Saturday, 2017-07-01

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piggzmal: looks like i can add 'hacking BT HCI drivers into newer kernels' as one of my skills ;)07:45
piggzans someone kindly made a video!
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Nokiuspiggz: Extreme Hacking :D08:16
Nokiusis he doing extreme thinks on the road :o08:17
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piggzi like to think if myself as an extreme porter!08:18
Nokiuspiggz: :D08:18
Nokiusso u get the busy msg too okay08:18
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piggzi hope i am not inundated with mails from xda all day ;)08:20
piggzthose are my kernel changes for the fix from krnlyng and the BT driver08:20
piggzi think others using a new kernel can use that BT driver08:20
piggzi just hope there is no memory leak becuase of the if-deffed destroy call08:21
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Nokiuspiggz: thanks for sharing08:24
piggzNokius: it is similar to the one mal linked me, but some minor api changes as some functions expect a struct hci_dev passed also08:24
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ksandomMorning all (or afternnoon/evening to anyone in other timezones)10:23
ksandomI have a few more hours today to put into this.10:23
ksandomIn the mean time, on my train rides, I've been slowly automating stuff that I've found myself doing repetitively.10:24
ksandomOf interest is this
ksandomIt fixes the SSL errors when creating the SB2 environment.10:25
ksandomOnce I've matured all of this a bit more, I'm happy to contibute it back to documentation/code repos. (You'll see a lot of familiar code from the documentation.)10:26
ksandomMost of the other automation is currently specific to my device. But if there's interest I'll abstract it where the interest lies.10:27
malksandom: but creating sb2 is already automated in upcoming hadk pdf10:29
malit's just about running one or two commands10:29
ksandomI wasn't aware of that.10:30
ksandomWhen is that due out?10:30
malmany people are already using the preview version10:30
ksandomI'm guessing this is documentated somewhere and I've missed it. Where should I have found that?10:31
malthat is only from channel logs10:31
ksandomFair enough.10:33
malbut in general asking before starting to write automation for commands might be useful, there was also one other project for complete automation of building sailfish10:36
ksandomWhat state is that project in now?10:41
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ksandomDo you remember the name?10:42
ksandomOn my side, it evolved from wanting to keep track of the changes I make before contributing them back, to wanting to apply them efficiently when I rebuild from scratch, to "hey I may as well glue these bits together" :)10:43
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ksandomBTW mal I don't remember thanking you for your help last week. I really appreciated that.10:47
ksandomAnd thankyou to piggz as well.10:49
ksandomExcellent. I'll take a look through that.10:49
preflexHi. I'm failing to build geoclue-providers-hybris with the missing locationsettings.h error.  I saw in the faq to update the dhd submodule. I don't know if i'm doing it right.  I navigated to rpm/dhd, and ran "git submodule update".  Is that the right way to do it?  Sorry, I'm a novice with git.10:50
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malpreflex: that's not the way to update it10:53
malpreflex: run git remote -v in that folder to see what the remote name is10:54
preflexIt displays "github"10:55
malthen run git fetch origin ; git pull origin master10:58
preflex"fatal: 'origin' does not appear to be a git repository"11:01
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ksandompreflex: If you replace origin with github in that command mal gave you, I think it should work.11:05
preflexi got it:  "git remote add origin
ksandomThat would work too :)11:05
kimmoligit pull github master11:05
malpreflex: no11:06
maljust change the command I gave11:06
malno point in adding a new remote11:06
malpreflex: git fetch github; git pull github master11:06
maljust a copy paste error from me11:06
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preflexthat appeared to work.  Thanks!11:07
preflexstill getting the locationsettings.h error though.11:10
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malpreflex: rm -Rf hybris/mw/geoclue-providers-hybris11:12
malpreflex: then try again11:12
preflexnope,  still "hybrisprovider.h:26:30: fatal error: locationsettings.h: No such file or directory"11:14
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malpreflex: check the revision of rpm/dhd by going there and running git log11:29
preflexmost recent commit is 26ff31ed88a98f39b389714049fa64120772b8fe on June 10.11:31
malhmm, that seems ok11:34
malpreflex: now check the same in hybris/mw/geoclue-providers-hybris11:39
preflexmost recent commit is 7a0f7c93dfcc74fca5ce68f0b260e3e7c41d6f4b on Mar 17.11:40
malthat's wrong11:41
preflexit appears to be consistent with  .  Is that the wrong repo?11:42
malthe thing is we want to use an older revision11:42
malwe want to use 29ec9933d09beefcc7ef24b83ef046f0150ec31e11:43
preflexdo i use the "git reset" command for that?11:47
malpreflex: removing the folder and rebuilding should have done it11:48
malsince it should have gotten the correct branch11:48
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malpreflex: check rpm/dhd/helpers/ has this line
preflexBut i don't think it was there before.  I was building it with rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw=
piggzdisclaimer added to xda post ... this is not android, there is no play store, google apps, whatsapp etc XD11:53
wiktorek140piggz: whatsapp exist xD11:54
piggzwiktorek140: native?11:56
wiktorek140not by whatsapp itselt ;p11:57
malpreflex: so with that it should build correct, if not then I'm out of ideas why it fails, then there is the option of manually getting the correct sources and building using manually11:59
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preflexmal: Thanks!  It worked!12:30
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preflexWhen running "cpio: premature end of archive" looks suspicious.  Now I'm getting errors when building the image with mic:  "Unable to find pattern:  Jolla Configuration mako".
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preflexit looks like my process_patterns was out of date.  Fixed.13:22
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piggzmal: who had to patch zypp for fixing wrong architecture?13:24
aa13qsorry to interrupt, missed the whole conversation, but am I right zypp patching is something connected with what I did for redmi note 3 pro port?
piggzaa13q: yes, that looks the same cheers13:29
aa13qyou are welcome! :) here is my branch (several commits due to night typos :)
piggzaa13q: do you have a package on
malaa13q: there should not be issues like that, at least I haven't of any recently, those kind of errors appeared a long time ago13:35
piggzmal: i have that issue :)13:35
malthen I was wrong13:36
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piggzmal: when switching the usb mode to Media works, but the device name is 'init-debug in real fs' where does that come from?14:38
piggzin kde dolphin anyway14:39
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malpiggz: that's a known issues, I think it comes from the init-script in kernel init, it sets the usb name to that to help debugging14:55
malpiggz: I think we should add some kind of build options to ready ports which would set to something more correct14:56
malpiggz: at least ubuntu also shows the correct device name in MTP mode in some views but in some it shows the usb device name14:57
malpiggz: btw, have you tried already to use MMS messages with mobile data active before sending, some devices need a special option in ofono configs to get that working14:59
malpiggz: and when testing that make sure wifi is disabled14:59
piggzmal: i havnt used MMS in years :D15:06
piggzis that sill a thing??? :)15:07
malpiggz: not really, I never use it outside of testing :)15:08
malpiggz: but still good to have it working if someone wants to use it15:08
malpiggz: did tou get droidmedia to build already?15:15
piggzmal: no, havnt tried again yet ... thats a job for this evening ... hopefully then nearly everything will work .... atm im programming a RPi to control a robot as im going into my kids school this week to give them a day of electronics and programming!!15:16
malpiggz: do you have issues with the led on the device?15:23
malpiggz: also does the device have fm radio?15:23
piggzmal: yes, i dont this the led is working yet15:23
piggzand yes, i believe it has a radio15:23
maljust a moment, I'll tell how to fix led15:24
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malpiggz: could you get output of ls -l /sys/class/leds/15:35
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malpiggz: ok, try building this revision
piggzmal: anything i can do with the home/back/menu hardware buttons?15:40
piggzi know it doesnt really fit the ui15:40
malpiggz: those don't do much in sailfish, I think only some might do something15:41
malpiggz: so basically you can mark those ok if you can see the events in evdev_trace15:41
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malpiggz: for fm radio (some sites do say it exists) set in kernel CONFIG_RADIO_IRIS_TRANSPORT=m nad rebuild, add this and the matching and then add also these to15:51
mal patterns
malpiggz: and also this
piggzthx mal, youre a star15:53
piggzmal: looks like the kernel options are already set to Y15:54
malpiggz: yes, change the one I gave to =m15:54
malpiggz: also let me know if that mce-plugin-libhybris revision helps with led15:55
piggzwill do15:55
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piggzmal: ive built the android bits of droidmedia .... it was hacky .... looking at the list of repos in los13 and los14.1, they are very different regarding hardware/qcom/* and probably this soc has not had cm1316:21
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dr_gogeta86hi peps17:28
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piggzmal: mkcamconf hangs, logcat states17:56
piggz07-01 17:55:52.208  3090  3090 I ServiceManager: Waiting for service
piggz07-01 17:55:52.806  1484  1667 E slim_daemon: [NDK] bindNDKSensors: Sensor server is unavailable.17:56
malpiggz: are the mini* services running?17:57
piggzmal: seems not, only miniaf17:58
piggzmal: journalctl says18:01
piggzJul 01 19:01:23 Sailfish droid-hal-init: Service 'minimedia' (pid 3578) exited with status 118:01
piggzJul 01 19:01:23 Sailfish droid-hal-init: Service 'minimedia' (pid 3578) killing any children in process group18:01
piggzJul 01 19:01:23 Sailfish droid-hal-init: Service 'minisf' (pid 3579) exited with status 118:01
piggzJul 01 19:01:23 Sailfish droid-hal-init: Service 'minisf' (pid 3579) killing any children in process group18:01
piggzah, maybe i need  32bit env in init.rc18:02
malpiggz: did you build the droidmedia as 32-bit?18:03
maltry to strace for example minimedia18:05
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piggzmal: minisf is fixed with LD_LIBRARY_PATH18:15
piggzminimedia not ... but it should be as it doesnt crash when run manually18:15
piggzah, i see problem18:16
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malpiggz: do you have the LD_PRELOAD or something for minimedia?18:25
piggzmal: i have the ldpreload but not the libcameraservice!18:25
malwhich one do you have?18:25
piggzmal: in usr/libexec.... i have libdroidmedia only18:27
piggzi must have made a build error18:27
malpiggz: what do you mean, in the whole folder?18:29
piggzin the droidmedia package I have libdroidmedia, minimediaservice and minisfservice18:30
piggzmal: where is libcameraservice packaged?18:30
malin droid-hal18:31
mallike all other stuff18:32
piggzah, ok, i didnt reinstall that18:32
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piggzmal: any idea what the ipacm service does?18:37
piggzmal: now, "failed to start pipeline" in mkcamconf18:40
malpiggz: the processes are running now?18:42
malcheck logcat18:42
malpiggz: you might need the audio policy patch to droidmedia18:43
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piggzmal: in the mean time ... youtube playback almost worked ... video plays, can hear sound, but video is all messed up and green19:15
malpiggz: have you added the codec udev rules?19:21
piggzah, no ... i just checked the symlinks19:21
malpiggz: something like this on normal qcom devices
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piggzmal: that didnt help .... does this mean anything to you?
malpiggz: are symlinks in /etc ok?19:30
piggzmal: i think so
malpiggz: show both ls -l /etc and ls -l /system/etc19:31
malpiggz: symlink audio_platform_info_extcodec.xml, clatd.conf, flp.conf, lowi.conf, all other mixer_paths_*.xml file19:36
malnot sure if those mixer_paths files are needed but let's symlink those also19:37
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piggzmal: nope, none of those symlinks helped20:08
piggzthe pipeline error appears a lot in the logs i see20:08
malpiggz: show whole logcat after a reboot20:09
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piggzshow up to opening a youtube video20:12
mala lot of modem related messages, but you said it works20:20
piggzyeah, that side seems fine20:20
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piggzmal: wrt camera, im getting 'failed to find camera'20:23
malsomething is wrong somewhere but it's getting late so maybe more debugging tomorrow20:29
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wiktorek140can somebody explain me why is impossible to reboot device?20:48
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malwiktorek140: it's completely possible to reboot, why wouldn't it be?20:53
wiktorek140mal:  because kernel or something stuck and i have black screen only20:53
wiktorek140of course force reboot works20:53
malnot sure what causes that, never heard anyone else having such issues20:55
wiktorek140i cannot check logs20:55
wiktorek140or maybe i can but i didn't know how20:56
malwiktorek140: can you telnet to the device?20:57
malany sign of anything in host dmesg if you reboot20:57
wiktorek140mal: not after trigger reboot or halt signal20:57
wiktorek140i will check20:57
wiktorek140that everything what i get from dmesg21:01
wiktorek140and device didnt bootup after reboot21:01
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malbut did it even shutdown?21:04
malit's not clear when it stops, during the shutdown stage or starting up again21:05
wiktorek140its clear its stop during shutdown stage21:05
wiktorek140becauce i dont see bootlogo ( in moto is moto logo)21:06
malbut does it do the same if you tryto shutdown the device instead of reboot21:06
wiktorek140only force reboot/shutdown work21:06
maltry making journal log persistent to see if that will anything how far it reaches21:09
wiktorek140umm how extacly should i do? journalctrl & ?21:12
malwiktorek140: edit /etc/systemd/journald.conf and change Storage line to Storage=persistent and restart journal service21:17
wiktorek140mal: and reboot?21:19
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wiktorek140kay, rebooted, and now?21:23
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wiktorek140mal:  i think its everything what i get before reboot
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piggzwiktorek140: so, is there a whatsapp client that works since whatsapp retired the old protocol?21:34
piggzmal: sure, its late, tomorrow! :)21:34
wiktorek140piggz: really i dont know because i didn't use that ;p but exist21:35
piggzwiktorek140: well, whats its ****ing name then and i'll research ... i already looked on tmo and didnt really find anything conclusive, none of whatsup, wazapp or mitak.... seem to work afaict21:36
piggzat best there is a python lib that does some kind of proxying21:36
wiktorek140piggz:  soo it's my fault21:38
wiktorek140maybe someone wrote version which work now :)21:38
piggzits like getting blood from a stone! ;)21:38
malpiggz: in the meantime try the fm radio and other things I told21:39
piggzmal: not tonight :)21:39
wiktorek140mal: some clues what it cause?21:46
malwiktorek140: not much, it seems systemd shuts down ok, so maybe kernel misbehaves21:49
wiktorek140mal:  but these same kernel work properly on android (of cource without config changes for sfos)21:51
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