Sunday, 2017-08-13

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rubdosIs it difficult to get double-tap to unwake working? (TheKit) (Moto Z Play)08:04
rubdosperhaps that's something that I can do?08:04
TheKitI suppose that needs support from kernel08:08
TheKitlike to keep touchscreen on when suspended08:18
rubdosI see08:23
rubdoswould you mind linking in your github again?08:23
rubdosI also noticed that the lowest setting of sound volume is pretty loud; I don't dare going any louder ;P08:24
rubdosTheKit ^08:27
rubdosAlso please inform when I'm stalking too hard.08:28
TheKitplease wait, going to upload other repos08:28
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rubdosawesome, thanks TheKit :)08:31
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marmistrzAs for the device package on the Mer OBS... Am I expected to upload the binaries made by rpm/dhd/helpers/ (this would be completely against the spirit of OBS!) Or do I have any way to access the platform SDK and from the OBS (weird, because OBS is used to build single packages...)? I used OBS in the times of Harmattan to build my Harmattan debs but this was "user space"09:28
malmarmistrz: you need to upload droid-hal-$DEVICE rpms09:32
malothers are built ther09:32
rubdosThanks. I'll have roughly a month of time in september... Currently getting a bit too busy09:35
rubdosafter that, I'll gladly join in ;D09:35
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rubdosI'll have to learn a bunch though09:38
marmistrzmal, can I use to generate src.rpm packages? For Harmattan I uploaded the whole source package, so I'd expect it to behave similar here. (Uploading binaries to OBS is... weird)09:43
malmarmistrz: currently mer obs doesn't support building the whole android side09:43
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marmistrzok, so I'll upload binaries. And do I understand correctly that the project path should be home:marmistrz:hw:oneplus:oneplus3 and within it a repository for SailfishOS?09:45
marmistrzas here:
marmistrz(too keep along with the conventions)09:45
malmarmistrz: usually we build at nemo:devel:hw09:46
malmarmistrz: you just need to ask for the project from sledges for example09:46
marmistrzmal, thanks! The HADK says: "Feel free to replace nemo:/devel:/hw: with path to your home project within the Mer OBS", so I thought about first playing around locally09:48
malof course you can do that09:48
marmistrzbut when I work it out, I'll of course migrate to nemo:devel:hw, so if sledges can open a project for me, that'll be useful :)09:49
malsledges: some change missing from init.rc, and
marmistrzHow do I put binary packages into my OBS repo? All the guides I've found show how to upload the whole source package... And here: I can only add a source package09:55
malmarmistrz: looks at the other sailfish ports under nemo:devel:hw09:55
marmistrzThanks a lot!09:56
malmarmistrz: you create that package in obs and then copy and adapt the build.script adn .spec and finally upload the rpms, osc is a good tool to upload09:57
marmistrzYou mean, just create the package in the Web UI, then use osc to clone the fp2 package, adapt it, and again use osc to upload?09:58
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marmistrzosc is pretty handy :)10:06
malmarmistrz: not clone, just copy the files I said and modify those, then upload using for example osc10:09
marmistrzIs there any reason it points to a non-existant Source0 file hal-fp2-sibon-0.0.6-201512211918.armv7hl.rpm10:12
marmistrzcan it be just anything?10:12
malmarmistrz: that can be pretty much anything, just replace the codename in it10:13
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rubdosHi NotKit; I just tried calling. Seems like the screen turns itself off immediately. Something with the proximity sensor?10:26
rubdosalso seems to mess up somewhere after a call, as I get a "problem with network" (which is over immediateley)10:27
rubdosother than that: calling was very clear, also on the other side10:27
rubdoskudos :)10:27
rubdoscall hooks into kodimote seem to work too10:27
rubdosI'll be able to test dual sim around tuesday10:28
NotKitrubdos, yes, noticed this too, need to investigate why10:28
NotKit(screen turning off)10:28
rubdosok; just have to know I'm not alone10:28
rubdosyou have a workaround? Can't end the call myself :p10:28
NotKitit should be possible to disable proximity sensor in mce10:38
NotKittry mcetool --set-ps-mode=disabled10:39
rubdosstill have the network disconnected stuff thoughh10:41
rubdosI'll have to get going now10:41
NotKit - wow, 29 sensors?10:42
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r0kk3rzi wonder what a 'chop chop gesture' is10:56
r0kk3rzoh you shake the phone, and it does something. could be redirected to wake10:58
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marmistrzmal, I noticed that I don't have audioflingerglue and droidmedia in my droid-hal-oneplus3 repo. Is this expected?11:00
malmarmistrz: those are build separately11:02
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marmistrzAnd for droid-config-$DEVICE and droid-hal-version-$DEVICE I should just create the _service file and nothing else?11:10
NotKitr0kk3rz, but mce needs support for this then?11:11
malmarmistrz: all other packages are built automatically, you also need to set correct project config, check for example the fp2 project I linked11:12
NotKithow can I check proximity sensor ouput?11:15
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marmistrzIn the project config I only see some Prefer: lines11:16
marmistrzYou mean that I shouldn't write the _service files myself?11:16
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malmarmistrz: what do you mean? I said copy and adapt the project config and copy and adapt the _service files in each package, only the droid* need adapting, others you can copy11:26
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marmistrzmal, I simply was not sure which meaning of "automatic" you meant. :) Thanks a lot. :)11:29
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malmarmistrz: automatic means that the package is built based on the _service file11:46
marmistrzthanks! Is there any reference of the available services and their config? For example, where could I find out what's the purpose of the token or dumb param?11:51
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malmarmistrz: just use the fp2 packages as example, although maybe better use the testing as an example because devel is already 2.1.111:56
marmistrzis tar_git something mer-specific/11:57
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marmistrzAnd what is <param name="token"/>, <param name="dumb"/> ? it's in the fp2 packages but it's not obvious what it should do11:58
marmistrzOh, and now I get 'nothing provides community_adaptation' on this:
malmarmistrz: don't think too much, just use the fp2 as an example12:16
malmarmistrz: you need common repo as dependency
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marmistrzDo you have any idea why I have no `repo --name=adaptation0-$DEVICE-@RELEASE@` in the kickstart file?14:13
marmistrzThus, the sed command, adding droid-local-repo doesn't patch anything at all too14:14
marmistrzin there's something that seems to be related... # Until we figure out how ssu works, we'll prevent the default adaptation0 from being created...14:16
malmarmistrz: it's a usual problem, the hadk does not match the current repos and for now it needs to be added manually14:17
malmarmistrz: actually adaptation0 is no more, it's adaptation-community now14:18
marmistrzmal, should I simply add this to the kickstart file:14:18
marmistrzrepo --name=adaptation0-$DEVICE-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=file://$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/$DEVICE14:19
malreplace the variables14:22
marmistrzok, done, seems to work ;)14:23
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marmistrzI'm building this locally, seems to work. As for the OBS, it seems to work for me, so I'm just waiting for sledges to create a project for me ;)14:24
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marmistrzEhh, I've built my own image and I'm still stuck at the boot logo15:25
marmistrzIt looks like the device doesn't enter the bootloader since I have nothing about Mer in dmesg or lsusb15:26
marmistrzwait, I do, in lsusb -v | grep Mer I have15:26
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marmistrzin `grep iSer` not...15:26
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rubdosr0kk3rz: chop chop is probably used to toggle flash lite then15:27
marmistrzI had a "Mer boat loader" for a while in lsusb -v but no longer...15:28
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r0kk3rzrubdos: yes i googled it, strange idea really15:29
marmistrzthat's weird. My OnePlus 3 is displayed by lsusb -v as Nexus 4...15:30
rubdosdunno, it's useful15:30
rubdosthere are plenty of sensors for wake up15:31
rubdosshaking phone for wakeup is even more annoying :)15:31
_sveni followed the hadk guide till the point where i have to create the $DEVICE.xml file in the local_manifests folder, that do i have to add there if my device has no cyanogenmod support? its the xperia x from sony15:31
marmistrzsaidinesh5, do you have any idea?15:31
malmarmistrz: it probably reboots15:36
marmistrzCan it be of importance that I did not use a clean system (but a matching version of CM)15:38
marmistrzIt's my main phone so I did not reflash the CM installation beforehand, but flashed SFOS on top of a working CM installation I've used for half a year.15:39
marmistrzThe HADK recommends a clean flash of CM before flashing SFOS, so I'm wondering if it matters.15:39
marmistrzBut the version of CM matches the sources I built hybris against.15:40
marmistrzI'll have to give a try with persistent systemd logs, maybe I'll find something here.15:40
marmistrzmal, wait a sec, it doesn't look like a bootloop15:42
marmistrzI have a big "this device has been unlocked" message at every boot15:42
marmistrzif sfos had bootlooped, I would have seen this big message again15:42
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_svenmal: can you tell me what i have to enter in $DEVICE.xml file in local_manifest folder for xperia x device?15:52
r0kk3rz_sven: looking in the sony manifest will give you a clue
r0kk3rz_sven: do you have a patched hybris tree for it?15:54
rubdosaround 24h in, and the Moto Z is still at 65%, NotKit :)15:55
NotKityes, the battery is the thing I like about it15:56
_svenr0kk3rz: no, not at the moment15:56
NotKitfor me it's better to sacrifice thinness for the battery15:56
NotKitrubdos, (patched LOS libraries to make video recording work in camera)16:11
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rubdosthe battery seems realy darn awesome16:14
rubdosNotKit: do I have to restart something? :/16:19
rubdosalso, they go in /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib/, right?16:19
NotKitno, /system/lib16:19
NotKitminimediaserver probably, but better reboot if you can16:20
* rubdos prays16:21
marmistrzThe device does not boot loop!! It changes its device ID stops mentioning Mer at all and changes into this:
rubdossome plymounth-ish thing would be nice. For now it's just the scary warranty screen :P16:23
NotKitI don't know how, but the shop I ordered it from unlocked the bootloader and got rid of screen16:24
NotKitso I never saw it16:24
* rubdos needs better shops.16:24
rubdosit is scary though. "Your device has been unlocked and can't be trusted. To learn more, visit: blabla ID: N/A. Your device will boot in 5 seconds". And then proceeds to take over 20 seconds to boot16:25
rubdosso yeh, it's pretty scary16:25
rubdosespecially since it uses more than 5 seconds :/16:25
rubdosnever know whether it's coming back16:25
rubdosbut hey, let's try to film something :D16:25
rubdosseems to record, but not to play yet16:26
marmistrzAnd when I do `sudo lsusb`, the `Mer Boat Loader` is still there, but unlike the HADK snippet, doesn't mention any IP address...
marmistrzAny ideas?16:26
NotKityou can fastboot flash logo logo.bin from it16:26
NotKit(found on 4PDA)16:26
rubdosthat's cool16:27
rubdosI'll try in a sec16:27
rubdosfirst transferring the file to my pc, see whether it recorded16:27
rubdosyap, it recorded. It just doesn't play16:28
rubdoslol, now it's N/A instead of the hole thing above16:30
NotKitcan confirm this, but some other video downloaded from YouTube plays16:30
rubdosinteresting. Without stuttering?16:30
rubdosI'll try the YTPlayer app16:30
* rubdos boots16:30
rubdosstill stuttering :(16:31
NotKitfor me it starts with stuttering, but then normal16:33
NotKit(when it's fullscreen)16:33
rubdosmmm, let's see16:33
rubdosit doesn't seem to go perfect yet16:34
rubdosit's more or less smooth after a few seconds yeh16:34
rubdosI'd ballpart it around 10fps16:35
NotKitmakes me wonder if it's decoding or rendering to blame though16:35
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rubdosI'm really impressed by the little speaker though16:36
rubdosreally powerful :P16:36
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NotKitI fear that we might have wrong volume levels though, so don't push it too hard16:37
rubdosyeh, I feel that too16:37
*** piggz_ <piggz_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters16:37
rubdosthe lowest setting is what my Jolla 1 did at maximum :P16:37
rubdosnot using it beyond like 30%16:37
rubdosoverall, I'm decently impressed by the port , NotKit. Thanks.16:38
rubdosI worried it'd be a lot harder :P16:38
rubdosalthough the unlocking hurts. It hurts a lot :p16:38
NotKitno problem, it's mostly not me, but the whole #sailfishos-porters to thank :)16:38
NotKityou mean unlocking by swipe?16:38
rubdosno, unlocking the bootloader :P16:39
rubdosI feel like gifs on the reddit app play more or less smoothly, so might be the codec, NotKit16:41
rubdosbut don't quote me on that16:41
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malrinigus: hi, I finished the finnish translation of osmscout-server, I'll still do some checking and ask for other people to review the translations, I'm also checking the english strings to find the typos I found before17:44
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kamnxtDoes anyone have any tips for troubleshooting graphics problems? I'm getting the black rectangle problem where a lot of images are black17:52
malkamnxt: build this version and define CUSTOMCONTEXT_NO_BGRA=1 in /var/lib/environment/nemo/99-qtscenegraph.conf17:53
rinigusmal: thank you very much! let me know when you get there with the typos. if its few days, I'll wait for that before updating releases...17:57
kamnxtmal: ok, trying it out now17:58
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kamnxtmal: thanks, that worked :D18:00
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_svenfor those who are interested, i just noticed that the serial console trick for samsung devices works for xperia x too (and meizu pro5 ubuntu edition works too, xperia xz doesn't work)18:11
*** louisdk <louisdk!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:15
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kamnxtIs there any information about the sailfish watch os?18:22
kamnxtor was it just a concept?18:23
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malrinigus: found some typos: "finds the corresponoding objects on a map", "Availibility", "on a map.This server", "session log file.The log" and "dowload the maps"18:29
malkamnxt: it was just a demo, the asteroid os is somewhat similar open source project18:31
kamnxtmal: aw, ok. would have been awesome to have sailfish os on a watch though :/18:31
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rinigusmal: thank you!19:29
malrinigus: got some improvements for translations, I'll wait for some more and do those19:29
rinigusmal: nice!19:30
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rinigusmal: while you are doing all this translations, you may want to ask around for a *nice sounding*, small, and sfos-compatible finnish tts. right now, I am not aware of any [but didn't look either]19:31
malrinigus: I'll ask if anyone knows one, I don't19:32
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malrinigus: valhalla still needs translating and also the new feature to handle the grammatical cases19:33
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rinigusmal: yes, that's true. its just to keep checking for it in the background :)19:34
malrinigus: I commented on the issue on github about the similar feature needed for russian19:34
rinigusmal: that's a good start. valhalla's developers are quite active and tend to respond fast.19:35
malbut even basic translation of that would be useful also19:37
marmistrzI have a thought. I really think that HADK should become a part of wiki.19:40
marmistrz1. Is easier to copy-paste commands19:40
marmistrz2. It's easier to keep it updated (e.g. the sed kickstart commands are out of date right now)19:40
marmistrz3. everyone can document the pitfalls they had (easier than log grepping)19:41
malthat has been requisted, but it would require controlled editors because if everyone would be allowed then someone might misunderstand something and break some part19:41
marmistrzgithub pages?19:41
marmistrzAnd changes as pull requests?19:42
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kamnxtmarmistrz: +1, that would make things so much nicer19:51
rinigusmal: yes, even basic version would get the instructions coming in.19:52
malwell it's sledges who decides that19:52
malrinigus: yes, maybe that will be my next translation project19:53
malrinigus: plenty of other projects to do also :) like moving fp2 port to android 6 base and many others19:53
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malrinigus: btw, I think I noticed that the custom patches you had for valhalla were merged upstream so maybe the submodule in the sailfish package repo should be changed to upstream again?20:00
*** _sven <_sven!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)20:02
rinigusmal: yes, I think they did. I will have to test it in near future and bump the version of valhalla. have to finish few other things and then will look into it20:03
kamnxtSo I've already asked once, but nobody was online... test_hwcomposer works nicely, but test_egl segfaults with " {"qdgralloc\0", 10}, {"Invalid gralloc handle (at (nil)"..., 84}]" in the strace20:04
kamnxtanyone know what might be the problem? can pastebin the entire thing if it helps20:04
kamnxtactually, nvm, that doesn't happen if I'm using EGL_PLATFORM=hwcomposer, then I still get a segfault but without gralloc errors20:05
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TheKitkamnxt, test_egl doesn't work generally20:20
TheKitso you can ignore that20:20
kamnxtTheKit: how do I know if EGL works then?20:20
TheKitif test_hwcomposer works, then it's working20:20
TheKitsince test_hwcomposer uses EGL20:20
kamnxtok, thanks20:20
kamnxtTheKit: but when  I try to run sailfish-browser, I get "shader compilation failed"20:22
TheKitthat's different issue20:23
kamnxtTheKit: ok20:24
TheKitmal, is minimalhooks still needed to fix this?20:24
malTheKit: minimalhooks is needed, better disable --enable-initialize-bionic from spec before building20:26
kamnxtmal, TheKit: thanks, gonna try that tomorrow then20:28
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:31
kamnxtWhat is the actual difference between minimalhooks and the normal version?20:33
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malkamnxt: two things, minimalhooks is based on current upstream libhybris (hte default mm64-rpm is based on older version) and it also has a different way handling the function hooks20:44
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kamnxtmal: ok, thanks20:47
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ExPLITTelegram[mHello guys!23:05
ExPLITTelegram[mDid somebody knows which ROM will be taken as HAL for Xperia X?23:05
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