Sunday, 2017-03-12

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ghosalmartinruthenianboy the property you need to set to trigger the rest of the stuff is vold.decrypt=trigger_restart_framework00:47
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rich_Anyone available to answer a error question?06:58
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zhxtrich_: what error?07:11
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rich_The build script gets to the bluez section, then dies.     Here is a paste of what I get:
rich_It doesnt give an option to choose option 1 2 or 3.  It cancels, and the build stops07:14
zhxtrich_:  line 707:19
zhxtrich_: or line 5, (haven't tried)07:20
rich_Ill give it a whirl.  By updating the submodules, they are speaking about resyncing the repo?07:25
zhxtrich_: they's saying update dhd :)07:30
zhxtrich_: the new script handled that bluez issue.07:33
zhxts/'s/'re/ :P07:40
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akhil_surabhimal: i can't run, it gives qemu segementation fault10:01
malakhil_surabhi: at which point?10:01
malakhil_surabhi: what did you change?10:01
akhil_surabhimal: i've changed the bionic, libhybris (used the ones given by ghosalmartin). mic first gives seg fault, after that i can't run build_packages10:04
akhil_surabhimal: tried to use the previous bionic, libhybris. still i get that error10:05
malno idea10:06
maltry restarting10:06
akhil_surabhimal: restarted, didn't help. what i found is droid-configs building fails with that error, droid-hal builds fine individually10:08
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ruhenianboyghosalmartin: i will solve that triggering later, I need to solve primary issue first. droid-init-hal is doing something dirty.10:24
ruhenianboymal: where I could find code of droid-hal-init?10:24
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malruhenianboy: it's the android init in system/core10:52
ruhenianboymal: i was told it is modified android init :)10:55
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malruhenianboy: that's what I said, I was just too lazy to add the work modified11:16
malruhenianboy: and I assumed you understood that what I said meant it's in $ANDROID_ROOT11:16
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ruhenianboymal: i understand, np. I am sorry for annoying everyone with dhi, but it is useless to move to other things until I solve dhi itself. dhi is causing page faults, thats why it is crashing. But memory management is little bit of rocket science for me :(11:26
ruhenianboyI would like to ask someone with aarch64 target to test mmap16 test on his device. Just to see if it will result in same paging fault and crash or not. Maybe it is only my kernel what is not able to handle page fault11:49
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techgreed_Hi :), need some help. Some below portion of display touch is not working on Nexus 4 and  is not booting any Android OS, even tried Ubuntu but no luck. Only OS booting is Sailfish OS but can not bypass the UI guide as bottom screen touch is not working. Is there a way to bypass the same? Thank you.15:20
ghosalmartintechgreed_, telnet in with telnet 232315:32
ghosalmartinand then make the file that indicates the setup has been complete15:32
neeradzhxt any follow up on the problem we left?15:36
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techgreed_ghosalmartin: I tried to telnet but not working, I connected to PC and it shows 5 partitions, pasting contents of all partitions one by one.15:49
ghosalmartintechgreed_ do it in recovery?15:50
techgreed_adb app app-asec app-lib app-private audio dalvik-cache 57f8f4bc-abf15:50
ghosalmartintechgreed_, these files
techgreed_ghosalmartin: As touch is not working I can not use recovery properly15:52
ghosalmartintechgreed_, then adb?15:53
ghosalmartinadb shell should sort you out15:53
ghosalmartinbut either way it seems the screen is damaged and you need a new one?15:54
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marmistrztbr, ping15:54
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techgreed_ghosalmartin: It's costly and my uncle wants it just for youtube.16:01
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ghosalmartintechgreed_, probably but I doubt youll get youtube running on there without the rest of the screen :P16:02
techgreed_ghosalmartin: Display is fine, just some portion of bottom screen touch is not working.16:04
ghosalmartintechgreed_, ahh16:04
ghosalmartinthen make the files I suggested through adb shell and hope for the best?16:04
tbrmarmistrz: moo?16:07
techgreed_ghosalmartin: Sorry ask more but where I am suppose to create files? and its contant?16:07
ghosalmartintechgreed_, inside /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/nemo/home16:07
ghosalmartintechgreed_, but the actual contents can be emty16:08
techgreed_ghosalmartin: Great! will try it. Thanks :)16:09
marmistrztbr, you mentioned some Android 6 devices in the wiki. I know that there is some support for A6, I'm wondering if it's currently upstream16:11
marmistrzBecause the last time I asked, the porting process was much different16:11
marmistrziirc (until the changes get upstreamed, ofc)16:12
tbrmarmistrz: I'm the wrong person to talk to. I merely pointed out the page.16:12
ghosalmartinmarmistrz, watd ya need to know abut android 6?16:12
tbrmarmistrz: you'll have batter luck asking ghosalmartin or mal16:13
marmistrzghosalmartin, yep16:13
marmistrzwondering if much is left for upstreaming :)16:13
tbrsounds like X-Y problem thinking16:14
marmistrztbr, ?16:14
tbrYou might want to visit this URL
ghosalmartinmarmistrz, erm dont think much?16:14
ghosalmartindefine upstreaming?16:14
malmarmistrz: android 6 should work pretty much ok, not sure about 64-bit stuff16:15
marmistrzwell, the more I use Android, the more fed up with it I become16:16
marmistrzso I think about finally setting up SFOS16:16
zhxt neerad,   try this sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH  -R -msdk-install  rpmbuild -bb --build-in-place rpm/qt5-feedback-haptics-droid-vibrator.spec16:16
marmistrzbut I don't have really much time right now due to the university duties16:16
marmistrzso I'm wondering if waiting for some upstream changes will decrease the amount of my time needed :)16:16
malmarmistrz: ghosalmartin can tell more about the 64-bit stuff, most of it should be included already, not sure about some of the path fixes or something16:17
marmistrzso the A6 HADK differences currently boil down to 'change this path to that', everything else works the same?16:18
marmistrz(barring aarch64 for the time being)16:18
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ghosalmartinmarmistrz, mostly? :P it has its challenges still16:18
* tbr notices that marmistrz has not mentioned his device, even once16:19
marmistrzOnePlus 316:19
ghosalmartinmarmistrz, someone was working on it16:19
marmistrzHmmm... All I can find is community requests...16:20
* tbr mumbles something something xy-problem16:21
ghosalmartintbr: hehe16:21
marmistrzyep, definitely xy ;)16:22
marmistrzdo you know who was working on it?16:22
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malmarmistrz: working on what?16:23
marmistrzSFOS@OnePlus 316:24
malmarmistrz: what is the codename of that?16:24
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malmarmistrz: based on changelog Nokius has done something at least16:26
marmistrzthanks, I'll ping him16:26
malmarmistrz: I just did when I mentioned him16:26
malNokius: what is the status of oneplus 3?16:27
Nokiusmal: stuck at bootlogo16:27
Nokiusso maybe mer bootloader16:28
marmistrzNokius, I have a OnePlus3, willing to help in some free time16:28
malNokius: telnet working?16:28
Nokiusmarmistrz: I don't have one but your are welcome there is Ad working on it16:28
Nokiusmal: last tester sad he saw no usb interface on Host16:29
Nokiusbut the person is not familiar with porting16:29
Nokiusthe 3T boots to fastboot with image16:30
Nokiusmarmistrz: it's the Porter16:30
Nokiushe stops porting for now coz the op3 is his main device16:30
marmistrzwhere can I reach him?16:30
Nokiusmarmistrz: Telegram there is group atm German but I assume english should be no problem16:31
Nokiusmarmistrz: sometimes he is here16:31
marmistrzI speak German :)16:31
Nokiusmarmistrz: do u speak Telegram as well :P16:32
marmistrznope, I don't have a Telegram account. ;)16:32
Nokiusmarmistrz: if u like to skip the build part I can share a image for smoke test :)16:35
malNokius: is disabling audit really needed? I haven't seen that on other devices I think16:40
marmistrzNokius, Will this work with MultiROM?16:41
Nokiusmal: in kernel or device? it should be the same for kenzo :s16:41
Nokiusmal: akhil_surabhi mention it16:42
Nokiusirrc I ahve it on porridge and the r7plus to :s16:42
malNokius: in kernel commandline16:42
malok, maybe it doesn't cause any issues if it's disabled16:43
Nokiusmarmistrz: dunno I never used multirom16:43
Nokiusmal: mh now I confused I bet someone sad it's needed16:44
Nokiusmal: is the line form me?16:44
Nokiusit was me16:46
malNokius: not sure if some devices are different, I don't have that on fp2 or tab416:48
Nokius:( is not updated with hybris1316:48
Nokiusmal: I will ask him I bet it was him16:48
Nokiusmarmistrz: you can try this image
malwhy are people creating their own sailfish projects all over github and not adding the repos to mer-hybris?16:51
marmistrzNokius, could the OnePlus3 SFOS folks make a TMO thread instead?16:55
marmistrzI don't use Telegram, and I don't really want to use a service which requires me to provide my mobile phone16:56
Nokiusmal: aren't just stable ports allowed? and groups allow others to push into it after eralyer porter went away (sure he/she has to add the new one)16:56
marmistrzNokius, did you use HADK 1.1.2?16:56
Nokiusmarmistrz: I will ask the porter to join irc :)16:56
Nokiusmarmistrz: no 1.9.916:56
marmistrzwhere can I get it?16:56
marmistrzthe official pages still have 1.1.216:56
Nokiusmarmistrz: check dm16:57
marmistrzNokius, I still think a TMO thread could be good for important things. I agree that for quick discussion IRC is the best16:58
Nokiusmarmistrz: yeap16:59
malNokius: well definition of stable is somewhat difficult the make16:59
Nokiusmal: yes17:00
marmistrzNokius, you used CM 13 20160820 for OP3?17:01
marmistrzas a base?17:01
Nokiusmarmistrz: try it17:02
NokiusI don't know17:02
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marmistrzis there any way to get any logs when I'm stuck at the boot logo?17:44
*** neerad <neerad!~neerad@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:50
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ruthenianboymarmistrz: enable persistent journal, then pull it out of device via recovery17:51
marmistrzruthenianboy, how?17:51
ruthenianboymarmistrz: do you have usbe networking (i.e telnet) working?17:53
marmistrzruthenianboy, no17:54
marmistrzI'm stuck at the boot logo, telnet 23 doesn't work17:54
marmistrzand after trying to boot sfos via multirom, I can't easily boot back into Android, cf.
ruthenianboymarmistrz: then you need to modify journald.conf via recovery17:55
marmistrzthanks, I'll look at it tomorrow, my laptop battery is dying. Thanks, see you!17:57
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ghosalmartinwhat about port 2323 ?18:06
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Nokiusghosalmartin: no interaction18:12
ghosalmartinNokius, does it show as mer bootloader?18:12
ghosalmartinin host dmesg18:12
Nokiusghosalmartin: dunno18:12
ghosalmartinNokius, do you have a OP3?18:13
Nokiusghosalmartin: no18:13
ghosalmartinNokius, ah fair enough :P18:14
Nokiusghosalmartin: he said /win 2418:15
Nokiusnothing happens..18:15
Nokiusbut I'm not sure if the host had dhcp static set for the usb interface18:16
ruthenianboyanyone with aarch64 willing to help me?18:16
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, what about aarch64?18:18
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ruthenianboyghosalmartin: want to know if someone else is getting unhandled level 3 permission fault on aarch6418:25
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, which process or service?18:27
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:27
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: guess which one :). But I am able to reproduce that with mmap16 test from Linux test project
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, dhi?18:29
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: bingo :O18:29
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, it is a very annoying one18:29
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: I susepect kernel issue/bug with combination of hisilicon SoC. So curious if someone is getting that on qualcomm or mediateks aarch6418:31
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, that issue is a standard issue that happens when you try to start dhi when its already been started18:32
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, i can get the bootanim started18:34
ghosalmartinand have a hwcomposer that *seems* to work18:34
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ghosalmartinruthenianboy, do you have a repo of the modified init files?18:42
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: no, i din't forked repo with init scripts yet. Issue is that dhi is somtime crashing every boot, so I am not getting gui at all. I can say dhi did not crash occasionally.18:46
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: this issue is caused by page faults for sure. There are several situation which could occur at page faults. Some device are capable to handle page fault exeptions transparently, other are not..18:48
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: could you please provide more details regarding hwcomposer?18:50
lbtPSA mer git and webhooks should be up and operational18:57
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ghosalmartinruthenianboy, its some weird one20:00
*** Zucca <Zucca!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:17
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ruthenianboyghosalmartin: well, it is annoying. And I do not have much knowledge to troubleshoot/resolve it myself20:20
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: is hwcomposer fully working on your potrt or there are still some major glitches?20:21
*** neerad <neerad!~neerad@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:29
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ghosalmartinruthenianboy, well it seems fully working, but when charing with usb it causes issues20:30
ghosalmartinbut other than that I think its ine20:31
kimmoliwhat happens when charging?20:32
ghosalmartinkimmoli, overheating20:32
ghosalmartinbut onyl when plugged into usb20:32
ghosalmartinnormal charger is fine20:32
kimmoliah ok. i had strangies when charging in "act dead" as it started some java class20:33
ghosalmartinkimmoli, hmmm odd, either way atm am having trouble with the hwcomposer20:33
ghosalmartinthink i need to get droid-hal-init working properly and then go from there20:33
kimmoli"on charge" and act-dead-animation fighted who is shown on screen20:34
ghosalmartinkimmoli, hmm my issues revolve around when i disable enough services, surfaceflinger won't start anymore :P20:34
ghosalmartinso I need to bisect which ones are causing the issues20:34
ghosalmartinthen after that go after making minimer work20:35
ghosalmartinand maybe fix bullhead in the meantime as well :P20:36
ghosalmartinanyone know how I can stop lipstick trying to start?20:37
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: there is something which is limiting current, but dont remember what exactly20:37
ghosalmartindhi hasnt even started and lipstick is leading the pack20:37
ghosalmartini thought it depended on dhi?20:37
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: thats weird, in my case everything after dhi will not start if dhi crash20:38
ruthenianboyhowever dhi start some services before crash20:38
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, well dhi is disabled at the moment20:39
ghosalmartinso nothing else should start20:39
ghosalmartinbut lipstick is trying to start for some reason20:39
*** eyome <eyome!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:40
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: if you have dhi masked, is lipstick present in systemctl -a output? In my case not, which is another weird think20:40
ghosalmartinno its not20:41
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ghosalmartinruthenianboy, have you added class_start main20:52
ghosalmartinjust after class_start core20:52
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, also that page record error is usually a binary trying to use an aarch64 when it should be pointed at 32bit20:55
*** neerad <neerad!~neerad@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)20:59
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: I was triggering class_start manually by additional "on property" section. dhi is 64bit elf, so it is not that case. But need to dig deeper to see whats going on20:59
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*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:00
ruthenianboyI am getting unhandled fault so it must be something dirty :D21:00
ruthenianboyi mean class main21:02
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, one of its children might not be 64bit though21:15
ghosalmartinand thanks to the LD_LIBRARY_PATCH patch this could cause problems21:16
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, i trigger it simply by calling class_start manually21:16
ghosalmartinand it start the ipld whatever and hwpged21:16
ghosalmartinwhich faila tm21:16
ghosalmartinbut that needs looking into really21:16
ghosalmartinalso lots of this error in dmesg hisi_led_set brightness:59 is error21:20
ghosalmartinand it stops if i turn on the screen am guessing21:20
*** hge <hge!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:22
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: LD_LIBRARY_PATCH?21:23
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, LD_LIBRARY_PATH21:23
ghosalmartininside init.environ.rc21:23
*** hge <hge!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)21:23
ghosalmartinwhen 32bit binaries use that path21:23
ghosalmartinthey try to use 64bit libs21:23
ghosalmartinbecause they come first21:23
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, for those services you have to add this to there service entry     setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /vendor/lib:/system/lib21:26
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: ok, i see. Will check that21:28
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)21:29
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, yeah the few that had an issue got fixed by that, it seems full init now runs21:30
*** nackox|afk <nackox|afk!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:30
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*** nackox|afk <nackox|afk!~w00t@gusl/staff/mlopez> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:30
ghosalmartinnow its just stuck on droid-init-done21:31
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, also those page record errors have now gone21:32
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: you are faster then me then :D. Whats wrong with droid-init-done?21:34
*** nackox <nackox!~w00t@gusl/staff/mlopez> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)21:34
ruthenianboybtw I am getting page faults for pulse-audio too21:34
ghosalmartinruthenianboy, no idea tbh, and pulse-audio is annoying me, i dont know why lipstick or pulseaudio is starting when dhi isnt ready21:36
ghosalmartinmal: any idea why ^^ might happen21:36
*** ExPLIT <ExPLIT!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:37
malghosalmartin: hmm, systemd should make sure the services are not started afaik, maybe it's not working for some reason21:39
*** ExPLIT <ExPLIT!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:39
malghosalmartin: anything interesting in logs21:39
ghosalmartinmaybe ill stop systemd and mce21:39
ghosalmartinand then mce is setting the backlight and messing around with the brightness21:40
*** ExPLIT <ExPLIT!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:41
malghosalmartin: hmm21:41
ghosalmartinmal: think its because the framebuffer device exists and it can mess with it happily?21:41
ghosalmartinand even jolla startup wizard has joined the party :P21:41
malghosalmartin: have you tried test_hwcomposer and minimer?21:45
ghosalmartinmal: yeah nothing good21:46
*** Max-Might <Max-Might!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)21:47
ruthenianboyghosalmartin: for which services you've added LD_LIBRARY_PATH ?21:50
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:54
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ExPLITHi guys! Someone else working on Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact Port (scorpion) ?22:47
ExPLITNokius's port working good, but no cam, bt, video and sensors22:48
r0kk3rzExPLIT: hopefully with jolla working on sony open devices stuff we can fix some more things for the tablet22:57
ExPLITThey need to provide patched AOSP, which we can use instead of CM Base, right?22:58
r0kk3rzbasically yes23:05
r0kk3rzbut i dont see why they wouldnt make that available to us23:05
ExPLITalso soon(tm) :)23:06
ExPLITits a cool tablet with fast Snapdragon 801 and 3GB RAM. With a good adaptation it can be a sailfish bomb...23:08
r0kk3rzit does look nice with sailfish on it for sure23:09
ExPLITits on the Sony open devices list, but i doubt - Sony will release patched hybris AOSP for all models, which are on this list....23:10
*** mal <mal!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)23:19
*** paju <paju!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)23:19
r0kk3rzExPLIT: its the same tree for all of them23:21
r0kk3rzso the old devices get maintained along with the new23:21
ExPLITah, ok, this is good23:21
r0kk3rzafaik the current work is based on aosp623:22
r0kk3rzwhich is there for the scorpion tab23:22
ExPLITwhere? i have only the one from Nokius, its CM-based23:23
r0kk3rzi mean sony have aosp6 builds for it23:26
*** mal <mal!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:26
*** paju <paju!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:26
ExPLITah, yes aosp 5.0, 5.1, 6.0 and 7.023:28
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:34
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