Wednesday, 2017-11-22

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Mister_Magistermal: okay that screen size just made sfos browser gui riggt cobtent is still wrong. I'll make issue on bugtracer and in repo directly amd will look into commits00:42
Mister_Magistergotta cleam that mess that jolla made00:43
Mister_Magisteradditional work echh...00:44
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Middlemanheh, was looking at sailfish recently, but cant buy it yet : P02:59
Middlemannot available in north america02:59
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pseudodevMiddleman: xperia x not available in your cuntry?05:12
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UmeaboyIs it safe to build Sailfish using hybris 14.1 now?05:13
pseudodevUmeaboy: Not sure. But you have to do a lot of work i guess05:13
UmeaboyOK. Does 14.1 mean that it's used for cm-14.1 and derivates?05:14
Umeaboypseudodev: ^^05:14
pseudodev13.0 meant cm 13 and 12.1 meant cm 12.105:14
UmeaboyBecause I don't think that maple has 12.105:14
UmeaboyLatest official update to maple was 7.005:15
UmeaboyThat's why I asked.05:15
UmeaboyI got a local manifest to add to the xperiasailors github.05:16
UmeaboySo I need to know what I can use in it and not.05:16
UmeaboyI only see n-mr1 as branch in
UmeaboyAnd n stands for Nougat.05:17
xreactxi should have stood for nutella05:19
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UmeaboyI love nutella. :)05:25
UmeaboyBtw..... If sonyxperiadev is the official repo for Sony devices how come yoshino-common is missing when other repos have it?05:26
UmeaboyIsn't it needed?05:26
Middlemanhow do i get sailfish05:44
UmeaboyMiddleman: Which device?05:44
Middlemanthe default05:45
Middlemanif i go buy the experia x or whatever05:45
UmeaboyCheck the adaptations wiki for libhybris.05:45
Middlemanwhere is that05:45
Middlemanthank  you05:46
Middlemanwhat device are u installing it on05:48
UmeaboyMiddleman: Maple.05:49
Middlemanwhat the hell is maple05:49
UmeaboySony Xperia XZ Premium.05:49
Middlemandid you have to buy the os05:49
Middlemanor you can just flash it05:49
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Middlemanfrom the link05:50
UmeaboyYou build it yourself if it isn't already built.05:50
Middlemando you need the sdk to build it05:50
UmeaboyIf the page tells you to.05:51
UmeaboyHere's the device page for jfltexx for you to see how it works:05:51
UmeaboyAs an example.05:51
UmeaboyIt hasn't been updated in a long time.05:52
Middlemanhave you installed it05:52
UmeaboyI did on my Samsung Galaxy S4.05:52
Middlemandid you download the lastest version, nov 17?05:52
UmeaboyHow it works on other devices for other brands is something I haven't seen.05:52
UmeaboyNope. Why?05:53
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Middlemanhow do u download a copy05:53
Middlemani only saw the ability to buy from the vendor05:53
Middlemanbut im not in the supported region05:53
UmeaboySay whuuuuut?05:53
Middlemanya : P05:53
UmeaboyIn what region are you?05:54
Middlemannorth america05:54
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UmeaboyYou don't buy Sailfish. You buy a supported phone and install it. :)05:54
UmeaboyOnePlus 5T looks promising for it.05:55
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Middlemani thought u could buy a phone with sailfishos on it05:56
Middlemanand theres a licnese fee of 50 dollars05:57
UmeaboyYeah, there are some phones that has it preinstalled.05:58
Middlemanim gonna switch vpn countries05:58
Middlemanim checking out the shop05:58
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UmeaboyI'm trying to start a community based on Lineage OS to easen the build to Sailfish OS.06:01
UmeaboyI call it CurveOS.06:01
UmeaboyI've set everything up except Travis CI.06:02
UmeaboyAnd the server holding the build system.06:02
Middlemanoh ya06:02
Middlemannice work06:02
UmeaboyThe difference would be that we don't rely on gerrit or Jenkins to commit.06:02
UmeaboyWe just do commits thru Github like when you make your own tree.06:03
Middlemanso is the jolla shop dead06:03
Middlemanand its all open source06:03
UmeaboyNo. I don't think so.06:03
Middlemanare you able to open this link?
UmeaboyMiddleman: You wanna help add some devices to my hub?06:04
UmeaboyYes, I am.06:04
Middlemanwhat is involved06:04
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UmeaboyWell, finding updated repos for Sony devices to being with and add them thru commits.06:05
Umeaboysonyxperiadev have a couple of repos to clone and push.06:05
Middlemanjust to update the binary links06:05
Middlemanin github?06:05
Middlemanso you can pull down and install06:05
UmeaboyWell, not at the moment.06:06
UmeaboyNow I need to have more device repos added.06:06
UmeaboyBefore I can even start building.06:06
Middlemanwhy not just focus on one phone06:06
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UmeaboyMiddleman: I'm focusing on the most popular brands that most people purchase.06:07
UmeaboySony, Samsung, LG and some more.06:07
Middlemanapple did it right, one device , one os06:07
UmeaboyBut firstly Sony.06:07
Middlemani just want to get off android06:08
UmeaboyIOS is not really an OS.06:08
Middlemani dont trust this06:08
UmeaboyThey don't even have true multitasking.06:08
Middlemani know06:08
Middlemanwhy didnt they ever come out with linux os on a phone06:08
Middlemanand let me do voip calls06:08
UmeaboyI think they did.06:08
Middlemani mean desktop os06:08
UmeaboyCanonical made a Ubuntu phone.06:09
Middlemani was excited for that06:09
Middlemanthen they canceled it06:09
UmeaboyYeah, because the interest and participation was lower than expected.06:09
Middlemanim tired of google and apple spying on me06:09
Middleman: x06:09
Middlemanor im just paranoid  : ))06:09
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UmeaboyI'm tired of what they do with the information.06:10
UmeaboyNot the spying itself.06:10
Middlemanits a complete invasion06:10
Middlemani jumped on sailfish cause its the only alternative right now06:11
UmeaboyAndroid cannot be used unless you accept their License Agreement which in turn gives them right to spy on you and sell your information and pictures and movies without you getting a dime.06:11
Middlemanya, thats not right06:12
UmeaboyTry getting passed the setup guide without accepting the license agreement.06:12
UmeaboyIt can't be done.06:12
Middlemanis apple just as bad06:12
Middlemanso how does sailfish run on your galaxy 406:13
UmeaboyGoogle and Apple cooperates behind the curtain.06:13
Middlemani wouldnt doubt it06:14
UmeaboyNot good atm since I installed it on a refurbished variant purchased from China.06:14
UmeaboyIt exploded this summer.06:14
Middlemanoh fuck lol06:14
Middlemansorry to hear that06:14
UmeaboyIt was working pretty descent until July.06:15
Middlemanim planning on buying the supported xperia phone06:15
Middlemanyou know whats crazy06:16
Middlemanthe face scan stuff06:16
Middlemanthey are going to have a database of everybody06:16
Middlemaneveryones face06:16
Middlemanand it ties into the smart cities cameras06:16
Middlemanthen when you fuck around, you get a ticket06:17
UmeaboyBetter stop f***ing around then. ;)06:18
UmeaboyEasier said than done, ey? :)06:18
Middlemanwell the rules keep changing06:18
Middlemanand the language keeps changing06:18
Middlemanthe terms and meaning change06:19
Middlemananything can get you in trouble now06:19
Middlemanwhatever fits the "party"06:19
UmeaboyThat's why I'm a member of the Pirate party. :)06:20
UmeaboyI support everything except the drug politics.06:20
UmeaboyA'bass me lubbers.06:20
Middlemanya drugs are causing problems for the youth06:20
Middlemanits not like what is was before06:21
UmeaboyYeah, but mostly for the families of the kids.06:21
Middlemanpeople dont just smoke dope anymore06:21
UmeaboyI don't drink, smoke or use drugs. I use sugar as my only load.06:22
Middlemanya best way to do it06:22
Middlemanjust drink a pepsi or cola06:22
UmeaboyI even stopped drinking Coca Cola products.06:22
Middlemani have a beer every now and then06:22
Middlemanor champaign06:22
UmeaboyI drink freshly squeezed orange juice.06:22
Middlemani try to do smoothies06:23
Middlemanfruit or veg06:23
Middlemanthe scret is to freeze seeds, and blend them into a coffee blender06:23
UmeaboyI've been thinking of moving to live off the grid.06:23
Middlemanflax seeds, cia seeds06:23
Middlemanits tough, off the grid06:23
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Middlemani got kids06:24
Middlemanwell, my gf has kids06:24
UmeaboyI found a video of a man that built a house for 2000 USD.06:24
Middlemancant just pick up and go06:24
bshah[m]Umm no off-topic chat here please06:24
Middlemanwell why dont ya add something bshah06:24
Middleman: P06:24
Umeaboybshah[m]: OK. No problem. Don't hit me. :)06:24
UmeaboyMiddleman: Is it OK to PM you?06:25
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delaya73Hello. Prompt. For Qualcom MSM8996 for bluetooth necessarily need BT_HCISMD or BT_HCIUART is sufficient?07:17
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abransonpiggz: turned out i had i420 enabled for testing for your korn file. I actually get OMX_COMPONENT_GENERATE_HARDWARE_ERROR :s07:29
abransonbut no mention of the colour stuff you're seeing07:30
piggzabranson: well .. other stuff to worry about first ... i see what you mean about mising the first key frame07:32
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abransonah you get it too? that's good to know.07:33
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abransonneed someone who knows more about video streams to see what's going on there07:33
piggzmine too is some hardware error07:34
piggz0:00:00.684543402 32620 0xe7b03160 ERROR                    omx gstomx.c:672:EventHandler:<omxh264dec-omxh264dec0> avc got error: Hardware (0x80001009)07:34
piggzand in logcat07:35
piggz11-21 18:18:36.359 32620 32664 E OMX-VDEC-1080P: OMX_COMPONENT_GENERATE_HARDWARE_ERROR07:35
abransonit's not much help really. do you know if the file plays on android?07:35
abransonbecause it sounds like something in the stream is upsetting the hardware codec07:36
piggzwould my nexus 7 count?07:36
bshahabranson: btw, if you didn't follow it yet, i got qtmultimedia + gst-droid working with "export QT_GSTREAMER_CAMERABIN_SRC=droidcamsrc", now want to look into video codecs stuff.. :-) any handy guide for me?07:36
abransonpiggz: not sure, i think it should be the same soc maybe?07:37
abransonbshah: great! well done07:37
abransonno guide yet, it's still a work in progress07:37
piggzabranson: anyway, dont worry about the one file ... as i said i encoded it myself on the laptop07:37
piggzstill, maybe shouldnt crash gallery07:37
piggzjust fail nicely07:37
abransonpiggz: yeah. it'll go on the list, just lower down :D07:37
piggzabranson: anything planned for that code today?07:38
abransonpiggz: I don't think so. i'm on the camera now.07:39
piggzabranson: doing? still or video?07:39
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abransonnow we've got codecs to encode it with!08:05
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abransonbshah. you need the omx branch of droidmedia in my github fork, then the nocodec gst-droid. you need gst-omx from git.merproject, plus ffmpeg and gst-libav which you'll find there too (though you'll probably already have ffmpeg?)08:58
abransonyou'll need to create a config file for gst-omx based on the codecs available on your platform too. I put something about that in the readme of gst-omx08:59
Mister_Magistermal: created bug on bugtracker about this browser fuckup09:00
Mister_Magistermal: setting display size only fixed browser gui size. content is still wrong09:00
T4<trivial_inanity> abranson :  native OMX on halium-7.1? :D09:02
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abransonno good?09:03
Mister_Magisterhope they will fix it fast09:03
T4<adampigg> Abranson, exciting times09:17
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pseudodevdelaya73: I dont think you can use bluetooth rn09:49
pseudodevEven i have a msm8996 chipset09:49
pseudodevcant get bluetooth to work09:49
pseudodevstephg: mornin sailor!09:49
pseudodevalthought its almost evening here :)09:50
T4<adampigg> Pseudodev, bt works on msm895309:50
stephggood evening pseudodev09:50
pseudodevstephg: thanks :)09:50
pseudodevT4: It does?09:50
pseudodevit doesnt work on ROME Chips afaik09:51
CrKitit works Moto Z Play as well09:56
CrKitwhich is MSM895309:56
phdeswerpseudodev, if it works on android it should work on Linux too. Just need to make sure to have the right kernel driver and get the firmware loaded (might need something like hciattach or other firmware loading tool)09:59
Mister_MagisterROME got fixed?09:59
Mister_Magisternice gotta fix it on x force when it come back09:59
pseudodevMister_Magister: I dont think ROME was fixed10:00
pseudodevEven the official Xperia X doesnt have a functiioning bluetooth yet10:00
Mister_Magisterhahaha »sony« but somebody there was working on rome with me can't remember who10:01
phdeswerWhat is the issue exactly? As does not work is rather broad? Firmware? Rfkill?10:04
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delaya73bluetooth on mido working msm895310:10
pseudodevMister_Magister: I think ghosalmartin was10:13
Mister_Magisteri think that too10:14
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pseudodevHe actually was. I think he also gave me a fix10:14
pseudodevi didnt work though10:14
pseudodevor maybe  i did something wrong...10:14
Mister_Magistermaybe it will work for me10:14
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abransonis this a familiar error with an android 7 camera? mm-camera: <STATS_AIS ><ERROR> 1077: dsps_process_response_gyro: Query request denied, error code = 5, QId_valid = 1, QueryId = 0xc0a, AckNak_valid = 1, AckNak = 1710:56
penna_hmm... watching videos in jiggling mode is still not fixed according to bugtracker?10:58
bshahabranson: I just did quick grep for it in logcat/dmsg but can't find it ... anything specific to do for triggering it?10:58
piggzabranson: what should trigger it and ill check10:59
abransoni'm getting it just starting the camera. i've made some changes to droidmedia to get that far, but I seemed to remember seeing it here before. something about gyros anyway. will grep11:00
bshahI..... had a crash related to gyro, earlier but that was fixed after starting sensorservice11:01
Mister_Magisterspiiroin: ping11:01
abransonah yes that was it. my sensors are started though. thanks for the reminder!11:01
bshahabranson: I had some more errors in addition though, if you can give me logcat, I can be of help probably11:03
spiiroinMister_Magister: pong11:07
Mister_Magisterspiiroin: hi on moto x play sometimes proximity sensor is not working. Can you give me some tip how can i track it?11:07
spiiroinMister_Magister: if the sensor reports via evdev input device -> evdev_trace can be used11:08
Mister_Magisterbut its like sometimes its not working 30m later its working11:09
Mister_Magisteror just run evdev trace in background that dumps output to log file11:09
Mister_Magisterand wait for proximity?11:09
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spiiroinMister_Magister: I have a proximity debug hack for mce: led shows p-sensor state
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spiiroinif the device has rgb led then red=covered yellow=uncovering green=uncovered11:16
spiiroinmight be useful for visualizing problem when it happens11:18
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Mister_Magisterhmmm cant build it now11:20
Mister_Magisterneed to wait for when obs stops burning11:20
spiiroinadding "-l mce-sensorfw.c:sfw_*_ps*" to the Exec in mce.service -> proximity sensor stuff goes to journal11:21
Mister_Magisterwith that hack or without?11:21
spiirointhe logging works with both11:22
Mister_Magisterah thanks thats what i need probably11:22
*** sailfishmods <sailfishmods!> has joined #sailfishos-porters11:23
piggzabranson: no occurnce of dsps_process_response_gyro in my logcat11:36
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bshah:O I think I can play media :O12:26
bshahat least big buck bunny plays :O12:26
*** zhxt_ is now known as zhxt12:30
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piggzbshah: using omx?12:36
abransongood old buck bunny12:45
abransontears of steel is my favourite these days though12:46
Mister_Magisterbig buck bunny  is like lorem ipsum12:46
abransonimage quality isn't great though12:46
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Mister_Magisterspiiroin: how is led config going?13:23
Mister_Magisterspiiroin: would be nice to see led in x force and x play13:24
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piggzabranson: did you progress? i _nearly_ got my kitchen boarded out!16:21
abransonpiggz: yes a bit. looks like we need two buffer pools for android 7. one for the preview and one for the actual recording.16:30
abransonso i'll have to add that to droidmedia and gst-droid16:31
*** johnyz89 <johnyz89!> has quit IRC (Quit: WeeChat 1.9.1)16:31
abransonstarting to wish i'd resurrected the gst-droidcam thing too...16:31
bshah[m]What is "gst-droidcam thing"?16:39
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abransoncomplicated ;)16:50
bshah[m]You are talking like current thing is not complicated at all16:51
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piggzabranson: so, you still think we are on the right track?17:04
abransonwell this is adapting to android 7 changes now, so the omx stuff isn't relevant17:04
abransonunless we switch entirely to stagefright recorder, but that's not really very much use to anyone imho17:05
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piggzabranson: did you try obs building?17:20
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abransonpiggz: yes, that's working for me now18:08
abransonhaven't tried droidmedia yet though18:08
piggzabranson: you dont build droidmedia on obs anyway, its one of the things u have to build locally18:12
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piggzobs giving a error 408??18:31
*** phlixi <phlixi!> has quit IRC ()18:39
Mister_Magisteryeah obs is dead18:46
Mister_Magisterlike from today morning18:47
Mister_Magisterit's BURNING LIKE HELL18:47
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mallbt: OBS seems to be down18:53
Mister_Magistermal: i'm spamming that to him like 4 times already18:53
Mister_Magisterevery hour almost18:53
Mister_Magisterfirefighter lbt need to fight fire inside obs18:53
Mister_Magistercuz obs is on fire18:53
malMister_Magister: I didn't anything in logs18:54
Mister_Magisterin #sailfishos18:54
piggzah, that fixed it, item transform coordinates are not in parent coordinates19:15
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Mister_Magisterday 72364732467326473264872 obs still on fire lbt21:35
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