Monday, 2017-11-27

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xreactxmal: i think i figured out my platform-device issue... i think when i saved it, it saved as a dos file (i used fromdos platform-device) and now i'm able to see the directories while in adb shell01:59
xreactxwhile in debug mode, i am not able to see it01:59
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xreactxhair loss over SFOS failures continue...02:31
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xreactxmal: hmm, i think seeing them in recovery wasnt a milestone (frustration continues)02:37
xreactxcan a TWRP version cause any kind of install failures? (i.e. certain versions of twrp are required to boot some roms)02:44
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xreactxmal: you around?04:47
xreactxzhxt: you as well?04:47
rydarexreactx, how goes the OP5 port?  that's what you were doing right?04:57
xreactxrydare: thats what i'm trying to do04:57
xreactxi had a question about "sed"... are you familiar with unix commands and sed?04:57
rydareI'm no expert, but i'm pretty sure i've used sed in some examples04:58
rydarei probably can't help you04:58
xreactxthe issue i'm running into is my symlinks are working and it's stemming to my udev (platform device)04:58
xreactxthe issue is "1da4000.ufshc" is not showing in the /dev/block/platform/soc/ directory04:59
xreactxbut it shows up when i'm in adb shell/twrp recovery04:59
rydarecould it be a permissions issue?  that's one case where files don't appear for some users05:00
rydareor would you still be able to see the file there05:00
xreactxmal provided me this string for my device (it contains and extra "\([^/]*\)/" group and /\3)  "sed "s|/devices/\([^/]*\)/\([^/]*\)/\([^/]*\)/.*|\1/\2/\3|g"| cut -d'/' -f1`"05:01
xreactxi dont know if its a permission issue....05:02
rydareyeah sorry this is beyond me, wish i could help you buddy05:02
xreactxno worries05:02
rydarei hope to one day follow in your footsteps05:02
rydareget it working on the OP5T i ordered drunk the other night05:03
xreactxi'm trying to follow in mal, krnlyng, and wdehoog's footsteps05:03
xreactxi just installed the Openbeta Android Oreo on my OP5, its nice. but i would like to have SFOS running on it05:04
rydarethat would be wonderful, like i said i ordered a 5T so I hope to port as well, but the stuff you're doing seems way out of my league05:18
rydarelike i don't feel like i belong in the channel with such little knowledge05:18
xreactxi started porting with Halium, before that i watched alot of porting guides on youtube. read through the HADK a few times. I think the challenging part is the OP5 could be the first 64bit with a 4.4 kernel to run SFOS05:22
xreactxso it has alot of new stuff thats not tested05:23
xreactxit took me a week to figure out how to get telnet to work on the 4.4 kernel (usb_gadget was dropped from the 4.4 kernel, so i had to figure out how to build it back in)05:23
xreactxmal: do you think i need to add anything to my .spec files to get the sed path to work? Looking at some of the other ports, i noticed some droid-configs/rpm/ *.specs had inputs like "%define dcd_path ./" and "%define have_modem 1" in them (can you tell me what dcd_path is?)05:26
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zhxtxreactx: hi,05:37
zhxtxreactx: symlink works now?05:37
xreactxzhxt: i'm still get errors like "service vold not found"05:46
xreactxzhxt: 1da4000.ufshc doesnt appear in /dev/block/platform/soc/HERE/05:47
xreactxlooking at some other ports on github, (copied from earlier)  i noticed some droid-configs/rpm/ *.specs had inputs like "%define dcd_path ./" and "%define have_modem 1" in them (can you tell me what dcd_path is?)05:48
xreactxis dcd = droid-config-device05:48
xreactxi'll be back, i'll respond to messages with xreactx[m]05:50
zhxtno much idea about that, but you can grep "dcd_path" in subdir dcd to see if there is some hint05:51
zhxtxreactx: it's obsoleted(included in by default in newer version)05:54
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xreactx[m]ahh, ok.06:21
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xreactxzhxt: do you know what each part of the "sed" path  in the platform-devices means?06:59
xreactxzhxt: sed "s|/devices/\([^/]*\)/\([^/]*\)/\([^/]*\)/.*|\1/\2/\3|g"| cut -d'/' -f1`" what does the "1 2 3" mean? is it in reference to something like sde1 or sda1307:00
zhxtxreactx: do you have the 998 rules?07:00
xreactxits in the droid-configs/droid-configs-device/sparse... directory. i didnt modify that for use in droid-configs/sparse...07:02
xreactxi imagine i would have to edit it since i'm using a slightly longer sed path07:03
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zhxtxreactx: could you please show me your 998-droid-system.rules07:04
zhxtseems good07:06
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xreactxi didnt touch it07:07
xreactxmal advised i use a slightly longer path in platform-device... but there is no need to alter that, correct?07:07
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xreactxzhxt: dumb question, dont know if this is a whats causing any issue... should i build my hybris-boot with android_device_qcom_sepolicy sync'd?07:11
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xreactxprobably doesnt matter, i have "selinux=0" in my kernel cmdline07:15
xreactxzhxt: in the 998-droid-system.rules, should i add "soc" after "platform" as in SYMLINK+="block/platform/soc/$env{ANDROID_BLOCK_DEVICE}/by-name/$env{ID_PART_ENTRY_NAME}"07:19
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zhxtxreactx: I haven't add that for mi5, but I cann't remember if there is a /dev/b/p/soc path on the device.07:21
xreactxwhats the mi5 code name?07:22
xreactxi was going to see what the mounts looked like in the fixup-mountpoints doc07:26
xreactxanyways, i have to get going. have a good one, i'll play around with my device tomorrow07:27
zhxtxreactx: okay, see you :)07:28
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Herrie|Laptoppiggz: ping08:46
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T4<adampigg> Pong08:49
Mister_Magisteradampigg: ping08:52
T4<adampigg> Aye08:52
T4<adampigg> I'm here08:52
Mister_Magistergosh i wanted to play ping pong :(08:53
T4<adampigg> It's @adampigg btw08:53
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malxreactx: try sed "s|/devices/\([^/]*\)/\([^/]*\)/.*|\1/\2|g"`10:41
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T4<adampigg> Wonder if asteroidos could run on the amazfit12:38
r0kk3rzpiggz does it run android?12:41
r0kk3rzseems so:
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T4<adampigg> It's only £8813:28
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lbtpiggz: pong15:25
mallbt: it seems pattern updating is broken once again on OBS, there has been issues with OBS occasionally being down (408 error) in the last few days15:32
lbtok. I've seen the OBS issues and done some cleanup to try and prevent that recurring15:33
lbtI don't actually *know* why it was happening. the src server was getting locked up though15:33
lbtI suspect some remote OBS links got triggered which I've now cleaned up15:33
lbtI'm looking at the boss/pattern stuff now15:34
malok, thanks15:34
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T4<adampigg> Lbt, i was slso havinh auth issues usinc osc copypac16:24
lbtmal: patterns should now work again ... the AMQP system had gone on hold due to breaching the memory usage limit :/16:25
lbtT4: can you login to the OBS ?16:26
lbtit has been a bit flakey for a few days but should be good now16:26
lbtif so then check your ~/.oscrc file and ensure the credentials are correct16:27
lbtosc ls home:T4 (or whatever) should work16:27
mallbt: use the nick after T4, since that is a relay thingy16:31
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T4<adampigg> Lbt, my name/pass is correct....and i can copypac after mal already copied it..but it seems i couldnt create it if it didnt already exist...should be some logs from the weekend16:35
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lbtsorry I need more details on what you're trying to do and what went wrong16:42
T4<adampigg> How long r u around16:45
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lbtall night on and off :)16:52
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mallbt: he was trying to copy a new packages from nemo:devel:hw:xiaomi:mido to nemo:testing:hw:xiaomi:mido using osc copypac, for some reason it failed for him but I could do the same, piggz has permissions in both projects so it shouldn't be because of that at least17:03
mallbt: the error seemed to be some auth issue17:04
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mallbt: but after I had copied the packages there he could overwrite them so only new packages seemed to be the problem17:05
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piggzlbt: mal: back on my laptop now :)17:14
piggzHerrie: you didnt reply earlier :D17:14
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piggzlbt: perfect example
piggzffmpeg exists in nemo:testing:hw:xiaomi:mido, and i can copy it from devel ... camera-settings doesnt, and i cant17:26
merbotDebian bug 762825 in osc "Fails to commit a new package" [Normal,Fixed]17:28
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piggzbash-3.2$ osc --version17:29
lbtI think it's a urllib issue - not sure17:29
lbtI'm also looking at OBS17:29
piggzthere are no updates to my sfossdk17:30
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piggzmal: what is your osc version?17:31
xreactx_mal: why is the path in a sed format? Can I just input the actual path? I.e. devices/\dev/\block/\platform/\soc17:35
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lbtpiggz: did you try those osc commands just now?17:36
piggzlbt: yes17:36
malxreactx: because it's nicer not to hardcode values17:37
malxreactx: did you test the new version I gave you?17:37
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xreactx_mal: I saw it this morning, haven't tried it out yet17:41
xreactx_RESULT=`echo "$1" | sed "s|/devices/\([^/]*\)/\([^/]*\)/.*|\1/\2|g"| cut -d'/' -f1`17:45
xreactx_mal: that was the original one17:46
elrosxreactx_: just hardcode it for now and fix it when yor phone will stop rebooting17:47
lbtpiggz: I'm pretty sure it's not hitting the OBS17:47
lbtso I think osc is failing to get the data needed to do the create package17:47
lbtSo I see the api hits to get the camera-settings data but not to write17:48
elrosIirc you can use udevadm info /dev/mmcblk0 (or whatever device you have)17:48
piggzlbt: give me solutions :) ... mal, what version u using?17:48
lbtthat's consistent with some old python urllib2 issues17:48
Mister_Magisterlbt: obs and webhooks are all ok now?17:49
lbtMister_Magister: I hope so17:49
piggzlbt: i'll discuss webhooks with you later ... ive never got them to work ... but i have a parents-evening to get to!17:49
Mister_Magisterlbt: obs was dead a lot lately, why?17:49
xreactx_elros: what would be the proper way to hard code it? I was looking at the 998- rules, at the bottom could I just add "soc" to the first path17:50
lbtMister_Magister: Ultimately I don't know. The src server was blocked17:50
lbtpiggz: OK ... later maybe17:50
Mister_Magisterlbt: ah ij17:50
lbtI cleaned out a lot of old stuff which may have been triggering and trying and failing to get really old src17:51
elrosxreactx_: show first line of udevadm command I agve you17:51
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Mister_Magisterlbt: good work! :)17:51
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malxreactx_: RESULT=`echo "$1" | sed "s|/devices/\([^/]*\)/\([^/]*\)/.*|\1/\2|g"`17:57
malpiggz: I think was actually using osc directly from ubuntu, not inside sdk17:58
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delaya73_mal: droid-hal-oneplus3-detritus include jolla-hw-adaptation-oneplus3.yaml, rebuild18:01
maldelaya73_: any difference?18:01
delaya73_mal: no18:02
delaya73_mal: my logs (dmesg, logcat journalctl, sensorfwd, systemctl):
delaya73_mal: see pliz at leisure18:03
delaya73_mal: first thing I want to do sensorfwd may need a patch?18:07
xreactx_elros: I'm not sure im following what you're saying/asking. I'm away from my PC at work. Can you pastebin what you're saying18:08
maldelaya73_: I doubt it would need patching, the issue is in android side18:10
elrosxreactx_:I am saying that you can put expected result in platform-device file and test sed magic later using udevadm18:14
delaya73_mal: ok, I disabled it in init.rc - init_user0 and in init.qcom.rc perfd service. This is allowed?18:14
malI'm pretty that way the hack would remain there forever18:14
maldelaya73_: disabling what?18:15
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delaya73_#init_user0 and #start perfd18:15
delaya73_in files18:16
maldelaya73_: why?18:16
delaya73_perfd not started, if init_user0 active - vold not started18:17
malno idea what that could do to other operation18:18
delaya73_mal: as far as I understand perfd only working in 64bit (for my device) in 32bit mode not started18:20
delaya73_mal: or am I wrong?18:21
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maldon't know18:22
delaya73_mal: ok18:24
malanyway that is probably not needed, not sure what init_user0 is supposed to do18:25
delaya73_mal: I can activate it, but to do this I need to start vold18:29
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maldelaya73_: is there a problem to start vold?18:30
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delaya73_mal: no18:31
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Mister_Magistermal: how can i make repos like for 2011xperias?18:55
malMister_Magister: dhd and dhv are trivial, in config you need to do also some other modifications, some of which are not so simple depending on how different the devices are18:57
Mister_Magistermal: i want to make same repos for moto g2 and g2 lte18:58
Mister_Magisterthey are the same just other device repo18:58
Mister_Magisterso i just need to change codename18:59
malyou can start with the other repos and do config repo the last, in that the easy parts are spec and patterns19:00
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malonce you have done those you can ask again19:00
Mister_Magistermal: can you explain? i didnt understand you19:02
malwhat didn't you understand, the other repos are just copying the spec and renaming needed things in those, same for config repo, then you have a look how I have done patterns in config repo and do something similar19:04
malMister_Magister: what are the codenames of those?19:04
Mister_Magistertitan and thea19:07
maldo those have the same partition layout?19:08
Mister_Magistermal: dunno really19:09
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piggzmal: lbt: ok, my osc problem is fixed, opensuse has it packaged, version 0.161.1, much higher than in the sfossdk19:45
piggzso, the issue really is the sdk packages are too old19:45
lbtare you running latest sdk? if so then please report that back to them19:46
piggzlbt: lets see. ... it was ...updating now19:50
piggzthere are no newer osc or urllib packages19:51
piggzjusa: any firther BT thoughts?  How can i get more useful logs?19:54
piggzlbt: yeah, same prob with up to date sdk19:55
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*** DarkTuring <DarkTuring!ad2c3d8e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters19:56
DarkTuringJust curious has someone tried to install Sailfish X to Sony Xperia XZ phone?19:57
Mister_MagisterDarkTuring: you need to port it firsyt19:58
DarkTuringok, before i buy the device i wanted to see if someone has tried that porting process.19:58
Mister_MagisterDarkTuring: google or this
r0kk3rzDarkTuring: no hybris tree yet, you'd need to do that first20:00
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DarkTuringconfirmed as well Xperia Z, yes, Xperia X yes for official Sailfish X but no Xperia XZ20:04
DarkTuringOk without too much coding experience is it possible for one person to port, whats the estimated time required start to finish based on past projects (say Fairphone)20:05
Mister_Magisteryou only need to know basic linux knowledge and how to not make mal mad20:06
Mister_Magisterand you are good to go20:06
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r0kk3rzand be prepared to learn lots and spend lots of time20:08
piggzand read the logs and faq for answers before asking20:11
xreactxmal: the sed path you gave me now shows the 1da4000.ufshc in the soc/ directory20:12
DarkTuringok nice!20:15
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xreactxhowever, i'm still getting "service vold not found"20:19
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xreactx latest log20:22
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malxreactx: what does getprop return?20:29
xreactxmal: i had to take off to go back to work. i'll get that info to you later... can you send me a list of things i need to check as well?20:33
malxreactx: I think now the relevant error is droid-hal-init: could not import file '/init.unknown.rc' from '/init.rc': No such file or directory which means something is wrong with properties, are you sure you have droid-hal-$DEVICE-detritus package installed?20:38
piggzlbt: you should have a bug notificaiton :D20:38
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xreactx[m]mal: hmm, I'm not sure. I'll have to check20:48
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malxreactx[m]: do you have the adaptation repos in github?20:54
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piggzmal: to make an image with mic from testing: , is it just a case of manually editing the ks file with the correct path?  the rpm from testing still contains the devel: url21:06
piggzmal: ignore me, i was looking in the wrong file ... it looks fine21:20
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xreactx[m]mal: I'm pretty sure its in my jolla-hw-adaptation-cheeseburger.yaml file21:22
wdehooggoodevening. did anybody managed to build that boots and has UI ?21:23
wdehoogme not21:23
xreactx[m]I have the three repos from the hadk, plus my forked kernel source, and droidmedia21:24
r0kk3rzboots? with ui? what a radical idea, im not so sure about that21:24
wdehoogbut if I install all libhybris packages manually (copy from local repo) it works.21:24
wdehoogbut[2] I can only install them when I have binutils installed21:24
wdehoogso what can I have done wrong that these packages are not installed in the image?21:25
r0kk3rzwdehoog: you've updated your sdk and targets right?21:25
wdehoogI think so.21:25
wdehoogbut I'll check21:25
xreactx[m]wdehoog: hello21:25
wdehoogxreactx[m]: hi!21:26
wdehoogxreactx[m]: don't mix work and hobby!21:26
xreactx[m]wdehoog: I think my hair loss is slowing down21:26
xreactx[m]wdehoog: I'm addicted to SFOS... (and Plasma Mobile), its hard not to mix21:27
wdehoogxreactx[m]: well you have to keep at least one of them fun. spread the risk .21:28
wdehoogr0kk3rz: you meant 'sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R ssu release'? that I did21:29
wdehoogr0kk3rz: but what about the SDK?21:30
r0kk3rzand version --dup?21:30
r0kk3rzsdk you do the same thing, but without the sb2 stuff21:31
wdehoogr0kk3rz: zypper dup will downgrade 'parted sdk-chroot sdk-sb2-config sdk-utils syslinux'21:31
r0kk3rzyou set the version right?21:32
wdehoogr0kk3rz: you mean I have to enter 'version --dup'? never ever done that.21:32
piggzlbt: can you patternise
wdehoogr0kk3rz: thanks a lot.21:35
lbtpiggz: done21:40
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wdehoogr0kk3rz: zypper dup gives 'Fatal: Rule file interface version check failed: got 104, expected 105sb2: Error: startup of sb2d failed.'21:52
wdehooglogs show this has happened before21:52
piggzlbt: much appreciated21:56
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piggzlbt: i cant see an _pattern file in
piggzthere it is22:17
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malpiggz: it usually takes a few minutes after last build is finished22:27
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