Sunday, 2017-12-03

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T4<samzn> @M1kaela_freenode_relaybot [*Mister_Magister: is going to make it more gre …], :DD03:28
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xreactx[m]Frustration continues with the OP5 port06:37
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xreactx[m]I asked earlier, don't know if anyone else has an answer to this... But does anyone know of any successful ports to devices running a 4.4 kernel?07:01
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guhlxreactx[m], no i don't but at least i am also working on a 4.4 kernel based port08:26
guhlbut i am 2 weeks behind you08:26
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xreactx[m]guhl: what device?08:42
guhlxreactx[m], xiaomi mi mix2 (aka chiron)08:46
xreactx[m]What's your GitHub address?08:47
guhl but there is nothing important to see for the chiron atm08:48
xreactx[m]Ok, I'm at I have some repos, but definitely a WIP08:49
guhlatm i do not even know if my kernel is working in LOS08:50
guhli was mislead by having a successful LOS build but i did not notice that it is using a prebuilt kernel08:51
xreactx[m]I see you have mokee kernel source08:54
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xreactx[m]guhl: why?09:22
guhlwhy what09:23
guhlwhy i am using mokke kernel source?09:23
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guhlbecause i do not have any others09:41
xreactx[m]guhl: shouldn't you use lineage kernel source since you'll flash SFOS over LineageOS 14.1?09:41
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guhlthere are no released kernel sources for the mi mix 2 and there is no official LOS for it09:41
guhlthere are only 3 or 4 different custom roms out there and as far as i can see all are using a prebuilt miui kernel09:43
xreactx[m]guhl: I see. This unofficial LineageOS uses mokee kernel too...
guhlwell this unofficial LOS14 (if you are referring to Cenkay - LineageOS 14.1 [UNOFFICIAL] on xda is only linking the mokee sources as sources it's not using the resulting kernel09:54
guhlthat's the fact that i missed when i build my own LOS using that sources. i was stupid enough not to check the resulting kernel version in my build09:59
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guhland thinking that i have a working client kept me busy for the last 4 days drying to figure why i can not get it working for mer at all10:00
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piggz_testing kernel 3.18.85 on mido10:38
r0kk3rzpiggz_: good luck!10:43
malxreactx[m]: maybe we need to strace droid-hal-init on your device, so first run this in sailfish "ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/system/droid-hal-init.service" and then reboot and finally run these manually via telnet (not the script but the commands in it) and use "strace /sbin/droid-hal-init"11:00
malxreactx[m]: you might need to install strace on your image first, you can do that in .ks file before image build (no need to build package just the image), you add strace in .ks after line %packages11:02
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piggz_r0kk3rz: seems to work fine12:09
piggz_woah, just received a PR for my kernel12:10
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piggzHerrie: i'll push you a new kernel to try shortly15:25
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piggzHerrie: what are you using lirc for?15:26
piggzfor using the iR port, i used the android api ...
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Herriepiggz: I'm not really using it but my build for Halium bits fails without this15:29
HerrieCould be I need to disable soem more bits15:29
HerrieAnd I'm building osmething that's not really needed, not sure15:29
HerrieBut this fixes it15:29
HerrieOnce you have eb8 pushed I'll try to build that too15:30
HerrieStill trying to get my bootloader unlocked (got mido on Friday) but little luck so far15:30
HerrieGot unlock requested yesterday and approved early this morning but still fails at 99% with unlock tool I guess I might need some more patience15:35
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xreactx[m]mal: I'll try your steps later today15:54
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fadavihey there. is porting SFOS to Zenfone 2 so hard? im newbie.16:52
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pseudodevfadavi: You won't know until you find it out18:00
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pseudodevstart porting. We are here :)18:00
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pseudodevkimmoli: Sup?18:02
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pseudodevkimmoli: So basically, beer.18:07
kimmolioispa kaljaa.18:08
kimmoliwell no, no beer. watching a movie.18:08
pseudodevI used to drink it. Left it since i joined gym.18:09
pseudodevkimmoli: Then why the budweiser AD?18:09
achieverhelp a noob out? how do I switch between PlatformSDK and HABUILD_SDK?18:10
pseudodevIts there in the hadk18:10
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pseudodevachiever: to go from user to PlatformSDK, use "sfossdk". to go from PlatformSDK to HABUILD_SDK, use "ubu-chroot -r $PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT/sdks/ubuntu" use exit to go out from HABUILD_SDK to PlatformSDK and the exit again to user.18:12
achieverThank you. So basic, couldn't find it in the documentation18:14
pseudodevachiever: No worries. Happy porting :)18:14
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fadavipseudodev: :D thanks for hopeful answer!19:02
pseudodevfadavi: Anytime :)19:02
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piggzabranson: ping20:01
abransonpiggz: hi!20:01
piggzabranson: something is wrong :/20:01
piggzand im not sure how...20:01
piggz12-03 20:00:05.840 25175 25566 E OMX-VDEC-1080P: Extension: not implemented20:01
piggzabranson: ok ... i think its a kernel problem20:06
piggzthats the only thing ive updated20:06
piggznot sure why its broken it though ... shame20:07
piggzdmesg is spewing loads of messages20:07
abransonpiggz: I get that error too. i don't think it's important20:09
abransonit's a hw feature I think20:09
piggzabranson: well, video playback isnt working20:09
abransonsince when?20:09
piggzsince i updated kernel i think ... but recording is working20:10
abransonis it definitely using omx?20:10
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abransonmake sure it didn't get blacklisted somehow20:16
piggzabranson: this is logcat playing a video
piggzit looks to be using omx20:17
abransonthat "HW Unsupported received" is the bad bit there20:18
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guhlso now i do have a LOS14.1 that is running my selfbuild kernel20:28
guhlthat is a step forward, now get this beast booting SFOS20:28
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piggzabranson: flashing back to my older kernel ... maybe the new kernel is Oreo/8 only.....20:49
abransonyeah that's worth a try. there are still quite a few bugs in the gst-omx, but i've not seen that one before.20:52
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piggzabranson: yes, old kernel fixed it21:10
piggzbit of a shame, i was liking that new kernel21:10
piggzmaybe it is oreo only21:11
piggzHerrie: back to eb6 kernel for now!21:11
piggzabranson: in the mean time ... any improvements of note?21:14
piggzi was wondering ... what about fancy camera features, like HDR? (where it is done in HW, now SW) ? ... also.... is it possible to set the focus mode in jolla-camera ... it seems to use continous af ... which sucks when recording video21:15
guhli do have a question regarding the android boot process on newer phones.21:17
guhlis there a difference nowadays between installing boot.img to boot partition and then booting it versus booting the boot.img using fastboot boot?21:18
Mister_Magisterguhl: there is bug with camera in your g2 lte port21:19
guhlthe one that i describe in the post?21:19
guhlor did you find another one21:20
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Mister_Magisterguhl: dunno didnt pay attention to your post21:23
Mister_Magisteri know that it works on g2 but not on your lte21:23
Mister_Magisteri need to really merge ports21:23
Mister_Magistermal:  ping21:23
Mister_Magistermal: can you give me some instructions how can i make combined repos like xperia2011?21:23
guhlMister_Magister, hows your exam prep going?21:25
Mister_Magisterguhl: i just wrote today 2 last one21:25
guhlSundays? how good that i finished university in the 90s21:26
Mister_Magisterguhl: lol21:26
Mister_Magisteryeah i have college on saturday/sunday21:26
Mister_Magisterdunno how its called but yeah21:26
piggzguhl: i think booting either way should be fine21:27
Mister_Magisterguhl: the main thing is that i can work on ports again :P21:28
Mister_Magister2/3 i'm sure i passed them21:28
Mister_Magister1 i'm not sure21:28
guhlin my times we used to have a students party that won a relevant part in the students representation with only one campaign pledge:21:28
guhl- no lectures and no exams before 11am21:29
abransonpiggz: no, i'm still trying to get to the bottom of these nasty bugs, like the crashes, the flush hang, and the black starting frame.21:29
guhland now they are doing exams on the weekend - times ....21:29
abransonHDR and ZSL are in the gst-droid stack, but I'm not sure what their status is in the camera app itself21:30
abransondon't have much to do with that21:30
Mister_Magisterguhl: i mean i have college ONLY on weekends21:30
Mister_Magisterand in the other days i'm @ work21:30
Mister_Magisteryou get me?21:30
guhlpiggz, thanks just had some arbitrary reaction from my device when booting the boot.img using fastboot (the same that is installed)21:31
abransonpiggz: one thing that looks pretty easy to add to the recorder is different frame rates to do slow motion and time lapse videos21:31
guhlonce the phone shut down, once it just hang21:31
Mister_Magisterstarwars in television <321:31
guhlMister_Magister, got you21:31
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piggzabranson: i thought there was some way to set the focus mode ... im sure ive seen it in the app before21:37
piggzyeah, i knew id seen it before
piggzkimmoli: you;re good with the camera app ... why do i not have a focus mode setting?21:40
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malMister_Magister: I told you that it's easy only if the devices have same partition layout22:04
Mister_Magistermal: and if they dont?22:04
Mister_Magisterbecause they dont22:04
Mister_Magistermal: so i shouldnt do that?22:04
malthen it needs some thinking, I didn't yet figure out the exact details, it will need many custom files and the some scripting in spec or somewhere else to rename some of those22:05
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Mister_Magistermal: so ill just use two repos then22:06
Mister_Magistersince i have g2 lte now too i can test it22:06
Mister_Magistermal: thanks22:07
malit's a thing to figure out at some point22:07
malmight need some modifications to dhc submodule also22:07
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Mister_Magistermal: yeah oi'll stick with separate ones22:28
Mister_Magisteri'll just "synchronize" them22:28
Mister_Magisterpketo: ping can you enable store for victara? Device model: Moto X 2014 (victara / victara)22:30
piggzcan we get unique device stats from store (as a one off) ?22:31
pketoMister_Magister: added22:33
pketoI guess we could publish the community device stats, I'll ask about that tomorrow22:36
Mister_Magisterpketo: thanks22:41
piggzpketo: thx22:41
Mister_Magisterpketo: yeah like 5 from me :D22:41
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T4<adampigg> Mal, why is sailorgam in hw:common?22:52
vevgenievHello, I am trying to rebase a port on lineageos 13, but it bootloops22:55
vevgenievI am looking at last_kmsg, but I suspect that it comes from recovery (TWRP)22:56
T4<adampigg> Selinux? Ofono?22:56
mal@adampigg those apps there are because back in the day when store wasn't available those could be easily installed22:56
vevgenievis it possible to tell if last_kmsg is coming from recovery?22:57
T4<adampigg> Mal, but theyre out of date....i had to pin my version of sailorgram to stop it being overidden, because the coderus version uses a different version scheme22:58
T4<adampigg> So zypper thinks the older version is newer22:58
malis the correct version in warehouse?22:59
T4<adampigg> No, i think obs only23:02
malmaybe I could replace the common version with that23:03
vevgenievHere is the last_kmsg file
T4<adampigg> Sure...if its needed....23:03
malvevgeniev: which device are you porting?23:04
vevgenievMotorola Photon Q23:04
vevgenievmal: I have a (semi) working port, based on CM1123:05
vevgenievI would like to base it on 1323:05
malvevgeniev: how soon does it reboot?23:05
vevgenievmal: after ~15 seconds, but telnet doesn't work23:08
vevgenievsometimes longer23:12
malit's a bit too late to debug today, some other time, check the selinux stuff first and then kernel defconfig23:15
vevgenievI see, thanks23:16
vevgenievThere's: Warning: unable to open an initial console.23:16
vevgenievMaybe that's the problem?23:16
malthat last_kmsg looked like recovery or something23:19
vevgenievit looks like recovery to me too23:20
*** onurati <onurati!~onurati@> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)23:21
*** elros <elros!> has joined #sailfishos-porters23:24
elrosvevgeniev: I have partially working hybris-13 with photonq23:26
vevgenievelros: Nice, can we compare settings?23:26
elrosvevgeniev: I have no all repos on github yet. I will put them tomorrow if you want but you can check kernel now23:28 hybris-13 branch in kernel23:28
elrosIt requires few modifications otherwise it will crash immediately23:28
elrosAnyway I think I will stay with hybris-11 because 13 doesn't fix any issues23:33
*** krnlyng <krnlyng!> has quit IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)23:33
vevgenievelros: my mane issue with 11 is that it's loosing connection with the sensors23:35
elrosHave you tried my build?23:35
vevgenievI didn't have a phone for a while23:36
elrosYou should try, sensors works in 97% of cases23:37
elrossometimes on reboot they dont but I have solution for it, I will release it with next image23:37
vevgenievThanks, I'll try23:51
Mister_MagisterHi can somebody help me with camera recording?23:57
*** pseudodev <pseudodev!uid205973@gateway/web/> has quit IRC (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)23:57
Mister_Magisterguess not because it late but worth to ask :P23:57

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