Friday, 2017-07-07

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adeen-sHow do i rename the platform sdk target ?05:16
freedomruncan anyone recommend a good sailfishos phone?05:30
adeen-sfreedomrun: official or community ported ?05:31
maheartIf you can hold off another few months, the Sony Xperia X has been promised05:31
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adeen-spossible bug: the installation instructions for setting up the platform sdk overwrite the $HOME/.mersdk.profile05:33
freedomrunmaheart, I`m holding off myself from days when Jolla promised it. I really hope Sony won`t screw up.05:33
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freedomrunwow i read about it ... it looks real05:40
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adeen-sPlatformSDK adeen-s@adeen-s-ubuntu:~/hadk$ sed -e \06:27
adeen-s> "s|^$HA_REPO.*$|$HA_REPO --baseurl=file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/06:27
adeen-s> ˓ → $DEVICE|" \06:27
adeen-s> $ANDROID_ROOT/hybris/droid-configs/installroot/usr/share/kickstarts/$KS \06:27
adeen-s> > $KS06:27
adeen-ssed: -e expression #1, char 145: unterminated `s' command06:27
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ghosalmartinmorning all07:42
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nh1402ghosalmartin: I reject your "morning all" and substitute my own.07:47
ghosalmartinnh1402, haha am backing the jolla tablet07:47
nh1402ghosalmartin: the Jolla tablet's spiritual twin brother07:49
ghosalmartinnh1402, yeahh, am just hoping it doesnt fail07:50
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irukandjigood morning (at least from my time zone), it was mentioned to me that the kernel code on exynos doesnt work, do you maybe have some details about it?08:15
r0kk3rzits not really kernel code08:17
r0kk3rzits an interface wrapper between bionic compiled c programs and glibc compiled programs08:17
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irukandjiok, i'll check, do you maybe have some architecture document?08:19
r0kk3rznot sure, but its mostly used because android devices often have userspace driver blobs, and the only standard iterface is the android one08:21
irukandjisure, and it does make sense... so this is a translation layer from android interface to your own?08:21
r0kk3rzkind of, although the interface looks the same but you can link to it with glibc08:23
irukandjiis there some bug opened (not found here with symptoms/coredump/... ?08:26
r0kk3rzim not sure anyones looked at it for some time08:26
r0kk3rzyou'd want to go through the HADK document, make an image, and see what breaks08:27
ghosalmartinirukandji, what device are you porting on?08:31
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nh1402ghosalmartin: I believe it's the s7 edge08:35
ghosalmartinnh1402, is there a qualcomm version?08:36
irukandjis7 edge, yes08:38
irukandjii probably wont be porting it as i dont have enough time but i can try looking at exynos issue08:38
irukandjighosalmartin: there is qualcom version, but it is just for USA market (and the exynos outperforms it :D)08:42
ghosalmartinirukandji, the exynos does indeed, well good luck to ya, am trying to make the kirin 955 work08:42
ghosalmartinif you cant get the hwcomposer working you can just use surfaceflinger to render the ui but it seems more like an issue with modems from what I remember?08:43
nh1402ghosalmartin: there is, but only in the US, and in this case it's the exynos08:43
nh1402ghosalmartin: it's always been the case, since the S6, Qualcomm in the US, exynos everywhere else.08:44
ghosalmartinnh1402, wonder why08:45
r0kk3rzpatents probably08:45
Nokiusghosalmartin: baseband08:45
nh1402Qualcomm created CDMA, and that's only used in the US08:46
nh1402GSM is used everywhere else iirc08:46
ghosalmartindid not know that08:46
ghosalmartinthats a nice monopoly :P08:46
r0kk3rz*still* used in the US08:46
r0kk3rzwe used it in aus for a while08:46
nh1402my bad08:47
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m4h0n3ystill trying to run sfos on my tsubasa :)11:53
m4h0n3ystuck droid-hal-init failing with Jul 07 14:23:05 Sailfish droid-hal-init: property_set("ro.boot.bootloader", "s1") failed11:54
malare you sure that is causing the problem? what happens after that?11:57
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m4h0n3ythat's what i see
malyou could have said that all property sets fail12:00
malm4h0n3y: which android base?12:04
m4h0n3yi think it is android 612:05
malanything related to property_service in logs, check also dmesg12:07
nh1402that is correct12:07
nh1402cm11 - Android 4.4, cm12 - Android 5, cm13 - Android 6, CM14 - Android 712:08
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m4h0n3ynothing in the journalctl and dmesg12:17
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malm4h0n3y: pastebin whole dmesg and journal logs after reboot12:20
m4h0n3ybtw is it ok, that after telnet connection i can ping something only after doing "su"?12:21
malm4h0n3y: also check that rootfs is writable just in case12:21
malm4h0n3y: you mean on the device? that might be because of wrong paranoid network kernel flag12:22
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m4h0n3yaha, i have this in my config CONFIG_ANDROID_PARANOID_NETWORK=y, will recompile the kernel12:23
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m4h0n3y - that is my dmesg12:23
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m4h0n3y and journalctl12:24
malm4h0n3y: have you added fstab on your device?12:25
m4h0n3ylogcat shows only "logcat read failure"12:25
m4h0n3ywell i have fstab.qcom12:25
malm4h0n3y: that should not be on the device12:25
m4h0n3yfrom the original firmware12:25
malm4h0n3y: which folder?12:25
malm4h0n3y: logcat needs droid-hal-init to be successful12:26
m4h0n3yok, i see... what folder do you mean?12:26
malm4h0n3y: where is the fstab12:27
malwe were just talking about it12:28
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m4h0n3yi have /fstab.qcom and /etc/fstab12:28
m4h0n3ythe second one is almost empty12:28
malremove /fstab.qcom12:29
malyou must have added that manually since the normal build removes that12:29
m4h0n3yyes, i copied it manually. now droid-hal-init service is in active status12:33
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elrosmal: hello, can you tell my how can I build upstream libhybris?12:34
malget the sources and build12:35
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elrosmal: there is no spec file here
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malor just copy the spec from the normal branch12:42
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m4h0n3ymal: so now when droid-hal-init is running and i can see something in logcat, i'm trying to run "EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer QT_QPA_PLATFORM=hwcomposer  test_hwcomposer" and getting segmentation fault12:54
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malm4h0n3y: so now you got it running?13:06
m4h0n3ymal: droid-hal-init is running, but all test_* return "segmentation failed" :(13:08
malm4h0n3y: so removing fstab fixed it?13:11
m4h0n3ymal: yes, removing fstab.qcom fixed droid-hal-init. still reports failed on property_set, but it is running13:12
malhow does logcat look like?13:12
maland show new logs13:12
m4h0n3ymal: - journalctl - dmesg - logcat13:17
malbased on logs it at least fails to load some firmware files, have you tried if surfaceflinger works?13:20
krnlyngadeen-s: you need to remove the arrow13:37
m4h0n3ymal: i believe it isn't... after couple of seconds phone reboots13:38
malkrnlyng: he's not here right now, I noticed that error also13:38
malm4h0n3y: dammit, why are you leaving out such important information13:38
m4h0n3ymal: completely new with android :(13:41
malm4h0n3y: well I assumed you would have said something if the device automatically reboots when I asked if droid-hal-init works13:42
malI'm pretty sure the reboot issue is caused by failing modem which is caused by the fact that it fails to load the firmware13:44
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m4h0n3ymal: ok, maybe i didn't understand... device rebooted after i started "/system/bin/surfaceflinger" manually... before all i saw wal "droid-hal-init active running" in systemctl13:45
malm4h0n3y: so without running that it doesn't reboot?13:46
maleven after longer time13:46
m4h0n3ymal: yes, without running that binary it works well, systemctl reports droid-hal-init works13:47
elrosI was able to build libhybris bu I am not sure it is used at all. Here are my steps then I copied files from install_root/ to / on device13:47
m4h0n3ymal: yes, no reboots during last couple of hours13:47
malelros: why didn't you just copy the spec? at least that way the files are in correct places13:48
elrosI tried but then I was unable to build it13:48
maldid you copy it to correct place13:48
malby looking at the folder structure in other branches13:48
elroswhen I copied spec file then I had a lot of: Installed (but unpackaged) file(s) found:13:49
malthen you should have added those to files section13:50
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elroskrnlyng: hi: I was able to build libhhybris, gdb looks the same with different line number linker.c:1308 which is still si->refcount--;14:12
m4h0n3ymal: so i believe it is necessary to fix missing firmware problem... in dmesg after running surfaceflinger i see: Jul 07 16:50:02 Sailfish kernel: kgsl kgsl-3d0: |_load_firmware| request_firmware(a225_pm4.fw) failed: -2 Jul 07 16:50:02 Sailfish kernel: kgsl kgsl-3d0: |adreno_init| Reading pm4 microcode failed a225_pm4.fw14:13
bshahm4h0n3y: is /firmware mounted?14:13
malm4h0n3y: have you verified you have all needed partitions mounted and also that you have correct paths /dev/block ? for the first one show output of systemctl14:14
malm4h0n3y: pastebin ls -lR /dev/block/14:14
m4h0n3ymal: - ls   - systemctl14:18
m4h0n3ymal: i corrected udev rules so now it creates same structure in /dev/block/platform and /dev/block/bootdevice as in the original cm14:18
m4h0n3ystrange that i have that firmware file under /system/etc/firmware and have symlinks to that folder from /etc and couple of other places and still no success with firmwares14:19
m4h0n3yand it fails to mount some LTA partition14:19
m4h0n3yJul 07 16:50:25 Sailfish systemd[1]: Expecting device dev-block-platform-msm_sdcc.1-by\x2dname-LTALabel.device...14:20
malm4h0n3y: show output of mount14:22
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malm4h0n3y: you forgot to add that partition to fixup-mountpoints?14:23
elroskrnlyng: part of linker debug logs:
malm4h0n3y: also one possibility is that the tad_static android service is failing, not sure what that does though
malm4h0n3y: check if that is running14:25
m4h0n3ymal: i didn't find that partition at al at working cm... neither in fstab, nor in mtab or other places... it didn't present in /dev/block as i remember.... should i fix it? my mount
malm4h0n3y: what partition?14:26
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m4h0n3ymal: that /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/LTALabel.... tad_static is running14:30
m4h0n3ymal: systemd tries to mount it every time on bootup, but i didn't find that partition at working cm system14:31
m4h0n3yso didn't add it to fixup14:31
malthen it's probably not needed, wondering if the .rc file doing the mounting is even used14:32
mallooks like it is loaded14:33
malm4h0n3y: try to find the firmware files it fails to load from somewhere on the device14:34
m4h0n3ymal: i see that files, but simply don't know where to link/copy it to load them correctly14:37
malthen tell us where those are14:40
malyou never should copy any files, that is the wrong way of fixing things14:41
m4h0n3ymal: /system/etc/firmware/a225_pm4.fw is the adreno firmware which is necessary for surfaceflinger14:43
maltry strace of surfaceflinger to see if it would tell something more14:44
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m4h0n3ymal: it dies on /dev/kgsl-3d0 opening
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bluesleer0kk3rz: hi, for the scorpion tablet there are several new sailfishos prealpha builds, any chance to get equivalents for scorpion_windy too?16:54
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BluesLee_r0kk3rz: i assume they 'only' contain new sfos versions and not fixes for bt, cam, sensors etc?17:02
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r0kk3rzi have no idea, you'd need to ask Nokius17:04
BluesLee_Nokius: ^^^17:04
BluesLee_sledges: when i can test sfos on my sony xperia x?;-)17:05
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BluesLee_r0kk3rz in theory i can build it myself on a fast machine, is there a vm for that purpose?17:16
r0kk3rzno, you'd have to run through the hadk to set up an environment17:18
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malkimmoli: would you like to cleanup some obs repos? home:kimmoli:tohs and nemo:devel:hw:oneplus:onyx still have the old sailfishos_2.1.0.9 target, I was just cleaning the common repo and noticed those dependencies18:24
malalso need to wait until TheKit comes back to get the last dependency out18:25
kimmoliso you mean that i need to shot the repo down from there?18:26
malkimmoli: since that early access target is not really needed anymore it might want to delete that target from the repositories list
*** zhxt_away <zhxt_away!~quassel@> has quit IRC (Quit: No Ping reply in 180 seconds.)18:29
* Nokius low on freetime sorry blueslee18:29
*** ExPLIT <ExPLIT!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:30
malkimmoli: thanks18:30
Nokiuspiggz: did you push all changes to github for the xiaomi18:30
Nokiuswanna get the r7plus in better cape to night18:30
malkimmoli: that also removes some useless builds from obs which is always good18:30
*** Administrator <Administrator!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:30
*** Administrator is now known as Guest3739818:31
kimmolidisables also build on devel:onyx18:32
malthat is also not really needed anymore, I assume you do releases from testing18:32
mallooks like some people have bad dependencies on their repos, like testing repos depending on devel common18:33
maland latest repos depending on
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)18:36
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:37
kimmoliyes, from testing. but just to avoid unnecessary builds until i catch up18:38
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Client Quit)18:38
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:38
piggzNokius: all the config changes are pushed .. not the kernel build, but im sure you'll manage that!18:39
*** ExPLIT <ExPLIT!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)18:39
Nokiuspiggz: the kernel which is currently online is booting to UI?18:39
Nokiuspiggz: thanks for your feedback :)18:40
piggzNokius: are you doing a 13 or 14.1 build?18:40
Nokiuspiggz: 13 :-/18:41
Nokiuspiggz: arg you use 14.1 right?18:42
piggzjust a 14.1 kernel18:42
piggzwaiting on mal before I take that step!18:42
Nokiuspiggz: you use 14.1 kernel and cm13 :D18:44
piggzNokius: yes, cos there is no 13 kernel that bulds :)18:45
*** justelex <justelex!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:46
Nokiuspiggz: I will check if I see my failure18:46
piggzNokius: what is your failure18:47
Nokiuspiggz: no usb0 network and reboot loops as I read you solved it with help of krnlyng I will try to adapt this :)18:48
piggzNokius: ok ... i i think the pushed kernel has them ... can you see the commits?18:49
Nokiuspiggz: yes I can see 4 commits18:49
Nokiusfor the kernel18:49
piggzNokius: yeah, locally i have some uncomit hacks for the radio (which dont work) and anbox changes18:51
Nokiuspiggz: this is for later for me I like to boot and get out of bootlooping18:52
*** Zucca <Zucca!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:54
Nokiuspiggz: no changes for PANDROID and AUDIT both is yes also local?18:54
piggzNokius: yes, i have the both Y18:56
piggzNokius: in kernel command line, i diable selinux18:56
piggzand i read that some modems reuaire pandroid18:56
*** Administrator_ <Administrator_!~quassel@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:58
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Nokiuspiggz: you have CONFIG_RTC_DRV_CMOS twice19:50
*** mkosola <mkosola!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)19:50
piggzNokius: ta20:03
Nokiuspiggz: I mis some configs compared to your kernel changes for mer20:04
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*** BluesLee_ <BluesLee_!~sailfish@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:10
BluesLee_Nokius: hi, do your latest sfos prealpha images for scorpion tablet fix missing features like bt, sensors, cam etc?20:12
NokiusBluesLee_: nope I'm sorry20:13
NokiusI'm still hoping we can get the sources Jolla is using for the X20:13
BluesLee_Nokius: Would that sources fit for fixing the missing features for the tablet?20:14
NokiusBluesLee_: I hope so20:15
BluesLee_I don't know if i should invest on indiegogo and get rid of my windy, hw is better20:16
BluesLee_windy is lighter, has more ram and is on arm basis20:17
NokiusBluesLee_: I can't help you there you have to make your mind :)20:17
malpiggz: I found at least one mistake in my patches, one important part was missing, that didn't solve all of the issues though20:35
BluesLee_yepp, lets hope :-)20:35
piggzmal: awesome. ... is init working now?20:35
malpiggz: no, but at least now the service to inform systemd is starting, but unfortunately droid-hal-init dies before it's started20:36
mal*before it's finished20:37
malpiggz: now droid-hal-init is starting but with a bit of a hack20:38
*** BluesLee_ <BluesLee_!~sailfish@> has quit IRC (Quit: IRC for Sailfish 0.9)20:39
malghosalmartin: now I'm in the same state as you, droid-hal-init starts and remains on if I remove the exec from the startup script20:39
malbut graphics fail, even test_hwcomposer20:41
*** eyome <eyome!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:48
piggzmal: small steps ... good work20:49
malalso found at least one missing symbol in logs when trying to run test_hwcomposer20:50
malkrnlyng: ping20:50
krnlyngmal, pong20:51
krnlyngmal, which symbols are missing?20:51
malkrnlyng: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "android_create_namespace" referenced by "/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/"20:52
*** ExPLIT <ExPLIT!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)20:52
malkrnlyng: which I find a bit odd20:52
krnlyngmal, but it was working with mm64-rpm before?20:53
malkrnlyng: I think so, on different hardware20:55
malkrnlyng: I mean I got graphics partially working on that20:55
Nokiusmeeh kernel fails20:55
malkrnlyng: it's possible I have some mistake somewhere20:55
krnlyngmal, it could also be that there is a bug in libhybris, i think ghosalmartin had some issues with symbols with ubuntu libhybris too20:57
malkrnlyng: but this is mm64-rpm now, not the ubuntu one20:58
malor is mm64-rpm the ubuntu one20:58
malkrnlyng: I'll rebuild and see if that helps20:59
*** eyome <eyome!> has quit IRC (Quit: eyome)21:00
krnlyngmal, i fear we have to update the linker21:00
krnlyngmal, doesn't have android_create_namespace (and it's used from here)21:01
malkrnlyng: ah, so it seems21:02
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:02
krnlyngmal, but whats interesting is is that this android_create_namespace doesn't seem to be in master of bionic anymore21:03
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)21:04
krnlyngmal, i have a galaxy s3 here but UI (almost) locks up after a while, do you have an idea? it's a mali gpu21:04
malkrnlyng: master still has __loader_android_create_namespace21:05
malkrnlyng: it's not leaking fences or something?21:06
krnlyngah ok so maybe thats being used in libgui in master21:06
krnlyngneed to check21:06
malkrnlyng: wondering how big changes we need to linker to make this work21:06
krnlyngmal, i think we need to apply (almost?) all patches which were added to the linker between cm-13.0 and cm-14.121:07
krnlyngi don't think we need to create a new subdirectory with a new linker in it in libhybris21:08
malkrnlyng: hopefully android 6 base won't break if we add the patches21:11
krnlyngmal, i hope so too. but at least libc should be backwards compatible from the looks so maybe the linker is too21:12
malkrnlyng: I can try to compare the linkers and see how big changes there are21:14
malkrnlyng: I think it might just be the namespaces21:14
krnlyngmal, good idea21:15
*** Sfiet_Konstantin <Sfiet_Konstantin!~sk@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)21:16
*** louisdk <louisdk!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:35
krnlyngmal, yes it's most likely leaking some fences and there is also tearing which is another indicator that there is something wrong with the fences :(21:38
malkrnlyng: quite annoying that the namespaces seem to be only used in UI side, other tests work21:40
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malI managed to fix droid vibrator for android 7, so just linker remains (and droidmedia)23:04
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