah ok... well then, the status is that sensors need the sensors.zip addition to work.21:09
malhpagseddy: not needed21:10
Tofesensorfwd just keeps crashing on the version I just flashed (alpha1).21:10
hpagseddymal: is chapter 5.5 needed?21:10
miau_Tofe: Flash the sensors fix and see if it starts working.21:10
Tofemiau_: yes yes, I'm sure of that, but I didn't read the whole sensors.zip thread yet, and I want to better understand how the fix works21:11
malhpagseddy: that is to help with problems building, but you already finished the build successfully so not needed21:12
miau_Tofe: It's only the sensors lib from another device(i think from onyx) and a modified sensors config file, nothing else.21:12
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hpagseddymal: should i set up scratchbox2?21:13
Tofemiau_: oh, ok, I thought there was more. Then it's pretty simple indeed.21:13
malhpagseddy: yes21:14
malhpagseddy: just continue with the instructions21:14
hpagseddymal: but this is on MERSDK, right?21:14
malhpagseddy: yes, you need to exit the habuild_sedk21:14
hpagseddyokay thanks21:15
minimecmiau_: Hi. I am looking for a bluetooth toggle solution. Looks like we had the same idea with modified bluetooth qml files. Unfortunately I have no experience with qml, but it seems 'doable'.21:15
miau_minimec: I also have no knowledge about qml. For sure its doable, the Sailfish utilities for example also use bash scripts.21:16
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:16
r0kk3rzminimec: do you know how the bt toggles? like what file to write to?21:16
miau_minimec: Any difference in battery usage with sleep mode enabled?21:17
miau_r0kk3rz: You can send dbus command to connman.21:17
minimecmiau_: I am playing around a lot, but I but there is certainly a good progress.21:18
r0kk3rzah its dbus command21:18
r0kk3rzperfectly doable from qml if you wanted to21:19
miau_r0kk3rz: and we need the command echo 1 > /proc/bluetooth/sleep/lpm to get executed.21:19
minimecmiau_: r0kk3rz: It looks like you have to 'import Mer.Cutes 1.1' and and 'request' a script function from a seperate file (tools.js). I think I got the tools.js and the bt-toggle.sh right, but I still struggle with the request in EnableSwitch.qml.21:20
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miau_minimec: You are way further implenting this than i am :-D21:21
r0kk3rzminimec: is this in the settings ui? as well as the quick menu?21:21
miau_r0kk3rz: This is the complete command: dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=net.connman /net/connman/technology/bluetooth net.connman.Technology.SetProperty string:"Powered" variant:boolean:false && echo 1 > /proc/bluetooth/sleep/lpm21:21
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:21
minimecr0kk3rz: You need to modify both: bluetoothSettings.qml and EnableSwitch.qml, to be able to able to toggle in the settings and on the event screen.21:23
minimecmiau_: r0kk3rz: So these are the two files that should be ok. tools.js: http://pastebin.com/Mi3Nfad2 bt-toggle.sh http://pastebin.com/Qqdq1RG421:26
miau_minimec: I'll test them, wait a moment.21:27
r0kk3rzminimec: why arent you just altering the bt-toggle.sh? seems to be what you want21:27
miau_minimec: Ah, you don't know how to call this from the qml files?21:28
r0kk3rzoh, this is your construction21:28
minimecr0kk3rz: As far as I understand, you cannot call a bash script or command directly in the qml file. And it seems in the original files, the 'toggle' is done in a method, imported form some other place, as far as I understand.21:29
minimecmiau_: Exactly.21:29
miau_minimec: Have you looked at the files of the sailfish utilities?21:29
r0kk3rzminimec: honestly i would expect this to be wrapped in a systemd unit, you shouldnt have to hack the UI at all21:30
minimecmiau_: Nope. I found the 'tor-settings' by 'coderus'. So a lot is based on his solution.21:30
minimecr0kk3rz: I could do that, but that would mean that we have to 'toggle' with a launcher file, and the 'usability' is not the same.21:31
minimecmiau_: I will have a look at the 'sailfish utilities' files.21:32
r0kk3rzminimec: not as such, i mean thats how the stock one will be designed, the jolla guys are usually pretty good at creating interfaces for things21:32
minimecr0kk3rz: I don't understand what you mean by that.21:33
r0kk3rzminimec: so its more a case of finding out what that interface is, and where it needs to be implemented21:33
r0kk3rzi would be surprised if you need to hack the UI21:33
minimecr0kk3rz: As far as I understand the toggle method comes from 'Sailfish.Bluetooth 1.0' or 'Meego.Connman 0.2' that are imported @ the beginning of the EnableSwitch.qml21:35
minimecr0kk3rz: I could be wrong though... ;)21:35
r0kk3rzminimec: check /lib/systemd/system theres 3 bluetooth unit files, one for init21:36
ruthenianboymal: how could I after init_enter_debug2 debug which part of system is causing hang?21:36
malruthenianboy: what hang?21:36
miau_r0kk3rz: We cannot stop the systemd bluetooth init service, or we can stop it, but we can not start it again.21:38
r0kk3rzmiau_: that init service is just a bash script21:38
miau_r0kk3rz: Our problem is that the bluetooth device(msm_serial_hs_dma) is causing wakelocks which never lets the phone enter sleep mode. So we need to echo the command in /proc to stop the wakelocks wehen bt is disabled.21:39
minimecr0kk3rz: I searched the whole filesystem for bluetooth related files and also looked @these in /lib/systemd/system. I don't think that these files will be part of the solution. Also we have hciattach.service on the Nexus5, related to bluetooth.21:40
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:40
miau_minimec: Have you tried enabling lpm when bluetooth is on? Does it still work?21:40
r0kk3rzminimec: yeah you could be right, maybe the bit you need to hack is in a proprietary lib which would suck21:40
miau_r0kk3rz: No, the real problem is this stupid bug in android :-D21:41
minimecmiau_: r0kk3rz: We could even go further and try to use systemd 'timer', and look for connected devices. If there is none, we could even put bluetooth in sleepmode, when the adapter is activated.21:42
minimecmiau_: r0kk3rz: Like everytime screen on/off check for connected bluetooth devices...21:42
r0kk3rzmiau_: of course, but im sure jolla have programmed in certain device specific frig points because thats just the nature of the beast21:43
miau_r0kk3rz: minimec: We also could set the display to always on, then the wakelocks also stop :D21:43
minimecmiau_: Oh... I forgot that simple and obvious solution... ;)21:44
miau_minimec: Do connected bluetooth devices get populated in /dev?21:44
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miau_minimec: The bug is still present in cm13...21:44
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:44
minimecmiau_: I never checked that, but you can check for connected devices with 'connmanctl'21:45
ruthenianboymal: it is hanging at splash so I touch init_enter_debug2 to stop systemd. Ofono masking did not help21:45
miau_minimec: I think systemd solution doesn't work, since bt cannot started with lpm set to 1.21:46
malruthenianboy: you mean graphics fail completely?21:46
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miau_minimec: Maybe this culd help, to get rid of the problem completely: https://github.com/franciscofranco/hammerhead/commit/46b806e4d034b7819eaa233e7459add881eb4a86     https://github.com/franciscofranco/hammerhead/commit/6d4c0c735745d38871b77cfe88f28820874c9b6221:47
ruthenianboymal: during boot it will print splash logo(CM logo) which is animated but stop at some point. Ofono is masked so wanted to know what steps I could do next to troubleshoot issue21:49
*** caprico_ <caprico_!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:49
minimecmiau_: Oh. Maybe... Well you're the kernel hacker. I just 'clone' your sources... ;)21:50
malruthenianboy: logs needed21:51
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minimecmiau_: By the way. Would we be allowed to link some 'old' cyanogen ports from a different download link in the talk.maemo thread. Because right now, as the cm12.1 image is not available anymore, people cannot install SailfishOS on their phones...21:53
ruthenianboymal: what logs? BTW I am loosing telnet connection during boot21:54
minimecmiau_: I can write a systemd service and set 'lpm' to '1'. I already do that...21:54
r0kk3rzminimec: ok new idea, i think what you need is a udev rule21:55
malruthenianboy: dmesg, systemctl, journalctl, logcat is possible21:55
miau_minimec: But how do you enable bt then?21:55
minimecmiau_: with my bt-toggle.sh21:55
minimecmiau_: or your bt-on.sh21:55
ruthenianboymal: I am loosing connection once boot is initiated after switch so how could I obtain logs?21:56
miau_minimec: Ah, sure. But it would be much more userfriendly if the bt stuff could be turned n and off the normal way.21:56
malruthenianboy: does the device stay on or reboot to some debug mode?21:57
miau_minimec: Why not post the link? But have you tested the cm version if it works?21:57
malruthenianboy: journal log can be made persistent21:57
minimecr0kk3rz: So you mean a udev rule that does, 'whenever some bluetooth device wants to connect, set "lpm=0, otherwise "lpm=1"'? I would have to look into that.21:57
miau_r0kk3rz: How whould this work?21:57
ruthenianboymal: ah, you are right. Will try. Sorry for stupid question.21:58
r0kk3rzminimec: you'd have to figure out which kernel event you could hook into, but yeah something like that22:00
minimecmiau_: I just add that to the exiting 'cpu-governor'-service, I wrote. The code is available in the talk.maemo thread. I will probably add a specific bt-toggle.service, in case we want to play around with systemd timers.22:00
miau_minimec: r0kk3rz: But how could a kenel event occur if a device wants to connect when bt is off?22:01
minimecr0kk3rz: I have some experience with udev rules, using them on my desktop. But normally these are for USB devices that I can exactly identify with their BUS ID.22:02
minimecr0kk3rz: Device ID, not BUS ID....22:02
r0kk3rzmiau_: so the BT doesnt toggle at all with the current switch?22:03
miau_mal: Is the libcameraservice.so /usr/libexec/droid/system/lib differnt to the one in /system/lib?22:04
miau_r0kk3rz: No, it cannot be turned on with lpm set to 1.22:04
malmiau_: probably yes22:05
miau_r0kk3rz: Maybe there is a better solution, but i didn*t find any documentation about the proc variables anywhere.22:05
miau_mal: What gets changed?22:05
malmiau_: https://github.com/mer-hybris/android_frameworks_av/commit/a1c83157ab3e3cff9b0380e22836bece54e9134a22:05
r0kk3rzmiau_: ah ok, so its a pre-enable frig22:06
miau_r0kk3rz: Yes, thats why we wanted to alter the UI.22:07
miau_mal: Thanks.22:09
r0kk3rzmiau_: minimec you'd probably be better talking to spiiroin i think, he might know the best place to run the script22:14
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minimecr0kk3rz: Thx for the suggestion. I will first try to search the net a little bit more.22:18
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r0kk3rzminimec: yeah, the jolla guys are usually pretty helpful though to point you in the right direction22:20
r0kk3rzyou could hack the UI, but thats a bit of a nasty solution imo22:20
hpagseddymal: i downloaded the tarball of scratchbox2 but when the download is complete, terminal closes itself22:24
minimecmiau_: I just had a look at these 'sailfish-utilities' files. I don't get where and how they call these scripts... So they have the MainPage.qml which points to ActionList.qml which is again related to /plugins/* ... But where do they call restart_network.sh as example? I don't get it...22:35
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miau_minimec: That was my problem too :-D22:36
minimecmiau_: That's why I prefer the solution 'coderus' uses... https://github.com/CODeRUS/jolla-settings-tor-button/tree/master/settings22:37
ruthenianboymal: here is dumped journal https://paste.ee/p/t9UQn22:38
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neeradmal ?22:44
ruthenianboyit looks like many many things are failing in my port right now. This will be very long journey :D22:58
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miau_minimec: If nothing helps, we could start a new thread on tmo.22:59
minimecmiau_: Still... Where do you download the cyanogenmod image? The old servers are down and the community doesn't provide any new links. Are they not allowed to do so?23:03
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miau_minimec: Which image?23:04
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minimecmiau_: As example.. I wanted do download an old OnePlus One image. I wanted to try CONFIG_BT_HCISMD in comopbination with hci_qcomm_init init.bluetooth.sh. It is hard to find the image the OnePlus One porters use. The same with the image we use. It's hard to find on the net...23:12
minimecmiau_: In the end I used the files from the LineageOS port for the OnePlus One...23:13
miau_minimec: Isn't our 12.1 port image on mediafire? Other images are hard to get, sometimes the cyanogenmod mirrors work...a couple of days ago they did.23:14
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minimecmiau_: You are right. The link is a mediafire link. Good. :)23:16
miau_minimec: I had to modify the updater-script in the original image before installing it, maybe the 12.1 image is also altered.23:17
minimecmiau_: Ok. I see.23:19
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