Sunday, 2017-04-02

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akhil_surabhimal: o/07:06
akhil_surabhimal: building is failing because of bluez 4. So, i tried to build and succeeded except that audio isn't working07:07
pseudodevI'm building for a dual sim phone07:17
pseudodevSo what do I add to my droid-config-$DEVICE?07:18
akhil_surabhipseudodev: you want this
akhil_surabhipseudodev: also enable multi-sim support in patterns07:21
NotKitand add this line:
pseudodevThanks NotKit07:22
pseudodevakhil_surabhi: how do I enable that?07:22
akhil_surabhipseudodev: add jolla-settings-networking-multisim to jolla-configuration-$DEVICE.yaml07:23
malakhil_surabhi: it should go to jolla-hw-adaptation07:24
akhil_surabhimal: okay07:25
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malakhil_surabhi: actually either one is ok07:25
malakhil_surabhi: and now the other phone related stuff seems to be in jolla-configuration and not in jolla-hw-adaptation07:26
akhil_surabhimal: okay, and what should i do to get audio working in build?07:27
malakhil_surabhi: well it depends waht logs say07:27
malakhil_surabhi: is pulseaudio running, anything in logs about that?07:27
akhil_surabhimal: i lost my device, so i don't have logs. I've asked one of my friends to test it07:28
akhil_surabhimal: since is still in early access, i want to build but, mic is failing because of bluez407:29
akhil_surabhimal: i've seen in the logs that someone else has the same problem07:30
malakhil_surabhi: we need to figure out why it fails, some dependency issue07:30
akhil_surabhimal: okay, i'll try to get the logs for pulseaudio in 2.107:31
malakhil_surabhi: where are the adaptation repos for your device?07:31
akhil_surabhimal: sorry, i didn't get you07:33
malakhil_surabhi: droid-* repos for your device, so I can verify everything is ok07:34
akhil_surabhimal: for droid-hal-version-kenzo, i had to make a commit. Previously, i've removed qtscenegraph. I'm including that with fix-black branch07:38
malakhil_surabhi: actually checked the multisim stuff in fp2 patterns, it had the line in both files, my bad07:39
akhil_surabhimal: but, isn't that okay?07:40
malakhil_surabhi: yes, just that you were correct where it should be07:40
akhil_surabhimal: okay, actually, i saw that line in templates.07:41
malakhil_surabhi: yep07:41
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akhil_surabhimal: time and date can't be changed, it only shows correct time and date when set to update automatically07:45
akhil_surabhimal: also, few ambiences aren't working07:45
akhil_surabhilike party, etc07:46
malvery odd07:49
malakhil_surabhi: I haven't had any issues with 2.107:49
akhil_surabhimal: i had that even in
malakhil_surabhi: wondering why the build works fine for me, although I use OBS07:54
akhil_surabhimal: i used obs for
akhil_surabhiincluded qtscenegraph too07:55
malakhil_surabhi: did that work?07:58
akhil_surabhimal: no07:59
akhil_surabhiit didn't work07:59
malakhil_surabhi: odd, I just built fp2 image without problems08:00
akhil_surabhimal: there was nothing in logs to08:02
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akhil_surabhimal: please see this
akhil_surabhii'm building 2.110:11
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marmistrzHi! I'm trying to get SFOS working on OnePlus3, I'm using the Nokius image.10:19
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marmistrzI tried add the following line to init-debug:10:19
marmistrztouch /sdcard/it_works10:19
marmistrzThe system is stuck at boot logo,10:20
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marmistrzBut after rebooting there's no file /sdcard/it_works10:20
marmistrzdoes init_debug have access to /sdcard at all?10:20
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: i can't change time and date, also few ambiences aren't working. Please help10:24
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, wow thats odd10:25
ghosalmartinand i had that issue10:25
ghosalmartinit used to lag a bit and then change to them10:25
ghosalmartinwork and party dont work for me10:26
ghosalmartinmaybe missing stuff?10:26
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: for me, putting time and date to auto update will work fine but, manually setting them won't work10:26
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, hmmm odd10:26
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, take a look into journalctl for errors I guess?10:27
marmistrzT4, ping10:28
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: sure, i'll ask my friend to check the logs10:28
akhil_surabhii forgot to mention, i lost my device10:29
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, ah sorry to hear man10:29
ghosalmartinglad you got your friend to partake though :)10:29
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: sure, he loves Sailfish, so he's helping me10:30
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: is the bluetooth fixed? i tried to get logs when bluetooth is working and when it isn't. There's nothing different10:32
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, for who? :P for me its still not working, but currently am trying to fix sensors10:32
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: i don't know why but, for me bluetooth works across alternative reboots10:33
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, weird as10:36
ghosalmartinmy camera will crash after first exit10:37
ghosalmartinand then never work till reboot10:37
malakhil_surabhi: could you show you .ks file?10:37
akhil_surabhimal: sure, just a minute, i'll boot up my machine10:38
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: camera works fine for me, but video recording doesn't10:38
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, video recording has been finished yet in droidmedia me thinks10:38
malvideo recording is a bit of problem currently in many bases10:39
akhil_surabhighosalmartin mal: if i try to capture a video, i should restart camera for it to work again10:40
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, thats perfectly normal10:41
akhil_surabhialso, when i build 2.1, when i run for the first time, it fails (
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akhil_surabhisubsequent runs will finish successfully10:42
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akhil_surabhimal ghosalmartin: .ks file10:46
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malakhil_surabhi: you are missing the actual device repo10:49
malakhil_surabhi: something like this repo --name=adaptation-community-fp2-sibon-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=
malakhil_surabhi: nope10:50
malrepo --name=adaptation-community-fp2-sibon-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=
malrepo --name=adaptation-community-common-fp2-sibon-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=
malI have those10:51
marmistrzbtw. is it possible to get any pre-init bootlog?10:51
akhil_surabhimal: sorry sorry, i made a wrong paste. one minute10:51
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akhil_surabhimal: sorry about previous paste10:54
malakhil_surabhi: so that is the one you are actually using or what was the previous .ks?10:56
akhil_surabhimal: i wasn't using the previous one.10:56
akhil_surabhii had it as a backup10:57
Michaelamarmistrz: that is a relaybot pinging me, I don't see from scrollback quickly whom you wanted, it's a name in <>, start it with @10:57
marmistrz@T4 ping10:58
Michaelamarmistrz: no, in <> in beginning of the message after <T4>10:59
T4<MiMalamasTelegramon> this is @MiMalamasTelegramon10:59
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akhil_surabhimal: is something wrong with the ks file?11:02
marmistrzping @saidinesh511:02
malakhil_surabhi: not in the latter one11:03
akhil_surabhimal: okay11:04
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T4<saidinesh5> @marmistrz, Ssup?11:35
marmistrzHi, some time ago you suggested me to write dmesg in init_debug11:35
marmistrzFor now I simply tried:11:35
marmistrztouch /sdcard/it_works11:35
marmistrzAfter a reboot there is no such file11:36
marmistrzdoes it mean that we don't reach init or does init have no access to /sdcard?11:36
T4<saidinesh5> Not sure but usually /sdcard is mounted later on isn't it?11:37
saidinesh5marmistrz: btw there are 2 places you need to try saving logs..11:45
saidinesh5marmistrz: ^ look at save_logs11:45
saidinesh5also do select a new path11:45
saidinesh5i am not exactly sure how /sdcard gets mounted by droid hal init.. usually /sdcard was a little tricky to deal with. so try using a different path11:46
marmistrzsaidinesh5, thanks a lot!11:48
marmistrzwill try that11:48
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saidinesh5If that too fails, you probably have a kernel panic in one of your inbuilt kernel modules and even ramdisk crashes and need to fix it11:50
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akhil_surabhighosalmartin: i've built libdroidmedia minimediaservice minisfservice libaudioflingerglue miniafservice as 32bit and audio is working now. Camera stopped working12:22
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SF_on_FP2_and_OPhey guys!12:25
SF_on_FP2_and_OPI'm using sailfish on my opo12:25
SF_on_FP2_and_OPbut it drains a lot of my battery12:25
SF_on_FP2_and_OPso i want to ask: is there a workaround?12:25
SF_on_FP2_and_OPshould i deactivate the sensors or do you have any other ideas?12:26
SF_on_FP2_and_OPi've activated the forced low power mode but i lost 15% power at night!12:27
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ghosalmartinSF_on_FP2_and_OP, i mean deactivating the sensors is how I would go, i like portrait mode a lot :P12:32
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SF_on_FP2_and_OPand how could i do that?12:33
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ghosalmartinSF_on_FP2_and_OP, erm disable which sensor thing is causing the issue from the appropriate *.rc file13:39
ghosalmartinSF_on_FP2_and_OP, is your device the one plus oynx?13:43
r0kk3rzone plus one?13:46
SF_on_FP2_and_OPno, oneplus one13:46
r0kk3rzSF_on_FP2_and_OP: you turned on flight mode?13:47
SF_on_FP2_and_OPbut i week ago i lost only 4% battery at night and now 15!13:48
r0kk3rzturning on flight mode will help13:49
SF_on_FP2_and_OPbut over the day?13:53
r0kk3rzthat will depend on your usage pattern, what you have running .etc13:55
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SF_on_FP2_and_OPyeah, but 15 % in 8 hours, that is too much!14:05
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entilmal: yo! you here?14:33
malentil: yes14:34
entilI got a "new" situation; I'm in Japan and I can't get my phone to unlock14:34
entilit's stuck on the incorrect code bug14:34
entilwhich sucks cuz I need to contact my friends etc14:34
malentil: do you have devel or testing installation?14:34
entiltesting iirc, the more stable one, haven't updated in a while14:35
entiliirc the latest sailfish wasn't ported yet14:35
malentil: can you access sailfish rootfs via recovery? there is a way to remove the lock code14:35
entilwhich recovery is that?14:36
malthe android recovery14:36
entilvolume down during boot?14:36
malthe normal recovery14:36
malsomething like that14:36
entilthen I do some fastboot magic?14:37
malno, just use adb shell14:37
entilinstalling fastboot on the laptop now14:37
malno need for fastboot14:38
entilI've never done this so I need johdatus alkeiden perusteisiin style guidance14:38
entilor is this when I go in to that magic ssh port over usb?14:38
entilregular ssh works fine14:39
malfrom /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/usr/share/lipstick/devicelock delete files .devicelock.enc .devicelock.time and .sfa_lock.enc14:39
malwell if you can have root access then it's ok14:39
entilthe phone seems to work for all intents and purposes, only unlocking nope14:40
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entilok, deleted and rebooting now14:41
entilis there a fix for this on the horizon?14:41
malI have no idea what is causing that14:42
entilok... this has been an issue since, like, august or september but never this bad14:42
entilI have two SIMs here, maybe that's a problem14:42
entilI can't get my NTT DOCOMO prepaid internet sim to work, but that might be something else14:42
entilhas anyone reported issues with foreign SIMs not registering?14:42
entilmal: thank you ever so much, now I have my phone back <314:43
malI used a foreign sim for a long time without problems14:43
entilwhat was the command to investigate connection problems?14:44
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entilI think I found the probkem with the sim, there's an instruction that I must register it with NTT, but it needs my device serial number14:47
entilit's not your problem, but do you know where I can see it?14:47
entilit doesn't look like it's the IMEI14:48
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entilah, sorry, stressed out, it looks like it's actually a japanese feature, or a feature of this sim14:49
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malusually it should be imei14:50
entilit's actually a feature of this card, and this is insane, because it wants things like my passport number etc14:53
entilfunniest part is that the only not-required field is my phone number I use in japan, numbers only, doesn't accept my finnish number14:53
malsome countries have strange prepaid rules14:53
entilwonder if there's someone who acctually calls the embasse14:54
entiljapan is definitely the weirdest country I've visited14:54
malI used to live there for a while14:54
entilI've heard that's an even more interesting experience14:55
entilnot sure a gaijin can get the exact same experience as a local... but we're visiting for a friend's weddign, he lives here, works for the japanese branch of his .fi-based employer14:55
entilpretty much a salaryman, though, late hours and all that14:55
malI worked at a university when I lived there14:56
entilwhat was that like?14:56
mallong days as expected, quite nice mostly14:56
entilI've heard the long days are usually not very productive, in business at least14:57
malvery true14:57
entiland that no one is given responsibility for a long time, everyone gets a million chances at not being a n00b and everything is solved by putting a process in place to help the n00bs14:58
entilleading to long inefficient working hours, executive overhead, but also 2% unemployment14:59
entilbut phew, I'm physicallt relieved at this lock code thing, and now I dumped the instructions into a file in the home directory15:00
entilstill getting access denied on the sim but maybe someone will actually verify this... sounds like a very japanese thing to do15:01
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akhil_surabhighosalmartin: camera won't open up in
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, supa fun :P check journalctl15:48
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: i'll meet my friend tomorrow and take the logs from his device. I just want to know if i'm building the services correctly15:49
akhil_surabhighosalmartin: just for info, my device is an aarch64 device with 32bit camera module15:50
ghosalmartinakhil_surabhi, yeah same15:50
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pseudodevmy rootfs is always getting mounted as ro. probably the reason my build doesnt boot up16:02
pseudodevany help?16:02
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malanyone have ideas how to debug that readonly issue, formatting data partition from recovery and reflashing doesn't help17:13
*** hexc0de_ <hexc0de_!~androirc@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:14
malit does mount rw manually but not on boot17:16
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sernicki've built everything, and after flashing my phone just keeps getting stuck on the bootlogo17:38
sernickdoes anyone know how to debug this?17:38
*** hexcode <hexcode!~hexcode@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:41
sernickalready disabled17:41
sernickas explained in hadk17:44
sernickwhatever I do it just keeps getting stuck, and I have no idea where to even start diagnosing that17:47
malsernick: can you telnet in to device?17:47
sernickI've tried but I couldn't find an entry in lsusb or dmesg with anything mer17:50
sernickso either it doesn't work or I need some drivers17:50
pseudodevYou don't need drivers on linux17:54
sernickor kernel modules, I don't know17:55
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marmistrzNokius: ping18:30
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sernickk i can see my phone in lsusb, but telnet refuses to connect18:52
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malsernick: which port did you try?18:55
malsernick: try 23 and 232318:55
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sernickmal: on every port it refuses connection19:07
sernickmal: also is there a special and/or recommended ifconfig configuration?19:08
malsernick: 192.168.2.X where X is usually something like 2-1419:10
malthat should be the ip of of your interface19:10
sernickmal: k thx. i'll rebind this19:10
sernickmal: meh it keeps throwing 'Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused'19:13
sernickmal: also lsusb of the phone in iProduct shows something like this: Failed to boot init in real rootfs19:17
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malsernick: ok, that comes from here
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:22
sernickmal: it looks like it.19:24
sernickmal: from what I understand it fails to chroot into data?19:25
malsernick: might be, either the sailfish rootfs is not ok, or there is something else wrong19:30
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Nokiusmarmistrz: Hi19:59
*** sernick <sernick!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:00
marmistrzNokius, I've set up my ZNC for this channel, so I should be easily reachable via IRC20:01
marmistrzJust letting you know :)20:01
sernickmal: actually when extracting the rootfs, tar at the end says 'short read'20:02
sernickmal: barely created archive already corrupted?20:05
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retro486Do you need to clear CCACHE after modifying defconfig for it to stick when rebuilding hybris-boot?20:24
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hexc0dehi all, how to fix kmap2qmap segfault on ?22:10
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