Tuesday, 2017-11-14

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xreactxso starting from fresh, only enabling the required ones and no optional ones, "Mer Boat Loader" does not appear in dmesg or lsusb -v01:27
xreactxwhat are the more important optional kernel configs?01:30
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xreactxenable all the optional systemd next?01:43
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xreactxhairloss continues over SFOS04:20
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xreactxhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/25958604/ is this an issue? i have all dependencies sync'd...05:11
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banagarangShould i compile LineageOS with brunch in HABUILD?05:51
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r0kk3rzxreactx: presumably it builds ok08:35
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spiiroinreview/testing appreciated: fixes for high voltage charger hiccups08:57
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delHello. Prompt. Do you really need wlan.ko (module) for work WIFI?09:09
T4<adampigg> Gm09:09
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stephgdel: probably?09:10
delhow does it work, where you can read? wpa_supplicant etc ...09:12
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delif the kernel is without modules, is there a possibility that it will work wlan?09:14
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r0kk3rzyou can try with it built in, but imo its better to enable module support09:14
delbuilt in not work, I tried, but I can not understand in this whether the reason09:17
delmake -jXX hybris-hal  - it is enough that the modules come together with the kernel (wlan.ko). The kernel will accordingly adjust to support the modules.09:19
delor modules must be make separately?09:20
r0kk3rzso long as module support is enabled, and you set things to =m then make hybris-hal is all you need09:21
stephgdel use the  kernel config checker09:21
delok! Thanks!09:21
r0kk3rzstephg: i dont think it looks for module support09:21
stephgr0kk3rz: no?09:22
stephgshows what I know :P09:23
delkernel config checker - not check support modules09:23
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delwpa_supplicant need for work wlan (wi-fi)?09:24
r0kk3rzdel: usually once you get the device initialising properly connman takes care of the rest09:25
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bshahHello, do anyone know how to debug the droidmedia?10:07
bshahor well any documentation on it?10:08
r0kk3rzabranson: ^^10:11
bshahI am struggling with error like : camerabin gstcamerabin2.c:1780:gst_camera_bin_create_elements:<camerabin0> Failed to link camera source's vidsrc pad to video bin capsfilter10:13
bshahgoogling about it I find this : http://www.merproject.org/logs/%23sailfishos-porters/%23sailfishos-porters.2016-04-23.log.html#t2016-04-23T18:18:36 but not sure how to solve it for mk-cam-conf10:14
abransonbshah: what's it running on?10:30
bshahabranson: as-in? device?10:30
abransonit's a big chain of gstreamer bits with droidmedia behind. you should also check logcat for error, as droidmedia ones tend to be in there10:31
bshahabranson: this is Nexus 5X, and android 7 build. I am basically trying to get droidmedia working with plasma mobile, I've minimediaservice running and also gst-droid built successfully so far, but not sure what to do further10:34
bshahI can't find anything specific in logcat when mk-cam-conf runs.. anything I can grep for?10:34
del13.3 Camera chapter HADK10:35
bshahdel: well.. step 1 there is not working :P10:37
bshahI know RTFM.. I've spent enough time to ask here :p10:37
Mister_Magistersledges: creating target instructions in hadk are not working neither for me nor for Keij010:38
abransonbshah: i did a gst_debug=4 mk-cam-conf on an android 7 device for you: https://bpaste.net/show/2f01fc05234510:42
abransonhopefully you'll see a difference?10:42
bshahlet's see10:42
bshahabranson: this is something i don't see in your log : https://paste.kde.org/pdrhfotc5/u8kcsa/raw10:47
bshahalso there is this : https://paste.kde.org/pfew5bwi8/emlr7v/raw but i guess is ... expected?10:48
abransonyeah that's what you're generating. the first one looks weird though. where's that x264 coming from?10:53
abransonas a complete guess it looks like your camera's declaring caps that the rest of gstreamer can't handle10:53
bshahabranson: anyway to figure out what caps?10:56
abransonbshah: you might see it if you raise the GST_DEBUG to 5 or so, but it'll get big quick10:58
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bshahabranson: it was huge output but.. found finally offending part : https://ptpb.pw/fB7R11:13
bshahspecifically this two lines are interesting I guess11:15
bshah0:00:00.893752824  9063   0x307a00 DEBUG               GST_CAPS gstpad.c:2215:gst_pad_link_check_compatible_unlocked:<droidcamsrc0:vidsrc> src caps video/x-raw(memory:DroidVideoMetaData), format=(string){ YV12 }, width=(int)[ 1, 2147483647 ], height=(int)[ 1, 2147483647 ], framerate=(fraction)[ 0/1, 2147483647/1 ]11:15
bshah0:00:00.893816159  9063   0x307a00 DEBUG               GST_CAPS gstpad.c:2217:gst_pad_link_check_compatible_unlocked:<videobin-capsfilter:sink> sink caps video/x-h264, width=(int)[ 16, 2147483647 ], height=(int)[ 16, 2147483647 ]; video/x-raw, width=(int)[ 16, 2147483647 ], height=(int)[ 16, 2147483647 ], framerate=(fraction)[ 0/1, 2147483647/1 ], format=(string){ I420, YV12, Y42B, Y444, NV12 }11:15
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abransonbshah: hmm, really don't know how the h264 gets brought in11:16
abransonanything about that before that section? it's already decided to use it at the beginning there11:17
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bshahfirst hit about h264 is umm not releated I guess11:19
bshah0:00:00.112194230  9063   0x307a00 DEBUG           GST_REGISTRY gstregistrychunks.c:563:gst_registry_chunks_load_feature: Plugin 'typefindfunctions' feature 'video/x-h264' typename : 'GstTypeFindFactory'11:19
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bshahabranson: is h-264 coming from gst side or android side? maybe I've some extra plugin installed on gstreamer side?11:21
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abransonbshah: gst side - an extra plugin would be my guess. but it still shouldn't cause this, so i'd like to know what brought it in11:28
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bshahwould it be useful if i upload gst debug log somewhere? (it's about 5 MB I think)11:31
bshahah, ansifiltered log and now its 3.5MB : http://arm.bshah.in/gst_error.log11:35
bshahI think it's issue of PEBCAK... let me verify :P11:41
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bshahabranson: oops, yes, I somehow switched to your WIP branch (nocodec), so ofcourse it failed.. but well master is still failing but this time different error, trying to compare with your log11:45
bshahsorry for this confusion11:45
bshahthere we go11:46
bshah11-14 11:46:22.839    60  2102 I CameraService: CameraService::connect call (PID -1 "droidmedia", camera ID 0) for HAL version default and Camera API version 111:47
bshah11-14 11:46:22.840    60  2102 E CameraService: CameraService::connect X (PID 0) rejected (cannot connect from device user 0, currently allowed device users: )11:47
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abransonbshah: you should have 'DroidMedia: Allowing use of the camera for users root and bin' in your logcat somewhere11:49
abransonsee if there are errors around there11:50
abransonbshah: I think you must be already starting minimediaservice in your droid-init or you wouldn't get that far11:50
bshahabranson: minimediaservice is running but trying to look for what else went wrong11:52
bshah02-09 20:58:23.083    50    50 I ServiceManager: service 'media.camera' died11:52
abransonah that sounds very promising11:52
abransonthat's what it calls to authorize those pids11:53
bshahabranson: should I not havee android's own cameraservice running?11:53
bshah02-09 20:58:23.082    50    50 E ServiceManager: add_service('media.camera',11) uid=1047 - ALREADY REGISTERED, OVERRIDE <- because there is this also11:53
abransonbshah: not yourself - minimedia instantiates it11:53
bshahah okay.. hm11:54
bshahbut wonder why media.camera died :/11:54
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bshahlet me try a hack.. and see if I can get further12:04
bshahlol 11-14 12:10:38.687    51  2449 E CameraService: CameraService::connect (PID -1) rejected (too many other clients connecting).12:10
piggztime for lunch...hows progress abranson? what else you got cooking?12:21
abransonpiggz: still struggling with the native buffers12:21
piggzabranson: what do you have to do ?12:22
piggzcan you pass it around as an fd?12:22
abransonthere's a derived functionality in gst-droid and droidmedia I think, though there's more than one and i'm not sure which one to use12:23
bshahthat said.. I *think* I am stuck at some native buffer thing :P12:23
abransonstill got linking problems though12:23
bshahabranson: so now mk-cam-conf starts but it is stuck there forever doing nothing12:23
abransonbshah: that's a good start. you know it shouldn't be run as root?12:24
bshahah.. well I am running it as root12:24
bshahfallbacking to normal user12:24
bshahstill for reference here is thing in gst_debug log https://paste.kde.org/p9g5of1wl/tfzbyw/raw12:25
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bshahabranson: didn;t make any difference, last part of logs is same as above ^12:28
bshahspecially delay bufferpool parts I don't see in your log12:30
bshah0:00:02.774983623  5878   0x3d5ac0 DEBUG          basetransform gstbasetransform.c:994:gst_base_transform_do_bufferpool:<viewfinderbin-capsfilter> we're passthough, delay bufferpool <- this line12:31
bshahwondering if compositor should be running when I run this command? (in my case kwin_wayland) or not?12:33
abransonbshah: that looks pretty good so far12:37
abransonbut yes i'd say the compositor might be a good idea. though i think it uses a fake sink12:37
bshahabranson: well, so at moment compositor is running12:38
abransonthose buffers come from gfx memory i think12:38
bshahnot sure what it's waiting on though... logcat and dmesg have nothing related12:41
bshahmakes no difference without compositor as well12:43
lbtPSA: Sorry it took me so long but webhooks should be fixed now. Let me know of any issues please. < mal Mister_Magister r0kk3rz stephg sledges12:50
Mister_Magisterlbt: iirc i had to make tag for obs to pull it right?12:51
lbtsounds reasonable12:52
Mister_Magisterwell tag didnt do let me make dummy commit12:53
r0kk3rzthanks lbt12:54
Mister_Magisterlbt: nope not working at all for me12:57
Mister_Magisterwhen you open https://webhook.merproject.org/webhook/ there is some weird login12:58
lbtah - didn't know you looked at that - still working on that bit12:59
mallbt: still no sign of updated patterns after triggering rebuild12:59
Mister_Magisterthat too12:59
lbthmm #mer-boss has : Checking patterns in nemo:devel:hw:motorola:titan13:00
lbtbut maybe some projects are missing... lets see13:00
mallbt: but no Updating patterns13:00
Mister_Magisternah they are not everything was working13:00
Mister_Magisteryeap no patterns generated in kinzie13:02
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bshahabranson: good progress is now dump-resolutions prints proper resolutions instead of 0x0 UNK and bla bla13:10
bshahbut mk-cam-conf still messed up13:11
Mister_Magisterso false alarm patterns and webhooks still not wokring13:12
abransonbshah: sounds very good. what did you do to get that far?13:21
bshahabranson: nothing specific, it worked after I commented out code that returns from cameraservice if userid is not matching.. but well, mk-cam-conf still broken with teh buffer error13:22
abransonso the camera service still doesn't let you in?13:22
bshahit lets me in now...13:22
bshahbut it gets stuck I guess13:23
bshah17:55 <bshah> still for reference here is thing in gst_debug log https://paste.kde.org/p9g5of1wl/tfzbyw/raw <- this13:24
malMister_Magister: webhooks seem to work, at least mer-boss shows the triggers13:25
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Mister_Magistermal: i did push tag and nothing worked13:27
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malMister_Magister: what repo, what tag?13:33
Mister_Magistermal: i pushed dummy commit to dcd, didnt help so i created tag, didin't help too13:34
malwhy do you use that kind of tag and not the usual like "1.2.2"13:35
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malMister_Magister: have that kind of tags worked before?13:38
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Mister_Magistermal: the same13:41
Mister_Magistermal: sorry yeah they worked13:42
Mister_Magistermal: i use usual like v.1.2.213:42
Mister_Magistermal: https://github.com/MisterMagisterDev/droid-config-titan/releases13:42
Mister_Magisterthey were always working13:43
bshahabranson: I wonder if something from nemo-gstreamer-interfaces is not working? or I don't even reach that point?13:43
abransonbshah: well there's the camerabin module in gst-plugins-bad, then there's the camerabin plugin for qt multimedia.13:44
abransonit's quite a tall stack and I don't know all the pieces myself yet13:45
bshahhaha, okay13:46
malMister_Magister: does that vX.Y.Z correctly end up in the package name?13:46
Mister_Magistermal: what do you mean?13:47
Mister_Magisteryou can see i had v1.0.5 v1.0.4 in past and it worked13:48
malMister_Magister: like droid-config-titan-1.2+hybris.12.1.20171107192838.1.ga03853e-10.19.2.jolla.armv7hl.rpm would be something cleaner like droid-config-titan-1.2.2-10.19.2.jolla.armv7hl.rpm13:48
bshahso if I take : "<droidcamsrc0> Using native buffers mode" line as reference, everything is fine upto that, but then, working implementation goes : <droidcamsrc0> completed state change to PLAYING and mine goes : :push_sticky:<sink:proxypad0> event caps marked received and blabla13:50
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bshahah maybe.. because the GST_DEBUG in your log is 4.. and mine is 514:08
bshahabranson: can you give me GST_DEBUG=5 log? specifically after "Using native buffers mode" line?14:11
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Mister_Magistermal: is 2.1.3 available to build?14:14
mallbt: also could we get target to OBS? that was released to everyone yesterday14:18
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abransonbshah: https://bpaste.net/show/c6ea93aef3f214:20
bshahabranson: hmm, seems my code is going in totally different code path.. I never get : gstelement.c:2731:gst_element_change_state:<droidcamsrc0> element changed state SUCCESS14:34
bshahtotally out of ideas how to debug this based on log :/14:35
abransonbshah: did you disable the camera service, and let droidmedia start it?14:44
bshahthat I haven't tried..14:44
bshah(you mean cameraserver right?)14:45
bshahlet me try and see how this goes :)14:50
*** louis_ <louis_!~louisdk@> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:53
bshahabranson: nope, not luck :/14:55
bshahI think this is related14:57
bshah51  2682 E mm-camera-intf: mm_channel_fsm_fn_stopped: invalid state (1) for evt (6)14:57
bshah51  2682 I Camera3-Device: disconnect: E14:57
bshahfull-logcat when I try to run mk-cam-conf : https://paste.kde.org/pp9dpzblh15:02
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abransonbshah: looks to me like the android side of the camera isn't happy17:27
abransonbshah: did you try adding 'camera.fifo.disable=1' to the build.props?17:27
abransoncould be that SchedulingPolicyService hang in the hot-hadk17:28
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mallbt: it seems that even though #mer-boss reports the webhook activity the packages are not update on OBS, just checked some of the latest updates seen18:48
lbtty - yeah - I'm looking into it18:48
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mallbt: same with the pattern checks, it doesn't notice modified patterns and update those18:50
lbtthere's something wrong in some code ... not sure why though18:51
mallbt: also wondering what would be the best way to handle the mer:core now that the webhooks haven't updated those for a while so there are quite many changes missing, it would be nice to get a fully up to date mer:core (there are some missing dependencies there also which is a different issue)18:53
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piggzmal: lbt: somethng happened on mer-boss, is it fxed?20:58
malpiggz: nope, it doesn't work, it seems like it would work based on the mer-boss messages but it doesn't21:05
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guhlmal, for 14.1 based builds should i use java 7 or 8?21:13
malguhl: I used 1.8.0 which I think would be 821:14
*** sydney_untangle <sydney_untangle!~sydney@supertux/sydney> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:14
malguhl: I built it without HABUILD in Ubuntu 16.0421:17
guhlwell i'll try it in HABUILD21:22
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guhlinstalling the oracle jdk21:23
*** XenoPL <XenoPL!~Xeno@87-205-32-99.adsl.inetia.pl> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)21:23
guhlmy native system is running gentoo and that can be tricky to get the toolchain into a proper state21:24
piggzguhl: im using openjdk 1.821:25
guhlfor now i am just trying to build a proper lineageos 14.1 for the chiron21:25
guhljava -version says 1.8.0_151 now21:26
malguhl: chiron?21:28
guhlaka xiaomi mi mix 221:28
guhldon't have it yet but it should arrive on the weekend21:31
Mister_Magisterguhl: building image before device arrives? know that feeling :D21:34
guhlwell just building the android rom for now21:34
guhland i think the newest cm i ever built was 12 so let's see whats ahead21:36
maleven better to build when never even owning or having the device :)21:36
guhlor hack a bootloader without ever having the device21:37
guhlthe guy who did test my hacks on his device really had some trust in me21:38
*** vr1000rr <vr1000rr!6b4de405@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:39
vr1000rrDoes it make any difference if I forgot to put "\n" in the hadk.env export PORT_ARCH ?21:41
vr1000rrif I'm building an aarch64 device21:41
*** carepack <carepack!~carepack@p579D98FB.dip0.t-ipconnect.de> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)21:41
guhlvr1000rr, probably yes. edit the hadk.env using vi (or something similar) and fix it.21:42
malvr1000rr: what do you mean? pastebin the hadk.env21:42
vr1000rrAs in armv7hl\n21:42
guhlvr1000rr, well there should be a line break after export PORT_ARCH="armv7hl"21:43
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guhlwell that could take a while running then minutes and ninja says 2%21:45
guhlvr1000rr, edit that and remove the \n21:45
vr1000rrGuhl: look at my pastebin again21:46
*** carepack <carepack!~carepack@unaffiliated/carepack> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:46
maljust make sure there is an empty line at the end21:46
guhlvr1000rr, what would i see if i look again21:46
guhlexport PORT_ARCH="armv7hl\n"21:46
guhlshould be21:46
guhlexport PORT_ARCH="armv7hl"21:46
vr1000rrYou're telling me to remove something I didn't put21:47
malvr1000rr: how did you even get the idea to add the \n in that string?21:47
vr1000rrI'm asking if it should be there21:47
Mister_Magisteryou did :D21:47
guhlOK then it is fine21:47
piggzguhl: ninja builds fail for me, so i tunr ninja off21:47
vr1000rrLet me pull up the website...21:47
malvr1000rr: I still wonder how you even got the idea to ask if that should be there, that doesn't make any sense21:48
guhlpiggz, how do you do that (well up to now it's running fine)21:48
piggzguhl: i put it in the faq, but, export USE_NINJA=false21:49
guhlpiggz, ahh yes i see this now. did it fail for the hybris-hal build or for LOS14.1 itself21:50
piggzguhl: hybris ... not done a los build21:51
guhlk, as there is no "official" LOS14.1 for the chiron up to now i decided to build one21:52
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malvr1000rr: what are you doing21:53
guhlvr1000rr, whatever you are trying to tell us21:53
vr1000rrI pasted the link21:53
guhlwhy don't you just follow the HADK21:53
vr1000rrI am following the hadk step by step21:54
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vr1000rrI'm also researching other aarch64 devices21:54
malvr1000rr: if you would look at what that part actually does then it would be clear that it prints something and in that \n converts to a line break to format the printing21:54
guhlwell vr1000rr in 4.1 i do not see a \n in the creation of $HOME/.hadk.env21:55
vr1000rrGuhl: look at the pastebin, link is inside Pastebin.Ubuntu.com/2596336421:56
malonce again a new porter who overthinks things instead of just following instructions21:56
vr1000rrGuhl: I'm researching outside hadk for 64bit devices21:56
malvr1000rr: why?21:56
vr1000rrMal: I followed the guide. My device is not working21:57
vr1000rrI'm new to SFOS porting, but not new to android and halium porting21:57
malvr1000rr: if the image builds then I doubt the issue is in some enviroment setting21:58
*** Tofe_ <Tofe_!~Tofe@nor75-20-82-247-155-176.fbx.proxad.net> has joined #sailfishos-porters21:58
malvr1000rr: so what exactly is the issue?21:58
*** korak <korak!~quassel@208-180-152-154.com.sta.suddenlink.net> has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)21:58
vr1000rrCould be be hybris-14.1 branch issue21:58
malwhat is the issue?21:59
vr1000rrIssue is no telnet, no "mer boat loader" in dmesg or kmsg21:59
vr1000rrDevice bootloops21:59
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malvr1000rr: did you change your nick?22:01
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vr1000rrI have successfully made installable zips. Hybris-boot makes without issues22:01
vr1000rrOn a different device. Xreactx is my home PC alias22:01
vr1000rrI mentioned that a while ago22:01
vr1000rrSorry for the confusion22:01
malanyway like I said before kernel is probably the issue, I can't see any other reason why Mer init would not be running22:01
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guhlwell im out off here, another Wednesday, another early flight. night!22:01
maland therefore the issue is not in hybris-14.1 branches, those have been used successfully on some devices already (and I'm the one who made the branch)22:02
vr1000rrAnother reason I look outside the guide is to see what 64bit users are changing/adding to their defconfigs22:02
vr1000rrMer-kernel-check isn't made for my kernel version (4.4.58)22:03
malthere should not be any additional 64-bit specific changes needed afaik22:03
malyes, a very new kernel could be an issue22:03
malnot sure if anyone else has ported using 4.4 kernel yet22:03
vr1000rrI asked that earlier too. Is it possible to "downgrade" a nougat kernel?22:04
malI don't think it's a good idea, I think we just need to figure out what is wrong in the current configuration22:05
malkrnlyng_: do you know if 4.4 kernel could require some additional changes for sailfish?22:06
vr1000rrMarius Gripsgard from UBports made a somewhat working hybris-boot for his OP5... However its easier to bring a dead person back to life than getting in contact with him for support22:06
malvr1000rr: so where is his defconfig? is it public?22:07
*** mp107 <mp107!~mp107@PC-109-125-232-42.wegrow.domtel.com.pl> has quit IRC (Quit: mp107)22:07
vr1000rrGithub.com/halium (search for msm8998)22:07
vr1000rrI believe I gave you a link earlier, you asked why was there 2 configs (lineage and halium defconfigs)22:08
malplease is the future give full links, it's annoying to copy the links manually, like the pastebin links you gave22:08
vr1000rrI tried his device source but his dependencies don't point to the right kernel22:09
vr1000rrI was wondering if he didn't make appropriate commits22:09
vr1000rrI'm on a mobile device with shotty cell reception. My work PC blocks certain websites22:11
malvr1000rr: could you also give the defconfig with Mer modification you made?22:11
vr1000rrMy laptop is at my house. I'll have to get it to you later22:12
vr1000rrCan you give me your email address? I can reach out to you later by email22:12
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r0kk3rzvr1000rr: mariogrip is often around #halium, they were also talking just recently about 4.4 kernel stuff too22:14
malit's getting late, we can continue when you come back with the modified defconfig so I can compare that with the halium version22:14
malvr1000rr: you paste the defconfig via pastebin or something to here at anytime and ping me, my IRC client is always online22:16
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vr1000rrWell I can tell you I make all the mer kernel changes to the stock lineage defconfig, only change is memcg instead of cgroup_men_red_ctlr, cgroup_net_prio instead of cgroup_netprio, no LBDAF, no HCIUART's, no HOTPLUG22:20
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