Friday, 2017-03-10

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maincam i make an iso file of my sd card to have a total backup?01:17
mainwith dd01:18
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vorletztergood morning folks08:40
spiiroinreview appreciated:
spiiroin^ make evdev_trace emit unknown events in "KEY_12ab" form instead of "KEY_???"08:46
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akhil_surabhimal: fixed the error, libhybris was on different branch on OBS08:58
akhil_surabhimal: still tracker-miners fail. what is the use of that?08:58
malakhil_surabhi: not quite sure what it does during the build09:03
malakhil_surabhi: what branch was the libhybris?09:03
akhil_surabhimal: it was master, but my device needs mm64-rpm09:03
akhil_surabhimal: what is the difference between the store i have now and the store mentioned in faq? (
malakhil_surabhi: which store do you have now?09:09
malthere is only one store, then there is the unofficial warehouse/openrepos09:09
akhil_surabhimal: there is store with jolla logo. i guess jolla store?09:10
akhil_surabhiit has only a few apps though09:10
malakhil_surabhi: yes, until people at jolla enable the store properly for your device it only shows few apps, so follow the instructions how to get all apps there09:12
akhil_surabhimal: ssu s shows imei correctly09:12
akhil_surabhihow do i prove it is unique?09:13
malakhil_surabhi: make sure it stays the same and preferrably check it also from android side or device packaging which sometimes has it written somewhere, or some devices even have it printed inside the device next to the battery09:14
malakhil_surabhi: asking some other person with the same device would be one way of verifying09:15
akhil_surabhimal: i did check it after many reboots, it stays same and it is the same as the imei on the box09:15
malakhil_surabhi: then it should be ok09:16
malakhil_surabhi: then continue to next step09:17
akhil_surabhimal: i don't understand how to prove it09:17
malakhil_surabhi: since it's the same as on the box and it stays the same after reboots that is enough09:19
akhil_surabhimal: okay, also hotspot is working fine now09:20
malakhil_surabhi: good09:21
akhil_surabhimal: can i directly ask pketo to enable store?09:26
malakhil_surabhi: yes, just ask him on this channel09:28
malakhil_surabhi: and you actually just told him to do that by mentioning his nick09:29
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akhil_surabhimal: i did? i didn't know09:31
akhil_surabhibut still, i'll ask again09:31
malakhil_surabhi: or actually not sure if every irc client correctly highlights if the nick is not in the beginning of the message like I used now09:31
akhil_surabhimal: okay09:32
akhil_surabhipketo: please enable store for my device, device model is Redmi Note 3 Pro (kenzo / kenzo)09:33
tbroh, there is a kenzo/kate port?09:33
tbrnice to hear09:33
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pketoakhil_surabhi: will do09:42
abransonanyone ever heard of a service called "vendor.qcom.PeripheralManager"?09:45
abransonit's a suspect for these hang09:45
abransonor rather, the lack of it is09:45
pketoakhil_surabhi: done. Restart store-client and it should show more apps then09:45
akhil_surabhipketo: thanks09:46
akhil_surabhitbr: i don't think it'll work on kate09:46
akhil_surabhipketo: sure09:46
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akhil_surabhipketo: working thanks09:47
mp107main: I have successfully made a dd copy of the /data partition and restored it succesfully on Xperia Mini Pro (with Sailfish OS installed)09:50
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tbrakhil_surabhi: the difference between kenzo and kate is the CMT firmware. LOS images for kenzo run fine on Kate as long as the proper firmware doesn't get overwritten.09:56
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akhil_surabhitbr: i don't have kate, so i don't know much about that. if it works, that's great09:57
tbrI have one, but I think my SO might do bad things to me if I reflash the phone I just gave her.09:58
tbrmight do a full backup at some point though09:58
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akhil_surabhitbr: there are few parts that needs fixing. once it is done, i'll inform you10:00
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akhil_surabhimal: i forgot to say, zip (built from OBS) size is less than the one built from local-repo10:30
malakhil_surabhi: if it works it's fine10:30
akhil_surabhimal: it works, bluetooth problem is fixed too10:30
malakhil_surabhi: what is next on todo list? fm radio?10:31
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malakhil_surabhi: have you tested if the bluetooth setting is remembered after reboot?10:31
akhil_surabhimal: compass isn't working. yes, next is fm radio10:31
akhil_surabhimal: i'm still testing bluetooth, rage is reduced for some reason10:32
malakhil_surabhi: compass is a known issue on most recent devices10:34
akhil_surabhimal: okay10:35
akhil_surabhimal: after using wifi, hotspot won't turn on in single attempt and vice versa10:36
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malakhil_surabhi: I have been trying to figure out the compass issue but no luck yet10:38
akhil_surabhimal: okay, and what about other sensors like gyro, pedometer?10:39
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akhil_surabhimal: why bluetooth needs fm-radio-up.service?11:07
akhil_surabhimal: when i add that service, bluetooth breaks11:08
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malakhil_surabhi: it's the other way around, fm requires bluetooth11:58
malakhil_surabhi: those are on the same chip11:58
malakhil_surabhi: there is some pedometer sensor app by kimmoli11:59
akhil_surabhimal: okay, i've added the files related to radio, that broke bluetooth11:59
akhil_surabhimal: i think, bluetooth permissions are incorrect?12:00
malakhil_surabhi: well you need to figure out what breaks it as it shouldn't break and won't break for others12:00
malakhil_surabhi: are both services starting ok or breaking?12:01
akhil_surabhimal: bluetooth without radio was fine, when i added radio, radio gives me my voice, bluetooth icon is always shown even when it is off12:02
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malakhil_surabhi: logs12:04
malboth dmesg and journalctl12:04
akhil_surabhimal: flashing sfos..12:04
akhil_surabhimal: built-in browser doesn't work too.12:07
malakhil_surabhi: does it fail completely?12:10
akhil_surabhimal: it opens up and i have a black screen12:11
malakhil_surabhi: nothing works in the browser?12:12
malakhil_surabhi: start it from terminal and get the output of running the browser12:13
akhil_surabhimal: okay12:13
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malakhil_surabhi: ah the usual shader issue12:23
malakhil_surabhi: I think there was possibly some fix coming for that soonish12:24
akhil_surabhimal: okay12:24
malghosalmartin: was there some fix for the shader issue in browser on 64-bit devices?12:25
akhil_surabhimal: ghosalmartin gave me a fix, that didn't work12:25
akhil_surabhimal: he asked me to add "add {"_Z8yy2allocj", my_malloc}" to hooks.c12:26
malakhil_surabhi: then talk to ghosalmartin some more about it and try to figure out together what is wrong12:27
akhil_surabhimal: okay12:27
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malakhil_surabhi: but did you do that fix also for OBS build?12:27
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akhil_surabhimal: no, i didn't12:27
akhil_surabhimal: a file in libhybris needs to be modified12:28
malakhil_surabhi: I know12:28
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akhil_surabhimal: will it be okay if i fork libhybris, apply that change, use that git link?12:29
malakhil_surabhi: ghosalmartin probably has some fork with the fix already12:32
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akhil_surabhimal: okay, i'll ask him for that. thanks12:32
akhil_surabhimal: journalctl after adding radio
malakhil_surabhi: just check his github12:33
akhil_surabhimal: okay12:33
malakhil_surabhi: that log is useless, the whole log after a reboot is usually needed12:35
akhil_surabhimal: that was taken immediately after reboot12:36
malakhil_surabhi: well that is missing most of the log, use journalctl -a12:36
malakhil_surabhi: and if that is not enough then add like -n1000012:37
akhil_surabhimal: okay, and dmesg is
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akhil_surabhimal: new journalctl
malakhil_surabhi: what exactly did you add on the device, the exact files12:45
akhil_surabhimal: as per hadk-faq
akhil_surabhimal: i skipped the second line12:45
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malakhil_surabhi: and you are sure you added the service and symlink for it properly?12:49
malakhil_surabhi: do you see the service in systemctl?12:49
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akhil_surabhimal: my kernel doesn't need iris_radio as module, CONFIG_RADIO_IRIS_TRANSPORT is y12:50
akhil_surabhimal: atleast, i think12:50
malakhil_surabhi: really? are you sure it doesn't?12:50
malakhil_surabhi: I suggest you try it as module12:51
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akhil_surabhimal: okay12:51
Mister_Magister_mal: do you have any idea how can i fix that phone (that one with boot problems)12:53
akhil_surabhimal: do i need to change that flag to m ?12:54
malakhil_surabhi: yes12:54
akhil_surabhimal: okay12:54
malMister_Magister_: not right now, needs some more thinking12:54
malMister_Magister_: you are sure you have correct kernel configs12:55
Mister_Magister_mal: yep12:55
Mister_Magister_mal: okay no problem ;) it's not very important i'm making it because i'm curious would it be working :D12:55
*** Mister_Magister_ is now known as Mister_Magister12:55
Mister_Magistermore important is mtp titan than that phone :v12:56
malakhil_surabhi: the reason why fm radio driver should be a module is that when it is built in the kernel the firmware etc are not ready so the initlization might not be very successful12:58
malakhil_surabhi: same for wlan12:58
akhil_surabhimal: okay12:59
malakhil_surabhi: so you'll just need to rebuild kernel and then -d and copy the droid-hal-$DEVICE rpms to the device and install those, and maybe you need to flash also kernel if you haven't added OTA related stuff yet13:08
akhil_surabhimal: did that, device is booting up13:08
akhil_surabhimal: droid-fm-up.service failed13:11
malakhil_surabhi: is the module present?13:11
akhil_surabhimal: is it radio-iris-transport13:14
akhil_surabhimal: i don't have that13:14
malakhil_surabhi: do you have the other modules in there?13:18
akhil_surabhimal: i do have other modules including wlan module there13:18
malakhil_surabhi: recheck the build out/ and look for the module13:18
akhil_surabhimal: okay13:19
ghosalmartinmal: so krnlyng_ has already solved the issue13:19
ghosalmartinmal: but its in his new libhybris so :P13:19
akhil_surabhimal: i have it in out13:19
akhil_surabhimal: radio-iris-transport.ko13:20
malakhil_surabhi: is it in droid-hal-$DEVICE module package?13:20
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, you wanna try the new libhybris?13:21
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akhil_surabhimal: i didn't get it13:21
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: i wanted to fix the browser issue13:22
malakhil_surabhi: you built the new droid-hal packages, one of those is named modules and should contain all kernel modules, is the iris there13:22
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, okay so the new libhybris should fix it, wanna try it out?13:22
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: sure13:22
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, its
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: thank you13:23
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, and
ghosalmartinthey all need rebuilding with those repos13:23
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: okay13:24
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akhil_surabhimal: i don't have it, i think i need to re run it13:27
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akhil_surabhimal: re ran it, now it is present13:33
akhil_surabhimal: after installing rpm, device won't boot. dmesg is spammed by bluetooth
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malakhil_surabhi: did you flash alse the kernel vie fastboot?13:41
akhil_surabhimal: i've flashed hybris-boot img from recovery13:41
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malakhil_surabhi: you need to find the real issue from journalctl13:43
malwhat services are failing etc, systemctl also helps13:43
akhil_surabhimal: boot but took unusually long13:43
akhil_surabhimal: booted*13:44
akhil_surabhimal: lsmod shows radio_iris_transport13:45
akhil_surabhimal: radio doesn't work13:45
malakhil_surabhi: do you have the other configs for radio?13:46
akhil_surabhimal: i do have all other configs for radio13:46
malakhil_surabhi: did the module probe correctly?13:46
malanything in dmesg13:46
akhil_surabhimal: iris_radio: Error while enabling RECV FM -1913:47
abransonghosalmartin: found another missing service. this one is 'batterystats' which always seems to be reported as not available when the camera broke. doesn't seem to have solved my hang yet though.13:47
malakhil_surabhi: did bluetooth fail?13:47
malakhil_surabhi: the bt service I mean13:47
akhil_surabhimal: bt service is running13:48
abransonghosalmartin: but I noticed that all of these interfaces we've needed to fake seem to be from the same place: native/libs/binder/13:48
akhil_surabhimal: nothing more about fm is in dmesg13:51
malakhil_surabhi: well not sure why it fails, wondering if bt was up when it tried that13:52
akhil_surabhimal: okay13:53
akhil_surabhimal: should bt come up after radio?13:55
akhil_surabhimal: as per dmesg, bt was up first, then radio13:55
malakhil_surabhi: bt first13:58
akhil_surabhimal: okay, i think i'll save fm for later. i think, i'll fix the browser14:00
ghosalmartinfonts all messed up and i cant see a thing14:00
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)14:00
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ghosalmartinabranson, i dont think there the cause of the issue though, my device never had sensor service for cm1314:01
abransonghosalmartin: it's not a sensor thing. seems to be there to keep track of media hw usage. start/stopping of audio, camera, flashlight etc.14:04
ghosalmartinabranson, hmm the pm-service?14:05
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: libhybris build failed,
abransonghosalmartin: no, that was some peripheral manager that our gps was hanging while looking14:05
abransonghosalmartin: qcom one. batterystats is a java one.14:06
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, i usually built it manually on my machine14:09
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: okay14:09
ghosalmartinabranson, then fudge :P14:10
ghosalmartinwhy must they tie it to java14:10
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abransonghosalmartin: s'ok, it doesn't do anythign useful so i shoved yet another fake one in minisf. still doesn't solve my hang though, but I wondered if it might help with yours.14:11
abransonhave a look in your logcat for mention of it14:11
abransonesp around camera time14:11
ghosalmartinabranson, ill take a look?14:11
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ghosalmartinabranson, well it does complain about waiting for sensor service14:14
ghosalmartinso coud that be it?14:14
ghosalmartin03-09 19:25:00.093  1525 14996 I ServiceManager: Waiting for service sensorservice...14:14
abransonghosalmartin: that's different to batterystats. I enabled that one on this thing too, but that can cause more problems than it solves14:15
abransoni tried to write a fake one of those, but it needs more objects.14:15
ghosalmartinabranson, yeah if I provide it the actual sensorservice, camera doesnt work14:15
abransonghosalmartin: hmm ok14:16
abransonreally looks like qcom went on a 'using android services' course at some point recently :)14:16
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ghosalmartinabranson, yay :P14:19
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ghosalmartinabranson, yeah if i enable the sensorservice it then wants the batterystats service14:24
abransonghosalmartin: that's interesting. suggests to me that there's some thread that's hanging.14:25
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: should i build that droidmedia as libdroidmedia or libdroidmedia_32?14:27
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: okay14:27
ghosalmartinand the minimediaservice and minisfservice all need to be 32bit14:27
ghosalmartinabranson, thats with sensor service enabled14:30
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*** Piece_Maker is now known as Acou_Bass14:32
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: sure14:35
abransonghosalmartin: here's fake batterystats:
abransoni put some tracing in - it's only calling startCamera and stopCamera. stopCamera crops up after the hang, so I think that helps.14:40
abransoni think we've both got blocked threads there, and mine's timing out while yours isn't14:41
abransoni'll push the tracing too, then you can see if you ever get to stopCamera14:41
ghosalmartinabranson, awesome thanks14:42
abransonghosalmartin: pushed14:43
ghosalmartinabranson, think ill need to try and fix sensors soon14:44
ghosalmartinit seems an issue with upstream libhybris for me, since the mm64-rpm branch worked fine14:44
drFaustrollghosalmartin: still fightinh with n5x?14:44
ghosalmartindrFaustroll, indeed I am, but its doing alright atm, just sensors, bluetooth and camera to fix14:44
drFaustrollnot bad14:45
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lbtPSA Mer git will be down for a (hopefully short) migration on sunday due to a problem in the very old host hardware.15:01
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Nokiuslbt: good luck!16:23
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ruthenianboygood evening guys. Is there any other way then strace how to debug droid-hal-init?17:31
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