Saturday, 2017-06-17

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Winstemhello everyone06:54
WinstemHi ghosalmartin06:54
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faenilpiggz: Nokius_ thanks for the info re the job ad, I received the same email fwiw :)10:42
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locusf!seen tortoisedoc10:43
merbotlocusf: tortoisedoc was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 3 days, 15 hours, 23 minutes, and 56 seconds ago: <tortoisedoc> :)10:43
faenilI've been working at Samsung's R&D Institute UK for a couple of months already, thanks anyway :)10:43
locusfnow you and rzr can both bring boxing glowes and have 2 on 1 against jerpelea :)10:45
piggzfaenil: cool :)10:48
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Zolo!seen litew10:48
merbotZolo: litew was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 6 weeks, 0 days, 1 hour, 4 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <litew> i guess it was too big :D10:48
piggzMister_Magister: unlock done, wasnt too difficult10:48
Zolo!seen mal10:48
merbotZolo: mal was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 12 hours, 43 minutes, and 46 seconds ago: <mal> not now10:48
Mister_Magisterpiggz: but it's taking some time :D10:49
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Zolodevel-su ./ > /home/nemo/power-state-report.txt10:49
piggzMister_Magister_: well, to be fair, its less than 24hrs, and i havnt even started yet!10:49
Mister_Magisterso since you have redmi note 4 there is only moto x force and honor 5x on my device list10:50
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WinstemYesterday I asked about battery issue10:52
WinstemNokius said it could be charging indicator showing wrong battery percentage10:52
WinstemIt shows 50% every couple seconds on my phone on sailfish 2.0.510:53
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WinstemPlease can you help me to fix it10:54
WinstemWhat should I do?10:54
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piggzguys .. any idea what thsi early boot problem could be .... device boots into fastboot, not the new /boot ... using fastboot to boot hybris-boot doest get far either12:46
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piggznow, the phone status is 'encrypted' in lineage .... do i have to turn that off somehow?12:47
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nh1402piggz: is this an android thing?13:07
nh1402if so, Settings -> Security -> Encryption13:08
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piggzwould be be expected that the hubris-boot.img is ~9mb, and the lineage boot.img is 21mb?13:46
piggznh1402: i dont seem able to turn it off13:47
piggzbut, that might not be the issue anyway13:47
piggzmay have to wipe/format to turn off encyryption13:49
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_jester_has anyone tried meddling with the hw buttons on certain phones? my mi 4 has em but they are not mapped to anything on the os15:14
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guhl_jester_, did you check if they are evdev devices?15:18
_jester_nopes, but thanks for the pointer. now i have a search term for google and the docs. much appreciated guhl !15:20
guhlinstall mce-tools using zypper15:22
mal_jester_: amd use evdev_trace in that package15:22
_jester_mal: i was hoping i would catch you online. i also have a nexus 5. id get to that in a bit15:24
suicidal_orangehi everyone, I'm a complete newbie hoping to get Sailfish fully working on the Xperia Z3 Compact - is there a special place for newbie questions or can I just put them here?15:24
guhljust ask15:25
_jester_oh and a week ago, i was you15:26
guhland see
piggz_jester_: as, u have a xiaomi? any clues as to why my redmi note 4 might boot into fastboot mode?15:26
guhlfor the port status15:26
suicidal_orangeI see someone started but it was a long time ago and they didn't get far - is it worth trying to continue or should I start from scratch?15:27
suicidal_orangethe HADK says Cyanogen 12.1, not sure if the Z3C was an official release on CM13 or if it even matters as long as it ran?15:28
_jester_i think saidinesh5 is a better person for that question. im just enjoying the fruits of his labor and trying to get myself educated enough to answer that question. piggz15:29
guhlsuicidal_orange, my experience is that if you have a stable 12.1 that is a good basis15:29
guhlin general i start from scratch (the learning curve is steeper but the understanding better)15:30
guhland have a look at the repos of the existing project while doing so15:30
piggzsaidinesh5: ^^15:31
guhlunfortunately i would have to buy a new phone for my wife if i help you porting the z3c15:31
suicidal_orangeI literally have no idea what I'm looking at in the git, didn't get to the first command in the HADK before having questions!15:32
_jester_suicidal_orange : hadk is a tad outdated and also a bit of the documentation. xperia has a huge community though and the most ports. like guhl mentioned. im trying to do the same for the nexus 5, even though a port exists for it just so i get a better understanding15:32
_jester_my recommendation so far would be to read the hadk, get the environment (sdk) up and running and get in touch with the original porter too to see why he left it mid way15:33
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_jester_perhaps its a hw issue that couldnt be tackled at the time, or he got bored. either way, its critical information15:34
_jester_wait, isnt jolla porting to an xperia z too?15:35
_jester_there must be information on it in the last logs of the mer meeting, let me find those for you15:36
suicidal_orangeThanks, I'm trying to understand everything but know literally nothing about phone OSes - would reading up on Android (or anything else) help?15:37
suicidal_orangeyeah, Sony are supposedly releasing Q2 so basically anyday, having said not a word since the good advertising in Feb...15:37
guhlwell suicidal_orange you should be familiar with android recovery and rom flashing15:38
guhland also with the tools adb and fastboot15:39
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guhllater in the porting process it will be an advantage to know how the android logcat works15:40
_jester_suicidal_orange: it was discussed in the last meeting, #mer-meeting15:41
_jester_let me atleast tell you what i understand so far and id get corrected in this channel if im wrong so it benefits both of us15:41
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_jester_mer is the core for mobile based linux os, it has a library called hybris which provides an interface to the android drivers for linux to use15:42
_jester_since no native phones for linux are being made, the idea is to port it to existing android devices15:43
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_jester_this is where hybris comes in, and therefore the ports page is on mer wiki / hybris and not on sailfishos.org15:44
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_jester_so mer requires an 'open' base system with everything working so mer and hybris can extend it and run on top. however mer on its own doesnt provide a fully develiped end user system so sailfish does that15:46
_jester_now a sailfish os, often abbreviated as sfos running on any phone has 3 essential components.15:48
_jester_a good stable and working base, (cm does that) a mer system and a sailfish user experience/ gui components15:49
_jester_im trying to port with lineageos 14.1, elementalx kernel and multirom. just so i can get a headache15:50
_jester_for now, just get a good base cm-12.115:51
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_jester_make sure its stable, get the gapps bundle with it as well.15:52
suicidal_orangeso is mer just a hardware abstraction layer and all the software is in sailfish or is sailfish more like X on desktop linux and booting is handled by mer?15:52
_jester_stable = everything works i.e. hardware and the drivers15:52
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_jester_no mer is actually a complete os, it assumes such a rile because there is no hardware made for linux drivers15:54
_jester_so the same kernel and drivers gets used from the stable base i.e. cm-12.115:55
_jester_the base system, including the x server is provided by mer, alongwith telepathy backends for IM etc15:55
suicidal_orangeright, that makes sense15:56
_jester_sailfish is like a desktop environment like kde15:56
_jester_if you know about the harmattan desktop. this is comparable to that15:56
suicidal_orangethat's a lot of branding for not a lot of work!15:57
_jester_but in addition, it provides a lot more things too15:57
_jester_dont be so quick to judge, jolla contributes to mer too15:57
suicidal_orangenot judging, just trying to understand15:58
_jester_plus alien dalvik is quite a feat in my opinion. which im sure youd read about as you go along15:58
_jester_but what sfos does provide is a unified interface and gui toolkit for mobile screens called silica15:59
_jester_which is getting open sourced gradually, so youve come at an opportune time15:59
_jester_i actually have firefox os installed as well, sailfish is leaps and bounds ahead in my opinion from other mobile gui environments16:01
_jester_now heres whats missing or tough to get working16:02
_jester_there are no multi user chat option16:02
suicidal_orangesailfish is great - I had a Jolla phone (walked it into a post) then an Aqua Fish (screen's snapped in half)16:02
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_jester_voice and video chat dont work on ports, atleast not on my mi 416:03
suicidal_orangeone week trying to use lineage with it's non fullscreen browser and crazy task switching is enough16:04
_jester_android apps dont work on all ports. there is support on the nexus 5 port but as i understand. its basic16:04
suicidal_orangenot a problem, I'm not sociable or a gamer16:04
suicidal_orangejust need a nice, small phone with a web browser and a camera - hence picking up an old Z3C16:05
_jester_it does have a lovely game called numpty physics which i enjoy very much16:05
_jester_ah, well i hope someone updates the browser soon16:06
_jester_nopes, on sfos16:06
suicidal_orangehmm... haven't seen that one - may as well install it now16:06
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_jester_pay a visit to and check out the apps for sfos there16:06
_jester_im still exploring but some of them are very nicely done.. a lot of them are missing features and some of them just seem to be hacked together16:07
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suicidal_orangeit's in warehouse, even easier16:08
_jester_for socializing, theres an excellent irc app, that im using at the moment16:08
_jester_for me on my mi 4, camera works like a freakin charm, the web browser is outdated for some sites like trello16:10
suicidal_orangeunsure if I don't get it or screen is playing up16:10
_jester_but theres webcat, which seems promising16:10
suicidal_orangeI was using web pirate with the swipey bottom bar but copy/paste works better on the standard browser so went back to that16:12
suicidal_orangeliking the game, will pass the time waiting for compiling - thanks!16:15
_jester_you must be on 2.016:17
_jester_no wait, copying was introduced on 2.116:17
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_jester_try the droplet browser by dinesh. i actually loved the concept.16:18
_jester_its like the chat heads you get on fb messenger everytime someone messages you16:18
_jester_but droplets is a browset, so single click, opens it up in a driplet/ chat head like round icon. double click opens it in the system browser16:19
_jester_and essentially its the same browser as the core one, so thats awesome16:20
_jester_and youre most welcome, im just pating my debt forward16:20
suicidal_orangehaha, fb... did I not say I'm not sociable?  Droplet browser wants lipstick, this is getting weird16:21
suicidal_orangegreat to be using sfos again if only temporarily - it just makes sense16:23
_jester_lipstick is the lil library that allows you to draw widgets on top of screens and apps16:24
_jester_atleast as a framework, it has a lot of potential16:25
_jester_the current examples and implementations might be a bit lacking. theres tux chakra and droplet browser that i know of and tux chakra does nothing productive16:26
_jester_the ux is really sweet, plus now i hate android with a vengeance16:27
_jester_so its either the n9(00) or port and contribute16:27
suicidal_orangeI had a nokia 808 for a long time, then went to the Jolla16:28
suicidal_orangedon't like the idea of carrying a google tracker and having used android for a week glad I didn't buy a proper phone with it16:29
ghosalmartinanyone know a good way to debug dhi?16:30
_jester_ok, im an infosec guy primarily and i think if jolla and mer being where they are can stop and focus on doing it right, being security aware and having a massively better multitaskinh system. google is either being funny or are just a bunch of idiots16:30
piggzoh, thats interesting, boot.img is 21mb, hybris-boot.img is 9 ... does hybris remove stuff?16:31
piggzi'll have to see if the boot.img made from my buid boots16:32
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ghosalmartinpiggz, i thought hybris-boot just wrapped around boot.img?16:40
piggzghosalmartin: as did i, which is why im surporised about the size16:40
bshahno hybris-boot.img essenitally just contains busybox16:40
bshahand kernel and simple shell script16:40
bshahwhile original boot.img contains whole init script16:41
suicidal_orangeis the curlfix stuff important?  It wants to uninstall my x64 version of curl along with YAST (opensuse) which I'm not going to do!16:41
bshahs/script/android init binary/16:41
ghosalmartinam guessing boot.img also has the ramdisk?16:41
bshahghosalmartin: well yes, both hybris-boot.img and boot.img contains ramdisk16:41
bshahbut ramdisk in hybris-boot.img is too low16:42
piggzso, a good test will be if the boot.img loads16:42
ghosalmartinbshah, you made anymore progress on bullhead? :P16:42
bshahno.. well currently busy with halium :P16:42
ghosalmartinbshah how goes that16:43
bshahghosalmartin: its going well.. :D16:46
ghosalmartinthats good :P16:46
ghosalmartinanyone know what process goes after droid-init-done?16:46
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wiktorek140its normal that in final zip mountpoints for data and boot part are changed from default from fstab to "dev/mmc..."?16:58
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piggzthe lineage boot.img is 21.1 and works, the boot.img from my build is 21.0 and doesnt, neither does the hybris-boot.img .... something to look into, need to go out for a bit though17:07
bshahpiggz: honestly it have nothing to do with size.. can you maybe get last_kmsg or something?17:08
ghosalmartinpiggz, does it reboot?17:09
ghosalmartinpiggz, if so id check for this17:10
*** guhl <guhl!~guhl@gateway/tor-sasl/guhl> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:14
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malwiktorek140: what do you mean?17:18
*** _jester_ <_jester_!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)17:19
wiktorek140when i get packed zip in updater-script i have "/dev/mmc.." rather than "/dev/block/platform/..."17:20
*** _jester_ <_jester_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:21
_jester_just a quick question for some of the pros here. can an android kernel load modules on the fly? insmod, modprobe ?17:27
_jester_or does it have to be monolithic?17:28
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kimmolimost of the ports load at least wifi as module. so yes it can load modules.17:29
_jester_kimmoli: sweet, thanks for the reply17:31
malwiktorek140: that's what the fixup-mountpoints does17:41
mal_jester_: except that some rare android device have module support disabled in kernel so check that it's enabled and enable if it's disabled17:42
_jester_mal:  are there cases where it cannot be enabled? i suppose its a security measure for them17:44
malhaven't heard of any such case, I doubt they would have completely removed it17:46
wiktorek140mal: its troublesome because i cannot flash kernel via default zip17:49
_jester_mal: thanks17:49
locusfjust memset to kernelspace17:49
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malwiktorek140: why not? what is the problem? some error?17:51
wiktorek140yea i my recovery in /dev devices like mmc doesnt exist ;p17:52
malthat's odd17:52
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malthen you might need to edit some of the build scripts in probably hybris-boot17:53
wiktorek140easier is modify it by hand17:55
*** Tofe <Tofe!> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:55
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Nokius_piggz: still having the issue?17:58
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius17:58
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ghosalmartinanyone see any obvious issues with this dhi dmesg18:24
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NokiusI have issue but not visible in dmsg iirc sorry ghosalmartin18:58
ghosalmartinNokius, logcaT?18:58
Nokiusghosalmartin: I should clean my r7plus build before giving comments maybe it's just me doing something wrong19:02
Nokiusbut atm I to busy sorry19:02
ghosalmartinNokius, fair enough :)19:02
wiktorek140sledges: can i apply to enable store for surnia? on github is nearly everything for build :)19:27
*** ahjolinna <ahjolinna!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)19:45
*** ahjo <ahjo!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:45
piggzNokius: been out ... need to back out to pick up curry .... gonna try reverting kernel changes and see if it boots lineage ... that gives me something to work from19:53
piggzghosalmartin: thx for the tips19:56
piggzbshah: thx ... i'll start looking at kernel config19:56
*** ahjo is now known as ahjolinna20:22
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wiktorek140how to disable "adaptation-community-common" repo after adding "%define community_adaptation 1" into config?20:25
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malwiktorek140: why would you want to disable it?20:35
wiktorek140mal: because i dont have repo on obs20:36
malwiktorek140: adaptation-community-common is always on obs, that is for all devices20:38
wiktorek140mal: yea but i have this problem "Error <creator>: Unable to find pattern: Jolla Configuration surnia20:39
malwiktorek140: that is probably because you are missing the local repo, which is in $ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE, from .ks20:41
wiktorek140yea, it work when i add it20:41
wiktorek140mal: is possible to add it automate?20:44
malwell you don't need to regenerate .ks so manualy adding it once is enough20:45
malbut that is a known issue, it needs to be solved somehow20:45
malassuming you place it in $ANDROID_ROOT instead of $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp as in old hadk20:48
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*** elros <elros!57ce8fb4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:53
elrosTheKit: ping20:55
wiktorek140mal: i place ks files in $ANDROID_ROOT/tmp20:56
elrosTheKit: I saw From logs looks like u dont have O_DIRECT support in kernel20:57
elrosMaybe thats why u have problem with battery20:58
*** Zucca <Zucca!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:58
TheKitelros, will look into it, thank you20:59
TheKitwrong value is reported by sysfs too though20:59
TheKit(by cat /sys/class/power_supply/battery/capacity, for example)21:00
elrosI remember kimmoli have problem with battery level21:01
malwiktorek140: move it to $ANDROID_ROOT so it won't get removed all the time21:07
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)21:07
malwiktorek140: just remember to edit the path in mic build command21:07
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:07
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wiktorek140mal: in sed should i change patch or not?21:08
malwiktorek140: no need to run it anymore since .ks will not be removed21:09
malwiktorek140: look here
malwiktorek140: so you only need to make the .ks file once and then you can reuse it21:10
wiktorek140mal: i should ask myself why i use the old one :)21:10
malwiktorek140: that new one is not official yet21:11
wiktorek140but is good to know it exist :)21:13
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_jester_any ideas on the zenfone 5? its made with the intel atom so its x86, which means linux "should" be a breeze, no ?23:48
_jester_meh, it didnt make any waves anywhere23:51

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