Wednesday, 2017-11-29

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xreactx[m]mal:  repos sync'd, minor hiccup with one of them (droid-configs, but all modifications are present)05:57
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T4<adampigg> Sledges, do you have the patch to disable shutter sounds if the property doesnt work?08:32
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Mister_Magisterguhl: your downloads are broken09:13
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entilwouldn't happen to have anything new on an fp2 update? :)09:22
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Mister_Magisterspiiroin: gotta test that today :)09:38
spiiroinMister_Magister: logic wise it should be the same as the one you already tested...09:39
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Mister_Magisterspiiroin: ah okay then but never enaugh testing :P09:40
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Mister_Magisterspiiroin: it will be merged into master?09:41
Mister_Magister*well its merge request*09:41
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spiiroinMister_Magister: unless somebody objects and it works... yeah09:45
spiiroinin case anybody wonders, the context is:
Mister_Magisterspiiroin: so it will be in 2.1.4?09:46
spiiroinMister_Magister: depends, but possibly09:50
Mister_Magisterwondering if they will fix browser untill 2.1.409:50
guhlMister_Magister, well the certificate of the server is issued by StartCom and Google does not like them anymore.10:09
guhlI'll have the certificate replaced, in the meantime you could use firefox to download.10:09
Mister_Magisterguhl: which is what i did10:11
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Mister_Magisterwhy not uplaod sfos to
guhlmy stuff, my server. some of my principles: i do not use what i can't compile, i do not provide what do not host, i do not store on systems that are not under my control :-)10:15
guhlwell i know: firmware blobs, ...10:16
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guhlMister_Magister, you should be buried in you books btw.10:17
Mister_Magisteri'm @ work10:17
Mister_Magisterguhl: but thanks will do at home :)10:17
guhldon't get me wrong i really like your motivation but finishing your studies should also be high on your priority list.10:18
Mister_Magisterguhl: yeah i know thats why i tried to put sfos down during this week to focus on studies10:19
* Mister_Magister just lost 2 days of that week10:19
* Mister_Magister kill me10:20
guhlwell maybe you should take some time off at work to catch up10:21
guhlwell i'll kill you when you tell me that you failed the exam.10:22
Mister_Magisterokay :P you can always fix them :P10:23
Mister_Magisterthey shouldnt be that hard10:23
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Mister_MagisterJust realised that i'll be handling 8 ports11:02
Mister_Magisterand if campaigns go well then 10 ports11:02
Mister_Magisterneed script for making automatic update for all devices :P11:02
guhlsledges, if you got time can you create a nemo:devel:hw:xiaomi:chiron for me? Not urgent i'm still in an early phase.11:16
guhlyes chiron -> mi mix 211:18
Mister_Magisterah okay11:18
Mister_Magistersledges: if you are lazy enaugh you can make devel for motorola:ghost. port doesnt exists but it will :P11:18
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Keij0sledges: also sony:sirius14:03
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xreactx[m]mal: you around?17:13
malstill at work17:17
xreactx[m]mal: good to go. I sync'd my repo for your viewing pleasure (critique)17:19
malxreactx[m]: a little suggestion for future, push changes in smaller parts and use commit messages that actually tell what has been changed17:22
xreactx[m]mal: im new to github, so I tend to forget to do that. I plan on doing that from now on17:24
malxreactx[m]: wondering if that audit=0 affect anyway, I have only set selinux=0 in kernel commandline17:24
xreactx[m]It doesn't, I experimented with it and without it17:26
xreactx[m]I had that set on my OPO halium, which requires that on if kernel requires audit17:27
xreactx[m]I've tried: "audit=0 selinux=" "selinux=0" and "androidboot.selinux=0"17:28
xreactx[m]Whoops, not the last one17:28
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Mister_Magistersledges: sorry add victara instead of ghost :P18:14
Mister_Magisteri just bought moto x2 instead of x118:14
piggzmal: abranson: struggline with this shuter sound problem ... the usual tricks arnt working .... suggestions?  there is some shutter references here and
piggzbut i have already tried []: [0]18:26
piggzis it to do with disabling the shutter sound being illegal some places?18:33
kimmolidid you try (or is it even relevant here) to start audio policy server?18:34
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piggzkimmoli: i didnt ... and that is the error18:40
piggzkimmoli: i thought it shouldnt be started18:41
kimmolifor me, commenting out the shutter sounds didnt work, so had to start it, or fake it is running18:42
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piggzkido: how did you fake it?18:43
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piggzkimmoli: no rule to make static libxml219:14
piggzdo you know where its provided?19:14
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piggzits not in lineageos github19:17
piggzbut is here
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Keij0Is hammerhead still maintained? (asking for a friend of mine)19:38
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malxreactx[m]: pastebin first entry of git log in system/core and also output of git diff in that folder19:59
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guhlmal, are you available to discuss some init questions?20:24
malguhl: for a while, what question?20:25
guhli did a basic build and am trying to boot it20:25
guhlbut on the first tries it does not show up on usb at all20:26
guhlso i would like to get some debug output on a persistent location20:26
guhlis there a proper/prefered way to do that?20:26
malguhl: copy the init.log in somewhere in init-script to data partition is the easiest20:27
guhlok, so i basically copy it to somewhere on TARGET20:28
guhlunpacking the boot image, change the init-script, repack it and boot it using "fastboot boot" should be fine20:29
malguhl: also you can see already the log of second init in sailfish root if the device booted that far20:29
malguhl: check the sailfish root init.log already if that exists20:30
guhlit does not, if it should be /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/init.log20:32
malok, then it probably stops at first init, rename the file while copying so it's not later overwritten by the second init20:36
guhlcan you point me to a good place to add the copy in the init-script?20:37
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malguhl: line 322, and maybe 34120:40
guhlbut i don't want to bother you to much, as i am in very early state20:40
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Mister_Magisterguhl: nice sfos is working nice on thea21:55
guhlMister_Magister, fine. running my build?21:58
Mister_Magisterguhl: yeah22:00
guhlgood, and now go back to your studies :-p22:02
Mister_Magisterhad to help my dad22:04
Mister_Magisterlost another day22:04
Mister_Magisterkill me22:04
* guhl fish slaps Mister_Magister 22:06
guhljust kiddin you know yourself what you have to do22:07
* Mister_Magister plays blues and tries to use that 1 hour with red cheek22:07
Mister_Magisterguhl: i wish my parents were like this22:07
Mister_Magisterguhl: be my father :P22:10
guhlyou gonna have two teen sisters then (in their best puberty phase) not sure if you want that22:13
guhlmal, while i am 100% sure that my kernel is using configfs for usb i do have a /sys/class/android_usb/android0 (when booted to recovery or LOS)22:15
guhlso i am not sure it the "if [ -e "$ANDROID_USB" ];" test is a good one22:16
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Mister_Magisterguhl: LOL22:17
guhli'll change that to "if [ -e "$ANDROID_USB/enable" ];"22:17
malguhl: hmm22:17
Mister_Magisterguhl: how old are you?22:19
guhlMister_Magister, 50+22:21
Mister_Magisterguhl: you serious?22:22
guhltotally and i did not even take a class like "internet for 50+"22:22
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Mister_Magisterwhat… the fuck…22:23
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malguhl: interesting, did the new condition help?22:35
guhlthis fails big time, usb does not show at all22:36
guhland i can not even touch a file in /target22:36
guhlbut it is late today22:37
guhlthe kernel itself should be ok (besides the additional configs for mer) as i am using the same sources and config for LOS14.122:42
guhlwell i could not add the following configs that the config checkers wants to have no optional22:48
malguhl: so it doesn't mount data partition? since you can't write to it?22:48
guhlseems so22:48
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guhlhmm that CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC might be an issue right as it will not be able to check_kernel_config()22:57
malguhl: hotplug is not needed in new kernel (it's included by default)22:58
guhlmal, yes i thought so, don't have this an my hosts 4.9 kernel either22:59
guhlbut as far as i see it check_kernel_config() will just write something to /diagnosis.log that should not make the mount fail23:00
malguhl: but existence of diagnosis.log stops the boot23:02
guhlahh you are doing the if [ -e "$ANDROID_USB" ]; 4 times have to change them all23:02
guhlmal, stops it before the mount?23:03
guhlahh and i did not set CONFIG_IKCONFIG that's why i could not set CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC23:04
guhlone last build/boot23:10
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guhlaha we have a /data/.stowaways/sailfishos/guhl_was_here23:16
guhland init.log and init.log.guhl23:17
guhli would call that an improvement23:17
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guhlbut both init.log files are empty ?23:19
malhmm, strange, there should be something23:25
guhlmal, i agree with that but the files are both 0 byte23:30
guhlwell tomorrow is another day23:30
guhlmal, thanks - gn!23:33
guhland there is one more funny thing, now i removed the files in adb and booted the hybris-boot.img again and this time the files are not there. funny23:38
guhla serial console would help23:42
guhlanyway good night!23:42
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