Friday, 2017-02-03

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spiiroinminimec: polling wakelocks sounds like a dreadful idea, but if it works ... what are the conditions you're waiting for - maybe there is some cleaner way to evaluate those06:38
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minimecspiiroin: Hi. I agree it's a dreadful idea, and there is surely a more elegant way, as I am a 'hobby coder'. I will do a post in the 'Nexus5 CM12' thread on talk.maemo today.09:07
minimecspiiroin: Here's the idea: If there is a change in the wakelock file, check if the display is on and it is not only the lpm notification screen. If screen is on, set '/proc/bluetooth/sleep/lpm=0' and set a lock so that the sctipt cannot be triggered for the next 2 minutes. After two minutes, check if there is a connected bluetooth device. Otherwise set 'lpm=1'. That's basically it.09:08
minimecspiiroin: Over night (8 hours) the script was triggered about 350(!) times, so it is a dreadful idea to monitor '/sys/power/wake_lock', and still... I only lost 5% of battery in 8 hours over night with LTE/Wifi/BT on. So the script seems to do the job.09:08
spiiroinminimec: do note that the "display_on" wakelock is unfortunate naming mishap that does not necessarily mean that the display is on...09:11
spiiroinminimec: if actual display state is what you need -< display state changes are reported on dbus -> you can just listen to signals from mce09:12 &
spiiroinminimec: to get an idea how it works you can run "dbus-monitor --system" in shell and do few display power on/off cycles etc09:16
minimecspiiroin: Oh. THX. I will have a look at that. That would actually help a lot.09:16
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dstm'13234 pts/0    Rl+   62:04 /usr/bin/qemu-arm-static /usr/bin/statefs register /usr/lib/statefs/ --statefs-type=qt5 --system' About 1h, what is doing in this step?09:27
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dstmNot sure if it hangs. This is the corresponding shell output: Trying to dump qt5 provider "/usr/lib/statefs/" Qt5 loader: loading /usr/lib/statefs/libprovider-mce.so09:45
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ruthenianboyhello. It is possible to run droid-hal-init in debug mode? just want to see what droid-hal-init doing for troubleshooting purpose. I know i can strace it, but prefer more friendly way like -x option in bash10:27
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abransonsort of progress:  CameraService: Permission Denial: cannot send updates to camera service about system events from pid=0, uid=10000010:45
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spiiroinminimec: just occurred to me that what you need to do is similar to nexus4 hack that restarts sensord based on display state. code is here ->
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minimecspiiroin: Thanks. Lokint @ that too.11:30
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hpagseddyanybody can help me how to fix that error
hpagseddyand this is /home/arch/mer/android/droid/hybris/mw/sensorfw.log
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malhpagseddy: looks like some network issue maybe, try again11:42
hpagseddymal: ok11:43
hpagseddymal: and ill solved the repo issue yesterday using repo sync :)11:43
malhpagseddy: how?11:44
hpagseddyill add the <project path="hybris/droid-hal-version-i9100g" name="bneo99/droid-hal-version-i9100g" revision="master" /> and repo sync11:45
hpagseddymal: not "repo sync --fetch-submodules"11:47
hpagseddymal: i got this again
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abransonaha minimedia was allowed to set it. my droidmedia branch now passes the camera permissions test. after that it got really upset though ;)13:11
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pi_____whats the recomended (not very expensive :P) device for using with sfos ?13:27
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pi_____ Reboot after clean install (twrp flashing) is needed. Do not enable wifi, mac address is wrong. this means wifi is not working ? or only after first boot?13:32
miau_abranson: Thanks for your work on droidmedia!!13:35
miau_abranson: Hope you'll find a fix for the permission denied error.13:35
abransonit thought it would be better than having to snip out those checks. plus there may more more impact that we haven't see yet13:35
abransonmiau_: i did - minimedia is allowed to set it13:36
miau_abranson: Output is a lot different than with only the check removed.13:36
abransoni allow users 0 and 1 - for some reason nemo is seen as user 113:36
abransoncouldn't run mk-cam-conf without adding 0 too though, which means root is detected properly13:36
abransonmiau_: is it? there's a lot of output!13:37
abransonhaven't seen where it's going wrong yet...13:37
miau_abranson: You have already fixed the permission denied cannot send updates error?13:37
abransonyes. originally i put the call in droid_media_init, but that didn't have permission. i moved it to when the CameraService is started in minimedia and it went through fine13:38
miau_abranson: With the check removed, there were lots of buffer erors and camera app freezed and the camera deamon restarted.13:38
miau_abranson: Have you pushed this to your git? Ust build your version last night.13:38
abransonyes. just fixed it this mornign13:39
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abransonthis might be where i'm going wrong: mk-cam-conf[23849]: GLIB CRITICAL ** GStreamer - Registering meta implementation 'NemoGstBufferOrientationMeta' without init function13:40
miau_abranson: Nice, then i'll have something to do tonight :)13:40
miau_abranson: I'll see what happens on the N5 tonight and save some logs. Thank you.13:41
abransonyw. sorry it was only half done last night. did it build ok?13:42
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miau_abranson: Yes, no errors. Only the version check in gst-droid had to be removed to get gst-droid working.13:44
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miau_abranson: Finally i see a working camera at the horizon :D13:45
hpagseddymiau_: can you help me the repo error13:50
hpagseddyand this is /home/arch/mer/android/droid/hybris/mw/sensorfw.log
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kimmolipi_____: wifi is working, but on first boot after flashing MAC addresses (BT and WIFI) are wrong. they will change to correct ones after first reboot.14:04
kimmolithis is propably due some systemd timing issue, which i was not able to figure out, so for now it will be like this14:05
miau_hpagseddy: Maybe the repository was down. Its up now, try again.14:06
dstmmiau_: hi14:07
miau_dstm: Hi14:07
dstmmiau_: on cm13 now, seems to work fine14:07
miau_dstm: I know ;-)14:07
dstmanimation are not that fluid as in cm12.1 but it's only a small difference14:08
miau_dstm: Mhh, i think its smoother.14:10
dstmmiau_: I'm on abranson droidmedia, yesterdays version. I'm not sure how I would rebuild a new version and put it on the device without reflashing14:10
miau_dstm: I'm too. I think you could just rebuild and install the rpms.14:11
miau_dstm: droidmedia and gst-droid rpms.14:11
miau_dstm: minimec is working on a workaround for the bt issue.14:12
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hpagseddyanybody can help please?14:13
dstmmiau_: right, I saw it14:13
miau_hpagseddy: Try again, maybe the repo was down.14:13
hpagseddyi tried 4 times miau_:14:13
miau_I cloned it a minute ago.14:14
hpagseddymiau_: maybe if i use VPN it will change?14:14
miau_Or clone it manually in the android_root/hybris/mw directory.14:14
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hpagseddyoh thanks thats more easy :)14:18
miau_Back to work...bye14:19
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dstmmiau_: whats the exact problem with bluetooth? what happens if u enable lpm all the time?14:22
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Mister_Magisterkimmoli: ping14:25
Mister_Magisterjusa_: ping14:26
kimmoliMister_Magister: pong14:33
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: hello can you help me with fm/bluetooth? in fm i can only hear my microphone14:33
kimmoliyou start iris as module?14:34
kimmolican you hear radio if you toggle speaker/headphones?14:35
Mister_Magisteryes, when i toggle to speaker i can only har my microphone14:36
JvD_I guess this ssh session is alive14:43
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: ?14:45
kimmoliMister_Magister: sorry, i'm too busy at work to concentrate on additional things. Look onyx issues on my gihtub, there are some fm related ones14:46
Mister_Magisterkimmoli: okay okay no problem i understand :)14:46
hpagseddycan anybody tell how to fix that error
malkimmoli: I already told him about the policy fix that should have fixed that microphone issue14:49
malkimmoli: if I understood that issue correctly14:49
hpagseddymal: can you help me
malhpagseddy: sorry, busy at work14:51
hpagseddymal: ok14:52
malhpagseddy: what did you do to get that error? did you modify some file?14:52
dstmhpagseddy: how did u download sensorfw? did u a git clone...?14:52
hpagseddymal: no i download manually14:53
malhpagseddy: why?14:53
hpagseddygit clone get error14:53
malhpagseddy: you need to update submodule14:53
dstmhpagseddy: this is why it fails14:53
malhpagseddy: the one in rpm/dhd14:53
dstmhpagseddy: it says it's not a git repository14:53
hpagseddymal: how to do this14:55
malhpagseddy: assuming you used the repo from bneo99 that should not be needed14:55
malhpagseddy: there is no need to manually download any repos14:56
saidinesh5 seems useful even for us btw.14:56
Mister_Magistereverybody is at work :/14:57
saidinesh5or nevermind... it looks windows only14:58
saidinesh5Mister_Magister: or at fossdem :P14:58
hpagseddymal: but how to fix14:58
malhpagseddy: just remove the hybris/mw/sensorfw and build normally using build_packages.sh14:58
malsaidinesh5: but such an issue should not even exist, they are doing something wrong if they a git repo of 270 GB, have they never heard of splitting to multiple packages/repos14:59
saidinesh5mal: or just lots of blobs in the 270GB?15:00
malcould be, but still that is a lot15:00
hpagseddymal: if i remove it says
saidinesh5mal: technically speaking, for us - repo status can still take 10 minutes15:01
saidinesh5be it in a single git repo or an array of git repos15:01
saidinesh5can still take/definitely takes on my 5400RPM hdd15:01
malhpagseddy: skip all other packages than that sensorfw15:03
hpagseddymal: ok ill try15:04
ruthenianboymal: hello. Is there some other way then strace to debug droid-hal-init execution.  I was looking in journal and I would like to know from which part some messages come from.15:05
malhpagseddy: verify that your rpm/dhd/helpers/ contains
malruthenianboy: you really should figure out how to fix the telnet15:05
ruthenianboymal: telnet is working after i patched init.rc as advised yesterday. Now want to fix the rest...and also to understand background of droid-hal-init execution.15:07
malruthenianboy: didn't strace reveal anything?15:09
hpagseddymal: yes  rpm/dhd/helpers/ contains
hpagseddymal: but still get that error15:14
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hpagseddyanybody can solved this problem15:46
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ruthenianboymal: just asking for other options if any. Will check strace at evening. Brief looking in journal revealed there are many cgroup related errors15:51
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divis1969I'm trying to build ofono locally and it fails:
divis1969how can I fix it?16:08
monichdivis1969: install libmce-glib-devel package e.g. from here:16:14
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divis1969monich: do I have to enter sb2 environment and zypper in libmce-glib-devel ?16:24
monichdivis1969: possibly :)16:26
monicheveryone's environment is slightly different16:26
monichbut that might work16:26
monichzypper refresh might be needed too16:27
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monichdivis1969: fwiw, when I need to build the ofono binary, I enter sb2 env, run autoreconf -fi; then configure with the right options e.g. from here:16:32
monichand then you can edit the sources and run make as many times as you like16:32
monichalthough I don't insist that this is the best way16:32
monicheverything can be done in so many different ways16:32
divis1969well, I've tried first add the repo for this package. I supposed I need to add something like 'ssu ar mer-core'16:36
divis1969but zypper ref -f fails to retrieve it16:37
divis1969File '/repodata/repomd.xml' not found on medium ''16:37
divis1969Is it incorrect URL?16:37
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divis1969What is the magic to map the to ?16:44
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divis1969mal: monich: thanks, I've built it!16:52
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T4litew was added by: litew17:53
T4rcktusr was added by: rcktusr17:53
T4chuvilin was added by: chuvilin17:55
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T4<litew> Hi there17:59
T4<rcktusr> Hey17:59
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T4<stek29> The bridge is two way fyi18:07
ruthenianboy_any idea why i am getting "socket: Permission denied" while trying to ping IP? Need to setup network so I can install strace package on target.18:15
T4<litew> ruthenianboy_: run groupadd-user inet, reboot and check again18:16
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ruthenianboy_litew: thanks. Ah, I've added user to inet group...just reboot was missing step :D18:20
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neeradmal ...18:33
neeradhow to solve this error18:33
neeradCould not create image space with image file '/system/framework/'. Attempting to fall back to imageless running. Error was: No place to put generated image.18:33
ruthenianboy_mal: what is proper usage of strace in /usr/bin/droid/ Trying "exec /usr/bin/strace -ttfy -o /strace.log /sbin/droid-hal-init" but it is not working properly18:37
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ruthenianboy_my strace output file is weird.
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hpagseddyok ill still searching and i cant find how to solve that error18:48
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hpagseddythis is the error
ruthenianboy_hpagseddy: aren't you facing packet loss on your connection?19:00
hpagseddyruthenianboy_:  can you solve this?19:03
ruthenianboy_hpagseddy: not sure If I am able to help. But try to ping for longer time if you observe packet loss. Manual repo cloning is working or it is also throwing error?19:09
hpagseddyruthenianboy_: Manual repo cloning gives same error19:09
hpagseddyping says its working19:10
ruthenianboy_hpagseddy: it is failing immediately or after some time? How are you connected?19:17
hpagseddyruthenianboy_: WiFi?19:18
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ruthenianboy_run "GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 git clone" and provide output19:20
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hpagseddyruthenianboy_: ill try thanks19:22
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hpagseddymal: are you online?19:46
malhpagseddy: what is th problem now?19:46
hpagseddyproblem is still sensorfw19:47
*** keithzg_ is now known as keithzg19:47
hpagseddymal: i used proxy but it not affect19:48
malhpagseddy: why not download the sources for that manually? on the right side there is the download button to get the compressed sources19:49
hpagseddyyes i tried but when i download manually it says
malhpagseddy: if you download the sources manually you do not build it the same way19:53
hpagseddymal: how can i build it19:53
*** ruthenianboy <ruthenianboy!55d882fa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:53
*** cvp[Mobile] <cvp[Mobile]!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:54
malhpagseddy: if you would have read the --help of you would have found the option --build=/some/path/to/package/source/19:55
hpagseddyi only build sensorhw with this method right?19:56
hpagseddyok ill try19:56
ruthenianboymal: can you suggest proper usage of strace? I am stuck.19:56
malruthenianboy: the obvious way, run droid-hal-init manually via telnet: strace /path/to/droid-hal-init19:58
malruthenianboy: not that you need to mask the droid-hal-init service before doing that and then reboot19:59
hpagseddyis this true "rpm/dhd/helpers/ --build=/hybris/mw/sensorhw"20:00
ruthenianboymal: will try this way as I was not successful with in-place capturing20:01
malhpagseddy: the path if probably wrong, it has to be either the absolute path or relative path20:01
malhpagseddy: now it looks like a wrong20:01
malhpagseddy: a wrong path, trying to be relative path but is actually incorrect absolute20:01
hpagseddymal: i moved to /hybris/mw/sensorhw20:02
malhpagseddy: really? to root?20:02
malhow about rpm/dhd/helpers/ --build=$ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/mw/sensorfw?20:03
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divis1969I've got the following error while Building rpm/qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin.spec: qeglfspageflipper.h:45:44: fatal error: qpa/qplatformscreenpageflipper.h: No such file or directory20:14
maldivis1969: have you updated rpm/dhd submodule when?20:20
*** hpagseddy <hpagseddy!~arch@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)20:22
divis1969I did not update it from yesterday. Yesterday it was built successfully20:22
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maldivis1969: which branch is it trying to use from qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin?20:27
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*** srohmen <srohmen!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:32
divis1969I don't know, 'master' I suppose. Where this file should be located? There are 2 things: 1) it looks like dhd submodule is using the old head (not sure, but I probably merged it to a tip yesterday). Should I merge to master tip? 2) I'm using an mm64-rpm branch of libhybris plus few changes for mali quirks. Can this be a reason for failure?20:37
maldivis1969: source wtll tell which branch it's using20:38
maldivis1969: also currently mm64-rpm is default branch for android 6 based builds
*** RavenII <RavenII!~ravenii@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:42
RavenIIBrilliant idea...20:43
RavenIIWait, nevermind, I just thought about it before I typed...20:43
*** keithzg <keithzg!~keithzg@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:43
RavenIII was going to say SFOS on something like the Nexus Player...but it's not really suited for that.20:43
divis1969well, ok, I was suggested to use it, but actually i can try to port mali quirks to original branch20:43
*** keithzg <keithzg!~keithzg@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:44
divis1969I do not actually understand why this error appears today.20:45
ruthenianboymal: manual strace provide same results. Few lines only...20:48
malruthenianboy: which lines?20:49
malruthenianboy: what is -ttfy ?20:52
ruthenianboytt for timestamp, f for folowing works and y for printing files associated with file descriptors20:53
malruthenianboy: I had similar issue on tab4, strace didn't work in hybris-13.020:54
ruthenianboymal: any other way to see what droid-hal-init do? :(20:56
malruthenianboy: well in dmesg you should see something20:56
malor journal20:56
ruthenianboymal: reason I want to debug droid-hal-init is that I see some messages and I want to know where they are comming from. For example I see that one init*rc script is called but it should not.20:58
malwhich one?20:59
ruthenianboymal: sorry, it was not rc script. It is loading this file several times. [pid:965,cpu7,droid-hal-init]fs_mgr: Cannot open file fstab.hi365021:02
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ruthenianboybut this is just example21:03
malruthenianboy: fstab is not needed in sailfish21:03
ruthenianboymal: I know..systemd manage everything. So why it is loaded then?21:05
divis1969It looks like my issue with qt5-qpa is caused by some package installation I've done for ofono. Here is what I've found in the build log
divis1969But I do not know how to revert the changes I've made21:09
ruthenianboydroid-hal-init is aarch64 binary, so it is possible it could not be traced by 32bit arm binary21:12
divis1969ruthenianboy: 1) if you have /system/xbin/strace - it could be 64bit. 2) fstab is checked by vold.21:16
*** srohmen <srohmen!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:17
divis1969ruthenianboy: oh, it is probably mentioned in init*rc in a statement like mount_all <filename>21:18
*** srohmen <srohmen!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:19
ruthenianboydivis1969: you are right :)21:22
malruthenianboy: just some stuff remaining in .rc files21:25
*** dstm <dstm!> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 1.7)21:27
ruthenianboymal: static aarch64 strace binary could trace droid-hal-init. Good, another step forward. Will check all rc scripts too21:27
*** CrKit <CrKit!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:27
malruthenianboy: the fstab stuff is not critical21:29
ruthenianboymal: can you check journal if you see something?
*** CrKit <CrKit!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)21:31
malruthenianboy: which part of that?21:37
pi_____kimmoli: can be used with sfos as primary phone? i hava a jolla 1, do you know if i can "export" android support and install in that one ?21:41
kimmolipi_____: nope21:41
kimmolii use onyx with sfos daily21:41
kimmolibut there is no android support21:42
dr_gogeta86same for me near 10 month as daily drivrre21:43
dr_gogeta86and sometimes i use sfdroid too :-)21:43
pi_____jolla 1 android support can't be exported?21:43
pi_____dual booting sfos and android is possible?21:54
kimmolithat seems also not possible, due some kernel issue, incompatibility. there is a thread in xda21:56
ruthenianboymal: please disregard for now.I will try to check myself first :)21:57
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*** hpagseddy <hpagseddy!~arch@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:58
ruthenianboyIt is time for some sleep now. Thank you guys for your inputs!21:59
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hpagseddymal: i made "rpm/dhd/helpers/ --build=$ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/mw/sensorfw"
*** Jackneill <Jackneill!~Jackneill@unaffiliated/jackneill> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)22:04
malhpagseddy: you need to specify the spec also22:05
hpagseddymal: ?22:05
hpagseddymal: how am i do this22:07
malhpagseddy: like I said already earlier the solution would have been in --help of but this time I give it, rpm/dhd/helpers/ --build=$ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/mw/sensorfw --spec=rpm/sensorfw-qt5-hybris.spec22:07
hpagseddymal: thanks its finished now "rpm/dhd/helpers/"?22:09
hpagseddynow should i type "rpm/dhd/helpers/"?22:10
malhpagseddy: now you need to build anything you didn't build in normal run of build_packages.sh22:10
hpagseddymal: "rpm/dhd/helpers/ -b"?22:11
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hpagseddymal: should i skip the chapter 8?22:13
malhpagseddy: just follow the instructions22:14
malrpm/dhd/helpers/ and everything after sensorfw (skip everything before and including that)22:15
hpagseddymal: skip the before sensorfw?22:16
malhpagseddy: like I said skip everything before and including sensorfw22:17
hpagseddymal: ok thanks22:17
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*** hpagseddy <hpagseddy!~arch@> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:30
hpagseddymal: after building it says permission denied22:30
miau_hpagseddy: Log?22:33
hpagseddymal: wait a minute22:34
miau_hpagseddy: Does this directory exist? hybris/droid-hal-version-i9100g22:41
hpagseddymiau_: nope22:42
miau_hpagseddy: Wasn't this your problem yesterday with the submodules?22:43
hpagseddymiau_: no its different22:43
miau_hpagseddy: But this error means that your missing the droid-hal-version-$DEVICE repo.22:44
hpagseddymiau_: Hmm22:45
hpagseddymiau_: How to add it?22:46
miau_hpagseddy: You downloaded it yesterday, mal told you how to do it.22:50
hpagseddymiau_: yes i had that repo in my local manifest22:51
miau_And did you sync?22:52
hpagseddymiau_: yes?22:53
miau_Maybe you synced it at the wrong place? Is it found by executing 'find . -name "droid-hal-version-i9100g"' in home directory?22:55
hpagseddymiau_: now i synced again and it downloaded :O22:55
minimecmiau_: Hi. After some input by spiiroin this morning I found a working solution (workaround) for our bluetooth wakelock. I listen on dbus messages now. I just finished the script, and I am testing it now. Seems to work...
miau_hpagseddy: :)22:56
hpagseddymiau_: thanks for your effort :)22:56
miau_minimec: Yeah, i read your conversation in channel log.22:56
miau_minimec: Nice work!!22:57
miau_minimec: How are you going to start it? Systemd?22:58
minimecmiau_: So basically you start that script on boot and you're ok. When you activate the display, lpm is set to 0 for a given time. Afterwards we check for an existivg connection and either listen for disconnection or go to sleep.22:58
miau_minimec: I think thats a good solution, since the phone wakes up when turning screen on, we can live with the wakelock, once again: Nice work!22:59
minimecmiau_: Right now I just add it to my existing boot service/script, like './ &', but if you don't have that, you need to create a systemd service.23:00
*** hpagseddy <hpagseddy!~arch@> has quit IRC (Quit: hpagseddy)23:01
miau_minimec: When releasing your script, you should mentioned, if people turn bt on via ssh or using a script or an app like situations that they have to change state of lpm manually.23:02
minimecmiau_: I will make the post this weekend. I feel a little bit 'shaggy'... having some light fever, and my nose is killing me... ;)23:03
miau_minimec: That doesn't sound good, hope you'll get well soon.23:04
minimecmiau_: Right. I could add some 'active state' right after boot.23:05
minimecmiau_: Thanks. I guess it's just a little cold. So nothing serious.23:06
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