Friday, 2017-11-10

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piggzabranson: how goes gst-omx?09:06
abransonpiggz: ok, managed to get it to play video, though not perfectly09:07
piggzabranson: awesome ... cdo you have a branch i can try?09:07
abransoni'll let you know as soon as I manage to push it somewhere public. there's some pieces for which the licensing is unclear and I have to clarify it. I would really love for you (and anyone else) to try it out and help me iron out the bugs.09:08
abransonmaking codecs independent of adaptation would be a great thing09:09
abransonor rather independent of the android bsp09:09
piggzabranson: what are the 'non perfect' issues?09:14
piggzdoes color conversion work?09:14
abransonyes it seems to. not sure if there are bits of the old droidmedia hanging around though.09:15
abransonright now it misses the first keyframe or something. it moves a lot of black around until the next one crops up.09:16
piggznot the worst bug in the world09:16
abransonno, it's very encouraging09:16
abransonand I haven't started the video encoding09:16
abransononly using the hw codecs with that though. for sw i've been testing gst-libav which seems to be working well09:17
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abransonthat completely separates the codecs from the adaptation09:18
piggzwell, push push push ;)09:19
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abransonpiggz: I will as soon as I get the nod. will let you know.09:21
r0kk3rzabranson: sounds good, how do i build :)09:21
piggzabranson: what are the licensing issues? ( licensing issues are the worst!)09:21
abransonr0kk3rz: :)09:21
abransonpiggz: just that the status is unknown to me. have to make sure everything is ok to share09:22
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ghosalmartinabranson, licensing issues of what?09:51
r0kk3rzits codec stuff, theres always a patent minefield to navigate09:53
abransonwell not that complicated. i just didn't know the status of some old code09:58
abransonbut it's clear!09:58
abransonwhich needs ffmpeg instead of libav, which is here:
abransonif this works out then we'll switch09:59
abransonthe omx needs building like gst-droid, against the device specific target10:00
abransoni've also pushed a branch to gst-droid called 'nocodec' that is a coarse attempt to remove all the codec stuff from it so gstreamer will use gst-omx instead10:01
abransonso with those four, you should be able to play video and audio10:01
abransonit's far from perfect or finished though10:01
malabranson: even on android 7 base?10:03
abransonmal yes I think so10:04
abransonhaven't built it against that yet though10:04
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xreactxis there a preferred OS for porting sailfish (i.e. host machine running ubuntu 16.04, 16.10, 17.04, etc...)10:39
Mister_Magisteryou can even do it on jolla tablet10:40
xreactxno progess here, i was thinking it was a host OS problem... (i.e. i had to downgrade from 17.10 to 16.04lts to properly build halium for the OPO)10:41
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xreactxany idea when a 64bit SFOS target will be made?10:46
r0kk3rzxreactx: the purpose of the various chroots is to minimise build system issues10:49
xreactxis this a problem "qemu: uncaught target signal 8 (Floating point exception) - core dumped Tracker miners busy, waiting..."10:53
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xreactxi was chatting with wdehoog, and he wasnt sure about the warnings/failures i was getting during my builds. see for what i'm getting11:03
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piggzabranson: gst-libav needs ffmpeg instead of libav?  why not gst-ffmpeg?11:39
abransonpiggz: it's complicated. libav is a fork of ffmpeg. lots of parts of ffmpeg are called libav*.11:40
abransonlibav's gone a bit stale lately so lots of distros are going back to ffmpeg11:40
piggzah, ok .... actually, i remmeber that from years ag now11:41
piggzabranson: can you edit the .spec ... it cant build on obs becuase of the %version check in the BuildRequires lines, becuase %version expands to 1.10.4+master.20171110095301.09db7f611:43
piggzthat is in gst-omx11:43
abransonpiggz: ok done. will reinstate that when it's more mature.11:45
piggzabranson: actually, you could edit the version, so like in gst-libav it is just 1.10.411:46
abransonpiggz: what do you mean?#11:47
piggzeither, edit the version string, or remove the check in the buildrequires, whatever is easier11:48
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piggzbut, its built now11:49
abransonthe version string gets overridden during build though doesn't it?11:51
abransonah you mean set it in omx to something that will match? i see11:51
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piggzabranson: right , lets see how it works!11:57
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piggzabranson: not much seems different .... gallery not playing, says12:02
piggzNov 10 12:02:02 Sailfish [4553]: [W] unknown:0 - Error: "Could not configure supporting library."12:02
piggzyoutube i browser has off colours ... and sometimes crashes12:03
abransondid you build the nocodec gst-droid too?12:03
abransonand the config file for gst-omx?12:03
piggzyes to nocodec12:04
piggzconfig file?12:04
piggzah, i c12:05
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abransonsorry neglected to mention it above. all in the readme of gst-omx. it needs to know which omx codecs are available. the file goes in /etc/xdg12:09
piggzabranson: do i need a section for every codec in mediacodecs.xml?12:09
abransonpiggz: each one you want support for. hevc isn't supported in that version though.12:10
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abransonall the video decoders need that i420 value adding to the hacks i think12:12
piggzabranson: ok12:13
piggzwhat about rank numbers?12:13
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abransonpiggz: 257 seems to be the magic number12:16
abransonpiggz: your omx lib might have a different path too. my example was from the xperia12:22
piggzyes, mine is libq-omxcore.so12:22
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abransonpiggz: for my decoders i have hacks=hybris;no-disable-outport;i420-color-conversion12:24
abransonand h264 is hybris;no-disable-outport;implicit-format-change;i420-color-conversion12:24
piggzabranson: what about .secure decoders?12:25
abransoni don't think they're anything to do with us12:25
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piggzabranson: this is my file, still same error
piggzabranson: there is stuff in logcat..12:40
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piggzabranson: whats ther BufferQueue errors?12:57
abransonhmm dunno. looks like it's still calling MediaPlayerService13:05
abransonis that on android 7?13:05
abransonpiggz: i'll test it on my device here13:05
piggzabranson: yes, if los14.1 == 713:06
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piggzabranson: using strace, it looks like it stats libgstomx, but doesnt open it ... it does open gstdreoid14:49
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piggzabranson: and gst-inspect doesnt list omx, but does list roid14:55
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abransonpiggz: yes. Looks like obs isn't building it properly. It doesn't link to the android stuff15:41
abransongst-inspect says it can't find some android symbol.15:43
abransonWorks on my local target, must be missig a build req15:43
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piggzabranson: droid-hal-devel?16:06
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piggzeh, whats going on here ?16:18
abransonpiggz: that pulls in gstreamer and base devel on mine...16:28
abransonRefresh target repos?16:29
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piggzabranson: nope, not having it :/16:41
piggzthe packages are installed!16:41
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piggzabranson: you are missing a - in the package name16:43
piggzit should be gstreamer-1.0, not gstreamer1.016:43
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piggzabranson: see
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abransonpiggz: thanks!17:21
abransonbtw, here's the ldd output of the so from local build vs the obs one. lots of stuff missing:
piggzabranson: next local build error is17:22
piggzconfigure: Requested 'gstreamer-1.0 >= 1.12.0' but version of GStreamer is 1.10.417:22
piggzconfigure: error: no gstreamer-1.0 >= 1.12.0 (GStreamer) found17:22
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piggzerror: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.TNqLSi (%build)17:22
abransonsorry here's the right paste:
abransonpiggz: which package has the wrong pkconfig name?17:23
piggzabranson: gst-omx spec17:23
abransonmine says BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(gstreamer-1.0)17:23
piggzBuildRequires:  pkgconfig(gstreamer-1.0)17:23
piggzBuildRequires:  pkgconfig(gstreamer-plugins-base-1.0)17:23
piggzhang on...17:24
abransonmaybe you have an old one?
piggzi do!17:25
abransondunno where the 1.12 would come from though!17:25
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piggzabranson: it doesnt clone properly . i get an umpty upstream folder, and no code17:35
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abransonpiggz: that's weird. obs does it!17:43
piggzdoes it work for you?17:44
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abransonah did you remember to init and update the git submodule?17:45
abransonyou have to patch as well17:45
abransonmb2 apply17:45
piggzgot it17:46
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abransonanyway, it seems it's not working well with android 7. it's not handling the colour format, and I get that 'gstomxvideodec.c:1618:gst_omx_video_dec_loop:<omxh264dec-omxh264dec0> error: Unable to reconfigure output port' error too17:47
abransonso i'll try to get to the bottom of that17:47
abransonand the obs problem17:48
piggzabranson: for the obs build, maybe just need to add droid-hal-devel ?17:49
piggzas requires17:49
abransonpiggz: ok will try17:50
piggzabranson: ok, its built....17:54
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piggzabranson: no change tho ... i still dont think it is beng used18:00
piggzsh-3.2# gst-inspect-1.0 --plugin omx18:16
piggzNo such element or plugin 'omx'18:16
piggzabranson: ^18:16
piggzabranson: ah, its blacklisted18:20
piggz[nemo@Sailfish /]$ gst-inspect-1.0 --plugin -b18:20
piggzBlacklisted files:18:20
piggz  libgstomx.so18:20
piggzTotal count: 1 blacklisted file18:20
piggzabranson: this is why it is blaklisted:18:23
piggz[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ rm ./.cache/gstreamer-1.0/registry.armv7hl.bin18:23
piggz[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ gst-inspect-1.018:23
piggz(gst-plugin-scanner:10054): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: cannot register existing type 'GstOpusParse'18:23
piggz(gst-plugin-scanner:10054): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_once_init_leave: assertion 'result != 0' failed18:23
piggz(gst-plugin-scanner:10054): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_element_register: assertion 'g_type_is_a (type, GST_TYPE_ELEMENT)' failed18:23
abransonwhen I used the obs build and did that, I got an error that some android symbol wasn't found18:24
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abransonpiggz: no luck with the droid-hal-devel. still no android linking18:27
piggzabranson: i got rid of the above error by removing gst-plugins-bad-extra18:27
piggzstill, its marked as blacklisted tho18:27
abransonremove the registry and inspect again. it should tell you why it couldn't be loaded18:27
piggzabranson: i did, and it didnt!18:27
abransonbut it's still blacklisted??18:28
abransondoes ldd include etc?18:28
piggzabranson: make what you will of this
piggzabranson: yes18:29
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piggz[nemo@Sailfish ~]$ gst-inspect-1.0 /usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/libgstomx.so18:36
piggzCould not load plugin file: File "/usr/lib/gstreamer-1.0/" appears to be a GStreamer plugin, but it failed to initialize18:36
piggzabranson: fixed it18:40
abransonis it still blacklisted?18:43
piggzabranson: no18:45
piggzbut still doesnt play18:45
piggzabranson: logcat says
abransonnot a bad start!18:49
xreactx can anyone tell me if the warnings i'm getting are a problem... i also get several "failed" messages18:50
xreactxalso, what is "qemu: uncaught target signal 8 (Floating point exception) - core dumped" mean18:51
piggzabranson: the reason it was blacklisted was because in the config file, i got the omx library filename wrong18:52
abransonpiggz: ah right, nice of it to tell you :P18:52
piggzabranson: i worked it out using strace!18:52
abransonthe difference I have is no mention of MediaCodec etc in the logcat. just OMX-VDEC-1080P18:52
piggzabranson: so, it looke like in logcat, i get the decoder ok, but then it failes to get the bufferqueue?18:53
abransonpiggz: i don't understand why you're calling DroidMediaCodec at all. gst-omx is supposed to be replacing that...18:58
piggzabranson: which plugin does that come from19:00
abransonthat's disabled by the nocodec branch of gst-droid19:01
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abransonah native buffers is looking for the old gst lib. i'll have to connect it to droidmedia to see those19:02
piggzabranson: maybe my _service file was wrong....19:03
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abransonnope, looks like i'm going to have to resurrect another package for the native buffers. will let you know when I make some progress :(19:11
piggzabranson: gst-droid is fixed (obs doesnt like a branch and revision) ... and now my logcat looks a lot different19:12
abransonaha, so the droidmedia has gone?19:12
piggzbut there isnt much of anything in there!19:13
abransonno there's no omx in there19:14
piggzi know19:14
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abransoni gtg, but there's a nice todo list to get through there before anything will work. no idea why it worked on my sony...19:15
piggzabranson: good day playing/debugging19:17
piggzabranson: ah,gst-instpect only claims omx supplts wmv and h263...19:18
piggzah, its blacklisted again19:20
piggzseems it gets blacklisted after initally being ok19:22
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piggzabranson: so, the strings in my config file were wrong, i didnt know they had to be class names from gstomx20:06
piggznow, i get20:06
piggz11-10 20:05:30.449 24241  8979 I qomx_image_core: OMX_Init:101] Complete 320:06
piggz11-10 20:05:30.449 24241  8979 E qomx_image_core: OMX_GetHandle:202] Cannot find the component20:06
piggz11-10 20:05:30.449 24241  8979 I qomx_image_core: OMX_Deinit:125] Complete20:06
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fadavican i install sfos on my asus zenfone 2 phone?22:31
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raandoom__mic succesfuly created zip for zuk z1 (log has warnings, dont know is it important), flashed it, but phone dont want to boot :)22:34
*** blap <blap!> has joined #sailfishos-porters22:34
piggzraandoom__: time to debug then22:34
raandoom__i thought it will be easy, because sailfish already ported and i use porters repos :)22:35
fadavipiggz: it seems zenfone 2 not supported :(22:35
piggzfadavi: nothing stopping you reading the manual and porting it yourself ;)22:36
fadavipiggz: i've no experience with sfos. is it a real gnu/linux os? im an ubuntu user and looking for a real gnu/linux os for my phone.22:39
piggzfadavi: yes it is22:39
fadavisth like ubuntu phone! but thats dead :D22:39
piggzyes, there are similarities to ubuntu22:39
piggzbtw, ubports still exists22:40
piggzbut, sfos is better22:40
raandoom__piggz: can you give advice how to debug sfos if it dont boot?22:40
fadavipiggz: thanks22:41
piggzraandoom__:  lsusb -vvv22:41
piggzmight say if the kernel is bootng22:41
piggzboot into recovery, use adb, and see if there are any logs in /data/.stowaways/sailfishos22:42
piggztry and telnet to 232322:42
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raandoom__init.log ends with exec /sbin/preinit --log-level=debug --log-target=kmsg22:54
raandoom__lsusb shows Mer boat loader23:00
raandoom__and telnet also works23:01
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raandoom__ahhh, seems like something with systemd and cgroups, and looks loke i need this
raandoom__am i right that after patching kernel i need make hybris-hal and then just create zip with mic again23:38
raandoom__there is no need for something additional steps?23:38
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