Sunday, 2017-12-31

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MeowDudeI am gonna try using the official Lineage OS 13 nightlies as my base, they are completely stable and much newer than the dated cm11 base00:48
MeowDudegeez the base I was using hasn't been updated in 4 years00:50
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MeowDudeI fixed the oom in base.c in my new cm13 base, and I will fix them in my cm11 base aswell and see if either boot up correctly06:51
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MeowDudeokay this is annoying07:06
MeowDudeso I added a ton of values to my defconfig file and it recognizes most of them, but not others, why is this? I added them all at the bottom right next to eachother so why does it prefer one over the other!?07:07
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MeowDudethis is bullshit07:28
MeowDudewhy is it refusing to acknowledge these values07:28
MeowDudeI even tried putting them in 3 times07:28
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MeowDudegod fuck this is so annoying, fugggg07:39
rltysevenI successful. htc one max port sailfishos.07:39
rltysevenSome bugs need to be fixed.07:42
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MeowDudeyou lucky boy08:03
MeowDuderltyseven: like it boots into UI and everything?08:03
rltysevenMeowDude: yes.08:04
rltysevenMeowDude: But the audio, Bluetooth, etc. do not work, I still need to continue to fix them.08:07
rltysevenCurrently completed a smooth boot, display and so on.08:08
MeowDudehey rltyseven, did you have problems with your defconfig?08:11
MeowDudelike you would set some values and they wouldn't... stick?08:11
MeowDudelike the values were in your defconfig but they would still show up as not set when you ran the kernel check08:11
rltysevenThere will be such a situation,08:14
MeowDudeI can't because of this IKCONFIG_PROC unset error, despite it being set in my defconfig08:16
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MeowDuderltyseven: but what?08:19
rltysevenWhat is your kernel?08:21
rltysevenDo you have github?08:21
rltysevenI think, maybe you need to add something else to the kernel to make the configuration enabled.08:22
MeowDudeGive me a sec to give you my sources08:22
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MeowDudeI haven't pushed anything to github as I can't log in via terminal in my VM08:23
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rltysevenAdd something to the kernel.08:31
rltysevenRCU Subsystem.08:32
MeowDudewait wait wait08:34
MeowDudeRCU subsystem? config.gz?08:34
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rltysevenI said in detail, wait.08:36
MeowDudeoh sorry08:36
rltysevenMy English is not good.08:37
MeowDudeI understand08:37
rltysevenThe location of these two configurations:08:40
MeowDudeIll check now08:40
MeowDudeI see them08:42
MeowDudeit is just explaining what the two CONFIGs do and how they function08:42
rltysevenGeneral setup--> <*> Kernel .config support. [*] Enable access to .config through /proc/config.gz08:44
MeowDudeI do not understand08:45
MeowDudewhat modification do I make?08:46
MeowDudewhat modifications do I make to these files?08:48
rltysevenI download your kernel, and then I try to finshed it.08:50
rltysevenWait for my message.08:51
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MeowDudeIm back09:11
MeowDuderltyseven: got it09:11
MeowDude*thumbs up*09:11
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MeowDuderltyseven: status update?09:58
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MeowDude*sigh* this is just stupid10:01
MeowDudethere should be a way to force droid hal to build10:01
MeowDudemal: is there?10:01
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rltyseveni back10:26
rltysevenI'm building your kernel.10:29
MeowDudeyou are on cm13 base right?10:30
MeowDudeI wonder how hard it would be to build android 3.0/4.0 for the Nexus 10...10:33
rltysevencm11 kernel build successed.
rltysevenCONFIG_IKCONFIG=y CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC=y. I only enabled these two. no problem.10:39
MeowDudeI am using cm1310:41
MeowDudeIll try setting CONFIG_IKCONFIG=y though, that wasn't in my defconfig10:48
Mister_MagisterMeowDude: CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC is child of CONFIG_IKCONFIG10:51
Mister_Magisterso in order to CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC work you need to enable parent10:51
Mister_Magistereverything after _ is child of the thing before _10:51
MeowDudeMister_magister rlyserven: It worked \o\10:52
MeowDudeit should really list it10:52
Mister_Magisterjust saying so you can understand10:52
MeowDudethose are all warnings but I want them all resolved none-the-less10:53
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rltysevenhave time to look at my twitter. I am going to eat. :D10:56
MeowDudeI'll check it out for kicks10:56
MeowDudeeat up :P10:56
MeowDudeMister_Magister: About those parent configs...11:01
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MeowDudea wild NeKit appears11:02
Mister_MagisterMeowDude: geez you didnt understand i see. A_B_C A_B is parent of _C and A is patent of _B_C11:06
Mister_Magisteryou get that now?11:06
Mister_MagisterPID_NS not working on my phone too and its just warning11:07
Mister_Magisteryou dont need to care bout warnings too much11:07
Mister_MagisterCONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM is needed for disabling selinux11:07
Mister_Magisterwith selinux enabled you will fail11:07
MeowDudewell Mister_Magister, I get that same bootparam warning on my CM11 based manta build, and that one boots up semi fine11:15
MeowDudeAUDIT=n on both11:15
MeowDudealso I WANT to fix the warnings11:15
Mister_Magisterits better to disable it using bootparam11:15
MeowDudewell I did set bootparam=y11:15
Mister_Magisterbut if you dont have that flag then yeah you need to disable audit11:15
MeowDudebut it won't take11:15
MeowDudeYeah audit is disabled, nbd11:16
MeowDudeI am switching bases right now in hopes that I can start fresh and get something I can wrok with11:16
MeowDudeplus a newer base is always good I am told11:16
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MeowDudewait, Nekit/TheKit???11:17
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MeowDudeKit Kit Kit... what is this11:21
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arunkumar413how do i port sailfish to moto g311:30
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MeowDudearunkumar413: how do you expect us to answer that?11:32
malarunkumar413: what is the codename of that device? I assume it has cyanogenmod or lineageos available?11:34
arunkumar413mal: i don't know the code name11:34
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MeowDudearunkumar413: you fool, I googled "moto g3 lineage os" and I got top results in a flash. Code name is osprey, vendor is obivously motorla11:37
MeowDudenow follow the hadk like a good boy and copy and paste one line at a time from it11:37
MeowDudealso make sure pastes are formatted correctly, sometimes the built in pdf viewer does it wrong and wonks them up11:37
MeowDudedarnit new base does't even boot11:46
MeowDudethis is gonna make me cry11:47
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MeowDudetis _sven11:50
MeowDudearunkumar413: good luck with your port, sailfish os on Osprey would be neat to see11:51
arunkumar413MeowDude: seems like a lot work with commands11:51
elrosI think it already exist11:51
arunkumar413any rough idea on how much time it would take11:51
MeowDudea few hours with experience11:52
MeowDudeprobably a day without11:52
MeowDudeits worth it11:52
MeowDudeand thats just the first boot11:52
MeowDudesomeone beat you to it11:53
MeowDudeits a terrible build though, and they never even fixed it really11:56
arunkumar413can't we install on a sd card and make it bootable?11:57
arunkumar413I don't want to break the OEM android on my mobile11:57
MeowDudewell no you can't... or atleast I don't think...11:57
MeowDudeit boots11:57
MeowDudeits just really shitty11:58
MeowDudeand you can backup your OEM android11:58
MeowDudeoh geez all this work and my device no boot still11:58
MeowDudeBack to my cm11 base... : (11:58
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MeowDudeghosalmartin: hello12:00
MeowDudeI tried using cm13 as base, didn't boot, so back to cm11 with me12:01
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ghosalmartinMeowDude, hey up12:01
ghosalmartinMeowDude, why didnt it boot?12:01
MeowDudeI don't know and I won't bother trying to fix it seeing as my cm11 base DOES boot12:01
MeowDudeI just wish I knew what made the setupwizard fail12:01
MeowDudeIm gonna grab some new logs tonight and hopefully they will shed more light on this12:01
MeowDudeso the logs I plan on getting are: journalctl --no-pager, systemctl --no-pager, dmesg, init.log, last_kmsg, and systemctl list-unit-files12:05
MeowDudeam I missing anything?12:05
malMeowDude: you are too eager to change android base, there is no reason why cm13 wouldn't work12:09
malyou just made some mistake somewhere12:10
MeowDudemal: its not that12:10
MeowDudeIts that cm11 boots and cm13 doesn't, why would I invest my time in something that is already one MAJOR step behind?12:11
MeowDudeI only have one problem to solve with my CM11 base, I just don't know what is causing it (hence all the logs I am grabbing)12:11
malMeowDude: but cm13 is much newer with probably many security fixes etc12:11
malMeowDude: did you make any changes to kernel about the oom in cm11 and if you did are you sure you properly rebuilt the kernel etc?12:12
MeowDudeother than security (keep in mind, CORE funcitonality is what matters to me atm, i.e., being able to get to the homescreen, what else does cm13 offer?12:12
MeowDudeI made no changes to the cm11 kernel, all the oom fixes with bullhead were already present, I rebuilt everything from scratch too12:13
MeowDudeI rebuilt droid hal at the same time I was rebuilding the kernel12:13
MeowDudebut those are independant of one another so I assume it desn't matter12:13
malMeowDude: what was the device codename again?12:14
malMeowDude: could you link to your kernel sources you are using12:15
MeowDudemanta, give me a sec to grab you the kernel source12:15
MeowDudeuploading all my logs now12:19
malMeowDude: only line I wonder is
MeowDudemal: here are all my logs in one organized pastebin table:
MeowDudemal: whats wrong with that line? according to ghosalmartin, SIRUGO|SIWUSR is what you want12:29
marmistrzIs it possible to skip the tutorial at the first bootup?12:30
malMeowDude: init.log is useful for only very early debugging when device is stuck in first init12:30
MeowDudetap all four corners of the screen in a clockwise motion like with android12:30
mallast_kmsg is only useful for kernel panics12:30
malMeowDude: it's defined ANDROID or REG12:31
MeowDudeWell I know for next time now12:31
MeowDudewhat about the other logs12:31
MeowDudealso what do you mean by that12:31
mal*not REG12:31
marmistrzMeowDude, that tapping all corners is the answer to my question?12:31
arunkumar413MeowDude: seems like there are already a port in alpha
MeowDudearunkumar: I told you that, I think it is dead12:31
MeowDudemal: so change ANDROID to REG?12:32
malMeowDude: yes, it is reg in newer android bases12:33
MeowDudeso change it? because this is an old base and I am using hybris 11...12:33
MeowDudeI guess I might as well try, I don't have any other options12:34
malMeowDude: you journalctl log is only partial add for example -n10000 to see everything12:34
MeowDudeI started it at language selection, it is -fa12:34
MeowDudeIll do that though12:34
malonly after you have made the kernel change12:34
MeowDudedo I need to rebuild droid hal?12:36
MeowDudeor am I safe just running make -j4 hybris-hal, make hybris-boot, make hybris-recovery, make with mic12:36
ghosalmartinMeowDude, can try reverting it to what it was before12:37
ghosalmartinbut i doubt itll help12:37
MeowDudedude I have no options here, I have yet to even find the CAUSE to my problem, I am flying blind and if it werent for you guys I would have bailed12:37
r0kk3rzMeowDude: you know 'make hybris-hal' also makes the boot and recovery parts12:40
MeowDudeyes but I am very religious in how I do things12:40
MeowDudeI know that most roms also wipe /system when they are flashed, but I still wipe every thing but internal storage before I flash12:40
r0kk3rzmaybe just try and understand instead of heaping on superstition :p12:41
MeowDudeits not even that12:41
MeowDudeI would drive myself crazy if I did not do these things12:41
MeowDudeoo la la error mal12:42
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MeowDudeVMmal: /home/sailfish/hadk/kernel/samsung/manta/fs/proc/base.c:3049:2: error: 'oom_adjust' undeclared here (not in a function)12:43
MeowDudeit would appear changing ANDROID to REG is not an option12:43
malso it seems12:44
MeowDudewhat do my logs say mal?12:44
MeowDudedo we have any cause to why jolla-startupwizard refuses to.. start?12:44
malMeowDude: do not add list-unit-files to systemctl command12:46
MeowDudeits just another log right12:46
malthat is useless12:46
MeowDudewell what about the other logs12:46
malMeowDude: that device has mali gpu?12:50
MeowDudelet me check12:50
MeowDudemal: yep, MALI-1604 MP412:50
MeowDudeas you can see, its a very hefty device, sailfish on it would be nothing short of god tier12:51
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malMeowDude: try this
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MeowDudeaw yeah something to do!12:56
MeowDudelets go12:56
MeowDudebuilding droid hal now, can't wait to try this out12:59
malMeowDude: you understood where to add that, the last should always remain unmodified in that file13:00
MeowDudeum, I added it after %define installable_zip 113:00
MeowDudemal: did I goof it?13:00
malthat is ok13:00
malas long as the last line in the file is "%include rpm/dhd/"13:01
MeowDudeoh fug, that means my remove_modem line never took effect13:01
MeowDude*sweating* I am going to fix that too13:01
r0kk3rzMeowDude: leave it13:03
r0kk3rzit'll break your lockscreen13:03
MeowDudeoh no I just moved it up13:03
MeowDudeIll fix it before my rebuild takes effect13:03
r0kk3rzjust comment it13:04
MeowDudeI wish Hashcode was on xda more often13:05
malcommented what?13:05
MeowDudethen we could see about sfos on tatwe13:05
MeowDude%define remove_modem 113:05
malr0kk3rz: you are saying remove_modem is bad now? then why is it still there13:05
MeowDudeeh, worst case I get a missing sim error right?13:05
r0kk3rzmal: it needs fixing. it removes rilplugin entifely from ofono13:06
malMeowDude: wait13:06
r0kk3rzwhich breaks lockscreen13:06
malMeowDude: are you saying you added remove_modem to that file?13:06
MeowDudeno I added it to hybris/droid-configs/rpms/blahblahblah.spec13:07
malMeowDude: ok13:07
MeowDudeit was underneath %include rpm/dhd/... so I moved it up then r0kk3rs told me to just comment it13:07
MeowDudeits not very important right?13:07
malMeowDude: what?13:08
r0kk3rznot really no13:08
MeowDudethe remove_modem13:08
MeowDudeOh okay13:08
r0kk3rzit just clears out some ofono plugins you wont need13:08
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mallast line of droid-config-$DEVICE.spec is %include droid-configs-device/droid-configs.inc13:08
MeowDudeI figure the worst that could happen is I get the missing sim notification or wifi breaks, which is not my concern right now, my one and ONLY concern, is getting to the homescreen and being able to open settings and what not13:08
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MeowDudemal: yes13:09
MeowDudeI will remember to always keep that in mind from now on13:09
MeowDudeI already know audio won't work13:09
malMeowDude: indeed it might now break ofono, so do not add it13:09
elroscommenting it's not good idea for MeowDude:
malMeowDude: remove the line with remove_modem13:11
MeowDudegot it13:11
MeowDudeline removed, rebuilding all of droid hal now13:12
malMeowDude: note that droid-configs is different package13:13
MeowDudeyes yes, I am being thorough and rebuilding all of it13:13
malnot sure how you rebuild, whole or just parts13:13
MeowDudeI am not taking any chances13:13
MeowDudeno parameters, just pure everything13:14
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MeowDudemal: do you really think the mali fix will fix my jolla-startupwizard issue?13:16
malno idea really, not 100% sure what that does but I assume it doesn't exist for nothing13:17
MeowDudeoh... well do you see any root cause of why Jolla-startupwizard won't start?13:17
malnot right now13:17
MeowDudeoh well13:18
malprobably need to strace the wizard etc13:18
MeowDudeis there any chance I will get lucky and everything will work now13:19
r0kk3rzweird hybris problems :)13:19
MeowDudeI always picture mama from water boy saying hybris is the devellll13:20
MeowDudegod I hate this gstreamer error so much13:29
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MeowDudeI hate windows so much, it is honestly the slowest, most unstable, and crash prone Computer OS I have ever used13:41
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MeowDudeIt's sad when I would rather use Windows XP or Vista than Windows 10, how do the software engineers at microsoft fuck up this badly and get away with it13:42
muppisI switched from regular W10 branches to Long Term Servicing Branch N -edition. It's just pure Windows, with no bells and whistles as it used to be back in days.13:45
muppisAnd founded out how hard is get drivers to it without any browser in it.. :)13:46
muppisBack in days I man like 3.x days.13:47
MeowDudeI need the support, but a bare bones W10 with just edge preinstalled would be great13:48
muppisLTSB has IE11 optional, but no Edge.13:49
MeowDude>internet explorer13:50
muppisYep, not enough caffeine yet.13:50
MeowDudeI don't care about the people who say "it isn't that bad anymore" I give it a chance every now and then and it ALWAYS dissapoints me13:50
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MeowDuderepo problem: nothing provides gstreamer1.0-droid13:51
*** _sven <_sven!> has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)13:51
MeowDudethat annoys me so much13:51
MeowDudeits a pattern problem and it makes me want to rip apart my computer13:51
MeowDudemal: ping13:53
muppisI got W10 only in gaming PC and I run Steam in Big Picture -mode so bare bone Windows is more than welcome. :)13:54
MeowDudeI can barely do normal browsing in windows13:54
MeowDudeits just so fucking unstable13:54
MeowDudeand my computer is beefy, I am not using a shit laptop13:55
muppisBut back to ontopic. Any progress with Xperia X Performance anyone?13:55
MeowDudemuppis do you know how to fix this annoying mic error13:55
muppisSorry, no. I'm total newbie with sfos.13:56
*** MeowDudeVM <MeowDudeVM!017b8436@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:56
MeowDudeVMWarning: repo problem: nothing provides gstreamer1.0-droid needed by pattern:jolla-hw-adaptation-manta-1-1.noarch,13:56
MeowDudeVMI am so fucking sick of this shit, every single time I modify droid hal it does this13:56
MeowDudeVMI have to restart my vm like 5 times and rebuild everything over and over again and cross my fingers for it to stop13:56
*** eyome <eyome!> has joined #sailfishos-porters13:56
MeowDudeVMits a comlete nightmare13:56
MeowDudeVMI can't even fix my build! I have other shit to worry about I don't have time for this13:59
MeowDudeVMand finally it works14:01
MeowDudeVMI hate this entire situation14:01
MeowDudefor anyone looking at logs in the future: run rpm/dhd/helpers/ and then run rpm/dhd/helpers/ --configs, then do 8.5 in hadk14:03
MeowDudeVMmal: (/usr/bin/dconf:22967): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_dbus_connection_emit_signal: assertion 'object_path != NULL && g_variant_is_object_path (object_path)' failed14:05
MeowDudeVMI get that while running mic, important or no?14:06
*** MeowDudeVM <MeowDudeVM!017b8436@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)14:15
MeowDudejolla-startupwizard still fails to actually start14:16
MeowDudeI am going to get some sleep14:16
marmistrzI encountered a weird thing. After setting up Jolla Store, the packages don't show up in zypper14:23
marmistrze.g. zypper se modrana14:23
marmistrzshows nothing14:23
*** elros <elros!> has joined #sailfishos-porters14:25
malmarmistrz: do you see the app in jolla store app?14:27
malMeowDude: why have you added gstreamer1.0-droid to patterns if you have not built it?14:29
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marmistrzmal, yes I do. It's in the suggestions14:58
marmistrzI did a zypper ref beforehand14:58
malmarmistrz: so what is the problem then?15:00
malmarmistrz: why would you install it from the commandline?15:00
marmistrzmal, because I can :D seriously, I'd like to be able to restore apps using a zypper one-liner15:01
marmistrzand this way I can install it from my computer using SSH15:02
marmistrzor handle the updates by a simple zypper up without messing aroubd with GUI15:02
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UmeaboyIs there anyone here that can help me fix any errors I made in ?21:25
UmeaboyI cloned the lilac tree and edited as much as I can.21:26
Umeaboylilac is also a part of the yoshino platform.21:26
UmeaboyI couldn't find any other tree made for that device when it comes to proprietary stuff.21:27
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UmeaboyBtw. Happy new year from Sweden! :)22:55
UmeaboyStill about 4 minutes left, but who's counting in here? :)22:56
Mister_Magister3 minutes left22:58
Mister_Magisterin poland22:58
Mister_Magister2 actually22:58
UmeaboyHi Mister_Magister! :)23:02
UmeaboyI see you haven't worked with the script much. :)23:03
Mister_Magisterhappy new year its 3 mintues of new year23:03
Mister_Magisterwhat script23:03
UmeaboyMister_Magister: My hadk-script on gitlab. :)23:04
UmeaboyIIRC I asked if you could help out.23:04
UmeaboyI could be misstaken though.23:05
Mister_Magisterwhat are you talking about23:05
Mister_Magisteri'm too drunk or you made a mistake23:06
Mister_Magistergimme link23:06
UmeaboyIs it possible to get a hybris-15.0 branch for mer-hybris? I don't want to change my whole device repo and kernel repo again.23:16
malUmeaboy: I23:27
Umeaboymal: Hi!23:28
malUmeaboy: I'm working on hybris-15.0, still some things to do23:28
UmeaboyCan I help in some way to make it go faster?23:28
UmeaboyIf I can help in any way, just say so. :)23:28
malthe build issues are not very simple usually23:29
Mister_Magistermal: you are working on hybris 15?23:34
Mister_Magisterthe one i wanted?23:34
*** Nokius_ is now known as Nokius23:34
Mister_MagisterUmeaboy: its not me23:34
Mister_Magisteru made a mistake23:34
UmeaboyMister_Magister: OK. I'll ask you now then. When you're sober, are you willing to help out?23:35
malMister_Magister: I have it mostly building already, some strange issue left, quite many changes were needed, of course whether it will actually work is another question23:41
Mister_Magistermal: kay kay if you need tester with aosp here i am23:42
malwell then you would have to apply the patches to aosp23:42
Umeaboymal: When will we be able to use more than just Lineage or CM as base to port Sailfish?23:43
UmeaboyJust wondering.......23:43
UmeaboySince maple only has a AOSP tree and an outdated AICP (if at all) tree.23:44
UmeaboyAnd maple is fairly new.23:44
UmeaboySony Xperia XZ Premium G8141 (Without Dual Sim cards).23:44
UmeaboyI found a build for it, but no manifest to use for it. Sony makes ceveral manifests for different things when building AOSP which is kind of irritating.23:45
malUmeaboy: I use aosp for fp223:49
Umeaboymal: Fairphone and Sony isn't the same.23:49
malobviously not but still using aosp is not really a problem23:49
malfairphone also has their own repos on their own servers23:50
UmeaboyIt's isn't the guide tells you to use Lineage or Cyanogenmod. Maybe that should be adjusted a bit to include AOSP.23:50
malUmeaboy: anyone can use aosp, they just have to apply the patches themselves, or we could make some tagged aosp branches, there are some of those already23:51
UmeaboyI have been working on adding device tree and repos to xperiasailors.23:51
malwhich android base?23:52
UmeaboyAnd Nougat.23:52

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