Saturday, 2017-05-06

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piggzmal: is there any change in 2.1 that makes edge  swiping less good?08:04
piggzits some feedback on my port, that it isnt as good as before08:04
malpiggz: I understood that there were some changes to touch filtering08:17
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litew^ i had nonworking gesture for quick app closing after moving to 2.1.x on zuk z1, solved by changing pixel_ratio09:43
litewi guess it was too big :D09:44
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pseudodev!seen sledges10:24
merbotpseudodev: sledges was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 18 hours, 39 minutes, and 47 seconds ago: <sledges> Mister_Magister: for _patterns:
pseudodev!seen dr_gogeta8610:25
merbotpseudodev: dr_gogeta86 was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 2 days, 15 hours, 35 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <dr_gogeta86> i knoe10:25
pseudodevAnyone creating for Zuk z2 plus?10:25
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r0kk3rzpseudodev: check the list10:26
pseudodevWhy list?10:26
pseudodevr0kk3rz: .10:28
r0kk3rzpseudodev: its in the topic10:28
pseudodevr0kk3rz: port status?10:29
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pseudodevCan anyone tell me about if anyone is doing for Zuk z2?10:41
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cxl000Mister_Magister, I looked at the hal build for deb and flo. We only need droid-hal-flo-img-boot which I have a built a package to build from droid-hal-deb-img-boot, a jolla-hw-adaptation-flo and jolla-configuration-flo pattern11:01
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Mister_Magistercxl000: sorry but i don't understand11:14
Mister_Magisterwe only need to change droid-hal-deb-img-boot/droid-hal-flo-img-boot package?11:14
cxl000Mister_Magister, We can use a common deb hal and convert the one package for flo11:15
Mister_Magisteroh okay11:16
Mister_Magisterwell we cannot just make deb zip and disable ofono in flo?11:16
cxl000The hybris-updater-script contains a check for deb which needs to be changed to flo11:17
cxl000This check prevent a deb zip from being installed11:18
Mister_Magisterso we can working on deb but only replace one package in local repo for flo?11:20
cxl000We add a droid-hal-flo-img-boot package plus the two flo specific patterns11:21
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Mister_Magisteri'm now syncing your cm11 repos11:24
Mister_Magisterand i'll try to build it11:24
cxl000I have the droid-hal-flo-img-boot package. I'll push it to github.11:26
cxl000then you can use build_packages11:28
cxl000Mister_Magister, jolla-hw-adaptation-flo is the same as jolla-hw-adaptation-deb but with droid-hal-deb-img-boot replaced with droid-hal-flo-img-boot11:33
cxl000simarly with jolla-configuration-flo pattern11:34
cxl000If you can successfully reproduce on flo with this build method for flo. We can set up nemo:devel:hw:asus:nexus711:38
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Mister_Magistercxl000: i don't understand what are you planning to do11:44
cxl000Mister_Magister, The idea is to have a common OBS repo for the Asus Nexus 711:47
cxl000As a porter you would follow the HADK building for deb11:48
cxl000If your target is flo you would build the extra droid-hal-flo-img-boot and create flo specific patterns11:49
cxl000Your KS would then reference the jolla-configuration-flo11:54
cxl000on the running you might also want to change the outdir, pack-to to contain flo11:55
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cxl000Mister_Magister, you can find the flo img_build package
Mister_Magistercxl000: it will be hard to do i think. i'll focus on flo12:04
Mister_Magistercxl000: well No rule to make target `hybris-hal'12:05
Mister_Magisterah fixed12:10
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sernickmal: Can you help me with ofono? I got all the partitions mounted and rild, but my phone still reboots like crazy.14:52
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malsernick: get updted logs, dmesg, journalctl and logcat15:00
sernickmal: journalctl
malsernick: make sure you get the whole log, that isn't the whole log15:04
sernickmal: dmesg
malhmm, actually it might be, sorry15:04
malsernick: waiting for logcat15:15
sernickmal: Actually (sorry for the noob question), how do you make logcats with sailfish?15:16
malsernick: /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat15:17
sernickmal: I know how to do them on android via adb, but i don't think sailfish has adb serv15:17
malsernick: just run that command via telnet15:17
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sernickmal: logcat
malsernick: so the problem is that basically many of the important android side processes fail and usually that kind of errors are caused by not finding firmware properly or something similar15:25
malsernick: was that port cm13 based or something else?15:26
sernickcm 12.115:26
malsernick: what device was that? I forgot15:27
sernickmal: np. Moto E LTE (surnia)15:27
malsernick: just making sure, do you have droid-hal-surnia-detritus package installed?15:31
malsernick: do you have the adaptation repos on github?15:31
sernickit was built alongside all the other packages15:32
sernickyes, give me a sec15:32
malsernick: yes, it is built but is it installed15:32
sernickmal: yes, it's installed15:34
malsernick: are those the exact versions you are using?15:34
sernickmal: yes, except for droid-config-surnia, to which I added a service to symlink /pds15:35
malsernick: the submodules seem quite old15:35
Mister_MagisterWarning: repo problem: nothing provides bluez-configs-sailfish needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-flo-1-1.noarch any idea? I had to install bluez5 package or something don't remember15:36
sernickmal: eh so is android 5.1.115:36
malsernick: ?15:36
sernickmal: they're made for hybris-12.1, which utilises cm-12.1 w15:37
malsernick: I meant that the submodules in those repos are really old, like almost a year, submodules should be updated15:37
malsernick: after you update the droid-configs-device the patterns need to the fixed15:38
mal*need to be fixed15:38
sernickmal: like, regenerated?15:38
malsernick: I mean make those match the new templates15:39
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sernickmal: which new templates?15:42
malsernick: maybe it's better that I just do it and make a PR to that repo since it will take longer to explain15:42
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sernickbtw when I was setting up those i removed those patterns completely, and generated new ones with add_new_device.sh15:43
malsernick: yes, basically that, you just need to readd the detritus there15:43
sernickoh ok15:44
malsernick: do you know how to update the submodule?15:44
sernickno, not really15:46
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malsernick: in the submodule folder run git pull origin master15:47
malsernick: same for all of the droid-* repos15:48
sernickmal: ok. the same way to droid-hal-surnia too?15:50
sernickbecause it's in android root15:50
malyes and droid-hal-version-surnia15:51
malsernick: also add this
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kimmolihiiripöllö ?15:53
malkimmoli: ? :)15:53
kimmolisurnia is15:53
pseudodevsernick: how is your port going on?15:53
malkimmoli: so it seems15:53
kimmolibetter than pöllöhiiri15:54
sernickpseudodev: i got the sailfish to boot, but currently ofono is my problem15:54
malsernick: not really ofono but the whole android side15:54
pseudodevsernick: so no signal?15:55
pseudodevmal: why not try modifying the 998.udev.rules?15:55
sernickpseudodev: reboots after a minute.15:55
malpseudodev: that is modified already afaik15:55
pseudodevWhere could the issue be then?15:56
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sernickmal: everything is up-to-date15:58
malsernick: try git fetch15:58
malor git fetch origin15:58
maland then git pull origin master again15:59
malsernick: does the device have /dev/block/platform/soc.0/by-name/?15:59
sernickmal: yup15:59
sernickfrom there are all the paths in fixup-mountpoints15:59
mallooking at the .rc files your device needs all /dev/block/platform/soc.0/by-name/, /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/ and /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name, and those seem to be in the udev rule already16:01
malsernick: did you get the submodules updated?16:06
sernickmal: yes, and i'm currently rebuilding them16:07
sernickmal: btw, /fsg is not being mounted, even tho it has a correct path in fixup-mountpoints16:09
sernickmal: the /dev/block/bootdevice path always ends up in the .mount file16:09
sernickmal: when i change it manually on the device, then it works16:09
sernickmal: it's just really weird when /firmware or /data gets the correct path, and the /fsg does not16:11
malsernick: hmm, show the fixup again16:12
malsernick: how can it be bootdevice? do you have more than one fstab in $ANDROID_ROOT/device ?16:14
sernickmal: sorry, my bad. it's the /dev/block/platform/soc.0 one16:18
malsernick: are you sure you rebuilt everything you need?16:18
sernickmal: all the hal packages, i think yes16:20
sernickmal: should i make a new zip?16:22
malyes unless you want to manually make all of the change on the device, which wouldn't make any sense16:26
sernickyeah, stupid question16:26
sernickCreatorError: <creator>URLGrabber error:
sernickjolla is adding something16:27
malsernick: do not forget to define RELEASE16:28
sernickmal: i feel like such an idiot right now..16:29
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UmeaboyI have a question about the part about unpacking the mer-sdk tarball in the HADK.18:08
UmeaboyHow would a newbie be notified when the user no longer have administrative rights?18:09
UmeaboyIs there a more safe way to make it easier?18:09
UmeaboyI thought of adding a disclaimer to my about it.18:10
NokiusUmeaboy: what do you mean?18:14
UmeaboyNokius: Well this line: sudo tar --numeric-owner -p -xjf "$HOME/$TARBALL"18:15
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UmeaboyIs it enough to add a row with the word exit underneath to make it safe for the user to continue?18:16
UmeaboySo that he/she won't be doing commands as root again.18:16
UmeaboyAs sudo stops being valid only when you exit the Terminal window.18:17
UmeaboyAt least to my knowledge and experience.18:17
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UmeaboyOf course..... Not many novice users will ever run my script, but if someone wants to use it he/she should feel safe when using sudo.18:18
UmeaboyI thought about changing sudo to su -c18:18
UmeaboyOr su username18:19
malI don't see any problem, the hadk only has sudo where it's needed, it's not our fault if the person is running some other random commands as sudo18:21
Umeaboymal: Well, the script I made has a conflict there since it'll continue with the rest of the lines as sudo.18:22
UmeaboyI need some row that stops sudo from working after that line.18:22
malwell then write a better script, not sure how you have done it to behave like that18:22
Umeaboymal: Well, I took all the commands from the summary and I'm learning how to make sudo work just for that row and not the rest of the script as well.18:24
UmeaboyFrom the HADK I mean.18:24
UmeaboyNot from the summary.18:24
malI really don't see the problem, if you just add sudo before the needed lines inside the script it should be fine18:24
UmeaboyI know that the HADK isn't made to be runned as a script.18:24
UmeaboyThat's what I'm trying to change.18:25
Umeaboycd $MER_ROOT/sdks/sdk18:25
Umeaboysu -c tar --numeric-owner -p -xjf "$HOME/$TARBALL"18:25
UmeaboySo, how do I implement sudo to NOT be runned after that line?18:26
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malhave I misundertood something, afaik if you have a line in script that is run with sudo the other lines are not run as root18:29
malthat's the point of sudo, to run only one command as root18:30
UmeaboyAs long as you're in the same shell you'll still be root.18:30
malnot afaik18:30
UmeaboyI guess a new row with the word logout will suffice.18:31
UmeaboyMight be wrong...... Just open to try new ideas.18:31
malUmeaboy: but you are not using sudo su18:32
malyou are using only sudo18:32
UmeaboyI know.18:32
malwhich is different18:32
UmeaboyI'm just trying to run the script by just having to run sudo once.18:32
malwhy? it will only ask the password once even if you have multiple sudo commands18:33
UmeaboyI could do sudo -s18:33
Umeaboymal: You're welcome to run my script and see where the problem is. :)18:34
UmeaboyUse the development branch thou.18:34
malto me it looks like you are intentionally creating a new problem18:35
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UmeaboyThat was not my intention.18:36
kimmoliif you have a script with two lines:18:36
kimmolisudo whoami18:36
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kimmoliyou get root and $you18:36
UmeaboyAnd then add exit under that I guess. :)18:37
UmeaboyThat would exit the Mer SDK.18:37
malUmeaboy: there is no reason to have exit there unless you want to exit either ubu chroot or mer sdk18:37
UmeaboyYeah. Thought so.18:38
UmeaboyBut the rest of the script will be runned as sudo....... Or am I wrong?18:38
malUmeaboy: why don't you just try to add sudo to the command that need sudo and nothing else18:38
UmeaboyI just want to be sure.18:38
malUmeaboy: no, only lines with sudo are run as root18:38
malUmeaboy: just try what kimmoli said18:39
malUmeaboy: if you don't believe us18:39
kimmoliif you want password asked every sudo, add line "sudo -k" after every sudo18:39
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kimmolisudo -K18:40
kimmolior sudo -k command...18:40
malkimmoli: is that really needed, at least in my test script it only asks password once18:41
kimmoliyes, but _if_ one wants it to ask password for every time (like devel-su on device does)18:41
malkimmoli: ah, misread what you wrote18:42
UmeaboyI think sudo -k is the safest.18:42
kimmolibut it will annoy people18:42
kimmoliadd sudo -K at end of script18:43
malUmeaboy: I would find that extremely annoying if the script would ask password everytime18:43
UmeaboyAt the end? Commented out?18:43
Umeaboy#sudo -K ?18:43
kimmoliwell, your script exit point18:43
UmeaboyAre we talking about that single sudo command or at the very bottom?18:45
UmeaboySorry if I seem ignorant. I'm trying to learn.18:46
malUmeaboy: please do not make the script ask password for each sudo, if you want to cleanup then at the very end where to execution of the script ends18:46
Umeaboymal: Right. I'm just used to having to shut down the Terminal window in order to stop being root (sudo).18:48
r0kk3rzUmeaboy: instead of hardcoding the manifest and fixup_mountpoints.etc, just download the ones from the mer-hybris repo18:48
Umeaboyr0kk3rz: You're welcome to do commits. ;)18:48
kimmoliUmeaboy: if you run sudo su, you will exit being root by saying exit or ctrl-d. if you run sudo echo kissa, it will exit being root after saying kissa18:49
UmeaboyI just followed the latest official HADK that tells you to hardcode the manifest.18:49
Umeaboykimmoli: Yeah, but typing exit would exit the MER SDK or the Ubuntu chroot and I don't want to exit any of those.18:51
kimmolibut you dont use sudo su ? do yuo? if you do, dont.18:51
kimmolino problem18:51
r0kk3rzUmeaboy: sure, but for ports that exist, its better to get the right bits so you end up with something that actually works18:51
r0kk3rzbecause atm, your onyx script, even if it completes, wont actually work :)18:52
Umeaboyr0kk3rz: Yeah, that's why I created the development branch to change this stuff. :)18:53
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r0kk3rzUmeaboy: you should also be basing off HADK 1.9.919:08
*** elros <elros!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:09
Umeaboyr0kk3rz: Where is that?19:09
malUmeaboy: note that it's still work-in-progress so things might change and also there are known errors19:11
malUmeaboy: the way you have done the scripts looks a bit odd, the generic stuff should be moved to somewhere common19:12
Umeaboymal: That's why the branch development exists.19:13
Umeaboytesting is to test the correct solutions and master is for build a stable release. :)19:14
UmeaboyJust like most Linux distros.19:14
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r0kk3rzUmeaboy: good luck19:28
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Umeaboyr0kk3rz: Thanks! :)19:43
UmeaboyNokius: Is the Jolla Store error fixed in your latest Alpha?19:43
UmeaboyFor scorpion.19:43
NokiusUmeaboy: there is still an issue irrc19:48
UmeaboyNokius: OK.19:49
*** hexcode <hexcode!~hexcode@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:56
malwhat error?20:00
r0kk3rzstore was working ok for me last i checked20:01
UmeaboyIs it as easy to use LineageOS to port into SFOS?20:02
Umeaboyr0kk3rz: Well, do you have the scorpion?20:02
Nokiusmal: we have no adapiton repo20:03
NokiusUmeaboy: he has a windy20:04
UmeaboyStupid LTE functionality then. :)20:07
UmeaboyBack to my question again......20:07
UmeaboyIs it as easy to use LineageOS to port into SFOS?20:07
UmeaboyInstead of using CyanogenMod.20:07
UmeaboySince CyanogenMod is no more.20:07
*** hge <hge!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:07
*** TheKit <TheKit!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:08
malNokius: but that doesn't prevent store if the adaptation repo is disabled20:09
*** hge <hge!> has quit IRC (Client Quit)20:09
Nokiusmal: ah I assumed we need an adaption repo to get the store working correct20:09
malNokius: those are not related20:10
Nokiusthe scorpion is Alpha :P20:10
Nokiusmal: ah then I20:10
NokiusI'm unsure what the issue is20:10
Nokiusthe scorpion is atm not with me20:11
malUmeaboy: it's irrelevant whether the base android is cm or lineage as long as the built image is using sources close enough to the branch hybris uses20:11
r0kk3rzNokius: you need to give the info to pketo20:11
Nokiusr0kk3rz: this is done20:11
Nokiusback in December20:12
malyes, scorpion has store enabled20:12
Nokiusoh lord this is 6 month ago20:12
Nokiustime is flying20:12
malNokius: maybe it's time to fix the repo issue by adding the device to OBS20:13
Umeaboymal: Yeah, but it sure helps to use something that's still being developed.20:13
Nokiusmal: yes, I should do it20:13
UmeaboyThat would be great.20:13
UmeaboyI'd switch back to it in no time.20:13
UmeaboyMore stable when it comes to battery time as well.20:14
UmeaboySFOS on jfltexx is fine, but the screen is to small for me.20:14
UmeaboyDo I really need to do the Platform SDK installation part mentioned just above 4.3?20:15
UmeaboyI haven't seen that part before.20:15
malUmeaboy: platform sdk replaced mer sdk20:16
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Umeaboysudoers group doesn't exist as standard in Mageia even thou sudo is installed.20:35
UmeaboyI can add the group..... No problem.20:36
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UmeaboyNope. Even thou I added the user to the newly created group called sudoers I can't get the sfossdk command working.20:44
Umeaboygroups $USER even tells me that the user is a part of the sudoers group.20:44
UmeaboyShould I restart X?20:45
Umeaboymal: ^^20:45
UmeaboySeems like I have to relogin.20:46
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)20:47
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NokiusUmeaboy group changes requere a relogin21:06
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OhYashWhats the difference between Platform_SDK and Platform_SDK target?21:18
OhYashPlatform SDK :
OhYashPlatform SDK target  :
OhYashAlso, I'm on Ubuntu 17.04, wont they work? cause the latest I see is for trusty21:20
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NokiusOhYash Platform SDK is the new build enviorment21:29
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ghosalmartinsledges, hey up, you around22:28
*** Umeaboy <Umeaboy!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:30
ghosalmartinsledges, well hopefully you get this anyways, can you update the HEAD on the failing packages for the hammerhead community repo please, the latest HEAD has them working fine, so I can update to 2.1 :P22:31
UmeaboyHi again! Rebooting the computer fixed the sudo issue.22:31
UmeaboyHowever I got the connman error when I do sudo ssu ar sdk I get connman not AVAILABLE and DBus call failed, falling back to libssu22:33
UmeaboyWhen is that going to be fixed?22:33
UmeaboyJust asking.22:33
UmeaboyAlright..... Going to take a shorter nap before my GF gets home from work.22:38
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