Friday, 2017-10-20

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* stephg begins the firmware dance06:22
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stephghm abranson old and new p46s are the same :/06:39
stephg[root@Sailfish tmp]# md5sum /tmp/mmcblk0p46 /home/nemo/mmcblk0p46.keepme06:39
stephg29a8a0a426eec60102153d2f0c3a0cff  /tmp/mmcblk0p4606:39
stephg29a8a0a426eec60102153d2f0c3a0cff  /home/nemo/mmcblk0p46.keepme06:39
* stephg goes md5summming all the things on both devices06:41
abransonstephg: that's a very good approach06:46
abransonlots to try. aboot? diag? mota? rdimage? no idea what all those things are06:47
stephgyeah likewise06:49
stephgI wonder why hybris-recovery doesn't have the blockdevice ←→ name mappings06:51
krnlyngaboot is the boot loader, depending on what you want to do, better not mess with that06:51
stephgkrnlyng: problem I have is that I think I clobbered something that stops one of these devices entering flashing mode06:53
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pseudodevhello there sailors :)10:29
pseudodevgot an issue10:29
pseudodevgot it while building audioflingerglue10:29
pseudodevany ideas why?10:29
r0kk3rzpseudodev: line 17 seems ominous10:32
pseudodev"//" ?10:32
r0kk3rztake a look at your local environment and find that .so10:33
malmaybe he built the 64-bit version accidentially?10:44
pseudodevjust followed hadk10:51
pseudodevnot sure whats accidenta;10:51
malpseudodev: did you run make -j8 libaudioflingerglue_32 miniafservice or make -j8 libaudioflingerglue miniafservice?10:52
stephgok nothing I seem to do with any of the partitions I'm allowed to write to lets me enter flashing mode10:53
stephgso just going to upgrade the new one and start to hack away at that :/10:53
pseudodevmal the latter10:54
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malpseudodev: so you didn't read the instructions11:01
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pseudodevmal: which section11:09
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pseudodevmal: I cannot see anywhere where it asks me  to run make -j8 libaudioflingerglue_32 miniafservice11:21
malpseudodev: "# If building for a 64bit device, build a 32bit library with: make -j8 libaudioflingerglue_32 miniafservice"11:22
malpseudodev: assuming you have the correct version of hadk pdf11:22
pseudodevcant see11:22
malyou have too old pdf11:23
Mister_Magisteri peronally find 1.1.2 hadk very useful11:28
r0kk3rzMister_Magister: why you no 2.0.1?11:33
Mister_Magisterr0kk3rz: i use both just sometimes in 1.1.2 things are more raw :D11:34 is now back in DNS since 1 minute :)11:34
tbrsorry it took so long, it involved picking up a letter from the domain authority (by a colleague of mine, office across the street)11:35
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pseudodevwhats the lastest hadk?13:14
pseudodevanyone send me the link?13:14
pseudodevgot it. nevermind13:16
pseudodevin case anyone windering13:16
Mikaela- T4 is going down for some time (unless I am confusing things)
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stephg_jcwell good news my latest local image flashes clean first time on android 714:08
stephg_jcso I'm going to obs that now and thrn start on the testing builds14:09
pseudodevim building gstreamer14:09
pseudodevits a 64 bit device14:09
pseudodevwhat should "make -jXX libdroidmedia minimediaservice minisfservice" be?14:09
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stephg_jcpseudodev device again?14:14
pseudodevz2 plus14:16
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stephg_jcyou have a working image? ldd some files on that will tell you if your userspace is 32 or 64 bit14:19
pseudodevi have a working image14:21
pseudodevmy device is 64 bit14:21
stephg_jcldd /bin/bash then on device14:21
stephg_jcyour kernel may be but your userspace may not14:21
sledgesstephg_jc: pseudodev: it's about camera blob bitness; follow 13.2 and if you had to add BOARD_QTI_CAMERA_32BIT_ONLY := yes, then build libdroidmedia_32 minimediaservice minisfservice14:21
sledgesotherwise no changes14:21
pseudodevsledges: i have that line14:22
sledgesi'll add 64bit case for the make command in the next hadk (it's missing now)14:22
stephg_jc^^ what he said14:22
pseudodevi already had that line14:22
* stephg_jc waves at sledges14:22
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pseudodevso no changes?14:22
sledgespseudodev: so _3214:22
sledges"if you had to add that line or it was already there" would be the correct sentence14:22
sledgesstephg_jc: o/14:22
pseudodevbtw sledges14:22
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pseudodevgot my build working :)14:23
sledgespseudodev: congrats! what was it?14:23
pseudodevkrnlyng helped me14:23
pseudodevhwcomposer was causing my device to get into some strange usb mode14:24
sledgeswhat was the actual cause/fix?14:24
pseudodevso krnlyng directed me to use surfaceflinger as render instead of hwcomposer14:24
pseudodevi cannot stream14:25
pseudodevhow to fix that?14:25
sledgesyou are fixing it now ;P14:25
pseudodevfor youtube browsing?14:26
pseudodevso my command should be "make -jXX libdroidmedia_32 minimediaservice minisfservice"14:27
pseudodevbetter get back14:28
pseudodevanother very very wierd issue14:28
pseudodevdevice sometimes restarts14:28
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pseudodevgot this while building gst-droid14:56
pseudodevany ideas?14:56
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M-dizzi90I'm trying to flash Sailfish X. Keeps getting stuck on the Sony logo. like in Q2 in the guide. Anyone know how I determine which vendor image to use?15:17
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malpseudodev: it says what to do, I think you manually removed or installed a package before15:31
malpseudodev: during your previous similar error15:32
pseudodevprevious error was cause i build wrong thing15:33
pseudodevmal: What's wrong here?  I didnt do anything manually to remove or install15:34
pseudodevjust followed hadk15:34
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HoSnoopyHello :)15:58
HoSnoopyMister_Magister: Does the Jolla-Boot-Logo also work on Thea? or only on Titan?15:59
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* blap would like to thank TheKit again today. Thank you!16:53
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piggzpushed my radio fix to mido devel repository, working fine so far17:19
piggzlbt: ping17:19
malpiggz: so you got radio working now with only kernel changes?17:22
piggzmal: no, i went with the plugin change for now ... kernel changes needs more work17:22
piggzmy obs has a custom iris plugin17:22
piggzim still not convinced we shouldnt have the option in the plugin ... if each device radio module is different, it could lead to errors in patching, not to mention the extra effort in creating a kernel patch for each device17:23
malI find such a kernel behavior quite questionable, there should be no reason to write to some sys path to reinitialize the chip17:25
piggzyeah, its a a big cludge :D17:25
piggzbut, its how android works!17:26
piggzusleep(20000) n all!17:26
malit doesn't have to, fp2 has no problems with that so it can be done correctly17:26
malmaybe look at fp2 driver to see what they did differently17:26
piggzdifferent topic, does sfos support exfat sdcard?17:28
piggzseems like my users got sfos dual booting17:31
piggzso, i think that only leaves video recording not working now17:33
piggzand bugs17:34
piggzsometimes after a boot, calls cant be made17:34
piggzinfact, i;ll try and reporduce that now17:34
piggzdoesnt appear in the logs17:43
malpiggz: anything from ofono or related services?17:44
piggzprocess 2653 is17:44
piggznemo      2653  1.0  1.7 331076 50644 ?        Ssl  18:36   0:05 /usr/bin/voicecall-ui -prestart17:44
merbotpiggz: Error: Error getting Nemo bug #2653: InvalidBugId17:44
thewisenerdpiggz, video decoding works well for you?17:44
thewisenerdmine's got green bars17:45
piggzweird shit like that toothewisenerd: yeah, i get17:45
thewisenerdmal, is the gps client 32-bit or 64-bit?17:45
malthewisenerd: 32-bit, that seems to be a problem for some devices with missing 32-bit libraries17:45
thewisenerdhmm it seems my device/soc uses (or perhaps requires) 64-bit17:46
piggzmal: ofono seems ok, and has a data connection17:46
thewisenerda bunch of msm8939 devices got 32-bit gps blobs nuked17:46
malpiggz: maybe some timing issue17:46
piggzmal: yeah, seems that way17:46
piggzmal: but, voicecall-ui is spewing those errors into the journal contstantly17:47
thewisenerdpiggz, were you able to get the kernel fixed up or are you doing the `echo 1 > /sys/` hack?17:47
malpiggz: enable systemd-analyze and check the boot charts of successful and failing boots17:47
piggzthewisenerd: hack17:47
thewisenerdalso mal, a way to disable cellular broadcasts please?17:47
piggzthewisenerd: i too had missing 32bit blobs for sensors17:47
malthewisenerd: no idea, ask monich17:48
*** tortoisedoc <tortoisedoc!5b9b70b1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters17:49
stephggood eveningles17:49
thewisenerdpiggz, not sure why i would -want- to compile a 32-bit client ?17:49
tortoisedocits that time of the year again;17:49
thewisenerdtortoisedoc, what time of the year is it? :D17:49
tortoisedocim not sure why my usb hub gets reset by xhci?17:49
tortoisedocthewisenerd : MYOT time17:49
tortoisedocsomething in booting SFOS is resetting my usb hub, which in turn breaks my nfs booting17:50
tortoisedocand the worst of it is it does not recover17:51
thewisenerdmonich, monich, how do i disable cellular broadcasts? :)17:51
thewisenerdmal, is there a reason 32-bit library is being used, or can i compile it as a 64-bit? ( also, is that going to fix any issues at all? )17:52
tortoisedoci already disabled the usb-moded.service17:52
malthewisenerd: sailfish userspace is 32-bit17:53
malprobably there has to be a 64-bit version at some point in the future but most likely just resource issue17:53
tortoisedocmal : xhci resets usb during the boot; can you help pinpoint where?17:55
malwhich device+17:57
tortoisedoceh, its an atom17:57
tortoisedockindow teclast17:57
tortoisedocmal : or if you can suggest ways to debug (which exclude disabling services one by one), welcome :)17:58
thewisenerd hmmm17:59
tortoisedoclocation api's17:59
* tortoisedoc shrugs17:59
tortoisedocjust got a cold chill down my spine17:59
maltortoisedoc: not sure right now, I need to leave work, it's getting late :)18:00
tortoisedocmal : :P eh what happened to good old overtime :D18:00
maltortoisedoc: I have worked already for more than 10 hours18:00
tortoisedocenjoy your friday ;)18:01
maltortoisedoc: 10-12 hour days for the last two weeks18:01
maltortoisedoc: it already 9 pm so not much left18:01
tortoisedocmal : its either connection service or stuff for root18:02
tortoisedoc(or these ill try next)18:02
tortoisedocthere's still the eve / night :P18:03
Mister_Magistermal: everybody feel sorry for you18:12
tortoisedocappears to be the connman.serivce18:12
tortoisedocappears to be the connman.service18:12
tortoisedocwhats default pass for nemo?18:13
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monichthewisenerd: what exactly do you mean by cellular broadcasts?18:18
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thewisenerdmonich, the messages being sent by the carrier18:24
thewisenerdmost messages i get are spam/location info18:24
monichthewisenerd: wow, it actually works!18:24
thewisenerdwell it's bad it works ? :p18:25
thewisenerdjk ; but need to disable that. some of them, upon pressing ok, charge you.18:25
*** agander <agander!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)18:25
thewisenerd( no idea who designed it that way )18:25
monichthewisenerd: could you send ofono log of one of such cases to
monichto find out what those actually are18:27
thewisenerdokay; how do i get logs? :p18:27
thewisenerdi'll try to send the logs sometime later ; updating lineage branches for my device now :p18:28
monichthewisenerd: install that thing, wait for the message to arrive, select "pack and send" from the pulley menu and then either mail it from the phone (if you have mail set up) or choose "save to documents" from the pulley menu and fetch the tarball from ~nemo/Documents somehow18:30
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piggzmonich: hi .. any idea why voicecall-ui sometimes cant connect to dbus?18:40
monichpiggz: what do you mean cant connect to dbus?18:41
piggzhappens on some boots18:41
piggzno calls can be made .. and just keeps repeating on journal18:41
monichpiggz: that looks more like a bug in the code to me, which build is it?18:42
piggzthis is
piggzbut, only happens sometimes18:43
piggzonly found one other mention of it, in a pebbled
*** agander <agander!> has joined #sailfishos-porters18:46
monichpiggz: I grepped voicecall-ui sources for microphoneMuted and haven't found anything. are you sure it's voicecall-ui?18:52
piggzmonich: voicecall-ui is the process id giving the error18:53
piggzit would make sense if it was ofono maybe?18:53
tortoisedocmonich : whats the default pass for nemo18:53
monichno, there's no qt in ofono18:53
tortoisedocor do i just reset it in the rootf?18:53
monichtortoisedoc: normally you set it on the developer mode page18:54
tortoisedocmonich : im booting via nfsroot atm so no access to that :P18:54
* monich is trying to stay away from telepathy18:57
piggzmonich: too late18:57
tortoisedocif you wont find telepathy18:57
tortoisedoctelepathy will find *you*18:57
* monich doesn't believe in telepathy18:57
tbrwasn't there a clairvoyance plugin for telepathy? ;)18:59
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stephgManizuca: clean flash straight to android 7 works with my latest local image so basically our (your!) work is done :D19:40
tortoisedochow can i guarantee my rootfs has the correct user rights19:40
*** naytsyrhc <naytsyrhc!58825d7f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:44
naytsyrhcGood evening.19:44
Manizucastephg, nice19:47
Manizucastephg, videocam still not working?19:48
stephgManizuca: everything works, bluetooth, only thing that is wrong is the display for photo/video (wrong aspect ratio) but it takes pictures and videos just fine19:49
stephgnaytsyrhc: Manizuca only thing I would say is to be safe when you make new images, is to flash to android 719:50
stephg(not because of 7 itself, but because of the partition and permission changes about flashing the sony blobs)19:51
naytsyrhcthx stephg and thx manizuca. I just got online and wanted to build a new image. But I struggling with my new setup of the hadk. It can't fetch android_frameworks_native19:51
naytsyrhcAre there any know problems with the repos?19:52
stephgnaytsyrhc: repo sync? it misbehaves all the time19:52
*** atlochowski <atlochowski!> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:52
naytsyrhcYes repo sync. How to get rid of that misbehaviour? Just try again?19:52
stephgnaytsyrhc: yeah keep trying, repo sync is also threaded by default so what is erroring may not be what you think; in any case if you're waiting have it ignore errors and yeah, keep trying19:54
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piggzkrnlyng: audiopolicy service should be disabled right?19:55
naytsyrhcstephg well that's annoying. What bothers me, is that I get messages like "error: no such remote ref eb62b481f... (some committish)". I always think that is not "recoverable".19:55
naytsyrhcBut I'll try19:56
Manizucastephg, what problem do u have with the aspect ratio?19:57
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tortoisedocmic sets uid/gid to 020:24
tortoisedocwhen creating the image20:24
*** Xeno_PL <Xeno_PL!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)20:25
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stephgManizuca: I either got a merge wrong in droid-config-f5321/sparse/etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/jolla-camera-hw.txt (or possibly elsewhere) or the settings are wrong for viewfinder display20:44
stephgnaytsyrhc: still having trouble?20:46
naytsyrhcstephg: I can't believe that it's temporarly. I just restarted from scratch and still the same.20:47
*** korak <korak!> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)20:49
stephgnaytsyrhc: ok run repo sync -j1 and it definitely dies in the same place?20:50
naytsyrhcalways android_frameworks_native not finding remote ref20:51
Manizucastephg, im using the XC a my daily-driver, so ill test when i have more time20:51
stephgManizuca: gimme sec20:51
naytsyrhcmaybe there is something wrong in the new wiki?20:51
naytsyrhcam i supposed to use EDGE=bleeding? I set it to cutting as I thought that to be wiser ;-)20:52
stephgnaytsyrhc: I did cutting, not bleeding20:53
naytsyrhcok. well, than it should work20:53
stephgManizuca: is what's wrong with the viewfinder20:55
naytsyrhcstephg: did you use --depth=10 on init or --current-branch on sync?20:56
stephgnaytsyrhc aha did you do those? I did a full sync; when I tried reduced depth they failed20:56
naytsyrhcok. so I'll try this.20:57
stephgcertainly --depth=XX failed for me20:57
stephgManizuca: basically viewfinder X*Y is wrong, easily enough fixed, other than that, it now works 100%20:58
naytsyrhcI hoped I could speed up things by those options as the wiki suggests. But if it doesn't work. ;-)20:58
stephgI also like that picture for the Inception'ness of it, that's a pic from an Xc of an X taking a picture of an Xc20:58
stephgnaytsyrhc: well depends how much bandwith you have I guess20:59
naytsyrhcstephg: as I'm at home currently only 25Mbit.21:00
naytsyrhc(as opposed to 400Mbit at work ;-) )21:01
stephgnaytsyrhc: you could try to sync that project without the --depth but with --force-sync if you specify by name21:01
tortoisedoci get lots of these : su: user 118 does not exist su: user 1000 does not exist su: user 118 does not exist su: user 1000 does not exist21:01
tortoisedocwhen executing mic21:01
tortoisedoc(with sudo)21:01
tortoisedocdid anyone have the same issue?21:02
stephgtortoisedoc: are they erroing or warning only?21:02
Manizucastephg, dont have the problem here, so should be easy21:02
Manizucastephg, nice to hear everything works now21:02
stephgManizuca: yeah I will have got something wrong21:03
tortoisedocstephg : they do not stop the execution of mic, but then the uid/gid in the are all bonkers (0/0)(21:03
stephgManizuca: thanks again you did all the hard work; just when you do want to upgrade; don't make the mistake I did: make sure to  and flash android 7 before you do the next image21:04
stephgManizuca: I have one device now with an un-upgradeable bootloader forever, afaics21:05
naytsyrhcManizuca: I have to thank you as well. I wasn't able to build an image for my Xc myself yet, but I use the image built by stephg on my Xc and so can use that as my daily phone already. It's just great :-D21:06
r0kk3rzyou brokded it good n proper21:06
stephgr0kk3rz: it's my job(TM)21:06
*** gexc_ <gexc_!~gexc@> has quit IRC (Quit: Konversation terminated!)21:07
stephgbut seriously I want to get this shit together so that we can have folks flash it and, you know, not brick their phones :P21:07
*** gexc_ <gexc_!~gexc@> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:07
naytsyrhcstephg: maybe you can get a warranty repair from sony ;-) probably not for free but maybe for less than a new device would cost?21:07
stephgnaytsyrhc: fastboot still works, and I can overwrite the oem partition (which is where the sony blobs image goes) so I don't need to; so I'm actually ok, apart from never being able to trust that my instructions are right, but that's also why I bought the second one21:09
* stephg bedtiem21:18
naytsyrhcgood night21:24
stephgnaytsyrhc: niight21:24
tortoisedocwhere does mic get the uid's from21:25
tortoisedoc(that it's supposed to use, that is)21:25
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