Saturday, 2017-08-19

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wiktorek140someone can look?07:35
wiktorek140pulseaudio glues dont want to build07:36
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r0kk3rzwiktorek140: you are following the hadk to build audioflinger glue?09:21
lintuxidocamera is working in my moto g4 plus, but I missed sound now :( can anyone help me how can I fix the sound issue09:21
r0kk3rzlintuxido: audioflingerglue09:22
lintuxidor0kk3rz: followed that HADK steps for audioflingerglue09:22
wiktorek140r0kk3rz: i found that on other packages had this same issue09:25
lintuxidor0kk3rz: should I need to build 32 bit package?09:25
lintuxidor0kk3rz:but libaudioflingerglue32 bit make always get failed for me09:26
lintuxidopls have a look on the init and journalctl logs
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r0kk3rzlintuxido: you have 32bit device?10:34
lintuxidor0kk3rz: nope. it has 64-bit arch10:34
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r0kk3rzthen you want the 64bit one i think10:41
r0kk3rzthe latest dhd should build it10:43
r0kk3rzso check your up to date10:43
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malsledges: ping, I found why the simg stuff fails, it's not actually failing but the mkbootimg built just before it that fails, it changed from c to python11:10
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NeoChapayI know now the weekend but who can help me with graphics? test_hwcomposer work fine, but all qt5 app crash. mali400 GPU12:29
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Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: ping14:06
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krnlyngMister_Magister, pong14:19
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: do you have some time now?14:23
krnlyngMister_Magister, yeah14:32
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: sooo i have tooo14:32
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: can we try to fix browser?14:40
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krnlyngMister_Magister, yes14:47
krnlyngMister_Magister, have you applied the patch i've sent you?14:47
Mister_Magisternope not yet let me look at it14:48
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Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: where is declaration of siz and sizenew15:01
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Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: yeah i added them and it's compiled now15:14
wdehoogNokius_: I installed Platform_SDK and now mic finishes15:15
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: brb15:15
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wdehooggetting platform sdk working was problematic. qemu-arm-dynamic was missing and two fs_rules.lua files needed adaption. irc logs helped15:17
NokiusTelegram[mwdehoog is mic hanging again?15:17
wdehoogNokiusTelegram[m: no mic works ok now15:18
wdehoogimage boots but still no UI for me.15:18
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wdehooglipstck seems waiting and 'su - nemo' hangs15:19
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malwdehoog: do not use su, use devel-su15:20
wdehoogmal: from telnet? to become nemo?15:21
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: are you still there?15:21
malwdehoog: use ssh instead of telnet if you want to be nemo15:21
krnlyngMister_Magister, yes15:22
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: i installed it on device15:22
Mister_Magisterwhat now15:22
krnlyngrun sailfish-browser15:22
krnlyngdoes it print something new?15:22
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: if you mean adreno quirk active then no15:25
malkrnlyng: not sure if it was you or someone else who put to n-linker branch to mer-hybris, I would have liked to cleanup my commits before that but it's too late now :)15:25
krnlyngsledges, ^15:31
krnlyngMister_Magister, then something is wrong with your build.15:31
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: interesting15:31
malkrnlyng: that branch is probably temporary anyway so maybe we'll fix those before upstreaming15:32
krnlyngmal, all these branches have been temporary for a long time now15:33
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: i would check if configure worked but how can i check if enable-adreno-quirks was used?15:36
malMister_Magister: doesn't the libhybris.log from build tell the build output?15:40
Mister_Magistermal: ah yes thanks. So configure was run with --enable-adreno-quirks15:42
wdehoogmal: thanks, can now login as nemo, (have to kill /usr/bin/jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session though otherwise ssh login hangs forever)15:43
malMister_Magister: and you are sure you added the env var correctly?15:43
malMister_Magister: to device15:43
Mister_Magisterthere was no adding env var krnlyng said15:44
malah, forgot it15:44
malit was the other fix15:44
malalways mix those15:44
Mister_Magisterin makefile there is am__append_3 = -DWANT_ADRENO_QUIRKS15:45
Mister_Magisteri doubt that there is problem with my build15:47
malwdehoog: you mean that startupwizard is running on the device and not crashed?15:48
ArenCleggTelegracan someone past me a link to the hacked HADK?15:48
malArenCleggTelegra: what do you mean by hacked?15:49
ArenCleggTelegrahack HADK, where is has all the recommended fixes.15:49
malyou mean faq?15:50
wdehoogmal: yes (got idea to kill it from irc log from 2014)15:50
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malArenCleggTelegra: that is in channel topic15:51
krnlyngMister_Magister, weird15:51
malassuming telegram supports such a thing15:52
ArenCleggTelegraIm not on irc right now.15:52
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: can i force adreno quirks?15:52
ArenCleggTelegraawsome, thank you!15:52
krnlyngMister_Magister, well yes but it is not good to do that15:53
krnlyngMister_Magister, just comment the #if WANT_ADRENO_QUIRKS in hooks.c15:53
krnlyngMister_Magister, and the #endif after that15:53
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Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: or add "|| 1"?15:56
* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_15:57:28.txt <>15:57
ArenCleggTelegraanyone seen these errors before?15:57
malArenCleggTelegra: probably not a problem, I have had those before16:00
wdehoogArenCleggTelegra: I have the same syntax errors when entering Platform_SDK16:00
ArenCleggTelegraok. just making sure.16:02
krnlyngMister_Magister, yeah whatever16:02
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: i don't see anything either16:11
krnlyngMister_Magister, how do you install libhybris?16:14
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng:  using zypper16:14
krnlyngMister_Magister, exact commandline?16:15
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Mister_Magistermeh is it really important16:15
Mister_Magisterdevel-su zypper in -f libhybris-0.0.0-1.armv7hl.rpm16:15
krnlyngMister_Magister, well normally you should reinstall all libhybris packages not just this one16:18
krnlyngMister_Magister, although i am not sure if it matters in this case16:18
Mister_Magisterwell i can't really install other packages16:18
krnlyngwhy not?16:19
Mister_Magisterdo you have them installed?16:22
Nokius_wdehoog: okay thanks so I will move to the Platform SDK :)16:24
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Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: oh i have to install libhybris libhybris-detritus libhybris-libEGL libhybris-libGLESv2 libhybris-libhardware libhybris-libnfc   libhybris-libsync libhybris-libvibrator libhybris-libwayland-egl libhybris-tests16:24
Nokiuswdehoog: I should check the logs before asking :D16:24
Nokiuswdehoog: good luck16:25
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ArenCleggTelegraI wasn't able to get a N6 build going. I was having problems with building the rpms and patterns. And for some reason the configs kepts defaulting to OBS.16:35
ArenCleggTelegraIm going to try and take another crack at it.16:35
ArenCleggTelegrafrom what I understand, OBS builds the rpm packages remotely instead of locally?16:37
krnlyngMister_Magister, yes16:38
kimmoliArenCleggTelegra: yes16:39
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: still nothing16:39
krnlyngMister_Magister, well something must be wrong, send me your current hooks.c16:42
malArenCleggTelegra: what exactly are you doing, OBS is usually used only after the port is mostly working already16:43
krnlyngMister_Magister, replace HOOK_DIRECT(malloc), with HOOK_INDIRECT(malloc),16:44
ArenCleggTelegra@mister_magister how long you been working with sailfish?16:49
Mister_MagisterArenCleggTelegra: over 1.5year16:50
ArenCleggTelegra@mister_magister Im trying to get the port actuallly working, but for some reason everything keeps going back to OBS settings.16:50
ArenCleggTelegrayea, I know OBS is for after you port. Im still trying to build the RPMS locally, no sucess yet.16:50
malArenCleggTelegra: what is the problem16:51
Mister_Magisterwhat do you mean?16:51
malArenCleggTelegra: we can't help if you don't tell the error16:51
ArenCleggTelegraim resycning the repo right now and Im going to take another shot at the port.16:51
malArenCleggTelegra: what do you mean by "everything keeps going back to OBS settings"?16:52
ArenCleggTelegraonce I get everything going again and I get to the error, I'll ask for your guys help.16:52
malArenCleggTelegra: what error?16:52
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: that one worked16:53
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malArenCleggTelegra: why do you need to resync?16:54
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ArenCleggTelegra@mal after I failed earlier this week I deleted platform-sdk. :p Im starting fresh again.16:57
Mister_Magistermal: i don't even know what are he even trying to do16:57
ArenCleggTelegraI just built libhyrbis-hal16:57
Mister_Magisterwhat is*16:57
krnlyngMister_Magister, ok. use that for now, i will make pull requests for all the stuff soon16:57
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Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: can i clean it up a bit?16:58
krnlyngMister_Magister, yes, remove the stuff we added with the patch16:58
Mister_Magistercan i restore that function to original state just change to undirect?16:58
Mister_Magisterbecause i have tons of spam with that printf16:58
ArenCleggTelegrasdk-assistant create $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH
ArenCleggTelegraFAIL: unknown option --17:01
krnlyngMister_Magister, yes you can remove everything except that HOOK_INDIRECT17:01
ArenCleggTelegraecho $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH17:01
ArenCleggTelegraI remember seeing a fix for that somewhere. :/17:02
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ArenCleggTelegramal nyl: add these lines to .mersdk.profile: 08:3517:03
ArenCleggTelegramal function hadk() { source $HOME/.hadk.env; echo "Env setup for $DEVICE"; } 08:3517:03
ArenCleggTelegramal hadk17:03
ArenCleggTelegrafound it17:03
Mister_MagisterArenCleggTelegra: what are you trying to do17:05
ArenCleggTelegraPlatformSDK aclegg2011@darkf0rce:~$ echo $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH17:05
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Mister_Magistermal: krnlyng: do you know what can be wrong if i can't disable wifi?17:12
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ArenCleggTelegraHA_REPO="repo --name=adaptation0-$DEVICE-@RELEASE@"17:18
* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_17:18:35.txt <>17:18
ArenCleggTelegraI think this is the command that gives me an error.17:18
ArenCleggTelegraill post the error msg in a min.17:19
malArenCleggTelegra: that is a known error, add the droid-local-repo manually to .ks17:19
ArenCleggTelegrama: newbie question, how do I do that?17:21
malArenCleggTelegra: repo --name=adaptation-community-$DEVICE-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=file:///path to your droid-local-repo/$DEVICE/17:22
Mister_Magisterwhoa awesome it stopped working17:22
malArenCleggTelegra: you'll figure out where, also replace all variables17:22
Mister_Magisterwhat else -_-17:22
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pseudodev!seen sledges17:31
merbotpseudodev: sledges was last seen in #sailfishos-porters 1 day, 18 hours, 13 minutes, and 56 seconds ago: <sledges> mal: let's not merge that PR, but make a full one just had a thought :) those eager to try it out can take your branch for now ;)17:31
pseudodevsledges was here17:31
pseudodevi needed his help17:31
malpseudodev: so what is the current problem?17:33
pseudodevsame as before17:33
pseudodevdroid-hal-init fails17:33
* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_17:34:10.txt <>17:34
ArenCleggTelegrahow do I switch to the latest Jolla?17:34
ArenCleggTelegrafor ssu?17:34
malArenCleggTelegra: that is the latest17:34
pseudodevmal: what should i do17:35
pseudodevi have sent you all possible logs17:35
ArenCleggTelegrawhat is v2.1.1.24?17:35
malArenCleggTelegra: actually is the latest, but target has version
malArenCleggTelegra: it's in early access17:36
* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_17:37:09.txt <>17:37
malpseudodev: I still think you have done something wrong when building libhybris or somewhere else17:37
ArenCleggTelegrathis is one of the errores I get. It says ignored, but is that a normal error?17:37
malArenCleggTelegra: if you read the hadk you would see that is not an error17:37
Mister_Magisterand browser is not working again17:37
Mister_Magisterwhat the hell17:37
pseudodevall my repos are up on my git page17:37
ArenCleggTelegradoh. ok. :/17:37
pseudodevwhere is the mistake?17:38
malpseudodev: but you can still fail in building libhybris17:38
malpseudodev: the correct version of that17:38
pseudodevthe branch is minimal hooks17:38
pseudodevAnd it's the same even after building17:39
malpseudodev: and how did you install those rpms to the device?17:39
pseudodevmal: I created an entire new image17:40
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* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_17:41:12.txt <>17:41
malArenCleggTelegra: pastebin your .ks17:41
ArenCleggTelegraim getting closer. :p17:41
pseudodevmal: ?17:41
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:42
pseudodevkrnlyng: droid-hal-init issue. Any help?17:43
ArenCleggTelegramal, my manually added repo --name=adaptation-community-$DEVICE-@RELEASE@ --baseurl=file:///path to your droid-local-repo/$DEVICE/ isn't in my ks. let me try adding it again.17:43
malArenCleggTelegra: and you fixed the variables $DEVICE and the repo path17:43
ArenCleggTelegraI did originally, but it's not there now. Im adding it back in.17:44
malArenCleggTelegra: if you run the chapter 8.3 it always reverts back17:45
ArenCleggTelegramaybe I did by accident.17:45
malArenCleggTelegra: you only need to do it once if you use hadk version
ArenCleggTelegraError <creator>: URLGrabber error: can't find file ///$ANDROID_ROOT/droid-local-repo/shamu/repodata/repomd.xml17:46
malArenCleggTelegra: also replace $ANDROID_ROOT, I told you to replace all variables17:46
ArenCleggTelegramal: yea, I missed that one. :/17:49
krnlyngpseudodev, hi17:49
ArenCleggTelegraalways yelling at me. :p jk17:51
ArenCleggTelegramal: I thinnk Im good now man.17:52
ArenCleggTelegrathanks for your paitience and my newbieism.17:53
Mister_Magisterpiggz: o/17:53
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: i had some problem but fixed17:53
Mister_Magisterpiggz: are you there17:55
piggzMister_Magister: krnlyng: what browser issue are you working on?17:55
krnlyngMister_Magister, shader crash17:56
Mister_Magisterpiggz: already fixed.17:56
Mister_Magisterpiggz: you had socket: Permission denied how did you fix it17:56
piggzMister_Magister: i think thats when you run as nemo it should work17:57
Mister_Magisterit is as nemo17:57
piggzMister_Magister: aither that, or enable paranoid_network?17:57
piggzgive me a sec, i'll plug the phone in17:57
Mister_Magisterpiggz: so disable or enable paranoid_network17:57
malMister_Magister: I really can't understand why minimalhooks wouldn't work for pseudodev also17:58
Mister_Magistermal: it's magic :/17:58
Mister_Magistermal: by any chance do you remember how to fix socket: Permission denied?17:58
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pseudodevany issues there?17:59
piggzMister_Magister: yeah, i still get permission denied on ping17:59
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piggzbut not as nemo18:00
malpseudodev: those are irrelevant for libhybris issues18:00
Mister_Magisterpiggz: lol18:00
Mister_Magisterpiggz: i don't have internet but i'm connected to wifi so i started to debug but...18:00
Mister_Magisterping fails18:00
piggzas nemo?18:00
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malpiggz: when in telnet or when using devel-su via ssh?18:00
piggzim in via telnet atm....18:00
pseudodevmal: sent you all possible logs. and nobody else seems to be helping.18:00
Mister_Magistermal: i'm on working os18:01
Mister_Magisterno internet18:01
piggzmal: via ssh/dev-su ping works fine18:01
malpseudodev: I'm not going to go through channel logs to find the correct logs18:02
malpiggz: maybe the user you get via telnet is not part of inet group, the telnet is a bit different18:02
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Mister_Magisterpiggz: mal'18:03
piggzmal: correct, it only has root group18:03
Mister_Magisterping is not working but curl is working well18:03
Mister_Magisterand no internet in browser at all18:03
* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_18:05:12.txt <>18:05
pseudodevkrnlyng: Same droid-hal-init issue18:05
pseudodevwhat do i do18:05
piggzmal: how close is 14.1 port?18:06
piggzi see some pr;s18:06
krnlyngpseudodev, which was it again?18:06
Mister_Magisterbrowser was working > closed and reopened browser > browser segfault18:06
Mister_Magisterkill me18:06
malpiggz: I got the build script working finally, still missing symlink handling in system/core18:06
pseudodevkrnlyng: My device reboots to some strange state18:07
krnlyngMister_Magister, did you reboot after installing libhybris? that is neccesarry for the shader fix to properly work18:07
piggzmal: nothing i can help wth/18:07
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: ah yeah now it's working18:08
malpiggz: probably not, unless you want to dig into internals or android init and bionic18:08
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: but no internet in browser18:08
malpseudodev: so then it's just rebooting, might not be related to libhybris anymore18:08
krnlyngpseudodev, have you tried masking lipstick and user@xxx service?18:09
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: but zypper is working and curl to18:09
malpseudodev: or do you have some usb import still enabled in init*.rc files?18:09
Mister_Magisterdo somebody have any idea what can be wrong?18:09
krnlyngMister_Magister, do you have some logs?18:10
Mister_Magisterkrnlyng: what kind of log do you want there is nothing in logcat dmesg and browser18:10
pseudodevkrnlyng: havnt masked anything else other than droid-hal-init18:10
pseudodevmal: yes i do have import in init.qcom.rc file18:11
malpseudodev: which one? have you tried disabling it?18:12
krnlyngpseudodev, can you link to the init*.rc files18:14
krnlyngprovide links*18:14
pseudodevmal: tried commenting. Didint do anything.18:14
pseudodevkrnlyng: just a sec18:15
malpseudodev: is it commented out now?18:15
malpseudodev: you should disabled it always18:16
malkrnlyng: probably this
pseudodevif it wasnt disabled by default18:16
pseudodevi wonder what else is not disabled by default18:16
malpseudodev: it's not
pseudodevkrnlyng syas its that18:17
krnlyngpseudodev, this needs to be disabled18:17
krnlyngmal, ?18:17
pseudodevkrnlyng: mal said its not the line18:17
malkrnlyng: I meant it's not disabled by default18:17
malpseudodev: ^18:18
pseudodevoh. I disabled it manually18:18
krnlyngany difference?18:18
pseudodevbut still doesnt18:18
pseudodevkrnlyng: my init* files:
malkrnlyng: I still haven't figured out if the device is rebooting or just has some strange usb mode active18:19
pseudodevmal: I think it reboots18:19
*** mkosola <mkosola!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:20
pseudodevsee my host dmesg18:20
pseudodevit does boot up as sailfish18:20
malpseudodev: so some android side part, most likely modem, is causing it to reboot18:21
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)18:21
pseudodevmal: so any workarounds?18:23
malpseudodev: figuring out why18:26
krnlyngpseudodev, mal masking sailfish os services and then going from there?18:26
malpseudodev: could you once again mask droid-hal-init and then get output of mount, "ls -lR /dev/block" and systemctl18:27
pseudodevmal: just a sec18:27
malkrnlyng: I know, it just has been sometimes difficult to get needed info18:27
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:30
pseudodevmal: here18:30
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Read error: No route to host)18:33
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:33
malpseudodev: also output of mount18:36
*** mkosola <mkosola!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:38
*** pseudodev_ <pseudodev_!6705850f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)18:39
pseudodevmal: here18:41
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)18:41
malpiggz_: the issue with symlinks in 14.1 base is that android moved the .rc files of builtin services to /system/etc/init/ and disabling the ones we do want is a bit problematic, I moved the include dir to /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/ but android init doesn't like symlinks for those so I need to fix it, copying all -rc files would not be very practical since we don't have those in out/18:42
mal because of the minimal build we do18:42
pseudodevmal: got some intersting logs18:43
pseudodevwhat i did was, ran systemctl unmask droid-hal-init, then ran /sbin/droid-hal-init and then quickly on the other tab ran journalctl -fa18:44
malpseudodev: I was just about the ask that18:44
pseudodevafter that last line18:45
pseudodevit reboots to that strange state18:45
Mister_Magistermal: internet fixed i had to add nemo to inet18:46
Mister_Magisteri lost code for it though18:46
malMister_Magister: yes, that is the usual solution, it should be automatic, unless you have some old dhd submodule, or unluckily dhd from time when that was broken in dhd18:47
Mister_Magistermal: i have fresh dhd18:47
Mister_Magisterit's fresh port18:48
malMister_Magister: from last 3 days?18:48
Mister_Magisternot that fresh18:48
malMister_Magister: it was fixed 3 days ago, it was broken for maybe 2 weeks18:48
pseudodevmal: anything helpful?18:48
Mister_Magisteroh so i'll update dhd18:48
Mister_Magistermal: i have problem with wifi though. it's working but there is no mac address and i can't disable it18:49
malpseudodev: try again, mask again dhi, then reboot, unmask dhi, open 3 more telnet connections, one with journalctl -fa, in the original telnet start the droid-hal-init service, and right after starting it run in the last two /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat and "/usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat -b radio"18:53
malpseudodev: also mask user@100000 service before trying that18:54
pseudodevmal: on it18:54
pseudodevi also got a big fat dmesg18:54
pseudodevincase you might fing it useful18:54
malkrnlyng: looking at that last log from pseudodev dhi seems to be starting and it even gets a hwcomposer version in the log18:55
malkrnlyng: I mean this
pseudodevmal: should unmask dhi and droid-hal-init or just dhi?18:58
malpseudodev: dhi means droid-hal-init of course18:59
ArenCleggTelegradamn, my is sitting at the google boot screen. :/18:59
ArenCleggTelegraflashed cm-13.0, hybris-boot and sailfish os19:00
malArenCleggTelegra: so now try to telnet to it using the instructions in hadk19:00
Mister_Magistermal: do you have how to fix smd_pkt_open: DATA5_CNTL open failed -19?19:00
malArenCleggTelegra: check host dmesg to see if the device is in sailfish or not, it should show something about Mer19:01
*** nh1402 <nh1402!~nh1402@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:03
pseudodevmal: logcat read failuresh19:04
malpseudodev: did you try many times?19:04
malmaybe the logging is not yet up19:05
pseudodevi tried once.19:05
pseudodevi dont have much time. i loose telnet quick19:05
malpseudodev: how quick approximately? few seconds? some less than a minute?19:06
malpseudodev: any difference in journalctl output from the last attempt after disabling also user@100000 service?19:07
malMister_Magister: is ofono/ril working?19:07
Mister_Magistermal: no19:08
malMister_Magister: so even ril fails? have you checked logcat and logcat -b radio?19:08
pseudodevmal: 5 secs19:08
Mister_Magistermal: disabling wlan somehow fixed itself but i still don't have mac in settings19:09
malpseudodev: just out of curiosity comment out ril section(s) in init*rc files19:09
malMister_Magister: fixed what?19:10
Mister_Magistermal:  in logcat there are 2 lines interesting19:10
Mister_Magister08-19 19:10:36.142  1406  1542 I libmdmdetect: ESOC framework not supported19:10
Mister_Magister08-19 19:10:36.144  1406  1542 I libmdmdetect: Found internal modem: modem19:10
malMister_Magister: repeating or just once?19:11
Mister_Magisterand ServiceManager: Waiting for service AtCmdFwd...19:11
malMister_Magister: I disabled some atfwd service19:12
Mister_Magistermal: so i should also?19:13
malMister_Magister: it might be that you actually have the same issue as pseudodev but you just don't get a reboot for some reason19:13
Mister_Magistermal: what issue?19:14
pseudodevmy life is a trainwreck19:14
malMister_Magister: try it, it won't fix ril but it will stop the log spam maybe19:14
Mister_Magisterit's not much of spam but do you have any idea for that libmodemdetect?19:14
malMister_Magister: I mean you don't have a working ril, if I understood correctly, usually that causes a reboot but it depends on the kernel19:15
Mister_Magistermal: yeah it's not working and not rebooting19:15
malpseudodev: did you try to comment out ril like I told?19:16
*** ExPLIT <ExPLIT!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:16
malMister_Magister: could you show the whole logcat and logcat -b radio after reboot?19:18
ArenCleggTelegramal: I can't login via telnet, but I can login via ssh. I just can't get the roor password changed.19:18
pseudodevmal: trying in min19:19
malArenCleggTelegra: what do you mean root password? sailfish doesn't use any root password19:19
Mister_Magistermal sure19:20
malMister_Magister: and maybe also dmesg, not sure if it will help but won't hurt19:20
ArenCleggTelegraaclegg2011@aclegg2011-iMac ~ $ lsusb -v | grep iSerial19:23
ArenCleggTelegraCouldn't open device, some information will be missing19:23
ArenCleggTelegra  iSerial                 3 ZX1G325DGX19:23
malArenCleggTelegra: I meant how can you connect via ssh?19:25
* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_19:26:25.txt <>19:26
ArenCleggTelegraI dunno. It can connect to ssh, but not telnet :p19:26
malArenCleggTelegra: as nemo? how do you set the password for nemo?19:27
*** ExPLIT <ExPLIT!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)19:28
*** ExPLIT <ExPLIT!~explit@2a02:8109:a5bf:e814:789b:4c0e:5717:44e4> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:28
malArenCleggTelegra: which telnet port did you try?19:28
ArenCleggTelegramal: when you flash cm, do you have to reboot and let cm fully run? Or can you flash cm and then flash SailOS at the same time?19:29
malArenCleggTelegra: sailfish cares only about system partition of android so no need to boot to cm19:30
ArenCleggTelegraI really dunno wtf Im doing when it comes to Sailfish :/19:30
ArenCleggTelegrawhen I flash cm and then sailfish, there's a error about data being busy.19:31
ArenCleggTelegrawhen sailfish OS installs with the hybrid instaler.19:31
malArenCleggTelegra: I'm quite lost what you are doing and able to do, are you able to connect/login in anyway to the device when you boot to sailfish, simple yes or no, if yes then get logs19:32
malArenCleggTelegra: then what were you talking about ssh19:32
malArenCleggTelegra: which telnet port did you try?19:32
malArenCleggTelegra: use 232319:32
malArenCleggTelegra: hadk pdf tells you to use it19:33
ArenCleggTelegraI flash cm, flash hybrid-boot to boot.img, then flash sailfish os19:33
Mister_Magistercouldn't catch it ealier19:33
malArenCleggTelegra: why do you flash hybris-boot, it's installed by the installation zip19:34
ArenCleggTelegraI didn't know. :(19:34
malArenCleggTelegra: why would you assume that and installation zip wouldn't be enough? the instruction in hadk pdf says to just install that19:35
ArenCleggTelegrait's  the 3 years of android side of me. :/19:36
ArenCleggTelegraim used to flashing everything. :)19:36
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:37
malpiggz_: the issue with symlinks in 14.1 base is that android moved the .rc files of builtin services to /system/etc/init/ and disabling the ones we do want is a bit problematic, I moved the include dir to /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/etc/init/ but android init doesn't like symlinks for those so I need to fix it, copying all -rc files would not be very practical since we don't have those in out/19:40
ArenCleggTelegraiManufacturer           1 Mer Boat Loader19:40
ArenCleggTelegra  iProduct                2 Failed to boot init in real rootfs19:40
ArenCleggTelegra  iSerial                 3 Mer Debug telnet on port 23 on rndis0 - also running udhcpd19:40
mal because of the minimal build we do19:40
malArenCleggTelegra: so finally some relevant information19:40
Mister_Magistermal: interesting fact. there is /dev/socket/rild and rild2 but it's single sim19:41
ArenCleggTelegrayea. :)19:41
* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_19:41:58.txt <>19:41
ArenCleggTelegraIm telnet in now19:42
malArenCleggTelegra: pastebin init.log19:42
piggz_mal: interesting ... what approach are you taking?19:43
malpiggz_: I need to figure out if it's possible patch system/core (and maybe even bionic) to make it follow symlinks19:43
* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_19:45:06.txt <>19:45
malArenCleggTelegra: yes, that is the problem19:46
malArenCleggTelegra: first of all, are you sure /data is not encrypted and the partition is correct?19:46
ArenCleggTelegrathat could be the problem. I know the parition is correct, but I think cm automatically encrypts data.19:47
ArenCleggTelegraon shamu on cm-13.0 they forced encrypt data. :/19:47
ArenCleggTelegraI removed it out of the device tree and kernel I use for hybris-boot,img19:48
Mister_MagisterArenCleggTelegra: so just wipe it through recovery?19:48
ArenCleggTelegrayea, I can do that. I'll just lose the sailfishos .zip,, but if it's already flashed to system.img it should be fine.19:49
malArenCleggTelegra: sailfish is flashed to /data19:49
Mister_Magisterandroid is on system19:49
Mister_Magistersfos is in /data/.stowaways/saiflishos19:49
ArenCleggTelegraok then, should be good.19:49
ArenCleggTelegraafter I format data, should I reflash the sailfish os?19:50
ArenCleggTelegraprobably cause you said it's on data :p19:50
malArenCleggTelegra: you'll need to reinstall sailfish19:50
Mister_MagisterArenCleggTelegra: how would you use sfos without sfos19:50
ArenCleggTelegrayea, I answered my own silly question.19:50
Mister_Magisterthere is no silly questions… just unnecesary haha :D19:51
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)19:51
ArenCleggTelegrathat'd explain why I got that data error during the sailos flash19:51
Mister_Magistermal:  will you look at logs in free time?19:52
malMister_Magister: you forgot the logcats I asked19:52
Mister_Magisteri have you logcat19:52
Mister_Magister‎[21:31] ‎<‎Mister_Magister‎>‎ mal:
malMister_Magister: ok, missed that, I only noticed the dmesg19:53
* ArenCleggTelegra uploaded an image: Image_1503172413157.jpg (284KB) <>19:53
ArenCleggTelegrastill saying userdata at /data: Device or resource busy19:54
ArenCleggTelegraafter format of data in recovery19:54
Mister_Magisterit was probably already mount19:55
malMister_Magister: also normal logcat19:55
Mister_Magisteryou can try to reboot recovery and it will be gone or check /data/ if there is .stowaways folder19:56
ArenCleggTelegrah-3.2# ls -a19:57
ArenCleggTelegra.   .layout_version  adb    app       app-lib      audio   bootchart   connectivity  data       drm   hostapd  lost+found  mediadrm  nfc       resource-cache  shared  ss-ram-dumps  system  tombstones19:57
ArenCleggTelegra..  .stowaways       adspd  app-asec  app-private  backup  bugreports  dalvik-cache  diag_logs  fota  local    media       misc      property  security        ss      ssh           time    user19:57
ArenCleggTelegrastill doesn't boot, but getting closer.19:57
*** taaem <taaem!~taaem@unaffiliated/taaem> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:57
ArenCleggTelegranew init.log19:58
malArenCleggTelegra: from port 2323?19:58
*** ExPLIT <ExPLIT!~explit@2a02:8109:a5bf:e814:789b:4c0e:5717:44e4> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving.)19:59
ArenCleggTelegraaclegg2011@aclegg2011-iMac ~ $ telnet 2319:59
ArenCleggTelegratelnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused19:59
* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_20:00:14.txt <>20:00
Mister_Magistertry 232320:00
ArenCleggTelegraI did.20:01
malArenCleggTelegra: why won't you maybe look at the init.log you just got a moment ago "Mer Debug telnet on port 2323 on rndis0 - also running udhcpd"20:01
ArenCleggTelegrayea' its all wacky.20:01
malArenCleggTelegra: maybe I need to start asking you simple yes/no questions because I'm lost all the time about what you are doing20:02
malyour answers are so ambiguous20:02
* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_20:03:05.txt <>20:03
ArenCleggTelegraim just trying to get sailflish os to boot. :p20:03
malArenCleggTelegra: dmesg is much easier than kmsg20:04
malArenCleggTelegra: pastebin output of systemctl and journal -fa -n1000020:05
Mister_Magistermal: in journalctl you can display dmesg lol20:05
malMister_Magister: yes20:05
ArenCleggTelegrawill do20:09
malArenCleggTelegra: usually logs are better quite soon after a reboot so those are not spammed so much with repeating errors20:10
ArenCleggTelegraI can get you systemctl, but journal -fa -n10000 doesn't work20:10
Mister_Magistermal: so look at logs in free time please :)20:14
ArenCleggTelegraI think it's kernel/permission issues.20:14
ArenCleggTelegra@mister_magister he's looking at my hot mess right now20:15
Mister_MagisterArenCleggTelegra: so it's not his free time right?20:15
malArenCleggTelegra: journalctl20:16
ArenCleggTelegraI think he's trying to help me, so I quit bothering him with silly questions. :p20:16
ArenCleggTelegrathat's the journalctrl log, it just repeats that same ifo.20:17
malArenCleggTelegra: look for OOM in and do the fix20:17
*** sydney_untangle <sydney_untangle!~sydney@supertux/sydney> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:18
malArenCleggTelegra: that's why the parameters I told20:18
malArenCleggTelegra: to get more log20:18
*** rinigus <rinigus!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)20:18
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)20:22
*** Mister_Magister <Mister_Magister!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:22
ArenCleggTelegrawhat's OOM?20:23
*** _sven <_sven!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:24
malArenCleggTelegra: like I said
malArenCleggTelegra: that is the first entry mentioning OOM20:25
ArenCleggTelegrayea, I found it.20:25
ArenCleggTelegrafailure of startup wizard20:25
malArenCleggTelegra: use the fix in that link and rebuild kernel and then flash the new kernel20:26
ArenCleggTelegrawill do.20:27
ArenCleggTelegrathanks man.20:27
ArenCleggTelegrayea, the shamu kernel has that same commit. reverting it.20:29
*** ghosalmartin <ghosalmartin!~ghosalmar@2a02:c7f:923a:9000:25d8:c4f2:8d45:63a9> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:33
* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_20:37:54.txt <>20:37
ArenCleggTelegraman, I can't win.20:38
malArenCleggTelegra: rm -Rf hybris/mw/libhybris/20:38
ArenCleggTelegramal: thanks man.20:39
malMister_Magister: "modem: Failed to locate modem.mdt" where is that file?20:41
*** Nokius_ <Nokius_!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:43
Mister_Magistermal: where did you find it20:43
Mister_Magisterhad same problem on moto x play so i'll handle it but i haven't seen it anywhere20:44
ArenCleggTelegrai think modem.mdt is on one of the partitions.20:44
ArenCleggTelegrashamu = moto20:44
Mister_MagisterArenCleggTelegra: you think wrong20:45
Mister_Magisterthere really is no modem whoa20:45
*** Nokius <Nokius!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)20:46
Mister_MagisterArenCleggTelegra: shamu is codename of whatphone20:46
Mister_Magistermal: line?20:46
ArenCleggTelegrashamu = n6 = moto phone20:47
Mister_Magisteroh wait found20:47
malMister_Magister: 1373, a simple search would have found that20:47
malMister_Magister: but not sure if that is a real problem, it seems to happen very early in boot20:47
Mister_Magistermal: with modem.mdt there is that problem on partition /firmware everything is in .gz and on sfos side it isn't working even if there is patch in kernel for that20:47
Mister_Magistermal: yeah that is a problem20:48
Mister_Magisteri already wrote a fix for that on moto x play20:48
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:48
Mister_Magisterwell hack20:48
malMister_Magister: but not working on that device?20:48
ArenCleggTelegrait should.20:48
Mister_Magistermal: i just realised that i have that problem20:49
Mister_Magisterdidn't know about it20:49
*** _sven <_sven!> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)20:49
ArenCleggTelegrawhen it comes to actual android parts, Im good at that. :p20:49
ArenCleggTelegraim lost on the hybris, rpm stuff.20:49
ArenCleggTelegrasailos just handles stuff different.20:50
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)20:50
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:50
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:51
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:51
malMister_Magister: if it works then tell also pseudodev what to do, after verifying he also has .gz modem firmware20:52
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:52
ArenCleggTelegraI might need to do this on shamu too.20:52
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:52
*** piggz <piggz!~piggz@> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:52
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:52
Mister_Magistermal: okay20:52
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:53
*** piggz_ <piggz_!~piggz@> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)20:53
malpseudodev: could you check if your /firmware partition has modem.mdt.gz file?20:53
malMister_Magister: is the filename modem.mdt.gz?20:53
Mister_Magistermal: yep20:54
Mister_Magistereverythign is in .gz20:54
Mister_Magisteras i said20:54
Mister_Magistermal: here is hack for that
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)20:55
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:55
ArenCleggTelegrathat works. ;20:56
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!> has joined #sailfishos-porters20:56
malghosalmartin: evening, hybris-14.1 is starting become usable finally20:56
*** wdehoog <wdehoog!a39ee707@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)20:57
Mister_Magistermal: whoa really?20:57
ghosalmartinmal: woah, what was the hang up?20:57
Mister_Magistermal: HELLL YEAH IT'S WORKING20:57
Mister_Magistermal: i'll add instructions to hadk faq okay?20:58
malMister_Magister: ok20:58
malghosalmartin: it was just getting the build scripts and all working, it also took quite a while to get the UI up because of some stupid mistake I made20:59
ghosalmartinmal: been there :P i tend to fix things then forget how I fix them20:59
malghosalmartin: yep, I had used the same fix in all other bases I made but forgot to add it to that21:00
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius21:00
malghosalmartin: even camera is working already, only pictures though21:00
malghosalmartin: basically only video decoding and encoding is missing currently21:01
ghosalmartinmal: has video been fixed for hybris-13.0?21:01
ghosalmartinand I might base on cm14 for bullhead, need to fix camera and all the errors I get tell me to update my vendor, but its already up to date :P21:02
ghosalmartinmaynn I just cant wait for Xperia21:02
malghosalmartin: it can be fixed by reverting one commit, but not sure if the fix can be loaded from /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/lib or does it have to be in /system/lib21:02
ghosalmartinmal: which commit?21:03
ghosalmartinis it the security one?21:03
malghosalmartin: the metadata security fix21:03
ghosalmartinah I see. I seriously need to fix normal camera first still and am all out of ideas. I swear it used to work before any hybris fixes21:04
ghosalmartinill try downgrading it and see21:04
* ArenCleggTelegra sent a long message: ArenCleggTelegra_2017-08-19_21:05:00.txt <>21:05
malghosalmartin: I still need to make manifest and then push the hybris-14.1 branches to mer-hybris, also still one fix if needed to systen/core to make build easier21:05
ArenCleggTelegradev-cpuctl.mount                                                                loaded failed failed    Droid mount for /dev/cpuctl21:06
ArenCleggTelegrasensorfwd.service                                                               loaded failed failed    Sensor daemon for sensor framework21:06
malArenCleggTelegra: could you stop selecting random pieces of logs and provide the whole log instead, you might miss something relevant21:06
malArenCleggTelegra: cpuctl is not a problem21:07
ArenCleggTelegrathose are the only two things that failed in systemctl21:08
ghosalmartinkrnlyng, hey up, did we need both minimal hooks and the adreno quirk to fix the shader issue, or just adreno quirk?21:09
malArenCleggTelegra: no need to check systemctl anymore, I already checked that before21:09
ArenCleggTelegrahere's my latest journalcrl using the command you recommended after I fresh reboot.21:12
ArenCleggTelegrathat's after flashing the OOM patched kernel21:12
krnlyngghosalmartin, we figured out that we need adreno quirk by using minimalhooks. now minimalhooks is not required anymore as long as you replace HOOK_DIRECT(malloc) with HOOK_INDIRECT(malloc)21:13
krnlyngghosalmartin, + adreno qurik enabled21:13
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ghosalmartinkrnlyng, hmmm okay thanks :)21:14
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ghosalmartinkrnlyng, does libhybris have much to do with camera aside from malloc?21:14
malkrnlyng: should be just remove the initialize-bionic from minimalhooks since most people disable that anyway?21:14
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ghosalmartinmal: I feels like a handy development though, no hooks required, or not as many would make dev easier21:16
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malghosalmartin: I never got the inialize bionic part working on android 7 linker yet21:17
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malArenCleggTelegra: try building minimalhooks branch of libhybris, after checkout of that branch remove "--enable-initialize-bionic \" the the .spec file and then build it using -b hybris/mw/libhybris21:19
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ghosalmartinmal: hmm interesting21:22
ghosalmartincould new kernel fixes break camera?21:23
ghosalmartinfor us21:23
malghosalmartin: and that part also needs modifications to android side repos so it cannot be used directly21:24
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ghosalmartinmal: ah I see21:24
*** Kabouik <Kabouik!> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:24
ghosalmartinhmm I wonder if I can nuke any sensor related drivers for the camera without other stuff breaking21:25
ghosalmartinwoahh theres a flag21:25
ghosalmartinama try this21:25
ghosalmartinabranson, think the above is worth a shot?21:26
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Mister_Magistergood night mal ghosalmartin o/21:33
ghosalmartingoodnight Mister_Magister21:34
ArenCleggTelegrasigh, where do I place the libhybris repo at in the $android_root tree?21:37
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ArenCleggTelegramaybe I should start with an easy phone, like the n5 and see how everything works.21:38
ArenCleggTelegrauntil I get the hand of all this.21:38
malArenCleggTelegra: my messages said it already21:39
malArenCleggTelegra: that won't really help much since old phones are much easier to port anyway, those won't have the issues of 64-bit devices for example and so on21:40
ArenCleggTelegraI know I need to checkout the libhybris minimalhooks branch, but is it libhybris already in the $android_root somewhere? Or do I need to git clone -b minimalhooks off of $ANDROID_ROOT21:43
ArenCleggTelegrashamu is only 32bit. I can only imagine the fun with my zte axon7. :p (64bit)21:44
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malArenCleggTelegra: hmm, only 32-bit, interesting21:59
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malArenCleggTelegra: I would have assume this would give you some hint where it usually is " -b hybris/mw/libhybris"22:00
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malArenCleggTelegra: anyway I'm going offline now, let's continue later22:01
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ArenCleggTelegrayea. the n6 was the last 32bit nexus.23:05
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ArenCleggTelegrait's weird. I see a Ubports for n6 using the cm-12.1 branch, but nothing for the n6 on Sailfish.23:15
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